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« on: March 12, 2018, 09:54:32 AM »

welcome on this Sunday edition of the
Alex Jones Show I'm David Knight your
host for today it's kind of interesting
a story that we have on Infowars it's
not something that we this that we're on
accustomed to the fact that you have
people attacking free speech we see them
doing this in every way possible we had
Jake Lloyd go out and do a report they
grabbed the microphone out of his hand
they've done that to us at Planned
Parenthood protests where we're talking
about the genocide of Planned Parenthood
this is the left tactic as we were
they're holding up signs of little
babies and saying black lives do matter
and this has been planned as a genocide
from the very beginning they showed up
to put black signs in front of our signs
they had nothing to say they just didn't
want us to say anything of course you
see it all the time on social media I
just had somebody trolled me on
something and they didn't like what I
had to say so they said somebody needs
to take away David Knight's Twitter
account they need to take the keyboard
out of his hand i retweeted it and I
said well you know this is a typical
response from the left they don't want
to debate you they want to censor you
but of course it's gonna get more
violent than what we're seeing in the UK
is Tommy Robinson just walking down the
street being singled out by ten
individuals with balaclavas on the head
covering up their face so nobody can see
them attacking him and we have the
eclipse at Infowars I come I want to
play you a little bit of this clip just
give you an idea what's going on it's
about a 20-minute clip so we're not
going to play it and there's a lot of
visual stuff here so it's not
appropriate for the radio but let's play
a little bit of that clip so you get a
taste of what that is this is the way
the left reacts to people the way they
bully and target I guess we could even
say bully and harass people oh we're a
shoe tube to protect Tommy Robinson now
they're not gonna be there here's a
little bit of that clip come on in it
all right these guys have asked on
attacking a woman who is filming them
ten of them coming after Tommy Robinson
gonna take the camera away from her
coming at him from the back attacking
him knocking him down from the back
Trumpy on him but he gets up starts
fighting him and he basically fights
them off spoiler alert here but he
basically fights them off and then talks
about it to other people and the amazing
thing about this clip to me he's talking
to the police now do it the cowards yeah
you walk down the place you said your
friends ran away some people there how
did I do you had to fight off ten people
who are teaming up attacking him from
every angle because the police would not
do anything as you pointed out for
police he said your friends your mates
ran away
all right and that's so you can see the
rest of that report at Infowars
it's pretty amazing to me but this is
the tactic to the left and this is the
tactic of the police who basically will
not do anything absolutely amazing they
see a fight like that they don't want to
get the middle of it they just run away
we can expect that and as we are going
to talk in the show we've now had the
florida governor sign a massive gun
control bill it's a four hundred million
dollar gun control bill there you go big
spending Republican anti self-protection
Republican four hundred million dollar
gun control bill from the Republican
governor there Rick Scott because you
know you can't protect anybody unless
you've got a uniform right we saw a lot
of that didn't we at the Stoneman
Douglas school that began all of this
gun control movement in Florida I just
played at the top of the hour a video of
Tommy Robinson being attacked by a Anti
Fog gang of ten guys wearing masks of
course they're ashamed of what they do
they should be ashamed bunch of cowards
ten people attacking one individual but
he fought them off very compelling video
it's about twenty minutes long I played
a clip of it at the top of the hour when
we didn't have our radio stations
joining us if you want to see that you
can see that info wars.com
Tommy Robinson attacked by Anti Fog gang
and it's important to understand what
the tactics of the left are and you can
see it and that in that clip very easily
and of course afterwards you walked over
to a large group of police officers not
far away who were just standing there
doing nothing and he said hey what
didn't you guys help me oh nothing to
worry about fella you know and almost
and he says your mates your friends ran
away when they saw this kind of like
what we have seen with the cowards of
Broward County the sheriff's officers
who would not go in that wasn't the case
of the police department that was a case
with a Sheriff's Department see just
because you wear a uniform doesn't mean
that your hero doesn't mean that you
will protect
other people doesn't mean that you'll
put your life on the line that certainly
the police department did not the County
Sheriff's Office and so you have
different rules from different people
and the very fact that somebody is
wearing a uniform doesn't make them a
hero you don't have to have a uniform to
be a hero we saw that in the Sutherland
Springs Church shooting the guy who was
the hero there had the gun that the left
hates so badly the ar-15 which they want
to ban that is that's got to be purged
from the earth we're gonna wish that
away into the cornfield never again
never again they say never again
is the most naive thing I have ever
heard anybody say you can't say that
about anything certainly can't say that
about conflicts we heard that after
World War one maybe these high school
students didn't get that in history you
know that war to end all wars
well it didn't actually do that did it
you're never going to find a situation
where we're going to change the nature
of man that's basic basically what they
need to understand it's in the nature of
man so the best we can do is make sure
that good people that have been vetted
that are trained are able to protect
other people but that's not what they're
doing in Florida we're gonna get into
gun control and how Florida has
responded the Republican governor acting
like you would expect Hillary Clinton to
act spending four hundred million
creating a new gun control bill so here
we have big spending anti second
amendment Republican RINO so you don't
miss anything when it's a big spending
anti second amendment anti
self-protection Republican quote-unquote
Republican in name only Rick Scott and
immediately the NRA has filed suit so
tell you about that I don't give you an
example of why Rick Scott is wrong in
siding with the Democrats in this we'll
talk about that in a moment we're also
going to talk about Trump anomic so
we're gonna talk about the victory lap
that he was taking in Pennsylvania is
he's taking the stump trying to help a
Republican in a congressional race
that's coming up there in Pennsylvania
this is a very wise move politically but
it's the right thing to do
it's what President Trump campaigned on
and I think we're gonna look back at
this and we're gonna talk about instead
of Reaganomics we're gonna talk about
Trump Atomics and I think Crump anomic
slicks better than Reaganomics because
it's not only a large tax cut but it's
also large cuts in regulation as well as
economic nationalism which was never a
part of the Reagan recovery so we're
looking at something here that is far
bigger than anything Ronald Reagan ever
did now he's making the same mistake on
economics that Ronald Reagan did in
terms of not cutting spending because
the deficit is still continuing to go up
but it will be mitigated somewhat by
economic growth so I think we're gonna
be talking about Trump Atomics and
instead of being instead of talking
about the the Reagan Democrats we're
gonna be talking about the Trump
Democrats when we get to the next
elections I think that is a big win so
we're gonna talk about trade we're gonna
talk about North Korea with President
Trump and in the third hour
I'm sorry second hour it's the last time
of the show I was thinking of the three
hour shows typically do typically you
can find me a three-hour show every
morning 8:00 to 11:00 here at Infowars
but today we have a two-hour show and in
the second hour we're gonna be talking
to Christian saucier he is the sailor
who many of us were so upset about the
fact that he was sent to jail for doing
something that really wasn't a serious
crime as his defense attorney pointed
out this should have been taken care of
with probation it should have been taken
care of by the military that could have
been some discipline for what he did
what he did was he took some pictures of
where he had served it was the lowest
possible level of classification
confidential and they basically hung him
out to dry this was a very vindictive
move by the Obama administration
especially when you look at the FBI
involvement and the involvement of the
FBI director saying that even though
Hillary Clinton had violated national
security blatantly and continually at
the highest level I mean this is you've
got three basic levels of classification
confidential secret and top secret it
doesn't take much of anything to have
something classified as confidential as
a matter of fact I
government wants to classify everything
as secret remember the memo that came
from the Republicans remember when they
Declassified that there was all this
back-and-forth and the FBI was saying
and then other people in the Justice
Department and the Democrats you can't
you can't show that to anybody president
Trump that's classified he says it
doesn't give away anything important it
doesn't give away any methods it doesn't
expose any personnel there's no reason
for this to even be classified they had
it classified top secret and yet this
poor sailor was raked over the coals he
basically had been sent to prison for a
year they had him still under house
arrest and on patrol parole and being a
convicted felon was destroying his life
he couldn't get a job and President
Trump took that away so we're going to
talk to him this is something that Trump
tweeted about yesterday Saturday that he
finally took this way he'd already
served a year in time this is just
taking away the stigma that was going to
follow him throughout life and it's a
great thing that President Trump did
that all right let's take a look at some
of the news here we have besides gun
control in Florida they want to exercise
a little bit more control over the
sunshine in the Sunshine State
they're now saying that they would like
to adopt year-round daylight savings
time I think that would be a good idea I
mean I really don't like the fact that
they mess with the clock twice a year
you like the fact that you lost an hour
last night I don't I don't like that at
all I think it's a very bad idea
I think they should call it sunshine
state savings time they could go on and
say the heck with the feds nullify their
daylight savings time I'd say well I'm
all for nullification I'm not with Jeff
Sessions Jeff Sessions out there saying
huh there's no such thing as
nullification and secession we settled
that question a long time ago I just go
to Gettysburg and look at this stuff and
said well you can also go to a Bunker
Hill in Yorktown because I'm sure that
the British government said that you
can't leave the you can't leave the king
at that time as well as always going to
be the case but there is a peaceful
method in our
Constitution is called nullification and
people have already peacefully nullified
a part of the unconstitutional war on
drugs that Jeff sessions liked so much
we have over 30 states over 60% of the
states have declared medical marijuana
or just outright legalized it
that is nullification folks marijuana is
prohibited under the un's and it is the
un's drug schedule the UN created that
drug schedule by the way conservatives
did you know that when you fight for the
war on drugs you're fighting for un
agenda think about that they created the
four schedules they put all the drugs in
the four schedules they did it ten years
before Nixon implemented the UN Agenda
verbatim for you how's that how's that
and we've been suffering under that now
for a half a decade and it hasn't helped
any addiction has it but it has given us
a lot of corruption it has created a
prison population that is greater in
absolute numbers let alone the
percentage of the population but greater
and absolute numbers in any other
country even communist dictatorships
here in America and it has corrupted our
law enforcement is corrupted our our
Constitution our legal system but it
hasn't done anything to our addiction
rate hasn't done anything to that but I
told you before we went to the break
that I would tell you how Mother's Day
gender-neutral cards that are now being
proposed by some store in the UK I don't
know if this is a drug store or a
grocery store
it's waitress waitress I think is way
pronounce that but it's in the UK and
they're now putting out gender-neutral
Mother's Day cards it's gonna require a
completely new language if we go down
this mentally ill path and of course
they've already got a completely new
language for us I'll tell you about that
in just a moment but I told you before
we went to the break that I would tell
you how these gender neutral Mother's
Day cards relate to T Rex Rex Tillerson
in Africa why is he in Africa well I'm
gonna get to that in just a moment but
first let's talk about the beginning of
Mother's Day cards gender neutral they
say they're going to broaden out nope
intended there kind of broaden out the
mothers who the cards can't go to and so
they have happy you Day cards
and in the Mother's Day section the word
mother does not appear now you might
think that that's silly but it's really
not funny folks we have schools that
have been working for quite a long time
seriously working on getting rid of the
terms mother and father they said there
were hateful terms you can't have the
terms mother and father you have to
understand how at what a fundamental
level these people want to destroy our
society now they don't want to just get
rid of the Christopher Columbus statues
no no no no they don't want to just get
rid of Western civilization they don't
want to just purge Christianity they
want to impose upon us a kind of gender
and sanity if you will a new kind of
birth control we have this is a brave
new world that they're trying to operate
here we've got sperm counts that are
crashing because of toxins and the water
and the food and so forth but it's also
this kind of insanity where they are
trying to stop all kinds of natural
procreation it's an attack on the family
it's an attack on everything that the
basis of our culture let me tell you
something the basis of our society is
not government about that what is the
basis of our society is it the
individual on the libertarian but it's
not the basis of our society is not an
individual the basis of our society is
the family the family that is why they
have to make Mother's Day cards no
longer mother Day cards or Father's Day
cards but they're not just coming out to
the Father's Day cards because they are
perhaps to toxically masculine now
they're coming after mothers Mother's
and they have cards like two moms are
better than one or dad thanks for being
the most amazing mum these are some of
the cards that these people are putting
at the store and the UK but let's take a
look at not some of the other things
that these trans activists are doing I
mean we've seen this many times remember
Justin Trudeau when he told that young
questioner don't say man
kind and then after everybody called him
on the insanity he said I was just
joking what was justin trudeau joking
when he was very happy the fact that
back in February that the Canadian
national anthem had had its lyrics
changed so that they would be
gender-neutral instead of in all thy
sons command and all of us command and
he tweeted out at the time this bill to
make o Canada gender-neutral past third
reading in the Senate tonight another
positive step towards gender equality
and all of us command he does hashtag
and then you can take a look at how this
insanity plays out in college campuses
because that's where most of this stuff
is being taught you send your kids away
for what you think is going to be in the
central part of their career it's going
to give them an advance in terms of
earning a wage well to some degree in
some to some degree with some degrees
and other degrees you don't get any
advantage but what they do is they load
them up with debt and they cover them
with this kind of insanity look at what
campus reform has uncovered at Kennesaw
State University the LGBT Resource
Center has produced a new pamphlet that
has seven different gender-neutral
pronouns things like knee vaz I don't
even know how to pronounce the the
difference to pronouncing ze and XE
I don't even know and I'll give you an
example of what some of their sample
sentences sound like it sounds like he
got a speech impediment referred to a
student who identifies as NEET one could
say need laughed that ismir's what is
this Clockwork Orange yeah it is very
well little brother yeah they got a
whole new language that they're creating
and you better understand what they're
doing yeah they and their drugs this is
what they're trying to impose upon us it
is a kind of insanity that they're
putting on us I remember we had a
corporal Klinger in mash all those years
trying to get a section eight
so you can get out dressing as a woman
so they would say he was crazy that's
what section 8 is they knew that he
didn't really mean it
but these people really mean it and now
we've got a pentagon that is bringing in
transgender troops because and then
they're going to burden that institution
with that insanity as well as burden the
taxpayer with their operations that they
want to do there is corporal Klinger I
see sometimes the stuff starts out as
silly and sometimes they put it out
there as funny but you better understand
they're deadly serious about this stuff
we can laugh at it but they're deadly
serious about it now let's go on to the
reactions because this is I want to get
down through the North Korea stuff to
get to the link between the transgender
and sanity that we're seeing here with
Mother's Day and the transgender
insanity that we're seeing with the
State Department in Africa and Rex
Tillerson is right at the center of that
so let's start here with reactions to
the peace talks with North Korea as I
pointed out on Friday at the beginning
there was a lot of praise erin burnett
said wow after she talked to a panel of
six or eight people she said if this
really happens and if President Trump
pulls it he'll go down as a great
president no question about that you
can't question that and she was being
honest and that was what happened at the
beginning and then then everything
changed and he from people on MSNBC and
of course chris matthews when he was
looking at president Trump's moves to
protect the steel and aluminum
industries but especially the steel
industries Chris Matthews who's from
Pennsylvania said this is going to be a
big win for President Trump he said this
is a cultural touch point because people
understand that their society is being
destroyed just as they understood that
Obama and Hillary Clinton wanted to
destroy the economies and a
manufacturing base so the coal industry
in West Virginia and other places like
that the steel industry and the
manufacturing industry and it is much
broader than just steel we have seen the
establishment Republicans and Democrats
under the mantle of open trade
eviscerate our economy you want to talk
about a trade war the Chinese
and the globalist shills I guess we
could call them quislings here in
America have been bombing our economy
our factory our manufacturing base
they've been bombing it for 50 years
it's a 50-year war against us and it's
about time we wake up and understand
that we're not going to let this
continue happening understand it was his
being the bad cop South Korea being the
good cop they're bringing Kim Jong on to
the table but of course Rachel Maddow
cannot allow that that is a good thing
she's got to show herself to be nothing
but a partisan hack because who other
than a partisan hack would try to
pretend that Dee nuclearized North Korea
is not a good thing
and so I want to play you a clip of
Rachel Maddow and how she responded to
this I mean even the people on CNN for
the at least for a while at least the
people on CNN said hey this would be
really good if we could stop this guy
who is lobbing missiles over Japan and
setting off one nuclear test after the
other this guy is really dangerous he's
looking for attention wouldn't it be a
good thing if we could stop that by just
giving him a selfie with President Trump
is that all it takes to give this guy
the attention that he wants and then
take away his nuclear toys I think
that'd be a great thing but Rachel
Maddow is not really so sure here's what
she has to say you might imagine another
president in this circumstance Kim
jong-un makes her makes a request you
wanted me you might think like another
president in this circumstance you could
imagine a president asking himself or
herself why has no other American
president ever agreed to do this
good question I've asked I was sitting
American president ever met with a
leader from North Korea yeah never
happened in all the decades North
Korea's existed
as a nation why why hasn't any other
president ever done should I take that
to mean that this might be a
particularly risky or even an unwise
move see I think that's how most
presidents would approach the idea of a
personal presidential meeting with the
North Korean dictator
I think a lot of people probably suspect
tonight that those are not the kinds of
questions that this president asked
himself before agreeing to this meeting
but this is the president we have and he
said yes to North Korea
the New York Times tonight headlining
this breaking news as quote a
breathtaking gamble oh wow and this is
the president with that we have saying
yes to North Korea she tries to portray
it as us saying yes to North Korea you
know said yes to North Korea Rachel oh
you're Obama and Clinton and State
Department that enabled these people how
about the fact that you had the guy that
you love so much President Obama you
fond over him didn't year this is news
busters org points out that Rachel
Maddow fond over President Obama when he
said yes to the North Koreans that was a
good thing because it was President
Obama wasn't it Rachel
that's what a hopeless smarmy snarky act
she is just disgusting to watch her
there and lying through her teeth lying
through her teeth she said when Obama
pushed for the Iran nuclear deal she
said it's the major foreign policy
achievement not only of this presidency
but of the American generation that's
right it was a foreign policy
achievement but not for America's
benefit for of the Iranian benefit it's
you might think she said why has no
other American president ever agreed to
do this that's the right question but
she gives the wrong answer she said
should I take it that to mean that this
might be particularly risky or even an
unwise move let me tell you what is
unwise so just sit there and let these
people continue because obviously he is
willing to do anything what is going to
happen Rachel if and some of these moves
where he lobs missiles over Japan if it
actually hits Japan people are going to
be they're gonna have to respond to that
then you think it'd be a better thing to
have a war I guess so you have an MSNBC
another host says well it's definitely
risky so one of the things this would do
if we have a picture of Kim jong-un and
president Trump standing next to one
this actually achieves one of Kim
jong-un's long-standing and his father's
goal which is to elevate North Korea so
that's the risk that's the risk we
cannot lose our prestige by having our
president take a selfie with the North
Korean president that is what MSNBC
that's their desperate attempt to try to
say that this is a bad idea to talk to
them no it'd be much better witness
MSNBC to just allow this little dictator
to continue his nuclear program his
missile program until he shoots a
missile at Guam or lands one on Japan
and then we have the whole area erupt
into war no that would be much better
let's take the advice of the hacks at
MSNBC to me that's a small price to pay
and we've all we've had Michael malleus
who spent a lot of time in North Korea
say this guy just wants attention let's
give him a little bit of attention if we
can be nuclear eyes the place there is
no risk involved in this understand the
deal that has been announced is that
nothing is going to change in the
sanctions until they have the meeting
and unless he denuclearize --is nothing
is going to change he is still going to
be under siege with the largest military
in the world pointed at his country he
has nothing to gain but to denuclearize
at this point but then we got another
hack another democrat hack this is Tommy
Vitor he is someone who worked with
Obama he was Obama's former National
Security Council spokesman he tweets out
why would the Trump administration
announce this like it's some kind of
accomplishment as a conversation with a
homicidal dictator not an invitation to
the Met Gala really really so the reason
he would do this
Obama national security spokesman yeah
Obama left us with a lot of national
security debt knee we're gonna have
secure borders we don't secure secure
situation with North Korea or with Iran
anybody else but really the answer is to
disarm them not to arm them like you and
the Clintons did with Iran and
others I mean that's what the Democrats
have done dan McLaughlin of a national
review came back and pointed out that
his boss had spent his time going to
Havana Cuba and paddling around with the
president there who had run communist
death squads as Ralph Castro who is
still there said in fact the two year
anniversary of their super awkward
handshake is coming up later this month
about that this is the hypocrisy of the
left but I want to take a moment here
with Rex Tillerson because the top of
drugs yesterday it said teller Tillerson
is sick he's not going to meet with
anybody in Kenya and then later on he's
coming out and saying well I'm feeling a
little bit better getting better I think
what he was sick of is being left out of
the loop as I reported this on Friday
they said this is AP saying several
Pentagon officials had said shortly
before the announcement that they had no
knowledge of what South Koreans planned
to announce the South Koreans came in
and talked to president Trump privately
then they came out and announced that
President Trump and Kim jong-un would be
meeting to talk about D nuclearized
North Korea and that nothing was going
to change unless they did that and until
they did that after the meeting but at
the same time they reported the
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who was
traveling in Africa had just hours
before that announcement said that the
u.s. was quote a long ways unquote from
direct talks that was Tillerson in the
dark in the Dark Continent the secretary
is not feeling well he said the next day
after a long couple of days working on
major issues back home such as North
Korea and he has canceled his events for
the day so think about that they managed
to put that in the statement saying he's
kind of sick you know because of that
North Korea stuff that he was left out
of loop pen to me I'm hoping this is a
hoping this is what the coded messages I
am sick of this job I hope he is sick of
this job I hope he joins Gary Cohen I
think there's a door at the White House
with a label on it it's a door that
leads out of the White House as an exit
and hopefully there is a door there that
somebody in the White House is put a
sign on it says globalist enter here the
cuz I would like to see him join his
fellow globalist Gary Cohen and just get
out this is a guy who has fought
President Trump he's been wrong on every
issue and even when you look at what we
knew about this guy before he came in
when I heard that it was being rumored
to be the Secretary of State I said why
why in the world would we have this guy
six hundred thousand dollar investment
to mess with their gender it's not just
here in America and it's the State
Department and it's Rex Tillerson and he
has a history of doing this I'm gonna
get back to that I'll wrap up the
connection between Rex Tillerson and
gender-neutral Mother's Day cards in
just one moment but before I do real
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started shooting people up with his
pistol that he managed to get through
security start shooting people up in the
airport and I said this is the state of
our security our TSA as much as they
harass you they don't do anything to
protect you I said at the very least put
a an armored backpack insert into your
backpack and take it with you so you at
least got a little bit of something to
hide behind if all you can do is just
shelter in place at least you have some
stop a bullet
I got called off and I said look at they
said look at this this guy is trying to
profit off of a faux disaster here I
said I'm not trying to profit I'm trying
to help people to defend themselves as
well we're talking about we say a
win-win situation if we've got a
solution that's gonna help you to defend
yourself when the government refuses to
do so they didn't get that guy's gun out
of his hand they didn't do anything when
you complain about voices in his head
they're not gonna do anything to protect
you maybe you've realized that by now
and if you have take things into your
own hands and you can select get select
food to store for a disaster you can get
things to help you to fight the toxins
that are in your food the environment
and you can also you know filter your
water do a lot of things like that why
is that a bad thing I don't know why the
left wants to call us out on that but
let's finish up with Rex Tillerson as I
just pointed out he had just hours
before this happened said we're a very
very long way from away from any kind of
talks with North Korea and then it was
announced that it was happening and this
is while he's in Africa in the dark and
the Dark Continent and he was going to
be in he was in Nairobi on Friday and he
was going to have a ceremony that's
going to mark 20 years after al-qaeda
the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania
killing 224 people see al-qaeda and
Islamic Jihad terrorism is all over
Africa and you got Kenya on the west
you've got Nigeria on the eastern side
of Africa but it's everywhere
but Rex Tillerson is not so concerned
about that matter of fact we got another
neocon HR McMaster who can't even bring
himself to say the term radical Islam
and so to save face and I really do hope
he's not going to stick with us I hope
Rex Tillerson sees this as a personal
affront and leaves like Gary Cohen did
when he lost the debate on protecting
our economy Gary Cohen wanted to
continue to sell us out to China and
other countries and with President Trump
said no we're not going to do that he
said I fine you know my advice I'll
leave well we don't want or need Rex
said vice and we don't want or need his
advice on the climate and we don't want
or need his advice on what the causes of
terrorism are the State Department under
Rex Tillerson has spent six hundred
thousand dollars to explore gender
identities of boys and men in Kenya and
when I first saw this announcement where
he was out of the loop and of course now
he's saying oh yes I was very busy with
that and I've been in they said on
Friday he said this was not a surprise
in any way after having said we're a
long ways away from talk a couple of
hours before then president Trump does
it and he says well this wasn't a
surprise in any way then the next day he
goes I'm sick I'm sick I can't go to any
meetings hopefully he's sick of being
out of the loop but this is what I'm
sick of I'm sick of our State Department
continuing the Obama nation policies of
Barack Obama and trying to do gender
confusion not just in this country but
in other countries as well let me tell
you how this is how this is coming out I
reported this when this was announced
back at the end of January I haven't
really seen anybody talk about this the
State Department spending six hundred
thousand dollars to explore gender
identities they say that they want to
they suggest that the ideals of
in Kenya are the cause of terrorism no
it's not Islam see it's that toxic
masculinity that needs to be taken down
in Kenya and so Rex Tillerson State
Department is gonna spend six hundred
thousand dollars because the enemy is
masculinity not Islam I said gender is
increasingly recognized as an essential
aspect to understanding and to
countering violent extremism throughout
the world said the State Department
spending six hundred thousand dollars of
your money they said men and boys are
disproportionately recruited by and
joined terrorist groups and carry out
terrorist operations
so therefore terrorism is male it's not
Islamic it's a male thing except that
they have female terrorists as well and
have female suicide bombers as well but
let's not pay any attention to that says
the State Department under Rex Tillerson
in Kenya they said there currently
exists no CVE and that's they're
countering violent extremism
there's no CVE programming dedicated to
the role of gender of boys and men and
vulnerability to violent extremism
so toller's from the State Department
lays the blame on terrorism not of
terrorism on male gender issues not on
things like Boko Haram or Islam but of
course Boko Haram is in Nigeria
he was just in Nigeria as well maybe
he's selling them the same gender
confusion let me tell you Rex Tillerson
has been into gender confusion from the
very beginning he was a head of the Boy
Scouts what did you the Boy Scouts a
same thing that he's I guess he thought
that the Boy Scouts were too toxic
masculine because he allowed them he
pushed the idea that they would have
homosexual Scouts as he was a head of
the Boy Scouts and then he pushed for
homosexual Scout leaders at the Boy
Scouts and then keeping with his example
as he left the Boy Scouts then began
pushing for transgender Scouts hey this
is the Rex Tillerson who now at the
State Department is trying to bring
gender confusion to the poor people of
Kenya as if that was their problem you
see in Nigeria
we they have the same problems as they
do in Kenya I just talked about how they
had mass bombings in Kenya and so forth
it is al-qaeda it is radical Islam it is
jihadism Boko Haram literally means the
people committed to the prophets
teachings for propagation and jihad
now Boko Haram is really just the
nickname what it means as Western
education is Haram is forbidden and
that's why they go in and capture all of
these that they just captured a whole
nother group of young girls who were
studying and getting educated at Western
schools can't have that can't have that
so especially women can't have women so
but that's that's toxic masculinity as
the State Department and Rex Tillerson
see it so it's not a problem with Islam
it's a problem with toxic masculinity so
what they need is some gender confusion
and who are the people that join Boko
Haram and Nigeria
well they typically come from university
students you know kind of like an tyfa
over here those are the people that join
the group we're also gonna be talking
about the company mix and the big win
the president Trump has had with that
this is as big as the tax cut folks and
make no mistake about it the Chinese
have been in a trade war with us for
decades and even as we passed massive
tax and regulation cuts as President
Trump the Republicans passed that the
response from the European Union was
this is something that is is unfair
advantage for the American people and
they threatened to take us to the World
Trade Organization they said nothing is
off the table we are going to appeal to
the World Trade Organization because of
America's domestic tax and regulation
cuts say they're not going to cut their
taxes they're not going to cut their
regulations they're strangling their
economy and they're strangling the
sovereignty of the individual countries
that they have taken over
and they were going to fight us on that
and so this is not the beginning of the
trade war that if you want to say the
trade war started well the trade war
started with the tax cuts that Wall
Street loved so much but Wall Street
doesn't love economic nationalism Main
Street does however especially Main
Street and the states that Trump needs
to win they absolutely do love it so
we're gonna talk a little bit about that
and people's reactions to it and what it
really means I just want to finish up
with what I ran out of time to say as we
went to break you know when we look at
what the big picture is here with Rex
Tillerson they spent with a state
department a half million dollars to go
into Kenya and to miss identify the
problem to tell the people there that
all the terrorism is because of toxic
masculinity and you need to feminize
these boys like we're trying to feminize
the Boy Scouts under X Tillerson to say
that we're going to have a homosexual
scouts going to have homosexual leaders
and then we're gonna have transgender
scouts that's been his agenda that's
been the agenda of the establishment Rex
Tillerson is a globalist and so they
misidentified the problem
spend a half million dollars to do that
and if they can move people away from
seeing that the real problem is Islam
then they'll be able to sell them a half
a billion dollars worth of arms from the
military industrial complex see how they
can turn LGBTQ into em I see the
military-industrial complex it's just
that simple it's just that simple it is
the way to confuse and to destroy and to
divide people but let's talk about
somebody else in the in the white house
staff here White House chief of staff
Kelly versus I think one of the best
appointments that President Trump has
made Scott Pruett at the EPA now one of
the ideas it's got Pruett had was to
have a debate he wanted to he's at the
EPA they said let's have a public
debates that would challenge climate
change scientists science rather and
Michael Kelly now has shut that down he
said no no no no that's a bad idea
that's about it no it's a great idea
because they can't win that debate we
started the program in the last hour
with ten masked individuals probably
identifying with antiphon attacking Tony
Robinson in the UK ten against one they
had masks on they hit him from behind
they circled in so they could hit him
from every different angle but he fought
them off anyway and that really is a
metaphor for what would happen if we had
a climate change debate let me tell you
something they've got all the quote
unquote Talking Heads and pundits and
people with scientific authority to
argue with people yeah there's a clip of
what happened with Tony Robinson they've
got all these people they they load up
the debate on CNN and elsewhere but they
can't land a punch in parkland Florida
the Stoneman Douglas school and talk
about what the Republican governor did
here and how the NRA has responded and
we're also going to talk about Trump
anomic and at the bottom of the hour we
have joining us a Christian saw Sierra
the sailor who was just pardoned by
President Trump yesterday I was so happy
to see that what a travesty that was
what a travesty it was and President
Trump had in the past tweeted out that
it was a travesty it was hypocrisy to
let Hillary Clinton get away with
multiple felonies of the most classified
documents I mean the stuff that she had
just as this fellow who took pictures
you know those pictures did not go
through a formal formal classification
process they said if you take pictures
anywhere within a submarine is going to
be classified now at the lowest level of
classification and confidential but
nevertheless they would be borne
classified so we'd say now do you think
that Hillary Clinton's conversations
with foreign leaders are born classified
if a picture of a bunk in a submarine is
born classified do you think that her
conversations with foreign leaders are
born class of course they are as a
matter of fact they're above top secret
above top secret but of course the FBI
director said he was gonna let her go
said she'd committed all these felonies
I can still remember listening today I
was sitting there with my wife and he's
talking about these
he's not lying to people he said yeah
yes you violated national security I
said I can't believe this Hillary for
prison he's gonna do it and then he did
something even more unbelievable he said
but we're not gonna do anything about it
and then he doubled down on the
unbelievable hypocrisy and said but
don't you try this at home and then
shortly after that they went after
Christians last year so we're gonna talk
to him today he's gonna be joining us
and telling us what this means for his
life I'm glad to see the president Trump
noticed this and has done the right
thing for him but before we get into gun
dream crow I just want to talk a little
bit about Elizabeth Warren Foca Honus or
as James Woods called her
Lyle wathah I talked about this on
Friday and now everybody is talking
about the fact on Friday I had the news
that the Massachusetts Berkshire Eagle a
newspaper wrote an editorial and said
hey Elizabeth Warren you can get a DNA
test for only $99 it's not a lot of
money and you can put this to rest one
way or the other are you or are you not
of Indian descent because you use that
to get a leg up at the University there
to get a job that you weren't going to
get if you were white you claimed Indian
heritage so you could not only do
cultural appropriation but take a job
that people of your ilk had reserved for
people of different races I got
different racial slots there and
different kinds of discrimination
depending on who you are and so you
identified as an Indian for those
purposes tried to sell that and so you
know do a DNA test and prove to us that
you really are an Indian it's only 99
dollars if you can't afford it we'll pay
for it how about that all you have to do
spit in a cup it's not even an intrusive
process well I talked about that Friday
morning and again if you want to
following program it's Friday at Monday
through Friday 8:00 to 11:00 you can
follow real news with David Knight well
she came back over the weekend and said
she's not gonna do it essentially she
doubled down and said
and when asked again at a press
conference with us you would take the
DNA test she said she's going to hold on
to the folklore of her parents love
story she's at my mother and daddy were
born and raised in Oklahoma and she
gives this long story I'll play this
story for you that she had but you know
what as I heard her story ask yourself
if maybe she didn't hear this from her
mother and father maybe you know when
she was younger there was a top 40
novelty hit called Running Bear and
maybe that just some Kyle kind of worked
its way into her psyche maybe that's
going to be her Excuse next but here's
what elizabeth warren said at the folk
Honus press conference I have to ask you
because I cover the White House and I
hear the president going after you from
time to time referring to you as
Pocahontas and it recently you were
speaking about your Native American
heritage does that get under your skin
get on your Redskins in 2020 I am not
running for president in 2020 but let me
tell you my story you know my mother and
dad were born and raised in Oklahoma
my father fell in love with my mother
when they were both still teenagers and
he was just head over heels over her
this is the Running Bear song bitterly
opposed to their relationship because
she was part Native American do you
think that he is being disrespectful to
Native Americans when he does that
doesn't that bother you because your
family's heritage this is this is what I
was trying to tell you it's a chemical
thing news story because my family's
story is deeply a part of me and a part
of my brothers it's what we learned from
our parents it's what we learned from
our grandparents it's what we learned
from our aunts and our uncles I went to
speak to Native American tribal leaders
and I made a promise to them that every
time President Trump wants to try to
throw out some kind of racial slur he
wants to try to attack me I'm going to
use it as a chance to
lift up their stories I'm gonna do that
right now
by pointing out he's identifying with
them as a victim again women in this
country have been the victims of sexual
violence there we go so she's a woman
and an Indian you can't really tell
about that Indian thing is she's not
gonna prove it to you but you know she
identifies remember we're talking about
the transgender insanity that's being
foisted upon our kids by our educational
system that's the influence of the
federal government on education in your
school in the school that you send your
kids to they're pushing this on the kids
they're doing it at the 8th and
kindergarten they're telling these young
kids they can pick whatever sex they
want to be whatever race they want to be
so you can be focused to you know just
like Elizabeth Warren if you identify as
being another race you you can be
another race nobody can say anything
about that and they're telling that the
kids in kindergarten so she just needs
to wait until these kindergarten kids
grow up and vote and they'll be
perfectly fine with that because if she
identifies as an Indian whether she is
or not then President Trump is racist to
criticize her for trying to appropriate
their culture and trying to appropriate
the set-asides that they got from the
Democrats she comes in and says oh I can
get that job because I'm an Indian
that's the issue here folks never forget
that the demagogue party that uses
demographics all the time to divide us
we'll use those same demographics to
take their own privilege you understand
she took that away from them and she
used it and claimed privilege to get her
job at Harvard I think it was Harvard
that she was going to but anyway she
used that that job now they're saying
the Democrats are pledging to limit
super-delegates but they don't really
know how they're gonna do it yet and I
find it interesting that Tom Perez the
current DNC chairman says the party will
quote improve the democratic process
before 2020 well that implies that
there's something wrong with what they
did is there something wrong with what
they did
III think there is but they they won't
admit it you're not gonna find them
admitting that all right let's take a
look at gun control and let's look at
the shameful things the Republicans
here trying to identify as Democrats I
guess that you could say that Governor
Rick Scott is now identifying as a
Democrat in the same way that focus or
lieth a' is identifying as an indian
you've got governor rick scott signing a
four hundred million dollar big spending
bill there you go that's identifying
with democrats and then putting in gun
control and confiscating guns from
people who are peaceful law-abiding
citizens that are now going to be banned
from having guns this is what this
in florida is doing rick Scott this RINO
Republican and name only the bill also
bans bump stocks and as a Breitbart
points out they weren't even used in the
Florida school shooting I'm not sure
that bump stocks were used in the Las
Vegas shooting either none of that stuff
really adds up the sailor the president
Trump pardoned yesterday and it was an
incredible miscarriage of justice it was
a double standard that we saw happen
with this poor sailor who was sent to
jail for a year for a couple of pictures
that were born classified at the lowest
level confidential but he's out now and
now he has had his future given back to
him by President Trump so we want to
celebrate that with him and we want to
talk to him about that have him give his
perspective on what has happened and
what that means in his life so he'll be
joining us in the next segment anxious
to talk to a Christian saw seer I want
to finish up on gun control because we
had the Florida governor sign a four
hundred million dollar gun control bill
let me tell you what is in this besides
banning bunk stocks which were not even
alleged to have been used in the Florida
shooting but it also the bill was
originally going to allow teachers to be
armed on a broader basis but they had to
have that Augmented Governor Scott
didn't want teachers to be armed for
self-defense he doesn't like that idea
he only wants people with uniforms and
of course where do you get that idea
well he got that idea from the Florida
Education Association the FAA and they
told him they said we urge you to honor
your in stay
and act to keep additional firearms from
our schools unless they're in the hands
of trained law enforcement personnel you
know there's official people in uniform
that stood outside and did nothing the
Sheriff's Department the people who are
assigned to protect that school and did
those uniformed characters meanwhile
you've got a real hero who had nothing
but his body to put in the way of the
bullets and he was killed
why don't we allow heroes you don't have
to wear a uniform to be a hero and as we
saw with these cowardly sheriff's
deputies you can wear a uniform and not
be a hero
how about allowing people who have the
disposition the ability who have been
vetted who have been trained who are not
afraid of guns who understand what this
is about how about giving them some
tools to protect themselves and to
protect other people see the answer in
this case is to allow more Liberty not
take Liberty away that's the way we get
a better society it's always the right
answer to add more freedom and to give
freedom to law-abiding responsible
people because they don't need to be the
only people unarmed in the room see the
crazy people the criminal people they're
gonna be able to get guns on black
market regardless do you think that your
gun free zones are any more real than
your drug free schools no your schools
aren't drug free your schools aren't gun
free and we need to allow people to at
least defend themselves against guns but
anyway as I go through this the
immediate response of the NRA was to sue
Florida over the gun bill same day that
Governor Scott signed it into law they
said we filed a lawsuit against the
state for violating the constitutional
rights of 18 to 21 year olds said the
NRA and they said this blanket ban
violates the fundamental rights of
thousands of responsible law-abiding
Florida citizens and is thus invalid
under the second and the 14th amendments
I see the 14th amendment that's kind of
equal protection in the law that's what
we're talking to Christians sauce here
about it means that people in power
don't get special privileges that the
rest of us don't enjoy but of course FBI
director james comey isn't down with
that idea we got a lot of people in
Washington that don't agree with that
the complaint says the law particularly
affects young women the NRA said females
between the ages of 18 and 21 pose a
relatively slight risk of perpetrating a
school shooting if we had any school
shootings of females between the ages of
18 and 21 not that I'm aware of
they said however they are frequently
the victims of that type of crime and
let me give you an example of this this
is a case that was highlighted by Reason
magazine and they asked if this is a
situation with um it's in Illinois an
Illinois woman who is a licensed firearm
owner and looking to live in the East
st. Louis housing authorities homes
tenants and they said well sorry you are
licensed to fire own a firearm but you
have to prove to us that you don't have
one before you can live here you have to
comfort we have to take your your
firearms now she has filed a complaint
and the plaintiff they don't give her
name she's listed as a Miss doe she
wants to keep the weapon for
why because she has repeatedly been
threatened while she's been repeatedly
threatened with her ex-boyfriend and
they say according to the complaint
she's being actively threatened by her
abusive ex-husband sorry not boyfriend
but husband a convicted murderer who
while on parole visited shocking
violence on her including choking her
into unconsciousness beating her so
severely that she bled internally and
threatening to kill her and her children
should she and end their relationship so
she's married to this guy he goes to
jail for murder he gets out she doesn't
want to have anything to do with him and
then he chokes her into unconsciousness
beats her so severely she had internal
bleeding and threatens to kill her now
the government that doesn't keep this
murderer in prison who turns him out is
also going to unleash him on her without
giving her any means of protecting
to keep a weapon for self-defense but
she's been threatened with eviction by
both the housing agency and it says
executive director unless she can verify
that she doesn't keep a firearm at home
and her ex-husband was sent back to
prison because of the assaults on her
where he beat her until she was bleeding
this murderer convicted murderer who got
out on parole I I don't understand that
why isn't this guy still in prison he
went back to prison because he beat her
up now he's out again and he has been
threatening her again but the government
that won't keep this guy in prison won't
let her have a firearm to protect
herself that's what the NRA is saying
about in Florida they're saying you're
taking away guns from law-abiding
citizens 18 to 21 and you're taking away
guns from women who were 18 to 21 not
going to allow them to protect
themselves because you know you got to
have a man in uniform around to protect
you well the men in uniform
aren't always they're honest cops like
sheriff Clark will tell you he told his
own people he said look we'll do
everything we can to protect you and
we'll get there as soon as we can but
when you call the police understand that
you're going to have to be able to
protect yourself until we can get there
and so he said get a firearm and learn
how to use it responsibly and things are
not going to get any better in Florida
the Democrats voted unanimously to take
away the guns from the 18 to 21 year
olds and they're not going to stop there
Democrat representative Deutsch said the
gun bill the Florida signed is quote
merely the beginning of the response to
parkland yeah he wants to ban all the
guns folks we've reported this many
times do you know that this is where
they're headed
they have talked about this multiple
times we went to the gun-control rally
here in Austin they had the mayor
pro-tem the number-two guy in the City
of Austin get up there and they had one
counter protester of all these people
were protesting our ability to protect
ourselves one counter protester with a
sign up there and we filmed that we were
there reporting on it we filmed it they
all got around him they started pushing
him and shoving him
the former sailor that President Trump
pardoned yesterday we're very glad to
hear that happen when I talked to him
about what this means for his life talk
to him about the case we've had him on
the show in the past but I want to play
for you first the press conference where
Sarah Sanders announced his pardon here
Sarah Sanders in other news today the
president has pardoned Christiane
saucier a navy Submariner Mr saucier was
22 years old at the time of his offenses
and has served out his 12 months since
he has been recognized by his fellow
service members for his dedication skill
and patriotic spirit while serving he
regularly ment toward younger sailors
and served as an instructor for new
recruits the sentencing judge found that
mr. Sasuke's offense stands in contrast
to his commendable military service it
also stands in contrast to the way
Hillary Clinton was allowed to get away
this is what we're talking about folks
we talk about unequal treatment under
the law
the favoritism but I want to focus on
the positive side here for at least a
good while here and talk to Christian
saucier about what this means for his
life whoa welcome sir thank you for
joining us thank you for having me on
we wanted to celebrate this with you
because this is something to celebrate
it it's long overdue glad to see this
happening what does this mean for your
life tell us you served a year in prison
and you're out now what has life been
like after you got out of prison and how
is this going to change it having a
pardon well you know life's been pretty
difficult we had a lot of legal debt as
a result to being taken to a civilian
court instead of tried in the military
as I should have been seeing as I was
active duty at the time so you know we
had a lot of debt and I went to prison
for a year and I couldn't work so you
know my wife was the stay-at-home mom
with our young child and her daughter so
it's it's been pretty difficult getting
out of prison I went on house arrest I
was allowed to work and then I had to be
home I had an ankle monitor and a curfew
and you know I applied to many jobs I
have a pretty diverse skillset as a
result of my training and the Navy
operating nuclear power plants but
nobody would hire me fortunately I was
able to find work with a local waste
management company and work as a trash
collector so we
grateful to them for hiring me and
giving me lots of hours so that I can
you know pay make sure that my family is
taken care of that is really sad but
this has been this has a load of garbage
maybe in some of the garbage that you
were you were hauling there you could
find some Democrats servers or something
but I'm glad to see that you've got a
partner because that's going to change
things it's going to allow you to have
the opportunity to use your experience
in the nuclear field to get a good job
and I think it's gonna make a difference
for you even in terms of it's gonna
change your discharge from honorable
dishonorable to an honorable discharge
well it doesn't exactly do that so
that's a whole nother process we have to
fight to get done now that you know the
that I have a pardon obviously it gives
us some ground to stand on but the whole
military side of it I still have another
than honorable discharge so I still am
not able to receive any of my disability
benefits or any veterans benefits for
that matter how long as a result of my
11 years of service so that
unfortunately hasn't changed that's you
know like anything else that's it's a
fight we're gonna we're really going to
go in and and go into but it's gonna
take time that's and let me give at that
site that you've got here because it
sounds like you still need some help and
you got a site there where people have
been allowed to contribute to help you
with your legal expenses but people need
to understand they still need to keep up
some pressure to make sure that you get
that honorable discharge it's helped
Chris sassier calm and that's kr is ohe
LP kr is sa u CI ER calm helped Chris
saucier comm so people can look there
and see what they can do to help you but
it is still a big help to have a pardon
isn't it oh absolutely I mean we're so
grateful yeah I don't want to I don't
want to see him like a downer here I
mean this is one of the few things in
the past you know four or five years
that's actually been a positive for my
family I mean we've we've had so much
loss and let you know lost so many
things and just you know a lot and this
has just been a huge you know it's given
us a lot more faith back in you know at
least one person in Washington DC I
don't know
the rest of them are doing gonna do the
right thing but I can tell you president
Trump is and you know and we've we've
always supported him you know he's a
busy guy he's had a lot of stuff going
on and for him to take the time to not
only you know give us our lives back by
granting me the pardon but to take the
time to call me and speak with me I mean
we were just floored you know it was
just what an amazing man and we're just
so fortunate to have him as our
president I mean you know the guy he
truly cares about the people you know he
cares about the little people I mean
that's what I am you know I'm not
politically connected like Hillary
Clinton I'm not you know even like Joe
Arpaio I'm not somebody that's a
well-known person like him I'm just an
average guy who you know all I wanted to
do was serve in the military and serve
my country and and be a good citizen and
and here he's reached out and he's
touched the lives of somebody like me
and my family and it's just amazing well
you know your name is not a household
name hasn't been before like Sheriff
Arpaio but so many of us knew about your
case because it was such a glaring
double standard for what was happening
with Hillary Clinton and I'm looking at
the headline from the AP Trump pardons
Navy sailor who became a conservative
talking point well we were talking about
the fact that Hillary Clinton wasn't
being held to any kind of a standard and
you were being held to an incredibly
strict standard as you pointed out this
is something that should have been
looked at within the military you took a
couple of pictures in the area that you
worked at as a souvenir this was
something that was as soon as you took
those pictures they were born classified
but at the lowest level confidential and
we've heard over and over again that
Hillary Clinton well you know she only
had a dozen or so things that were
classified that had the actual marking
on it but we know that with Hillary
Clinton talking to foreign heads of
state that is born classified and it is
a level that is higher than top secret
and they want to pretend that that
doesn't exist that's the double standard
that we saw well absolutely and you know
the fact well and what's most disgusting
is is that they want you to believe that
she didn't commit a crime because she
lacked intent to cause national harm and
I can tell you for a fact that was never
a requirement and under the statute they
charged me which is by the way the very
same statute they could
because I was not court-martialed I was
not held to a higher standard because I
was in the military I was tried in a
civilian federal court by federal
prosecutors from the DOJ Obama's DOJ
yeah and I can tell you those same
people when Jim Comey said there's no
prosecutor that bring a case against her
I can tell you that they brought a case
against me for far less and there was
never a requirement there was never any
intention to cause national harm and
they never argued that point because
they knew knew it would have they would
just been heinous
yeah there's no way that a client that a
confidential classification of something
is going to cause a national harm and in
fact the definition for confidential is
will cause little to no harm if released
to foreign adversaries you know where as
top secret will cause grievous harm to
the national security so Hillary Clinton
had top secret and top secret SDI which
is above top secret which was only
supposed to be viewed at a sip on her
personal server it's a joke it's a joke
that you know James Comey would even
have the audacity to come out and tell
the American people that well because
she lacked intent that she didn't cause
that she didn't break the law I tell you
that's not a requirement for that
statute and anybody with a laptop or a
phone can look that up and see that's
not a requirement and gross negligence
is the only requirement for breaking
that law you basically do what I did so
the law I was prosecuted under unlawful
retention of National Defense
information which oh by the way is
exactly what Hillary Clinton did means
you have secure information on an
unsecured device I wasn't not allowed to
have those pictures I just wasn't
allowed to have them on my cell phone
which was an unsecured device because I
possessed a secret clearance
I was allowed to maintain secret
information but I had him on an
unsecured device so I broke the law and
I accepted responsibility for it unlike
Hillary Clinton I went to court I didn't
go to trial I pled guilty
I took my punishment I didn't speak out
about it until I'd served my time in
prison and as I was serving my time in
prison and watching somebody who should
be in prison run for the highest office
in this country president United States
I was utterly disgusted and I said you
know what I'm gonna I'm gonna wait until
I get out and I want to speak out about
this because people should be upset you
know it's it's bad enough you know for
me that I've my family and I have been
through this but the average Americans
should be very distraught whether you're
a conservative or a liberal really is
null and void we're talking to Christian
saucier the man who was pardoned
yesterday by President Trump who said
tweeted out yesterday congratulations to
Christian saucier a man who served
proudly in the Navy on your newly found
freedom no more ankle bracelet no more
pardon a no more parole rather he has
now been pardoned he says now you can go
out and have the life you deserve so we
want to talk to Christian he graciously
agreed to stay with us one more segment
I want to find out what his plans are
now that he has had his record cleared
to a large extent by president Trump's
pardon he pointed out that he still has
the issue of VA benefits because of the
discharge but before we get back to
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calm all right let's go back to
Christian and Christian as we've seen
back in January the second we
had a president Trump tweeting out at
that point in time saying cricket
Hillary's top aide Huma Abedin has been
accused of disregarding basic security
protocol she put classified passwords
and hands of foreign agents no problem
for any that right he said remember the
sailors picture on a submarine jail the
deep State Justice Department must
finally act also on Comey and others so
I I can't imagine how you felt because
when I saw James Comey do that it made
my blood boil to say that she'd commit
all these felonies but she was gonna be
let loose but don't you try this at home
and then sending you to jail and your
that was about a month before your jail
term began wasn't it yes yeah I'd
already pled guilty except a
responsibility and I was basically just
waiting to go to prison at that point
and and I just was utterly disgusted I
watched it live on television while I
was wearing an ankle monitor you know
out on $100,000 bail and I just i sat
there with my wife and I I didn't know I
was speechless
you know because I was speechless
watching it with my wife and I wasn't on
the threat of a jail term for a very
very minor charge compared to what
Hilary did yeah I mean and I couldn't
believe it you know it'd be one thing if
this happened years apart from my case
and they you know maybe forgot about it
or something like that
but it was happening at the exact same
time these are the same federal
prosecutors the same FBI the same people
that went after me with the greatest of
fervor destroyed my life destroyed my
family's life bankrupted us and and you
know they're given this person Hillary
Clinton a benefit of the doubt somebody
who's not you know one of the most
corrupt politicians in Washington oh
yeah globally and somebody like me who's
proudly served their country for 11
years and has a stellar military record
just demolished by these people and I I
couldn't believe it I I said this is
people have got to be upset about this
and I you know it's upsetting that the
the left wants to protect her so much
and without even look taking a look at
the facts you know I mean you know her
and Obama weaponized the Department of
Justice against me they used me as a
scapegoat to say look we're hard on
people that mishandled classified
unless you're of course you know
politically-connected elite this you
know the current president at that time
says is the most you know the best
person to be the next president um so
it's very upsetting yeah that was the
thing that made me so angry it was as
basically she's too big to jail but
don't you try this at home and then
using you as the poster child for that
that was just amazing uh I mean you
could go on and on about the tarmac
meeting and everything like that all
these things that should have pointed to
a corrupt Department of Justice and you
know it just everybody just says well
you know it's business as usual in DC
and I you know thank goodness we have
Trump there now because I mean President
Trump he's like a one-man wrecking crew
destroying the establishment of
corruption that's been in DC for so long
and they hate it yeah I just I love
watch him do it you know it's just and I
love watching him squirm on CNN and all
these other fake news networks and say
well but but but he's done nearly
everything that he promised he was gonna
do in such a short order I mean mine is
just one of the minor things you know my
pardon and and and restoring my good
name is just one of the many things that
he's done right so far you know he
promised he was gonna do and they don't
know how to respond to it and you know
it's it's sad frankly because he doesn't
get the credit he deserves he's an
amazing man and after speaking to him on
the phone I just reinforced everything I
had already believed about him from
watching him well you know the further
they go down this path the more they're
just destroying themselves because the
American people can see this they see
what the difference between what CNN and
others are telling us on the reality of
what's going on but let's talk a little
bit about your life now what are your
plans going ahead you point out they
essentially bankrupted you they made it
so that you couldn't get a job now
you'll be able to get a job with a
pardon but tell us a little bit about
your your life ahead of you now well I'm
gonna tell you I'm gonna keep fighting
for what I believe is right I I think
that this double standard justice needs
to get exposed and as long as you guys
will let me come on your show and and
talk about it and I think we need to
raise awareness because we shouldn't let
this happen you know disappear into the
mist like so many other you know liberal
conspiracies or whatever that have just
kind of said
you know it's no big deal I think we
should keep pushing the issue and I
intend to do that because I think that
basically what should happen
don't you agree Christian that that what
should happen is you served a year in
jail I think that was excessive but I
think what should happen is Hillary
should go to prison and then when she
gets out he can partner so she can get
an honest job somewhere I don't know if
she knows what that word is anymore
I think yeah absolutely I think that
Hillary Clinton human Abidine Cheryl
Mills James Comey yeah all the other
people that were involved in this
conspiracy Loretta Lynch and probably
Obama as well yeah it should be put on
trial and they should be tried and run
through the same legal system that I was
you know obviously they'll have a lot
more funds to throw at legal defense
than I did but I think they should be
put through the same rigor because you
know whether they get convicted or not
or sent to prison or not there should be
no reason that people in America believe
that there's people in this country
above the law
she should be held to and we said this
from the beginning she should be held to
a higher standard because she was in a
much higher office she had access to
much higher classified material that was
as you pointed out you know the very
definition of confidential is that it
isn't going to damage anything with
national security if it gets out and I
had a job one at one point time as an
intern when I was in engineering and it
didn't take very much investigation for
me to get a confidential jobs clear a
classification so I could start that job
it's a very minor thing something that
is classified as confidential as I point
out before you came on when we saw the
house memo come out that had been
classified as top secret there was
nothing in there I mean they over
classify things to the eighth degree and
yet Hillary Clinton was stuff that
really did need to be classified that
would really damage our country was out
there carelessly if not deliberately
putting this stuff out oh and then you
see the FBI on you know and Andrew
McCabe and Peter stroszek just you know
this cabal of ensuring that Hillary
Clinton never went to any kind of went
through any kind of a legal process at
all yeah she gets the special treatment
by these guys the White Glove treatment
why why should anybody in this country
be treated differently than
anybody else we're all supposed to be
protected under the law the same way
we're all supposed to receive equal
protection under the constitutional law
of this country and those people the
organizations like the FBI and the DOJ
should be above reproach
there should be no insider while we're
gonna do this or we're gonna treat this
person this way no I it's it's shameful
it's shameful that that was at the
highest levels I agree and and there's
another aspect of this Christian and
that is the fact that and it's something
that I'm especially sensitive to as a
journalist and that is the lack of
transparency in our government
everything like I mentioned the the memo
that was eventually Declassified even
though it was top-secret Trump
Declassified data you could see there
was nothing in there that needed to be
even confidential classification and we
see the government always hiding
everything that it does from us under
that well we can't tell you because it
would damage national security it's just
they're just protecting themselves and
in hiding all transparency from us and
doing it in the name of the national
security state and then we see when it
is real national security they don't
care one bit and they won't punish
anybody for it that's the thing that
really bothers me
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