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the former sailor that president Trump
pardoned yesterday we're very glad to
hear that happen when I talked to him
about what this means for his life talk
to him about the case we've had him on
the show and the past but I want to play
for you first the press conference where
Sarah Sanders announced his pardon here
Sarah Sanders in other news today the
president has pardoned Christian saucier
a navy Submariner Mr saucier was 22
years old at the time of his offenses
and has served out his 12-month sentence
he has been recognized by his fellow
service members for his dedication skill
and patriotic spirit while serving he
regularly meant toward younger sailors
and served as an instructor for new
recruits the sentencing judge found that
mr. Sasuke's offense stands in contrast
to his commendable military service it
also stands in contrast to the way
Hillary Clinton was allowed to get away
this is what we're talking about folks
when we talk about unequal treatment
under the law
the favoritism but I want to focus on
the positive side here for at least a
good while here and talk to Christian
saucier about what this means for his
life whoa welcome sir thank you for
joining us thank you for having me on
David but we wanted to celebrate this
with you because this is something to
celebrate it it's long overdue glad to
see this happening what does this mean
for your life tell us so you served a
year in prison and you're out now what
has life been like after you got out of
prison and how is this going to change
it having a pardon well you know life's
been pretty difficult we had a lot of
legal debt as a result to being taken to
a civilian court instead of tried in the
military as I should have been seeing as
how I was active duty at the time so you
know we had a lot of debt and I went to
prison for a year and I couldn't work so
you know my wife was the stay-at-home
mom with our young child and her
daughter so it's been pretty difficult
getting out of prison I went on house
arrest I was allowed to work and then I
had to be home I had an ankle monitor
and a curfew and you know I applied to
many jobs I have a pretty diverse
skillset as a result of my training and
the Navy operating nuclear power plants
but nobody would hire me fortunately I
was able to find work with a local waste
management company and
work as a trash collector so and we're
grateful to them for hiring me and
giving me lots of hours so that I can
you know pay make sure that my family's
taken care of that is really sad but
this has been this has a load of garbage
maybe in some of that garbage that you
were you were hauling there you could
find some Democrat servers or something
but I'm glad to see that you got a
partner because that's going to change
things that's going to allow you to have
the opportunity to use your experience
in the nuclear field to get a good job
and I think it's gonna make a difference
for you even in terms of it's gonna
change your discharge from honorable
dishonorable to an honorable discharge
well it doesn't exactly do that so
that's a whole nother process we have to
fight to get done now that you know the
that I have a pardon obviously it gives
us some ground to stand on but the whole
military side of it I still have another
than honorable discharge so I still am
not able to receive any of my disability
benefits or any veterans benefits for
that matter how long as a result of my
11 years of service so that
unfortunately hasn't changed that's you
know like anything else it's it's a
fight we're gonna we're really gonna go
in and and go into but it's gonna take
that's and let me give at that site that
you've got here because it sounds like
you still need some help and you got a
site there where people have been
allowed to contribute to help you with
your legal expenses but people need to
understand they still need to keep up
some pressure to make sure that you get
that honorable discharge
it's helped Chris sassier calm and
that's KR is o h GL p KR is SI you see i
er comm helped Chris saucier comm so
people can look there and see what they
can do to help you but it is still a big
help to have a pardon isn't it oh
absolutely I mean we're so grateful yeah
I don't wanna I don't want to see him
like a downer here I mean this is one of
the few things in the past you know four
or five years that's actually been a
positive for my family I mean we've
we've had so much loss and let you know
lost so many things and just yeah a lot
and this has just been a huge you know
it's given us a lot more faith back in
you know at least one person in
Washington DC I don't know if the rest
of them are doing gonna do the right
thing but I can tell you President Trump
is and you know and we've we've always
supported him you know he's a busy guy
he's had a lot of stuff going on and for
him to take the time to not only you
know give us our lives back by granting
me the pardon but to take the time to
call me and speak with me I mean we were
just floored you know it was just what
an amazing man and we were just so
fortunate to have him as our president I
mean you know the guy he truly cares
about the people you know he cares about
the little people I mean that's what I
am you know I'm not politically
connected like Hillary Clinton I'm not
you know even like Joe Arpaio I'm not
somebody that's a well-known person like
him I'm just an average guy who you know
all I wanted to do was serve in the
military and serve my country and and be
a good citizen and and here he's reached
out and he's touched the lives of
somebody like me and my family and uh
it's just amazing you know your name is
not a household name hasn't been before
like Sheriff Arpaio but so many of us
knew about your case because it was such
a glaring double standard for what was
happening with Hillary Clinton and I'm
looking at the headline from the AP
Trump pardons Navy sailor who became a
conservative talking point well we were
talking about the fact that Hillary
Clinton wasn't being held to any kind of
a standard and you were being held to an
incredibly strict standard as you
pointed out this is something that
should have been looked at within the
military you took a couple of pictures
in the area that you worked at as a
souvenir this was something that was as
soon as you took those pictures they
were born classified but at the lowest
level confidential and we've heard over
and over again that Hillary Clinton well
you know she only had a dozen or so
things that were classified that had the
actual marking on it but we know that
with Hillary Clinton talking to foreign
heads of state that is borne classified
and it is a level that is higher than
top secret and they want to pretend that
that doesn't exist that's the double
standard that we saw oh absolutely and
you know the fact well and what's most
disgusting is is that they want you to
believe that she didn't commit a crime
because she lacked intent to cause
national harm and I can tell you for a
fact that was never a required
and under the statute they charged me
which is by the way the very same
statute they could have charged here
because I was not court-martialed I was
not held to a higher standard because I
was in the military I was tried in a
civilian federal court by federal
prosecutors from the DOJ Obama's DOJ
yeah and I can tell you those same
people when Jim Comey said there's no
prosecutor that bring a case against her
I can tell you that they brought a case
against me for far less and there was
never a requirement there was never any
intention to cause national harm and
they never argued that point because
they knew knew it would have they would
just been heinous
yeah there's no way that a client that a
confidential classification of something
is going to cause a national harm and in
fact the definition for confidential is
will cause little to no harm if released
to foreign adversaries you know where as
top secret will cause grievous harm to
the national security so Hillary Clinton
had top secret and top secret SDI which
is above top secret which was only
supposed to be viewed at a sip on her
personal server it's a joke it's a joke
that you know James Comey would even
have the audacity to come out and tell
the American people that well because
she lacked intent that she didn't cause
that she didn't break the law I tell you
that's not a requirement for that
statute and anybody with a laptop or a
phone can look that up and see that's
not a requirement and gross negligence
is the only requirement for breaking
that law you basically do what I did so
the law I was prosecuted under unlawful
retention of national defense
information which oh by the way is
exactly what Hillary Clinton did means
you have secure information on an
unsecured device I wasn't not allowed to
have those pictures I just wasn't
allowed to have them on my cell phone
which was an unsecured device because I
possessed a secret clearance I was
allowed to maintain secret information
but I had him on an unsecured device so
I broke the law and I accepted
responsibility for it unlike Hillary
Clinton I went to court I didn't go to
trial I pled guilty
I took my punishment I didn't speak out
about it until I'd served my time in
prison and as I was serving my time in
prison and watching somebody who should
be in prison run for the highest office
in this country president United States
I was utterly disgusted and I said you
know what I'm gonna I'm gonna wait until
I get out and I'm gonna speak out about
this because people should be upset you
know it's it's bad enough you know
for me that I my family and I have been
through this but the average American
citizen should be very distraught
whether you're a conservative or a
liberal really is null and void we're
talking to Christian saucier the man who
was pardoned yesterday by President
Trump who said tweeted out yesterday
congratulations to Christian saucier a
man who served proudly in the Navy on
your newly found freedom no more ankle
bracelet no more pardon a no more parole
rather he has now been pardoned he says
now you can go out and have the life you
deserve so we want to talk to Christian
he graciously agreed to stay with us one
more segment want to find out what his
plans are now that he has had his record
cleared to a large extent by president
Trump's pardon he pointed out that he
still has the issue of VA benefits
because of the discharge but before we
get back to Christian real quickly I
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all right let's go back to
Christian and Christian as we had seen
back in January the second we had a
president Trump tweeting out at that
point in time saying crooked Hillary's
top aide Huma Abedin has been accused of
disregarding basic security protocol she
put classified passwords and hands of
foreign agents no problem for any that
right he said remember the sailors
picture on a submarine jail the deep
State Justice Department must finally
act also on Comey and others so I I
can't imagine how you felt because when
I saw James Comey do that it made my
blood boil to say that she'd commit all
these felonies but she was gonna be let
loose but don't you try this at home and
then sending you to jail and you that
was about a month before your jail term
began wasn't it yes yeah I'd already
pled guilty except your responsibility
and I was basically just waiting to go
to prison at that point and and I just
was utterly disgusted I watched it live
on television while I was wearing an
ankle monitor you know out on $100,000
bail and I just i sat there with my wife
and I I didn't know I was speechless you
know I I can't because I was speechless
watching it with my wife and I wasn't in
the threat of a jail term for a very
very minor charge compared to what
Hilary did yeah I mean and I couldn't
believe it you know it'd be one thing if
this happened years apart from my case
and they's you know maybe forgot about
it or something like that but it was
happening at the exact same time these
are the same federal prosecutors the
same FBI the same people that went after
me with the greatest of fervor destroyed
my life destroyed my family's life
bankrupted us and and you know they're
given this person Hillary Clinton the
benefit of the doubt somebody who's not
you know one of the most corrupt
politicians in Washington oh yeah
globally and somebody like me who's
proudly served their country for 11
years and has a stellar military record
just demolished by these people and I
couldn't believe it I I said this is
people have got to be upset about this
and I you know it's upsetting that the
the left wants to protect her so much
and without even look taking a look at
the facts you know I mean you know her
and Obama weaponized the Department of
Justice against me they used me as
go to say look we're hard on people that
must handle classified information
unless you're of course you know
politically connected elite this you
know the current president at that time
says is the most you know the best
person to be the next president so it's
very upsetting yeah that was the thing
that made me so angry it was as
basically she's too big to jail but
don't you try this at home and then
using you as the poster child for that
that was just amazing I mean you could
go on and on about the tarmac meeting
and everything like that all these
things that should have pointed to a
corrupt Department of Justice and you
know it just everybody just said well
you know it's business as usual in DC
and I you know thank goodness we have
Trump there now because I mean President
Trump he's like a one-man wrecking crew
destroying the establishment of
corruption that's been deceived for so
long and they hate it yeah I just I love
watching him do it you know it's just
and I love watching him squirm on CNN
and all these other fake news networks
and say well but but but he's done
nearly everything that he promised he
was gonna do in such short order I mean
mine is just one of the minor things you
know my pardon and and and restoring my
good name is just one of the many things
that he's done right so far you know he
promised he was gonna do and they don't
know how to respond to it and you know
it's it's sad I frankly because he
doesn't get the credit he deserves he's
an amazing man and after speaking to him
on the phone I just reinforced
everything I'd already believed about
him from watching him well you know the
further they go down this path the more
they're just destroying themselves
because the American people can see this
they see what the difference between
what CNN and others are telling us and
the reality of what's going on but let's
talk a little bit about your life now
what are your plans going ahead you
point out they essentially bankrupted
you they made it so that you couldn't
get a job now you'll be able to get a
job with a pardon but tell us a little
bit about your your life ahead of you
now well I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna
keep fighting for what I believe is
right I I think that this double
standard justice needs to get exposed
and as long as you guys will let me come
on your show and and talk about it and I
think we need to raise awareness because
we shouldn't let this happen you know
disappear into the mist
like so many other you know
little conspiracies or whatever that
have just kind of said well you know
it's no big deal I think we should keep
pushing the issue and I intend to do
that because I think that basically what
should happen
don't you agree Christian that that what
should happen is you served a year in
jail I think that was excessive but I
think what should happen is Hillary
should go to prison and then when she
gets out he can partner so she can get
an honest job somewhere I don't know she
knows what that word is anymore
I think yeah I absolutely I think that
Hillary Clinton humor a beating Cheryl
Mills um James Comey yeah all the other
people that were involved in this
conspiracy Loretta Lynch and probably
Obama as well yeah it should be put on
trial and they should be tried and run
through the same legal system that I was
you know obviously they'll have a lot
more funds to throw it legal defense
than I did but I think they should be
put through the same rigor because you
know whether they get convicted or not
or sent to prison or not there should be
no reason that people in America believe
that there's people in this country
above the law she should be held to and
we said this from the beginning
she should be held to a higher standard
because she was in a much higher office
she had access to much higher classified
material that was as you pointed out you
know the very definition of confidential
is that it isn't going to damage
anything with national security if it
gets out and I had a job one at one
point time as an intern when I was in
engineering and it didn't take very much
investigation for me to get a
confidential jobs clear a classification
so I could start that job it's a very
minor thing something that is classified
as confidential as I point out before
you came on when we saw the house memo
come out that had been classified as top
secret there was nothing in there I mean
they over classify things to the eighth
degree and yet Hillary Clinton was stuff
that really did need to be classified
that would really damage our country was
out there carelessly if not deliberately
putting this stuff out I mean you see
the FBI on you know in Andrew McCabe and
Peter stroszek
just you know this cabal of ensuring
that Hillary Clinton ever went to any
kind of went through any kind of a legal
process at all no she gets a special
treatment by these guys
love treatment why why should anybody in
this country be treated differently than
anybody else we're all supposed to be
protected under the law the same way
we're all supposed to receive equal
protection under the constitutional law
of this country and those people the
organizations like the FBI and the DOJ
should be above reproach
there should be no insider while we're
gonna do this or we're gonna treat this
person this way no I just it's shameful
it's shameful that that was at the
highest levels I agree and and there's
another aspect of this Christian and
that is the fact that and it's something
that I'm especially sensitive to as a
journalist and that is the lack of
transparency in our government
everything like I mentioned the the memo
that was eventually Declassified even
though it was top-secret Trump
Declassified that you could see there
was nothing in there that needed to be
even confidential classification and we
see the government always hiding
everything that it does from us under
that well we can't tell you because it
would damage national security it's just
they're just protecting themselves and
and hiding all transparency from us and
doing it in the name of the national
security state and then we see when it
is real national security they don't
care one bit and they won't punish
anybody for it that's the thing that
really bothers me
America is an information-based Civil
War that's why now more than ever we've
got to hit the streets of America and
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