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« on: March 12, 2018, 09:47:53 AM »

the Sailor the president Trump pardoned
yesterday and it was an incredible
miscarriage of justice it was a double
standard that we saw happen with this
poor sailor who was sent to jail for a
year for a couple of pictures that were
born classified at the lowest level
confidential but he's out now and now he
has had his future given back to him by
President Trump so we want to celebrate
that with him and we want to talk to him
about that have him give his perspective
on what has happened and what that means
in his life so he'll be joining us in
the next segment anxious to talk to a
Christian saucier I want to finish up on
gun control because we had the Florida
governor sign a four hundred million
dollar gun control bill let me tell you
what is in this besides banning bumped
stocks which were not even alleged to
have been used in the Florida shooting
but it also the bill was originally
going to allow teachers to be armed on a
broader basis but they had to have that
Augmented Governor Scott didn't want
teachers to be armed for self-defense he
doesn't like that idea he only wants
people with uniforms and of course where
do you get that idea well he got that
idea from the Florida Education
Association the FAA and they told him
they said we urge you to honor your
instincts and act to keep additional
firearms from our schools unless they're
in the hands of trained law enforcement
personnel you know those official people
in uniform that stood outside and did
nothing the Sheriff's Department the
people who are assigned to protect that
school and did nothing
those uniformed characters meanwhile
you've got a real hero who had nothing
but his body to put in the way of the
bullets and he was killed
why don't we allow heroes you don't have
to wear a uniform to be a hero and as we
saw with these cowardly sheriff's
deputies you can wear a uniform and not
be a hero
how about allowing people who have the
disposition the ability who've been
vetted who have been trained who are not
afraid of guns who understand what this
is about how about giving them some
tools to protect themselves and to
protect other people
see the answer in this case is to allow
more Liberty not take Liberty away
that's the way we get a better society
it's always the right answer to add more
freedom and to give freedom to
law-abiding responsible people because
they don't need to be the only people
unarmed in the room see the crazy people
the criminal people they're gonna be
able to get guns on black market
regardless do you think that your gun
free zones are any more real than your
drug free schools no your schools aren't
drug free your schools aren't gun free
and we need to allow people to at least
defend themselves against guns but
anyway as I go through this the
immediate response of the NRA was to sue
Florida over the gun bill same day that
Governor Scott signed it into law they
said we filed a lawsuit against the
state for violating the constitutional
rights of 18 to 21 year olds said the
NRA and they said this blanket ban
violates the fundamental rights of
thousands of responsible law-abiding
Florida citizens and is thus invalid
under the second and the 14th amendments
I'll say the 14th amendment that's kind
of equal protection on the law that's
what we're talking to Christians saucey
are about it means that people and power
don't get special privileges that the
rest of us don't enjoy but of course FBI
director James Comey isn't down with
that idea we got a lot of people in
Washington that don't agree with that
the complaint says the law particularly
affects young women the NRA said females
between the ages of 18 and 21 pose a
relatively slight risk of perpetrating a
school shooting if we had any school
shootings of females between the ages of
18 and 21 not that I'm aware of
they said however they are frequently
the victims of that type of crime and
let me give you an example of this this
is a case that was highlighted by Reason
magazine and they asked if this is a
situation with um it's in Illinois an
Illinois woman who is a licensed firearm
owner and looking to live in the East
st. Louis housing authorities homes
tenets and
said well sorry you are licensed to fire
own a firearm but you have to prove to
us that you don't have one before you
can live here you have to comfortably
have to take your your firearms now she
has filed a complaint and the plaintiff
they don't give her name she's listed as
a Miss Doe
she wants to keep the weapon for
self-defense why because she has
repeatedly been threatened while she's
been repeatedly threatened with her
ex-boyfriend and they say according to
the complaint she's being actively
threatened by her abusive ex-husband
sorry not boyfriend but husband a
convicted murderer who while on parole
visited shocking violence on her
including choking her into
unconsciousness beating her so severely
that she bled internally and threatening
to kill her and her children should she
and end their relationship so she's
married to this guy he goes to jail for
murder he gets out she doesn't want to
have anything to do with him and then he
chokes her into unconsciousness beats
her so severely she had internal
bleeding and threatens to kill her now
the government that doesn't keep this
murderer in prison who turns him out is
also going to unleash him on her without
giving her any means of protecting
herself now she wants to keep a weapon
for self-defense but she's been
threatened with eviction by both the
housing agency and its his executive
director unless she can verify that she
doesn't keep a firearm at home and her
ex-husband was sent back to prison
because of the assaults on her where he
beat her until she was bleeding
internally this murderer convicted
murderer who got out on parole I I don't
understand that why isn't this guy still
in prison he went back to prison because
he beat her up and now he's out again
and he has been threatening her again
but the government that won't keep this
guy in prison won't let her have a
firearm to protect herself that's what
the NRA is saying about in Florida
they're saying you're taking away guns
from law-abiding citizens 18 to 21 and
you're taking away guns from women who
are 18 to 21 not going to allow them to
protect themselves because
you know you got to have a man in
uniform around to protect you well the
men in uniform aren't always they're
honest cops like sheriff Clark will tell
you he told his own people he said look
we'll do everything we can to protect
you and we'll get there as soon as we
can but when you call the police
understand that you're going to have to
be able to protect yourself until we can
get there and so he said get a firearm
and learn how to use it responsibly
and things are not going to get any
better in Florida the Democrats voted
unanimously to take away the guns from
the 18 to 21 year olds and they're not
going to stop there Democrat
representative Deutsch said the gun bill
the Florida signed is quote merely the
beginning of the response to parkland
yeah he wants to ban all the guns folks
we've reported this many times do you
know that this is where they're headed
they have talked about this multiple
times we went to the gun-control rally
here in Austin they had the mayor
pro-tem the number two guy in the City
of Austin get up there and they had one
counter protester of all these people
were protesting our ability to protect
ourselves one counter protester with a
sign up there and we film that we were
there reporting on it we filmed it
they all got around him they started
pushing him and shoving him
look I'm not gonna sit here and say see
I told you so that Communist Chinese
style net censorship is coming to the
web's because it's already here
it's big announce the way you keep the
internet open and free is you get
involved more than ever cut info
wars.com Ford / app the new battleship
in the fight info wars live available
right now we're looking for a crew to
mana I'm gonna sit down and play games
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don't sit by and let the internet and
free speech be stolen from you

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