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« on: March 12, 2018, 09:45:51 AM »

in parkland Florida the Stoneman Douglas
school and talk about what the
Republican governor did here and how the
NRA has responded and we're also gonna
talk about Trump Atomics and at the
bottom of the hour we have joining us a
Christian saw Ciara the sailor who was
just pardoned by President Trump
yesterday I was so happy to see that
what a travesty that was what a travesty
it was and President Trump had in the
past tweeted out that it was a travesty
it was hypocrisy to let Hillary Clinton
get away with multiple felonies of the
most classified documents I mean the
stuff that she had just as this fellow
who took pictures you know those
pictures did not go through a formal
formal classification process they said
if you take pictures anywhere within a
submarine it's gonna be classified now
at the lowest level of classification at
confidential but nevertheless they would
be born classified so we'd say now do
you think that Hillary Clinton's
conversations with foreign leaders are
born classified if a picture of a bunk
in a submarine is born classified do you
think that her conversations with
foreign leaders are born class of course
they are as a matter of fact they're
above top-secret above top-secret but of
course the FBI director said he was
gonna let her go said she'd committed
all these felonies I can still remember
listening today I was sitting there with
my wife and he's talking about these
he's not lying to people he said yeah
yes you violated national security I
said I can't believe this Hillary for
prison he's gonna do it and then he did
something even more unbelievable he said
but we're not gonna do anything about it
and then he doubled down on the
unbelievable hypocrisy and said but
don't you try this at home and then
shortly after that they went after
Christians last year so we're gonna talk
to him today he's gonna be joining us
and telling us what this means for his
life I'm glad to see the president Trump
noticed this and has done the right
thing for him but before we get into
guns and crow I just want to talk a
little bit about Elizabeth Warren Foca
Honus or as James Woods called her
laia Wafaa i talked about this on friday
and now everybody is talking about the
fact on friday i had the news that the
massachusetts Berkshire Eagle a
newspaper wrote an editorial and said
hey Elizabeth Warren you can get a DNA
test for only 99 dollars it's not a lot
of money and you can put this to rest
one way or the other are you or are you
not of Indian descent because you use
that to get a leg up at the University
there to get a job that you weren't
going to get if you were white you
claimed Indian heritage so you could not
only do cultural appropriation but take
a job that people of your ilk had
reserved for people of different races I
got different racial slots there and
different kinds of discrimination
depending on who you are and so you
identified as an Indian for those
purposes tried to sell that and so you
know do a DNA test and prove to us that
you really are an Indian it's only 99
dollars if you can't afford it well pay
for it how about that all you have to do
spit in a cup it's not even an intrusive
process well I talked about that Friday
morning and again if you want to follow
my program it's Friday at Monday through
Friday 8 to 11 you can follow real news
with David Knight well she came back
over the weekend and said she's not
gonna do it essentially she doubled down
and said when asked again at a press
conference whether she would take the
DNA test she said she's going to hold on
to the folklore of her parents love
story she's at my mother and daddy were
born and raised in Oklahoma and she
gives us long story I'll play this story
for you that she had but you know what
as I heard her story ask yourself if
maybe she didn't hear this from her
mother and father maybe you know when
she was younger there was a top 40
novelty hit called Running Bear and
maybe that just some Kyle kind of worked
its way into her psyche maybe that's
going to be her excuse next but here's
what elizabeth warren said at the folk
this press conference I have to ask you
because I cover the White House and I
hear the president going after you from
time to time referring to you as
Pocahontas and it recently you were
speaking about your Native American
heritage does that get under your skin
does that get on your red skin 2020 I am
not running for president in 2020 but
let me tell you my story you know my
mother and dad were born and raised in
my father fell in love with my mother
when they were both still teenagers and
he was just head over heels over her
this is the Running Bear song literally
opposed to their relationship because
she was part Native American do you
think that he is being disrespectful to
Native Americans when he does that
doesn't that bother you because your
family's heritage this is this is what I
was trying to tell you it's a chemical
thing news story because my family's
story is deeply a part of me and a part
of my brothers it's what we learned from
our parents it's what we learned from
our grandparents it's what we learned
from our aunts and our uncles I went to
speak to Native American tribal leaders
and I made a promise to them that every
time President Trump wants to try to
throw out some kind of racial slur he
wants to try to attack me I'm going to
use it as a chance to lift up their
stories and I'm gonna do that right now
by pointing out he's identifying with
them as a victim again women in this
country have been the victims of sexual
violence there we go so she's a woman
and an Indian you can't really tell
about that Indian thing she's not gonna
prove it to you but you know she
identifies remember we're talking about
the transgender insanity that's being
foisted upon our kids by our educational
system that's the influence of the
federal government on education and your
school in the school that you send your
kids to they're pushing this on the kids
they're doing it at the 8th and
kindergarten they're telling these young
kids they can pick whatever sex they
want to be whatever ray
they want to be so you can be focused to
you know just like Elizabeth Warren if
you identify as being another race you
can be another race nobody can say
anything about that and they're telling
that the kids in kindergarten so she
just needs to wait until these
kindergarten kids grow up and vote and
they'll be perfectly fine with that
because if she identifies as an Indian
whether she is or not then present Trump
is racist to criticize her for trying to
appropriate their culture and trying to
appropriate the set asides that they got
from the Democrats she comes in and says
oh I can get that job because I'm an
Indian that's the issue here folks never
forget that the demagogue party that
uses demographics all the time to divide
us we'll use those same demographics to
take their own privilege you understand
she took that away from them and she
used it and claimed privilege to get her
job at Harvard I think it was Harvard
that she was going to but anyway she
used that that job now they're saying
the Democrats are pledging to limit
super-delegates but they don't really
know how they're gonna do it yet and I
find it interesting that Tom Perez the
current DNC chairman says the party will
quote improve the democratic process
before 2020 well that implies that
there's something wrong with what they
did is there something wrong with what
they did
III think there is but they they won't
admit it you're not gonna find them
admitting that all right let's take a
look at gun control and let's look at
the shameful things that Republicans are
doing here trying to identify as
Democrats I guess that you could say
that Governor Rick Scott is now
identifying as a Democrat in the same
way that focus or lieth a' is
identifying as an indian you've got
governor rick scott signing a four
hundred million dollar big spending bill
there you go that's identifying with
democrats and then putting in gun
control and confiscating guns from
people who are peaceful law-abiding
citizens that are now going to be banned
from having guns this is what this
carpetbagger in florida is doing rick
Scott this RINO Republican and name only
the bill also bans bump stocks and as a
points out they weren't even used in the
Florida school shooting I'm not sure
that bump stocks were used in the Las
Vegas shooting either none of that stuff
really adds up
look I'm not gonna sit here and say see
I told you so that Communist Chinese
style that censorship is coming to the
web because it's already here it's big
announce the way you keep the internet
open and free is you get involved more
than ever cut info wars.com for slash
app the new battleship in the fight info
wars live available right now we're
looking for a crew to man I'm gonna sit
down and play games and be a trendy it's
gonna be part of history
don't sit by and let the Internet and
free speech be stolen from you

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