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six hundred thousand dollar investment
to mess with their gender it's not just
here in America and it's the State
Department and it's Rex Tillerson and he
has a history of doing this I'm gonna
get back to that I'll wrap up the
connection between Rex Tillerson and
gender-neutral Mother's Day cards in
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outlets for saying it remember the time
the guy took the
firstly went to the FBI office in Alaska
and said I've got voices on my head
telling me to shoot people I said oh
that's nice have a nice day we're not
gonna do anything about it and they got
on a plane and he flew to Florida and he
started shooting people up with his
pistol that he managed to get through
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we've got a solution that's gonna help
you to defend yourself when the
government refuses to do so they didn't
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of things like that why is that a bad
I don't know why the left wants to call
us out on that but let's finish up with
Rex Tillerson as I just pointed out he
had just hours before this happened said
we're a very very long way from away
from any kind of talks with North Korea
and then it was announced that it was
happening and this is while he's in
Africa in the dark and the Dark
Continent and he was going to be in he
was in Nairobi on Friday and he was
going to have a ceremony that's gonna
mark 20 years after al-qaeda had bombed
the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania
killing 224 people C al Qaeda and
Islamic Jihad terrorism is all over
Africa you got Kenya on the west
you've got Nigeria on the eastern side
of Africa but it's
we're but Rex Tillerson is not so
concerned about that's a matter of fact
we got another neocon HR McMaster who
can't even bring himself to say the term
radical Islam and so to save face and I
really do hope he's not going to stick
with us I hope Rex Tillerson sees this
as a personal affront and leaves like
Gary Cohen did when he lost the debate
on protecting our economy Gary Cohen
wanted to continue to sell us out to
China and other countries and when
President Trump said no we're not going
to do that he said I find you my advice
I'll leave well we don't want or need
Rex Tillerson
said vice and we don't want or need his
advice on the climate and we don't want
or need his advice on what the causes of
terrorism are the State Department under
Rex Tillerson has spent six hundred
thousand dollars to explore gender
identities of boys and men in Kenya and
when I first saw this announcement where
he was out of the loop and of course now
he's saying oh yes I was very busy with
that and I've been in they said on
Friday he said this was not a surprise
in any way after having said we're a
long ways away from talk a couple of
hours before then President Trump does
it and he says well this wasn't a
surprise in any way then the next day he
goes I'm sick I'm sick I can't go to any
meetings hopefully he's sick of being
out of the loop but this is what I'm
sick of I'm sick of our State Department
continuing the Obama nation policies of
Barack Obama and trying to do gender
confusion not just in this country but
in other countries as well let me tell
you how this is uh how this is coming
out I reported this when this was
announced back at the end of January I
haven't really seen anybody talk about
this the State Department spending six
hundred thousand dollars to explore
gender identities they say that they
want to they suggest that the ideals of
masculinity in Kenya are the cause of
terrorism no it's not Islam see it's
that toxic masculinity that needs to be
taken down in Kenya and so Rex Tillerson
State Department is going to spend six
hundred thousand dollars because the
enemy is masculinity not Islam they said
gender is increasingly recognized as
the central aspect to understanding and
to countering violent extremism
throughout the world said the State
Department spending six hundred thousand
dollars of your money they said men and
boys are disproportionately recruited by
and joined terrorist groups and carry
out terrorist operations
so therefore terrorism is male it's not
Islamic it's a male thing except that
they have female terrorists as well have
female suicide bombers as well but let's
not pay any attention to that says the
State Department and the Rex Tillerson
in Kenya they said there currently exist
no CVE
and that's they're countering violent
extremism there's no CVE programming
dedicated to the role of gender of boys
and men and vulnerability to violent
so Tolson the State Department lays the
blame on terrorism not a terrorism on
male gender issues not on things like
Boko Haram or Islam and of course Boko
Haram is in Nigeria he was just in
Nigeria as well maybe he's selling them
the same gender confusion let me tell
you Rex Tillerson has been into gender
confusion from the very beginning he was
a head of the Boy Scouts what did you
the Boy Scouts a same thing that he's I
guess he thought that the Boy Scouts
were too toxic masculine because he
allowed them he pushed the idea that
they would have homosexual Scouts as he
was a head of the Boy Scouts and then he
pushed for homosexual Scout leaders at
the Boy Scouts and then keeping with his
example as he left the Boy Scouts then
began pushing for transgender scouts hey
this is the Rex Tillerson who now at the
State Department is trying to bring
gender confusion to the poor people of
Kenya as if that was their problem you
see in Nigeria we they have the same
problems as they do in Kenya I just
talked about how they had mass bombings
in Kenya and so forth it is al Qaeda it
is radical Islam it is jihadism Boko
Haram literally means the people
committed to the prophets teachings for
propagation and jihad now Boko
Rahm is really just the nickname what it
means as Western education is Haram
is forbidden and that's why they go in
and capture all of these they just
captured a whole nother group of young
girls who were studying and getting
educated at Western schools can't have
that can't have that so especially women
can't have women so but that's that's
toxic masculinity as the State
Department and Rex Tillerson see it so
it's not a problem with Islam it's a
problem with toxic masculinity so what
they need is some gender confusion and
who are the people that join Boko Haram
in Nigeria
well they typically come from university
students you know kind of like an tyfa
over here those are the people that join
the group we're also gonna be talking
about the company mix and the big win
the president Trump has had with that
this is as big as the tax cut folks and
make no mistake about it the Chinese
have been in a trade war with us for
decades and even as we passed massive
tax and regulation cuts as President
Trump the Republicans passed that the
response from the European Union was
this is something that is is unfair
advantage for the American people and
they threatened to take us to the World
Trade Organization they said nothing is
off the table we are going to appeal to
the World Trade Organization because of
America's domestic tax and regulation
cuts say they're not going to cut their
taxes they're not going to cut their
regulations they're strangling their
economy and they're strangling the
sovereignty of the individual countries
that they have taken over and they were
going to fight us on that and so this is
not the beginning of the trade war that
if you want to say the trade war started
well the trade war started with the tax
cuts that Wall Street loved so much but
Wall Street doesn't love economic
nationalism Main Street does however
especially Main Street and the states
that Trump needs to win
they absolutely do love it so we're
gonna talk a little bit about that and
people's reactions to it and what it
really means I just want to finish up
with what I ran out of time to say as we
went to break you know when we look at
what the big picture is here with Rex
Tillerson they spent with a state
department a half million dollars to go
into Kenya and to miss identify the
problem to tell the people there that
all the terrorism is because of toxic
masculinity and you need to feminize
these boys like we're trying to feminize
the Boy Scouts under X Tillerson to say
that we're going to have a homosexual
scouts gonna have homosexual leaders and
then we're gonna have transgender scouts
that's been his agenda that's been the
agenda of the establishment Rex
Tillerson is a globalist and so they
misidentified the problem spend a half
million dollars to do that and if they
can move people away from seeing that
the real problem is Islam then they'll
be able to sell them a half a billion
dollars worth of arms from the military
industrial complex see how they can turn
LGBTQ into em I see the
military-industrial complex it's just
that simple it's just that simple it is
the way to confuse and to destroy and to
divide people but let's talk about
somebody else in the in the White House
staff here White House chief of staff
Kelly versus I think one of the best
appointments that President Trump has
made Scott Pruett at the EPA now one of
the idea is it's got Pruett had was to
have a debate he wanted to he's at the
EPA they said let's have a public
debates that would challenge climate
change scientists science rather and
Michael Kelley now has shut that down he
said no no no no that's a bad idea
that's about it no it's a great idea
because they can't win that debate we
started the program in the last hour
with 10 masked individuals probably
identifying with antiphon attacking Tony
Robinson in the UK 10 against one they
had masks on they hit him from behind
they circled in so they could hit him
from every different angle but he fought
him off anyway
and that really is a metaphor for what
would happen if we had a climate change
debate let me tell you something they've
got all the quote/unquote Talking Heads
and pundits and people with scientific
authority to argue with people there's a
clip of what happened with Tony Robinson
they've got all these people they load
up the debate on CNN and elsewhere but
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