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« on: March 12, 2018, 09:37:01 AM »

but I told you before we went to the
break that I would tell you how mother's
day gender-neutral cards that are now
being proposed by some store in the UK I
don't know if this is a drug store or a
grocery store
it's Waitrose Waitrose something goes
wait pronounce that but it's in the UK
and they're now putting out
gender-neutral Mother's Day cards it's
gonna require a completely new language
if we go down this mentally ill path and
of course they've already got a
completely new language for us I'll tell
you about that in just a moment but I
told you before we went to the break
that I would tell you how these
gender-neutral Mother's Day cards relate
to T Rex Rex Tillerson in Africa
why is he in Africa well I'm gonna get
to that in just a moment but first let's
talk about the beginning of Mother's Day
cards gender neutral they say they're
going to broaden out no pun intended
they're kind of broaden out the mothers
who the cards can't go to and so they
have happy you Day cards in the Mother's
Day section the word mother does not
appear now you might think that that's
silly but it's really not funny folks we
have schools that have been working for
quite a long time seriously working on
getting rid of the terms mother and
father they said there were hateful
terms you can't have the terms mother
and father you have to understand how
what a fundamental level these people
want to destroy our society they don't
want to just get rid of the Christopher
Columbus statues no no no no they don't
want to just get rid of Western
civilization they don't want to just
purge Christianity they want to impose
upon us a kind of gender and sanity if
you will kind of birth control I mean we
have this is a brave new world that
they're trying to operate here so we've
got sperm counts that are crashing
because of toxins and the water and the
food and so forth but it's also this
kind of insanity where they are trying
to stop all kinds of natural procreation
it's an attack on the family it's an
attack on everything that the basis of
our culture
the basis of our society is not
government about that what is the basis
of our society is it the individual I
don't libertarian but it's not the basis
of our society is not an individual the
basis of our society is the family the
family that is why they have to make
Mother's Day cards no longer mother Day
cards or Father's Day cards but they're
not just coming out to the Father's Day
cards because they are perhaps to
toxically masculine now they're coming
after mothers Mother's and they have
cards like two moms are better than one
or dad thanks for being the most amazing
mum these are some of the cards that
these people are putting at the store
and the UK but let's take a look at not
some of the other things that these
trans activists are doing I mean we've
seen this many times remember Justin
Trudeau when he told that young
questioner don't say mankind and then
after everybody called him on the
insanity he said I was just joking what
was Justin Trudeau joking when he was
very happy the fact that back in
February that the Canadian national
anthem had had it's lyrics changed so
that they would be gender-neutral
instead of in all thy sons command and
all of us command and he tweeted out at
the time this bill to make o Canada
gender-neutral past third reading in the
Senate tonight another positive step
towards gender equality and all of us
command he does hashtag and then you can
take a look at how this insanity plays
out in college campuses because that's
where most of this stuff is being taught
you send your kids away for what you
think is going to be in the central part
of their career it's going to give them
an advance in terms of earning a wage
well to some degree in some to some
degree with some degrees and other
degrees you don't get any advantage but
what they do is they load them up with
debt and they cover them with this kind
of insanity look at what campus reform
has uncovered at Kennesaw State
University the LGBT Resource Center
has produced a new pamphlet that has
seven different gender-neutral pronouns
things like knee vaz I don't even know
how to pronounce the the difference of
pronouncing ze and XE I don't even know
and I'll give you an example of what
some of their sample sentences sound
like it sounds like he got a speech
impediment referred to a student who
identifies as knee one could say need
laughed that ismir's what is this
Clockwork Orange yeah it is very well
little brother yeah they got a whole new
language that they're creating and you
better understand what they're doing
they and their drugs this is what
they're trying to impose upon us it is a
kind of insanity that they're putting on
us I remember we had a corporal Klinger
in mash all those years trying to get a
section-8 so you could get out dressing
as a woman so they would say he was
crazy that's what section 8 is they knew
that he didn't really mean it
but these people really mean it and now
we got a pentagon that is bringing in
transgender troops because and then
they're going to burden that institution
with that insanity as well as burden the
taxpayer with their operations that they
want to do there is corporal Klinger I
see sometimes the stuff starts out as
silly and sometimes they put it out
there as funny but you better understand
they're deadly serious about this stuff
we can laugh at it but they're deadly
serious about it now let's go on to the
reactions because this is I want to get
down through the North Korea stuff to
get to the link between the transgender
and sanity that we're seeing here with
Mother's Day and the transgender
insanity that we're seeing with the
State Department in Africa and Rex
Tillerson is right at the center of that
so let's start here with reactions to
the peace talks with North Korea as I
pointed out on Friday at the beginning
there was a lot of praise erin burnett
said wow after she talked to a panel of
six or eight people she said if this
really happens
and if President Trump pulls us he'll go
down as a great president no question
about that he can't question that and
she was being honest and that was what
happened at the beginning and then then
everything changed and he from people on
MSNBC and of course Chris Matthews when
he was looking at president Trump's
moves to protect the steel and aluminum
industries but especially the steel
industries Chris Matthews who's from
Pennsylvania said this is going to be a
big win for president Trump he said this
is a cultural touch point because people
understand that their society is being
destroyed just as they understood that
Obama and Hillary Clinton wanted to
destroy the economies and the
manufacturing base so the coal industry
in West Virginia and other places like
that the steel industry and the
manufacturing industry and it is much
broader than just steel we have seen the
establishment Republicans and Democrats
under the mantle of open trade
eviscerate our economy you want to talk
about a trade war the Chinese and the
globalist shills I guess we could call
them quislings here in America have been
bombing our economy our factory our
manufacturing base they've been bombing
it for 50 years
it's a 50-year war against us and it's
about time we wake up and understand
that we're not going to let this
continue happening top scientists and
researchers agree we are being hit by
toxic weapons in the food and water
supplies that are making us fat
and stupid so what do we do about it
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