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I just played at the top of the hour a
video of Tommy Robinson being attacked
by an anti-fog gang of 10 guys wearing
masks of course they're ashamed of what
they do and they should be ashamed
bunch of cowards 10 people attacking one
individual but he fought them off very
compelling video it's about 20 minutes
long I played a clip of it at the top of
the hour when we didn't have our radio
stations joining us if you want to see
that you can see that in info wars.com
Tommy Robinson attacked by Anti Fog gang
and it's important to understand what
the tactics of the left are and you can
see it and that in that clip very easily
and of course afterwards he walked over
to a large group of police officers not
far away who were just standing there
doing nothing and he said hey what
didn't guys help me oh nothing to worry
about fella you know and almost and he
says your mates your friends ran away
when they saw this kind of like what we
have seen with the cowards of Broward
County the sheriff's officers who would
not go in that wasn't the case of the
police department that was a case with a
Sheriff's Department
see just because you wear a uniform
doesn't mean that your hero doesn't mean
that you will protect other people
doesn't mean that you'll put your life
on the line that certainly the police
department did not the County Sheriff's
Office and so you have different rules
from different people and the very fact
that somebody is wearing a uniform
doesn't make them a hero you don't have
to have a uniform to be a hero we saw
that in the Sutherland Springs Church
shooting the guy who was the hero there
a had the gun that the left hates so
badly the ar-15 which they want to ban
that is that's got to be purged from the
earth they're gonna wish that away into
the cornfield never again never again
they say never again is the most naive
thing I have ever heard anybody say you
can't say that about anything certainly
can't say that about conflicts we heard
that after World War one maybe these
high school students didn't get that in
history you know that war to end all
well it didn't actually do that did it
you're never going to find a situation
where we're going to chain
the nature of man that's Mason basically
what they need to understand it's in the
nature of man so the best we can do is
make sure that good people that have
been vetted that are trained are able to
protect other people but that's not what
they're doing in Florida we're gonna get
into gun control and how Florida has
responded the Republican governor acting
like you would expect Hillary Clinton to
act spending four hundred million
creating a new gun control bill so here
we have big spending anti Second
Amendment Republican RINO see did I miss
anything when it's a big spending anti
second amendment anti self-protection
Republican quote-unquote Republican in
name only rick scott and immediately the
NR a has filed suit so tell you about
that i don't give you an example of why
rick scott is wrong in siding with the
democrats in this i will talk about that
in a moment we're also gonna talk about
trump anomic so we're gonna talk about
the victory lap that he was taking in
pennsylvania is he's taking the stump
trying to help pay a republican in a
congressional race that's coming up
there in pennsylvania this is a very
wise move politically but it's the right
thing to do it's what President Trump
campaigned on and I think we're gonna
look back at this and we're gonna talk
about instead of Reaganomics we're gonna
talk about Trump Atomics and I think
Trump anomic looks better than
Reaganomics because it's not only a
large tax cut but it's also large cuts
in regulation as well as economic
nationalism which was never a part of
the Reagan recovery so we're looking at
something here that is far bigger than
anything Ronald Reagan ever did now he's
making the same mistake on economics
that Ronald Reagan did in terms of not
cutting spending because the deficit is
still continuing to go up
but it will be mitigated somewhat by
economic growth so I think we're gonna
be talking about Trump anomic s-- and
instead of being instead of talking
about the the Reagan Democrats we're
gonna be talking about the Trump
Democrats when we get to the next
elections I think that is a big win so
we're gonna talk about trade we're gonna
talk about North Korea with President
Trump and in the third hour
I'm sorry second hour it's the last time
of the show I was thinking of the three
hour shows typically
do typically you can find me in a three
hour show every morning 8:00 to 11:00
here at Infowars but today we have a two
hour show and in the second hour we're
gonna be talking to Christian saucier he
is the sailor who many of us were so
upset about the fact that he was sent to
jail for doing something that really
wasn't a serious crime as his defense
attorney pointed out this should have
been taken care of with probation it
should have been taken care of by the
military that could have been some
discipline for what he did what he did
was he took some pictures of where he
had served it was the lowest possible
level of classification confidential and
they basically hung him out to dry this
was a very vindictive move by the Obama
administration especially when you look
at the FBI involvement and the
involvement of the FBI director saying
that even though Hillary Clinton had
violated national security blatantly and
continually at the highest level I mean
this is you got three basic levels of
classification confidential secret and
top secret it doesn't take much of
to have something classified as
confidential as a matter of fact our
government wants to classify everything
as secret remember the memo that came
from the Republicans remember when they
Declassified that there was all this
back and forth and the FBI was saying
and other people in the Justice
Department and the Democrats you can't
you can't show that to anybody president
Trump that's classified he says it
doesn't give away anything important it
doesn't give away any methods it doesn't
expose any personnel there's no reason
for this to even be classified they had
a classified top secret and yet this
poor sailor was raked over the coals he
basically had been sent to prison for a
year they had him still under house
arrest and on patrol parole and being a
convicted felon was destroying his life
he couldn't get a job and President
Trump took that away so we're going to
talk to him this is something that Trump
tweeted about yesterday Saturday that he
finally took this way he had already
served a year in time the
is just taking away the stigma that was
going to follow him throughout life and
it's a great thing that President Trump
did that all right let's take a look at
some of the news here we have besides
gun control in Florida they want to
exercise a little bit more control over
the sunshine in the Sunshine State
they're now saying that they would like
to adopt year-round daylight savings
time I think that would be a good idea I
mean I really don't like the fact that
they mess with the clock twice a year
you like the fact that you lost an hour
last night I don't I don't like that at
all I think it's a very bad idea
I think they should call it sunshine
state savings time they could go on and
say the heck with the feds nullify their
daylight savings time I'd say well I'm
all for nullification I'm not with Jeff
Sessions Jeff Sessions out there saying
huh there's no such thing as
nullification and secession we settled
that question a long time ago I just go
to Gettysburg and look at this stuff and
said well you can also go to a Bunker
Hill in Yorktown because I'm sure that
the British government said that you
can't leave the you can't leave the king
at that time as well as always gonna be
the case but there is a peaceful method
in our Constitution is called
nullification and people have already
peacefully nullified a part of the
unconstitutional war on drugs that Jeff
sessions like so much we have over 30
states over 60% of the states have
declared medical marijuana or just
outright legalized it that is
nullification folks marijuana is
prohibited under the un's and it is the
un's drug schedule the UN created that
drug schedule by the way conservatives
did you know that when you fight for the
war on drugs you're fighting for a UN
agenda think about that they created the
four schedules they put all the drugs in
the four schedules they did it ten years
before Nixon implemented the UN Agenda
verbatim for you how's that how's that
and we've been suffering under that now
for a half a decade and it hasn't helped
any addiction has it but it has given us
a lot of corruption it has created a
prison population that is greater in
absolute numbers let alone the
percentage of the population but greater
in absolute numbers than any other
country even communist dictatorships
here in America and it has corrupted our
law enforcement is corrupted our our
Constitution our legal system but it
hasn't done anything to our addiction
rate hasn't done anything to that
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