Author Topic: VIDEO: Tommy Robinson Attacked By Antifa Gang  (Read 33 times)

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VIDEO: Tommy Robinson Attacked By Antifa Gang
« on: March 12, 2018, 09:31:35 AM »

welcome on this Sunday edition of the
Alex show show I'm David Knight your
host for today it's kind of interesting
a story that we have on Infowars it's
not something that we this that were not
accustomed to the fact that you have
people attacking free speech we see them
doing this in every way possible we had
Jake Lloyd go out and do a report they
grabbed the microphone out of his hand
they've done that to us at Planned
Parenthood protests where we're talking
about the genocide of Planned Parenthood
this is the left tactic as we were
they're holding up signs of little
babies and saying black lives do matter
and this has been planned as a genocide
from the very beginning they showed up
to put black signs in front of our signs
they had nothing to say they just didn't
want us to say anything of course you
see it all the time on social media I
just had somebody trolled me on
something and they didn't like what I
had to say so they said somebody needs
to take away David Knight's Twitter
account they need to take the keyboard
out of his hand i retweeted it and I
said well you know this is a typical
response from the left they don't want
to debate you they want to censor you
but of course it's gonna get more
violent and what we're seeing in the UK
is Tommy Robinson just walking down the
street being singled out by ten
individuals with balaclavas on their
head covering up their face so nobody
can see them attacking him and we have
the equip
at Infowars I come I want to play you a
little bit of this clip just give you an
idea what's going on it's about a
20-minute clip so we're not gonna play
it and there's a lot of visual stuff
here so it's not appropriate for the
radio but let's play a little bit of
that clip so you get a taste of what
that is this is the way the left reacts
to people the way they bully and target
I guess one could even say bully and
harass people
oh we're shoot tube to protect Tommy
Robinson they're not going to be there
he's a little bit of that clip come on
right these guys with masks on attacking
a woman who is filming them 10 of them
coming after Tommy Robinson take the
camera away from her
coming at him from the back attacking
him knocking him down from the back
chumpy on him but he gets up starts
fighting him and he basically fights
them off spoiler alert here but he
basically fights them off and then talks
about it to other people and the amazing
thing about this clip to me he's talking
to the police now do it the cowards yeah
you walk down the place you said your
friends ran away some people there how
did I do
yeah you had to fight off ten people who
are teaming up attacking him from every
angle because the police would not do
anything as you pointed out to the
police you said your friends your mates
ran away
all right and that's so you can see the
rest of that report at Infowars
it's pretty amazing to me but this is
the tactic to the left and this is the
tactic of the police who basically will
not do anything absolutely amazing they
see a fight like that they don't want to
get the middle of it they just run away
we can expect that and as we are going
to talk in the show we've now had the
florida governor sign a massive gun
control bill it's a four hundred million
dollar gun control bill there you go big
spending Republican anti self-protection
Republican four hundred million dollar
gun control bill from the Republican
governor there Rick Scott because you
know you can't protect anybody unless
you've got a uniform right we saw a lot
of that didn't we at the Stoneman
Douglas school that began all of this
gun control movement in Florida in
ancient times man roamed the earth in a
constant state of hunting or peein
hunted introducing cavemen where
cutting-edge science meets ancient super
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