Author Topic: 10 ANTIFA Attack Reporter, Get Their Asses Kicked  (Read 34 times)

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10 ANTIFA Attack Reporter, Get Their Asses Kicked
« on: March 12, 2018, 09:30:15 AM »

if you want to know what the future is
going to look like in every corner of
every town in every city from the rural
to the most urbanely dense areas wanna
know what that future's going to look
like it's critical that you see two
videos posted right now at infowars.com
shot in the last week by the very brave
citizen journalist activist Tommy
Robinson and his camera person it is
incredible he goes to the famous no-go
zones in Rome where the North African
migrants the invader is shipped in by
George Soros on sell yak boats from
North Africa famously beat up female
Italian journalists and others that
simply dare go there and try to cover it
several of these men began trying to
assault Robinson and he knocks one of
them out
then the police respond well then a few
days later he was back this last week in
London and they were simply having
something to eat at the local hamburger
place McDonald's
there's footage of this on infowars.com
and an taifa individuals communist
recognizing and call at least nine other
people and there's the incredible
footage the unbelievable footage that
burned into my brain this on info
wars.com right now both put small clips
but also the raw 12 minute clip of ten
SOI boyd men who are bigger in stature
than Tommy Robinson he's got a heart ten
times bigger than all of their hearts
put together follow him as the parking
lot corner him and then he fights and
knocks down at least four of the ten
while others take his legs out from
under him and gang up on the image of
ten cowardly individuals among teenagers
about eighteen and twenty five pushed by
their government pushed by Sadiq Khan
the Islamic Mayor of London pushed by
this whole culture that anyone that
opposes the total does the West and
being overrun by communism and radical
it's their duty to track him down at a
restaurant wait outside the parking lot
and then physically attacking now you
see the image of these cowards ganging
up ten to one and you see them viciously
attacking and trying to take the camera
away before they commit their crimes and
you understand that yes it's a joke
Homer surface but it's authorized and
pushed by Soros in the left in every
Western nation this is happening Italy
this happening in Germany this is
happening in Austria
this is happening Sweden police chiefs
to talk about the biggest wanted rape
gangs they get fired an tyfa are now the
muscle with radical islamists of the
Green Party and the Muslim mayors that
are taking over all over Europe turkey
admits that they have hundreds and
hundreds of towns down to their control
and they can quote burn down Europe burn
down Europe any time they want this is a
fifth column this is an enemy within
I see articles all over the US news from
Portland in San Francisco you name it
we're police aren't even allowed to go
into coffee shops because the locals say
they're evil and they're bad this is an
outside global force trying to set up
enclaves inside our countries that can
bring it down take the thousands and
thousands and thousands of ms-13 people
that have been warned around the country
of ice raids not just Oakland you've got
the footage and the ice reports this
woman was illegal was part of operations
smuggling people into San Diego and then
she resists them when they have their
paperwork when they have their
deportation warrant she resists them and
tries to fight them in the media saying
she's a hero because these mayors and
governors on Jerry Brown have been
saying resist this is sedition this is
globalism using third world populations
and try to break up sovereign countries
that's the Soros that's the UN plan
that's the Peter Sutherland operation it
was the UN running the refugee program
into the u.s. until Trump killed it last
year they were the ones that decided to
come in but again getting back to Tommy
Robinson is coming on the show live
tomorrow to give us exclusive breakdown
on what's been happening
you have the Daily Mail and others
reporting that Oh
Tommy took on ten to one but you know
it's not clear who started it you can
see the footage they're cornering him in
the parking lot ten men like out of you
know the road warrior or something we're
trying to physically attack him and he
defends himself valiantly and the media
just spins it to oh there was a fight in
a McDonald's parking lot not ten masked
men attacked one man and attacked the
cameraperson think about that they try
to knock out the cameras there's no
footage they can carry out their crime
but it ended up being caught regardless
i man imagine having to fight ten people
at once while you're still filming that
basically is what you'll see on the
footage this is amazing and we just put
up with this ro no enjoyer
a month ago try to go down to a
demonstration for the lady that got shot
by the illegal alien in the back and
then the San Francisco justice signaling
virtue signaling jury just let him go
not even manslaughter you know he made
it he shot her in the back we tried to
go cover a vigil for her energy foe with
semi-automatic rifles wouldn't let Owen
in and said are we scaring it good we
want to scare you which is the
definition of criminal racketeering
ladies and gentlemen so I challenge
everybody to go to UM course comm to go
to news Wars comm and to see the raw
footage for yourself but also to take
this video where we splice in some of
these clips and cuts and articles and
get it out to everybody you know so you
understand worldwide how the big
corporations plan to take down
nation-states is opening borders taking
control of cities and states weaponizing
the immigrant populations turning them
into communists turning them into class
warfare individuals with huge chips on
their shoulders who can then be directed
and control the local Democratic Party
lawyers and others that basically use
them as a permanent underclass
I've even got helping the post articles
where they say it's good that anti
gentrification groups are getting
violent and are organizing into an tyfa
and are attacking people that buy stores
and buy businesses and buy houses and
fix them up from again Portland Oregon
to London England
Austin Tech
for communist attack a cat sanctuary
that was put in an empty parking lot but
some people put some trailers on the
blue cat cafe and the Communists come
and attack it and bust out the windows
and and and the Austin
american-statesman says it's good and it
packs the cat cafe saying they're
gentrifying so the elite newspapers the
elite television stations the elite
mayor's the elite governors they are
telling communists and anti-free and
black lives matter and all these scummy
groups to go out and attack everybody
they put super glue in the locks they
busted the windows out they go out and
protest it scores of time screaming and
yelling and saying f you white people
and the ones leading it are white people
that's the crazy thing about the article
in The Huffington Post saying ant
identification groups are getting
violent and it's a good thing is it's
weird white women leaving minorities and
to go out and be violent and the media
is saying it's good I mean this is
aggressive folks this is criminal and
it's getting the jump on us because no
one can believe it's happening with
governors and mayor's saying fight ice
resist them these people have such chips
on their shoulders that they're
smuggling humans in the illegals all the
time every month or so you're about
trailer for 15 20 30 50 people get in it
including children because the Coyotes
don't get the money they want the
smugglers so they just let them die but
there's no movies or TV shows about that
if it's a bunch of smugglers with chips
on their shoulders working with corrupt
local governments in the globalist and
the UN strong cities initiative of
UNESCO coming in weaponizing these
groups and saying go under our control
Police Department's or will SiC cop
killers on you that's what it is
this is their operation this is their
gangster mafia bullying crap all right
get this report out to everybody you
know tomorrow on the Monday show Tommy
Robinson is gonna be almost exclusively
to break this down but one man standing
against Tim thugs and kicking their butt
and the police sit there and watch and
do nothing that was a whole nother level
to this because the radical Muslims and
the Communists have taken over London
it's happening in every blue state area
of the world is not as a red state blue
state situation in America this is
happening worldwide nationalist constitu
journalist Christians people that just
want to live in peace and common sense
folks call us the red and then the blue
ladies and gentlemen notice how the left
made it red state blue state when
they're really the Reds they flip
everything fine we'll take that
designation we're the new reg but for
red blooded humans of every race color
and Creed that want to come together and
defeat the counterfeit Reds who are the
globalists who are the Vivi blue blood
controlled mindless street rabble are
you going to let people bully you
that's the question are you going to let
this political correctness now
weaponized absolutely make you submit
and turn your children your culture your
religion your life your economy over to
them are you gonna stand up it's up to
you ladies and gentlemen because we have
seen the future and it's nightmarish if
we let these people control it it's time
to stand up to the anthem come it's time
to stand up to their funders and their
finances and their controllers and the
newspapers and TV stations that endorse
the violence it's time to get aggressive
by any means legal and lawfully
necessary I'm Alex Jones and this is the
info war
Tommy Robinson is a best-selling author
publisher patriot and he also works with
rebel media we appreciate him joining us
Muhammad's Quran calm as a Tommy
Robinson on Twitter so Tommy Robinson
joins us right now from me what's left
of the United Kingdom from London Stan
so Tommy the only questions why are you
standing in the way of cultural
enrichment and now we now know these new
refugees that carried out the bombing
last week had been brought in by the
government the last two years when we're
house they were children what
one years of age so what do we do what
do we do to stand against this is it is
knowing that that is the question we
have no idea how it generates growing up
we think that this is how like this
we think the like permission is easier
there's no wall and then Britain and
things that happen around the world
won't happen in Britain they can happen
right now if I scared people pull that
curtain back or twelve people escape to
open their mouth and that's what caused
it but most people are in on something
the hill mortgaged up to the hill in a
position where if you talk of work you
lose the dock and then you can't provide
for your family which I'd say purposely
p-funk been done as well they've got
Popular's they can be controlled through
fear and intimidation tied at the top as
soon as you express your free speech
they come banging down on your feet you
down this is time and time again you see
people and in every industry in the UK
are losing their jobs being pain like
I've been to be being taken in or simply
telling the truth bad luck in our
countries you know no grip we have four
million Muslims our leaders will talk
about the dream a lot I think they would
be but once we affected it's in our
country but kids and it's so powerful in
our company and it's so dangerous in our
and that's what we've seen folk the West
is in the process of committing suicide
I see this is the problem this is where
it gets so there is no peaceful solution
to there is no way extorting this
problem and without answer paper now
there's no bike so it can't be sort very
soft point now z-bo people the
government's upset then so I feel
without no I think you would have liked
the paint gets in or and builders gets
in or sweet when one political party
gets in there's tries to enforce the law
but not the laws already been I
just'cause Lord money of that community
will see mask on mask on and that'll
spread across the whole
America if you're watching this please
learn from our mistakes please learn you
have to look us you have to buy one
thing we someone come to my country 20
years ago and I wish they told me I was
wished our God look what all our people
will want these is what's gonna well
you're a modern you're a modern Paul
Revere Thank You Tommy we are extending
because support is critical right now
I've got a countersuit at least five of
these groups I've got a lot of lawyers
that are top lawyers one do it pro bono
I gotta pay for plane tickets I gotta
pay for people to take the transcripts I
gotta pay for the pies
I've got to pay for all of it to very
aggressively go after some of these
groups and people know we have
open-and-shut cases but it's take a year
to even begin to win these but this is a
lip pokes you know you can file a
frivolous lawsuit on me I'm countersuing
you I'm coming after everybody minutes
to four years you have my word listeners
my word we've just been letting these
build up at the very best forints we
have them now with a flat back
provisions every week have them which my
lawyers say shows how crazy the
Democrats are cuz they admit the parties
funding this and they don't even care if
they lose this has helped maniac crazy
these folks are it doesn't matter though
I'm gonna personally get these things
thrown out and I'm gonna sue these
individuals the puppets cuz that's it
we've got it sent a message to right
afterwards so it's on ladies and
gentlemen but we need the funding flood
us with the donations to buy the
products you name it we make it easy we
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shopping cart is so big the online
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lot of these are really some my favorite
shirts that are
the low-cost once I want to take sir to
80% off we're talking I'm losing two or
three bucks on those so a great way to
spread the word free speech every little
bit you do stands against these people
but we have the best deals ever we have
a support button an enforced wear icon
click on that you can make donations or
thank all these are the made donations I
want to thank you all for standing up
your own family not just me but I have
been mobbed at the airport flying out of
here and the airport in Denver and then
now at the little lodge we're staying at
mob but almost everybody we talked to
listen to a couple times a month or a
couple times a week they weren't even
aware of the censorship once they heard
it they were shocked and amazed so
that's the issue as most of our
listeners are already awake already know
what's going in they tune in sometimes
but they just think we're a rock it's
always gonna be there all of our
freedoms are being eroded by these
tyrants and now the time to get really
aggressive and really upset and really
angry and focused and we can completely
turn the tide but they're trying to
break Trump they're trying to break
Infowars they're trying to destroy Raj
final thrush is the only organization
that stood up for us along with the
listeners the first week and a half of
this attack is that president attack
that's on everybody by the way that
we've got just us they're using us the
poster child but now bright marks doing
the right thing and saying it's just
criminal racketeering they've talked to
their lawyers but CNN's involved in I
mean this is it folks this is
racketeering imagine the magnitude of
what they're doing so it's now time to
get aggressive or we'll lose everything

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