Author Topic: CNN Reports On Controversial Satanism Inside Clinton Campaign  (Read 37 times)

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so Hillary Clinton and the bizarre
satanic rituals that members of her
campaign openly engage in is back in the
remember in early November 2016 just
days before the election WikiLeaks
released a data dump of thousands of
emails between John Podesta his brother
also a big lobbyist
and members of the campaign high-level
in New York City and they talked about
friends who were in car wrecks and they
said we've got to do an Aleister Crowley
ritual to get her better
they talked about we're gonna have the
spirit cooking tonight you know bro
voinovich is gonna be there you know the
blood the semen the breast milk all of
this and so now CNN is reporting on it
but trying to rewrite history and saying
that it's been debunked and then they
list a Washington Post article that says
Ober Ivanovich just does this is art the
woman brags that she doesn't age she's
70 something years all the slice is 50
and there's videos of her online doing
Aleister Crowley rituals and she told
her read it for him years before this
happened that when she does it in public
it's art but when she does it privately
it's a ritual so they're hoping you just
don't go look at what she said then
you've got Podesta's brother with all of
his deviantART a 2007 Washington Post
with images of little kids tied up being
paddled and saying I have dangerous art
i watch in my basement theater and then
you've got all the other weirdness the
media then distracted off of that on the
comet ping-pong pizza and then made all
the New York news about that so that
they could change the subject over that
that wasn't going on - then distract
from what was going on in the WikiLeaks
now Cuomo on CNN says you can't read
what he'll a she'll go to jail that's
not true he says only he can read them
and he'll tell you what he wants you to
know you can go look up for yourselves
spirit cookie hash tag spirit cooking
tens of millions people read about it
the day that we wrote about it drugs
linked to our story
it's goats heads bloody goats head it's
blood it's people in vats of blood
people come by and scoop it up and eat
it there's hundreds of these damn videos
online and it's it's them worshipping
they love Aleister Crowley it's in the
emails and it's him coming to dinner
discussing what they're gonna do and
what's gonna be on the menu for the
rituals that you do it's called spirit
cooking that's when you drink the blood
do all this stuff that's the term
created by Aleister Crowley
she'd been in all these art magazines
pushing and mainlining Satanism to
everybody in the years before 2016
saying you know that's why she lives so
long and why she's so beautiful like a
vampire when it blow up in her face they
then tried to back out of it and who
they're trying to go after is John Gibbs
who's a black man senior advisor
community planning's like the number two
guy in community planning under the
whole Department of Housing and he's
actually trying to get housing for
african-americans and others and he's
been very successful since he got in
mid-level down he's very high-level he
retweeted that big story from back in
November 1st 2016 and they're saying
he's bad and should be removed because
he simply retweeted news articles about
it but you had the Washington Post The
New York Times all of them write
articles trying to cover it up trying to
say it's really no big deal but that
didn't work so I think they've
bringing this back into the news and CNN
you're basically reporting on the
controversy of Satanism inside the
Clinton campaign and listen I used to
learned this from people that openly
work for her high-level like Larry
Nichols I've interview and Larry Nichols
for 22 years since 1996 he was the head
of their operations for a while and he
told me he said Alex Alex they go and do
witchcraft and drink blood and they go
out to California and do all this stuff
I didn't believe it until years later it
was in magazines from LA but how cool it
was so see they say it's cool and
they're doing it but then they say it's
not happening when we report on it and
you've got him grabbing the kids out of
Haiti and her top people getting
arrested and convicted for child
trafficking and they changed their names
and now they're back doing it again and
just all the evil crap they do and
funding Isis to take over the Middle
East and put hundreds of thousands of
women and children is slavery and just
the slave trades but going on in Libya
again you know she came she saw he died
and just everything she does is evil
everything that comes behind it's evil
and but nobody's talking about all her
girlfriends in the media or Bill
Clinton's girlfriends or all the rape
cases he settled
it's all about a consensual relationship
that might have happened a decade ago
with stormy Daniels oh my god and now
she's doing strip club performances for
CNN trying to destroy Trump this is
unbelievable so Trump never acted like a
hypocrite he never said he was a goodie
two-shoe but he's marched for pro-life
no the president's done that
he's been pro America he's supporting
religious freedom that's why people love
it people say why do these Evangelic
aport him when he's not perfect
because they know he's not a hypocrite
II never said he was perfect but he
supports their rights and he loves God
King David had people killed so he could
have their wives but he repented later
Trump's not doing that he hadn't killed
anybody yet for so again a man a woman's
evil I'm not saying it's perfect kill
your wife it's bad a man and a woman
together is a bad thing but spirit
cooking and Aleister Crowley crap that
is okay go read the CNN article for
yourself go read the Washington Post and
then go read our articles about it and
read what Roe Voinovich says and read
her own read it ask me anything and and
go research it all and read the damn
emails you know farmhouses where goes
we'll have young children in the hot tub
for your for your entertainment sir
you know that you know they are kids you
know but you know though they should
still be good and just all this stuff
that's what they're scared of and that's
why Podesta's on his Twitter is talking
crap about me saying I should eat you
know what all the rest eat shit hey
buddy I'm not into eating shit like this
okay God's given us all the gear to
crush you you don't know what power is
you don't know because you are pure evil
you have you don't have the balance and
then you don't have God in the middle of
that controlling it you're a fool and
you will fail and you're failing now you
little you little fainted a vampire
looking piece of crap you are failing
and falling now alright that's it for
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