Author Topic: Scientists Warn Of "Disease X" Could Wipe Out Humanity!  (Read 35 times)

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Scientists Warn Of "Disease X" Could Wipe Out Humanity!
« on: March 11, 2018, 08:44:44 AM »

top science has just met in Geneva
Switzerland with the United Nations and
said that they are worried about disease
X and say the conditions are the most
ripe in human history for a superbug
either viral or bacterial to be released
that could wipe out all of humanity now
the reason this is so important is they
mentioned humans and animals living in
closer proximity they mentioned the
seven-and-a-half billion people on the
earth and things like that and
drug-resistant bacteria and viruses they
don't mention when you actually go to
the real report they do talk about it
human animal genetic engineering
zoological splicing that allows diseases
that have never been able to hurt humans
to jump across the species they also
don't get into race specific bio weapons
which were first developed by Russia the
United States and the UK South Africa is
also on record developing race specific
bioweapons that target certain genomes
in the human population we are one human
race we can all intermarry interbreed
and have children but there are
differences in the different obvious
families of humans that are on this
planet and right specific bio weapons
have been developed in the last 50 years
and from leaked reports they've been
perfected just splicing human genetics
with a Mouse pox variant kills about 98%
of those that come in contact with and
so that's what they were talking about
at this meeting that they just had and
that's 30 year old technology that just
about six years ago the Australian group
of scientists were so concerned about
they leaked the fact that Mouse pox
again kills well over 90% of people that
come in contact with it when you splice
it with a human smallpox and that's old
again old technology ladies and
gentlemen so the media and scientists
are saying oh there's a threat because
of human pollution oh there's a threat
because of
you know things were doing the
environment all of that's important but
it's a scapegoat and a diversion from
the fact that even Dick Cheney wrote
about in the year 2000 and rebuilding
America's defenses he wrote about in the
for peanut legitimizing the use of race
pacific bio weapons and you have to know
the United States and other countries
have had it for at least 50 years and
that stuff it'll kill over 90 percent of
you imagine what they've got today that
imagine what nations like Pakistan have
who made their own nuclear weapons
imagine what China has China is way
ahead of us in open-air genetic testing
we're way ahead of them in secret
testing but they admit human-animal
hybrids twenty years ago they admit for
over two decades for babies mil they
have whole herds of part human part cow
creatures that produce a human type milk
for babies they grow up human organs and
what they call harvesting packages
humanoids inside kal uteruses because
they're bigger with the sometimes
multiple livers per package this is all
very very old technology i'm telling you
about open source information here so
when you hear about disease you know
acts that could wipe out humanity this
is very very serious and the closing
point is the biggest threat is
governments corporations rogue groups
you name it creating a twelfth monkey
scenario and then when you study the
globalist being obsessed with
depopulation and reducing population and
saying the earth will be better once
they've gotten rid of ninety percent of
the public you can see how they're
preparing and they've said they're
planning in the future to release these
bio weapons call the population down to
manageable numbers but they say they'll
only release these weapons once they
have the treatment or the cure for
themselves to mitigate it but here's the
big secret their argument to release the
bio weapon up front and go ahead and
wipe out ninety percent of people is
that the earth's overpopulated and
humans are hurting the planet and the
global is selfishly obviously wanted for
themselves and all the technology that's
been developed there breakaway
civilization but an argument you could
say what's right is if they wait till
third world countries develop this and
other dictators develop this and other
people that who will end up releasing it
or rogue terror groups or other
environmental groups that break in and
get the technology for themselves a lot
of folks are studying
to beat these superbugs but in studying
them you produce them you see and so you
see that 12th monkey scenario from
fiction coming true this is what the
elite are obsessed with and they're
thinking about releasing it up front to
preemptively detonate and wipe out most
of the populations because they believe
we allowed to keep growing like this and
don't bring in a world government to
suppress everybody and to suppress
technology that the Atlantean moment
will occur we will destroy ourselves but
then the very same globalist are
accelerating open-air genetic
engineering and doing all this really
radical reckless stuff while claiming
they're trying to not be reckless I'm
just trying to have a public debate
about this they don't want us to debate
it that's why they hate me it's why they
demonize me that's why they attacked me
but you will get tomorrow's news today
at Infowars and I want a future for your
children for my children for all of us I
don't want us to destroy ourselves and
we really have reached that point now we
need to have a serious debate about this
and not about stormy Daniels or not
about what Oprah Winfrey is up to or
what Harvey Weinstein's doing I mean all
these decadent morons we'd have a real
discussion about the status of Science
and Technology on this planet today you
have been warned we need to have a real
debate about this
we've already forced them to cover
globalism and other things as a key
audience of activists you the employers
or who they fear because you can force a
discussion about this when they don't
want a discussion about it again thank
you all
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