Author Topic: Is Stormy Daniels Set To Reenact Pornographic Sex With Trump Look-Alike?  (Read 36 times)

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so as we've seen with other famous
celebrity cases where famous people have
sex with porn stars they tend to go out
and do a reenactment video and you
better believe that this reenactment
video is gonna be hyped by the media
everywhere it's gonna be on pay-per-view
and it'll be a way of corrupting the
public degrading the presidency
degrading women and it'll be a way to
drag everything through the mud and then
make hundreds of millions of dollars
perhaps off of it in an attempt to bring
down our president these stormy Daniels
planning a new pornographic sex tape
where she has sex with a Donald J Trump
look like I've got sources and they tell
me that's what's in the pipeline and
that MSM plans on hyping this to such an
incredible level that they think it will
bring down Trump's support in his base
Christians and evangelicals we're gonna
talk about that more in a moment but
first Trump never claimed he was a goody
two-shoes Trump never claimed he didn't
really have a desire for women
Trump was elected because he said that
he would get the IRS and the government
off of Christian Church's backs and that
he would march with pro-life and try to
give it back to the States so that
partial-birth abortion and other things
could be repealed Donald Trump loves
families Tom Trump loves having children
Donald Trump loves life and he has his s
for it and he's certainly not perfect he
without sin let him cast the first stone
but stormy Daniel says that she had a
consensual relationship with President
Trump and he was very nice to her and
then years later this is how he gets
treated and this is how the media
behaves when they've covered up Hillary
and all of her lesbian lovers and Oprah
Winfrey all of her lesbian lovers and
the fact that women have said that she
oprah would bring women young women as
18-year olds to Weinstein and they said
they felt liked it she was setting him
up and was basically pimping them out
this is all the real stuff that
Hollywood mainstream media covers up
there aren't women saying Donald Trump
raped women in the backs of cars like
the chauffeurs and assistants to a
Weinstein have said no Trump hasn't
settled three rape cases like Bill
Clinton has this is all consensual he
run as a Puritan we didn't elect a
Puritan we elected a guy that would
support the Bill of Rights in
Constitution and I saw Bill Moore I
watched it this morning reading from
last night say that the Second Amendment
is not a commandment and it should be
repealed just like the New York Times
and NBC saying so now they're being
honest they want to repeal he says it's
not a commandment it's just writing oh
just like the First Amendment - huh no
those are commandments that we put in to
our government when we took control of
this from King George the third and it
is a commandment laws are Commandments
to the government and to bind down its
activity so we don't end up in a tyranny
so that said stormy Daniels is now back
on the strip club scene she's at CNN out
there covering at all this lewdness that
Trump is it putting out there the ones
spewing all this lewdness on to
mainstream television for our children
they're the ones dredging all this up
because they're pissed that he's
restoring the economy they're pissed
that the country is coming back they're
mad that Trump actually cares
pragmatically about the people and
believes in free market systems and
believes in reciprocal trade where these
are fade fair trade deals and they can
see the prosperity coming back so
they're so desperate and I was watching
Bill Maher hardly ever watch but I watch
the whole show and he just kept coming
back to it like five times with his
guests why are the evangelicals
hypocrites why don't they care and he
had a preacher on there a liberal saying
Trump's gonna face god these Republican
preachers are gonna fix God there's
there's the known atheists you know the
guy that says he wants more people dead
more room on the highway this greedy
little person Bill Maher nodding his
head when the preacher said they're
gonna have to face God at the white
throne judgment that all of us would
support Trump are evil and that we're
gonna go to hell basically you got this
leftist who wants to derail Trump's
agenda pro-life and all the good things
he's doing for families and for
religious freedom in this country that's
why evil hates him Hollywood hates evil
hates him and again King David and he
repented of it almost killed himself and
his best friend killed marched him off
the head of a line and an impossible
mission so he could have his wife but he
repented and he didn't mean it and in
and he was sorry his witness was women a
lot more women than then Trump ever had
yeah you got Solomon the wisest man ever
lived over a thousand wives and we're
not defending all of that the point is
is that Trump likes having children
he likes living and he likes prosperity
and the globe
don't like that none of the EU leaders
have children none of them and I'm not
bashing folks that don't but they on
purpose don't they're all about
themselves and an anti-life and that's
why they hate Trump he's pro-life he's
Pro human he's marched the only
President to March the pro-lifers all
this great Second Amendment stuff is
happen in the economy the other
sovereignty it is a beautiful time to be
alive and the word is stormy Daniels
ladies and gentlemen from my sources he
is planning to go back into the porno
business and that there have been offers
may and that's why she's decided to
renege on her agreements because when
you take the money and spend the money
the contracts executed claiming the
Trump didn't sign it that's pure bull so
as we've seen with other famous
celebrity cases or famous people have
sex with porn stars they tend to go out
and do a reenactment video and you'd
better believe that this reenactment
video is gonna be hyped by the media
everywhere it's gonna be on pay-per-view
and they'll be a way of corrupting the
public degrading the presidency
degrading women and it'll be a way to
drag everything through the mud and then
make hundreds of millions of dollars
perhaps off of it
in an attempt to bring down our
president and you know that they're
going to try to degrade him however they
can as they already did during the
campaign with all the incredible sexual
insults and the rest of it I mean it is
just amazing to watch how the media
protected Barack Obama and his reported
bisexuality and it is incredible how
they you know protect Oprah and Hillary
and all of it it's just incredible how
the left claims they're these open free
Souls and then they're always up there
using sex for control and claim of a man
hugs a woman at some form of rape it's
incredible so again stormy Daniels has
absolutely sold out of the globalist and
it's just another attempt to derail the
productivity in this country coming back
and you know a man by his enemies all
these evil globalist that are in tough
family into human anti America anti-free
market hate this president so again he's
never claimed he's perfect he's never
claimed he's not a red-blooded American
he's never claimed that he doesn't think
you know God's greatest creation women
are beautiful the point is is he's all
about life he's got a great family a lot
of great children and he's
moving this country forward the
prosperity and it's a blessing and
that's why Christians and evangelicals
understand that Trump never lied to us
he told us the truth he stood for what
he stood and he's been delivering on
every promise he made in triplicate and
that's why the globalist Haiti I'm Alex
Jones you get tomorrow's news today that
info wars.com and news Wars com please
spread this video or it won't get past
the censors you know someone very
profoundly once said many years ago that
if fascism ever comes to America the
counting of liberalism there's a story
came out in the last 24 hours and part
of the expression it is juicy it
supposedly happened in 2013 the Year
Trump hosted the Miss Universe pageant
in Moscow the bombshell burst Tuesday
evening when CNN reported the
president-elect and President Obama were
briefed on the matter last week the
report included unsubstantiated claims
that Russian intelligence compiled a
dossier on mr. Trump during visits to
Moscow he dismissed outright the very
idea that he would take part in the
sordid acts described in the report he
denied everything he called it all fake
news does anyone really believe that
story I'm also very much of a germaphobe
by the way believe me CNN reported that
last Friday intelligence Chiefs
presented Trump with claims of Russian
efforts to compromise him the 35 page
dossier on the so-called Russian
connection to trump with some very
salacious allegations including
unsubstantiated claims about Trump in a
Moscow hotel room was not completed
until just before the election and then
provided to journalists
the Clinton campaign and the FBI I'm
struck by the fact of sort of the way
this has been furthered in the last 48
hours the co-founder of fusion GPS was
commissioned the dossier from Steele
he's now done this fulsome 10-hour
interview with the Senate handed over
forty thousand pages of documents to the
Senate very obviously cooperating with
the investigation and fusion is saying
openly listen we stand by the dossier we
think it basically we think it's true it
claims that Donald Trump once visited
Russia stayed in the ritz-carlton in
Moscow and then hired prostitutes to
perform a golden shower and that Russia
might have the whole thing on tape there
were surveillance cameras in this room
because the building is wired and that
the FSB has this because they
automatically have cameras in the room
and they caught this happening Donald
Trump engaged in perverted acts with
prostitutes Trump immediately denied the
report tweeting intelligence agencies
should never have allowed this fake news
to leak into the public one last shot at
me are we living in Nazi Germany I'd
like to ask you about your big Russian
PP party no no I am NOT talking about
the pp lose it didn't happen from there
the president-elect lit into the news
media again he condemned BuzzFeed is a
failing pile of garbage writing it I
think they're gonna suffer the
consequences there and he accused CNN of
the fake news and brushed off persistent
attempts by its correspondents to ask a
question later CNN's parent company Time
Warner defended its reporting and
BuzzFeed said it published what it
called a newsworthy document it claims
Trump set out to defile the sweet
because President Obama and the first
family had once stayed there and Trump
quote hated the Obamas we don't know
where he sat could've been on this bench
down here though I doubt it because
that's in what's called the splash zone
did you guys look all T or did you just
like watch guys no no I do not want to
talk about the peepee disgraceful that
the intelligence agencies allowed any
information that turned out to be so
false and fake out I think it's a
disgrace I think this is just an
unfortunate leak that's making a huge
mess and I know I'm being a wet blanket
but this is the reporting on this is the
worst kind of yellow journalism and if
you were to choose a sexual act that
Donald Trump prefers it would probably
be the one with gold in the title this
country will be literally showered with
jobs because I have a major wizard jobs
golden opportunity for me as president
to make a big splash jokes about this
story are a golden opportunity this was
not a joke everything that that I had
written in the you know and in the
months prior to that dossier coming out
was almost identical to what the CIA had
written because we're intelligence
officers this is what we do that
corroboration based on intercepted
communications has given us intelligence
and law enforcement quote greater
confidence in the credibility of some
aspects of the dossier the most
salacious and unverified claims are that
the Russian Secret Service or FSB
secretly filmed mr. Trump with
prostitutes in this Moscow hotel room
three years ago allegations the special
counsel continues to investigate Georgia
and so far it is us as American citizens
it is us in the press who are connecting
the dots on this story or figuring this
out fake news never happened
sad there's also a report from CNN
recently and from The New Yorker last
week we highlighted just the other night
on the show look headline US
investigators corroborate some aspects
of the Russia dossier today there was
public testimony that further
discredited the phony dossier that's
been the source of so much of the fake
news and conspiracy theories and we
learned that the firm that produced it
was also being paid by the Russians
yet the latest piece of evidence that
vindicates what the president has said
that this is a witch hunt and a hoax and
it's a shame that the president and the
country have had to go through this
charade continually and hopefully this
will help us move forward in that
process he has the respect of our
emergency service workers who gave his
plane a water salute hey Watterson newts
now you see I want to believe that Trump
was sitting in his chair and not
standing at the cockpit window leg do
you need any more proof we are extending
because support is critical right now
I've got a countersuit at least five of
these groups I've got a lot of lawyers
that are top lawyers I'll do it pro bono
I gotta pay for plane tickets I gotta
pay for people to take the transcripts I
gotta pay for the pee eyes I've got to
pay for all of it to very aggressively
go after some of these groups of people
we have open and shut cases but it'll
take a year to even begin to win these
but this is a lip Polk's you know you
can file a frivolous lawsuit on me
I'm countersuing you I'm coming after
three years you have my word listeners
my work we've just been letting these
build up at the very best warrants we
have them now with a flat back
provisions every week have them which my
lawyers say shows how crazy the
Democrats are cuz they admit the parties
funding this and they don't even care if
they lose this is hell maniac crazy
these folks are it doesn't matter though
I'm gonna personally get these things
thrown out and I'm gonna sue these
individuals the puppets does that so
we've got it sent a message to right
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thank all these are the made donations I
want to thank you all for standing up
your own family not just me but I have
been mobbed at the airport flying out
here and the airport in Denver and then
now at the little lodge we're staying at
mob but almost everybody we talked to
listen to a couple times a month or a
couple times a week they weren't even
aware of the censorship once they heard
it they were shocked and amazed so
that's the issue as most of our
listeners are already awake already know
what's going in they tune in sometimes
but they just think we're a rock it's
always gonna be there all of our
freedoms are being eroded by these
tyrants and now the time to get really
aggressive and really upset and really
angry and focused and we can completely
turn the tide but they're trying to
break Trump they're trying to break
Infowars they're trying to destroy Raj
final drug is the only organization that
stood up for us along with the listeners
and the first week and a half of this
attack it's that president attack that's
on everybody by the way that would not
just us for using us the poster child
but now bribe marks doing the right
thing and saying this is criminal
they've talked to their lawyers but
CNN's involved in I mean this is it
folks this is racketeering imagine the
magnitude of what they're doing so it's
now time to get aggressive or we'll lose

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