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you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight Wow
never a dull moment with President Trump
in the White House too massive announced
miss yesterday actually one of them had
been announced over the weekend what was
happening with the steel and aluminum
tariffs to protect our industry and the
Republicans and the globalist all
through the week said he's not really
gonna do it he's not really gonna do it
well he really did it and that's a good
thing quite frankly the Democrats
there's an article here Democrats are
considering dropping super-delegates
altogether well that would be a start
wouldn't it that corrupt system that as
we pointed out had already handed the
nomination to Hillary that was even
before we realized that she had bought
the bankrupt party with the proceeds of
her international corruption but she had
so many super-delegates before the
process even began it was nothing but a
pageant and so now they're talking about
getting rid of these super-delegates
altogether because the it was pretty
clear to everybody that the Democrat
primaries really didn't matter but you
know what they really need to do they
really need to drop this Russian
if you're a Democrat I didn't say that
Shh don't come on you don't tell your
Democrat friends to try tell them to
continue on with this Russian nonsense
because while they're playing these
tired political games while they're
playing the identity politics Trump is
taking care of business it's the economy
stupid that was what won the election
for Bill Clinton and they want to
complain about crumbs on your table that
they will fight to take off and they
want to complain and say well the
Republicans this truck Schumer said
publicans are gonna rue the day that
they pass the tax cuts and you've heard
Democrats push against I guess Democrats
just instinctively have a reflexive
vomit reflex to any kind of tax cut as
Bernie Sanders said they're stealing the
money from the Treasury he doesn't think
it's your money none of them think it's
your money no matter how hard you work
for it no matter how long you say they
want to take it it's theirs
and you're taking stuff off their table
and they'll fight you forever - last
crumb but when it comes to jobs you've
now got people like Chris Matthews
at MSNBC you've got erin burnett at CNN
you've got the president of the afl-cio
and they're saying this is great
this is what we've wanted to see and
guess what they all vote all these
blue-collar workers that they've thrown
under the bus I played the clip
yesterday about Joe Biden saying you
know we got to get back to our
blue-collar base he's a lot more savvy
than Chuckie and Nancy Biden understands
that they have betrayed their
blue-collar base and I think it's too
late I think it's too late for them this
is going to that the election is going
to turn one way on the other and these
Rust Belt states why are they Rust Belt
well they're rust belts because the
establishment Republicans and the
establishment Democrats have betrayed
the workers of this country for a very
long time they have decimated our
economic infrastructure and we look at
the hundreds of thousands of jobs just
lost in one region I'm gonna tell you
about that today what they have given us
is a policy of trickle-down poverty
because the manufacturing jobs in those
areas are really the injection of wealth
and the people working in those
manufacturing plants oh those are dirty
jobs they told us back in the 1970s you
don't want those you want the the
Chinese to do it you want that they'll
do that stuff and though and we know
what to pay them anything that's what
the people like Charles Koch have been
telling us the Koch brothers he's got an
op-ed piece out talking about how
horrible this is and how wonderful free
trade is still giving us the line that
they lied to us 40 years ago said free
trade that is the path to prosperity
well maybe that is but we haven't seen
free trade we have seen managed trade
and it's been managed to our
disadvantage let me tell you something
there is no such thing as a free lunch
said that yesterday and there's no such
thing as free trade there isn't look at
the actual tariffs that are going on
even the story from Motor Trend that I
talked about where they're saying oh
look at this
looks like a trade war starting up Trump
says after after you Kerr says you raise
those tariffs on steel we're gonna raise
tariffs on motorcycles and Trump says
all put it
five percent tax on your cars how's that
I said this is awful look at Trump and
then in the fine print later on down to
the bottom of the article we talked
about the fact that our cars going into
Europe 10% tax there are cars coming
into our country two and a half percent
they charged us four times the amount of
tax we'll be right back
well it's been an amazing I guess what
maybe about 12 16 hours 18 hours in
Washington this is the way see an input
it they said how Trump caught the White
House and the world by surprise I said
when the White House aides arrived and
worked yesterday thirsty they were
prepared for a market shaking event the
trade tariffs I said this would prompt
jitters among US allies it would cause
heartburn among the establishment yeah
you bet it might even cause some Goldman
Sachs bankers to go back to Goldman
Sachs out of the White House goodbye
don't let the door hit you on the way
out or maybe let it hit you on the way
out I don't know I anyway said that it
would cause heartburn among
establishment thinkers said CNN even
Republicans I would say especially
Republicans especially the establishment
Republicans who bought into this fiction
of free trade as I was saying at the top
of the hour there's no such thing as
free trade there's no such thing as a
free lunch there's always a hitch
there's no such thing as free trade it
has been managed and it's been managed
to our disadvantage for a very long time
how can you look at America after 40
years of these failed promises from the
Koch brothers and these doctrinaire open
trade free trade globalist we know what
it's done to our country come ons you
can stop lying to us now how about that
how stupid do you think we are we're not
gonna buy your economic lies anymore and
I'm glad to see President Trump do this
immediately when it came out a week ago
I said this is a great thing this is a
great idea and the Republicans all
through the week no no no I don't think
we can do that and they're still saying
that we'll talk about whether or not you
the voters especially the Republican
voters did the Republican voters believe
in the quote-unquote free trade the free
lunch that we've seen for the last few
years you know we're gonna have all
those poor Chinese people work in
subhuman conditions paid slave wage
is at slave conditions and don't worry
about it said many of the libertarian
economists don't worry about it
they're going to make you wealthy
they're gonna work for you that's the
attitude of these people it hasn't
worked out a CNN goes on say they
weren't prepared for two
earth-shattering events President Trump
sent shockwaves across the globe when he
accepted an invitation from North Korean
dictator Kim jong-un for talks and
that's what we're gonna talk about first
let's talk about these talks because
although you had the Democrats
reflexively oppose tax cuts they hate
the fact that you would keep some of
your money they hate the fact that you
would take any power which is what the
money is any power away from Washington
Bernie Sanders they're robbing the
Treasury Saudis that robbing the
Treasury that money is ours no it's not
sure it's Bernie it's not sure it's our
money and people are gonna vote to keep
their money they're gonna fight you for
those crumbs on the table Nancy Chucky's
we're not gonna rue the day the tax cuts
are put in but so they fought that they
tried to say oh this is to help the big
big business and everything well they
can't say that about this big business
is furious Wall Street is furious the
Goldman Sachs bankers are furious the
GOP big donors like the Koch brothers
are furious about this you know who's
happy about this the voters and the Rust
Belt the voters who have seen the
reality of what happens after this
theory after this lie of free trade was
sold to us again we can talk about free
trade you know we talk so much about the
the utopianism of the socialist of the
Marxist they always say you know if we
were to do this or that it would just be
yeah you know no downside to this and so
forth completely divorced from reality
and the other side can be completely
divorced from reality to this argument
for free trade has been disproven over
40 years just as we have proven the
failure of socialism and places like
North Korea versus South Korea look at
the two economies there how does that
worked out for them over since what was
the 1950s so now we're like 70 years
into this thing
you've got one of the poorest nations on
earth versus one of the richest nations
on earth because of the system the free
of the system the better it works but as
long as government is controlling our
trade and as a matter of fact it's not
being controlled by government we
haven't had the American government go
shading on our behalf for quite some
time it's been done by international
organizations like the World Trade
Organization or it's been put through by
the globalist in this North American
Free Trade Agreement it's not free trade
it's not free trade look at what's
happened between us and Mexico look
what's happened to our industry we're
not idiots
we're not idiots but let's talk about
this North Korean thing first because we
talked about the tariffs everybody saw
that coming this came out of nowhere it
came out very quickly the headline from
The Daily Mail Washington and shock
after Trump accepts a stunning
invitation to meet North Korean despot
by May after the rogue nation agrees to
suspend nuclear missile tests Trump
teases big news and it arrives in the
dark on the driveway says AP they said
instead of a televised address to the
nation or press conference in the
stately east room the news ultimately
was delivered by a South Korean national
security official who was standing on
the White House driveway in the dark and
the evening last night they said several
Pentagon officials said shortly before
the announcement that they had no
knowledge of what the South Koreans
planned to announce they didn't know
this was something that was done
strictly with the South Koreans and
president Trump he didn't include the
Pentagon he didn't include Rex Tillerson
as a matter of fact Rex Tillerson
Secretary of State was in Africa on a
safari now he's he's traveling in Africa
I wonder if he's gonna do anything
yeah I saw elephant in my pyjamas and
now we got there I'll never know I don't
know if he's gonna do anything about the
genocide that is building in South
Africa we're going to have a South
African joining us in the next hour
talking about the rapid changes that are
happening there the violence has
escalated we talked to him back in the
fall but the violence has really
escalated in South Africa in the last
couple of months
and with a new president and with a
rabid Marxist with the minority party
pushing this and the president agreeing
to it there's now saying that talking
about confiscating all land without
compensation first they were said well
we're gonna take it but not give just
compensation then they said we're not
gonna give any compensation at all then
they said what we're taking the land now
we're not talking about killing them
just yet
just yet but you wait you wait for that
it's gonna become well they're already
killing them they're already killing
them just not officially with the
government troops they've got their own
goons going out there and doing it so
they've got some plausible deniability
but it's open season on white farmers
there because of race because of race I
wonder if Rex Tillerson is gonna say
anything about that you know when they
you buy property you got to record the
race of the person who buys the property
they're going to take back some of this
property they're gonna sell it to other
people or compensate other people you
can't buy it back if you're white you
can't own it if you're white
this is the white privilege of Bill
Ayers and The Weather Underground that
they create they called it white skin
privilege this is and and of course this
Marxist leader says we're gonna cut the
throat of white privilege say they're
still using the same language and this
is where this is all going to go in
America if we don't stop this hatred
that is being fostered and festering in
the Democrat Party Democrat Party is
pushing a straight down the same road as
that Marxist Nelson Mandela that they
worship we told you from the very
beginning this is all about Marxism and
it all began with with that he was a
Marxist from day one it's always been a
proud Marxist and it doesn't matter what
color the skin that marks us they're a
bunch of murdering thieves and you can
see that throughout history the history
of the 20th century cannot be denied
anyway let's go back to Rex Tillerson
who was in Africa somewhere somewhere in
Africa lost in darkest Africa just
before hours before said that the US was
a long ways away from direct talks well
Rex Tillerson was a long way out of the
loop was where Rex Tillerson won which
is a good thing I have
Rex Tillerson ever since it was rumored
that he was going to be put in the Trump
administration everything about that guy
I don't like what he did at the Boy
Scouts what he did with Exxon none of
that stuff I like it was a very bad
choice anyway hopefully he'll be leaving
says he's got out of the loop word was
already out the South Korean delegation
had just returned from Pyongyang had
spent the day briefing the White House
officials on their conversations and
almost a half hour after that news broke
the White House weighed in with a
statement from press secretary Sanders
confirming that Trump had indeed
accepted the invitation and the two
leaders would meet at a place and time
to be determined there are more details
about this there's more analysis of this
and we're talking about how many people
even on CNN reacted and surprising
support of President Trump stay wants to
be right back
welcome back you know the the picture of
the New York Post front page is up on
Drudge top of Drudge called the Kim and
I but at the very top of Drudge is the
report that the feds report on jobs has
just come out massive surge Wall Street
is happy again and then you're gonna see
a sell-off you know they always buy on
expectations sell on the news good news
are gonna sell it off because I can't
get any better than this
but it just keeps getting better we're
gonna talk about the tariffs that had
Wall Street freaked out over the last
week people in America know what's going
on we understand that this country has
been sold out sold out by these people
and later on we're gonna talk about a
letter from 107 Republicans to President
Trump saying don't do it President Trump
don't bring back the steel industry
don't bring back aluminum they'll hate
us over there they'll hate us if we let
them stop taking advantage of us taking
our industry taking our infrastructure
taking our jobs don't do that President
Trump don't fight them just just bow
down we want them to like us well maybe
they do want them to like maybe they are
getting some contributions that are
laundered from these foreign
organizations I mean it's it's a dirty
when they've got so much power there
it's always gonna be dirty that place
Washington DC it's not a swamp it's a
black hole
they have so much power there that it is
a black hole for corruption for bribery
as because they have so much control
over our life but that's why this all
happens and then every time something
happens like a school shooting
Washington's got to do something about
it save us save us no you can do it
yourself you don't even have to get rid
of the awful
legislation that was put through by
Biden and signed by George HW Bush to
make our schools quote unquote gun-free
zones just like their drug-free zones
Yeah right you don't even have to get
rid of that we had 10 12 years ago we
had people here in Texas sheriffs and
school districts saying we're gonna
protect our kids
you don't need protection you don't need
permission from Washington to protect
your kids and if they try to
unconstitutionally infringed on your
god-given rights if they want to ignore
the Second Amendment you just say well
you come and take it just come and take
it we're gonna protect our kids in
school and we don't need Washington to
do it we don't need them to come up with
a program we don't need them to try to
take all the guns from everybody because
we know what that what's behind that but
let's get back to what's going on here
it's just more good news today in terms
of the jobs report but it was the the
summit news that took everybody
surprised by surprise especially sec
state t-rex who was in africa t-rex in
africa you could do a movie on that be
pretty good but he said we are long ways
from talks as the announcement was being
made that talks were going to be
happening right away the historic
meeting mister was brokered on the south
korean government by the kiss-off Korean
government was done as I just point out
on the driveway in front of my house and
the dark surprised everybody except for
president truck delivered the invitation
the South Korean government delivered
the invitation to the White House
they divulged the details outside of the
West Wing South Korean national security
director said he expressed his eagerness
to meet President Trump as soon as
possible Kim jong-un that Trump
celebrated the news
by tweeting it out last night he said
Kim Jung untucked about D nuclearization
with the South Korean representatives
not just a freeze also no missile
testing by North Korea during this
period of time great progress is being
made but sanctions will remain until an
agreement is reached a meeting is being
planned and then they point out here in
this article from the New York Post the
u.s. and North Korea don't even have
formal diplomatic relations that's why
it was so important for South Korea to
step in here and they said the two
nations are officially still in a state
of war because the Korean War ended with
an armistice so just a ceasefire and so
you have basically the South Korean
president playing good cop you got
president Trump playing bad cop
and maybe it worked we certainly hope
it'll work here's what Erin Burnett had
to say about this you would expect that
and of course there's a lot of people
out there who hate President Trump so
much that no matter what happens they
will find a way to criticize him and
we'll play that for you in just a moment
that's cNN's Jim Acosta who hates Trump
so viscerally he can never see anything
good and anything that comes out but
Erin Burnett at CNN was a bit more
even-handed here's what she had to say
the South Korean envoy saying that Kim
jong-un accepts that the joint exercises
between the u.s. and South Korea must
continue how significant is that the Kim
jong-un was willing to put that on the
table is that something or not oh it is
something that's huge quite frankly I
would think Kim would run the risk of
being viewed as as irrelevant and in
fact not being taken seriously if he
were not to acknowledge that the
coalition the South Korean US coalition
military coalition on the peninsula is
one of the best in the world and has
been there for 70 years he has to
acknowledge that that's not going away
and that their rhythm of exercises and
joint connections and that that command
is going to continue to exist in some
capacity the fact that he acknowledged
that realized makes us realize there
be something real here but again we have
to be in credit assistance all of this
all right well thanks very much to all
of you just an extraordinary evening and
of course opening the door to the big
question President Trump can truly solve
this problem that would be going down as
a great president and there's no way
around that that is the reality here
okay if he can solve this problem he
will go down as a great president says
Erin Burnett at CNN and she said there's
no way around it well she's not going to
go partisan and try to lie about this
but cNN's Jim Acosta well he's gonna try
to deny that there's anything there he's
gonna seize this moment to attack
president Trump once again here's Jim
Acosta this may be more than just an
invitation from Kim jong-un there are
these talks that have been going on
between the South Koreans and the North
Koreans and I'm told by a senior
administration official that the content
of what we're going to be hearing from
the South Korean delegation leader in
just a few moments is quote interesting
and so there's going to be more I think
than just this information about Kim
jong-un inviting the President of the
United States to meet with them but make
no make no mistake we've gone from the
president referring to Kim jong-un as
little rocket man and the president
talking about fire and fury to the
potential for a very unlikely and
incredible and dare I say reality TV
style meeting between two very different
in some ways very similar leaders I mean
do very similar leaders yeah to very
soon just can't help but stick that
knife in his back general Acosta you
even had a CI former CIA chief and
defense secretary under Obama Leon
Panetta go on CNN and said I think this
is a very positive step I think the
world is breathing a sigh of relief
everybody likes it but Jim Acosta you
just can't get over being shut down by
Sarah Sanders repeatedly she has owned
him so many times he can't get over that
but then they talk about they said but
there's a real chance that Trump could
be walking into a trap it's a trap says
CNN and their article seriously
seriously what is the downside of this
I don't know what the trap is I mean it
seems to me like the u.s. is holding all
the cards South Korea has worked very
carefully to try to maintain peace
because President Trump has made it
pretty clear that he's willing to wipe
that little guy off the map a little
Rocket Man we'll be right back talking
more about that stay with us I'm David
Knight all right so you have a lot of
people even at CNN saying if Trump does
this if he succeeds in these talks with
North Korea which just came out of the
blue last night surprised everybody
especially Rex Tillerson it was totally
out of the loop halfway across the world
I had no idea what was going I said
talks are a long way off why would he
say that
well because typically when something
happens in Washington there's a long
slow bureaucratic process and we have
everybody all the talking heads and all
the policy wonks are talking about it
for a very long time it didn't happen
this time a very very different approach
isn't it tweets back and forth about
who's got the bigger button on their
desk and so forth and then the New York
Times coming down say well Trump doesn't
actually have a button on his desk
saying again it's just amazing to see
the way the press reacts but air Burnett
to her credit said hey no denying if we
can do this this is gonna be great it's
gonna go down as a great present and
then CNN and their article says but is
this a trap for President Trump what
trap what trap let's say let's look at
two possibilities it either works or
fails right all right what if it works
well then the South Korean president and
President Trump and even the North
Korean president they all go down as
heroes and you can say that the South
Korean president and president Trump
disarmed a very dangerous irresponsible
idiot who's firing missiles all over the
place shooting missiles over Japan
threatening to nuke America and other
places whether not he's got the
capability to do it I mean he's making
very irresponsible claims he wants the
attention he wants the attention and so
if you could get the nuclear arms away
from this guy keep him contained that
would be a major major victory and to do
it without a war
without any blood being shed the South
Koreans don't want to see a war they
don't want to see this guy wiped out
it's gonna spill over into their country
the Russians don't want it either the
Chinese don't want it either they know
it's gonna create a massive exodus of
people into their countries I've already
been trying to get into their country
because of economic issues they're
they're starving under communism they
always do under socialism and so
Russians have had to put troops on their
border to protect their border wouldn't
it be nice if America did that wouldn't
be nice if President Trump brought home
troops out of these undeclared
unnecessary Wars that we have all over
the place brought them home protected
the border till we could build a wall
and build it out of the defense budget
stick that in your NDAA and smoke it how
about that all the garbage that they put
in the NDAA all the time that has
nothing to do with our security things
like indefinite detention of American
citizens by the military without due
process of any sort take that out of the
NDAA put the wall in there and there's
more than enough slush money and the
Pentagon to pay for it that's real
national defense but the Russians had to
put troops to protect their border from
a massive wave of illegal immigrants the
Chinese the same thing the Chinese are
not deferring action on North Koreans
who come into their country they send
them right back out so all the
surrounding countries don't want to see
this happen we don't want to see it
happen I certainly don't want to see a
necessary bloodshed I don't know anybody
that wants to accept maybe Lindsey
Graham it loved to see a big war but
other than Lindsey Graham I don't know
anybody that wants to see a war there
and not even Leon Panetta according to
what he said publicly and think about
this what the North Korean dictator
wants more than anything is attention I
had a guy on as a guest who and we've
had him on many times what was his name
I can't I can't remember it's escaping
me right now but we've talked to him
many times Michael Malus yeah that's
right he spent quite some time there and
he said look he doesn't want a war he
wants attention and he's doing all this
stuff he's shooting missiles over Japan
everything cuz it wants attention well
this would give him attention this would
put him on the world stage and if they
pull this off
I wouldn't be surprised if all three of
them get Nobel Peace Prizes I mean
certainly they would really not want to
give it to President Trump I mean they
gave it to President Obama before he
even took office he hadn't done anything
but even if President Trump could get
nuclear arms away from North Korea the
Nobel Peace Prize people would really
not want to give it to him but they
would want to give it to Kim Jong on and
they'd want to give it to the South
Korean president and so I think that
they probably wind up you know
grudgingly giving it to Trump because
they could give it to the other two guys
as well and just think about that if
what Kim jong-un wants is attention and
he gets to be a big player on the world
stage and he gets to have this big
summit and meet with President Trump and
so forth and then he gets a Nobel Peace
Prize he gets that medal you know it's
another thing that he can put on his
chest with all those other little medals
that he gave himself you know give
yourself a medal Kim jong-un get rid of
nuclear weapons we'll give you a little
shiny medal how about that that's so as
we look at this CNN says well I don't
know could be a trap could be a trap
what's the downside of this the downside
is nothing happens the sanctions stay on
sanctions aren't coming off till the
talks so the downside is that they just
keep going down this same path and at
some point he does something like
shooting a missile at Guam and we just
let go with everything that we've got
that's a bad sign that's a bad effect
forever that would be the losing thing
it wouldn't be as Lindsey Graham says
well that's fine nobody here in this
country gonna die I don't look it that
way most people don't look at it that
way we don't want to see a war happen
but that's the downside and that's
Advanta downside for Trump even really
it's a downside for everybody else as
Lindsey Graham pointed out that's a and
he's got something to say about this
deal as well but the BBC comes in and a
Laura bicker and she happens to bicker
about what's going on here with with us
she says well either US President Donald
Trump is either a master of
brinksmanship I think that's it or a
pawn in a more devious game depending on
who you speak to
she said the other actor on this in the
saga Kim jong-un the only one who is yet
to make a direct statement who may just
be the most significant player in this
most extraordinary of political Gamble's
flattered it's all about little North
Korean president according to the BBC
writer let me tell you he wants
attention more than he wants the nukes
let's hope that that's the case but she
said but the risk here belongs to
president Trump and to moon jae-in the
South Korean president oh yes that's a
risk for them I don't see how that's a
risk again if this fails then Kim
jong-un and North Korea is still
surrounded by missiles and airplanes and
troops and anything I mean he's got him
completely surrounded and they've got a
they got sanctions on him I mean it's
he's under siege with all these from the
most powerful military we've ever seen
in the world in world history he's under
siege completely surrounded
but of course according to the BBC all
the risk is put on moon and on Trump she
said mr. moon is viewed by his sapota
supporters as the negotiator in chief
who's now skillfully managed to get mr.
Kim to at least talk about getting rid
of nuclear weapons and people are
calling this the North Korean charm
offensive I'd actually think this is a
South Korean charm offensive said one of
the people in South Korea and I think
he's right people understand what this
is about they understand that Kim is
totally irrational crazy trying to get
attention and if if moon can talk him
down off the ledge by playing good cop
to president Trump's bad cop that's a
win-win for everybody here and then you
got Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham says
the worst possible thing you can do is
meet President Trump in person try to
play him if you do that it'll be the end
of you into your regime I understand
that if the past is indication of the
future North Korea we all talk and no
action however I do believe North Korea
now believes president Trump will use
military force if he has to well yeah I
think so I think it's the again the good
cop bad cop stuff and it was just
earlier this week
Lindsey Graham I'm not gonna give him
any any credit for anything but he was
out there saying huh I think it'd be
good if we did this I don't think any of
us are gonna die I think it'd just be
millions of them that's great I love
that I die I just I cannot contain my
disgust for Lindsey Graham wrong on
every issue and he's in the wrong party
what's the matter with the people of
South Carolina they keep electing that
guy I don't understand all right we come
back we're gonna talk about the tariff
news we'll talk about how the public
sees this how the Republican
establishment and democrat establishment
see this and we're gonna talk about how
you the voters see this we'll be right
back I'm David Knight all right let's
talk about tariffs
let's get video clip 7 ready here we
have president Trump yesterday besides
on the spur of the moment the
announcement that he will be meeting
with in the next couple months it'll be
sometime in May he's going to meet South
Korean president North Koreans Kim
jong-un North Korea is now saying that
they're not going to merely stop the
testing they're gonna stop the testing
in the meantime as a show of faith
America did not agree for that
concession to get rid of any sanctions
and what is on the table is the removal
the denuclearization of North Korea and
then if they do that then I presumed
that the sanctions will come off that's
the only thing they're going to get is
the sanctions removed from them I don't
see how that is a downside even though
CNN and BBC says oh this is a trap
better watch out this could make a Trump
in the South Korean president look
really bad they're being played by the
North Koreans like Heat it's not holding
any cards folks he's not holding any
cards so anyway let's take a look at the
Trump Terrace because that was the other
thing that came out yesterday as even
though President Trump began talking
about that a week ago all through the
weekend all through the week everybody
was saying it's not gonna happen it's
not gonna happen
I'm not listening I'm not listening so
the as a help puts it defying the GOP
yesterday Trump orders steel and
aluminum tariffs he officially announced
yesterday the steep tariffs on imported
steel and aluminum he signed the
paperwork in a hastily arranged event at
the White House he said today I am
defending America's national security by
placing tariffs on foreign imports of
steel and aluminum Trump anon to say
that the domestic steel and aluminum
industry has been ravaged by aggressive
foreign trade practices he said this has
been an assault on our country and it
has now what he temporarily did was to
exempt Canada and Mexico from these
tariffs because he's using this as a
negotiating tactic on NAFTA the North
American Free Trade Agreement air quotes
around the free trade because there is
no such thing as free trade as I've said
before it is managed trade managed to
our disadvantage and so he's using that
as leverage against them he said the
countries that treat us the worst on
trade and on military are our allies as
we like to call them
that's not everybody saying you can't do
this to Europe and so forth they're our
allies they're our friends our friends
who charge us four times the tax on our
cars going into their country as we
charge them on their cars coming into
our country those are our friends with
friends like that who needs the Chinese
he said the workers reported their souls
and the building this great nation were
betrayed but that betrayal is now over
as I point out in the hill critics have
called it a thinly veiled excuse to
enact protectionist policies that are
overly broad while gaining leverage over
Canada and Mexico and the ongoing
renegotiation of NAFTA yeah why would
anybody want any leverage when you're
doing a negotiation yeah that would be
stupid right if you had leverage in a
negotiation and and protectionist
policies who has been protected as I
said before this is a trade war that has
been going on for 40 50 60 years against
us a trade war that has been conducted
against the American people with the aid
of the Washington establishment of both
parties and as I've also pointed out
we were talking about the tax cuts that
went through the EU was furious they
said they were going to use the World
Trade Organization to retaliate against
the United States because of our
domestic tax cuts they said it gave us
an unfair advantage the trade war folks
started back then that was the first
shot that was fired but it wasn't heard
around the world most people didn't
report it it was not reported in the
mainstream media but it happened
nevertheless and so then what do we have
in the Republican Party well we got the
never Trump errs like Jeff Flake a vocal
free trader they say and Trump critic
owned oh really really a trump critic
he's gonna introduce legislation to
nullify the tears he said trade wars are
not won they're only lost said Jeff
Flake I urge my colleagues to pass it
before this exercise and protectionism
inflicts any more damage on the economy
that's right why a bunch of Orwellian
doublespeak look we've had protectionism
it's just a Jeff Flake and the Koch
brothers have been protecting the wrong
they've been protecting the globalists
they've been protecting foreign
businesses elections Jeff are also lost
on this but you've already declared that
you're bailing on this so this is your
gift to the globalist maybe they'll give
you a position on some board or
something you know some foundation of
the Koch brothers maybe you can get a
nice cushy seat on a board but then also
Paul Ryan is there saying he disagrees
with the tariffs and he's pledged to
lobby Trump to further narrow this
policy so that it is focused only on
those countries and practices that
violate trade law where's that trade law
come from Oh World Trade Organization
maybe the TPP maybe the Paris climate
treaty other things like that where do
these trade laws come from I thought
that it was a Congress that made laws oh
no not when it comes to globalism they
they pass it off to other people
meanwhile all right reported that Erin
had said that if Trump gets this deal to
go through with North Korea he's gonna
go down as a great president there's no
way around that and now we got Chris
Matthews talking about the tariffs and
he said Trump is looking out for the
foreign workers this is Chris Matthews
at MSNBC in a rare moment of truth here
he says he can't let China grab all the
steel that's right we're gonna grab him
by the steel you know yet the Trump's
got nerves of steel he's got mine like a
steel trap when it comes to his trade
stuff he has spot-on
he said Chris Matthew said Trump is
looking out for people that nobody else
is looking out for he said the tariffs
are also very much a cultural issue in
the Rust Belt and he comes from that
area Chris Matthews comes from
Pennsylvania you went on to say this is
Pat Buchanan's stuff it's economic
nationalism it's a feeling that people
have that Trump said I'll be with you
this is a cultural issue as much as an
economic issue
he said the battle will be won or lost
in 2020 and Wisconsin Michigan and
Pennsylvania it's not gonna be fought in
the high tech areas of California or New
York or Massachusetts when Trump signed
the steel and aluminum tariffs on
Thursday he specifically mentioned that
workers who poured their souls into
building the country had been betrayed
and he said he was delivering on his
campaign promise to have their backs and
Chris Matthews went on to say our
factories were left to rot and rust all
over the place
thriving communities turned into ghost
towns you guys know that right well not
any longer the workers who poured their
souls into building this great nation
were betrayed said Trump but that
betrayal is now over I'm delivering on a
promise I made during the campaign I've
been making it for a good part of my
life and so Chris Matthews quotes
President Trump and said yeah he's
absolutely right this is not only a
great economic move but he makes common
cause with the people there which is a
great political move as well but it's
the right thing to do it's the right
thing to do and you had one individual
coming back and saying the risk is the
cost that when the Chinese decide this
is reported by Breitbart
said by Manning he said we're not going
to sell you steel the risk is that the
Chinese can decide we're not going to
sell you steel and you can't build stuff
anymore because you're a threat to our
Chinese economy you know what that
reminds me of it kind of reminds me of
what YouTube and Facebook and Twitter
are doing so whenever you allow some
company or some country to have a
monopoly on things you know it's kind of
a rope-a-dope isn't it oh come on look
we got free labor got free labor for you
here and trying to send us all your jobs
send us all your manufacturing and when
they get all of our jobs and all of our
manufacturing we're sent here to thing
hell this is great man we've got all
these people working for us for free we
don't have to do anything nice to get
our hands dirty
we'd have to sweat in the factories
they're just gonna make us rich and then
at some point the Chinese say no we're
not gonna give you anything anymore and
that's what's happening with Silicon
Valley now that's what's happening with
these people that were aided by the
federal government by the people who
wanted to take back take control of the
Internet that they initially had created
darpur initially created the internet
they lost control of it how can we get
that back I know we'll have these free
websites these free social media
websites where we'll put all this stuff
out there everybody will come in and
then we will shut it down
the people that we don't like out of the
marketplace of ideas and just like China
is going to do that same strategy and
cut us out of the marketplace of goods
and president Trump sees this and he's
not going to allow that happen president
Trump said today I'm defending America's
national security by placing tariffs on
foreign imports of steel you don't have
steel you don't have a country and he is
absolutely right all right when we come
back in the next hour we're gonna be
talking to a gentleman from South Africa
a man who is a farmer and they're not
only having their rights taken away
their property taken away but you've got
racist Marxist there this is the end
game of all the anti-fog crap that we're
saying coming out of the colleges and
we're gonna talk about what's going on
in South Africa with these racist
Marxists there
so Chris Matthews understands that this
is a winning issue president Trump
understands it's a winning issue what
did the American people think about the
tariff issue
well Breitbart reports a poll that shows
that more than 80% of all Americans
support Trump's trade economic
nationalism this is a Harvard Harris
Poll 83% of Americans support president
Trump's effort to level the playing
field on foreign trade to reverse the
decades-long pattern of multinational
free trade agreements which have wiped
out broad portions of the Rust Belt in
middle America we don't need here any
economic theories from libertarian
economists on the non existant ideal of
free trade there is no such thing as
free trade libertarians will talk about
the fact there's no such thing as a free
lunch when they talk about socialism but
they still seem to somehow think that
there is such a thing as free trade look
at these trade agreements look at the
results that we've had over half a
century and then what do the Republicans
think surely Republicans support this
policy of quote unquote free trade No
93% of Republicans even more than the
general population
surprisingly 93% of Republicans say they
strongly or somewhat support president
Trump's pledge to fix bad trade deals
and negotiate ones that are more fair
and reciprocal to American interests yes
where are the Republican politicians
Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan oh they're not
with the 93 percent
Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan want to
side with the 7 percent they say they
want to narrow Trump's tariffs and 107
Republican globalist lawmakers as a
gateway pundit puts it signed a letter
to President Trump on Wednesday before
he signed this Agreement he did it
pretty hastily on Thursday they were
trying to build opposition to it 107 of
them signed a letter to President Trump
on Wednesday saying don't do this even
though as it was announced that he was
going to do this in the interim we had
the executive vice president at century
aluminum said he's gonna hire eight
three hundred new employees
US Steel said they were going to hire
500 new employees
we start up their factories that they
had shut down so that's 800 steel and
aluminum jobs in just a couple of days
announced factories opened up and it's
gonna revive that area again we can talk
about whether we're going to have
trickle-down poverty or trickle-down
prosperity because it's not just gonna
be the people who are working those
higher paid jobs yeah they're there
they're dirty they're dangerous they're
hard work and these people get paid more
money than they do if they are doing
retail which is disappearing by the way
retail base is disappearing as well why
do you think our retail base is
disappearing it's because our economic
base is disappearing we're losing our
manufacturing base and the retail base
is going to follow suit and it has been
following suit so this country is
burning down and these 107 Republican
globalist traitors want that to happen
and where is the left on this wakeup the
Huffington Post coming out and saying
President Trump
jokingly use the word globalist to refer
to Gary Cohen he came out and he said
well I like him even though he's a
globalist he may come back after he's
made another couple hundred million
dollars they said that's racist
that's anti-semitic you know that Gary
Cohen is a Jew it's like he is also a
globalist he didn't say anything about
him being a Jew it was huffington post
that had to use the identity politics it
is absolutely amazing when we look at
this as Politico said Wall Street's hair
is on fire over these tariffs because
wealthy investors enrich themselves by
closing mills and factories in the US
and moving them overseas said afl-cio
president say the common people in those
areas the blue-collar workers have been
betrayed by a Democrat party that is so
obsessed over identity politics trying
to create a race war in this country and
we're gonna talk to a South African
farmer coming up in the next hour about
what a race war looks like I'm going to
tell you what eventually happens when
these social
and Marxist get everybody focused on
race stay with us we'll be right back
I'm David Knight
welcome back I'm David Knight in the
next segment we're going to be talking
to a farmer from South Africa they have
a death sentence hanging over their head
they have total confiscation of
everything they've owned in their
country hanging over their head and we
better pay attention to what's going on
there quite frankly and those people
ought to at least be given refugee
status in this country if they want to
come because they're going to have
everything taken from them including
their lives if the Marxists in South
Africans I said yesterday this is a
common tactic by the Marxists just
taking everybody's property creating a
group that they hate the common enemy
that they can rally against and taking
the property taking the guns killing
their enemies we have seen this
throughout the 20th century and this
isn't even really a black-white thing as
much as it is a Marxist authoritarian
thing we saw it with Hitler we saw it
was stolen and don't tell me that Hitler
installing were opposite each other they
did exactly the same thing Hitler called
himself a socialist you can play games
with these different words I mean we
just at top of the hour point out that
because President Trump called Gary
Cohen jokingly called him a globalist
said hey I like him he's a globose even
though he's a globalist I like him he'll
be back after he's made another couple
hundred million dollars Huffington Post
said that's racist that's ex using the
term global so that's anti-semitic
because he's Jewish now he really is a
globalist he is a globalist we've got
other globalist like the Koch brothers
you know they you don't have to be
Jewish to be a globalist you have to be
globalist to be homeless you have to try
to to subvert America's interest send
our economy abroad when we tell who else
is globalist as Paul Ryan it's Mitch
McConnell a lot of Republicans who
signed a letter 107 mm don't protect our
manufacturing base they they pled with
President Trump but he did it anyway we
don't want a trade war
you don't realize that we've been in a
trade war for 40 or 50 years these
people have
and bombing our manufacturing base they
haven't been dropping actual bombs on it
they've been dropping bombs that are
pieces of legislation and trade rules
that have been put in there for the most
part by Republicans Republicans and
establishment Democrats working to bomb
our industries with laws regulations and
unfair trade practices this has been a
trade war that has been going on for
decades and as I said before the after
the Trump tax cut went through the EU
declared that was going to go to war
with the United States using the World
Trade Organization because giving us tax
cuts was unfair competition so it's
about time people wake up and I think
they have woken up to that but the
Democrat Party is still out there
playing the policies of racism you know
even in Chicago where President Trump is
building that shrine to himself he's got
a half billion dollar shrine that he's
making to himself at the beginning of a
corrupt Obama foundation just as we had
the Hillary Clinton Foundation and all
the stuff a kind of coalescing around
that start taking donations you know
it's to honor him honor area but as
that's happening the neighborhoods where
this is going to be put in there's a lot
of poor black people there and they're
saying we don't like this we don't want
this and it's like shut up you're racist
it's like how can I be racist I'm black
and I just don't want you taking over my
neighborhood and shut it down for a
shrine to Obama oh shut up you're racist
they use that against everybody it's
just a rallying cry to get whatever they
want they have to have a label they have
to have a group that they can hate and
let me tell you who they have focused on
it used to be black people with the
Democrats in the south the Jim Crow laws
now they have flipped the script and now
they champion everybody that's not why
it's not okay to be white if you say
that it's racist they want people of
color in other words that's another way
of saying anybody who is not white so if
you don't want to be attacked by the
Democrats don't in any way shape or form
identify yourself as white one times
Hispanics get labeled if somebody that's
as Hispanic is conservative or they do
something else that the
don't like they'll get labeled as white
as well so watch out don't get labeled
as white that is a scream of hatred from
the racist Democrat party I want to call
him a demagogue party always see is
demographics gonna play this identity
politics they're gonna get wiped from
the map because they have betrayed
middle America they have betrayed the
blue-collar workers because all they
care about is white skin privilege and
let me tell you how this is gonna play
you know we've already are on shaky you
think that it's we're going to talk to
this South African farmer they're having
their property stolen you think that
we're on solid ground here in America
because we got a constitution that
protects private property and you don't
know anything about civil asset
forfeiture do you don't know anything
about how the government has used
various bureaucracies to steal people's
property to impose excessive fines you
know one thing you can do is you can
just you can amend the Constitution you
throw it away if you got enough votes
there and that's what they're talking
about doing it South Africa a lot of
people are telling wait a minute you
can't do that under our Constitution you
just can't take somebody's property oh
we got a two-thirds majority will amend
the Constitution or maybe we won't even
bother with that formality because they
haven't bothered with the formality of
the Bill of Rights in America for quite
some time do you think this kind of
stuff can't happen in America you better
wake up you better wake up take a look
at general Flynn now this is not a
policy where somebody came in under
civil asset forfeiture no instead this
was an invalid persecution a persecution
of this man entrapment persecution to
pay his legal fees he's had to sell his
home and they've not just stolen his
home with this political persecution
they stolen his good name and not not as
far as I'm concerned I still think that
general Flynn is a very honorable man so
he still has a good name as far as I'm
concerned I'm very sorry that they did
this to him it is a crime a crime what
this is done but we've got a couple of
Supreme Court cases that are coming up
to actually look at some of the
excessive fines and some of this taking
of property before people are convicted
of a crime not even charged with the
crime and because they say that it's
civil so they say it's not a crime so
the Constitution doesn't apply see in
America we don't just have Marxists and
socialists and the Democrat Party but
we've got armies of lawyers who like to
prevaricate about words and that's what
they've done they said it's not criminal
it's civil so we'll just take your
property if you want to get it back you
have to sue us in court oh that's right
you don't have any money because we took
your property a good example here from
Reason magazine hit-and-run blog in
theory New Hampshire has reformed its
asset forfeiture laws remember they
passed that asset forfeiture law said
yet New Hampshire public radio reports
the state's cops are still trying to
keep stuff that they seized from people
who've never been convicted not even
accused of committing a crime the State
Highway Patrol officers grabbed a bag
that had 46 thousand dollars in cash out
of a man's Hyundai during a traffic stop
they couldn't prove the man had broken
any laws but they're gonna keep the
money anyway and if he wants to get his
forty six thousand dollars back he's
lucky they didn't take his car but if he
wants to get his forty six thousand
dollars back he's gonna have to sue them
they said don't blame and the writer
here at reason said don't blame me I
warned New Hampshire citizens when the
reforms are passed that there is a big
loophole because the federal government
who started this whole idea civil asset
forfeiture and Jeff Sessions wants to do
more of it by the way shame on him shame
on him he is wrong on so many different
issues the US Justice Department's
equitable sharing program allows local
law enforcement agencies to partner with
the feds and so what they say is well
it's the federal government that's doing
it it's not us and then the federal
government gives them a kickback you see
how they how slimy and corrupt this all
is they take your property and they say
it's civil action it's not a criminal
action so the protections on the bill of
rights don't apply and it's not me
that's taking your property I'm actually
doing this because I'm working in
partnership with the federal government
and the federal government goes around
it gives that money back to the cops who
took it in the state he said some states
such as New Mexico designed their
reforms specifically to keep law
enforcement from bypassing these
restrictions and going to the feds but
New Hampshire didn't do that you got to
you've got to dot every I and cross
every T I have so many people who come
to me and say you understand the
Constitution is dead and we're under
maritime law whatever I said look you
you get people to understand civil asset
forfeiture first and then you can talk
to them about the other ways they had
subverted our Constitution and our
government but if people can't
understand that obvious crime there's no
hope for us we'll come back we're gonna
talk about how this looks in South
Africa with a race war and confiscation
by Marxists farm attacks and murders in
just the first two months of this year
102 attacks on farms 1.7 farm attacks
per day we're gonna talk to an
individual from South Africa they have
started a campaign to raise urgently
needed funds for civilian protection and
that particularly they said for diesel
fuel this is a civil war they points out
has been promised many many times by the
senior leaders of the African National
they're coming not only after the land
as the Marxist pointed out we're gonna
come for their lives as well we're gonna
cut the throats of white privilege and
he said we're just right now we're just
coming after their land we're not gonna
kill them yet yet all right so I want to
talk to him in just one moment before we
do real quickly I haven't done a plug
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yourself keep free speech free all right
let's talk about what's going on in
South Africa I want to go down this
chart that basically breaks down what
has happened in the last couple of
months I want to play a quick clip from
the South African Parliament that is
voting to take away land because this is
something that is just now happening I
mean we've got Forbes and we've got
Bloomberg talking about what's going on
and we're gonna get it straight from an
individual who is there in South Africa
Simon Roche but just again go back to
this this graphic in just the first two
months of this year 102 pharma taxes 1.7
farm attacks a day one farmer is
murdered every five days there have been
and when you look at these attacks in
this graphic they break it down as to
when these attacks happen 46% of them
the overwhelming majority happened
between midnight and 6 o'clock in the
morning they come by night
and the average number of attackers for
those where they know because a lot of
times if they kill everybody in the farm
you don't know how many attackers are
worth but of the ones where there are
some survivors you have the average
number attackers is three but the most
that they've seen is 11 so it's one of
these attacks it was 11 people so get a
dozen people coming for you in the
middle of the night why because you're
white because your wife so joining us
now is Simon Roche you can find as I
pointed out they have began as of March
the 1st they began a campaign to raise
money to help those people defend
themselves and it's very vital they said
they need diesel fuel for example this
website where you can go to contribute
to them is free start earth calm that's
a sta RT r free sta RT r calm and you
can also find him at suit lenders org
that's su ID LAN de RS dot org so
joining us now is Simon Roche head of
the office of the headquarters of the
world's largest non state civil defense
organization suit lenders of South
Africa thank you for joining us Ayman
thank you very much for having me miss
tonight tell us a little bit I gave the
the stats of the first couple of months
and actually I was gonna play that clip
before we start talking about this to
again put this in perspective for the
American audience let's play that clip
of clip 5 of the South African
Parliament voting to take the land
because this is something that just
happened in the last couple of weeks I
talked to you a couple of months ago but
this is building let's play that clip on
Tuesday South Africans through their
publicly elected representatives in
Parliament voted overwhelmingly in
support of emotion to accelerate
equitable land redistribution through
expropriation of land without
some have become very hopeful some have
become very fearful it is a question
that we will continue to handle with
care and with responsibility as the
government there will be no
smash-and-grab of land in our country
that we will not allow all right but the
smash-and-grab is already happening and
as we look at the Parliament talking
about this stuff I'm reminded of the
expression a democra democracy is just
two wolves and a lamb voting on what's
for dinner and they've got more than
enough votes to change the constitution
don't they mr. Roesch yeah that's right
they've got about seventy percent
seventy five percent of the votes and
they only need 66 percent so it's gonna
go through yeah yeah and so what they
have done is first they started on a
process where they were I guess forcing
you to sell land back to the government
and they were doing some compensation
then they said well let's not do as much
compensation then they just came out and
said let's not give them any money at
all yeah that's exactly correct they had
a willing buyer willing seller process
for many years it began in the late 90s
and they said that the process would
only last for about ten years if I
recall correctly and it was very very
widely broadcast across the length and
the breadth of South Africa
and they encouraged people let's say
clans or tribes or families who believed
that their land had been taken from them
by white people to approach the
government with a claim to get that land
back and then the government would buy
out those farmers however it was a
shambles an absolute joke fairytale
because as has recently been
demonstrated by dr. Anthea Jeffrey of
the Institute of race relations in
ninety two point seven percent of the
cases of successful claims the claimants
in the end said you know what we don't
really want the land can we have the
money instead
on the top of that we bearing in mind
that South Africa only has about 45,000
commercial farms on top of that 4323 of
the successfully claimed farms are now
lying fellow this was demonstrated
recently by the roof mayor Institute all
right we're gonna come back mr. Roche
we're gonna come back to you and let us
know more about what's going on in South
Africa it was a bread basket may turn
into starvation and joining us from
South Africa Simon Roche with suit
lenders org that's su ID LAN de RS org
they is a head of the office of the
headquarters of the world's largest
non-state civil defense organization and
they are going to need your help and
your understanding we're trying to talk
about what has happened things are
changing very rapidly now in South
Africa now that the Marxists are in
power and as we look at these issues you
know we had Jim Crow here in the
American South they had apartheid in
South Africa
and now that these people have gotten in
power the Marxists who basically used to
say that blacks could not own land now
they're saying whites cannot own land
they just flip that narrative kind of
like our new Jim Crow laws from our
socialist Democrat Party who is now are
actively excluding Americans from
certain activities or jobs and having
their quotas about everything it's going
to get much worse if we keep going down
this road that the Democrats in this
country have put us on they're just like
the Marxists in South Africa these
socialists and the Democrat Party but
sir tell us a little bit about we're
just talking about this process that has
now begun they said they were going to
have a just and equitable compensation
meaning that they weren't gonna pay
market price then they just came out of
these Marxist and said we're not going
to pay him anything we're just gonna
take the lamp the previous policy has
absolutely failed ninety two point seven
percent of the successful applicants
didn't want the land and didn't take it
of those who did take the land through a
successful application process 4323
farms are lying fellow
and they haven't been occupied so the
whole thing is a fabrication and some
nonsense it's a it's an absolute rubbish
story so now they've said well our
policy has failed so G will take the
land and will not pay compensation at
all which illustrates to you that it was
never about justice or equality or
fixing the the ills of the past it's
about vengeance and spite strictly and
solely and anybody with common sense can
look at the evidence and and arrive at
that conclusion for themselves and it's
also about having an enemy that they can
organize against which is what Marxist
do regardless of what color they are
whether they're polite black or Asian
they will always focus on an enemy and
we look at what Marx did he killed 78
million people but tens of millions of
those people died with starvation
policies because the Communist says they
take over everything and as you're
pointing out so many of these farms are
just lying there empty nobody's working
them nobody's growing any food so you're
going to go down the path that we've
seen in Rhodesia which became Zimbabwe
they used to be a major producer of
now the people there are having not only
hyperinflation but they're starving in
that country because the Marxist don't
care about anything but power yeah
absolutely they have to have an enemy so
that they can control everybody so they
identify a sector of the population in
our case white people in your case
Americans because we are very very much
the canary in the coalmine so much of
what is happening in the USA is sort of
an echo of what has happened in South
Africa they identify an enemy and then
they say to the rest of the people look
for your sake we have to take certain
actions so for example they'll say say
that we have to reduce gun rights or we
want to call in guns so that innocent
people don't get hurt and it sounds ever
so reasonable but the classic
illustration of that is here in South
Africa but I asked for people to hand
their guns in and many people did but
what they lost sight of is or what we
lost sight of is that the overwhelming
majority of gun owners in
South Africa legal gun owners are white
and yet the number of guns owned by
white people these guns that supposedly
are a threat to people's lives and
safety and what-have-you is fewer than
the number of weapons brought into South
Africa by the ANC during the struggle
period that were then lost of the 10
million or so weapons that they brought
in 2 million have been lost
so if crimes are being committed with
weapons it is the illegal weapons of the
African National Congress but of course
they say the chap who's sitting at home
with a gun to defend his family is
really the cause of the problem and for
his own sake we're gonna take his gun
away from him they're very clever now
you used to be a member of the ANC you
were against apartheid you realize that
that was wrong but now you have seen
that that really wasn't what they were
after it was simply a narrative that
they were using to seize power wasn't it
yeah absolutely it was just a narrative
these are much more to say really I'd
recognized over time that it was all a
fiction all a fable it was all made up
one thing after another that was
promised and assured was subsequently
ignored and just went away quietly and
people complacently accepted it but I'm
one of the I suppose fewer people who
believed that if somebody doesn't stand
up and do something then nobody's going
to do anything and we're just going to
get steamrollered as with respect and I
say that with respect outside of the
right wing of the USA outside of the
Infowars channel the overwhelming
majority of Americans are complacently
accepting the bizarre nature of the
change in the society over the past
generation or less yes and I would say
as I began by saying that it really
hasn't changed I mean you had a part
tide before where one group based on
their skin colour could not buy land and
now you've got apartheid again where one
group based on its skin color cannot buy
land when you buy land in South Africa
they're going to register which what
what skin colour you are and when they
take this land and they redistribute it
I mean I'm presuming that white
people can't buy that land when they do
that so now you still have apartheid but
now they're threatening making veiled
threats about cutting the neck of white
privilege saying we're going to take the
land now we're not calling for the
murder of all whites yet and so what
they're now doing is they've
reestablished apartheid and just
different colors but they're now
threatening genocide aren't they they
are threatening genocide they'd be
numerous references to genocide Minister
of Defense declared on if I'm not
mistaken a 2nd or 3rd of November it was
a Tuesday or Thursday means they were a
Thursday then if White's protest
peacefully against rapes and murders on
farms once more they will begin a civil
war it will initiate a civil war and
they will bring a genocide upon
themselves so that's one of many
examples so don't protest or we'll kill
you so don't protester we'll kill you
all if you get all uppity about this
rape story
for example then yes we're gonna kill
you all explicitly or your viewers can
go and look it up on YouTube it's live
for the world to behold yeah it's
absolutely amazing the quotes that we're
seeing from Malema
who's head of the Marxist party but it's
the majority ruling party that is
essentially enacting his as his politics
as policies yeah absolutely it's quite
clear that the the Marxist party has
stolen the political territory of the
Communist Party in our urge your viewers
to be cognizant of the fact that Nelson
Mandela remained clandestine Lee as was
revealed late later on up until the day
of his death a member of the Central
Committee of the Communist Party of
South Africa the African National
Congress is a proxy for the South
African Communist Party this is affect
not an opinion
now the Julius Malema party is more of a
Marxist party than a pure communist
party and they have stolen political
territory from the ANC from the
communists and now the ANC is
desperately trying to wrest it back by
being as radical as the economic freedom
fighters to the extent that we recently
a call by a senior African National
Congress he's the head of the African
National Congress militia which still
exists believe it or not the amount of a
sees where the spear of the nation
incredibly it still exists
recently called for young blacks to join
training camps in the bush to learn to
fight whites in a civil war yesterday a
very widely circulated message came to
our attention and we checked up to see
it we've verified it basically and again
there is a call from out of the ranks of
the ANC directing young blacks to
training camps with telephone numbers
directions phone us will help you other
circuits and they're encouraging this
they're encouraging this we got take a
quick break and we're gonna be right
back we've got one more segment with
Simon Roche out of South Africa telling
us what's going on there and it's a
familiar pattern we have politicians who
are fermenting racism and hatred
creating a common enemy for their
political power we've seen this all too
often especially in Marxist countries
we're gonna talk to him about what
they're going to do about it when we
come back we're talking to Simon Roche
out of South Africa and as we're talking
about the situation there things have
changed very rapidly one article from
the gateway pendant points out at the
back in 2011 Julius Malema he's the
leader now of one of the Marxist parties
there cuz there's a couple of them was
arrested for playing a song killed the
boar killed the white man and now just
this last week the South African
Parliament has voted to confiscate land
from white farmers without any payment
just last week and then this last Sunday
night the same guy Julius Malema who
seven years ago was arrested for playing
songs that call for the murder of people
said go after a white man we are cutting
the throat of whiteness and so my
question to you mr. Rocha there as
you've got a civil defense organization
that you're trying to help each other I
mean you've got two major parties that
are pandering and also in flaming hatred
and racism and killing the white man in
South Africa what do you do about this
because you're
very dispersed in these farms as we
talked about the beginning of this
interview they will come in numbers
after the farmers in the dead of night
you guys are kind of isolated each of
you and and you're at a tremendous
disadvantage in terms of the number of
people there I mean what are you going
to do are you what is the plan for a
defense well if I might quickly point
this out two days after the motion was
adopted to pursue the the the
expropriation of farms without
compensation another motion was put
before the Parliament to nationalize the
Reserve Bank now what we've been saying
to people is that the the confiscation
of the farms is one thing but what it
will precipitate and this should be our
immediate concern and it touches on what
you've just mentioned is that it will
give a license to Nair do wells to
crooks to gangsters to these murderers
and rapists to become more active in
other words they'll be saying well the
big man the big African man the big boss
the president says that the whites are
bad and we go they're going to take the
farms away from them
so therefore surely we must be able to
do these bad things and we've seen a
year-on-year increase in farm attacks
from the 1st of January to the end of
February as you showed from 22 to a
hundred and two and this morning I've
seen figures of text that hadn't been
reported verifiable figures by the way
that in fact the truth figure of a text
between the beginning of January and the
end of February is a hundred and
nineteen now with that in mind the
answer to your question is that although
we are the largest organization of our
kind in the world
we are persona non grata in the new
South African rainbow nation utopia it
is very very very difficult for us to
raise funds extremely difficult and
therefore as you can imagine and
therefore we are endeavoring to prepare
a stay calm prehensile civil defense
plan which will gather people into safe
areas tomorrow I will drive down to a
remote area of South Africa and spend a
week reconnoitering safe havens for
refugees on the tops of
of certain mountains we're endeavoring
to put this plan into action but with
extremely limited resources so every day
is a struggle our phones are tapped our
computers are hecht it's a joke that
would take an entire episode to describe
to you where it was struggling to put
this plan into place and we're basically
begging the world to please help us to
preserve a culture 119 Pharma techs in
two months we are being slaughtered like
flies and we really need a little bit of
help to stand tough against these madmen
tell people where they can go to give
you help
well they we would encourage people to
participate in the free starter campaign
the Charles C Johnson has put together
god bless him it's free starter com free
is ta RT R no no loss e.com very easy to
find we our campaign is is easy to find
on on that homepage if people scroll
down it's right there also if people
wish to donate otherwise they can donate
via PayPal on our website which is say
klonda's org s UID Landers dot org and
there is a PayPal link in the bottom
right hand corner of the homepage and
you know people need to understand we
had so many people in America talking
and the big media big Hollywood calling
for boycotts of South Africa I think
throughout apartheid you were part of
the ANC you wanted to see apartheid end
you understood that was wrong we
understood that Jim Crow laws were wrong
in the south but now what we have seen
is that they have continued apartheid
and now they're talking about going
beyond that to genocide to demoscene you
know where the government has all the
guns and kills people that's really what
it is it begins with a genocide but you
know once they get rid of the white
people they're not gonna stop with that
then you're going to have the the black
people who are in power they're going to
find a different tribe there they may
have the same skin color but they'll
find some other group to exterminate
after they exterminate the white people
this is the way that it always happened
I mean look
the Tutsis there weren't any white
people involved in that but we have seen
this pattern everywhere in Cambodia and
elsewhere these kinds of killing fields
is there any idea I know you guys are
organizing to stay there and to fight
and there's some people who are saying
if President Trump should allow refugees
from South Africa we can tell who people
are unlike so many of the countries that
we bring people into we don't know if
they were the ones who are the
terrorists who were fermenting the war
or if they were victims but we can tell
who the people in South Africa are
you've got records that could be shown
and I think if that is not extended if
that hand is not extended to South
Africa it shows the duplicity in this
refugee program what you've already seen
under Obama keeping out Christians who
are severely persecuted in Muslim areas
but then bringing in all the Muslims in
those areas but what is the feeling
there in terms of you know you're gonna
fight but is there gonna come a point at
which you're going to flee or need to
flee no no we're not going to do that
David I understand that you you you
bring the topic up with respect and and
please forgive my vociferous tone but we
get this all of the time it's it's it's
wrong it's wrong to suggest that we
should give up that we should capitulate
to barbarianism that we should go to
another country Australia New Zealand
and subject our children to the same
pornography and abortion and liberal
values that are being imposed upon us
here in South Africa as in the United
States of America and Canada and Europe
this imposition this external imposition
because it is not an articulation of
either the Western European genetic pool
or of the Christian tradition of
European derive cultures these things
are externally imposed upon us and
they're going to be imposed upon us
wherever we go so we might as well stand
fast yeah now good for you good for you
good for you live free or die that used
to be the spirit of America that was the
spirit of our forefathers that was the
spirit that built the world David it's
not just saying that every other culture
is bad or every other race is useless or
Bissel mental the religions or whatever
but how people are good people who've
done good things through
the whole world we deserve we deserve to
be able to hold our heads high and not
feel shame for crimes that we didn't
even commit in the first place we
deserve the Western European Christian
tradition of the world deserves to be
able to look itself in the mirror and
say you are not so bad that's right and
we see that same spirit here in America
as they desire to tear down every
monument to anything that is any good
they will go through and they will
isolate something out of everybody as
human you can find something that is
wrong and everybody you can find
something that is wrong in every society
they will focus on the negative but
their goal is to tear down the good
their goal is to tear down Western
civilization I mean these same people
who want to go in and tear down statues
of Christopher Columbus or robert e lee
or even leaders from the other side of
the Civil War that they don't know
anything about these same people want to
go out and put up a statue of Marion
Barry who went to prison because it was
corrupt and smoking crack and everything
I mean certainly this guy had his
problem maybe they want to celebrate
what they liked about Marion Barry I
don't know what they liked about Marion
Barry but you know you can go in and you
can find this about everybody they want
to purge Churchill they want to purge
robert e lee a even Abraham Lincoln or
ulysses s grant that is the spirit as
you pointed out we cannot give into that
good for you for standing up for that
good for you
thank you very much and thank you to all
of the good Americans Europeans and
others but this being an American
channel in an American show thank you
very very much this is a heartfelt thank
you to all of you who have supported us
and who continue to support us we we
bless you before God well ours are we
really do hope the best for you and you
know you're welcome to come on anytime
and to tell us what is going on I know
that things are changing very rapidly
there people need to understand what is
happening because you don't stand alone
this is a globalist agenda Marxism is
something that has been
a pox upon the entire world and what
they do is they want to destroy every
society so they can rebuild it with
themselves at the top and you're talking
about the fact how it is the absolute
scum of society who use these types of
revolutions to put them in charge of
everybody else
good for you for standing up Thank You
Simon Roche you can find this his
website and how to help him at Sood
lenders org des sui DLA and de RS org
thank you good luck to you sir may God
be with you welcome back I'm gonna be
talking about gun control in the next
hour and we're gonna be talking about
the Texas Sutherland Springs Church now
being harassed by people who claim that
they have some connection or endorsement
from Infowars they do not gonna make
that very clear and we're gonna talk to
a former pastor of that church who we
knew through a his portrayal of George
Washington doing that as an educational
thing for children and to get them to
understand the the values that America
was built upon that's what we're talking
about we're not talking about anybody
being perfect here I mean I never
believed that George Washington never
told a lie
you know the cherry tree myths and so
forth we don't need to have
hagiographies but let's also not throw
everybody out if we can find one flaw in
their life and so he would go around
educating people about the values that
this country was built upon and the good
things that some people did so that we
can emulate the good things instead of
focusing on the bad we're gonna talk
about that in the next segment and then
in the segment following that Mark
Collins is gonna be joining us but
before we do a little bit of news at the
top of the hour here we've had a federal
judge in Maryland rule that president
Trump had the right to end daca
this is a big win for the administration
remember we've had two judges one the
federal judge lower court judges but
their federal judges so they're not
answerable to anybody you can't vote
them out they're appointed for life by
the federal government and you had one
in California one in New York say no no
no president Trump doesn't have anything
to say about immigration rules but
specifically about daca and here's what
this federal judge judge Roger W Titus a
Bush appointee ruled Monday the
Trump acted within his authority to plan
to rescind an executive order actually
it's not an executive order it's a memo
by his Homeland Security Janet
Napolitano is homeland security
secretary but we'll put in here too to
resend this order from Obama there was
announced in 2012 as a way to protect
illegal immigrants who have brought to
the United States as minors this is from
the Washington Examiner given and this
is what the judge wrote given the
reasonable belief that daca
was unlawful unlawful what was it it was
an order from the Department of Homeland
Security that was in charge of Border
Patrol and immigration control ice
saying we're not going to enforce the
law that was an unlawful order and so
the judge says given the reasonable
belief that daca was unlawful not a law
the decision to wind down daca in an
orderly manner was rational he wrote he
says as disheartening or inappropriate
as the president occasionally
disparaging remarks maybe they are not
relevant to the larger issues governing
daca recipient memo is clear as to its
purpose and reasoning and its decision
is rational and rationally supported by
the administrative record and so this is
what we've been saying all along that
the absurdity of this is that you've got
judges who say that President Obama's
order to say we're not going to enforce
the law cannot be rescinded by President
Trump saying we are going to enforce the
law and the borders and these judges are
saying this seriously saying this and
their rationale for this is that we
don't like the things that President
Trump has said they don't even rule on
the letter of the law on the rescission
memo from President Trump they don't
even look at that they don't even
discuss that they're even say whether or
not the president has the authority to
enforce border laws this absolute
absurdity absolute absurdity and you had
a Justice Department spokesperson
O'Malley say today's decision also
highlights a serious problem with the
disturbing growth in the use of
nationwide injunctions by a single
federal judge lower court
federal judge which causes the Maryland
courts correct judgment in favor of the
government to be undermined by the
over-broad injunctions that have been
entered by courts and other states
president Trump you need to channel
President Andrew Jackson and say they
have made their opinion known
let's see these lower court federal
judges enforce it and you even have a
case it matters to you the opinion of
another federal judge says it is lawful
what President Obama did was unlawful he
ignored the law stay with us we'll be
right back welcome back I want to talk
to you about false flags and I want to
talk to you about false narratives about
false flags as well it's very important
that we understand that this isn't a
binary choice
it isn't that either everything the
government says is true or everything
the government says is false if it's
going to be effective they're going to
mix things together folks we have to
look at their agenda and what they're
trying to do that's why in the aftermath
of this parkland shooting I have tried
to focus more on the gun control moves
that are being made then even what the
students are being are saying but when
people say things that are wrong when
people lie when Sheriff's Department's
continually changed their stories it's
valid to criticize them one of the ways
that they shut down that criticism is to
say that when somebody comes out as well
again we look at this and say everything
is either true or everything is is wrong
one of the things that these people will
do who are trying to shut down any
discussion or examination of what
happens or to shut down the examination
of the proposals that they're putting
out there one of the things that they do
is to come out and say nobody died
nobody died that has become the favorite
tactic to shut us down that is as common
as seeing censorship with harassment and
bullying remember when we had Mike Adams
come in he said they went back six years
when he had discussion and he had a guy
who was analyzing what happened at Sandy
Hook and he said in the discussion the
guy said nobody died and he said well he
said I didn't
with him he said we were talking about
some of the lies that had come out the
inconsistencies that had come out of
Sandy Hook and it's important look at
that as we did with Las Vegas but they
went back six years and shut that
downside that's bullying and harassment
let me tell you what was real bullying
and harassment I've talked about it the
last couple of days I'm gonna talk to
somebody who used to be a pastor at this
church in Sutherland Springs and he
knows the people there and he knows that
it was real and yet you got some people
who continue to go down there and harass
the pastor and the church members who
lost loved ones and get in their face
about this stuff and I had within the
the shooting happened in Vegas on a
Wednesday and I had stipa genic who used
to be maybe still is CIA call me on
Wednesday as part of the program to talk
about what was happening in Vegas and he
began by saying nobody died this whole
thing is totally fake guys let's stop
right there I don't believe that I don't
believe that at all this is a tactic
that people use to make us to try to
throw us under the bus so that we can't
look at anything that the government has
done and I don't appreciate that kind of
tactic and that's the same type of thing
as being used by some people who are
desperate for attention or they're
either federal shills but whatever their
motive or whoever they are what they're
doing is absolutely reprehensible we're
gonna talk to Mark Collins in the next
segment but I want to show you one of
the things that they are doing here
because when we contacted him about this
he he thought that we were in agreement
with these people and I want to show you
how they twist the truth in December
there was an auntie for Ally that was
being covered
Owen Schroyer was there with cameraman
from Infowars and so forth and they they
came up and blindsided him and said we
got this sent this flyer here we want to
show you this flyer and they gave him a
flyer and he goes oh okay you know and
he read the name that was on the flyer
and they used that to say that we
endorsed their absurd campaign that over
thirty three shootings not a single
person died let me tell you something if
they want to do a false flying operation
it's gonna be far more effective if they
kill people if they kill people
you can take a look at what they're
trying to do to see if they've got an
agenda that's already lined up and ready
to go just waiting for the right kind of
way you know they didn't do any of that
in Texas why because in Texas the
shooting didn't fit their gun control
pattern you had a good guy with a gun
the same gun that the bad guy was using
stopped him and that guy was the good
guy was an NRA man didn't fit their
narrative and there wasn't any changing
narrative like we saw it in Las Vegas it
wasn't like the the police kept changing
this and changing that and changing this
it wasn't that we had all these
inconsistencies and all these
absurdities are coming out of agus it
was straight up murder straight up
murder so let's play first for you how
they cut this out at that rally to try
to show that Infowars endorsed and we do
not endorse what they have to say
thank you thank you ma'am and so they
put that up that little 10-second video
and they say this is uh this is Infowars
endorsing this and it's not not he
didn't know what that was when he held
it up and at the same time if you looked
in the background you can see Joe Biggs
over there at the same rally Joe Biggs
was there not there as part of Infowars
but these another person with this
organization comes over and starts
trolling him about the shooting here's
that clip about your visit down to
Orlando the pulse nightclub victims real
or fake
come on man are you really gonna sell
the public that really went down as real
people died the orlando post nightclub
yeah Joe Biggs isn't buying into this
and he he went to Orlando he knows
better but the guy won't stop
just keep strolling Joe Sanjo is sitting
there on his phone a guy just keeps says
look I don't have the camera on but he
still got the camera that's their
tactics some non-disclosed contractor he
spent the day with the victims that had
lunch posed for pictures whole
interviews all that all those ones that
got shot and see at this point then his
partner goes over and does that troll
but he's also saying oh Infowars you
guys are trying to cover stuff up
all right he continues to patrol Joe and
then some other people were with Joe
come over and then at this one point he
has Joe asked him he says well what
about Vegas because this is only I guess
it may be about two months after Vegas
and they get into a there you can see
right there that is the woman doing her
thing with Owen right there but then
watch what happens here he claims he's
gonna give a $100,000 reward anybody
that the shows that something happened
to people and yet many people have given
him any documentation that you're giving
me he refuses to pay up that's what you
want to believe man whatever
for that one also the Joe knows somebody
was shot we've been trying we've been
trying to give that money away
there's one of Joe's friends so you
taught me my friend did get shot in
Vegas yeah and so at this point back and
forth okay the guy with Joe is
incredibly angry at this point for those
of you who are listening to the beeps on
radio and he is getting in his face
and they're shouting at each other
coursers what you don't see behind the
camera is there's five or six cops
around there nobody's gonna start
anything with that but this is what
these people have been doing to the
pastor in Sutherland Springs and we'll
come back we're gonna talk to Mark
Collins who used to be a pastor there
I'm gonna show you a clip of the pastor
these people were arrested for harassing
the pastor for claiming that the
shooting was staged they were arrested
on Monday and I tell you what it is you
really have to question the motives of
this these people hate us more than
megyn kelly does but they're the ones
fueling the agenda that megyn kelly uses
stay with us we'll be right back
welcome back I was just showing you a
couple of clips showing the The Lying
tactics that some people use to try to
entrap those of us who might be inclined
to jump in and endorse something this
applies to everybody not just people in
the media and it's something we learn to
live with in the media but you on social
media when you decide and you see
something that somebody puts up and if
you don't vet it if you retweet it or
you repost it on your Facebook or
whatever you pass that along understand
that there are a lot of people out there
who are trying to discredit you who were
trying to discredit the things that you
believe in and they will put stuff out
there that will play to your political
beliefs to your biases they'll tell you
all kinds of crazy there was a story
that was circulating not too long ago
about Mel Gibson saying that he had this
interview and in the UK and that he said
that all these people in Hollywood are
passing baby blood around like currency
and so for all these sensational things
and then you look at
he says yeah he said this to some people
off the record in a green room and so
forth you pass that around and they're
gonna use that to discredit you and one
of the things that they use to discredit
people from pushing back against their
arguments to completely take you out of
the argument whenever they use a tragedy
to push gun control their agenda as
they're currently doing now in parkland
one of the things that they do is to say
try to get you to agree that nobody died
there that is a tactic to discredit you
it's a tactic to discredit the media and
it's a tactic that some people use quite
frankly to try to make themselves into a
public figure to try to draw attention
to themselves it isn't and all or
nothing this is not a binary world where
everything is either I all true or not
the question in these events are is the
government telling us the truth who did
the killing we really do want to know
who did the killing that's important in
many cases isn't it to know who did the
killing if they really want to push
forward an agenda it is a lot more
effective for them if people actually do
die did you think about that think about
that for a moment so we played a clip
from a rally where Oh N and Joe Biggs
were trolled by these people and you can
see their true colors and all this they
tried to pretend that Owen was endorsing
their phony reward hundred thousand
dollar reward to prove that anybody died
in any shooting anytime anywhere any
place and of course anybody that shows
them birth certificates or death
certificates or shows them pictures oh
no that's fake that's fake
that's a doctored document that's a
crisis actor that's a this they don't
believe anything anybody shows them
that's the tactic and it is bait to try
to shut you down and discredit you but
it's also something very hateful and I
wanted to bring on mark Collins because
the day after the shooting mark who used
to live there he used to actually be a
pastor of that church
knew what was going on there as a matter
of fact he broke on this story the news
CNN was telling everybody that the
person who was stopped was stopped by a
good guy with a gun they're the
had a shotgun and mark came on and said
no I know the man and he said it wasn't
a shotgun it was an AR and it took him a
while to get there because he had an
empty magazine he had to put the bullets
in the magazine if you've ever done that
you know that's a slow process to put
bullets on your magazine they talked
about how anguished the man was in terms
of doing this and you've all seen the
clip where he he did the right thing
it's a very difficult thing for him to
do but now we have these people down
there they just got arrested on Monday
I've talked about this for the last two
days and I wanted mark to come on to
talk about what is going on there with
the pastor they were just arrested for
harassing the pastor who lost his
daughter in that shooting and joining us
now is Mark Collins thank you so much
for joining us mark to set the record
straight David it is truly an honor to
be with you once again and just thank
you for taking the time to address some
of these issues you know Frank was Navy
any Navy veteran he was a patriot one of
those killed Corrigan was an e 10 which
is one of the highest-ranked that an
enlisted man can have just an incredible
individual a lot of Patriots in this
church and it just really grieves them
that they're considered part of the
conspiracy and it if these folks would
just take a moment and go and search
these people out
Brian Holcomb who was the associate
pastor who was supposed to preach that
morning is Beth Or sixth generation in
that area and so I wish Brian would come
back if he was just acting but you know
if they would just do a little research
they would see that these people didn't
come in the week or the month before
this event and we're actors or whatever
they they think but they don't want to
really dig deep they just they're
convinced that they're right and it's
really devastating to these people that
have lost so much and just pray that
they could gain wisdom we know that our
government has given us a lot of reasons
not to trust and you know arrest and and
our Intel community being weaponized
that has turned out to be a really a
reality in many case
when you look at what happened in Las
Vegas I mean we had a narrative and
changed radically from time to time
right and and so many suspicious things
that but we know people were shot
the question is we were looking at this
and saying well we want to know who did
the shooting and and you look at the
agendas that they're pushing out there
we have to be able to be accurate so
that we can question the inaccuracies of
the government and we don't want to add
to the grief of people who have lost
loved ones this pastor down there Frank
Pomeroy you pointed out that he was in
the military as well they're threatening
him threatening to hang him threatening
to urinate on him his daughter was
killed in that attack
absolutely yeah you know yeah they even
said that they've seen Annabelle living
in Michigan or just some of the stuff
it's just really off the shelf just the
other day I read that we were accused
I've been roasted crude rose the
which I had to go look up what in the
world is that and you know it's part of
the Illuminati and in it and all of that
is based on the fact that in the
memorial we have little red crosses on
the back of each chair representing each
of the victims that died and arose in
each chair and of course apparently as I
look this stuff up
they use a rose and a cross as their
symbol but who would have thought that a
Baptist Church would use a cross and a
rose to memorialize those that have died
so you know it's just it really gets on
then I just wish they would take a
breath and step back and and really do
some research these were real folks that
lost their real lives and of course if
you research this you can see that this
$100,000 reward is totally phony if they
have the money they won't respond to
anybody that gives them any
documentation about any shooting and any
people who were killed they don't
believe that any of these people existed
they won't respond to any evidence that
any of these people existed as you
pointed out you know one of the people
there that was killed as a long-term
veteran these people were well-known in
that community they were known by you
years ago when you were a pastor there
there's absolutely no question about it
but it is very disturbing to see this
and we got to take a break but when we
come back I want to play a little bit of
a clip where one of these individuals
came up and and was harassing Frank
Pomeroy they were proud of what they had
done to this man and I want people to
see the humble way in which this pastor
responded I looked at that and I thought
I don't think I could have had that much
control I think I probably would have
gone after that guy but it is amazing to
see the love and the the broader scope
of this pastor we're gonna show you that
clip when we come back and talk to Mark
Collins who used to be a pastor at that
church stay with us we'll be right back
welcome back I'm David Knight and we're
talking to Mark Collins he used to be a
pastor at the Sutherland springs church
that was a shot up last summer I think
was in July a lot of people died there
and we talked a lot about the Parkland
Stoneman Douglas shooting 17 people
adults and children died there
there were 26 people who died at the
Sutherland Springs Church many of them
far younger than the high school
students and some of them older than the
teachers that died there as if age makes
a difference but 26 people not 17 and it
was interesting that this was not used
as part of a gun control agenda because
it didn't fight fit their narrative you
had a good guy with the same gun the
ar-15 that they want to demonize that
they want to ban who stopped the shooter
who was armed with that same gun and he
was an NR former NRA instructor as well
but now you've got people who are going
down there harassing just got arrested
for harassing the pastor down there
pastor Frank Pomeroy Mark Collins used
to be a pastor there at that church that
was shot up all those people killed on
that church and and mark we were talking
about the people there and how you've
known them for quite some time tell me a
little bit about Frank Pomeroy the man
what do you know about the man and the
pastor Frank Pomeroy because I want to
play a clip of this individual who was
arrested earlier in the week at rolling
Frank Pomeroy
and he was proud of what he did to Frank
Pomeroy I'm actually proud of what
Frank Pomeroy did in response but I want
you to talk to the people a little bit
about the man you know Frank Pomeroy you
know I was the interim pastor for a year
and we called Frank to be the full-time
pastor and I became his associate pastor
basically second-in-command for thirteen
years and he has become my dearest
friend in the world you know totally
vastly different backgrounds he grew up
in a very rough home dysfunctional to
the max you know according to according
to Frank in a lot of ways and and yet he
survived all that became a Navy veteran
and then the Lord called him into
full-time ministry and he kind he kind
of came from the rougher side of the
tracks but here's a man that loves the
Lord I remember years ago a little
Hispanic set of girls that were sisters
that were in foster care in one of the
families and they brought him to the
Vacation Bible School and those two
little girls never left Sutherland
Springs after that because Frank and
sherry adopted them the youngest one
Annabelle was the fetal alcohol baby
they told him Frank cherry she will
never talk she will probably be pretty
much vegetative and through the love of
these two people that took this total
stranger you know basically of the world
would look at broken broken goods and
Annabelle became this beautiful vibrant
talkative young lady that and they were
just shocked the foster system was just
like this this is just not possible
and unfortunately that morning that
precious soul went on to eternity and
you know just Frank and Sherry's love
for their community and for their folks
and you know how they have sustained
under all of the things that have
happened to them only God knows and it's
only through God's help and support that
they've been able to do what they're
doing and to keep going and it's just
sad that on top of everything else that
they've lost they're now having to deal
with this and I would just encourage
these people that are doing this you
know research the government recent
impact research US research essence
and Springs find out that these were
long termed citizens generations of
Holcomb generation Hills then and many
of these families have been there for
years it's not like these actors flew
into town acted like they got shot and
flew off if these guys really want to
know the tree dig for the truth you'll
see that these families have been there
for generations yes I want to play a
clip of this individual who's just
arrested for continually harassing the
pastor I think this clip was may be back
in December at some point time it so now
here we are in March it's been harassing
them off and on I guess or maybe
continuously since then but I want
people to see the grace the Christian
love of this pastor he knows that he's
not just talking to this one individual
I mean if that were the case
no white white cast her pearls before
swine he could have just walked off and
I'd had any comment but he used this as
an opportunity to talk about the love
and grace of Christ I want to play that
clip I just want to ask you one question
how many people showed up here and said
it was faked not at all
many people coming in and their hearts
have been affected in ways which they
never expected right all right
how do you know for a fact that it
actually happened if you weren't here
I'm just just I'm just these are people
who they're asking us questions on our
media sites so that's what I'm saying
we've got a you can tell those people
God is at work here and you can only
encourage them to find faith and trust
and this is a encouragement to believe
you know know how well you know the
Bible but very well but there's a place
in there that says that in the last days
the question will be from Jesus is there
faith on earth are we in the last days
in your opinion in my opinion yes but I
don't know that much but all I'm saying
is that we work with all that's going on
in the world we seek solutions in many
different ways it's getting more and
more clear that the solutions we're
seeking don't work right right what
where is all this leading now all of
these mass events for us to find cake
that's what she trusts to see what the
real answer is even though something in
an overwhelming opinion some of them are
manufactured by Department Homeland
Security I mean what do you think about
that is that all leading toward the same
faith all right let's let's cut it there
at that point this guy is just gonna
continue harass hassle him and evidently
because that didn't work he got much
more threatening the individual that you
heard they're talking and trolling that
pastor who responded with humility and
gentleness and talked about how the
problem that is happening there oh
that's not Frank I thought that was
Frank they're telling me that's not
Frank but in any way that was a still
another guy that was that the that was a
guy named Bob so where the mark is
telling us I thought that was the pastor
I don't know the pastor there but
nevertheless that individual who goes to
church there was responding in a very
gentle way and trying to talk about the
greater the greater needs that people
have and why some individual just murder
26 people what is wrong with our society
was what he was talking about mark
absolutely you know that precious soul
him and his wife came from the East
Coast his name is Bob but just for his
protection that's all I'll tell them
they came and went to every funeral
David and then volunteered to man the
memorial for about six weeks leaving
their hole so he wasn't even at that he
wasn't even a member of that church he
was this there to help people touched
that they came all the way from the East
Coast and stayed for nearly two months
ministering to the folks at Southern
Springs Bob but Bob and his wife were
just precious folks but yet they didn't
great the way he handled himself in it
yeah there's amazing contrast between
him and between this other individual
because I don't know if you heard the
clip at the beginning of the hour but I
played the way that he was trolling Joe
Biggs and people that were with Joe
Biggs about the shooting in Vegas saying
that nobody died there and they were
very upset because they or nobody was
shot they knew people who had been shot
and they got very very upset with them
obviously they're screaming back and
forth of each other
profanities I understand that I probably
would have reacted the way Joe did and
and the other guy but the way that Bob
acted was with Christian charity and
humility and talking about what is truly
missing in the society all right stay
with us when we come back when I talk to
Mark Collins I want to give him the
final word on and let him speak to some
of these people who are out there making
life miserable for the grieving families
after that shooting stay with us we'll
be right back welcome back I'm David
Knight and we're talking to mark Collins
who used to be a pastor at the church
that was shot up in Sutherland Springs
Church he knows the current pastor there
now he they basically they switched
places he came in as an associate pastor
underneath mark and then became the
pastor and Mark moved on but he knows
the people that are there he's known
them for generations and again earlier
this week some individuals who've been
harassing people in that community were
arrested for that and he had threatened
these other people had threatened the
pastor yelling screaming hollering you
we showed you a clip of what they were
doing at a rally here in Austin - Joe
Biggs and two other people and he was
doing that type of thing yelling
screaming threatening to hang the pastor
from a tree and urinate on him
the police have arrested them and
Pomeroy the pastor said he thought the
couple was trying to bait him into doing
something rash and trying to play some
angle by saying that the shooting was
staged that his daughter never existed
as the Daily Caller article points out
First Baptist congregants have been
harassed by these people previously
Pomeroy said he was glad that
authorities have finally arrested them
but mark tell us you know what what this
really means for the the people there in
the community and you know if you want
to talk to these people who have been
harassing them you've got an opportunity
to do so well thank you David again you
know it's been sort of a relief that
these who were sort of the tip of the
spear in this effort
I guess seek truth as they say I Lana
again I challenged them to truly seek
truth go and investigate who these
people were did they just show up or
have they been here for generations and
and and they'll find the truth but the
other thing is just on the off chance
that they're wrong that these are not
actors just think of how I mean it's the
epitome to evil of evil to call a mother
who lost her daughter and call that
daughter every profane word in that you
can imagine and say tell the truth that
your blankety-blank daughter is really
not dead can you imagine how devastating
that is to get this call from a stranger
so please leave these folks alone until
you know what you're talking about the
other thing is I'm a patriot
I love your show I've been on your show
I spent seven years making a documentary
film to warn America about the global
agenda and and that you know there's
enemies of our state domestic and
foreign and we need to be aware of it
and so I understand a lot of where
they're coming from and if they have
questions or if they really want truth
and they want to dialogue with me
peaceably I'll give you my email address
and and I'll dialogue with anybody that
really wants true because I know what
the truth is and I'd love to share that
with and so my email is Mark Collins px
ma RK Co llin s TX at yahoo.com they
have questions concerns by the mark I
have trouble wrapping my mind around
this help me I'll be glad to be glad to
dialogue with anybody but listen let's
leave these victims alone until you know
what you know is true absolutely I mean
we would look at situations yet we look
at situations like Las Vegas we want to
know what happened there we want the
government to be transparent with us not
lie to us not constantly change the
agenda so we do ask questions and when
people come in and say well either you
know nothing ever happened at any of
these events nobody was ever hurt that's
absolutely patently obviously false I
mean it's more effective for them if
people are hurt because then people are
going to be motivated to go
after the phony solutions that they're
offering but they didn't offer any phony
solutions after this because it didn't
fit their narrative that they want to
use for gun control and so it's most
amazing to me that they would continue
to pursue that especially to pursue it
here they have to understand that you
know part of investigation is to be is
to have an open mind you know we're
trying to get the truth from people we
want to know what's happening and
sometimes the truth isn't what you
decided it was going to be beforehand
absolutely yeah I have an open mind
don't already have a predetermined
disposition though what you know is true
a lot of times it's not and trust me in
this case it's not I saw the blood I saw
the bullet holes I saw my friends and my
loved ones leave this world and that's
real and and they're causing a hurt to a
lot of folks that don't deserve it tell
me about Steven Wolford the the hero who
did that how is he coping with that
because I know that he was very he was
struggling because he did not want to
have to do anything like that but he did
that he put himself in danger to save
other people we saw the video of him as
he was talking about it how he struggled
with the fact that he couldn't have
saved more people by getting there
earlier how is he doing he's really
seems to be doing very good he's been
very active at the church I've seen you
about the church quite a few times and
you know because he's now invested he
invested his life in those people they
weren't strangers to him but he wasn't a
member of that that body but Steven
there's a precious soul and I keep him
in your prayers but I think he's doing
really well and you know a lot of people
have encouraged you didn't do all that
do you think you could have but you did
you ran toward the roar of battle when
other people would run away from it and
that's that commanding and it is it is
truly is and you know he didn't go to
that church he had he goes to another
Church he's a Christian and it truly is
a picture of what Christ calls us to do
and that is to sacrificially love other
people to put yourself at risk for the
lives of other people
really thought that he was gonna be shot
and and the individual who was there
they both had the same gun but the other
individual had a bulletproof vest and so
you know it really truly was an act of
courage an act of selfless love and and
it is something that that has to be
commended and it was something that was
so powerful that for the most part the
media chose not to talk about that
absolutely as you shared it did not fit
their narrative here here was a man with
a good guy with a gun stop the bad guy
with the gun and and what a beautiful
picture of what we should all be about
you know one of the earliest questions
that God asked Adam was are ask a or
Cain ask God am I my brother's keeper
and the answer to that is yes and and we
have seen that over and over the
outpouring from all over the world all
over the country for Sutherland Springs
and there's the encouraging side of it
it's not all negative it's just been
incredible Bob for example who leaves
their home on the east coast and comes
for two months to invest their life and
a bunch of strangers they've never met
before and yes yeah he was so composed
that I just assumed that he was a pastor
didn't say anything in the videos to who
he was and I just assumed that it was a
pastor you know mark there was one other
thing too because I talked to people who
are having their lives threatened by
Marxist government the Marxist
government has promised to take their
their property the white farmers and
South Africa now they have reimpose
depart ID and now they're talking about
genocide there and as the struggles were
there there was another story of a
Christian who visited a church one day
and the rebels are part of the ANC at
the time before they got power they
decided they were gonna go to a church
that was a liberal Church they figured
prosperous area they figured nobody
would be carrying a weapon this
individuals name is Charlene Vic and
I've interviewed him he would carry a
pistol because he decided he said he
struggled with this as a Christian but
he said I knew that it was my
responsibility to be able to not only
protect my own life and defend it but
also to protect other people and he had
seen some acts of violence so he was
there just happened to be visiting that
church that day not a member of that
church these guys came in throwing hand
grenades firing fully on
medic weapons into that church killed a
lot of people instantly he was it was a
very large congregation over a thousand
people they had planned to kill everyone
in that church he was all the way up in
one corner he had a revolver with five
shots and you know I'm never gonna hit
these guys he got out their revolver
fired one shot and maybe two and then
he's that I'm too far away he went out
the back and came around the other side
and they were already running away and
then he took another couple of shots of
them and then they completely ran away
because they thought there were multiple
people who were armed there and that's
what they testified later on because
they were able to come out and talk
about this because of truth and
reconciliation that they had in that
country and so they're able to talk
about that without being prosecuted for
the murders that they had committed but
it's very important for people to
understand I think a lot of people in
church has got that message they took it
upon themselves to train individuals to
protect themselves I think this is a
solution in churches it's a solution in
schools it's a solution in America that
we take responsibility to protect
ourselves and protect other people and
to train ourselves to do that and I
think a lot of churches are doing that
now aren't they
maybe they really are you know and I
think it's very biblical when they
rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem they they
had their shovel in one hand and they're
stored in the other hand that's man you
know we do have a responsibility under
the Lord's leading to protect our fellow
man and and to stand up for them and I
praise the Lord that you know our our
country has done that all over the world
and and I think it's because of the
biblical precepts that's been instilled
in us for so many years I hate to see us
lose that and in some of these
individuals that are attacking Frank and
the church in southern Springs
they've lost perspective of those things
that's right yeah he referenced that I
know reminds me of Charles Haddon
Spurgeon his trial and sword that's what
he called when he wrote all right well
thank you very much mark appreciate that
thank you god bless you
that's it for our show thanks for
we've taken rain forests and made it
brain forest plus now a 20% more in the
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