Author Topic: Nobody Died? Is Everything A Lie?  (Read 40 times)

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Nobody Died? Is Everything A Lie?
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:50:02 AM »

No here's one of Joe's friends so you
taught me my friend did get shot in
Vegas I saw the blood I saw the bullet
holes I saw my friends and my loved ones
leave this world and that's real and and
they're causing a hurt to a lot of folks
that don't deserve it you found it it's
the real news with your host David
Knight welcome back I want to talk to
you about false flags and I want to talk
to you about false narratives about
false flags as well it's very important
that we understand that this isn't a
binary choice
it isn't that either everything the
government says is true or everything
the government says is false if it's
going to be effective
they're going to mix things together
folks we have to look at their agenda
and what they're trying to do that's why
in the aftermath of this parkland
shooting I have tried to focus more on
the gun control moves that are being
made then even what the students are
being are saying but when people say
things that are wrong when people lie
when Sheriff's Department's continually
changed their stories it's valid to
criticize them one of the ways that they
check down that criticism is to say that
when somebody comes out as well again we
look at this and say everything is
either true or everything is is wrong
one of the things that these people will
do who are trying to shut down any
discussion or examination of what
happens or to shut down the examination
of the proposals that they're putting
out there one of the things that they do
is to come out and say nobody died
nobody died that has become the favorite
tactic to shut us down that is as common
as seeing censorship with harassment and
bullying remember when we had Mike Adams
come in he said they went back six years
when he had discussion and he had a guy
who was analyzing what happened at Sandy
Hook and he said in the discussion the
guy said nobody died and he said well he
said I didn't agree with him he said we
were talking about
some of the lies that had come out the
inconsistencies that had come out of
Sandy Hook and it's important to look at
that as we did with Las Vegas but they
went back six years and shut that down
side that's bullying and harassment let
me tell you what was real bullying and
harassment I've talked about it last
couple of days I'm gonna talk to
somebody who used to be a pastor at this
church in Sutherland Springs and he
knows the people there and he knows that
it was real and yet you got some people
who continue to go down there and harass
the pastor and the church members who
lost loved ones and get in their face
about this stuff and I had within the
the shooting happened in Vegas on a
Wednesday and I had Steve patch in ik
there used to be maybe still is CIA call
me on Wednesday as part of the program
to talk about what was happening in
Vegas and he began by saying nobody died
this whole thing is totally faking has
that stopped right there I don't believe
that I don't believe that at all this is
a tactic that people use to make us to
try to throw us under the bus so that we
can't look at anything that the
government has done and I don't
appreciate that kind of tactic and
that's the same type of thing is being
used by some people who are desperate
for attention or they're either federal
shills but whatever their motive or
whoever they are what they're doing is
absolutely reprehensible we're gonna
talk to Mark Collins in the next segment
but I want to show you one of the things
that they are doing here because when we
contacted him about this he he thought
that we were in agreement with these
people and I want to show you how they
twist the truth in December there was an
antiviral rally that was being covered
Owen Schroyer was there with a cameraman
from Infowars and so forth and they they
came up and blindsided him and said we
got this sent this flyer here we want to
show you this flyer and they gave him a
flyer and he goes oh okay you know and
he read the name that was on the flyer
and they used that to say that we
endorsed their absurd campaign that over
33 shootings not a single person died
let me tell you something if they want
to do a false flag operation it's gonna
be far more effective if they kill
people if they kill people and you can
take a look at what there
to do to see if they've got an agenda
that's already lined up and ready to go
just waiting for the right kind of you
know they didn't do any of that
in Texas why because in Texas the
shooting didn't fit their gun control
pattern you had a good guy with a gun
the same gun that the bad guy was using
stopped him and that guy was the good
guy was an NRA man didn't fit their
narrative and there wasn't any changing
narrative like we saw it in Las Vegas it
wasn't like the the police kept changing
this and changing that and changing this
it wasn't that we had all these
inconsistencies and all these
absurdities are coming out of agus it
was straight up murder straight up
murder so let's play first for you how
they cut this out at that rally to try
to show that Infowars endorsed and we do
not endorse what they had to say thank
you thank you ma'am
and so they put that up that little
10-second video and they say this is uh
this is Infowars endorsing this and it's
not not he didn't know what that was
when he held it up and at the same time
if you looked in the background you can
see Joe Biggs over there at the same
rally Joe Biggs was there not there as
part of Infowars
but these another person with this
organization comes over and starts
trolling him about the shooting here's
that clip about your visit down to
Orlando the pulse nightclub victims real
or fake
come on man are you really gonna sell
the public that really went down as real
people died at the Orlando post
nightclub dude come on man come on man
actual protestors no no no they're right
over there
yeah Joe Biggs isn't buying into this
and he he went to Orlando he knows
better but the guy won't stop
just keep strolling Joe Sanjo is sitting
there on his phone a guy just keeps says
look I don't have the camera on but he
still got the camera that's their
tactics non-disclosed contractor work he
spent the day with the victims that had
lunch posed for pictures whole
interviews all that all those ones that
got shot I see at this point then his
partner goes over and does that troll
but he's also saying Oh Infowars you
guys are trying to cover stuff up
all right he continues to patrol Joe and
then some other people were with Joe
come over and then at this one point he
has Joe asked him he says well what
about Vegas because this is only I guess
it may be about two months after Vegas
and they get into a there you can see
right there that is the woman doing her
thing with Owen right there but then
watch what happens here he claims he's
gonna give $100,000 reward anybody that
the shows that something happened to
people yet many people have given him
any documentation that you give him he
refuses to pay up that's what you want
to believe man whatever
not a victim there see if so come after
my hundred thousand dollars it's for
that one also did Joe knows somebody was
shot we've been trying we've been trying
to give that money away
there's one of the Joe's friends so you
taught me my friend did get shot in
Vegas yeah and so at this point it's
just back and forth then the guy with
Joe is incredibly angry at this point
for those of you who are listening to
the beeps on radio and he is getting in
his face and they're shouting at each
other course there's what you don't see
behind the camera is there's five or six
cops around there nobody's gonna start
anything with that but this is what
these people have been doing to the
pastor in Sutherland Springs and we'll
come back we're gonna talk to Mark
Collins who used to be a pastor there
I'm gonna show you a clip of the pastor
these people were arrested for harassing
the pastor for claiming that the
shooting was staged they were arrested
on Monday and I tell you what it is you
really have to question the motives of
this these people hate us more than
megyn kelly does but they're the ones
fueling the agenda that megyn kelly uses
stay with us we'll be right back welcome
back I was just showing you a couple of
clips showing the The Lying tactics that
some people use to try to entrap those
of us who might be inclined to jump in
and endorse something this applies to
everybody not just people in the media
and it's something we learn to live with
in the media but you on social media
when you decide and you see something
that somebody puts up and if you don't
vet it if you retweet it or you repost
it on your Facebook or whatever you pass
that along
understand that there are a lot of
people out there who are trying to
discredit you who were trying to
discredit the things that you believe in
and they will put stuff out there that
will play to your political beliefs to
your biases they'll tell you all kinds
of crazy there was a story that was
circulating not too long ago about Mel
Gibson saying that he had this interview
and in the UK and that he said that all
these people in Hollywood are passing
baby blood around like currency and so
for all these sensational things and
then you look at
he says yeah he said this to some people
off the record in a green room and so
forth you pass that around and they're
gonna use that to discredit you and one
of the things that they use to discredit
people from pushing back against their
arguments to completely take you out of
the argument whenever they use a tragedy
to push gun control their agenda as
they're currently doing now in parkland
one of the things that they do is to say
try to get you to agree that nobody died
there that is a tactic to discredit you
it's a tactic to discredit the media and
it's a tactic that some people use quite
frankly to try to make themselves into a
public figure to try to draw attention
to themselves it isn't and all or
nothing this is not a binary world where
everything is either I all true or not
the question in these events are is the
government telling us the truth who did
the killing we really do want to know
who did the killing that's important in
many cases isn't it to know who did the
killing if they really want to push
forward an agenda it is a lot more
effective for them if people actually do
die did you think about that think about
that for a moment so we played a clip
from a rally where Oh N and Joe Biggs
were trolled by these people and you can
see their true colors and all this they
tried to pretend that Owen was endorsing
their phony reward hundred thousand
dollar reward to prove that anybody died
in any shooting anytime anywhere any
place and of course anybody that shows
them birth certificates or death
certificates or shows them pictures oh
no that's fake that's fake
that's a doctored document that's a
crisis actor that's a this they don't
believe anything anybody shows them
that's the tactic and it is bait to try
to shut you down and discredit you but
it's also something very hateful and I
wanted to bring on mark Collins because
the day after the shooting mark who used
to live there he used to actually be a
pastor of that church
knew what was going on there's a matter
of fact he broke on this story the news
CNN was telling everybody that the
person who was stopped was stopped by a
good guy with a gun they're the
had a shotgun and mark came on and said
no I know the man and he said it wasn't
the shotgun it was an AR and it took him
a while to get there because he had an
empty magazine he had to put the bullets
in the magazine if you've ever done that
you know that's a slow process to put
bullets on your magazine they talked
about how anguished the man was in terms
of doing this and you've all seen the
clip where he he did the right thing
it's a very difficult thing for him to
do but now we have these people down
there they just got arrested on Monday
I've talked about this for the last two
days and I wanted mark to come on to
talk about what is going on there with
the pastor they were just arrested for
harassing the pastor who lost his
daughter in that shooting and joining us
now is Mark Collins thank you so much
for joining us mark to set the record
straight David it is truly an honor to
be with you once again and just thank
you for taking the time to address some
of these issues you know Frank was a
navy many a navy veteran he was a
patriot one of those killed Corrigan was
an e 10 which is one of the
highest-ranked that an enlisted man can
have just an incredible individual a lot
of Patriots in this church and it just
really grieves them that they're
considered part of the conspiracy and it
if these folks would just take a moment
and go and search these people out
Brian Holcomb who was the associate
pastor who was supposed to preach that
morning is Beth Or sixth generation in
that area and so I wish Brian would come
back if he was just acting but you know
if they would just do a little research
they would see that these people didn't
come in the week or the month before
this event and we're actors or whatever
they they think but they don't want to
really dig deep they just they're
convinced that they're right and it's
really devastating to these people that
have lost so much and just pray that
they could gain wisdom we know that our
government has given us a lot of reasons
not to trust and you know arrests and
and our Intel community being weaponized
that has turned out to be a really a
reality in many case
when you look at what happened in Las
Vegas I mean we had a narrative and
changed radically from time to time
right and and so many suspicious things
they but we know people were shot
the question is we were looking at this
and saying well we want to know who did
the shooting and and you look at the
agendas that they're pushing out there
we have to be able to be accurate so
that we can question the inaccuracies of
the government and we don't want to add
to the grief of people who have lost
loved ones this pastor down there
Frank Pomeroy you pointed out that he
was in the military as well they're
threatening him threatening to hang him
threatening to urinate on him his
daughter was killed in that attack
absolutely and you know yeah they even
said that they've seen Annabelle living
in Michigan or are just some of the
stuff it's just really off the shelf
just the other day I read that we were
accused I've been roasted crude rose the
crucians which I had to go look up what
in the world is that and you know it's
part of the Illuminati and in it and all
of that is based on the fact that in the
memorial we have little red crosses on
the back of each chair representing each
of the victims that died and arose in
each chair and of course apparently as I
look this stuff up they use a rose and a
cross as their symbol but who would have
thought that a Baptist Church would use
a cross and a rose to memorialize those
that have died so you know it's just it
really gets on the n then I just wish
they would take a breath and step back
and and really do some research these
were real folks that lost their real
lives and of course if you research this
you can see that this $100,000 reward is
totally phony if they have the money
they won't respond to anybody that gives
them any documentation about any
shooting and any people who were killed
they don't believe that any of these
people existed they won't respond to any
evidence that any of these people
existed as you pointed out you know one
of the people there that was killed as a
long-term veteran these people were
well-known in that community they were
known by you years ago when you were a
pastor there there's absolutely no
question about it
but it is very disturbing to see this
and we got to take a break but when we
come back I want to play a little bit of
a clip where one of these individuals
came up and and was harassing Frank
Pomeroy they were proud of what they had
done to this man and I want people to
see the humble way in which this pastor
responded I looked at that and I thought
I don't think I could have had that much
control I think I probably would have
gone after that guy but it is amazing to
see the love and the the broader scope
of this pastor we're gonna show you that
clip when we come back and talk to Mark
Collins who used to be a pastor at that
church they want us to be right back
welcome back I'm David Knight and we're
talking to mark Collins he used to be a
pastor at the Sutherland Springs Church
that was a shot up last summer I think
was in July a lot of people died there
and we talked a lot about the Parkland
Stoneman Douglas shooting 17 people
adults and children died there
there were 26 people who died at the
Sutherland Springs Church many of them
far younger than the high school
students and some of them older than the
teachers that died there as if age makes
a difference but 26 people not 17 and it
was interesting that this was not used
as part of a gun control agenda because
it didn't fight fit their narrative you
had a good guy with the same gun the
ar-15 that they want to demonize that
they want to ban who stopped the shooter
who was armed with that same gun and he
was an NR former NRA instructor as well
but now you've got people who were going
down there harassing just got arrested
for harassing the pastor down there
pastor Frank Pomeroy Mark Collins used
to be a pastor there at that church that
was shot up all those people killed on
that church and and Mark we were talking
about the people there and how you've
known them for quite some time tell me a
little bit about Frank Pomeroy the man
what do you know about the man and the
pastor Frank Pomeroy because I want to
play a clip of this individual who was
arrested earlier in the week at rollin
Frank Pomeroy and he was proud of what
he did to Frank Pomeroy I'm actually
proud of what Frank
Pomeroy did in response but I want you
to talk to the people a little bit about
the man you know Frank Pomeroy you know
I was the interim pastor for a year and
we called Frank to be the full-time
pastor and I became his associate pastor
basically second-in-command for thirteen
years and he has become my dearest
friend in the world you know totally
vastly different backgrounds he grew up
in a very rough home dysfunctional to
the max you know according to according
to Frank in a lot of ways and and yet he
survived all that became a Navy veteran
and then the Lord called him into
full-time ministry and he kind he kind
of came from the rougher side of the
tracks but here's a man that loves the
Lord I remember years ago a little
Hispanic set of girls that were sisters
that were in foster care in one of the
families then they brought him to the
Vacation Bible School and those two
little girls never left Sutherland
Springs after that because Frank and
sherry adopted them the youngest one
Annabelle was the fetal alcohol baby
they told him Frank cherry she will
never talk she will probably be pretty
much vegetative and through the love of
these two people
that took this total stranger you know
basically the world would look at broken
broken goods and Annabelle became this
beautiful vibrant talkative young lady
that and they were just shocked the
foster system was just like this this is
just not possible
and unfortunately that morning that
precious soul went on to eternity and
you know just Frank and Sherry's love
for their community and for their folks
and you know how they have sustained
under all of the things that have
happened to them only God knows and it's
only through God's help and support that
they've been able to do what they're
doing and to keep going and it's just
sad that on top of everything else that
they've lost they're now having to deal
with this and I would just encourage
these people that are doing this you
know research the government recent
impact research us research essence of
Springs find out that these were
long-term citizens generations of
Holcomb generation Hills then and many
of these families have been there for
years it's not like these actors flew
into town acted like they got shot and
flew off if these guys really want to
know the tree dig for the truth you'll
see that these families have been there
for generations yes I want to play a
clip of this individual who's just
arrested for continually harassing the
pastor I think this clip was maybe back
in December at some point time so now
here we are in March it's been harassing
them off and on I guess or maybe
continuously since then but I want
people to see the grace the Christian
love of this pastor he knows that he's
not just talking to this one individual
I mean if that were the case you know
white white cast your pearls before
swine he could have just walked off and
I'd had any comment but he used this as
an opportunity to talk about the love
and grace of Christ I want to play that
clip I just want to ask you one question
how many people showed up here and said
it was faked
and their hearts have been affected in
ways which they never expected right all
right how do you know for a fact that it
actually happened if you weren't here
I'm just I'm just these are people who
they're asking those questions on our
media sites so that's what I'm saying
we've got you you can tell those people
God is at work here and we can only
encourage them to find faith and trust
and this is a encouragement to believe
you know know how well you know the
Bible but very well but there's a place
in there that says that in the last days
the question will be from Jesus is there
faith on earth and all are we in the
last days in your opinion in my opinion
yes but I don't know that much but all
I'm saying is that with all that's going
on in the world we seek solutions in
many different ways and it's getting
more and more clear that the solutions
we're seeking don't work right right
what where is all this leading though
all of these mass events for us to find
that's actually for us to see for what
the real answer is even though something
in an overwhelming opinion some of them
are manufactured by Department Homeland
Security I mean what do you think about
that is that all leading toward the same
faith alright let's let's cut it there
at that point this guy is just gonna
continue his hassle him and evidently
because that didn't work he got much
more threatening the individual that you
heard they're talking and trolling that
pastor who responded with humility and
gentleness and talked about how the
problem that is happening there oh
that's not Frank I thought that was
Frank they're telling me that's not
Frank but in any way that was a still
another guy that was that the that was a
guy named Bob so where the mark is
telling us hey I thought that was the
pastor I don't know the pastor there but
nevertheless that individual who goes to
church there was responding in a very
gentle way and trying to talk about the
greater the greater needs that people
have and why some individual just murder
twenty six people what is wrong with our
society was what he was talking about
mark yeah absolutely you know that
precious so him and his wife ain't from
the East Coast his name is Bob but just
for his protection that's all I'll tell
them they came and went to every funeral
David and then volunteered to man the
memorial for about six weeks leaving
there also he wasn't even at that he
wasn't even a member of that church he
was this there to help people touched
that they came all the way from the East
Coast and stayed for nearly two months
ministering to the folks at Southern
Springs Bob and Bob and his wife were
just precious folks but yeah isn't it
great the way he handled himself in it
yeah there's amazing contrast between
him and between this other individual
because I don't know if you heard the
clip at the beginning of the hour but I
played the way that he was trolling Joe
Biggs and people that were with Joe
Biggs about the shooting in Vegas saying
that nobody died there and they were
very upset because they or nobody was
shot they knew people who had been shot
and they got very very upset with him
obviously they're screaming back and
each other profanities I understand that
I probably would have reacted the way
Joe did and and the other guy but the
way that Bob acted was with Christian
charity and humility and talking about
what is truly missing in the society all
right stay with us when we come back I
talked to Mark Collins I want to give
him the final word on and let him speak
to some of these people who are out
there making life miserable for the
grieving families after that shooting
stay with us we'll be right back welcome
back I'm David Knight and we're talking
to mark Collins who used to be a pastor
at the church that was shot up in
Sutherland Springs Church he knows the
current pastor there now he they
basically they switched places he came
in as an associate pastor underneath
mark and then became the pastor and Mark
moved on but he knows the people that
are there he's known them for
generations and again earlier this week
some individuals who have been harassing
people in that community were arrested
for that and he had threatened these
other people had threatened the pastor
yelling screaming hollering we showed
you a clip of what they were doing at a
rally here and Austin - Joe Biggs and
two other people and he was doing that
type of thing yelling screaming
threatening to hang the pastor from a
tree and urinate on him the police have
arrested them and Pomeroy the pastor
said he thought the couple was trying to
bait him into doing something rash and
trying to play some angle by saying that
the shooting was staged that his
daughter never existed as the daily
caller article points out the First
Baptist congregants have been harassed
by these people previously Pomeroy said
he was glad that authorities have
finally arrested them but mark tell us
you know what what this really means for
the the people there in the community
and you know if you want to talk to
these people who have been harassing
them you've got an opportunity to do so
well thank you David again you know it's
been sort of a relief that these we were
sort of the tip of the spear in this
I guess seek truth as they say
I'll and again I challenged them to
truly seek truth go and investigate who
these people were did they just show up
or have they been here for generations
and and and they'll find the truth but
the other thing is just on the off
chance that they're wrong that these are
not actors just think of how I mean it's
the epitome to evil of evil to call a
mother who lost her daughter and called
that daughter every profane word in that
you can imagine and say tell the truth
that your blankety-blank daughter is
really not dead can you imagine how
devastating that is to get this call
from a stranger so please leave these
folks alone until you know what you're
talking about the other thing is I'm a
patriot I love your show I've been on
your show I spent seven years making a
documentary film to warn America about
the global agenda and and that you know
there's enemies of our state domestic
and foreign and we need to be aware of
it and so I understand a lot of where
they're coming from and if they have
questions or if they really want truth
and they want to dialogue with me
peaceably I'll give you my email address
and and I'll dialogue with anybody that
really wants true because I know what
the truth is and I'd love to share that
with and so my email is Mark Collins px
ma RK Co llin s TX at yahoo.com they
have questions concerns by the mark I
have trouble wrapping my mind around
this help me I'll be glad to be glad to
dialogue with anybody but listen let's
leave these victims alone until you know
what you know is true absolutely I mean
we would look at situations yet we look
at situations like Las Vegas we want to
know what happened there we want the
government to be transparent with us not
lied to us not constantly change the
agenda so we do ask questions and when
people come in and say well either you
know nothing ever happened at any of
these events nobody was ever hurt that's
absolutely patently obviously false I
mean it's more effective for them if
people are hurt because then people are
going to be motivated
go after the phony solutions that
they're offering but they didn't offer
any phony solutions after this because
it didn't fit their narrative that they
want to use for gun control and so it's
most amazing to me that they would
continue to pursue that especially to
pursue it here you have to understand
that you know part of investigation is
to be is to have an open mind you know
we're trying to get the truth from
people we want to know what's happening
and sometimes the truth isn't what you
decided it was going to be beforehand
absolutely yeah I have an open mind
don't already have a predetermined
disposition though what you know is true
a lot of times it's not and trust me in
this case it's not I saw the blood I saw
the bullet holes I saw my friends and my
loved ones leave this world and that's
real and and they're causing a hurt to a
lot of folks that don't deserve it hmm
tell me about Stephen Wolford the the
hero who did that how was he coping with
that because I know that he was very he
was struggling because he did not want
to have to do anything like that but he
did that he put himself in danger to
save other people we saw the video of
him as he was talking about it how he
struggled with the fact that he couldn't
have saved more people by getting there
earlier how is he doing he's really
seems to be doing very good he's been
very active at the church I've seen he
about the church quite a few times and
you know because he's now invested he
invested his life in those people they
weren't strangers to him but he wasn't a
member of that that body but Stephen is
a precious soul and I keep him in your
prayers but I think he's doing really
well and you know a lot of people have
encouraged you didn't do all that do you
think you could have but you did you ran
toward the roar of battle when other
people would run away from it and that's
that commending and it is it is truly is
and you know he didn't go to that church
he had he goes to another church he's a
Christian and it truly is a picture of
what Christ calls us to do and that is
to sacrificially love other people to
put yourself at risk for the lives of
other people
he really thought that he was gonna be
shot and and the individual who was
there they both had the same gun but the
other individual had a bulletproof vest
and so you know it really truly was an
act of courage an act of selfless love
and and it is something that that has to
be commended and it was something that
was so powerful that for the most part
the media chose not to talk about that
absolutely as you shared it did not fit
their narrative here here was a man with
a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy
with a gun and and what a beautiful
picture of what we should all be about
you know one of the earliest questions
that God asked Adam was our ask a or
Cain asked God am I my brother's keeper
and the answer to that is yes and and we
have seen that over and over the
outpouring from all over the world all
over the country for Sutherland Springs
and there's the encouraging side of it
it's not all negative it's just been
incredible Bob for example who leaves
their home on the east coast and comes
for two months to invest their life and
a bunch of strangers they've never met
before and yeah yeah he was so composed
that I just assumed that he was a pastor
didn't say anything in the videos to who
he was and I just assumed that it was a
pastor you know mark there was one other
thing too because I talked to people who
are having their lives threatened by
Marxist government the Marxist
government has promised to take their
their property the white farmers and
South Africa now they have reimpose
depart ID and now they're talking about
genocide there and as the struggles were
there there was another story of a
Christian who visited a church one day
and the rebels are part of the ANC at
the time before they got power they
decided they were gonna go to a church
that was a liberal Church they figured
prosperous area they figured nobody
would be carrying a weapon this
individuals name is Charlene Vic and
I've interviewed him he would carry a
pistol because he decided he said he
struggled with this as a Christian but
he said I knew that it was my
responsibility to be able to not only
protect my own life and defend it but
also to protect other people and he had
seen some acts of violence so he was
there just happened to be visiting that
church that day not a member of that
church these guys came in throwing hand
firing fully automatic weapons into that
church killed a lot of people instantly
he was it was a very large congregation
over a thousand people they had planned
to kill everyone in that church he was
all the way up in one corner he had a
revolver with five shots and you know
I'm never gonna hit these guys he got
out there Evolver fired one shot and
maybe two and then I thought I'm too far
away he went out the back and came
around the other side and they were
already running away and then he took
another couple of shots at them and then
they completely ran away because they
thought there were multiple people who
were armed there and that's what they
testified later on because they were
able to come out and talk about this
because of truth and reconciliation that
they had in that country and so they're
able to talk about that without being
prosecuted for the murders that they had
committed but it's very important for
people to understand I think a lot of
people in churches got that message they
took it upon themselves to train
individuals to protect themselves I
think this is a solution in churches
it's a solution in schools it's a
solution in America that we take
responsibility to protect ourselves and
protect other people and to train
ourselves to do that and I think a lot
of churches are doing that now aren't
they they really are you know and I
think it's very biblical when they
rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem they they
had their shovel in one hand and they're
stored in the other hand that's man you
know we do have a responsibility under
the Lord's leading to protect our fellow
man and and to stand up for them and I I
praise the Lord that you know our our
country has done that all over the world
and and I think it's because of the
biblical precepts that's been instilled
in us for so many years I hate to see us
lose that and in some of these
individuals that are attacking Frank and
the church and stumbling Springs
they've lost perspective of those things
that's right yeah he referenced that I
know reminds me of Charles Haddon
Spurgeon his trial and sword that's what
he called when he wrote all right well
thank you very much mark appreciate that
thank you god bless you
that's it for our show thanks for
we've taken a rainforest and made it
brain forest plus now a 20% more in the
bottle and even more hard core formula
you owe it to yourself to get these
products they really have worked for
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