Author Topic: Whites Facing Genocide: Live Free Or Die  (Read 44 times)

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Whites Facing Genocide: Live Free Or Die
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:48:39 AM »

they're gonna come a point at which
you're going to flee or needlessly no no
we're not going to do that David
I understand that you you you bring the
topic up with respect and and please
forgive my vociferous tone but we get
this all of the time it's it's it's
wrong it's wrong to suggest that we
should give up that we should capitulate
to barbarianism that we should go to
another country Australia New Zealand
and subject our children to the same
pornography and abortion and liberal
values that are being imposed upon us
here in South Africa as in the United
States of America and Canada and Europe
this imposition this external imposition
because it is not an articulation of
either the Western European genetic pool
or of the Christian tradition of
European derived cultures these things
are externally imposed upon us and
they're going to be imposed upon us
wherever we go so we might as well stand
fast here now
you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight all right let's
talk about what's going on in South
Africa I want to go down this chart that
basically breaks down what has happened
in the last couple of months I want to
play a quick clip from the South African
Parliament that is voting to take away
land because this is something that is
just now happening I mean we've got
Forbes and we got Bloomberg talking
about what's going on and we're gonna
get it straight from an individual who
is there in South Africa simon roche but
just again go back to this this graphic
in just the first two months of this
year 102 pharma tax that's one point
seven farm attacks a day one farmer is
murdered every five days there have been
and when you look at these attacks in
this graphic they break it down as to
when these attacks happen 46% of them
the overwhelming majority happened
between midnight and 6 o'clock in the
morning they come by night and the
average number of attackers for those
where they know because a lot of times
if they kill everybody in the farm you
don't know how many attackers there were
but of the ones where there are some
survivors you have the average number
attackers is three but the most that
they've seen is 11 so as
one of these attacks it was 11 people to
get a dozen people coming for you in the
middle of the night why because you're
white because you're white so joining us
now is Simon Roche you can find as I
pointed out they have began as of March
the 1st they began a campaign to raise
money to help those people defend
themselves and it's very vital they said
they need diesel fuel for example this
website where you can go to contribute
to them is free start earth calm that's
of st AR t are free sta RT are calm and
you can also find him at suit lenders
org that's su ID LAN de RS dot org so
joining us now is Simon Roche head of
the office of the headquarters of the
world's largest non state civil defense
organization sued lenders of South
Africa thank you for joining assignment
thank you very much for having me mr.
Knight tell us a little bit I gave the
the stats of the first couple of months
and actually I was gonna play that clip
before we start talking about this to
again put this in perspective for the
American audience let's play that clip
of clip 5 of the South African
Parliament voting to take the land
because this is something that's just
happened in the last couple of weeks I
talked to you a couple of months ago but
this is building let's play that clip
Tuesday South Africans through their
publicly elected representatives in
Parliament voted overwhelmingly in
support of the motion to accelerate
equitable land redistribution through
expropriation of land without
some have become very hopeful some have
become very fearful it is a question
that we will continue to handle with
care and with responsibility as the
government there will be no
smash-and-grab of land in our country
that we will not allow all right but the
smash-and-grab is already happening and
as we look at the Parliament talking
about this stuff I'm reminded of the
expression a democra democracy is just
two wolves and a lamb voting on what's
for dinner and they've got more than
enough votes to change the constitution
don't they mr. Roesch yeah that's right
they've got about seventy percent
seventy five percent of the votes and
they only need 66 percent so it's gonna
go through yeah yeah and so what they
have done is first they started on a
process where they were I guess forcing
you to sell land back to the government
and they were doing some compensation
then they said well let's not do as much
compensation then they just came out and
said let's not give them any money at
all yeah that's exactly correct they had
a willing buyer willing seller process
for many years it began in the late 90s
and they said that the process would
only last for about ten years if I
recall correctly and it was very very
widely broadcast across the length and
the breadth of South Africa
and they encouraged people let's say
clans or tribes or families who believed
that their land had been taken from them
by white people to approach the
government with a claim to get that land
back and then the government would buy
out those farmers however it was a
shambles an absolute joke a fairy tale
because as has recently been
demonstrated by dr. Anthea Jeffrey of
the Institute of race relations in
ninety two point seven percent of the
cases of successful planes the claimants
in the end said you know what we don't
really want the land can we have the
money instead
on top of that weight bearing in mind
that South Africa only has about 45,000
commercial farms on top of that 4323 of
the successfully claimed farms are now
lying fallow
this was demonstrated recently by the
roof mayor Institute all right we're
gonna come back mr. Roche we're gonna
come back to you and let us know more
about what's going on in South Africa it
was a bread basket may turn into
starvation and joining us from South
Africa Simon Roche with suit lenders org
s su ID LAN de RS org they is a head of
the office of the headquarters of the
world's largest non-state civil defense
organization and they are going to need
your help and your understanding we're
trying to talk about what has happened
things are changing very rapidly now in
South Africa now that the Marxists are
in power and as we look at these issues
you know we had Jim Crow here in the
American South they had apartheid in
South Africa and now that these people
have gotten in power the Marxists who
basically used to say that blacks could
not own land now they're saying whites
cannot own land they just flip that
narrative kind of like our new Jim Crow
laws from our socialist Democrat Party
who is now are actively excluding
Americans from certain activities or
jobs and having their quotas about
everything it's gonna get much worse if
we keep going down this road that the
Democrats in this country have put us on
they're just like the Marxists in South
Africa these socialists and the Democrat
Party but sir tell us a little bit about
we're just talking about this process
that has now begun they said they were
going to have a just and equitable
compensation meaning that they weren't
gonna pay market price then they just
came out of these Marxist and said we're
not gonna pay him anything we're just
gonna take the lamp the previous policy
has absolutely failed ninety two point
seven percent of the successful
applicants didn't want the land and
didn't take it of those who did take the
land through a successful application
process 4323 farms are lying fellow
and they haven't been occupied so the
whole thing is a fabrication and some
nonsense it's a it's an absolute rubbish
story so now they've said well our
policy has failed so G will take the
land and will not pay compensation at
all which illustrates to you that it was
never about justice or equality or
fixing the the ills of the past it's
about vengeance and spite strictly and
solely and anybody with common sense can
look at the evidence and and arrive at
that conclusion for themselves and it's
also about having an enemy that they can
organize against which is what Marxist
do regardless of what color they are
whether they're polite black or Asian
they will always focus on an enemy and
we look at what Marx did he killed 78
million people but tens of millions of
those people died with starvation
policies because the Communist says they
take over everything and as you're
pointing out so many of these farms are
just lying there empty nobody's working
them nobody's growing any food so you're
going to go down the path that we've
seen in Rhodesia which became Zimbabwe
they used to be a major producer of
now the people there are having not only
hyperinflation but they're starving in
that country because the Marxist don't
care about anything but power yeah
absolutely they have to have an enemy so
that they can control everybody so they
identify a sector of the population in
our case white people in your case
Americans because we are very very much
the canary in the coalmine so much of
what is happening in the USA is sort of
an echo of what has happened in South
Africa they identify an enemy and then
they say to the rest of the people look
for your sake we have to take certain
actions so for example they'll say say
that we have to reduce gun rights or we
want to call in guns so that innocent
people don't get hurt and it sounds ever
so reasonable but the the classic
illustration of that is here in South
Africa but I asked for people to hand
their guns in and many people did but
what they lost sight of is or what we
lost sight of is that the overwhelming
majority of Gannon
in South Africa legal gun owners are
white and yet the number of guns owned
by white people these guns that
supposedly are a threat to people's
lives and safety and what-have-you is
fewer than the number of weapons brought
into South Africa by the ANC during the
struggle period that were then lost of
the 10 million or so weapons that they
brought in 2 million have been lost
so if crimes are being committed with
weapons it is the illegal weapons of the
African National Congress but of course
they say the chap who's sitting at home
with a gun to defend his family is
really the cause of the problem and for
his own sake we're gonna take his gun
away from him they're very clever now
you used to be a member of the ANC you
were against apartheid you realize that
that was wrong but now you have seen
that that really wasn't what they were
after it was simply a narrative that
they were using to seize power wasn't it
yeah absolutely it was just a narrative
this is all much more to say really I
recognized over time that it was all a
fiction all a fable it was all made up
one thing after another that was
promised and assured was subsequently
ignored and just went away quietly and
people complacently accepted it but I'm
one of the I suppose fewer people who
believed that if somebody doesn't stand
up and do something then nobody's going
to do anything and we're just going to
get steamrollered as with respect and I
say that with respect outside of the
right wing of the USA outside of the
Infowars channel the overwhelming
majority of Americans are complacently
accepting the bizarre nature of the
change in the society over the past
generation or less yes and I would say
as they began by saying that it really
hasn't changed I mean you had a part
time before where one group based on
their skin color could not buy land and
now you've got apartheid again where one
group based on its skin color cannot buy
land when you buy land in South Africa
they're going to register which what
what skin colour you are and when they
take this land and they redistribute it
I mean
presuming that white people can't buy
that land when they do that so now you
still have apartheid but now they're
threatening making veiled threats about
cutting the neck of white privilege
saying we're gonna take the land now
we're not calling for the murder of all
whites yet and so what they're now doing
is they've reestablished apartheid and
just different colors but they're now
threatening genocide aren't they they
are threatening genocide they'd be
numerous references to genocide Minister
of Defense declared on if I'm not
mistaken a 2nd or 3rd of November it was
a Tuesday or Thursday Wednesday a
then if White's protest peacefully
against rapes and murders on farms once
more they will begin a civil war it will
initiate a civil war and they will bring
a genocide upon themselves so that's one
of many examples so don't protester
we'll kill you
so stop protester we'll kill you all if
you get all uppity about this rape story
for example then yes we're gonna kill
you all explicitly or your viewers can
go and look it up on YouTube it's there
for the world to behold yeah it's
absolutely amazing the quotes that we're
seeing from Malema who's head of the
Marxist party but it's the majority
ruling party that is essentially
enacting his as his politics as policies
yeah absolutely it's quite clear that
the the Marxist party has stolen the
political territory of the Communist
Party in our urge your viewers to be
cognizant of the fact that Nelson
Mandela remained clandestine Lee as was
revealed Lee later on up until the day
of his death a member of the Central
Committee of the Communist Party of
South Africa the African National
Congress is a proxy for the South
African Communist Party this is affect
not an opinion
now the Julius Malema party is more of a
Marxist party than a pure communist
party and they've stolen political
territory from the ANC from the
Communists and now the ANC is
desperately trying to wrest it back by
being as radical as the economic freedom
fighters to the extent that
we recently had a call by a senior
African National Congress he's the head
of the African National Congress militia
which still exists believe it or not the
importer way sees where the spear of the
nation incredibly it still exists
recently called for young blacks to join
training camps in the bush to learn to
fight whites in a civil war yesterday a
very widely circulated message came to
our attention and we checked up to see
that we've verified it basically and
again there is a call from out of the
ranks of the ANC directing young blacks
to training camps with telephone numbers
directions phone us will help you show
their surrogates and they're encouraging
this they're encouraging this we got to
take a quick break and we're gonna be
right back we've got one more segment
with simon roche out of south africa
telling us what's going on there and
it's a familiar pattern we have
politicians who are fermenting racism
and hatred creating a common enemy for
their political power we've seen this
all too often especially in marxist
countries we're gonna talk to him about
what they're going to do about it when
we come back we're talking to Simon
Roche out of South Africa and as we're
talking about the situation there things
have changed very rapidly one article
from the gateway pundit points out at
the back in 2011 Julius Malema he's the
leader now of one of the Marxist parties
there cuz there's a couple of them was
arrested for playing a song killed the
boar killed the white man and now just
this last week the South African
Parliament has voted to confiscate land
from white farmers without any payment
just last week and then this last Sunday
night the same guy Julius Malema who
seven years ago was arrested for playing
songs that call for the murder of people
said go after a white man we are cutting
the throat of whiteness and so my
question to you mr. Rocha there as
you've got a civil defense organization
that you're trying to help each other I
mean you've got two major parties that
are pandering and also in flaming hatred
and racism and killing the white man in
South Africa what do you do
that's because you're very dispersed in
these farms as we talked about the
beginning of this interview they will
come in numbers after the farmers in the
dead of night you guys are kind of
isolated each of you and and you're at a
tremendous disadvantage in terms of the
number of people there I mean what are
you going to do are you what is the plan
for defense well if I may quickly point
this out two days after the motion was
adopted to pursue the the the
expropriation of farms without
compensation another motion was put
before the Parliament to nationalize the
Reserve Bank now what we've been saying
to people is that the the confiscation
of the farms is one thing but what it
will precipitate and this should be our
immediate concern and it touches on what
you've just mentioned is that it will
give a license to Nair do wells to
crooks to gangsters to these murderers
and rapists to become more active in
other words they'll be saying well the
big man the big African man the big boss
the president says that the whites are
bad and we go they're going to take the
farms away from them
so therefore surely we must be able to
do these bad things and we've seen a
year-on-year increase in farm attacks
from the 1st of January to the end of
February as you showed from 22 to a
hundred and two and this morning I've
seen figures of text that hadn't been
reported verifiable figures by the way
that in fact the true figure of a text
between the beginning of January and the
end of February is a hundred and
nineteen now with that in mind the
answer to your question is that although
we are the largest organization of our
kind in the world
we are persona non grata in the new
South African rainbow nation utopia it
is very very very difficult for us to
raise funds extremely difficult and
therefore as you can imagine and
therefore we are endeavoring to prepare
a stay calm prehensile civil defense
plan which will gather people into safe
areas tomorrow I will drive down to a
remote area of South Africa and spend a
week reconnoitering safe havens for
refugees on
tops of of certain mountains we're
endeavoring to put this plan into action
but with extremely limited resources so
every day is a struggle our phones are
tapped our computers are hecht it's a
joke that would take an entire episode
to describe to you we're it we're
struggling to put this plan into place
and we're basically begging the world to
please help us to preserve a culture 119
pharma tax in two months we are being
slaughtered like flies and we really
need a little bit of help to stand tough
against these madmen tell people where
they can go to give you help well they
we would encourage people to participate
in the free starter campaign the Charles
C Johnson has put together god bless him
it's free starter com free is ta RT R no
no loss e.com very easy to find we our
campaign is is easy to find on on that
homepage hmm if people scroll down it's
right there also if people wish to
donate otherwise they can donate via
PayPal on our website which is say
klonda's org s UID Landers dot org and
there is a PayPal link in the bottom
right hand corner of the home page and
you know people need to understand we
had so many people in America talking
and the big media big Hollywood calling
for boycotts of South Africa I think
throughout apartheid you were part of
the ANC you wanted to see apartheid in
you understood that was wrong we
understood that Jim Crow laws were wrong
in the South but now what we have seen
is that they have continued apartheid
and now they're talking about going
beyond that to genocide to demoscene you
know where the government has all the
guns and kills people that's really what
it is it begins with a genocide but you
know once they get rid of the white
people they're not gonna stop with that
then you're going to have the the the
black people who are in power they're
going to find a different tribe there
they may have the same skin color but
they'll find some other group to
exterminate after they exterminate the
white people this is the way that it
always happened I mean look
the Tutsis there weren't any white
people involved in that but we have seen
this pattern everywhere in Cambodia and
elsewhere these kinds of killing fields
is there any idea I know you guys are
organizing to stay there and to fight
and there's some people who are saying
if President Trump should allow refugees
from South Africa we can tell who people
are unlike so many of the countries that
we bring people into we don't know if
they were the ones who are the
terrorists who were fermenting the war
or if they were victims but we can tell
who the people in South Africa are
you've got records that could be shown
and I think if that is not extended if
that hand is not extended to South
Africa it shows the duplicity in this
refugee program what you've already seen
under Obama keeping out Christians who
are severely persecuted in Muslim areas
but then bringing in all the Muslims in
those areas but what is the feeling
there in terms of you know you're gonna
fight but is there gonna come a point at
which you're going to flee or need to
flee no no we're not going to do that
David I understand that you you you
bring the topic up with respect and and
please forgive my vociferous tone but we
get this all of the time it's it's it's
wrong it's wrong to suggest that we
should give up that we should capitulate
to barbarianism that we should go to
another country Australia New Zealand
and subject our children to the same
pornography and abortion and liberal
values that are being imposed upon us
here in South Africa as in the United
States of America and Canada and Europe
this imposition this external imposition
because it is not an articulation of
either the Western European genetic pool
or of the Christian tradition of
European derived cultures these things
are externally imposed upon us and
they're going to be imposed upon us
wherever we go
so we might as well stand fast here now
good for you good for you good for you
live free or die that used to be the
spirit of America that was the spirit of
our forefathers that was the spirit that
built the world David it's not to say
that every other culture is bad or every
other races useless or Bissel dental
their religions or whatever but our
people are good people who have done
good things through
the whole world we deserve we deserve to
be able to hold our heads high
and not feel shame for crimes that we
didn't even commit in the first place we
deserve the Western European Christian
tradition of the world deserves to be
able to look itself in the mirror and
say you are not so bad that's right and
we see that same spirit here in America
as they desire to tear down every
monument to anything that is any good
they will go through and they will
isolate something out everybody is human
you can find something that is wrong and
everybody you can find something that is
wrong in every society they will focus
on the negative but their goal is to
tear down the good their goal is to tear
down Western civilization may these same
people who want to go in and tear down
statues of Christopher Columbus or
robert e lee or even leaders from the
other side of the civil war that they
don't know anything about these same
people want to go out up a statue of
Marion Barry who went to prison because
it was corrupt and smoking crack and
everything I mean certainly this guy had
his problem maybe they want to celebrate
what they liked about Marion Barry I
don't know what they liked about Marion
Barry but you know you can go in and you
can find this about everybody they want
to purge Churchill they want to purge
robert e lee a even Abraham Lincoln or
ulysses s grant that is the spirit as
you pointed out we cannot give in to
that good for you for standing up for
that good for you
thank you very much and thank you to all
of the good Americans Europeans and
others but this being an American
channel in an American show thank you
very very much this is a heartfelt thank
you to all of you who have supported us
and who continue to support us we we
bless you before God well ours are we
really do hope the best for you and you
know you're welcome to come on anytime
and to tell us what is going on I know
that things are changing very rapidly
there people need to understand what is
happening because you don't stand alone
this is a globalist agenda Marxism is
something that has been a pox upon the
entire world and what they do is they
want to destroy every society so they
can rebuild it with themselves at the
top and you're talking about the fact
how it is the and
the scum of society who use these types
of revolutions to put them in charge of
everybody else good for you for standing
up Thank You Simon Roche you can find
this his website and how to help him at
Sood lenders org des sui DLA and de RS
org thank you good luck to you sir may
God be with you we've taken a rain
forest and made it brain forests plus
now a 20% more in the bottle and even
more hard core formula you owe it to
yourself to get these products they
really have worked for myself my family
they have five-star reviews by the
thousands at

InfoWarsStore.com or InfoWarsLife.com or FortifiedSupply.com or 888-253-3139







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