Author Topic: EPA Forced Animals To Inhale Diesel Exhaust  (Read 35 times)

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EPA Forced Animals To Inhale Diesel Exhaust
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:46:26 AM »

you know someone very profoundly once
said many years ago that if fascism ever
comes to America to come in letting go
of liberalism
I'm literally surrounded by a bunch of
guys that have their faces covered in
force.com ford slash show this Daily
Caller article says the EPA animal
testing studies force rats to inhale
diesel exhaust and smog and they went
through 20,000 animals a year the EPA
goes through 20,000 animals a year in
their testing processes so welcome back
everybody to the war room my name is
Jake Lloyd joining Michael Zimmerman
here your host for the remainder of this
fourth hour and then probably a little
bit later on today in the third hour you
know while we haven't plugged all that
much this hour so while you are here go
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other articles here to cover what what
direction would you like to head drink I
don't know I you know we can talk about
this Muller thing in a minute you
mentioned something earlier about the VA
hurting dogs and I think it reminded me
of this Daily Caller article because I
had people talking to me about today
about the EPA and how Trump is making
the EPA suddenly unfriendly to the
environment but the EPA doesn't have a
great record of being friendly because a
lot of these people Animas River yeah a
lot of the people who are talking about
like how we should care for the
environment they're also like you know
super into caring for animals but this
Daily Caller article says that the EPA
animal testing studies force rats to
inhale diesel exhaust and smog and they
went through 20
thousand animals a year the EPA goes
through 20,000 animals a year in their
testing processes so there's not a whole
lot to say on that but you know the EPA
might not have the best record in
conservation and carry on the same note
of inhaling diesel fumes and diesel
exhaust when Volkswagen was trying not
to get slapped with with massive
lawsuits and recalls which they ended up
having to do on their diesel vehicles
mhm they went to a third-party firm
which by the way they funded a research
firm and I actually saw this in it and
I'm drawing a blank on the name of it
but it was a series on Netflix there was
just each episode was you know exposing
something basically and this first one
was about the whole Volkswagen emissions
scandal they're playing at Volkswagen
which to see humans in a booth and have
them inhale the diesel fumes to show
that it wasn't bad for people so here's
here's an info check on article from
2012 over the EPA being sued for
experimentation on human subjects why I
mean it's really twisted stuff that you
wouldn't think goes on the plan that was
the EPA
I'm sorry Volkswagen though is what I
was referring to this this is more
recent than 2012 Wow
and they're planning they're like yeah
we'll just have humans breathe in the
diesel exhaust from the vehicles and
we'll show that because they have the
defeat device installed you know that
emissions are not harmful
well they ended up just using monkeys
instead Oh our primates mm-hmm so either
way it's sick and that just reminded me
of it it's like you do you think these
big government organizations are good
you think all of these three-letter
agencies are so good the EPA is there to
protect you the ATF is to you know
regulate alcohol and Firearms you think
the FBI is to investigate things you
think the CIA is for intelligence yeah
they all have sinister things going on
and you know how incompetent government
is we were just talking about how they
shut down one of the largest freeways on
the one of the busiest weeks in Austin
Texas to a single lane and and backs up
you know the traffic for miles here's
New York Times Volkswagen suspends top
lobbyist amid inquiry into diesel tests
on monkeys so they really got caught
there and I mean that costs their
company a lot of money and was a big
embarrassment for them yeah
and I guess we can talk you know because
what somebody said to me today this is
just just a quick little like experiment
for everybody out there listening if you
want to see how them the narrative is
twisted by the mainstream media like the
Washington Post for example I you know
we were talking to people about Bernie
Sanders saying do you like him do you
think that any better than Trump why and
one person said because he wouldn't be
he wouldn't pass a bill saying that
companies can dump waste into the rivers
into the rivers and lakes of the country
and and he pulled it up on his phone and
he showed me a Washington Post article
that says Trump passed his bill that
companies can dump toxic waste into
rivers so I was like well that's the
Washington Post I'll have to read into
that you know because I'm not gonna take
it at face value a little more to the
story knowing I looked it up he didn't
pass a bill saying that saying that he
would do that but we'll get back I can
talk about a little bit more later
basically he repealed an Obama era
regulation that strangled companies and
it just happened hold so why drama
killed a rule restriction coal companies
from dumping waste and streams I recall
this is like you couldn't even open a
mine within a hundred miles of a river
it was insanity thanks for watching the
war room we'll be right back after this
short break make no mistake we've made
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