Author Topic: Trump Creates World Peace To Distract From Porn Star Allegations  (Read 37 times)

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if you want the future you must fight
for it
this is the war room with Owens Troyer
at enforce calm orange last show and
Trump's great distracting us using now
of a rogue nuclear power to distract
from porn star sex allegations whoa this
is great I like him too keep doing it
please welcome back to the war room
Michael Zimmerman here joined with bi J
Khalid we have some breaking news here
our man takes hostages at Veterans Home
in California I don't think veterans
really need any worse treatment after
what the VA puts these people through
Roger stone has been covering this week
how the VA tortures dogs yeah yeah the
government doesn't have a good track
record with but people people want to
trust the government and take all the
guns away so only the government will
have guns cuz that's a brilliant idea
this is the information that's available
at this time
a shooter armed with what is believed to
be a high-powered rifle bet you it's
going to be an ar-15 so they can call to
ban those assault 15 reportedly stormed
the veteran's home in California in utin
Ville at about 10:30 a.m. the assailant
then began shooting unloading 30 shots
and the housing complex of 850 residents
police scanner traffic indicated so
California Highway Patrol is working
with a Napa County Sheriff's Office to
establish a perimeter and clear
buildings hmm so I know we've seen some
cases in the past where shootings have
actually been done by veterans which I
think can be directly attributed to how
poorly we take care of our veterans
right you know PTSD is a serious issue
mental health is a serious issue and I
don't think enough is being done to
address it so it unclear if it could be
that kind of situation we're seeing here
where if someone was specifically
targeting veterans but the fact they had
taken several people hostage is
definitely concerning and of course
those people are in our prayer
that all of this gets gets resolved in a
in a way that you know no one's no one's
hurt but we were just talking during the
break about how incredible this is the
Trump might fix the whole North Korea
thing yeah the whole situation we've had
with North Korea for many years now
since then Korean War yeah
we're still at war with North Korea be
sixty year long conflict almost just -
yeah yeah 667 euro a year old conflict
and the fact that 'don't like I was
saying in the break it's hard for me to
believe something I'm all behind Trump
he scares me sometimes sometimes he
makes me like I get a little
apprehensive because I don't know what
he's gonna do but overall I'm behind
Trump but I still can't believe that
Donald Trump is the president and much
less can I believe that Donald Trump may
fix the North Korea problem and Dennis
Rodman may be all of this operation
Dennis Rodman is a success well and I
mentioned during the first hour with
with hash and witty on here how Dennis
Rodman actually brought a copy of art of
the deal to North Korea on his trip and
then here's an article from The
Washington Post
only two people have met both Trump and
Kim jong-un and one is Dennis Rodman
that's a pretty incredible act pretty
and he's he hasn't just met them he's
he's pretty good friends with with the
both of them I mean Dennis Rodman has
made multiple trips to North Korea where
he just he hangs out with yeah he's
pretty loose with Kim's even the
Washington Post is calling Dennis Rodman
giving him a copy of art of the deal a
genius move we're saying it could be a
genius move what if Kim what if Kim
jong-eun is like secretly like a Trump
fanboy and he's just like super into The
Apprentice and he loves American culture
for radio listeners we have a picture up
on screen of Dennis Rodman with Kim Jong
in a very unlikely combination a total
horrible dictator and a former
basketball player with a face covered
and piercings yeah it's it's incredibly
strange but the two have said that they
will meet and we actually have a clip
from embassy MBC saying that trying to
discredit all of this trying to take
away credit from Trump it's not a good
thing that North Korea
they'll get rid of their Nicks I as
someone who doesn't want to buy a new
Holocaust yeah I'm not looking forward
to nuclear holocaust I think this is a
very positive thing
and whatever Trump can do with this is
more than the last administration did
we're already making great progress
you know under budget ahead of schedule
mm-hmm as Trump says so MSNBC is trying
to say that the entire trim North Korea
breakthrough is fake news to distract
from the pornstar allegations of course
the stormy Daniels allegations so let's
go ahead and take a look at that clip
yeah so will is a deflection of course
it's a deflection Willie stormy not from
the Nori's from this meeting face to
face with the leader of North Korea and
the president I'd say actually will come
to pass or whether it's some peace and a
larger negotiation with that country
over its nuclear weapons or again a
distraction to change the headlines from
stormy Daniels yes yeah to North Korea
today but why don't we start with major
developed let's get to the details of
Adam Trump's great distracting us using
now of a rogue nuclear power to distract
from porn star sex allegations whoa this
is great I had to like him to keep doing
please so what is Lawrence stars could
you please no morning Jonas gang of
friends have to say about this you know
what he did not want the Washington Post
to have the word stormy Daniels on the
front page today guess what he succeeded
and he's succeeded by lying about a
letter that didn't even exist and and
now he's he's angry his press secretary
for actually confirming that there was
some sort of transaction telling the
truth and fools rush in relationship
with the porn stars confirmed and he
doesn't want it on the front page
there's no question you know even if all
the the Trumpster me Daniel stuff is
true which it could be you know I'm not
I'm not gonna pretend that that's that's
not a possibility but to pretend that
Trump is is
doing all of this you know to to ease
tensions with North Korea and take away
their nukes which is a great thing in
order to distract us against ink a
alleged relationship or sexual
transaction you may have had with a porn
star ten years ago before ever running
for office before ever yeah getting in
this realm of politics even if he did
you know that is an issue for him and
Melania to address mm-hmm now if it ends
up being a Bill Clinton like situation
and he's asked about it which I don't
see how it would be it didn't happen
while he was in office and I don't even
think it disqualifies him from being
president is it a little morally
bankrupt yeah I think so I I don't
encourage it supposedly when all this
happened he was had just got married to
Milania and Baron was just born when
this whole stormy Daniels allegations
supposedly happen but I don't think that
changes anything in this case and it's
also it's like who who voted for Trump
because he was the pinnacle of sexual
virtue right nobody but also if you have
you I don't know if you've seen the what
some paper the other day put out a piece
about the hush agreement the contract
the NDA and it's Trump's name is not in
it it's so it's like stormy Daniels and
whatever she has like multiple aliases I
don't remember her name is like a stage
name it's like Stephanie Clifford Tsin
is her actual name and it is so it's got
that stormy Daniels and then her and
then another one of her names and then
below it it's Daniel it's like Daniel
Davidson or something like that and the
it's the what they're saying is that
that is what Trump was called like they
called Trump Daniel Davidson in the in
the contract like a Carlos danger type
yeah like in Carlos danger tie of a name
so it's where I don't know I don't know
how can you prove number one she says
that it's not binding because Daniel
Davidson never signed it sorry the
contract like that would have to be
signed by both parties spermine a knows
follow suit claims India is invalid
because Trump didn't sign at the dotted
line or in this case they put xxx to be
I guess make a pun of it be funny yeah
and I don't know she's she doesn't seem
she doesn't seem very distraught
I don't think there were any allegations
that there was anything improper I think
she's just like someone probably paid
her some money to put this in the
spotlight again and and make an issue of
this so any final thoughts on this the
stormy Daniels not really I just think
that it I mean it's pretty you know I'm
not going to shy away from calling a
porn star what they what they are so
yeah exactly
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