Author Topic: Bernie Sander's Speech At SXSW Is A Triumph Of Capitalism  (Read 30 times)

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Bernie Sander's Speech At SXSW Is A Triumph Of Capitalism
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:21:27 AM »

and then one girl was dressed in like a
sailor herself I think she thought that
she was trying to make anime real and
she was she said that she liked burning
in Ashton said why and she said I like
his policy what's at what policy eton
college bro she literally rich eating
the rich yeah so remind me how many how
many houses is Bernie Sanders no only
three three houses only like a million
dollars apiece man I've got one
apartment yeah one like 850 square foot
apartment so I think Bernie Sanders
needs to check his privilege you know
someone very profoundly once said many
years ago that if fascism ever comes to
America it'll come in the name of
liberalism you make fart noises with
your mouth welcome back to the war room
I'm Michael Zimmerman joined by Jake
Lloyd and the second hour I thought
Roger stone would be joining us but he's
actually working on some different news
stories behind the scenes right now so
expect him back on Monday but we have
stacks of news to go over and you
actually went out today with a few of
the other people here at the office
Nathan and Ashton to cover what was
supposed to be a pretty big event at
South by Southwest or one would think in
this a liberal liberal mecca of Austin I
would I would have thought so because so
Bernie Sanders was in town talking to
Jake Tapper fake flop or fake flapper of
CNN yeah a fake seeing a fake news CNN
the communist news network so I would
have expected that there would have been
a lot of a lot of excitement a lot of
height coming from the left wingers here
in Austin because there's so many of
them but in Ramin we went out there and
there weren't really that many like a
lot of people are either like oh no I
don't want to talk like I don't you know
i'm i don't like bernie or who's a lot
of people from out of this out of the
country saying who's bernie sanders but
that is that is one thing you mentioned
i asked you when you got back how the
the event went and you mentioned that
there are a lot of people here at South
by Southwest oh that's a beautiful
beautiful graphic behind us for those
listening on radio it says risky agent
comrade Sanders South by Southwest
containers we got a Ashton got called a
Russian infiltrator okay yeah yeah that
was that we had we had probably two
people well one guy one guy tried to
like grab the microphone and he ended up
just knocking his own coke out of his
hand what that's fine
it's kind of fat he didn't really need
it so right no he didn't read in really
need it but one one chick called Ashton
a Russian infiltrator and then one girl
was dressed in like a sailor herself I
think she thought that she was trying to
make anime real and she was she said
that she liked burning in Ashton said
why and she said I like his policy
what's at what policy eton college bro
she literally the rich eating the rich
yeah so remind me how many how many
houses to his Bernie Sanders no only
three three houses only like a million
dollars apiece man I've got one
apartment yeah one like 850 square foot
apartment so I think Bernie Sanders
needs to check his privilege yeah I
heard that his ethics are what makes him
qualified but I'm fairly certain his
wife is he and his wife are under
investigation for yeah there was a whole
thing about you know what was the ten
million dollars under the university
it's good talk about that you know
that's gonna be fake news but that
that's interesting to hear that even in
Austin you know we've seen an Tifa
mm-hmm at different events of course
they probably didn't bring their masks
with them when going to attend the
Bernie Sanders yeah I'm sure they were
very excited and I'm sure there were
some of them out there I think the only
reason that we didn't get swarmed by an
Tifa was because they didn't have their
masks with them so they weren't prepared
to have their faces on camera so they
stayed away and normally what happens
because we a lot of people like scowling
at us and like taking pictures and then
like sending text messages look at that
info right about here send it to the
network like you know usually like they
says people are so proud of themselves -
it's kind of funny they're like get that
get the shock troops ready and like they
said they bring like their master that's
what happened to me at UT the other day
and I think that happened but the
traffic is so bad in Austin I think that
they were like got all their masks on
and tried to drive down and they just
hit stonewalled traffic so I was driving
home last night here in Austin and I
know this isn't really of national news
but they had every single lane the
weekend of South by cell
yes this is just how bad a local
government isn't these things so you
know week leading into South by
Southwest more people in Austin than any
other time of year traffic is insane
like you meant Jim
they had thirty five one of the most
major freeways in the country shut down
to one lane going south oh that's real
nice so and of course it's late it's
late at night so there's you know
hundreds of 18 wheelers backed up and it
took me a little over an hour to go
which should take me about three minutes
you know so I I don't really know what
our Liberal government here in Austin is
doing this happens every year this
happens every year and they can't put it
up to it the City of Austin can pass a
resolution saying that they will not
give any contracts to any contracting
company that works on Trump's wall right
I interviewed a guy the other day who is
didn't who who is trying to work on
Trump's wall he put it up put out a bid
and the city who passed the thing just
that day that was like yeah we're not
going to do any business the City of
Austin can do that but they can't manage
to plan for a traffic nightmare that
happens every single year like clockwork
they were doing bridge construction
which in this area they've been doing
for over a year now and that they of
course waited to do it this this week of
South by Southwest so I don't really get
what's what's going on you know with all
of this and it's interesting another
point is thinking of about the the
Bernie Sanders thing was the south west
southwest is actually incredibly
expensive to attend mm-hmm the the bans
and passes for it can be over a thousand
dollars actually robbed news in the
studio fixing a camera do you know how
much that the passes for South by
Southwest are at least three hundred and
fifty dollars it's it's it's quite
expensive to to attend this event so the
people attending the event with fake
flapper and comrade Sanders had to pay
hundreds of dollars to attend it so the
average you know working class right
here some badges the Platinum and
interactive which is said those were the
only two able to attend if you want the
full passes it's one thousand two
hundred and fifty dollars or nine
hundred and twenty-five dollars so oh
your average where I could not afford
this you know I don't have that much
discretionary you know spending money
that I could go out there and buy these
passes to attend this event so you have
people attending a communist
talking about how much they love
socialism how much they want the
redistribution of this and it's only
available to those out there who are
wealthy enough to get into it sounds
like a bunch of class traders to me oh
yeah right so there's a spread up
there's a basically slave labor going on
at South by Southwest they get people to
volunteer for this event they charge
thousands of dollars to attend to
thousands of attendees I think a lot of
these people con their their employers
into paying for them to go or something
but because that is a lot of money to
spend you know going to a music festival
for a weekend you might spend 150
hundred seventy-five bucks or something
oh yeah they're pricey but this this
South by Southwest festival to get into
the the good events you know they've got
the different tiers they've got their
different social classes yeah classes
you know the wealthiest the elite social
classes were able to go here comrade
Sanders mmm speak here in Austin but
it's interesting to hear it was
essentially a flop I think it's pretty
fascinating it was it was really
interesting we had a lot of people who
were telling us about the virtues of
socialism how how beautiful the whole
system is and then one guy was here he's
and he works in advertising and so he
was like he's like I just you know I
think that Bernie's probably better I
think that his socialist system probably
works better and Ashtyn actually had a
good line of question I didn't know
exactly where she's gonna thought she
was interested about the advertising
world but she's like oh so what is what
does that entail what you know what kind
of work are you doing that here's like
oh we're just seeing you know what's up
what's up and coming what's happening
next year where the trends are going
where the market where the advertising
market is gonna be however he's gonna be
doing things and she's like oh so you're
you're like watching like how things
shift so you're like a capitalist and
she was like yeah basically she's like
where does that come from he's like well
I don't what do you mean she goes like
capitalism and it was pretty funny
because we have all these people out
there I mean we had we had somebody from
Costa Rica who was talking about how
good socialism is that's great you know
and and it's it was socialism to put
them on a plane it was a socialist
airline yeah they flew them to to Austin
it was a socialist hotel that they're
staying at yeah it was a socialist
ride-sharing service than they used to
get around town it was a socialist
restaurant they went to no it wasn't all
of those things were parts of the
capitalist system that enabled these
ron's to move themselves up here to
Austin and you know walk around South by
Southwest with their $1,200 passes
around their neck and have the guts to
to tell you this is because you know how
great a communist system is it doesn't
happen in Venezuela people are eating
dogs they're eating farm animals eating
giraffe they're not I didn't even know
they had giraffes in Venezuela
hey I just cannot believe these people
the audacity of these people to lecture
the rest of us on you know the virtues
of socialism when everything they had to
be grateful for it the fact they're even
been able to afford and attend events
like South by Southwest is because of
capitalism yeah all of the good things
that they use they think that it's just
that those are like side things they
don't think that that's like a result of
capitalism they think that it's
something that we have in spite of the
evils of capitalism which is just I mean
one of the most asinine things ever
because like you said hotels and
ride-sharing and restaurants and all the
inn flights all these different things
are just byproducts of capitalism that
these socialist countries leech off of
because if you look at a country like
you know we're always told like every
developed nation in the world
Bernie Sanders is always talking about
Sweden in Denmark and in Norway in all
these countries that have these social
programs but in reality every every one
of them they always go socialist and
then they are about to fail so they go
back into a hard-line capitalist system
they ride the wave of economic
prosperity they're great resources and
wealth and all exactly and then they use
it to fill up the coffers and they ride
socialism again until they're broke and
we see it over and over again don't be a
socialist we'll be back on the other
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