Author Topic: Is ‘Globalism’ An Anti Semitic Slur?  (Read 32 times)

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Is ‘Globalism’ An Anti Semitic Slur?
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:16:20 AM »

you know someone very profoundly once
said many years ago that if fascism ever
comes to America to come and rule it of
liberalism you make fart noises with
your mouth in force.com /a now listen to
this from The Washington Post this is
their quote quote honest globalist is
frequently deployed in far-right and
conspiracy theory minded circles on the
Internet as a Jewish slur that's from
Washington Post guy this is this is what
they're putting in leftist minds the
Atlantic says it's an epithet that is
disproportionately directed at a
particular minority group just as thug
is used to stereotype african-americans
globalist is used to stereotype Jewish
people give me a break
welcome back I am Millie Weaver riding
shotgun with Michael Zimmerman and we're
going to be talking about liberalism and
how it is a mental disorder that's right
and here's the latest guys we have
Washington Post the Atlantic and other
liberal media sites claiming that now
the term globalist is actually an
anti-semitic slur why because Trump
jokingly called Gary Cohen a globalist
when mentioning how he actually liked
Gary despite the fact that he's a
globalist we'll see of course the
leftist then say oh well globalist is an
anti-semitic slur which we all know
that's completely not true
that's absurd we've always referred to
Hillary Clinton as a globalist who
Obama's a globalist - George starts to
many people out there only one of those
is actually actually Jewish but he also
helped round people up for the Nazis and
called it the best times of his life so
George Soros whatever his credibility is
there no it is ridiculous and and when
we're talking about globalism we're
talking about global government we're
talking about wanting you know open
borders we're talking about you know
basically wanting a one-world government
globalists are people who okay globalism
is a group of ideal ideologists that
advocate the concept of globalization
it's a group of ideologies that advocate
the concept of globalization OG that
couldn't be what Alex Jones and all of
us are talking about when we talk about
the globalist you mean these these big
elitists that want to come together that
want to create this new world order who
are from you know all members of sex and
nationality and race religious scene
religious backgrounds etc however this
is an interesting one Wikipedia actually
created a new page just in February
called new anti-semitism now this is
interesting new anti-semitism what is
that well liberals are always creating
new terms well they say that right-wing
groups refer to Jewish people as
globalists as a way of demeaning them or
as a slur
they say that that essentially this is
racism so now all of these old videos of
Alex and us talking about the globalists
the undiscerning liberal who reads
Washington Post is going to think and
look at that and say wow look at them
they're anti-semites right well and we
actually had a conversation about this
when you and Gavin got back today
because you guys were out of town when
the whole fake news EEOC claim dropped
and then there is his claim that I was
anti-semitic but as you know you know
we've traveled to travel to California
you guys know I have always talked about
you know I'm actually a big supporter of
Israel to the point of getting called a
Zionist shill I'm sure I'll get called a
Zionist shill in the comments of this
video because I support Israel no
I'm talking about globalization it's not
anti-semitism or whatever other
trumped-up thing people can come up with
it's it's really like this is how you
lose arguments is you make people you
you shift the window so far so that
everything is hate speech everything is
offensive to the point where it's like
people don't take you seriously you
cried wolf like too many times here the
Liberals are they are redefining words
and terms and creating new terms so that
essentially you have leftists speaking
one language and then other people who
are normal members of society speaking a
completely normal language which we all
know but then the left to see they now
interpret things as racist when the
person has no intention of it having
anything to do with race and the term
originally had nothing to do with race
now listen to this from the Washington
Post this is their quote quote honest
globalist is frequently deployed in
far-right and conspiracy theory minded
circles on the Internet as a Jewish slur
less from Washington Post guy this is
this is what they're putting in leftist
minds the Atlantic says it's an epithet
that is disproportionately directed at a
particular minority group just as thug
is used to stereotype african-americans
globalist is used to stereotype Jewish
people give me a break when we've always
talked about yes this is a minority
group that we talk about when we say
globalist however wrong group we're
talking about the the ëletís the tiny
little percentage of elitist out there
the Obama's the Hillary Clinton's the
the sellouts that want to create this
new world order George Bush the bushes
okay those are the globalists has
nothing to do with somebody's national
origin race religion etc and all those
people who want to say Oh Trump is
anti-semitic because he said oh yeah
Gary Cohen is a globalist but he's just
calling a spade a spade
that is ridiculous with his Jewish
daughter into his grandchildren okay
point that same that same rhetoric those
same lies that Infowars and all of those
who work it in for worse there's no
point of trying to defend against it
because we know that the Liberals will
just keep on continuing to try to use oh
you're a racist
oh you're a bigot oh you're you're
homophobic you're transphobic this is
their only argument that's all they have
Michael that's why they use it it is and
like I saying I think I think you can
wear out these arguments I think these
these things can be said too many times
where people hopefully the title
changing people will stop taking this
someone should open up you know the New
York Times or whatever and read
globalist is anti-semitic and then do a
little research for themselves and go
no they lied to me that was fake news
there was another fake news lie that
they love trumping these things up and
and throwing them at people actually
guys do we have the clip of Gary Cohen
being called a globalist by Donald Trump
we'll take a quick look at that you see
for yourself if you think this is has
anti-semitism in it this is Gary cones
last meeting in the cabinet and of the
cabinet and he's been terrific he may be
at globalist but I still like him he
compares and contrasts globalist to
nationalists you think globalist
opposite of nationalists is nationalists
now use as a term for for non-jewish
people because if you're comparing and
contrasting things these people don't
even get how language works and the
sentence Trump just said the the
opposite to globalist was nationalist
that's right if they're if they're
replacing words now and replacing
globalist with Jewish person
nationalists would be non Jewish person
would that fit the sentence the Trump
sure said of course not but see Michael
you're just using basic logic common
sense that's something that Louis
liberals do not use and in fact I
believe that a lot of these leftist
outlets are obviously I mean it's so
obvious they must be just putting this
this faulty line of thinking the
fallacies of logic out there because
they want their supporters to not be
able to actually use logic themselves
because then they could actually see
through the lies well that's what they
teach in the universities they don't
encourage individual thought or
individual ideas in the universities
they're teaching people to go with the
group collective they want them to not
think for themselves they want them to
you know just believe yes this this is
racist conservatives are bad you know
they have this set of beliefs you have
to believe there's 50 60 different
genders and if you don't believe that
you're an outsider in the first hour we
were talking about how they're kicking
conservatives off of dating apps now
they want you to be alone they want you
to feel like your ideas don't have a
place and I think they've cried wolf too
many times and people the tides can
start to turn on this because the fake
news just can't end you can't continue
we'll be right back on the other side
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