Author Topic: NRA Sues Florida Over Gun Age Restrictions  (Read 32 times)

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NRA Sues Florida Over Gun Age Restrictions
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:13:15 AM »

so we actually have some some breaking
news here so the NRA files and that's
that's a very good point Mellie you know
these people are totalitarians that's
why they want this so the NRA follows
federal lawsuit over Florida legislation
that raises minimum age to buy guns of
course this will be through the NRA ila
Institute for legislative action it's a
it's another Division of the National
Rifle Association which focuses mainly
on engagement also the NRA one of their
biggest programs is gun safety but it's
good to see them filing a lawsuit the
state of Florida just like people are
suing a Walmart in in Dick's over not
selling guns to people under 21 if you
are 18 years of age you are legally
allowed to own a rifle in this country
if you want the future it's the war room
wits oh and Schreyer at enforce calm
porch last show welcome back to this
Friday edition of the War Room show I'm
Michael Zimmerman joined by a Millie
Weaver who we're very glad to have back
here in studio you've been gone for a
couple weeks on the road filing all
kinds of incredible reports and we're
able to do things like that and have
excellent reporters like Millie
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so in our in our final segment of the
wardrobe that's coming up we've had
callers call in yesterday
Owen and Rob do both asked and the
wardroom show and the Alex Jones Show
for people who work in the steel
industry to call into the show and to
say you know what their experience is
these are the people who know it best
not beer
Kratts in Washington so they reached out
to people who are in the steel industry
and said you know or aluminum call in
and let us know you know what it's like
do you think you're gonna be going back
to work do you think you're gonna be
employed full-time again so we're gonna
be running that in our in our final
segment but I just wanted to get through
a couple more news articles that will
we'll get through in the five minutes or
so that we have remaining in this well
Michael I will touch on this what I've
seen following these tariffs for steel
and aluminum and Trump talking of them
I've noticed that many of my liberal
family members and people that I know
all seem to be actually approving of
this I've seen a high rate of approval
for this move that Trump's making across
the board between Republicans and
liberals some of the first times I've
actually seen some very adamant anti
Trump people that I've known my whole
Allisyn switch and say hey I actually
like this I actually think this is going
to help America so that has been pretty
shocking here and I've also seen a lot
of approval surrounding his ability to
get kim jeong-hoon to want to come to
the table to talk which that's that's
incredible that's a point I made earlier
in the show is that in the entire eight
years of the Obama administration I
don't think we saw very many
improvements when it came to us and
North Korea relations it was tense the
entire time the first year of Trump's
presidency things were pretty tense we
saw all these tests missile launches
they were announcing we now have
missiles that can hit the United States
I mean there's some concerning stuff
that came out from North Korea but now
we see Trump remains strong you know and
his stance on North Korea it's been
about 20 years between the time period
of a u.s. president and a North Korean
dictator president whatever you want to
call it coming to the table to actually
talk and sit down and have discussions
so it has been a long time a lot of
times before that US presidents like
Obama and the Bush's they didn't want to
validate the North Korean rulers
presence by meeting with them but I
think Trump actually making this move to
try to get kim jeong-hoon to come to the
table is a really really good deal but
you know talking more on the liberal
mental disorder that we were really kind
of talking about and how now we're
seeing more liberals kind of waking up
that hey maybe Trump is actually helping
things here's a little thing that you
can ask your family and friends about
and really try to wake up and red pill
your liberal friends that is basically
hey why is it that you have left is
pushing for gun control while at the
same time believing in claiming that
Trump is the next literal Hitler so if
you think if you actually can hold those
two thoughts hey your your and your
liberal mindset and say hey I think that
we should disarm everyone in the public
turn them all and give up all of our
guns well hey isn't that what happened
before Hitler really you know did the
Holocaust you know the German people
they were disarmed so if you really
believed hit Trump was Hitler why would
you then advocate for gun control
another really good a contradiction that
liberals hold in their minds is they all
hate the police they don't trust the
police they say that the cops are pigs
they say that they don't trust them that
they target African Americans we've seen
that strongly with the black lives
matter movement so if they don't trust
the police they don't trust their
once again you're gonna want to disarm
the American people in the public and
only have the police having firearms so
liberals can hold these these
conflicting ideas in their head and push
for these policies and not even have
those to cross and say hey why am i
believing this so we actually have some
some breaking news here so the NRA files
and that's that's a very good point
Mellie you know these people are
totalitarians that's why they want this
so the NRA follows federal lawsuit over
Florida legislation that raises minimum
age to buy guns of course this will be
through the NRA ila Institute for
legislative action it's a it's another
division of the National Rifle
Association which focuses mainly on
engagement also the NRA one of their
biggest programs is gun safety but it's
good to see them filing a law
suta just like people are suing Walmart
in in dicks over not selling guns to
people under 21 if you are 18 years of
age you are legally allowed to own a
rifle in this country and we can have
the discussion of you what can we better
to to have some warning signs about
people with mental health issues so you
can be drafted and have to go off to war
and die unless you're 21 no that's not
going to hold that dog don't hunt okay
and so they have every right to file
suit what part of shall not be infringed
do you liberals not get what part of it
it's a constant it's our Constitution it
is what limits our government it's not
necessarily our right it is the
restrictions on our government our
government does not have the right to
tell us you cannot have a firearm until
you're 21
it doesn't government didn't give you
those rights in the first place those
are those are god-given rights to life
liberty pursuit of happiness and you
know protecting yourself self-defense is
is your right now because government
gave it to you government doesn't give
things it takes things away you had
those rights because they're innate
rights so on the other side of the this
break we're going to be playing 10
minutes or so in the final segment of
these Steel Workers people who are
finally getting back to work we've seen
all these jobs you know come back into
this country manufacturing jobs really
great times ahead for this country
economically thanks for joining us on
the War Room
Michael Zimmerman joined by Mellie
Weaver we'll be back Monday morning with
David Knight at 8:00 a.m. and then Alex
Jones will be back on Monday also thank
you for watching
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