Author Topic: Here Is The Latest Way Government Is Spying On You  (Read 28 times)

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Here Is The Latest Way Government Is Spying On You
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:10:08 AM »

this is from EF F the Electronic
Frontier Foundation and it's the
headline this Geek Squad relationship
with the FBI is cozier than we thought
it's basically if you took your computer
into a Best Buy store and dropped it off
at the Geek Squad they would ship it off
to their repair center in Kentucky and
so the e FF filed a FOIA request Freedom
of Information Act last year did learn
more about how the FBI uses geeks rotten
employees to flag illegal material so
they would be digging through your
system and then reporting you to the FBI
if you had anything illegal on there
welcome back to the war room
I'm Michael Zimmerman joined again by
Jake Lloyd we're just talking about how
the EPA was poisoning a number of
animals just making them breathe in
diesel exhaust because people think the
government's so great they want to put
the government in charge of everything
the government never makes mistakes the
government never kills people
yeah the government is the government is
is the it's your pinnacle the pinnacle
of friendly virtue morals don't exist
without government we don't have any
morals we have laws that we have to
follow because people would never be
moral without government how could it
how ever could we know it's it shows how
far this country has come because the
idea I don't know it would the the
country was founded on on Lockean theory
these other things like that people kind
of govern themselves with limited
government as long as they have you know
they can protect themselves and that
their their responsibilities to protect
themselves their own rights life liberty
property etc and now we have people who
don't even know health care's are right
now so it's well everything's right if
you if you yell out enough the whole
idea of rights and what it is and what
moral behavior is is completely
completely turned upside down when it
ties into with the total decline of
individualism and and personal
responsibility in this country you know
people don't want to make things
to themselves they don't want to think
for themselves they want things to be
provided for them so before we move on
this is an article I came across today
there was there's pretty disturbing this
is from EF F the Electronic Frontier
Foundation and it's the headline this
Geek Squad relationship with the FBI's
cozier than we thought it's basically if
you took your computer into a Best Buy
store and dropped it off at the Geek
Squad they would ship it off to their
repair center in Kentucky and so the e
FF filed a FOIA request Freedom of
Information Act last year did learn more
about how the FBI uses geeks rot
employees to flag illegal material so
they would be digging through your
system and then reporting you to the FBI
if you had anything illegal on there so
yes they they came across and busted
some people for things like child
pornography but they bring up a good
point and that the relationship
potentially circumvents computer owners
Fourth Amendment rights because they're
basically you know inviting the the
government into to come look through
your systems and basically acting as
government whistleblowers
yeah that's pretty sketchy it's pretty
sketchy ground to be on as far as the
Fourth Amendment goes I definitely
wouldn't want the government looking
through my you know I don't have
anything criminal that's the argument a
lot of people make is I have nothing to
hide so what should I be afraid of
exactly it's like I just don't want
people looking at my stuff I don't care
it's like I don't even have anything
weird on there it's not even like it's
just not illegal though I have like the
most boring boring computer possible but
it's like I just don't want people
looking at it I just don't want people
especially the FBI digging through your
stuff it comes they never they never
plant stuff on people no no the guy's
never planted drugs on people they never
charge people with crimes they weren't
guilty of that's never happened FBI's
never sent Martin Luther King him a
letter saying that he should kill
himself and all of his private
information wouldn't come out it's fine
that that sounds like a conspiracy Harry
man our man takes hostages we went over
that North Korea asked for direct
nuclear talks and Trump degrees again
excellent information Pharma bro Martin
shkreli sentenced to seven years behind
bars we covered that earlier sobbing in
court and asking
judge to show him mercy at a fraud trial
when even his own lawyer said he wanted
to punch him in the face he just has
that effect on people
I don't dislike the guy but yeah I think
maybe the punchbowl face angle yeah I
get that I don't really I don't really
know what the whole I haven't followed
the Martin shkreli thing too much I know
that it sounds kind of it sounds kind of
well it was very fraught it was for for
fraud and it involved hedge funds and
when you start coming after important
people's money people with power yeah
that's when you're going to prison this
is another article about just government
intrusion as you remember after the San
Bernardino shooting the FBI was trying
to get into the phones that the shooters
and Apple said well we can't really do
that for you because to compromise the
security of one year would compromise
the security of all users and as much as
I don't really like them as a company I
do have to come in that because at least
they even if it was just pretending they
seem to take the side of people's rights
over helping the government without
question but there's something new on
the market called gray key and it's able
to unlock the most recent models of
iPhones from a American start-up called
gray shift which appears to be rounded
by a longtime US intelligence
intelligence agency contractors in an X
Apple security engineer so they've
created a tool that's fifteen thousand
dollars called gray key which permits
300 uses so you can unlock 300 phones
and get into them that's for an online
mode while an offline version costs
thirty thousand dollars that comes with
unlimited uses so police departments are
supposedly already using this or could
quickly have this in their arsenal for
15 grand the police could pull you over
plug your phone in and pull all the
content off of it which also we've seen
people's a laptops and other electronic
devices being searched at borders which
is a big concern to me because even if
you have nothing to hide like we were
saying I don't have anything interesting
on my phone of text with people you know
music photos you know what what
everyone's got on their phone you know I
don't have child porn or
you know like drug websites or anything
like that not nothing illegal so why
wouldn't I want the government looking
through my phone well what's my right
why do you need to look through my phone
why do you need to dig into my life it
doesn't matter and I don't have to
justify that's right that's the point is
I don't have to justify it it's just
like guns I don't have to justify why I
can own a gun I can own a gun because
it's in the Second Amendment and it's my
right when I was on when I was on air
for the 34-hour broadcasts the other day
um Matt one of the crew members told me
something he was like he was talking
about an argument that that they often
bring up is do you really think to your
right to own a gun you know try Trump's
everybody else's right to life it's like
no they're equal like you have a right
right they're not really there Horton's
rights don't have an order of importance
oh you just have a right to all of them
you don't have more or less of a right
to one or the other you have the right
to life you have the right to defend
yourself with arms you have the right to
be secure in your property you have
these rights and just you don't and
government doesn't give you these rights
either Greg's our god-given right we've
been tricked into like bartering for our
rights like well we'll trade this I'll
trade you some of my Fourth Amendment
rights so I don't have all of it if you
just let me keep my guns it's like we
don't need to barter we have all of them
are inherit within your being and the
government doesn't give them to you
exactly also while we're still on the
subject of tech news SpaceX wants to
bring the World Wide Web to the whole
wide world using a network of thousands
of satellites there they're still
prototyping this but they will have
ground stations that communicate to this
and we have already Internet
infrastructure basically every continent
and country is connected together
through undersea fiber-optic cables the
whole backbone of the u.s. is very well
connected city to city with fiber optic
cables you know very high-speed well
their idea is they've got the ability to
launch satellites let's make a global
satellite network so in the most remote
areas because satellite communications
are currently incredibly expensive
mm-hmm which you know just getting our
programming on on satellite is very
expensive to do but we're going to reach
a whole new audience we've got a lot of
TV stations wanting to come on board but
satellite internet has always been
something that's crazy expensive that's
why if you've ever been on the cruise or
out in the middle of nowhere well Wi-Fi
on a cruise is incredibly expensive it's
like 30 40 dollars a day and that's just
for like a small time slot because
there's cost associated in it but SpaceX
always getting themselves in the news
there that's I think what this company
is is best at is generating great news
stories you know they could have
launched a big brick of concrete as a
math simulator when they did they're
their most recent launch but they didn't
they launched a car into space you know
blasted it into deep space because that
got the entire country talking about
them for four weeks yeah so here they
are demoing satellites for its
high-speed Internet project if if SpaceX
you know if Elon Musk can do this and
you know it sounds good to me I don't I
don't know too much about other stuff it
sounds good yeah the guy is he's making
things happen as far as the the boring
company company and everything if they
can get this is it is it called
Hyperloop is that what it's going to be
called if they can get Hyperloop to work
and if they can start putting people in
space then he really wants to he's a
very intelligent guy and he wants to
have these entire paradigm shifts in
industries mm-hmm you know the the cost
that it takes SpaceX to launch something
into low Earth orbit first what NASA was
spending with the shuttle program
yeah it's night and day you know
individuals you know their their
businesses often do things better than
government does which oh yeah you've
seen government spies on you government
you know does do some good things but
also so manufacturing jobs up 31,000 in
February two hundred and sixty-three
thousand since Trump took office trump
is to thank for that but also American
industries to thank for that
the American business owners who are
hiring people who have faith in this
country you know and in want things to
grow yeah it ultimately comes down to
the backbone of the American worker
because Trump can have all that Trump
can create all this confidence in
business he can do all of these things
to promote industry coming back to the
United States but if it's not for the
American spirit and those those of us
Americans working in these industries
able to prop it up we wouldn't have
any of it so looks like we're about to
close up the second hour right here my
name is Jake Lloyd I'll be leaving but
Michael Zimmerman will continue home I'm
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