Author Topic: Society Pursues Gender Psychological Warfare  (Read 32 times)

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Society Pursues Gender Psychological Warfare
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:08:16 AM »

if you are receiving this transmission
you are the resistance
here's the tweet from Planned Parenthood
some men have a uterus and they repeat
it 10-15 times over no they don't men
don't have a uterus my question is can I
give birth why is it people can be by a
non-binary but like our pets can't
and it's don't there's already an
article saying that we shouldn't name
our pets like you don't want to gender
your pet because you don't know what
gender your pet identifies as welcome
back to the war room
I'm Michael Zimmerman joined by Ashton
Witte past couple segments we've been
talking about these differences between
the genders differences between the
sexes men and women rose mcgowan being
tired of gender constructs because I'm
not a man or a woman but as we know and
if you're a sane person you realize
there are men and there are women since
beginning of time this is what science
has proven for many years obviously the
very fact that me and you are alive
proves that they're just women and men
there's no such thing as in-between and
that's kind of like what I want to talk
to you guys about today I think it's
really important that we do address the
fact that men are being turned a
feminized feminized yeah yeah and women
are becoming masculine and this is a
serious danger to our society I mean
this is a obviously attack on a family
values as we need a man and a woman to
build a proper family as I stated with
the advice article on conservatives not
wine are not getting dates because
they're - mainly enough apparently I
want to talk about the difference
between men and women psychologically
and I've you all know that I was kicked
out of a classroom for talking about
women being biologically and
psychologically meant to be mothers and
a huge huge argument happen cuz that's
an extreme view anything from 2018 right
that's for example basketball right
there's a lot of girls were into sports
they claimed to be in this sports and
I'm a Warriors fan until the day I die
okay the only reason why I'm a warrior
Spanish because my grandfather was into
the Warriors right you were have a girl
raised by other women who were not into
sports whatsoever
she's not gonna wake up one day and say
wow I'm into basketball it doesn't
happen so it's more of a nature versus
nurture type of situation where you
think it's that is something that is
social conditioning warm to be
interested in these they like to be
aggressive that's what they do I mean
that's disaster own that's what makes
them that way
you know women aren't actually into
sports I mean they're into wearing a
jersey and getting hyped up about
something they don't actually have
anyone comes and things like ice skating
and cheerleading and gymnastics that's
one thing but I'm talking about football
basketball baseball they don't have the
citta stirone to push them through you
said all right naturally beans these
aspects because there is some element of
violence involved in all of those things
and in aggression and like you were
saying that the testosterone that brings
the the aggression in intensity but
we're seeing men more than ever becoming
feminine and we're seeing women more
than ever becoming masculine right and
we read some articles earlier in the
week about male fertility rates hit you
know record lows or you know why is male
fertility decreasing the triumph of the
beta male this is being celebrated on
the cover of The Hollywood Reporter it's
cool too you know could you scroll down
a little bit let's show how they're all
putting their hands in each other's
pockets does that that just takes the
cake here celebrating these are my
roommates I promise you this is the
whole Bay Area that you're from it's
male infertility crisis in the US has
experts baffled I don't know why they're
baffled we've read hundreds actually
it's a bigger impact psychologically
that's why I'm sure that's why I always
ring at the basketball situation because
women are meant to be mothers whether
you like it you don't have to be a mom
for be a lawyer or a doctor that's your
choice you don't be a stay-at-home mom I
can't wait to be a stay-at-home mom
personally but women are meant to be
mothers it's why we're more emotional
it's why we have a uterus I don't know
why anyone else would have a uterus
personally we're meant to be moms and
you're meant to be a dad and the woman
and the crew were meant to be moms and
the men crew were meant to be done what
was the Planned Parenthood tweet the
other day that the internet had a lot of
fun with it was some men have uterus and
it's like well human chromosomes and you
know the actual DNA no there's there's
men and women bad haircut but the I
think this
hey I think the idea that gender is just
a social construct is one that obviously
only exists within humans because we've
got to this point and we have it so good
that we find things like this to
component animals are having babies
right these our pets are having babies
why is a dog and or why is it a dog is
it female and male why is it a cat
there's people oh there's actually
article they're saying you can't here's
the tweet from Planned Parenthood some
men have a uterus and they repeat it
10-15 times over no they don't men don't
have a uterus my question is can I give
birth why is it people can be buying it
non-binary but like our pets can't and
don't there's already an article saying
that we shouldn't name our pets like you
don't want to gender your pet because
you don't know what gender your pet
identifies that despite the fact
evolution isn't like against this entire
idea for years this isn't you know you
want people like Bill Nye a science guy
which isn't even a really nice guy not
even a real scientist trying to tell
people there's more than two genders now
trying to tell people that our purpose
in life isn't to repopulate the earth
right hey well I think that's that's
part of the the entire agenda to is this
you know depopulation it's destroying
the family it's breaking people up it's
making you sad it's part of this whole
agenda 21 and other just general plots -
under this country destroyed the nuclear
family right it really is my dog has a
better sense as a nuclear family than
most people do right well in that that
is something that's becoming more and
more common is you know just not having
traditional families you know divorce
divorce divorce rates or divorce rates
are incredibly high it's over fifty
percent of people a divorce started
marriages end in divorce it's not good
what's what's going on and like we've
seen you know the triumphs the beta male
in the whole soy phenomenon that Paul
Watson and others have done videos on
this is a threat to to society this is a
threat to culture and more women than
ever don't want to get married and again
I said it because most men don't want to
change a tire right and if you if you
want to see the death of culture in the
death of society this is what it looks
so do you wanna get into some other
other articles here anything else you
want to talk talk about here on the word
room today I'm a little angry right now
uterus is there's no bad haircut no
there there are there are certain facts
and apparently facts are offensive now
there's a speech the other week where
people stormed out of a panel that James
- more and others were on because they
made a woman made the comment that there
are biological differences between men
and women bunch of people stormed out
smash the sound system it's also
psychology and we are meant to
repopulate the earth in order to raise
our children properly there has to be
someone who is in place of a motherhood
and someone in place a father and women
are certainly better at the whole new
tree nurturing roles you know taking
care of children taking holding the
family together right it's going to work
in getting things it's how it's always
been hunting hunting the animals yeah
it's like you know thousands of years
ago hunting the animals building the
shelter in chemistry is way different
than mine sure different than mine and
people are not trying to say that you
should go out me playing Barbies that
your son tree playing with Barbies right
my daughter that my daughter should not
Mellie Weaver did a report on a a drag
show thing they had here in Austin the
whole crush dressing thing and they had
children at this show they're they're
having young boys dress up and women's
clothing and I don't see how this yeah
here it is liberals drag kids and early
sexualization they are twerking they're
showing you know these are you know
padded bras and things like that for
children they want to sexualized
children they want to put young boys in
dresses it's not okay if you want to
kill a culture this is how you do it
this isn't about oh we're you know we're
trying to be open-minded no you are
literally making your child into a
swimsuit model model this video is just
it's disturbing it's really disturbing
what's going on here and I I don't know
what the the way back from this is other
than promoting traditional values
Christianity conservatives do push the
gender role narratives he's because of
things like this because people are
putting makeup on little boys and look
on the front look if you want to do it
it's whatever I've seen like little boys
pawn nail polish and joke about it this
isn't that this is little boys putting
on bras and makeup and prancing around
well it's moving the the Overton Window
also on what society will accept as far
as what's normal so next it's going to
be saying pedophilia is is normal except
that we've had articles about that
there's a hole right so on calm there is
the the Todd Nickerson article about I'm
a pedophile or not a monster a lot of
these Spacey left left-wing outlets are
pushing this this pro pedophile
narrative because that's the thing you
just have to keep moving the line if you
think the line is gonna stop somewhere
it's not going to they're gonna keep
pushing that line they're going to keep
sexualizing children they're going to
keep promoting pedophilia they're going
to keep breaking down the judge people
like Kevin Spacey for example you
remember what he wrote on Twitter he
says I'm gonna live my life now as a gay
no it doesn't matter I don't care for
y'all GBT you went too far you hit on a
thirteen-year-old boy yeah you're not
you're not a gay man you're a pedophile
and you're trying to blame that they're
trying to use LGBT is an excuse for
pedophilia and that's not okay well we
could add an LGBT P hasn't the LGBT
community fighting against this for so
long isn't the whole point it wasn't
their whole narrative for the longest
time saying hey we're not pedophiles
remember normal people just like you so
if you start letting you know people who
want to groom children in and do all
these things to them
within your umbrella of inclusion it's
going to make you look bad - it's going
to make people less inclusive less
accepting well thank you for joining me
here on the warm Ashton jake'll it will
be coming up next after the short break
and you're watching the worm on M fours
calm for its last show
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