Author Topic: Historic! Kim Jong Un Agrees To Meet With President Trump MZ  (Read 34 times)

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Historic! Kim Jong Un Agrees To Meet With President Trump MZ
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:07:16 AM »

you know Trump is taking a strong stance
on North Korea and I think they're
responding to that you know he was
calling Kim jong-un in a little Rocket
Man and now Kim jong-un is saying he
expressed his eagerness to meet
President Trump as soon as possible
they're saying that the meeting will
happen between them before May is
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help now to get back into some more of
these articles here this was news that
just broke during this this break here
Martin shkreli is someone that I think
has definitely been demonized a lot by
the media I've read a lot about his case
and I've listened to what he has to say
for himself and a lot of people went
after him and attacked him for the drug
which was an antiretroviral
antiretroviral drug that's a tongue
twister and he raised the price on the
drug but that's not what he was being
charged for he was being charged with
federal fraud charges related to
headphones and a drug company which he
ran at one point so there they were not
taking down shkreli for raising the
price of a drug what he did there was a
lawful and also his company turing
pharmaceuticals deals in rare diseases
they buy up these drugs that are not
economically viable for these companies
and then he dragged the prices up so
that he could continue this research
into these other experimental drugs
which we need companies out there like
that developed any of these cutting-edge
you know state-of-the-art medications
for people and what Martin shkreli did
was was not wrong even though they were
they demonized him
but anyway he's been sentenced to seven
years in prison now saying this is my
fault which I did read an article the
other day that said apparently he has
grown on a beard and become buff in
prison he's just been working out
constantly which also doesn't really
come as a surprise if you've watched
some videos of his you kind of get an
idea of who he is as a as a person and
you say you have a friend of a friend
who who knows him he's a very
interesting guy it's it's interesting
Sam sentence four for seven years
because this is someone that the media
kind of collectively came out and
demonized I said no Martin shkreli is
bad they caught him Pharma bro and all
these things really is just a smart guy
also he's supposedly having to give up
the exclusive wu-tang album wu-tang clan
album that he possesses as part of this
the settlement so getting into a little
bit more news one of the biggest stories
of the past 24 hours is that yesterday
South Korean leaders were at the White
House and they gave a press conference
and they said you know we've spoke to
Kim jong-eun he is interested in sitting
down a speaking to president Trump about
total denuclearization which over the
entire Obama administration this this
wasn't talked about they would threaten
the u.s. they'd get aid Trump is taking
a tough strong stance than they even
mentioned that in their speech that you
know Trump is taking a strong stance on
North Korea and I think they're
responding to that you know he was
calling kim chong-in a little rocket man
and now Kim jong-un is saying he
expressed his eagerness to be President
Trump as soon as possible they're saying
that the meeting will happen between
them before May so that's that's
encouraging you know North Korea has
been an issue they're also stopping
they're ceasing their tests their rocket
tests in the meantime but of course the
media is trying to spend this as a bad
thing they're saying it's a it's
reckless Trump is you know going to talk
to the North Koreans this is something
the Obama administration was not able to
get accomplished in eight years
we always had North Korea threatening to
nuke the u.s. to kill the US you know I
think Kim Jenna actually respects Trump
in the sense I think he respects the
very thing the Left hates about him is
that he is radical I think it's because
Trump is radical and he's getting things
done I think so it all
so strangely enough Dennis Rodman I
think may have some connections player
and all of this former Furman basketball
player Kim jong-un likes basketball and
he's friends with Dennis Rodman Dennis
Rodman is also friends with Donald Trump
so this is kind of like the the common
connection between this drama apparently
gave Kim Jong a copy of the art of the
deal that's right yeah on his last trip
to North Korea he gave him a copy of art
of the deal which if that's not some
sort of a Power Move where if you talked
to Trump about it before a wonderful
peace offering I think I've ever heard
so only two people have met both Trump
and Kim jong-un one is Dennis Rodman so
it's a very strange combination here but
I think maybe this this former
basketball player has done more to
improve relations between the u.s. North
Korea because also if you've read our
the art of the deal you know how Trump
thinks you need to know how the Trump
negotiates he talks about things like
the big ask you know you ask something
that's that's way big and then you
negotiate down I think we've seen him do
that a lot low in office you know he
says oh we're gonna build the wall and
then says well maybe we'll go for you
know enhance border security through
different technologies you know
different sensors better you know upping
our Border Patrol I think things like
so I you know if if Kim jong-un read the
book then he may have a better idea of
how Trump negotiates but either way I
think as far as keeping the world out of
nuclear war goes it's definitely a
positive thing that Kim jong-un has
agreed to to meet with Donald Trump you
know the Chicago Bulls could have such
an impact so also another thing that
happened today that a Daria here at the
office sent me is Trump pardons
Christian Saucer former sailor jailed
for submarine pictures which this was a
at the time a 22 year old who took the
photos in 2009 inside of a nuclear
submarine and so he actually he was
pardoned by Trump today he learned the
news while driving a garbage truck the
only job he could find with a felony
conviction so he served his time for
taking these photos so what he did is he
took photos inside of a submarine and
they said oh he's damaging national
security well during Trump's campaign he
mentioned these photos he
brought up these photos as a as a
talking point and he said that saucer
was ruined for doing nothing compared to
what Hillary Clinton has done and of
course we've still not seen Hillary
Clinton charged with anything but it is
good that he's now been pardoned a
presidential pardon unless so that this
felony will hopefully drop off of his
record and he'll be able to get work
again because really this was just
demonizing a member of the military
something that happened 10 years ago
cellphone photos from 2009 you remember
how the cellphone photos looked back
then I can't imagine much could be
learned from that but we'll be back on
the other side of this break with more
news and information and also Roger
stone will be joining us in the segment
after next
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