Author Topic: VICE Does Not Want Minorities To Own Guns  (Read 75 times)

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VICE Does Not Want Minorities To Own Guns
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:05:31 AM »

what stopped the shooting or the person
fleeing the shoot in southern one
Springs Texas was a good guy with the
gun it was an NRA instructor that
stopped that shooting so they don't want
preachers have guns they don't want
women to have guns so single mothers who
you know are at home alone by their
children with their children who's
supposed to protect them if someone's
kicking in their door an abusive you
know ex-boyfriend something like that
how is this woman going to protect
herself and her children because vice
doesn't want her don't the NRA does the
NRA wants people of every race color and
Creed to own firearms but then these
these far-left groups don't want that
welcome back to the war room I'm Michael
Zimmerman joined by Ashton Witte filling
in for Owen Troyer today on this Friday
last week last day of the week that Alex
is out of town he'll be back on Monday
and Owen will return with the war room
joined by Ashton Witte again who joined
us for our 34 hour broadcast last week
and also this this past Monday from
Berkeley California one of the people
mentioned in Paul dose of Watson's video
that we just played as someone who's
been shunned by by your family because
of your political views and so we'll be
talking about some of those political
views today absolutely so one thing you
were telling me you wanted to talk about
is all these attacks on on Young
Conservatives from vice and other
outlets whether it's saying that no one
wants to date them which we'll get into
or the going after the NRA for wanting
women and black people armed I'm
actually interesting because once one of
these articles actually there's one from
daily wire yeah so Julie why I wrote an
article about how vice wrote on Twitter
saying the NRA wants that the NRA wants
nurses school teachers and women to be
armed and they really emphasize
women which I of course as a woman
should be offended by it but I'm not
because vice is completely stupid my
thing is is that why wouldn't you want
your women to be armed why wouldn't you
why is it in so many different Saudi
Arabian countries the men can be armed
the women can't and so my question is I
understand advice doesn't want anyone to
own guns but why focus on women they are
they're so obsessed with saying how it's
the white males that are the ones
shooting up the place but the reality is
is that guns are the only organ to
empower women it's the great equalizer
absolutely why would vice an another
person or group they mentioned in that
tweet was preachers so even after we saw
this the shooting here at Sutherland
Springs in Texas they don't want
preachers to own guns which I can maybe
understand the nightclub argument as
someone who has my license to carry a
handgun I don't really want people and
bars I've seen how people in a lot of
bars act I don't necessarily know if a
bar is a good place I think I wouldn't
have an issue with the bouncer or a
bartender who's not drinking having a
gun but why would you be against
preachers having guns what stopped the
shooting or the person fleeing the
shooting in southern Springs Texas was a
good guy with the gun it was an NRA
instructor that stopped that shooting so
they don't want preachers have guns they
don't want women to have guns so single
mothers who you know are at home alone
by their children with their children
who's supposed to protect them if
someone's kicking in their door an
abusive you know ex-boyfriend something
like that how is this woman going to
protect herself and her children because
vice doesn't want her tone against the
NRA does the NRA wants people of every
race color and Creed to own firearms but
then these these far-left groups don't
want that here's an article from The
Advocate let's go a former NRA
instructor recalls chasing down and
stopping Texas Church shooter it was a
good guy with the gun we're specifically
a good guy with an ar-15 which all the
media has of late tried to demonize you
know there's one type of firearm of
course and what there's a report of a
woman who was actually 18 years old she
was a single mother and someone was
breaking into her home and she stopped
him with her gun she called 9-1-1 and
said what should i do should i shoot the
man who is
breaking into my house and I wanted a
person said that she has to do whatever
she could to protect her baby now she
were 21 or over as people are advocating
for right now she can protect her child
she would probably murder as well as her
infant and you raised a good point there
as far as wanting to raise the age I'm
very against it
I've grew up shooting guns I had my
first gun probably when I was 15 16
years old my dad had bought for me I
went as a teen I went out and purchased
my first rifle it was 21 I bought my
first handguns and now I have a
collection of guns but I don't think you
know we should have people that can vote
they can join the military you can
enlist in the military at 17 well on
touch base on is this Bumble of this
Bumble situation it's on a dating app I
because I see the article really quick
sure so vice says women shouldn't own
guns and Bumble which is actually an app
for women started by women to make women
feel more safe is now saying pictures
and statements about guns should be
reported so they don't want women to
date men who can protect them they don't
own guns and they don't want women to
date men who own guns
so bumble to give people a little more
background on it is an app pretty
similar to the app tender where people
swipe right or left and then when you
match with someone the woman has to
message the man first and you know
initiate the conversation but other than
that it's just a dating app where people
are judging each other you know solely
on appearances but they notified their
entire user base earlier this week that
if you see someone with a gun like we
scroll down on this they actually have
the text that showed up so when people
open the app they said we're working the
banned gun photos we're asking for your
help and then they went on to say in the
next images that they want people to
actually file reports if they see
someone with a gun they need to report
them within the app so that their
account will be banned they said other
than police or law enforcement and
everyone with the photo of a gun on on
bumble is going to be banned my problem
with this is guns are not illegal gun
ownership is is lawful well my biggest
issue is these are the same people
clearly feminists right so they don't
want women to protect themselves they
don't want women to be protected
what does that
about the society did they just don't
want women to be treated protect with
protection I mean what are they wanting
to do be treated as leave they are in
Islamic countries where they're raped
and mugged in the streets on in broad
daylight exactly and I'm sure other
companies are going to follow suit we
saw a number of companies join this
whole NRA boycott which I should have
printed this today but Delta Airlines
grants standard about how we were going
to get rid of our inner a discount we're
not going to provide a discount anymore
three members of the NRA right and then
the state of Georgia took away an
incentive that they had been giving
Delta they cost them millions of dollars
that cost their business millions of
dollars in tax credits well turns out
there were only less than 20 tickets
purchased through NRA s discount program
with Delta in the history of the program
so each one of those tickets ended up
costing Delta millions of dollars
because they wanted to do this virtue
signaling and say no we're not going to
have any dealings with the NRA there are
millions of people who belong to the
National Rifle Association it is the
largest advocacy group for one specific
right in the country you know their
focus is not widespread you've got lots
of these left groups right-wing groups
that are more broadly focused but the
NRA is focused solely on the Second
Amendment in protecting the Second
Amendment so they made an enemy out of
tens of millions of Americans not
hundreds of millions of Americans and
the state of Georgia so Georgia
Republicans honor their threat to punish
Delta for cutting ties with the NRA they
said well if you're going to be
political about how you run your
business we're not going to go out of
our way to you know help your business
and then of course I think it was the
the governor of New York
he comes out and says oh you're welcome
to come here they're not gonna move
their business there Georgia has much
better taxes for businesses than in New
York State does but I think it's
interesting what we see going on here
they're trying to they're trying to make
people feel lonely they're trying to
make it feel
you're not welcome on this dating app
you know there's there's a handful of
dating apps out there if if you're
someone who shoots guns you're not
welcome on this app you know where come
on this airline you're not welcome at
the Sports store that originally sold
guns for many many years Dick's Sporting
we won't sell to people anymore there's
actually a lawsuit that has been filed
and some other sporting goods retailer
but Walmart being the bigger one for not
selling him a gun because they said
we're gonna change our policy yeah 20
year old sues dicks and Walmart over new
gun policies according to federal law
you have to be 18 years of age to
purchase a firearm to purchase a long
gun a rifle and 21 years of age to
purchase a handgun now sure these
companies can can say we're not going to
sell a gun to someone but they are FFL
you know federal firearm licensed
dealers like everyone who sells guns in
this country they perform background
so they're saying even though under the
law you're allowed to purchase this item
we're not going to sell it to you so
that the issue at this court case is
discrimination based on age they
targeted this this 20 year old they said
well we changed our policy we're not
going to sell guns to people under 21
now fortunately there are plenty of
other stores so he walked into a field
and stream which is a subsidiary of
Dick's in Medford Oregon on February
24th intending to buy a 22 caliber rifle
he was told no based on the retailer's
new policy his lawsuit says this the
suit says takes action amounts to age
discrimination and I would agree with
that it seems like a very clear case of
discrimination by these companies by
these platforms because they're they're
targeting conservatives for things that
are not against the law it's not against
the law to have guns in your photos it's
not against the law to take photos of
your guns and certainly not illegal for
a woman to own a gun as it is in Islamic
countries exactly and it's you got to
ask do they do they want no-one armed
which I think the answer is yes they
don't want anyone to have guns and
they're starting with you know telling
women don't date men who have guns like
we saw in the Watson video bring it up
at family you know make it make a scene
about Trump so we'll be on the back on
the other side of this break breaking
down more articles Michael Zimmerman to
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