Author Topic: Why The Left Hates Traditional Gender Roles  (Read 31 times)

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Why The Left Hates Traditional Gender Roles
« on: March 10, 2018, 06:58:44 AM »

it's not like men just walk into bars
wearing Trump hats it's not like men are
walking around screaming you know it's
because of people like vice who are
making Trump out to be this misogynist
racist sexist that probably that has
that quota on them but no women no woman
in the world would be like oh you know
he voted for at least no sane woman was
think oh wow you know he voted for Trump
I mean he's got all these great
qualities I like so much you know he
could protect me you can change it's
higher that's the big point you like so
people should know you got to be able to
change a tire if you want the future
this is the war room with Owens Troyer
at in force calm force last show welcome
back to the war room I'm Michael
Zimmerman joined by Ashton Witte and the
last segment we were talking about
different dating apps banning
conservatives different gun stores not
selling guns to people under 21 even
though they're lawfully allowed to to
own them we've seen kind of these
attacks coming from from all these
different angles so what did you want to
get into next with all this vice wrote
an article about conservative
conservative men it says conservatives
not being able to get dates which of
course I look at it and obviously they
did not ask conservative women so
essentially this is what they said
conserves our whining because no one
wants to date them it must be tough
being or a public am your party's
president does things like say call
African nations shift toll countries
make bizarre phone calls to school
shooting survivors in which David hog
hung up so I don't know why that was
bizarre it's the president our backup
accuse domestic abusers and alleged
child molesters like Hillary Clinton for
example this is just it really takes the
cake because the only act it even says
in the article a handful of
conservatives in DC so a handful of
conservatives in DC which is extremely
liberal area I think there's only a
handful of conservatives in DC and they
may have talked to every single
conservative there's and obviously they
only talk to women they even say that in
the article or I'm certainly not talk to
men they'll talk to any women in the
article and my whole thing is is as a
woman I don't have issues with getting
dates or guys wanting to date me maybe
it is different for men but my question
device is it's not like men just walk
into bars wearing Trump hats it's not
like men are walking around screaming
you know it's because of people like
vice who are making Trump out to be this
misogynist racist sexist that probably
that has that quota on them but no women
no woman in the world would be like oh
you know he voted for at least no sane
woman was think oh wow you know he voted
for Trump I mean he's got all these
great qualities I like so much you know
he could protect me he can change it's
higher that's the big point you like so
people should know you got to be able to
change a tire in order to do a certain
woody you must be like one of your key
points is you have to because did you
know the majority of millennial men
can't change a tire really so the thing
is I there was there was this whole
article on young millennia and women
don't want to get married I said well
the average Millennial man can't change
a tire so I don't blame them but the
thing is is the men who have all of
these qualities can protect a woman says
yes ma'am no man you know the men who
act like men are conservatives and so
women will go his dates with these
perfect guys at least in my opinion
perfect guys not soy boys I'm and then
they'll be like oh no he's reaching up
reading a book written by a Mylo or he
right yeah they said they went on a date
with a person and they got back to his
apartment and they saw that basically he
had a conservative books on his
bookshelf so even though the guy's told
her that he didn't vote for Trump and
considers himself a moderate
conservative she ended things there it
sounds like she's like I have to get out
of here I can't see you and left
policies of these things that are
attached to the right whether or not
you're supportive Trump have been
presupposed on you and it's like a black
mark so that's that's what they're
trying to do here they're trying to put
a mark on all conservatives anyone who
doesn't totally go along with the whole
social justice echo-chamber
it almost like you're trying to scare
men to not be concerted right yeah no
one's gonna want to date you if you're
conservative in DC there's like baby
what for yes I don't think I have I've
dated both men who are a Democrat and
Republican and from the Republican men I
have been treated nicer they have more
manners they actually you know know what
they're doing as to comes to life the
majority of Democratic men are studying
gender studies you know what are the
jobs out there you can do with the
gender studies if these women are
actually leaving their dates because the
the guy supports our president maybe
they're not the right woman I mean why
would you I'd date someone that clueless
right but I think it all it all ties
back into I mean all these things kind
of tie in together they're wanting
people to feel alone they're wanting it
to have a chilling effect on people so
that you won't want to be vocal about
your support of the president you won't
you won't want to go out to rallies you
won't want to wear you know shirts for
men for Wars or anything like that
because no one's gonna date you that's
the the narrative they're trying to push
well what's gonna happen if this
relationship goes further like it gets
to a point where you're dating this
person for years and then you guys get
married like what you gonna do pretend
me a Bernie Sanders supporter your
entire life I think if you're on date
with somebody especially if you're a guy
guys out there who are on dates of women
and I say bring up politics the first
date it's gone to that point where we
have to do it because if I don't want
waste my time I always find time as
somebody gets so triggered that a woman
like myself would vote for Trump or
support Trump that you know I wasted
good what six months to a year because
you know this guy can't handle the fact
that you know I support our country one
and people are still politically
polarized at this point that I don't
think you know to people if they're
they're both strongly political can date
each other like you know it's just
strong like a Hillary supporter is going
- you know lo the guy who voted for
Trump well there's actually an article
about that how concil you really can't
end up in relationship with someone who
has different morals than your different
political values in you and they've
actually done studies where Republicans
and conservatives have the better
relationships they have longer lasting
relationships for as Democrats
there's something about Democrats where
statistically they don't value something
as much then again socialism they think
if they get everything for free um but
there was actually a study you you have
you can't see - you won't see a person
of Trump's you can never see a trump
supporter you know or a liberal dating
it's just not happening I mean they
could be dating but it's not gonna last
long so our right-wing voters happy this
from the Daily Mail where Republicans
tend to be married and have better
relationships than those on the left so
and I think that that kind of has to do
I would think with traditional values
people who have traditional values you
know I mentioned on Monday show that my
mom stayed home with my sister and I
when we were growing up and you know
very close family but traditional values
and because of that you know she was
able to spend those those crucial years
with my sister and I while my dad went
to go work you know my mom would cook
dinner for us every night and because of
things like that you know my sister and
I ended up very well rounded and you're
smart successful and not actually ties
into it ties into this though so Rose
McGowan is tired of your gender
constructs so I'd also don't think it'll
end well if you have someone who
believes that gender is just a social
construct and someone who thinks there
are biological facts in this world there
are actual differences between men and
women Rose McGowan is tired of your
gender contracts I don't want to be a
man or a woman that's just the thing I'm
not you know I tweeted something last
night I think it was actually you sent
it to me i retweeted something last
night where I commented on it and it was
someone something something along the
lines of the future is not female the
future is transsexual transgender
transgender queer queer I was so 8 and I
could I stuck that I said wow this is
what Darwin was talking about the
traditional values aren't
so mothers and fathers can raise
families together and I also want to
talk about this really quick um when
comes to gender roles gender roles are
in place for a reason you know I'm not
saying women can't do certain things men
can or men can't do certain things women
can but gender roles are in place for a
reason I don't it's interesting to me
that we are in such a society that wants
to completely blend it out altogether
absolutely and you know these things
have worked very well for the human race
for many many years to try to go and
bend that and change that at this point
is definitely questionable Ashlyn
widdy's joining me here in the war room
I'm Michael Zimmerman we'll be back on
the other side of this break with more
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