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we do have Alex over the phone he's
going to give us an update on the latest
attack on Infowars Alex what's going on
they're trying to censor us and shut us
down what are we dealing with now oh
that's right we've got amazingly
positive news actually today justjust
incredibly positive news coming up the
next segment I'm going to do two
segments with ecozone you've got a full
plate today developments the head of the
Trump campaign and really one of the key
people in the White House right now way
more important Stephen banner ever was
for my sources is Brad Parr scale you
never hear about it because you behind
the scenes he's the tech expert and all
the rest of it to help galvanize the
American people through the internet to
get around the globalist he's come out
on the records of the president and said
that big tech we're watching you if you
don't want to get busted up for being
monopoly she better stop the censorship
so we're going to read your tweets cover
all that next segment they're now saying
if you talk about globalism it's a nice
amit ik so that i guess have a freedom
they can just say the word freedoms
anti-semitic sweep and that we've got
that coming up this globalism just means
a system of world government the biggest
Global's in the world is the Chinese
Communist dictator he's the guy they say
they thinks come home all things
together course David Rockefeller
basically created it and that guy wasn't
Jewish so pretty desperate that's all
coming up and so much more but before we
get into all of that I just briefly
wanted to get into Matt fury the
individual that created I guess a decade
ago Pepe the Frog we really don't care
about that became a simple the campaign
hmm not a mean we created or even really
picked up on and of course we've been
selling a poster the third-party artist
made that's got a bunch of images from
2016 totally protected speech
transformative art but beyond that
beyond that we're third-party selling it
so no connection will be instantly
thrown out of court publisher will cost
us money to deal with it
that's all we have to countersue with
slap Mac statues or the Democrats will
just keep killing us death by a thousand
cuts so we're gonna get a paper cut back
now when they sue us they're gonna get a
giant hammer depositions P eyes and
everything else so enjoy yourselves
everybody's already on the ground start
enjoying now that said they won't fight
they got one thirdly third strike and
even more devastating our own Michael
Zimmerman intrepid researcher and
Infowars found this from The Daily Dot
2015 14 photo Pepe when he was the
number one thing on fortune the Frog and
mr. fury said that quote this is an
interview with The Daily died my we
found more quotes him saying this what
about people profiting off Pepe I
believe in supporting people's decision
to profit our Pepe an order from provide
them with the most positive business as
fair as possible I strive to be an
advocate for Pepe and both love and
enterprise and hope to help business
people to have an empowering and joyful
experience while making an ocean of
profits and limitless as the universe he
goes on to say I don't care what
supremacists are using it people are
using it too
so it's this guy's made so much money
off the internet taking a comic book he
put out in 2005 that reportedly had
almost no sales
somebody picked it up now he's got all
these distribution deals all these sales
deals he's coming back saying even
private citizens is means I can't use it
doctor they're in tragedy with the TPP
years trademark to falsely applied
fraudulently applied abusively applied
to shut down free speech worldwide
that's why the left
you know the good left was so against
TPP along with a libertarian right
because it was so draconian so this is
on he says use it it's public use it's
free to use everybody then uses it an
artist creates a poster with five
percent of the poster being pepe images
of the campaign totally protected
Supreme Court rulings just incredibly
protected and the NGOs further puts out
a press release
labelling us saying were white
supremacist basically tying our name to
it to defame us you know someone very
profoundly once said many years ago that
if fascism ever comes to America it'll
come in the name of liberalism welcome
welcome to the war room I'm your host
Rob do and I've got some insane news the
real reason why Gary cone left the Trump
administration has nothing to do with
the White House or tariffs or I think
it's uh we're gonna hear it from Trump
coming up but let's go back to this pepe
thing let's go to hears the Daily Dot
article from April 12 2015
for trans Pepe the Frog bigger than ever
and his creator feels a good man
okay the guy created an icon what's
interesting though is this is not even
the real this is not the original Pepe
this is what somebody else took and and
did it that's the interesting thing that
was the Pepsi here's the here's the
original Pepe and then here's what
somebody else did you can see the eyes
are done a little better the details a
little nicer this is a little more
rudimentary so somebody took a cave
painting essentially and put some detail
to it and then it
went on and on and on in fact I want to
go to some clips talking about this and
I'm gonna get into this Gary Cohen
business here in a second but before
Trent went crazy for Pepe yes I believe
and here's what mr. fury said I believe
the most important thing I can do as an
artist is to protect the voices of
anonymous people on the Internet and
help ensure that those voices are
honored without a judgment or criticism
I want 4chan to feel there's a 4chan to
feel they were supposed supported by
being heard respected and part of the
decision-making prop process I believe
in supporting people's decisions to
profit off of Pepe in order to provide
them with the most positive business
experience possible
I stride to be an advocate for Pepe in
both love and enterprise and help and
hope to help business people to have an
empower powering and joyful experience
in making a notion of profits now this
is 2015 guys pull up
it's a Daily Caller article from 2017
talking about how he's going after
people like Mike Serna vich this was in
the heat of the presidential race or
actually was after the presidential race
and there was a video that appeared and
sort of itch was the one who really put
it out there made it big and it's
Hillary Clinton reading from her book
and there it is Pepe the Frog creator
takes legal action against reddit Mike
sort of itch in the alt-right
and scroll up a little bit let's see
what we got here on this there's a quote
in here I'm interested in reading dude
his popularity phrase taking a warpath
legal action to anyone and everyone to
use Pepe as a political meme to support
Donald Trump so he didn't like Donald
Trump and because people took Pepe and
made it a Trump icon he got pissed off
let's go to the first Pepe clip and this
talks about kind of the basically how
Pepe went from being a cartoon nobody
looked at to being a global phenomenon
the feels bad man Pepe emerged followed
by sad frog and so on Pepe was tweeted
out by Katy Perry and instagrammed by
Nicki Minaj
and Matt fury defended the anonymous
people on the internet who had turned
his creation into an unstoppable meme
but then Pepe became something else has
been anti-defamation league's database
of hate symbols okay so the
anti-defamation league took a frog and
made him a symbol of hate and I would
say the amount of peppe's that were
created in terms of having Nazi ties or
even racist ties or anything like that
was probably a very small percentage and
it wasn't people who supported Donald
Trump that we're doing that and it goes
on and on so this guy doesn't like it
now that his candidate I guess didn't
win I guess he was a Hillary Clinton
supporter I don't know that for a fact
but he seemed pissed off that about who
owns the rights to Pepe let's go to the
second clip oh it's interesting - Katy
Nicki Minaj women these are women who go
out there and promote you know kind of
promiscuous activity that's okay for
them to use Pepe in that regard but
anybody else does it it's not okay
let's go to Pepe 3 and this is about a
artist who started making her own
peppe's that again didn't look anything
like the original okay here's the
original right here feels good man right
there that's the original Pepe right
there so let's look at this artist who
is being sued by mad furious is another
artist and notice these all hold on one
second all these artists all got cease
and desist letters which we never got
here at Infowars never a cease and
desist letter it was always it's just
all of a sudden boom you're getting sued
nothing about a cease-and-desist which
is the normal thing you do alright let's
go back
furious attorneys have gone a step
further in the case of a Kansas
city-based artist named Jessica Logsdon
who refused to take down the Pepe themed
paintings she sells on ebay for $0.99
plus 37 dollars shipping they filed a
lawsuit against Logsdon
who declined to appear in this video but
responded via email that while she may
appear confident she's rational enough
to be scared because Wilmer Hale is a
Titan of law
she also attached a picture of a new
painting she calls Wilber fail we're not
trying to do this because she's some
kind of a small fish had she simply
apply it with the DMCA notice and our
request there's no question we would not
have brought a lawsuit I had a brief
conversation with her and she sent me as
a gift I think if you can see it over my
shoulder with us now one of my favorite
works of art if I were still teaching
copyright law classes I would bring this
in as an example of classic fair use I
believe classic care used and that's a
First Amendment attorney saying that and
it just it gets crazier and crazier it's
as soon as the left doesn't like your
political speech they want to censor it
so let's go to the last clip and this is
attorney Matt Rand azza again talking
about what fair use is and the poster we
are selling is what we're being sued
over is clearly fair use and you could
look at the about that Pepe takes up in
the shot or in the poster is clear like
four or five percent maybe even six
percent but here's matter in Dazza
the way I try to explain fair use to
people is that you can take a whole
bunch of already created works and when
you take them all together and then you
blow new life into that a new thought is
expressed through that you probably have
engaged in what's called fair use and
sometimes the greatest way to set a fire
on the Internet is to try to blow out
one candle fury is demanding Logsdon
sees her display and sale of any Peppe
imagery and that the court award damages
and unlawful profits for chanters have
responded by projecting images of pepe
on the Wilmer Hale office building the
case has yet to go to trial but it could
set a legal precedent better defining
the blurry line between the free speech
rights of internet meme makers and the
copyright claims of artists
so this is the new world we're going
into and it has to do with this
censorship that Alex was talking about
earlier how Trump's finally coming out
and saying listen we got to stop this
but there's the picture there the mag a
poster were selling you can see where
Pepe is he's way up there very small up
in the top and then you have all these
other people Alex Jones Milo you na
police and culture Trump's in there
twice Paul Joseph Watson diamond and
silk matt drudge Roger stone people that
help the Trump revolution happen and you
know people are pissed off about this so
it's very interesting to see how this is
happening who really owns Pepe the Frog
at this point does the person who made
the first image own it or if somebody
takes that and does a a montage like
this this cartoon wasn't out in the in
the it was in the public domain but it
wasn't out there the people of 4chan
took it and made it popular they're the
ones who gave it the entire reason for
all these articles and all these
lawsuits to exist and and this guy's not
it doesn't seem like he's asking for
profits in these lawsuits so why is he
going why is he why does he not want
people to use his meme it's a it's a
selective enforcement and it's what's
happening in facebook it's what's
happening in Twitter you could say oh I
want to kill the president if you're a
liberal but if you call somebody a name
and you're a conservative oh they're
gonna get rid of your account Mike Adams
entire YouTube channels been deleted so
we'll be right back I'm going to get
into this whole tariff business of
what's going on and how its breathing
new life into the steel industry and
what Donald Trump called Gary Cohen
you're gonna want to stay tuned for this
it's the war room you're watching thanks
so Gary Cohen is out as the as Trump's
economic adviser and of course you have
USA Today saying oh Cohen is thought of
as pro-business and was against tariffs
and tariffs reviewed negatively by Wall
Street and you can see that the the
stock market's gone down a little bit
over the announcement of these tariffs
but what do we have here
tariff leads us steel to reopen big
steelmaking facility Granite City Works
will have one of its two blast furnaces
and steelmaking were started and about
500 employees will be brought back to
work starting this month they announced
on Wednesday US Steel said the
additional steelmaking capacity will
help meet demand from the move by Trump
administration to oppose a 25% tax on
foreign made steel that US Steel and US
Steel workers and others have said been
choking the domestic steel industry the
president's strong leadership is needed
to begin to level the playing fields to
companies like ours can compete win and
create jobs that support our employees
and communities and that's what US Steel
CEO David Barret said in a statement and
oh and fryer took calls today from
employees and insiders in the steel
industry and I want to do the same thing
I want to open up the phone lines and
whenever we only want people who are
working in the steel industry and it
could be positive or negative I just
want people who are in the steel
industry eight eight eight to zero one
two two four four eight eight eight to
zero one two two four four call in I
want to hear your story anytime you call
them we'll get you on but guys I only
want people who are working in the steel
industry because we want to put these
together as a compilation to show what's
really going on now let's show our
Twitter poll we put a Twitter poll up
and it has it's pretty much on the same
lines I didn't even tell the guys to do
this Twitter poll and are you gonna
bring it up
and so I I said I asked him I said hey
what's our Twitter poll and and I said I
said I said is it about the steel
tariffs they said yeah it is I said
awesome so do you trust that Trump is
doing the right thing with steel tariffs
we need to actually spell that right ste
e/l it's not like Roberts steel tear
tariffs to promote the u.s. steel
industry so we probably can't fix that
obviously the English major wrote that
tweet but people get what we're saying
and right now it's 70
percent yes twenty four percent no nine
hundred fifty two votes so and here's
what scroll up let's see what Kevin
Robin said I'd say he's yet to be wrong
on anything with trader the economy the
immediate the media has been wrong about
everything when it comes to Trump he has
more than earned benefit of the doubt I
mean a union boss just a dorste a
Republican Trump knows what he's doing
so Gary Cohen's out because of these
tariffs and here is what Donald Trump
had to say about Gary Cohn on his way
out the door this is Gary cones last
meeting in the cabinet and of the
cabinet and he's been terrific he may be
a globalist but I still like him yes
seriously at loveless there's no
question but you know what in his own
way he's an analyst because he loves
their country
and he's gonna go out and make another
couple of hundred million and then then
he's gonna maybe come back might come
back all right we'll be here absolutely
another seven years hopefully and that's
a long time but I have a feeling you'll
be back I don't know if I can put him in
that same position though he's not quite
as strong are those tariffs as we want
but I want to know seriously on behalf
of all of us I want to thank he's been
great he really worked with Wilbur and
Steve and all of the people Mike we all
worked so hard on it on the tax cuts and
they have been far beyond I would say
Gary our wildest expectations mean what
we thought would be very good has turned
out to be unbelievable great and people
are appreciating it a lot the Democrats
don't know what to do this I go boy this
is turning out to be not good for them
we didn't get one Democrat vote so I
just want to thank Gary before me some
rocket ships you haven't seen that for
this country in a long time
alright so now he's gonna get into the
Rockets launching and landing and he
thinks it's great but he called Gary
Cohen a globalist not once but twice
he said he's kind of a nationalist but
he's a globalist that is why Gary Cohen
is out he came in for one reason and
that was to help with the tax cuts and
now that trumps used him on that he's
trying to push back on the tariff saying
oh no they're gonna hurt businesses yet
Trump seems to be right with everything
he's done so far so that is the reason
Gary Cohen is out of course you don't
see that anywhere in the mainstream
media talking about Gary Cohn resigning
how Trump called him a globalist oh no
they don't want you to see that they
don't want you to hear that we had to
dig for this little clip it was on
Twitter but it's not it's not on YouTube
it's not on any of the video platforms
except Twitter's little video platform
in that amazing they don't want you to
know that Trump called Gary gaunt Cohen
a globalist they don't want you to know
that they want you to think Oh Trump
he's doing and Gary Cohen is taking the
high road and he thinks Trump is a
racist and all these other things that
are issues of no significance but they
want you to think that that is what it's
all about and when I hear we're gonna
have Alex Jones coming up is is he ready
he wanted to come on and talk about this
clip I think we'll have next segment
also Lee and McAdoo's gonna be joining
me next segment as well to talk about
some story she didn't get to finish
covering on the Alex Jones Show earlier
today but I think this is really telling
of what we have going on and I do I do
definitely want to get to this talking
about Mueller and the seychelles meeting
now he's going after Eric Prince the
founder of Blackwater and I'm gonna tell
you about a guy every time you see this
guy you have to remember that he's an
outed CIA agent and we'll get to that
we'll get to that coming up but first
you know what I'm gonna spend this last
minute 38 talking about do we have do we
have actually a steel collar on okay I
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infowars.com forward slash show is the
free link to send out to everybody you
know all right we are back here at the
War Room I'm your host Rob do thank you
for joining me I've got lots of news to
get to but first we have Alex Jones and
he wanted me to bring up an article
before I throw to him can you guys pull
that up because I did not get a chance
to print that out during the break
running around furiously getting stuffed
on msn falsely claims Oh the term
globalist is anti-semitic that was from
March 8th so kid Daniels just put this
out if you oppose global government
based on China you're somehow labeled
anti-semitic and that's what these
tariffs are for therefore because we
have an unfree unfair trade advantage
with China with our steel so all we're
doing is trying to level the playing
field the people in the steel industry
are going this is great we're bringing
back jobs and Gary cone doesn't like it
Trump calls them a globalist oh that's a
word that means anti-semite well here's
how its jonesing more Alex take it away
that's right I want you to read the
entire kid dangles article in the next
segment visits I will do that it's so
powerful people need to hear it it's
applying force calm but here's the issue
globalism was created by David
Rockefeller globalism once a private
corporate world government since it's
been falling apart and its control over
the US has been falling apart because it
was basically born here and in the UK
now China has been brought in last year
13 months ago at Davos and the Chinese
dictator said I will prop up Louisville
ISM working he said with the unelected
leader of the EU who is a Nazi
collaborator grandson his grandfather
was a britches Nazi they of course had
the Yonker weapons factories so you've
got the Communist Chinese dictator the
heir to 80 plus million killed by the
government you've got the most powerful
living heir of the Nazis who took
they still owned young Kirk the
unelected EU unelected technocrats
telling Trump that globalism with defeat
him when he first got elected 14 months
ago so this shows how committed Trump is
now he hired some Goldman Sachs people
to try to get the economy going if they
knew where the bodies were buried and
they were from the power structure to
follow his directives and now that Gary
Cohen has not followed his directives
he's out there talking about bringing in
Larry Kudlow who actually gets what's
going on I think would be a great choice
show this is so epic because he gives a
speech and he talks about in the 30
minute speech today we just got a few
minutes of it Elon Musk and America
first technology wise all of our the
secret technologies he talks about how
all these other presidents were America
first and how that actually built up our
industry and then he gets into oh you
know I still love Gary Cohen but he is a
globalist talk about the controversy
when the Fox News reporter you know said
are you gonna bring in another globalist
light Gary Cohen or somebody different
so again just like I said I don't care
if Trump's going into Mordor and has a
goblin guide for somebody like you know
Smeagol who's all twisted and everything
because they know how to get him in
there and out of there what I don't want
him doing is getting in bed with a
goblin or in bed with schmegle in bed
with this whole system and he's not
that's why they hate him so much and
it's why the economy's coming back
because they've been siphoning the u.s.
off to build this whole thing so the
claim that if any semitic when he's
moving the embassy to jerusalem when
he's pro-israel when the globalist want
to overthrow israel when the wikileaks
show that another nazi collaborator of
course where soros wants to overthrow
israel it's just crazy
when his daughter's married to an
orthodox jew on and on and on his top
lawyer was another cohen who is the
famous shit house and on American
Activities head lawyer and he was a
patriot mr. Cohen of New York as well so
that's just completely asinine and
ridiculous Trump isn't about whether
you're black or whether you're Christian
or whether you're Jewish or whether
you're whatever it's about whether your
free market and pro America and a
pragmatist so here's a few of these
incredible clips as
president points out globalism a being
the problem and think about how far
we've come from talking about globalism
20 years ago that's what the global has
called themselves by the way private
corporate unelected world government and
now we're to the point where the
President himself is drawing the lines
between nationalism and globalism pere
dish our greatest presidents from
Washington to Jackson to Lincoln to
McKinley and others they protected our
country from outside influence from
other countries coming in and stealing
our wealth and stealing our jobs and
stealing our companies and we're gonna
be very fair we're gonna be very
flexible but we're gonna protect the
American worker as I said I would do in
my campaign this is Gary cones last
meeting in the cabinet and of the
cabinet and he's been terrific he may be
at globalist but I still like him no
question but you know what in his own
way he's an analyst because he loves our
country that is that is so dramatic so
incredible in a nice way he says it's
nationalism and our prosperity versus
globalism where these private
corporations pay zero taxes exploit
people in India Mexico China you name it
and China has a zero percent tax on us
among US corporations that are based
there and we have a fifteen percent
effort Trump lowered it from 40 they
have designed it to make our company
state-run in China and yes China is only
five to ten percent a year of a steel
but they're ramping up to be twenty
percent of production in just a year or
two that will destroy what's left of our
tiny steel and aluminum systems in this
country that are needed for national
security he's going with what Manus and
what Kelly upholding and he's and
they're absolutely right that we have
got to have something left here
that's what Trump's doing we were all
the way to the wall the country's about
to be over totally conquered by
globalism they were gonna shut down our
free speech it was all about to happen
and in came Trump and other folks to
negotiate with the
you know a better deal going forward I
don't even think they're perfect I just
think they're not out to get the country
like Hillary and others so everybody
needs to get this clipped out and
uploaded to Facebook YouTube you name it
but Donald Trump in a very nice way just
called out Gary Cohen for being a
globalist and said it's about
nationalism versus globalism who do you
serve foreign offshore TPP unelected
systems or the Constitution the Bill of
Rights in our great history America was
built on free trade but it was fair and
we didn't let people under tethers so
Rob we're gonna go to break here and
come back and and please read that
entire kit Daniel's article because it's
so critical so people understand once
you understand we're fighting a private
corporate world government once you
understand is unelected once you
understand its tax-exempt the diplomatic
community it can never continue and it's
what's funding the UN and Hollywood to
break up our families to make American
men weak they administer moralization we
are under 21st century attack but if we
just become aware of the 21st century
attack and all of these movements for
what they are something to demoralize
and conquer our nation as Russia has
there's no Russian collusion except the
Russians are aware of this they teach
this they know this they're pulling out
they're pulling out they're still
overwhelming leftist Soros Tellson's
billions crowd to overthrow them but
they're teaching to have families
they're teaching to be Christian they're
teaching to have children they're
teaching that all the stuff has been to
destroy their country and make it weak
they've been 385 years of it we've been
through decades of it now the globalist
know we're waking up they want to bring
us into hardcore tyranny like the
Russians lived under but America in the
world's awake this is very exciting to
see the president talking about
Americanism not globalism and basically
people resigning over him standing up
and trying to have these better trade
deals that are not completely one-sided
against us so Rob do go ahead and take
over I really appreciate you
infowars.com news Wars calm big sales
going right now free shipping is getting
in very very soon they're trying to
censor us everywhere but you've come
through listeners so I want to thank you
all you're amazing thank you so much Rob
yeah your support is really what makes
all this possible it allows us to expand
and create more shows thank you Alex
Jones for jumping in there because when
I heard this clip I actually heard it
this morning I said this is huge
he caught and this is nowhere in the
media you would
think this would have been big news
everywhere I'm surprised I didn't see it
on Drudge that he called Gary Cohn a
globalist that's huge it has none to do
with him being anti-semitic why did he
have Gary Cohen hired in the first place
if he hates Jews it just doesn't make
this is the kid Daniels article I'm
gonna read and we get back MSM falsely
claims the term globalist is
anti-semitic and I love the last
sentence here labeling opposition to
Chinese style globalism as anti-semitic
just shows how desperate and pathetic
the globalists really are because that's
what this is all about and I remember
making police-state for the rise of FEMA
we played different and these were white
Europeans talking about global
governance and globalism and how it was
good had nothing to do the end these
they weren't Jewish they were just
Europeans but it oh no now that the now
that the left has come out and said oh
it's anti-semitic everybody has to bow
down to it they're trying to control
your language they're trying to control
what you're thinking what you say we'll
be right back this is the war room all
right we are back on the war room I'm
your host Rob dude joining me in the
co-hosts chair is Leah McAdoo we're
gonna go over this article by kit
Daniel's MSM falsely claims the term
globalist is anti-semitic he needs to
put this clip from Alex Jones the short
clip that we're gonna cut out of there
talking about the clip and then the clip
of him calling Gary Cohen a globalist
I've got Kevin from South Carolina who's
a part-time steel worker we're gonna get
to him but first we're going to read
Leigha Maccabees gonna help me she's
gonna take the first part of this
article and I will finish it up go ahead
Lee in so this is incredible the
mainstream media now claims the term
globalist a political ideology not
associated with race or religion is
anti-semitic The Huffington Post
published the following despite the fact
that China serves as the bulwark of
globalism in the Trump era Huffington
Post writes the term globalist was used
to describe an outgoing Trump
administration official during
Wednesday's White House press briefing
raising eyebrows on social media because
the term is increasingly used in
xenophobic and anti-semitic contexts the
word came up when a reporter asked press
Terry Sara Huckabee Sanders whether a
similar candidate will take the place of
the outgoing director of President
Donald Trump's National Economic Council
Gary Cohen who's Jewish the article
basically debunked itself President
Trump is a committed anti-globalist yet
he has numerous Jews in his
administration including Cohn and his
family hello America and remember Trump
is also the first president to
officially recognize Jerusalem as the
capital of Israel and I want to go back
Obama said he was going to move the
capital to Jerusalem George Bush said it
and Bill Clinton said it none of them
did it and I'm actually none of them did
it Trump's the only one to do it
contrast that with Obama who outraged
Israel over his lopsided deals with Iran
and reneged his promise to recognize
Israel's capital in 2008 then Democratic
candidate Obama called Jerusalem the
capital of Israel reported ABC Australia
but in his last press conferences
president Obama warned moving the
embassy to Jerusalem could have
explosive results additionally Israel is
a nationalist nation so how is it
anti-semitic to promote nationalism
that's a good question and general
globalism signifies the reduction of
national sovereignty in favor of a
centralized control by a global super
elite is what you see with the European
that's why Britain is getting out that's
why they're having breaks it they're
getting out of the EU because they don't
like following the laws of countries who
don't have as good of economies as them
right now China which has tried up to
practically vasa lies its neighbors
through the South China Sea dispute is
seen as a defender of globalism
especially after gigi ping became the
first Chinese president invited to the
World Economic Forum in 2017 clearly it
Ignace eyes that Zhi Jing ping is now
interested in in writing both China and
himself as a grander way on a global
diplomatic horizon said Orville Schell
director of the center on us-china
relations at the Asia Society he feels
it's really time to come out behind that
probably is an assumption and wishful
thinking that the u.s. is in disarray
Europe is feckless and so on he'll be
received almost as number one citizen in
Davos show added
in other words Gigi ping is considered
the top globalist so then how exactly is
the term globalist anti-semitic is
usually ping Jewish no is it GG pinko
in' by any chance no its Gigi ping he's
Chinese especially when globalism is
increasingly based on the Chinese model
labeling the opposition to Chinese style
globalism as anti-semitic just shows how
desperate and pathetic the globalists
really are like you do and it's like
even after everything that president
Trump has done you know his daughter is
Jewish converted to Judaism to marry her
husband there they're continually trying
to say he's anti-semitic you know he's
with the white nationalists the white
supremacist it doesn't matter what he
does they're just going to continue
pulling this out meanwhile they are
completely ignoring actual anti-semitism
with with the women's March with Ellison
there who's the chair of the DNC who's
also hanging out with Louis Farrakhan
yeah and he said you know all the other
Democrats they don't care about my ties
to the anti-semite Farrakhan I've asked
them all they don't they don't care I
mean so so all of these Democratic
groups but why it's so important it's so
important now yeah you know you can't
say anything these people are having to
disavow write an actual anti-semite
their ties to him
Farrakhan this is typical though the
hypocritical stance that they take
you're not allowed to say things that
they can say you're not allowed to meet
with people that they can meet with
you're not allowed to talk about things
that they can talk about right yeah and
it just at what point to people just see
right through this and they they aren't
able to use this as a way to shut down
any speech so now if Trump wants to use
the term globalism which has been used
again and again now they can say oh you
can't say that that's anti-semitic I
can't even count the number of times
Alex has said globalists through through
the years I mean and it's talking about
Europeans it's talking about the Chinese
it's talking about anybody who's working
with unelected bureaucrats which mainly
it's Europe in China right you have your
to overthrow countries overthrown
sovereign nations that's what they do
your Bilderbergers exactly which is not
a lot of jews going to Bilderberg but
they're all globalists let's go to Kevin
in South Carolina who's a part-time
steel worker Kevin do you have any news
on what these tariffs are gonna mean for
you are you gonna be getting a full-time
job out of this what's going on yes yes
I would I would be getting a full-time
job out of it you know a lot of people
are gonna be getting fooled I miss pool
shot time anyways if you look at it
that's a full-time job and it's very
it's expensive and all that and there's
not too many there's a lot of steel
mills but there's not too many and they
could make more but I mean why would you
build a steel mill if you could get it
over in China for cheaper you know and
that's what's happening well we have the
tariffs on or we have no tariffs on
Chinese steel coming in so people buy it
because it's cheaper so now by putting
the tariff it levels the playing field a
tremendous amount and now what's gonna
happen is you're gonna have more still
made here which will drive down the cost
buying things like for other companies
if they're buying still because if you
look around you man you see a lot of
different Steel's all around you like
I'm just driving right now and the
street sign I'm looking at it's made
from a bar still please
and they have to make it differently
some need to be stopped and some need to
be really really hard
some need to be flexible and there's a
lot to it you got to put it on carbon
there's got to have the right amount of
carbon in it it's got to have Magga
needs the different chemicals you have
to actually put in the pot and different
levels of heat you've got to put it to a
different type of cooling off of the
metal to make it what you want it to
make and it's gonna is going to be
really really great whenever we make
more jobs here and produce it more here
because that means other countries are
going to be like well they they make a
lot so just like oil well they have a
lot of oil let's buy from them we can
get it cheaper whenever after the long
term and this was this is what makes
Trump a really smart businessman he
knows in the long term this stuff is
gonna go down in America the price of it
is going to start dropping because we
have so much
so much supply of it so other countries
will start investing in us too and
they'll say we can get it cheaper from
most we can get a cheaper here in
America then we can from China so let's
do it there let's do it like that so
it's a really really smart deal and
think of the time it takes you know to
send steel from China to here it's got
to get on a slow boat literally a slow
boat you know one of these giant tankers
got to get here and then it has to be
shipped out on rail and trucks and all
that here we're just shipping it out
from here using our rail industry using
our trucking industry yeah and just like
Carolina all we need to do around here
is order from South Carolina it's like
right and it saves the person instead of
hauling it all the way from over there
taking the to the mill you know it it'll
save money man it's gonna save
businesses money in the long term but
whenever this starts up it might be
costly but in the long run and that's
what an investor always looks at is in
the long term is it going to help and if
you can save money they'll do it that
way excellent well thanks for the call
Kevin really appreciate that we are
taking calls from steel industry workers
at this time all throughout the show I
have James from Louisiana says steel
tariffs not a worker though if you're
not a worker James tell the people which
don't you are maybe after the break
we'll get to you Lee Anne what else do
you have on your plate well you know we
knew this is coming we got Millennials
being the key to California and Congress
in the 2018 midterms we've been talking
about this a lot how they're really
going after these students that are
really activated now going after the NRA
trying to take out their Republican
opponents which there's never been a
mass shooter has been an NRA member
exactly in fact the last one of the last
mass shootings in Texas the guy was
stopped by an NRA trainer right that's
that's the insanity of what's going on
here right and and also I want to talk
about Yahoo News hailing the new
generation of anti gentrification
activists who use violence to frighten
off invaders so not only are they
praising violent Antipa who can you know
take their political ideology and into
violence but also we want to stop the
progress that's happening in a lot of
cities because we don't want any white
in our neighborhood like Jordan Peterson
a guy that tells young men to make their
beds and that's the start of being a
good person I mean he obviously needs
people to run around and there's a
hundred and fifty far-left act activists
who showed up at his last event one of
them carrying a garrote which is one of
those things used to choke people insane
what's going on why would you need that
they can't talk as they have no argument
we'll be right back you're watching the
war room
I'm your host Rob do and for sicom /oh
welcome back I'm Roger stone and you're
about to enter the third hour of the war
room I'm here with my co-host the ever
dapper radical Rob due to breakdown the
mainstream media's attempt to re-inflate
the whole fun phony Russia WikiLeaks
allegation where they're false claims
against me they want to read Judah Kate
every attempt here is linked back to the
phony lawsuit where President Trump's
campaign and and yours truly are being
sued by an Obama based group that claims
incredibly that we worked with the
Russians to hack the DNC and gave the
information to WikiLeaks a charge for
which there is no evidence whatsoever
robbed and then Screaming Mimi's in the
mainstream press taking a ham-handed
leak from the Atlantic combined with the
epic meltdown of the tragic Sam Nunn
burg jumped the reen era t'v that I
received documents from WikiLeaks and
from the Russians and lagged them to
Julian Assange this is nonsense I never
received any documents including from
WikiLeaks or from the Russians or anyone
I thought who might be the Russians and
I never had any discussion with
candidate Donald Trump or President
Donald Trump about the WikiLeaks DNC
hacks or the ultimately entirely
he leaks disclosures all of this as you
know is an attempt to distract from what
is emerging as the largest single case
of political espionage in American
history something that makes Watergate
look like small potatoes like a
third-rate burglary this is the effort
by the DOJ and the FBI to use fabricated
evidence the so-called steel dossier
created by foreign interests including
Russians and paid for by Hillary Clinton
and her campaign as the legal rationale
for surveillance by the state of the
Republican candidate for president of
the United States an abuse of power that
makes Watergate look like child's play
and the FBI's corruption has been there
now for everyone to see
extra confirmation that this is an
entirely partisan takedown of Donald J
Trump so you are this the left has the
cycle you respond to something in fall
they reinflates know there there's no
evidence that I had advance notice of
the email acting of John Podesta
Podesta's Russian business interests
were exposed in January of 2016 in the
Panama papers and I was aware of this
I'd also read an sectional opposition
research memo from dr. Jerome Corsi now
the Washington bureau chief for Infowars
on the extensive business dealings
between the Podesta brothers and the
moneyed oligarchs that were cozy would
glad Amir Putin the banking deal but
uranium deal of the gas deal and zooss I
reported Podesta's time in the barrel
would come meaning public scrutiny of
his business activities in the way of
leaking of man affords extensive
dealings in Ukraine
so there
is a restated rob do great to be back
with you I hope you're ready to be in
the stone zone definitely and also want
to get into Mueller gathers evidence
that 2017 Seychelles meeting was an
effort to establish back channel to
Kremlin this is having to deal with Eric
Prince and the Democrats are really
going after this they're saying this is
proof of Russian collusion and but then
I also want to talk about there's an LA
Times reporter at rare in LA Tribune
reporter that is was outed as a CIA
agent and he's running around now all
over mainstream media throwing out
Democratic talking points so I want to
get to all that coming up welcome back
to the war room I'm your host Rob do
we've got Roger stone joining us as well
for the rest of this hour and Lee Anne
McAdoo and we have a lot to get to go
through including I have some callers I
have three callers now James in
Louisiana who's an auto worker who wants
to talk about the cost of u.s. car parts
of what what that's going to do with
these new Trump tariffs that's a very
interesting point because auto parts
it's a huge industry I know because I
fix a lot of my own cars ray in Illinois
is a former steel employee and also
Chris in Atlanta who's a sheetmetal
worker so I'm gonna get to you guys
sometime during this hour but let's jump
back to Roger stone Roger do you want to
pick up on this safe shells meeting with
Eric Prince
I mean Eric Prince never worked for the
Trump administration at any time and
it's just like he's now a Russian well
first of all let me salute you early am
great to have you aboard here you're
looking great today Thank You mr. stone
and so look I know I ever Prince
I chose bars I know is a patriot I have
no knowledge of what he was doing he
certainly worked very hard and I think
very effectively and to my knowledge
very legally to help Donald Trump become
president he was deeply alarmed at the
decline of this country and the role of
the deep state through this kind of
two-party monopoly to
lead us down the path endless foreign
war as well as the erosion of our civil
liberties not to mention massive debt so
on I saw I know him to be a patriot I
know nothing I have not read the story
to which you refer but I believe him to
be a good man well they're saying a
Lebanese American businessman who
organized this Seychelles meeting which
as far as their prince said was hey I
was there meeting some guys from the
United Arab Emirates and then I went
down had a beer with a guy who was from
Russia and that's the extent of this
secret back channel meeting and then
that's well that's what he's claiming
and so he's he's had to he's gone and
testified already so the UAE agreed to
broker a meeting in part to explore
whether the Russia could be persuaded to
curtail his relationship with Iran
including in Syria as a trump
administration objective such concession
by Moscow would been likely to require
an easing of US sanctions on Russia
which were imposed for Russia's
intervention in Ukraine in 2014
Prince had no formal role with the Trump
campaign or transition however according
to people familiar with the seychelles
meeting he presented himself as an
unofficial envoy - for Trump to
high-ranking emeritus involved so this
article is based on it's based on this
guy George nadir who went in and
testified with Mueller and said oh I set
up all these meetings he apparently set
up the meeting with the UAE and Eric
Fritz said they chatted when he went he
said they spoke for no more than 30
minutes about the time it took to drink
a beer this is at a resort in the
Seychelles we chatted on topic turned
you from oil and commodity prices to how
much his country wished for resumption
of normal trade relations with the US Oh
horrible oh the horror
yeah this is once again an attempt to
re-inflate this narrative is it possible
that mr. Prince was set up for this
meeting that this chance encounter with
the Russian when he thought he was
meeting with a group of people from the
Middle East
was a surprise to him if the whole thing
is you know is rather fishy it is true
that I don't know there is having any
formal role he was I think independently
very helpful to the agenda of electing
Trump this is a man who runs very
effective private armies for a business
a creampuff he is not but I think he's
just a patriot I don't know that he's
done anything treasonous or that is real
Russian collusion here based on the
facts as you present them and you know
you get a guy oh he's at a meeting with
some other guys like hey there's a
Russian down here who wants to meet with
you yeah I know I could get to trump hi
you know it just it doesn't make sense
that this is suddenly this back-channel
Russian collusion and we heard about
this meeting months ago this is not
anything new that this meeting existed
we knew about this meeting for months
right no look this is ridiculous
as re-inflate him once again the notion
that WikiLeaks and Julia signed somehow
live documents to Roger stone who sent
them to trump in the Trump campaign and
gave Donald the big heads up this is
fictitious I received nothing from them
or anyone else I don't know what the
president know about the DNC hacks and
the WikiLeaks disclosures I don't know
when he learned it I don't know who he
learned it from the comments if Russia
has the documents they should release
them his mintage Donald Trump but I
didn't suggest that he say that I didn't
know he was going to say that in a
matter of sarcasm he sent the Democrats
into tizzies so you know they want to
relitigate all of this they have nothing
this is why this effort to characterize
their princes meeting the effort to say
for example a stone was less than
truthful before the House Intelligence
Committee no absolutely not I disclosed
everything I know and all the documents
I had that were pertinent and they
proved no Russian collusion and that I
received nothing
from WikiLeaks assigns the Russians or
anything else I did in my own Twitter
writings and feedings as assigned
himself as pointed out watch his Twitter
feed and new stories in which he gave
interviews very carefully and parrot
that news as assigns himself said Roger
stone never said anything predicted
anything then we ourselves at WikiLeaks
hadn't already disclosed publicly
I never said otherwise and people have
come out I mean actually it was Julian
Assange came out and said you
masterfully inserted yourself into that
situation talking about this how you
basically see what's coming down the
pike you make a comment on it and
suddenly they're like oh that's prior
knowledge because you made a comment on
something before it became pay attention
to the news you pay attention yeah this
is a very key point because I have said
here on Infowars for well over a year
that I do not buy the deep state claim
that Julian Assange is a Russian agent
and the WikiLeaks is a Russian front
these are the same people who told us
there was no meta data collection system
they are politically corrupted they are
seeing what they want to say they've
never proved this case it fits their
political narrative because if he were a
Russian agent you see exchanging
documents with him including with him
could be argued was treason so when I
when I arranged this on Meet the Press I
remember of MSNBC said I you say stone
is moving the goalposts trying to
his actions with WikiLeaks from whom he
received documents as non treasonous and
therefore not illegal move the goal
posts I've been saying he's not a
Russian four years at the top of my
lungs in a major piece in a British
newspaper they expressed at the
infowars.com site in the Daily Caller
I don't know how much clearer I could be
one if they had real evidence you think
we would see some
thing by now well it's all about oh man
afford did some stuff back in the
you know it's all about old things that
have nothing to do with the Trump
campaign that's all they have at this
point and that's even a metaphor it's
pleaded not-guilty right and then of
course hinging this whole thing on the
DNC hack by the Russians right that they
still haven't even inspected the servers
and as kim.com has pointed out he sent
all sorts of information to Special
Counsel Muller's said oh he doesn't care
about exactly what you need to prove
that this was no hack by the Russians
and they have failed to even get back
they don't want to see the evidence he
had they don't want to know about Seth
rich even though this entire
investigation was hinging on that in the
first place and I guarantee you if you
if you did what Mueller's doing to any
other individual in DC he would be
finding legions of crimes right he would
be finding legions and yet he can't find
anything on these guys except for manna
fort and manna force pleaded not guilty
now Roger when we come back from break
I've got three guys lined up who are
steel workers I think we should get
their take on what's going on with these
tariffs does that sound like a good idea
to you yes I always like to be down with
the working-class people because they
are they are patriotic friends they
literally have their nose to the
grindstone so we'll be right back with
the war room you got me Rob do you got
Roger stone you got Liam Mack you doing
we're gonna be taking some calls coming
up from Steel Workers to be talking
about these new tariffs that Donald
Trump is proposing will they help or
will they hurt the economy stay tuned in
floors icon for its last show welcome
I'm your co-host Roger stone and you're
at freedom command central yes it's the
war room I'm joined by my colleagues Rob
do the fanatical radical and the ever
pungent and vivacious Lee Anne McAdoo
and we've got some members of the silent
majority lined up we're gonna tell us
what's going on out there in America
exactly I put out the call earlier for
people who work within the steel
industry to give us a call to get their
take on the tariffs
we've got from I think this is Detroit
Free Press Trump's tariffs on steel and
aluminum could hurt us industry trade
war fear sinks stocks a Vox of course
another liberal outpost Trump steel
tariffs are hated by almost every US
industry and then you have Trump's
tariffs lead us steel to reopen big
steelmaking facility so not everybody
agrees that steel tariffs are gonna be
bad let's go to ray in Illinois he's a
former steel employee
go ahead Ray Palmer as are you we're
doing good 15-year listener I worked I
worked at a steel company we do
specialties feels there is no way any
others feel about you as steel is
quality we we use some foreign Steel's
and fifty percent of the product would
fail they said oh we're getting it for
half price they said but if you got 50
percent rate what did you say well if
you got to rebuild it you're not saving
anything right exactly
now we I did we did specialty metals for
McDonnell Douglas Lockheed Martin NASA
and the cruise missile now they didn't
use cheap steel there it was places but
I tend see were the tariffs may hurt
some of the smaller companies the mom
and pops that are buying the cheaper
steel cuz they got me maybe a yeah a
product that I don't know how you was
well it's not a it's not a where it's
going to be holding weight or under
stress or something my having a mailbox
not a jumbo jet exactly exactly you know
where they're buying cheaper steel
because they get it cheaper where they
where the us deal might cost them a
little more and that's the only thing
the only thing I see where it could be a
problem well i germany did threaten to
raise the price of peanut butter in
oh really yes so watch out german peanut
all right well thank you Ray anything
else you want to add
hey well Rob you know what I'm probably
on the list as being a Russian - you
might be my mole my grandfather was in
the Russian Navy know when he would Olin
mm-hmm there you go you probably are
Russian AR you've been colluding with
Trump did you steal the Podesta emails
no I yeah let's get it off your chest
now ray this is the time before you have
to go through an atom shift probe and my
aunt myself I was in the Air Force
my son just got out of the military did
burrs in Afghanistan and named you that
you my grandfather was in the Russian
Navy they never said nothing and all
those tanks and cars those we're all
using steel - right and so now we're
gonna rebuild our steel industry and the
globalists can't stand it thanks for
calling ray let's go to Chris in Atlanta
who's a sheet metal worker treat metals
used in everything I mean we got sheet
metal all around us right now go ahead
Chris Wow I am in the trifecta of some
of my favorite hosts thank you guys for
having me
got the I'm in the stone zone but if I
was into the media they might call it
the Russian zone thank you guys for
taking my call sure Leanne thank you rob
Thank You Roger Roger one thing I want
to say I am in South Florida for the
next month so I would love to take you
to lunch
no homo just would love to get to know
you officer the Patriot last year and
west bump hey listen I wanted to got a
couple of things first of all with the
still with the terrace I mean I've the
reports I've heard is I'm in the Union
in Atlanta out of the local 85 little
shout-out to those guys so sure some of
the guys are listening but I want to say
this is the union's are excited about
this you know the unions are excited
about the terrace because they know it
levels the playing field and
think this is a you know Trump is not I
think Trump's very bipartisan from the
from the way he is his approach has been
to politics and look at this the
Democrats what do they always do they're
always looking to get these different
stacks these different uh these
different excuse me these different
specs to oh we're gonna support you know
this racial thing or whatever to get
them to to support them what Trump is
doing things in a more legitimate way
he's gonna get the unions on our side
which is a actually a big voting bloc I
think that one of the ways to probably
want some of the northern state so I
think the unions are behind them it's
not gonna yes short term if there is
some sort of a small trade war it could
hurt but you can't look at something
that's going to you know say pulling off
a band-aid it needs to be pulled off you
gotta let the thing he'll there's going
to be long term benefit to having more
still more aluminum made in the states
and it's very common sense to understand
hey yes we don't need to be by yes it
might get it cheaper from China but does
that make it better no does that make us
more secure you know does that if we
don't have a steel industry you know
well then we're at the mercy of China
whenever they want to say oh you know so
all Trump is doing is saying hey we're
gonna stop this and here's here's
Richard Trumka who's the president of
the afl-cio he said the administration's
steel and aluminum tariffs are good
steps towards fixing predatory practices
that hurt workers and cheat companies
that produce in the US hey this is very
say this is very very significant
because in this particular case people
don't understand that those who say the
president is starting a trade war don't
realize we've been in a trade war for
the last thirty years and we're losing
track we're getting our derriere kicked
other nations our trading partners are
using tactics on us that we don't use on
them they put tight tariffs big tariffs
on our products yet we allow them access
to our markets
Feder what President Trump is doing is
using about threat of tariffs against
them the end of the day the president's
business tax cuts will have a more
positive effect of bringing the
production back home than any tariff
that you could impose that said he is
wielding the big stick he wants a more
equitable trade relationship that is
beneficial to all of our trade partners
he's fed up with these big
one-size-fits-all Oh a hundred and
forty-four nations agreed to these rules
no we should negotiate separate deals
with everybody who we can prosper with
as partners where both countries benefit
but Americans are tired of getting that
crap picked up out of us in these and
being out negotiated because we send
social workers to negotiate and they
said is Donald from and saying killers
yeah vipers yeah exactly
Chris anything real quick you want to
add thank you thank you guys for your
time one thing I want to say about the
thing with California and the governor
out there how is all the drugs getting
into America
these guys are globalist look at look at
the way that California is acting and
then we wonder why so many illegal drugs
exactly those are globalists right there
in California I'm gonna get to James
later on stay tuned we got more of the
water room coming up that's right final
segment with Roger stone you're watching
the war room I'm your host Rob do got
Liam McAdoo and the co-host chair Roger
stone back in Florida I believe that's
where he's that Roger stone could be
anywhere at this point well he has been
making the rounds on MSNBC and on
Hannity because even though MSNBC I
think once put him on a black list but
now oh if we want to drag your name
through the mud here come back come back
so stone you want to jump into these
clips well you're absolutely right Rob
it was stunning because I had cordial
requests from Anderson Cooper Erin
Burnett Chris Cuomo on a new day to get
on with CNN and discuss these most
recent and absurd insinuate knows
as Leo Percy used to say about Roger
stone I resemble that in sinuan though
he would yell you know these latest you
know smear tactics about stuff that I've
disclosed and testified truthfully about
the real question is how did documents
leaked out of the house intelligence
committees investigation all the
material that was truncated in kind of
dr. and released by the Atlantic which
by the way was exculpatory oh sorry I'll
sneeze there for a second sorry about
that so you know this is it's only news
to the media the idea that I testified
untruthfully which some House Democrats
grumble about is simply not true I don't
think the Republican majority that would
have to do any kind of referral to
justice agrees with that I've been very
forthright there is no Russian collusion
I receive nothing from WikiLeaks or
Julian Assange or the Russians and
discussed it with anyone in the Trump
campaign this is a and it would have
been legal and I done so which I didn't
unless of course you believe that
assigns he's a Russian so this narrative
is just as phony as their claim that the
DNC was hacked by the Russians not
proved at a minimum not proved there's
substantial evidence and counter a a
terrorism experts who have examined all
the online forensic and conclude it's
far more likely to have been downloaded
to a harddrive and taken out back door
by someone said rich yeah and those are
just former directors of the NSA you
know I got to take a page from Roger
stone on this one if it looks like a
canard and it smells like a canard it's
a canard bad alright let's go to that
first clip this is stone pushes back on
Wikileaks smear now the New York Times
reported on January 20th the 2016 in a
page one story that my communications
had been accessed through a FISA warrant
along with those of Paul Manafort and
Carter page therefore I have always
operated on the assumption that there
are folks in the government who have
examined all of my communications and I
can say with confidence that I know
nothing about any Russian collusion or
any other inappropriate act that I never
had any advance knowledge of the content
the source or the exact timing of the
WikiLeaks disclosures I never predicted
that John Podesta's emails would be
hacked I predicted that his business
activities would come under scrutiny his
time in the barrel that is based on the
January 2016 disclosures in the Panama
papers where his Russian business
dealings are fully exposed the uranium
deal the bank deal the gas deal you keep
talking about John Podesta there do you
mean Tony Podesta no I actually mean the
Podesta brothers which is addressed in
the Panama papers I had also seen an
opposition research memo by dr. Jerry
Corsi and all of these things were
ultimately reported so I didn't ask Sam
Nunn Berg
to protect me I don't think I require
any protection but look I'm one of the
president's oldest friends and I remain
a staunch supporter it's not surprising
that the special counsel may want to see
emails and memos that I wrote to the
campaign and about politics and that's
not really surprising
why did you reach out to gusoff er why
did you reach out to WikiLeaks well
first of all my my direct messages 42.0
you guys
why did you reach out to gusoff or why
did you reach out to wikileaks yeah
that's your job
Roger your reporter I mean Chuck Chuck
Todd why weren't you reaching out to
gusoff er why weren't you reaching out
to wikileaks this is ridiculous and then
the whole thing about the Panama papers
the lady who wrote those blew up in a
car but that's okay
no you know they don't want to bring up
that I don't want to talk about that but
it's just this crazy notion and we
subsequently learned that John Podesta
has a secret bank deal with an oligarch
so vitomir Putin where he gets not Nagy
or 35 million dollars so look this is
all an attempt to distract from the
content of Assange's stunning journalism
how hypocritical that there's a movie
out the post which celebrates the
Washington Post's role in the
publication of classified information
regarding the origins of the yet Nam war
how courageous but now wants to jail
Julian Assange because he publishes
classified information that he gets from
whistleblowers even the Obama
administration correctly concluded that
if you prosecutor decides you have to
prosecute who I shouldn't post the New
York Times The Wall Street Journal
because publishing embarrassing
information government the information
that is embarrassing to the government
is the job of a free media yeah it is
and all this all this WikiLeaks stuff is
basically to keep people's minds off of
the Trump surveillance I'm not gonna
play that clip cuz we're running out of
time but one of the questions Chuck Todd
asked you is did you speak to the
president about the WikiLeaks disclosure
I guess you had some prior knowledge and
then you back channeled it to Trump and
let's hear what you had to say did you
suggest to the president that he at that
press conference say Russia if you're
go find Hillary Clinton's emails I can
honestly say that that candidate Trump
Donald Trump President Trump and I have
never discussed the WikiLeaks
disclosures before during or after you
never had a single discussion about
Hillary Clinton emails with him at all
that is correct
nothing about he'll I got it I
understand WikiLeaks not once about
Hillary Clinton emails you never had one
conversation with President Trump about
that not not a single one no and that's
the same answer you're gonna give if mr.
Muller asks you that question is the
same answer that I gave the House
Intelligence Committee under oath so
months ago and certainly the same answer
I would give the special counsel Donald
Trump and I have never discussed the
matter no look at that no no no no no
and Chuck Todd doesn't want to call
WikiLeaks or goofs for two
you know he doesn't want to get on the
phone them very interesting very
interesting oh and yeah go ahead Roger
so more insulting Rob here is after that
interview which I think I fended off
every question which Chuck Todd was very
aggressive but fair partisan leaning
perhaps but fair
they had a pail of experts who treaded
me with Tom Brokaw saying I view myself
as a an eagle
0:07 because I once did a parody picture
you know in the white tuxedo nice with a
red carnation it's about the suit Tom
chill buddy it's about the student but
and some woman Michelle Goldberg says I
fabricated my claim that the Washington
Post said that the Senate Democrats memo
said that the Russian has like documents
to from desires which the Post
speculated was Roger stone I present
provided the link here at de M for
several times Michelle Goldberg New York
Times says that I invented this it
doesn't exist there it is sweetie so you
know it was a it was a lynching it was a
it's these are the hate Roger stone crew
I remember salon Vice the beautiful
people and they're trying to regenerate
questions I answered months ago it's a
tactic of be annoying left no they're
gonna keep asking you the same questions
over and over again to see if they can
go oh he changed his answer he changed
his answer and you know you've already
given it yeah and they'll never believe
it because it doesn't jibe with their
their perspective and their point of so
a if it doesn't sound true to them it's
not gonna be true in their eyes exactly
stone defending the Republic from
enemies foreign and domestic thank you
for joining us and we'll be right back
we're gonna take more of your calls
people in the steel industry eight eight
eight two zero one two two four four let
us know how the tariffs are gonna affect
you thanks for watching well I made a
bit of a faux pas I thought that was our
last segment in the Roger stone because
usually we do four because the first
five minutes is usually a video but then
we'd brought in Roger in the
five so that was my mistake but Roger is
with us for one more segment I looked up
at the clock I'm like wait a minute
that's weird but he's brought a guest on
Joey Gibson who's gonna be running for
US Senate I like the first thing on his
platform right there term limits that's
what I'm talking about term limits
that's what we need first and foremost
if we're gonna make any changes in this
country we have to get rid of the swamp
creatures who have embedded themselves
in there no public servants becoming
exactly exactly there's too much of that
going on so let's throw to Roger who's
gonna bring in Joey
go ahead Roger you know one of the
things that Owen Troyer and I have tried
to do is to search the country and look
for candidates hard chargers real reform
oriented libertarian minded
conservatives who are seeking to run for
public office as part of the Trump wave
I learned about Joe Gibson's candidacy
from Derek McAllister who was among a
contingent of activists and probably's
that I met at the Dorchester conference
in Salem Oregon in its 54th year and a
great of gathering of grassroots
Republicans conservatives and others
contingent came over from Washington
State I was proud to meet and have
selfies taken with most of them and they
talked a few subway about the candidacy
of Joey Gibson cause me to do some
research I am proud to present him now
because here is a libertarian minded pro
Trump conservative who misses no words
and is running a hard-charging race to
reform America Joey welcome to the war
room no thank you I appreciate it you
know I'm happy to be here
so tell us about yourself and then tell
us about your candidacy yeah so
basically you know about a year ago when
I saw people being violent towards Trump
supporters you know I finally had an
and I decided to go around on the west
coast to challenge the alt left
challenge the hate from the left and
kind of exposed a hypocrisy and along
the way you know I was really hoping
that we can liberate the conservative
the libertarian on the west coast so
that you don't have to hide you know you
don't have to be ashamed of what you
believe in over time you know my hope
was to get a couple grassroots leaders
to step up especially you know ran for
the the Senate and Washington State I
didn't really want to run at first but
then you know over time and talking to a
lot of people I decided I'm gonna step
in there and work my butt off to to
inspire people in the Pacific Northwest
so we can get freedom gone back you know
in Oregon and Washington well you know I
think it was President Theodore
Roosevelt who said you know I respect
the man who actually gets in the arena
not the guy who stands on the sidelines
it points out how the strong man could
have done better or how the doer of
Deeds could have done a better job is
that person will never know the thrill
of success or the agony of defeat
because they're shallow you're a man
who's climbed into the arena that takes
guts when you run for public office
people need to understand that it's an
all-consuming Enterprise to get your
views in front of the motor so we salute
you for your for your support of the
First Amendment and a great agenda term
limits the FairTax has put forward by
Governor Gary Johnson in both of his
presidential campaigns an excellent tax
plan superior to the SIRT to the current
code to many libertarians you've got a
great reform agenda there yeah
absolutely for me it's about getting to
the root cause of some of these problems
you know one of the biggest problems is
corruption in the establishment and so
we have these people that are a cancer
to the system their cancer to the
country they've made a decision to get
rich off of the American people by
selling us out so I think that I'm gonna
push term limits as much as I can
because I think that's one way to get
rid of the establishment and so I'm
really excited to push that you know
it's got to come from
the bottom up Scottie grassroots
movement but also the tax code is
completely corrupt it's they've they've
put 74,000 pages which we don't need the
whole thing is complicated on purpose
it's rigged against the middle class
it's rigged to get small business and so
that's why people buy out politicians
that's why businesses bio politicians
because they get the loopholes even
Trump himself admitted the fact that he
had to play the game you know in order
to in order to succeed and it shouldn't
have to be that way if we completely
abolish the IRS we go to a simple you
know a sales tax you know the government
has no no business in to how much money
you make or how you make your money that
is Venice between you and your family
that is it and so we go to a sales tax
and no longer you know politicians don't
have to buy out or they don't have to
buy our politicians anymore and we can
simplify all of it and so I think those
two things you know the term limits and
the FairTax I think those two things
alone would would change our country and
change the government and it would bring
power back to the American people and
take it away from the people to talk
well I know you're running for the US
Senate Washington State you're
challenging a Democrat Marie Cantwell
who seems to be just another
run-of-the-mill go along to get along
establishment Democrat and you face our
Republican primary this is gonna be a
spirited race because I think you're
saying a lot of things that are gonna
resonate with with people we are we're
in a desperate struggle here and the
real issue is censorship these people
don't want anyone to hear about Joey
Gibson these people don't want anyone on
Facebook or Twitter or Google or Amazon
to know what the Joey
Gibson vibe is like and what you're
saying in a race where you're tackling
issues and questions that nobody else no
career politician will talk about so we
salute you for that how can people find
you on the Internet a candidate Gibson
so you go to Gibson for freedom it's all
letters calm you can find me on Facebook
you know Joey Gibson
Twitter you know we're all over the
place the social media is really
starting to they're pressing us really
hard like they're really they don't want
us to reach people as 100% true and so
another thing you can do if you go to
Gibson for freedom calm you can get on
the email list and so that way you know
you can get all the updates no one can
censor us through email it's one of the
best ways to to communicate with people
and you can also donate on there and as
we know Maria Cantwell is gonna have
over 10 million dollars you know she's
gonna have all the money in the world
and she's gonna need it trust me cuz
she's gonna she has to buy press time
we're not have to buy press time because
we got we got high energy we got
passions we got one of the biggest
things that we need right now we need
politicians we need who are leaders who
can speak who can motivate and inspire
in Washington State we have the
Conservatives have lost their faith they
have lost their hope and so we have so
many moderate Democrats and Bernie
supporters who feel like the party has
left them you know the leadership and
the DNC is completely corrupt you look
at the fact that Hillary Clinton was
able to buy up the entire party we have
so many people who are looking for a new
home and so I'm gonna get out there with
the speeches with the videos and do
everything I can to to put a fire in
their heart to make them feel a certain
way that they've never felt in entire
lives and so and that's how we're gonna
get people to change their habits change
their voting habits don't vote for
someone just cuz it's comfortable
don't vote for me Cantwell don't vote
for you know Maxine Waters Nancy Pelosi
don't vote for these people anymore it's
time to get new people in DC people with
some passion you know as people people
with a heart and so if you look at Maria
Cantwell she used to have a lot of
energy she used to have a little bit of
a little bit of even some passion in her
speeches but now you look DC has
completely drained her spirit like she
can barely even stand up she can barely
even you know speak sometimes and so I
don't know I'm just really excited to
get in there and challenge her and bring
a good positive message of freedom back
to Washington alright Joey let's go to
your website there one more time because
I gotta tell you man let's go to look it
there it is he's got the Kojak
thing going on there it's great I like
your whole look you better watch out oh
in Detroit this guy might be headed for
the best-dressed list right
patience brother and I admire your
hard-charging spirit this is an uphill
race clearly you understand that and
incumbents have massive million-dollar
resources from special interests but
what you have is fight in a great
message and a nice personal style so go
get them we're gonna keep track of your
campaign here at the war room
many thanks till he gives it thank you
I appreciate you bring me on there means
law I think the key is Joey needs to get
into a debate with Miss Maria Cantwell
and you know to really to show people
what she's made of I'm sorry yeah
Cantwell Maria Cantwell who is running
against and that's the key for all these
up-and-coming people who want to get in
the political spectrum you have to get
into debates with these people you have
to get them televised you have to maybe
approach them and do it on the street
debate and you know if they don't want
to give you the time of day you have to
force the issue
and really step it up because that's the
only way you're gonna get people to see
the difference in the candidate system
just otherwise they're never gonna you
know they're never gonna hear of you and
they don't want to debate trust me these
people have nothing to offer yeah
they're gonna say well what are you
scared of you know he's just an average
guy you've been doing this for however
long why are you afraid of debate
exactly exactly
well thanks for that find Roger as Joey
Gibson Gibson for freedom calm and I
thank you for joining us Roger stone at
stone cold truth calm well it's
something straight out it's something
straight out of idiocracy from from the
state that brought you the poop maps and
hepatitis and and I don't know Demick
homelessness they've now brought you
recycled water from sewers coming to
California taps but before we get into
this let's just roll the clip from
and that's Bronto the thirst mutilator
electrolytes excuse me I think this
might be Gatorade or something I was
just looking for some regular water
water yeah you mean like in the toilet
just to drink toilet water
I mean that was supposed to be a
hundreds of years into the future but
now we've got it we've got recycled
water from sewers approved for
California Bay Atlanta to to curtail the
next drought exactly a percentage of
recycle water can be added and how long
it must be it
it must reside there before being
treated again at a surface water
treatment facility right so it's it's
sewer water that then they're going to
treat it with god knows what kind of
chemicals once and then it's gonna be
flushed through another facility where
they treat it some more and then they
bring it right to your tap water so you
can cook with it you can drink it
they'll tell you it's it's perfectly
fine but what they don't tell you is all
the pharmaceuticals that stay in the
water all the because certain things
that the filters molecules are too small
exactly so add Infowars we sell two
different types of water filters we have
the pro pur system and the Alexa pure
system and here's the envirotec
Laboratories test results for pro pure
water purification systems we did these
and now take a look at what this pulls
out 99 99 98 97 95 99 99 99 all this of
things I can't even pronounce yeah try
chloral floral methane chlorobenzene
form and then here's aluminum oh nine t8
percent cadmium ninety seven percent
chromium 98.7 percent lead where's the
right here 99.9% lead was a big thing in
the water in Michigan right exactly
manganese mercury nickel so all these
things atrazine I just saw atrazine
that's what makes the frogs gay people
right they're not 99.9% of the atrazine
right there comes out boom there it is
99.9% of the frog gay chemical the gay
frog chemical so there it is those are
the envirotec results and let me tell
you if you live in California and you're
drinking recycled sewer water you might
want to think about getting a pro pure
system or an electric pier system right
and I would want my whole entire house
filtered at that point you get to shower
with the poop waters yeah I mean it's
just it's you're absorbing in your body
or if you like taking baths I mean
you're bathing in it but it's been
massively treated with all sorts of
chemicals that you're also absorbing
into your body chlorine and whatnot so
it's fine it's totally fine safe and
effective safe and effective it's what
plants crave Braund oh okay cuz pretty
soon they are just gonna have to be
putting bronto in but you can go to the
website info where store.com check out
the results for yourself download this
report look at it I had my uncle who's a
former FBI agent called me and said hey
I want to get one of these systems what
do you recommend I said well for you and
your wife I would just recommend one
with like two or three filters and then
get a little portable one that you could
take on you know two trips or if you go
traveling so they have all kinds of
different sizes go check it out enforced
or calm
we'll be right back we're gonna take
your calls from the steel industry and
mark Marino's coming up to talk about
federal court will hold a first-ever
hearing on climate science stay tuned
it's all coming up on the War Room in
force DICOM forward slash show well it
is finally happening I'm not sure you
know it's in San Francisco so we may or
may not get a fair trial on this but
federal court will hold first-ever
hearing on climate change science and
you know it doesn't matter that the ice
core samples said the earth was warmer
and having more carbon dioxide in it
hundreds of thousands of years ago it
that Greenland used to be thought out
and was actually green that's why they
called it Greenland it doesn't matter
that there were many ice ages in in the
coming out of the Middle Ages none of
that matters because you know it's all
SUVs and the oil company so a federal
judge in San Francisco has ordered
parties and a landmark global warming
lawsuit to hold what could be the
first-ever US court hearing on on the
science of climate change so this should
be very interesting scheduled for March
21st by the US District Court Judge
William Allsop will feature featured
lawyers from Exxon BP Chevron other oil
companies pitted against those for San
Francisco and Oakland and California
cities that have accused fossil fuel
interests of covering up their role in
contributing to global warming and on
the phone with me now is Mark Marino
from climate depot mark what does this
mean for the debate of climate change
well first of all I'm sitting here my
book just came out last week did
politically incorrect guide to climate
change I have over 1200 footnotes I
refer to all the peer-reviewed
literature it is literally the legal
defenses blueprint an actual testified
and they could submit my book in this
court case I go through everything you
just mentioned all that the historical
his big geologic history of the earth
and we've had ice ages with higher co2
level now temperature and co2 do not
correlate how temperature actually leads
and co2 follows it's not not the other
way around like they try to say carbon
dioxide that control up I have a list of
all the dissenting scientists who
dissent and who are skeptical and who
has completely trashed the entire theory
I have a list of United Nation
scientists who turned against the UN as
new evidence come in I go into all the
claims from sea level rise but polar
bears the temperature and extreme
weather I mean you can lay waste to
their case by just citing peer-reviewed
paper and even using UN scientists
against them so there is no excuse
unless the judge is in the tank for the
other side now keep in mind this is what
they call the night to surface Court so
anything's possible but there is no
excuse for this not to be a resounding
victory for science and thus a crushing
for these children activists who are
being exploited by their parents and the
system yeah they really are if you look
at the picture on this article if I
McClatchy it's just got a bunch of kids
we need clean air nobody's arguing that
we need clean air and clean water which
has nothing to do with carbon dioxide
carbon dioxide doesn't make water dirty
you know it doesn't jump the shark so to
speak Lucien is bad therefore we must go
after co2 co2 is a tres essential gas
diameter we inhale oxygen as humans we
exhale carbon dioxide and to try to
claim that what we exhale and the carbon
dioxide is in any way a pollutant it
toxic needs to be regulated it just
makes no scientific sense now in terms
of clean air we have radically clean up
our air and water quality since nineteen
seventies first Earth Day and we've done
it as we've increased our economic
growth in our population we've done it
through technology we don't need to
conflate or to mix up the idea that
carbon dioxide is a pollutant at this
point if that makes no sense whatsoever
this is an agenda against modern forms
of energy and this is and it's an
ideology and in my book I actually have
former press Czech president václav
Klaus who grew up under Soviet
domination in Czechoslovakia he says the
greatest threat to individual liberty
since the fall the Soviet Union in the
Eastern Bloc is what he termed ambitious
environmentalism and he spent a lot of
time talking about the impact on how
they indoctrinated children and the old
system as well the old Soviet system so
there's nothing new here and sadly the
only new thing is here is we have an
opportunity we being people care about
science and climate skeptics to actually
make our case on a national stage let's
hope that these oil companies that
historically you might think oh good the
or oil companies will take care of it or
companies have and I detail this in my
book they've been one of the biggest
givers of it to the environmental would
they want to appear green I wouldn't be
surprised if they put up a very tepid
defense yeah that's what I'm wondering
as I'm looking at this I'm like oh geez
it's gonna be the oil companies going up
again why not just have people that are
that are willing to go to go up against
these maybe they want this to go
way so they're gonna like kowtow to the
the global-warming mongers but just
talking about environmentalism
environmentalism if you don't know what
a code word is that's code for
anti-human because that's all they care
about is getting rid of humans and in
certain areas limiting human development
in certain areas and eventually it's oh
you breathe out carbon dioxide you're
bad for the earth we're gonna have to
start calling that population tell me
I'm wrong mark no you're exactly in the
book I detail guy named Travis writer
featured on NPR Bill Nyes TV show he is
just loved by the by the left and you
know what his famous saying is we need
to save the planet we need to save our
children by not having them from global
warming be what he wants just not to
have kids so that we can save the kid
and and I also a detail Al Gore goes to
a Bill Gates event and he says that
Africa is projected to have the most
number of people as a skyrocketing
population and therefore we need what he
called quote ubiquitous fertility
management unquote in Africa to fight
this so in other words you have a white
wealthy Western politician warning that
there's going to be too many people of
color in the future and that we need to
do something about it through fertility
management who else but Al Gore could
get away with saying that yeah it's
totally racist and if they just let
Africa develop they would start having
less kids because that's what happens
when a society starts to develop they
start having less children because the
children there's a lower infant
mortality rate more children survive
therefore they start having less
children you look at the West it's dying
we have to the only reason the the
United States birth rate is is a kind of
stable right now is because of
immigration that's it that's the only
thing so people aren't listening the the
yuppies out there are listening to these
insane global warming mongers they're
listening to him they're like oh yeah we
can't have kids we can't I remember I
talked to a friend friend of mine a few
years ago when I told him I had three
kids he's like think of the carbon
footprint I said are you insane I said
you really believe that garbage I mean
but people do believe it it's amazing
and you can see them there all these
kids are sitting out front they're
probably not gonna have kids because
their parents say it's bad so they can't
wait for this
I guess this
landmark case now who are the people who
is actually for I guess the plaintiffs
in this case who are they who do they
represent it's a it's a coalition of
children and they're tied in with
actually James Hansen the former NASA
scientist and it's a lawsuit that's been
ongoing and the idea that premise behind
his lawsuit Sierra Club has been
involved is that by government's not
acting specifically the federal
government the Trump administration they
are they are denying children of a
future stable climate now I don't
remember that in the Constitution now
you have a right to freedom of press and
a right to a stable climate in the fuses
their 13th and-a-half amendment that's
right governments can't grant a stable
climate they can't regulate a stable
climate in my book I detail how this is
literally a modern witchcraft Obama
administration officials would say we
need EPA regulations because the storms
are getting bad as if an EPA regulation
we're going to prevent hurricanes floods
tornadoes which by the way are on
declining timescales on climate
timescales they're not getting worse so
the narrative is failing them
spectacularly but government regulation
does not control the climate so the
premise of this lawsuit with these
children is that it does and that's what
the judge is trying to figure out is do
these kids have a right to a stable
climate and what does the Trump
administration have to do to grant a
stable climate I mean this is just
Fantasyland but unfortunately adults are
behind it and adults are pushing this
and we've been listening to this
nonsense from the United Nations from
our media from academia for years now
the idea that you can legislate weather
yeah exactly and okay yeah we did have
two pretty bad hurricanes in this past
year but before it was ten years since
the last really bad hurricane in the
United States so we go through a ten
year drought we have two hurricanes oh
no it's the end of the world and now we
have to start taxing people for for
breathing and they think that's going to
be the I guess the end of this and
suddenly the climate will reverse itself
listen you can't control the Sun mark
can you stay with me for another five
okay great all right we'll be right back
Marc Morano - just go into the insanity
of what's going on in the federal court
system in the United States of America
but maybe maybe some truth will come out
of this stay tuned you're watching the
war room well the new book is the
politically incorrect guide to climate
change is written by Marc Morano a
frequent guest here at climate Depot
calm Marc basically I want to get into
what are what other attacks are going on
I love the cover by the way the the
polar bear on the surfboard very classic
but what other attacks are coming in
this climate change witch hunt the
pseudoscience where you know basic human
activity has to be eliminated
well there's all kinds of lawsuits
against tougher administration for
pulling us to stopping the Obama EPA
regulations which we're destroying the
coal industry so there's gonna be a
whole bunch of lawsuits on that but most
importantly the lawsuits that are
happening and this is this lawsuit that
we're talking about now is part of it is
nation-states are trying to Attorney
General's are trying to shake down
energy companies ultimately by saying
you caused bad weather you caused our
flood you caused our hurricane you
caused our drought you caused you know
20% of emissions between this year so
therefore you're gonna owe X amount of
dollars and they're trying to do this as
a shakedown
of all these major energy companies to
get money out of them and hopefully a
little settle or they'll read to it
without going to court this court case
is very important because if it goes the
wrong way of course it'll end up going
to Supreme Court but the supreme court
you know has poorly in the past but
essentially they're this is attorney
generals led by New York's Attorney
General Schneiderman that are going to
be going after all the energy companies
after every bad weather event this is a
whole new new ground they're covering
and they're gonna try to blame every
time if something bad happens for energy
companies for causing it and that's what
it's astounding when you think of how
would you even have in Houston with
hurricane Harvey how would you even have
a recovery without fossil fuels but
they're going to now demonize fossil
fuels as the cause of the hurricane
which was totally natural and which
hurricanes were much worse in the past
before we had all these fossil fuels
exactly and they just look for any
excuses it's all about control of human
behavior it has nothing to do with the
climate they don't care about the
weather there and you know the Liberals
interestingly enough are always the last
ones in line to help people who was it
that came out and help people in
hurricane Harvey it was the Cajun Navy
it was good old boys in there in their
flat bottom boats and in their swamp
boats who went out there and dug people
out I didn't see any liberals jumping in
there you know and and they're the
limiters the limousine liberals to go
out there and help out with what was
going on so this is nothing but a
control of you know just basic human
individuality and empowerment I'll give
you the final word I know you got to get
going yeah I mean so what's happening
here now is Trump has come into office
and is undoing all of Obama's climate
legacy they are freaking out so they're
gonna go using the courts they're using
public opinion they're ramping up
efforts in school you have you have
people like Governor Jerry Brown of
California acting as though California
is now a sovereign nation he's making
separate deals with the UN China he's
acting as always already seceded from
the Union this is where they're going
with it and it's going to be a obviously
a big issue at the next president
unfortunately here's the kicker
the next president as a nominee other
than Donald Trump if you look at the
past you know Mitt Romney was begging
Trump to stay in the UN Paris climate
agreement John McCain would have stayed
in George W Bush would have stayed in
George HW Bush would have stayed and no
doubt Bob Dole all the previous nominees
or presidents would never have stood up
to the global warming lobby like a
president Trump so the question here is
can Donald Trump's administration really
move the tide I said and not just be a
blip in the radar and so what I'm hoping
is that they push back forcefully on
this and they need to start addressing
the science and I'm hoping this lawsuit
opens that up but again I'm skeptical
that companies like Exxon which Rex
Tillerson the Secretary of State they
sold out on this years ago they favor UN
agreements they favor carbon taxes in
many cases and these companies are weak
and they want to appear green so I would
not expect them to come up with a great
defense yeah I totally hear you there
you're Rex Tellson's come out several
times talking about Kline
change so he's the author of the
politically incorrect guide to climate
change pick it up today I'm sure if you
just type that in politically incorrect
guide to climate change I think we're
gonna be having it here soon I was
talking to the guys during the break
we're gonna get in touch with you mark
and hopefully we can get that in the
info or store because it is important
that people learn the footnoted science
that is behind this insanity that we
have to fight pretty much every day
thank you for joining us from climate
depot comm it's Marc Morano thank you
alright let's go now to Dennis in
Kentucky who's an aluminum plant worker
wants to talk about the tariffs how
they're going to help the recycling
industry go ahead Dennis they melt down
aluminum in 2002 our auto industry made
you know very very central parts within
auto all these carrots will do is read
bigger eyes and read energized always
typing we have an overstock of aluminum
we have an overstock of steel if you
look at a lot of the buildings that are
no longer being used those steel
buildings some of those buildings will
come down remelt it and be reuse this is
the best
turning point in American history right
now yeah I totally agree so I don't know
a lot about the recycling industry other
than I have to put my stuff in a
separate can so basically there's a glut
of this recycled material here in the
United States and this would open up
that industry or a little bit allowed
these industries to reaiiy i guess i
guess you know reinvigorate themselves
right this is them being able to like it
you go to like your recycling centers
flea you aluminum correct and you get a
certain price per pound for have a much
aluminum you know or ten that you might
bring in those cans are then stripped
down remelted and four sheets these
sheets are rolled out and and cities
like the company I was working for now I
work for the border education but
they're they'll they'll melt them down
into these thousand pound fowls and
their load them on a truck and they'll
another facility where they're then cut
into intricate parts for automobiles
that's that's what we use aluminum or
majority at a time is for our Ottawa of
course our canned goods and whatnot you
know beer beer beer beer yes that's
that's this is the regeneration and
reenergized of our stockpiles this is
going to put a lot of a lot of companies
have an extra amounts of money to
reinvest into themselves so you see this
is totally positive and what are other
people saying in your area well here
we're cold
of course aluminum and I haven't found
any steel companies here but this is
primarily cold country here in Kentucky
where I am I mean uh and the people here
you mean to tell me the coal mines all
we have one two three four five coal
companies that all started back or
higher already back were hiring I mean
the aluminum businesses they are there
they put our ads and our papers here for
people to come apply for their job the
economy is moving it's moving it's
growing very very fast and um as to UM
the the last caller does not the last
caller last segment that you had with
that guy that was on talking about
climate change what not how it's been
held in California that that that yeah
the Ninth Circuit Circuit Court you can
best believe your sources already been
pay for paint at all oh yeah I would
totally agree and I mean they're going
up against Exxon BP and Chevron these
are companies that have all bowed down
to climate change science and and just
yes yes whatever just let us just let us
do business we'll do whatever you want
you know they're afraid to just stand up
and go no look it's the Sun the Sun
causes climate change thanks for calling
Dennis from Kentucky that's what it's
great to have boots on the ground
all right so coal companies are hiring
aluminum companies are hiring steel
companies are hiring all because of
talks of tariffs Donald Trump is making
America great again
so the mild-mannered doctor Jordan
Peterson was
heckled and they're activists there that
it at Queen's University in Kingston
Ontario one of whom was carrying a
garrote which is like a a wire that you
used to choke people I'm gonna get into
that I'm gonna get into the Hungarian
Minister saying Vienna is unlivable now
because they've been allowing immigrants
in there increasingly crime ridden since
migrants have begun living there
that's the Hungarian Prime Minister and
also want to finish taking your calls
eight eight eight to zero one two to
four four four people who are working in
the steel industry we have a couple more
segments left so I'd love to get your
take on what these Trump steel tariffs
are gonna mean for the aluminum for the
steel industry and for any other
auxiliary industries we just heard from
a guy who worked in the recycling
business and talking about how these
this is gonna be great because it's
gonna allow these recycling plants to
get more stuff and then reinvigorate it
back into the economy by turning it into
auto parts so that's eight eight eight
to zero one two two four four once again
I'm your host Rob dude thank you for
watching the war room and the free
stream is in force.com
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well go tuned for store.com and check
out those deals now let's get to this
jordan peterson clip and just play this
as I read this article windows smashed
far-left extremists caught carrying
garrote at Jordan Peterson speech here's
a guy who tells people to make their
beds in order to start living a better
life and just roll that v roll over top
of this please dr. Peterson gave his
lecture at Queen's University in
Kingston Ontario on Tuesday this week to
promote his new book and was met by a
mob of around 150 far-left
activists unwitting dupes some of whom
were students at the university the the
protesters proceeded to barricade the
doors and one of the activists a 38 year
old woman who does not attend the
University he's said to have smashed a
window and faces additional charges of
carrying a concealed weapon according to
the local newspaper King to the standard
a 38 year old was found in possession of
a garrote
weapon designed to strangle another
person designed to strangle another okay
political opponent designed to strangle
another person okay is this the part
where they're yelling shame and
everybody let's just listen to some of
these dupes you can pull up some of the
audio in this protest is going on the
University newspaper The Journal
reported that the members of the crowd
yelled lock them in and burn it down and
it was met by approval from the mob of
extremists here we go let's play some of
this and what these people don't realize
is all these protests just make Jordan
Peterson stronger that's all they do
they don't realize that they are
basically making this guy more popular
making people want to find out what he's
talking about because we've we've
realized we've come to the realization
that these people are basically Soros
ish type minions who get their talking
points regarding
that's what they're taught to do they
are taught to be lemmings they are
totally taught to be lemmings we had a
united America first will Johnson on he
crashed a speech of a congressional
candidate asked him if he supported
immigrants more than he did American
citizens and what was funny is the
little minder on the side got up this
woman got up there and would clap once
for this and they'd all clapping they
could clap twice for this clap once for
this clap twice for this that's a little
mind control games they play with each
other to keep themselves under control
to make sure everybody's on the same
script because they don't want
individual thought going on they want
mob mentality and that's what you see
there going on at a Jordan Peterson
speech one of the most mine
mild mannered people out there just
promoting common sense and you know
saying hey you're not gonna force me to
more here well let's listen to some of
this clap ones Platte twice I mean it is
what are we in kindergarten that's
exactly what it is think you guys for
pulling that up so quickly we had him on
earlier in the week I think he produced
that clip over the weekend now let's go
to this clip Hungarian Minister Vienna
is increasingly crime ridden since
migrants began living there Austria's
capital is dirtier poor and increasingly
crime ridden since migrants began living
there and this is Janos Lazar chief of
staff of the Hungarian Prime Minister
Viktor Orban posted a controversial
video about Austria's capital on his
Facebook he states that emigration
communities have completely changed the
cityscape and Vienna has become a worse
place because of refugees here's that
video well for those of you who speak
Hungarian actually know what he's saying
basically what he's saying is dirtier
porn increasingly crime ridden he said
is it's a city within a city it has been
created and if Hungary's not careful its
capital could look like Vienna within 20
years there a great number of schools in
Vienna or there are no white Viennese
children left only children of Muslim
immigrants and immigrants from the
Middle East with an eye on Hungary's
next election in April and his party's
anti-immigration stance Lazar says we
are working to prevent this phenomenon
earlier Hungary's government spokesman
Zoltan Kovacs what a cool name Zoltan
Kovacs already said that migration is
very expensive and integration or
assimilation as it was referred to in
the Western world is not possible now I
can add my own story to this when we
went to the Czech Republic
I met with some people from the
government in the Czech Republic because
we were going to one of these older
churches that was the actually the
church with all the skulls in the bottom
and we had to get permission from the
government to film there and we took the
lady who got us through that out to
lunch and we said well how many migrants
the Czech Republic leaded she goes 500 a
year that's it no more okay they've got
it under control they've got their head
screwed on straight Germany and the rest
of Western Europe they are going to be
in for a rude awakening here and it's
already happening and there's nothing
that can be done to stop it because they
have opened the floodgates we'll be
right back with the final segment of the
war room I'm your host Rob dude thanks
for watching enforce calm for its last
show well Donald Trump has done
something that no other US president has
done since the North Korean dictatorship
came into being it looks like he's going
to meet with Kim jong-un has just come
out on fox news kim jong-un extending
invitation to meet with trump official
says south korea is expected to announce
thursday night that the North Korean
dictator is extending an invitation to
meet with President Trump a senior US
official revealed to Fox News South
Korean national security adviser Chun
Lee a young will announced an upcoming
meeting between South Korean president
moon jae-in
and North Korea and the North Korean
leader there's currently no plans to
change the u.s. South Korean military
exercises nor their commitment by Kim
jong-un to stop his nuclear testing so
there you go Trump is done what no one
else could do first brought them to the
negotiating table and then he's gonna
have a meeting now it's just come out
today as well we're talking about this
tariff he find these Trump signs
aluminum and steel tariffs order that
will take effect this month but every
country on Earth will be invited to
negotiate exemptions from flexible
policy that's a businessman right there
so he's gonna be like oh you want you
want to negotiate okay what do you got
what are you gonna give me so he's
actually gonna get more in addition to
the tariff he's gonna get more from it
so the president appeared in the Oval
Office flanked by senior officials on
one side and a group of steel workers on
the other you were truly the backbone of
America you're very special people
the president said he promises his
promises to factory workers were a big
reason for his 2016 victory far from
being ironclad no compromises national
security measures Trump has telegraphed
in the past week The Associated Press
reported that every nation in the world
will be able to petition the United
States for exemptions and see when they
petition he's gonna get more out of the
deal that's the art of the deal right
Trump will allow any country with which
we have security relations to discuss
the United States and the president
alternative ways protecting America's
interests the official said while
cautioning that petitioning countries
would have to prove that their steel and
aluminum exports aren't harming
America's national security capabilities
and it doesn't just refer to national
defense it's national security broadly
defined the so-called flexible tariffs
are a marriage of two lethal poisons of
economic growth protectionism and
uncertainty trade wars are not won
they're lost at Arizona Republic Oh Jeff
Flake Jeff Flake doesn't like it
surprise surprise who's about to retire
the loser who's not going to get
reelected ok of course Jeff Flake is
gonna say stuff on his way out
what a loser so you notice it's losers
like flake its Vox it's USA today
it's Detroit Free Press oh these are
gonna be bad everybody we talked to in
the steel industry says it's gonna be
good and let's go to Dean in Wisconsin
let's see what he has to say another
worker what now where do you work
actually in the steel industry Dean I
work at you some go look and some
examples ok so what is your take of the
news of these tariffs it's gonna be
great because we were waiting when Obama
was talking about infrastructure and all
that nothing ever happened so when they
passed the Americans see like we had to
my American still well we couldn't get
any because we weren't making any right
line agency any great and that is a
national security issue if your country
can't make steel then you're beholden
to the rest of the world to provide that
steel for you and that leaves you open
to a lot of different things doesn't it
yes yes it does and it's that to me it's
not a real shock that mr. Trump
president Trump is doing this what did
he do he built skyscrapers and no that's
what he did which he'll deal was a
delectable number our country it is and
we had a caller earlier said half of the
steel they would get from overseas was
defective so you're not saving any money
by building something with substandard
steel and then having to rebuild it
again with that with other substandard
steel that may or may not fail you're
absolutely right and what we do is we
build water boosters that pump water to
your communities in this mess
some of the i-beam we use might be a
hundred pounds of foot well you don't
want China still there to bail exactly
so these are these are water boosters
these are pumps that would be in the
drinking water plants well no they all
right in your community we deal with
municipalities we do above ground below
ground and we do with sewage which pumps
your sewage away you know some of these
pumps will pump 10,000 gallons in like
three minutes I don't think people
realize how much steel is all around
them and you know like we have window
frames here made out of steel we have
these bars above me that hold the lights
that are made of steel parts of this
desk have steel in it here's a this
might be made out of aluminum but the TV
stand behind me is made of steel these
uh I think these are aluminum right here
these three panels behind me that we put
in you know there's aluminum and steel
all over the place and if you're getting
it from nowhere but China then you're
beholden to the Chinese what do you what
do you think of the people saying you
know Gary Cohen who didn't like these
tariffs what do you think of Trump
calling him a globalist well he is a
robot yeah I think it's one harm central
how do you expect that you have a
president that there's a billionaire for
one thing left that just for us to try
to help save America and his main
industry was building bill
which is deal you know he's gonna go for
yeah and now the head of the afl-cio has
tweeted his support for the president
over these tariffs you know it's funny
that everybody we've talked to today all
a hundred percent of the callers who
work in the steel industry and one way
or another steel or aluminum have said
this is gonna be great
this is gonna be awesome these are boots
on the ground that we've been talking to
and who do you have that saying it's bad
oh sure knows all around the country who
think they know everything and think
they know the real economics when
they're not in the steel industry they
probably never met a steel worker
they've probably never been to a steel
mill they turn their things on and they
flush their toilets
it's from coming from a little town in
Wisconsin that steel depends on that for
them to get watered to get their sewage
out yeah they just they don't know they
don't have a clue exactly they don't
understand how it works they think
everything operates from a smart phone
what's the name of your company again
yes I'm Co us DMC oh and are you guys
gonna be hiring more people
we hope - yeah right now we're busy yeah
like I said with the Obama thing when he
was talking about infrastructure
infrastructure we were hoping where did
that money go
nobody knows whence the Solar solar
power plants that that don't exist
anymore it was a money a lot of that was
a money laundering operation it truly is
amazing all right Dean anything else you
want to add no I love your show I
watched every day you guys are awesome
thank you all right thanks for calling
Dean and Wisconsin I mean I tell you
over and over again were proven right
the insane MSM and the left is proven
Trump signs the steel tariffs order I
love this flexible policy this is a
stroke of genius the Trump tariff order
is a stroke of genius
and this is it because now he's allowed
every other country in the world to come
up and say hey look look look we don't
want to pay this tariff but we're gonna
we're gonna offer you this because
that's what he's gonna do he's like okay
well what do you would he want to offer
let's let's make a deal cuz that's what
he does
makes deals like it or not it's you know
the amount of work he has done even with
all this Muller investigation this this
s show you know I didn't even get to
this story let's see if we can get to it
do we have the let's just play a little
bit of this clip here's an extra LA
Times disowns reporter out at his CIA
collaborator alright this is Kevin a
DeLand Ian alright let's just play a
quick clip of this from the truck Todd
show he was on truck 2 this guy gets out
and spouts Mueller talking points I I
wouldn't be surprised if he's working in
with Mueller via the deep state here's a
short clip of him so back in 2014 the
Huffington Post
outed this guy as working with the CIA
he was with the CIA press offers he was
changing facts he was changing headlines
he was vetting facts but and here he is
now this guy works for MSNBC he's their
intelligence analyst let's just play a
little bit of this you can hear it as we
go out to the end of the show Podesta
and DNC hacks what this is about is just
that Podesta in the DNC hacks
that's exactly right Chuck we're told
that special counsel Robert Muller is
moving toward an indictment or multiple
indictments that would serve the same
purpose as that document filed last
month essentially as you recall that
document left out the hacks of the DNC
the leaking operation which played a
significant so here he is that is the
CIA agent who is literally working for
MSNBC on at least one occasion he
rewrote a lead as part of their dictates
he also reported as fact in the pages of
the LA Times se Aiye a claimed the no
collateral murder was under a 2012 drone
attack that's all we got for today there
it is the CIA runs your net your MSM
thanks for watching
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