Author Topic: Liberal Cities Are Literal shitholes  (Read 28 times)

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Liberal Cities Are Literal shitholes
« on: March 10, 2018, 06:53:20 AM »

last year went to Colorado for a week
the week before a year before I went to
California for a week and uh staying in
the Bay Area and there are now human
feces maps because people will just pull
their pull their pants down and poop in
the streets you know someone very
profoundly once said many years ago that
if fascism ever comes to America it'll
come in the name of liberalism you make
fart noises with your mouth comm /a
welcome back to the war room I'm Michael
Zimmerman joined by Millie Weaver as we
talked to you earlier or told you
earlier there's an armed man who took
hostages at a veteran's home in
California Natalie you've got some more
information on that that you wanted to
share yes
so Michael right now this is a Napa
Valley it's in Yountville California and
currently this Veterans Home houses
about a thousand retired veterans which
the police are saying that they have
removed all of the residents they have
evacuated the veteran's home currently
right now there are three hostages who
are being held hostage and as of yet the
police have had a press conference and
they have said that they are not aware
of any injuries in this matter however
the fact that this shooter or person has
three people hostage you still have a
big standoff between between the FBI
SWAT and family members of those people
as well as the residents who have all
been evacuated from this facility we
haven't heard too much on who this
person is they've given a brief
description saying the guy was about
five six in height and that he did
exchanged gunfire with the police but
that's all we really know so far very
interesting interesting case to me like
I can kind of see you know someone at at
these skulls snapping and these
shootings whether someone who's a loner
bullied but going to this veterans um
veterans home out in the countryside it
looks like I mean it's Napa Valley we
were just showing some shots of it in an
article and it looks like this beautiful
place kind of out out in the country to
go and then take people hostage it
doesn't really fit the profile with a
lot of the mass shootings that we've
seen before you know someone walks in
and just opens fire on a on a room full
of people and sted taking hostages they
did say in this article unloading up to
thirty shots in the housing complex so
that's interesting and I'm sure we'll
have a lot on Monday's show because more
details will emerge about about this
event more details will definitely come
out but notice how the liberal media a
lot of the liberal media has been
jumping on this so far saying it's
another active shooter situation which
of course I repeated thus their
headlines when I first told you guys
about this however it's very different
from the typical shooter situations or
active shooter situations that we've
seen before
obviously this person holding people
hostage they're not trying necessarily
to go on a rampage and kill as many
people as possible which we typically
see with these shooter situations
however this person is holding people
hostage so it makes me kind of wonder
Michael do you think that this has to do
with mental illness do you think that
somebody might have snapped within the
facility because I know that you know a
lot of the veterans are you know they
have PTSD and I'm sure the media is
going to jump right all on them to
attack them to attack their second
amendments we know that the liberals
love the idea of disarming our veterans
and so they would want to use the
example of one or two veterans who might
have mental health problems to try to
disarm the entire veteran populace which
we all know is ridiculous and it's
exactly the same way I'm trying to
disarm us the civilian population and
the veterans are pretty large sorry
meant of the u.s. population to I mean
there are a lot of veterans out there
and you've done reports in California
before about just the notoriously poor
treatment of veterans especially in
California when we were in LA last year
covering the
rampant pedophilia going on in in
Hollywood you and Gavin pointed out this
area that you were saying they took away
from the veterans that's right we
actually did a huge documentary on the
Los Angeles Veterans Home which had a
large piece of property deeded to them
and this property was essentially
usurped by the Democrat politicians in
power and essentially barely any
veterans were actually being housed on
it in fact many of the buildings were
being rented out for a dollar a year for
four big studios and a lot of the
buildings were left to be dilapidated
they had lots that you know that the
neighboring Beverly Hills school could
could have for their baseball fields
they had I mean they've just completely
exploited this property and the amount
of veterans that were homeless on the
streets literally sleeping outside the
gates because they literally built gates
around the veteran's home in Los Angeles
to keep the veterans that are homeless
from sleeping in the veterans park on
that land I mean it used to be this is
how the veteran's home was utilized in
California before you got a bunch of
Democrats remember California was
Republican the way it was utilized was
you actually had many of the buildings
being being their housing veterans you
had gardens where veterans grow food for
each other I mean it was a full-on
thriving community okay this Veterans
Home Democrats get in boom they put big
gates to lock the veterans out there all
homeless on the streets they already
have a homeless crisis in California
we've seen that I mean I mean you and we
have course there's there's poop maps I
went on two weeks ago actually this week
because I in the past have tried to get
out of town for South by Southwest
because of just how much a nightmare
this this city turns into during this
week's last year went to Colorado for a
week the week before year before I went
to California for a week and uh staying
in the Bay Area and there are now human
feces maps because people will just pull
their pull their pants down and poop in
the streets it's so unsanitary this is
what you get when you have
sanctuary cities this is what you get
when you elect liberals what happens
well we've seen it a million times guys
the Democrats they leave the city after
it's gone to rot that's like the end of
the cycle what happens the Democrats are
now coming to Austin because Austin has
a booming thriving economy for
businesses why because of policies that
Republicans put into place there so then
they're gonna bring all their Democrats
there get their democrats into office
change the rules
it becomes an Shi deal and where you're
seeing these poop maps like in
California and even in Denver I mean
it's getting out of here
right you know there was another video
tit that you and Gavin shot while you
were out of town about the poop on the
streets in Denver and you put fake poop
there and it's like don't step in that
because it it would not be surprising to
actually step in poop on some of these
city streets here's an article from the
Orange County Register thousands of
pounds of human waste and close to
fourteen thousand hypodermic needles
cleaned out from Santa Ana River
homeless encampments this has become
such a problem in LA and the surrounding
areas that like you said the veterans
are part of it but there's this much
bigger issue with homelessness and it's
because of the policies put in place by
these local governments and by the state
governments 14,000 hypodermic needles
well California as you know has this
this program where they'll give people
free clean needles well I wish the
people who are choosing to ruin their
lives by shooting up heroin would at
least dispose of their their needles
somewhere so they're just throwing them
on the streets not to mention what
there's a hepatitis outbreak right first
they're gonna ruin their own lives and
then they're gonna ruin other people's
I mean issues it comes down I think to
just the decline of society well I
really feel like if we want to wake up a
lot of liberals and Democrats out there
we really just need to point the finger
and the camera at the destruction and
the dilapidation that's going on inside
their own democratic cities just like in
Denver I mean Denver has started to
become a blue state because you've had a
lot of liberals all moving there for the
legalization of marijuana which you know
has its pros and cons but sure enough
get these Democrat mayor's in that then
decide that they're gonna lessen the
Pelin penalty for public urination and
defecation to make life easier for the
homeless and immigrant populations that
are living on the streets in Denver
because why because Denver declared
itself a sanctuary City and the fact
that Denver doesn't even offer public
restrooms really in their parks they
don't everyone said there is a public
restroom shortage here and they haven't
even put one in place so we have to ask
ourselves why is it that the Democrats
solution is lower the penalty for public
urination defecation which is a health
and safety hazard their solution is no
instead let's not put in a public
restroom let's not do the common sense
of not creating it into a big sanctuary
City let's invite all the homeless
encourage illegal immigrants on the
street and then tell them that they
won't even be punished for pooping and
paint well these are the same kind of
areas here's a quick last one in this
segment Barry a coffee shop won't serve
police for the safety of customers we
need the support of actual community to
keep this place safe not the police so
that's the same kind of s holes or add
Adam Schiff holes and it literally is a
shit hole in this case I did I mean it's
just making this country fall apart so
stick with us we'll be right back with
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