Author Topic: Liberals Defend Socialism At Bernie Sanders Event  (Read 38 times)

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Liberals Defend Socialism At Bernie Sanders Event
« on: March 10, 2018, 06:41:10 AM »

Hey are you gentlemen fans of Bernie
Sanders yeah it's in force what's the
problem yeah it's in fours that's just
asking you how you feel about Bernie
Sanders mmm I'm sorry you dropped your
coke I'm sorry you dropped your coke we
shouldn't go in the microphone anyways
huh at least it's not tap water it's
fine he doesn't look like he doesn't
really look like he needs the extra
sugar in there but hey I'm not in for
policing people's decisions this is not
tap water this is Jake Lloyd reporting
for infowars.com I'm here in downtown
Austin with Ashton woody we're at South
by Southwest or South by sjws we've
called it in the past we're going to go
talk to some of the primarily liberal
people out here because bernie sanders
is in town with Jake Tapper CNN fake
news CNN and socialist Bernie Sanders
are both in town today so we're gonna go
talk to them ask them some questions see
if we can get some Communists to give us
their take on the state of American
affairs hi are you a fan of Bernie
Sanders why do you like Bernie Sanders I
don't know I think so if Bernie Sanders
were president instead of say Donald
Trump how do you think the country would
be great exactly how well he identifies
himself as a Democratic Socialist
Venezuela is also democratic socialist
and people are not eating rats so do you
think that would be a better State for
our country I don't want to talk to you
hear that guys I'm Russian fan of Bernie
Sanders absolutely well why is that it's
for the people is he for the people he
ya which people is before that the
working-class people how how is he yeah
well so I imagine that you your support
democratic socialism then right yes
why why is that I just think that there
are a lot of problems in the country
that have none have been addressed are
you a fan of Hugo Chavez and my a fan of
Hugo Chavez I'd I wouldn't say that I am
because so Hugo Chavez was a democratic
socialist that's what that's what he was
and now and you know he died in 2013 now
Nicolas Maduro is in charge Jeremy
Corbyn Bernie Sanders are all supportive
of Hugo Chavez when everything's going
well but then his social programs start
to collapse under their own weight and
now like there's record poverty record
homelessness record starvation and now
we don't you know it's kind of silent
from Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of the
people who support it I am left of where
we are right now I'm not going to be but
why is that though it seems like the
further left we go the worse things get
oh really I mean there's a lot of people
who who are not getting paid enough in
this economy I mean there's too much of
a disparity and the wealth of my opinion
why is disparity of wealth an inherently
bad thing
too many people suffer I mean we live
myself there's a lot of people who
suffer and a lot of people who have can
get away with crime and but under a
situation like democratic socialism we
all suffer together equally so America
has degrees like women's studies Gender
Studies and if everybody got a degree in
that instead of say stem because not all
of these kids are going into stem or law
or becoming doctors that's a huge issue
so these kids go and get a degree in
that it essentially kind of pushes them
back a few years to the point for they
could have been working a blue-collar
job and straight on making money why
don't you agree
well I feel like it's not a lingering
thing but it's also like not uh you can
do both things and we really don't have
a choice like the way technology is
advancing in 20 years from now at my
country for example 50 percent for jobs
will be lost if we
digitalize or skillsets so I guess like
if we were learn to move towards a more
inclusive society we really don't have a
choice and as a kid like I would love to
have more access to STEM fields
a woman like low-income communities
should have more access because that's
the only way like to really move forward
that's a whole unit a society unit but
if everyone's getting women's gender
studies degrees and it's all being paid
for a taxpayer of money our taxpayer
money is essentially being wasted when
they could have done blue-collar jobs
that have gone straight in to vocational
school well I think the amount of
opportunities like the more
opportunities you create maybe a luc
large dollar Sam job you really have to
make sure that people have access to
opportunities what they choose to do
that that's another a whole nother story
but you can't limit that from scratch
like from the get-go if you limit that
then I think it's got it like the wrong
perspective because you're already
deciding who gets what kind of
opportunities yeah but then again you're
you don't own this lay out like you
didn't says who says everybody who owned
the land before us the Indians right or
the Native Americans yeah you owned the
land before them we killed the animals
everybody killed animals ee-vie they had
a choice and not kill people we don't
have to eat people so but the Native
Americans killed people that's a part of
their religion and of course that
killing people is a part of their
religion so it's okay no that was like
back in the barbarian days that was like
300 years ago
yeah and you believed in enslaving
people I didn't know you make it sound
like no no right how does it how do I
make it sound like I believe in to
slaving people and besides Europeans
only engaged in slavery from about like
the I would say probably like 1500s on
so whereas everybody else especially the
Arabs and the Africans were the ones
engaging in slavery not the Europeans
the Europeans were the first ones to end
sorry I really thought this was gonna be
like a quick like okay you can be quick
I thought we were just talking but yeah
that's fine that's fine if you need to
go there go ahead okay ba means all
right thank you for talking to us so the
Native Americans killed people part of
their religion because it was barbarian
times and that's okay but us ending
slavery doesn't count for anything we
only we didn't start slavery but we just
we just ended it I don't even know how
he got on I don't know how he got to
Native Americans and that's not owning
the land which I mean they found graves
like mass graves of like 10,000 people
from the Barbarian time so anyways hi
are you a fan of Bernie Sanders yeah
what'd you like about him but he's a
socialist why socialism good are you
like I don't really want to do asking
people why they like Bernie Sanders yes
we are in board um I think he has a lot
of integrity I like his value system
equity stands for exactly what values
eating the ridge eating the rich well
are you aware that Bernie Sanders lives
in three million dollar homes no I was
yeah and are you aware I'm gonna ask you
something so if they're about eating the
rich why do you think so many of the one
percent support socialism is that true
it's very true well for example you know
Venezuela right a majority of the
country is currently eating rats while
their politicians are drinking champagne
on daily basis
the 1% of Venezuela will animate well
I'm saying since if Bernie Sanders were
president right and he wanted to bring
the same ideas as social for socialism
into this country don't do you think
that we would benefit yeah but I just
told you been s realize getting rats but
I just want build-up health care I don't
like the one who can't answer the
question what question the question is
why you support socialism you can have
built you can have health care without
socialism I want people to have free
health care why free why would the
government pay for because I think
everyone has a right to have health care
like it didn't happen the computers
didn't shut down actually they did and
because of that 90% of people are fake
it's the bug okay sky believes in y2k
that's weird
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