Author Topic: Liberals Okay With Beating Your Wife As Long As Its For Sharia Law  (Read 33 times)

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Sweden rules in favor of wife-beating
husband sites Sharia law so what's going
on in Sweden is an absolute travesty
it's now it used to be one of the most
beautiful great countries on earth up
there in northern Europe now with the
open borders you've got these radical
Islamic migrants going into the city
destroying schools destroying towns
making it no-go zones and now the year
the Liberal government is so cooked the
Liberal government is so cooked that if
you beat your wife and then cite Sharia
law they say that that's just okay and
Liane McAdoo is with me in studio as
well now here's what's happening this is
why I keep saying that the Overton
Window is being pushed so far I'm not
sure if you would say it's so far to the
left or so far to the right but the left
is going so far left of Trotsky that
just an average quote/unquote liberal or
you know whatever you want to say is
somebody that would be on the left is
now leaning more centrist and even
coming over more to the right of things
just because the left has pushed the
Overton Window so far to the left that
if you're a centrist now all the sudden
you're on the right of it so some of the
stories that our good examples of this
Liane has some we'll start with this one
right here Sweden rules in favor of wife
beating husband sites Sharia law so
what's going on in Sweden is an absolute
travesty it's now it used to be one of
the most beautiful great countries on
earth up there in northern Europe now
with the open borders you've got these
radical Islamic migrants going into the
city destroying schools destroying towns
making it no-go zones and now the year
the Liberal government is so cooked the
Liberal government is so cooked that if
you beat your wife and then cite Sharia
law they say that that's just okay I
mean how can how can somebody that
claims to be about people and peace and
getting along the the modern day left
the modern day liberal be okay with
Sharia law I mean look at this you're
watching the video right now I mean how
as possible LeeAnn it's madness and you
can't speak out against it
you know these women apparently don't
matter because that's their religion and
I don't know what this video is trying
to show I know that they had some
meetings recently about how big the size
of the stick could be that you could
beat your wife with you know it had to
be of a certain diameter Quran can't be
bit larger than your thumb that's what
it was thank you have to cite the Quran
it'll tell us how big the stick is we
can use to beat our wife right and then
of course we've got these other shows
where they're glamorizing converting to
Islam and and marrying these men just to
kind of make it normal put it up you
know they use the TV media to kind of
push that agenda mm-hmm right and then
of course even here in the United States
there was a story on the Drudge Report
yesterday where a politician is is
taking the me2 movement to task
especially there in California because
they are protecting these illegal
immigrants who were on the list to be
deported because they were beating their
wives domestic violence shooting women
things like that um and they were
protected in this lawmakers like what
are you you so do you care about women
or do you not care about women do we
keep these people here illegally even
though they are sexual and domestic
abuse with with them I mean it's just
the hypocrisy like where do we draw the
line we don't even know what's you have
to disavow Trump disavow disavow but
meanwhile we've got all these Democrats
hanging out with Louis Farrakhan and
that's totally fine so I think people
are starting to recognize that there is
just a total double standard here and
like you said it things going so far to
the left we've got a Bay Area coffee
shop that won't serve police for safety
of their customers great and so I guess
maybe they're thinking they've got a lot
of people that could possibly be
deported so they don't want the police
officers to to come in and is it that or
is it they just have such a disdain for
police and they buy into this
brainwashing that every police officer
is just waiting for an excuse to beat
you up and pummel you and shoot you
where you don't want hey look we've
covered that there are police officers
that do that there are police officers
that are out of control we cover it we
report on it and you try to get rid of
the bad eggs that doesn't mean that you
sit here and you say all I'm not gonna
serve a man in uniform
you know because another man in uniform
you know 500 blocks down the road in a
different town altogether you know did
something bad - to whoever it just shows
the mental illness of it all to say well
we're not even gonna serve police so how
about the police say okay fine you know
what if someone Rob's your store then
and you call us sorry we can't go
exactly well they've got a they've got a
sign up that says in Spanish talk to
your neighbors not the police we need
support of the actual community to keep
this place safe not police and so
they're kind of creating that the no-go
zone where it's like we're gonna we're
gonna rule ourselves will police
ourselves we don't need you but we've
seen crime rise when these communities
force police officers out or say you
know don't don't come here well then the
crime is on the rise and so this is you
know this is what the left is aligning
themselves with is just hating the
police and you know having to have fifty
eight thousand plus homeless people in
LA for instance here's a story thousands
of pounds of human waste close to 14,000
hypodermic needles cleaned out from
Santa Ana River homeless encampments so
not only do they have the maps I think
you guys were talking about these man
feces maps and things thousands of
pounds of human waste so this is this is
sick so this is a this is a state that
can't take care of their 58,000 homeless
people they wonder why they're having
these massive outbreaks of syphilis and
other you know sexually transmitted
diseases you thought were eradicated
yeah you know hundreds of years ago but
then they want to tell the rest of the
country what the end spend millions of
their taxpayer dollars helping illegal
immigrants get LA lawyers to keep them
here in the country well in let's go
look guys pull up information on the
clean needle program so this is just a
perfect example of how liberal policies
and ideas don't work but they live in
some sort of a pipe dream where they
think if you just give
things give somebody something for free
they're gonna clean up their act they're
gonna turn the corner and everything is
gonna be great again so they have this
epidemic of people you know shooting up
heroin or whatever in the streets of
California and they have all these dirty
needles and then what they they come to
find out is okay they figure we've got
all these people sharing needles to get
high and they're sharing needles and
then this is causing disease to spread
so the state of California thinks that
this is a brilliant idea well how about
we give them clean needles
so we're make sure they're not using
dirty needles so then they they flood
the streets with quote-unquote clean
needles and then what happens that
enables the drug use the drug use goes
up and then the clean needles end up
dirtying the streets end up we don't
winding up all over the streets so this
is a perfect example how a liberal
policy pipe dream like oh we've got this
drug problem and this dirty needle
problem I know let's just give him the
clean needle that'll clean it all up the
streets will be clean the drug use will
go down the disease will go down no all
three went up this is a perfect example
of how liberal policies fail right and I
can understand you know probably the the
heart there was in the right place for
these people and their harm reduction
clinics thinking well they're gonna do
it anyway we might as well try to reduce
the rising rate of AIDS and what on
whatever but right why don't we actually
help these people get out of
homelessness why don't we actually help
them get off the drugs and help with
these mental health facilities like
let's actually address the the problems
that we're facing in our society not
just you know building them tents and
stuff to at least make them comfortable
while they're homeless well and why do
we want to do this to the inner cities
why do we want to put the beautiful
cities of America like San Francisco one
of the most beautiful cities in America
why do you want to put this this this
tarnishment on it with the homelessness
and the poverty I mean they spend all
this money I mean you at least think
they could fit I mean if they really
cared about this problem and I you know
what I don't know the mindset of a
homeless person in San Francisco I think
that at this point they're so entitled
and in the or in Orange County the OSI
which which is like one of the most
beautiful places in the country well I
think that what they've done now is
they've empowered and entitled the
homeless population down there so much
they think they run the city they think
they can you know crap wherever they
want you
wherever they want stab shoot whoever
they want they run the city so if you
ever suggest like hey we want to do
something we want to have a program
where we try to clean out the city of
all this disgusting drug use
homelessness feces and everything but we
realize there's a problem so we're gonna
address it but we're gonna you know at
least get it out of the city like at
least get it out of the city let's clean
up the city and then maybe address the
problems what these individuals are
having but they think they run the city
now they literally are so empowered by
the Democrats out there they run things
right well that's also a lot of pushback
as well because most people yeah the
ACLU most people in San Francisco are
just a paycheck away from being homeless
thanks to the things that are going on
there with all the tech giants moving in
and so just raising the price of
everything meanwhile not bringing any
jobs for middle class and lower class
income workers they can't even afford to
live there and so many people really are
just just a paycheck away from
homelessness there it's kind of an anger
I forget where it was it was in
California it may have been San
Francisco where an eight hundred and
forty foot square house eight hundred
and forty square feet sold for two
million dollars and it was two million
I mean if and then you had the homeless
people just all over the streets I mean
San Francisco and California folks
liberal hellhole you know someone very
profoundly once said many years ago that
if fascism ever comes to America to come
in the name of liberalism
if you are receiving this transmission
you are resistance on her way to work
one morning down the path along the lake
a tender-hearted woman saw a poor half
frozen snake his pretty colored skin had
been all frosted with the do oh well she
cried I'll take you in and I'll take
care of you take being Oh tender woman
take me in for heaven's sake take me in
Oh tender woman side the vicious snake
this could be the great Trojan horse of
all time because you look at the
migration study it look at it now
they'll start infiltrating with women
and children take the end o tender woman
take me in for heaven's sake take me in
Oh tender woman side the vicious snake
now she clutched him to her bosom
you're so beautiful she cried but if I
hadn't brought you in by now you might
have died she stroked his pretty skin
and then she kissed and held him tight
but instead of saying thank you
that snake gave her a vicious bite
I saved you cried the woman and you've
bit me heavens wide you know your bite
is poisonous and now I'm going to die oh
shut up silly woman
set the reptile with a grin you knew
damn well I was a snake before you took
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