Author Topic: This Is Nancy Pelosi’s Worst Video Ever  (Read 32 times)

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This Is Nancy Pelosi’s Worst Video Ever
« on: March 10, 2018, 06:32:54 AM »

after adding two trillion dollars to the
debt Republicans plan mm two trillion
dollars worth of cuts all over the
country we're having tax scam there the
tax march what does this mean to your
state in Arizona and Texas and Illinois
in Florida and New York in Massachusetts
and California did I say California more
than once it's a big state part of the
thing about live media is you just have
to spill your guts and all your emotions
out here just to maintain an audience
and so you know I respond to Nancy
Pelosi and I get fired up and I can't
stand her politics and I can't stand her
in general and sometimes I mean I'll be
you know sometimes even my own mother
gives me a hard time she's like okay oh
and why do you have to be so hard on
Nancy Pelosi you know she's probably
seriously suffering some mental illness
here you know she's an old lady and you
know I mean I think about my my loving
grandma the last grand parent I have
left on this planet and I mean she's
more with it than Nancy Pelosi but yeah
I mean I wouldn't want people to you
know poke fun at my grandma either I
think that that would be very upsetting
to me but I mean again they put her in
the arena who elects this woman see I'm
already going there but but look there's
two cliffs I mean you can't even believe
this folks ah I mean you've seen what
Nancy Pelosi has has done in the past as
far as when she's speaking and she
I think she's referred to President
Trump as President Bush like five times
now she has moments where she like can't
even remember where she was and she like
kind of zones out for a second and
you're like oh like did what just
happened there or during the State of
the Union where it looks like she can't
eat like her dentures are all messed up
or something and she literally looks
like I don't know what's going on well
here's the deal I feel bad for Nancy
Pelosi because she's obviously suffering
from something now that's just feeling
bad because someone is in a bad
situation currently however this is a
woman worth over a hundred million
dollars who's been serving in Congress
for what
decades three decades I mean I don't
know how does she get that money so I
don't feel bad for Nancy Pelosi overall
as a person I think she's a crook I
think she's a horrible politician I
think she's bad for America I think
she's destroyed California however when
you look at this woman and you see the
current state that she's in you cannot
help but have a little bit of sorrow
that that she's that she's in this
struggle but also that they would still
put her out there on the playing field
I think she's gonna run again I mean
she's never indicated that she ever
wants to step away I mean this woman
can't even get out a thought coherently
so not one video from her last speech
but to two videos and I play these
videos not to make fun at the mentally
handicapped old people like Nancy Pelosi
we have to expose these people we have
to show the people that vote this is
what you're voting for Nancy Pelosi an
old daughter in fool who can't even get
out of coherent thought so two videos
today let's go to the first video where
she's literally just like you know brain
freezing jaw problems it doesn't know
what's going on after adding two
trillion dollars to the debt Republicans
plan 2,000 two trillion dollars worth of
cuts all over the country we're having
tax scam there the tax march what does
this mean to your state in Arizona and
Texas and Illinois in Florida in New
York and Massachusetts and California I
say California more than once it's a big
state Oh House Democrats introduced HR
50 11 you have to ask yourself why would
they not want to protect the integrity
of our elections why wouldn't you want
to protect the border tell everybody
what a fraud well in any case I don't
want to predict since I've called on the
administration of both parties oh I
wanted to just say another thing here um
there's happening this week this week we
the six being the 14 months since in the
first day of the new elections and why
we should have election security and
creating good-paying jobs reducing costs
or is how we got here where we were in
oats out a 2008 in the first place
because again there are some features
that you might say how do we help
community community banks how do we help
raise that number I think that number
could be raised okay and you've got
leftist liberal communist media telling
you that Trump is unfit for office I
mean ladies and gentlemen this this
woman is the example for unfit for
office I mean she should honestly be
removed from her seat just for
humanitarian issues I mean this woman
can't even think straight
she can't even figure out her papers I
mean it's like and then you notice what
she says I mean again did she actually
believe this think about what she says
she says she wants election security
Nancy Pelosi saying she wants to
election security
ladies and gentlemen these are the
people that let illegals vote these are
the people that don't even want voter ID
laws and they're lecturing you about
election security how do you wrap your
head around that how phony are these
people how dumb do they think you are
think about it like that way put a put
whatever your political beliefs aside
are put put your political beefs aside
everyone should be insulted that the
Democrats think that little of your
intelligence everybody should be
insulted that the Democrats think that
you're so stupid
that they can campaign on election
security when they believe in open
borders illegal voting and no voter ID
laws okay that's an insult to my
intelligence now she also says that
she's for good-paying jobs we need to do
something to get good-paying jobs here
literally that's all Trump's done
bonuses wage increases new jobs
unemployment record lows employment
record highs and then again what did the
Democrats do Trump bad Trump bad Trump
Russia Trump everything bad negative
it's all bad but we
good-paying jobs even though that's all
Trump is done there's the Drudge Report
there the Cruz showing it on the screen
right now jobs blow out plus three
hundred thirteen thousand smashes
expectations a record number of
Americans employed over one hundred and
fifty five million manufacturing jobs
adds over a quarter million since Trump
gets elected black Hispanic
unemployment's hit all-time low stocks
hit record high and then what did the
Democrats say Trump bad were for better
paying jobs even though they've done
nothing nothing to actually follow
through on that now let's go to the
second clip of Nancy Pelosi folks you
can see this woman clearly has a mental
issue much sis
Martha six-month the end of the the time
frantic State the list goes on and on
I'm very proud of the work of Benny
Thompson and ranking member Thompson
most exhilarating
thrill for people it's not permanent
this is painful to watch and again as
you know yesterday we're ten months
later house and Santa is happening this
week this week we had the sixth being
the 14 month in September of 2008 so why
are we going home at 11 o'clock that the
Russians did and disrupt our attempt to
disrupt our elections
oh they cutting Medicare but you
shouldn't take that long what the
Republicans are doing that want to be
exploded by the big banks it's so wrong
you have to go Fred it for being brazen
and we'll just see how it goes but you
might say how do we have community
community banks how do we help oh boy oh
boy raise that number I think that
number could be raised yeah yeah she
raised it all right she raised that she
raised the number she thinks there's 31
days in the month of February and she
thinks there's 14 months in the year so
what do you do well you just call it out
you report on it and you hope that the
state of California is not ignorant
enough to elect Nancy Pelosi ever again
and you know what if the Democrats had
any integrity they would be doing
everything they can to get Nancy Pelosi
out of that seat just because for her
own mental health I mean this is an
embarrassed I mean did you I mean look
at those two video clips folks I mean
this is an embarrassment to this woman
this woman is an absolute embarrassment
and they're gonna let her go out on a
total low note they're gonna let her go
out as a total failing nincompoop
instead of just kind of easing her out
and just saying like look Nancy you got
to go they're kind of doing it too but
Diane Feinstein because you'll notice
Dianne Feinstein kind of comes more
central to negotiate with Trump where
Pelosi is a never Trump er will never
negotiate with Trump Dianne Feinstein
goes into like
which mode and is like ah so they've got
to get rid of feinstein but nothing to
get rid of pelosi
who can't even complete a sentence and
think there's things there's fourteen
months in a year you know someone very
profoundly once said many years ago that
if fascism ever comes to america will
commonly angrily of liberalism in the
forty years i've been active in american
politics and the ten presidential
campaigns I've been through I've never
seen anything like this
not only is it extraordinary but but
equally troubling is the fact that the
president's appointees as both FBI and
CIA directors join the cover-up and
sought to keep this information from the
American people they actually argue
against the release of a memo that not
only exonerate the President on the
question of Russian collusion but proves
that the FBI actively was involved in
fabricating evidence to justify the
surveillance of the Republican candidate
for president of the United States it's
ten thousand times worse than what next
Senate's criminality it's ten thousand
times worse than Nixon oh it Watergate
pales in comparison this is illegitimate
use of the surveillance power and
authority of the state against a major
party candidate for president now they
thought no so so so they're fighting
obstruct now they perjured the Congress
they lie to the FISA Court to get the
three warrants they have live the
president I mean they have committed so
many crimes it's dizzying Roger director
Comey are you aware that Roger stone
played a role on the Trump campaign I'm
not going to talk about any particular
person here today mr. Schiff the FBI
deep state officials they used a Hillary
Clinton campaign bought and paid for
dossier that was filled with Russian
lies Russian propaganda totally
unverified to lie to a Foreign
Intelligence Surveillance Court to
obtain a warrant so they could spy on
Trump campaign adviser Carter page has
been so much lying about this memo by
partisans in Congress and hyenas in the
press that it's lessons are at risk of
being drowned out and lost we think
truth is the antidote to that these
a u.s. president enlisted a foreign
intelligence service to spy on a
political adversary that is an explosive
charge the craziest thing about Trump
calling for an investigation without any
evidence zero evidence Trump has not
produced a shred of evidence there was
no evidence for Trump's claims the there
wouldn't come so where did Trump get his
info from the CIA from the FBI where are
you getting this information from a very
reputable source what the FBI the CIA
Infowars it's a radio show hosted by
Alex Jones you know he's legit they lied
to get the memos they lied to get the
FISA Court thing three times the
warrants then they lied to Congress
about what they did then they leaked and
lied about it and now you've got the
entire FBI apparatus at the top along
with roses to the Justice Department and
or and all of them at an incredibly
arrogant incestuous conspiracy that
their own texts show that they have
committed this was an attempt to steal
an election and then later as its
renewed it was an attempt to undermine a
duly elected president of the United
States and by the way to my idiotic
overpaid colleagues that call themselves
journalists as they've been pushing a
narrative that's been false for a year
they've missed the biggest story of
their career because now this is
verified tonight dr. Gorka this is the
biggest story not of just their career
but of modern politics because his head
is so far up trumps button that it could
give him a concussion the pro Trump
media led by Hannity has circled the
wagons around president Trump they've
distracted people about the truth
involving Trump's Russia ties and
they've done everything possible to
destroy faith in Robert mullahs probe
president Trump authorized the release
of a memo that claims the FBI improperly
spied on his campaign despite warnings
from the FBI and the Department of
Justice that the memo was inaccurate the
memo is part of the Trump White House
and the Trump supporters in Congress
trying to make the investigation go away
so this is part of their defense against
the investigation this memo came from 40
year old virgin Devin Nunez
it was chairman of the House
Intelligence Committee I got to say I
don't really trust this guy to untangle
a vast conspiracy I wouldn't really
trust him to untangle a pair of
headphones there are many many questions
this week surrounding Nunez a man who
looks like the guy every 13-year old
which is her mom would stop dating this
by the way is his high school yearbook
photo somebody this person is now the
head of the House Intelligence Committee
no one on the left seems to care about
or the mainstream media is that
political dirt was used by the FBI and
they knew it was political dirt to open
a counterintelligence investigation into
the other campaign that's what people I
just can't believe that people on the
other side are not furious about this
soon as his memo supposedly paints a
picture of how the FBI and the Justice
Department abused their authority to
obtain a warrant to spy on a former
Trump campaign adviser oh but did we
catch them in the act or what you know
what I'm Joe did we catch them in the
they are very embarrassed they never
thought they were to get caught we
caught them mr. president even if the
memo doesn't prove that the FBI is out
to get you look on the bright side after
you release it I think they might be
make no mistake we've made some major
games against the globalist but they're
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