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Look Who's Talking?
« on: March 10, 2018, 06:31:50 AM »

when you look back at Devon newness what
he has done with respect to the house
permanent Select Committee on
Intelligence and you look at the
reaction by Adam Schiff and you look and
you get deep into the process suddenly
it's like ahead slap moment it's like
wait a minute why didn't I see this
before now things begin to make sense
never before in the history of this
country in my view have we been so at
the precipice of so many key hinge
moment events in time and I'm so proud
to be sitting in for Alex Jones Doug
Hackman sitting in for Alex Jones and
for wars.com and the battle has been
engaged there on one side you've got CNN
and then the the lunatic left the people
who don't believe for example things
like like peda gate exist these sales of
children children as currency they don't
believe that that exists they don't
believe in me and the the worst
imaginations of the globalists which is
absolutely incredible when it's been
proven over and over again they're like
ostriches with their heads buried in
their sand or otherwise they've got some
issue of rectal cranial inversion where
they need to either are tala gist or
general surgeon depending on the depth
of how far their head is buried the fact
of the matter is again in fours Alex
Jones tip of the spear breaking the ice
and and and fighting the censorship and
let it be known that each one of us we
need do you look those who have been
blessed those who have been informed
those have been read pilled by Infowars
by Allah shown so we need to and not
just stand with them but be audible and
to fight for them fight for us and
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you look supporting fours support the
free and unencumbered that truth
movement support and force financially
financially support them audibly make
sure that your voices are heard and not
merely that you don't merely claim that
you stand silently with us instead of
doing so get in the game put some skin
in the game because at one point or
another at some point in the future you
will be in the game now the last segment
I was talking about the the special
prosecutor or the let me rephrase that
the prosecutor of the Department of
Justice who's been in place since
approximately mid-july and for was
reported on that and here's based on my
investigative analysis here's what were
what we're seeing here's what's taking
place you've got the members of the
Department of Justice you've got the
members of the FBI at least five of them
they're sitting in their chairs and they
are talking and I'm look I'm familiar
with the very familiar as an
investigator when you have a suspect or
subject and you've got the goods which I
think that in this case they do here's
kind of the process little inside
information you might see this on
television you might be you might find
you know it sounds familiar but think
about this you've got a group that have
been really nailed within the Department
of Justice and FBI you and I know this
it's it's enforces reported on this
others have been reporting on this
here's the process and I had made a
reference to poopy pants before because
I've actually seen this happen here's
what they do they they bring they bring
the investigators bring you into a room
they sit you down and you're told not to
do anything you're not so you're told
not to say anything or discuss anything
until you get a lawyer at which time the
lawyer comes in he's handed a piece of
paper that basically explains how
screwed their client is all right and if
you want to be less screwed for example
you're going to sign this a letter of
cooperation this proffer to assist us
and we don't know this is the
investigator talking when we don't need
you you just sit there you look pretty
you keep your mouth shut
when we do need you we're gonna tap you
on the shoulder we're gonna have you
testify you're gonna spill your guts
you're gonna cooperate and if you don't
if you deviate from this practice this
policy here's what happens we're gonna
take you off to jail now
I make reference to that to the
individuals I believe most likely in the
crosshairs of both the Attorney General
or the inspector general and under the
purview of the prosecutor working with
the inspector general that being Michael
Horowitz I'm looking at people such as
perhaps again this is in my
investigative analysis people such as
Peter struck Batman you know you've got
Lois Lane there or whatever Lisa Paige
his paramour you've got Bruce Award
number for justice main you've got
Nellie or his wife
you've got Carlin and and others but I'm
gonna say five maybe six people are in
that position because understand that
prosecutor does have our Russ powers and
the power to negotiate a proffer with
with the Attorney General who has
indicated that he's been involved in
this now for the for the at least in the
last seven eight months and Peter struck
Lisa Paige personally or
bill pre step all these it's interesting
because when you look at this when you
look go back and look at the house
permanent Select Committee on
Intelligence look at the memo this is
what I didn't see before but was pointed
out and and I I'm amazed I didn't see
this before but some of their quotes
some of the quotes within the memo
within the that known as the noonas memo
some of the quotes appear from page and
struck including the text that were
released some time ago but did you know
this did you know that those quotes came
from investigative interviews because
they couldn't have come from anywhere
else because no congressional committee
has interviewed those persons now those
would be a few of the people in the
group I mentioned earlier and their
testimony to Michael Horowitz and a
Department of Justice prosecutor would
make them witnesses in a criminal
investigation which explains why they
have not given interviews to the
congressional committees and when you
look back at Devon newness what he has
done with respect to the house permanent
Select Committee on Intelligence and you
look at the reaction by Adam Schiff and
you look and you get deep into the
suddenly it's like ahead slap moment
it's like wait a minute why didn't I see
this before now things begin to make
sense consider this as well why didn't
President Trump know about this
why didn't Jeff Sessions say hey done I
got this handled bro just sit back relax
because technically he can't you know
we've been so we have been used to the
lawlessness of Barack Hussein Obama for
eight years we have we have seen the
weaponization of the Department of
Justice and the FBI we've seen the rots
from within and finally we're seeing
some semblance of why in order and
investigations done the way the way they
should be done that's why because now
they're playing by the investigative
that's why no one knows about this
that's why newness for example
stood back and realize the hey we've got
some people talking well if so why
oh wait a minute now with that with that
little little sided quote and I would
urge everyone to go to Infowars look at
that article critically look at that
article listen to that video that's ER
listen to what Jeff Sessions says and if
I'm wrong
well that one only one of two things I
misunderstood Jeff Sessions or or he
lied I don't think it's the latter and I
certainly don't think it's the former
Doug Hackman sitting in for Alex Jones
on this just fantastic Friday when they
give him a thank you Alex for allowing
me to do this hopefully I don't break
your show and hey those of you who have
been blessed by an info red pill stand
up with Infowars visit in full story on
the other side more on the other side
game be right back Doug Hagman stay
if you receive this translation you are
the resistance there is a war it's
happening now it will decide the fate of
humanity the time to choose sides has
come we are the resistance we are the
info war the globalist are losing but
they're doubling down their attacks
there's one thing they fear and it's
people power Infowars has defeated their
censorship so far only because of you
spreading the links spreading the
articles subscribing clicking the
notification buttons and getting the
articles and videos out but they are
intensifying their censorship so now
it's more important than ever to ensure
we keep the First Amendment alive and
well right here in America and free
speech worldwide so from Australia to
countries in Africa to Europe to Mexico
to right here in the USA I salute you
all for taking action and defending free
speech we will prevail we've taken a
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