Author Topic: Leftist Activist Carry Deadly Weapons To Jordan Peterson Speech  (Read 53 times)

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so the mild-mannered doctor Jordan
Peterson was heckled and there'd
activists there that it at Queen's
University in Kingston Ontario one of
whom was carrying a garrote which is
like a wire that you used to choke
people I'm gonna get into that when I
get into the Hungarian Minister saying
Vienna is unlivable now because they've
been allowing immigrants in there
increasingly crime ridden since migrants
have begun living there that's the
Hungarian Prime Minister and also want
to finish taking your calls eight eight
eight to zero one two two four four four
people who are working in the steel
industry we have a couple more segments
left so I'd love to get your take on
what these Trump steel tariffs are gonna
mean for the aluminum for the steel
industry and for any other auxiliary
industries we just heard from a guy who
worked in the recycling business and
talking about how these this is gonna be
great because it's gonna allow these
recycling plants to get more stuff and
then reinvigorate it back into the
economy by turning it into auto parts so
that's eight eight eight to zero one two
two four four once again I'm your host
Rob dude thank you for watching the war
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this Jordan Peterson clip and just play
this as I read this article windows
smash far-left extremists caught
carrying garrote at Jordan Peterson
speech here's a guy who tells people to
make their beds in order to start living
a better life and just roll that b-roll
over top of this please dr. Peterson
gave his lecture at Queen's University
in Kingston Ontario on Tuesday this week
to promote his new book and was met by a
mob of around 150 far-left
activists unwitting dupes some of whom
were students at the University the the
protesters proceeded to barricade the
doors and one of the activists a 38
woman who does not attend the University
he said to have smashed a window and
faces additional charges of carrying a
concealed weapon according to the local
newspaper King to the standard a 38 year
old was found in possession of a garrote
a weapon designed to strangle another
person designed to strangle another okay
political opponent designed to strangle
another person okay is this the part
where they're yelling shame and
everybody let's just listen to some of
these dupes you can pull up some of the
audio in this protest is going on the
University newspaper The Journal
reported that the members of the crowd
yelled lock them in and burn it down and
it was met by approval from the mob of
extremists here we go let's play some of
this and what these people don't realize
is all these protests just make Jordan
Peterson stronger that's all they do
they don't realize that they are
basically making this guy more popular
making people want to find out what he's
talking about because we've we've
realized we've come to the realization
that these people are basically Soros
ish type minions who get their talking
points regardless they are totally
taught to be lemmings we had a united
America first will Johnson on he crashed
a speech of a congressional candidate
asked him if he supported immigrants
more than he did American citizens and
what was funny is the little minder on
the side got up this woman got up there
and would clap once for this and they'd
all clap and they'd go clap twice for
this that clap once for this clap twice
for this that's a little mind control
games they play with each other to keep
themselves under control to make sure
everybody's on the same script because
they don't want individual thought going
on they want mob mentality and that's
what you see there
going on at a jordan peterson speech one
of the most mine
mild mannered people out there just
promoting common sense and you know
saying hey you're not gonna force me to
use oh we got more here well let's
listen to some of this clap one's flat
twice i mean it is what are we in
kindergarten that's exactly what it is
think you guys for pulling that up so
quickly we had him on earlier in the
week i think he produced that clip over
the weekend now let's go to this clip
hungarian minister vienna is
increasingly crime ridden since migrants
began living there Austria's capital is
dirtier poor and increasingly crime
ridden since migrants began living there
and this is Janos Lazar chief of staff
of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor
Orban posted a controversial video about
Austria's capital on his Facebook he
states that emigration communities have
completely changed the cityscape
and Vienna has become a worse place
because of refugees here's that video
well for those of you who speak
Hungarian actually know what he's saying
basically what he's saying is the dirty
report increasingly crime ridden he said
is it's a city within a city and has
been created and if Hungary's not
careful its capital could look like
Vienna within twenty years there a great
number of schools in Vienna or there are
no white Viennese children left only
children of Muslim immigrants and
immigrants from the Middle East with an
eye on Hungary's next election in April
and his party's anti-immigration stance
Lazar says we are working to prevent
this phenomenon earlier Hungary's
government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs what
a cool name Zoltan Kovacs already said
that migration is very expensive and
integration or assimilation as it was
referred to in the Western world is not
possible now I can add my own story to
this when we went to the Czech Republic
I met with some people from the
government in the Czech Republic because
we were going
one of these older churches that was the
actually the church with all the skulls
in the bottom and we had to get
permission from the government to film
there and we took the lady who got us
through that out to lunch and we said
well how many migrants does does the
Czech Republic let in she goes five
hundred a year that's it no more
okay they've got it under control
they've got their heads screwed on
straight Germany and the rest of Western
Europe they are going to be in for a
rude awakening here and it's already
happening and there's nothing that can
be done to stop it because they have
opened the floodgates we'll be right
back with the final segment of the war
room I'm your host Rob dude thanks for
watching in force calm for its last show
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