Author Topic: Breaking: Kim Jung Un To Extend Invitation To Meet With Trump  (Read 42 times)

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Donald Trump has done something that no
other US president has done since the
North Korean dictatorship came into
being it looks like he's going to meet
with Kim jong-un has just come out on
Fox News Kim jong-un extending
invitation to meet with Trump official
says South Korea is expected to announce
Thursday night that the North Korean
dictator is extending an invitation to
meet with President Trump a senior US
official revealed to Fox News South
Korean national security adviser Chung
Lee a young will announced an upcoming
meeting between South Korean president
moon jae-in and North Korea and the
North Korean leader there's currently no
plans to change the u.s. South Korean
military exercises nor their commitment
by Kim jong-un to stop his nuclear
testing so there you go Trump is done
what no one else could do first brought
them to the negotiating table and then
he's gonna have a meeting now
it's just come out today as well we're
talking about this tariff he filed his
Trump signs aluminum and steel tariffs
order that will take effect this month
but every country on Earth will be
invited to negotiate exemptions from
flexible policy that's a businessman
right there so he's gonna be like oh you
want you want to negotiate okay what do
you got what are you gonna give me so
he's actually gonna get more in addition
to the tariff he's gonna get more from
it so the president appeared in the Oval
Office flanked by senior officials on
one side and a group of steel workers on
the other you were truly the backbone of
America you're very special people the
president said he promises his promises
to factory workers were a big reason for
his 2016 victory far from being ironclad
no compromises national security
measures Trump has telegraphed in the
past week the Associated Press reported
that every nation in the world will be
able to petition the United States for
and see when they petition he's gonna
get more out of the deal that's the art
of the deal right there Trump will allow
any country with which we have security
relations to discuss the United States
and the president alternative ways of
protecting America's interests the
official said while cautioning that
petitioning countries would have to
prove that their steel and aluminum
exports aren't harming America's
national security capabilities and it
doesn't just refer to national defense
its national security broadly defined
the so called flexible tariffs are a
marriage of two lethal poisons of
economic growth protectionism and
uncertainty trade wars are not won
they are lost at Arizona Republic Oh
Jeff Flake Jeff Flake doesn't like it
surprise surprise
who's about to retire the loser who's
not gonna get reelected okay of course
Jeff Flake is gonna say stuff on his way
out what a loser
so you notice it's losers like flake
it's Vox it's USA today it's Detroit
Free Press oh these are gonna be bad
everybody we talked to in the steel
industry says it's gonna be good and
let's go to Dean in Wisconsin let's see
what he has to say another worker what
now where do you work actually in the
steel industry Dean I work at you some
go look and some examples okay so what
is your take of the news of these
tariffs it's gonna be great because we
were waiting when Obama was talking
about infrastructure and all that
nothing ever happened so when they
passed the American steel act we had to
buy American steel well we couldn't get
any because we weren't making any right
well I think it's gonna be great and
that is a national security issue if
your country can't make steel then
you're beholden to the rest of the world
to provide that steel for you and that
leaves you open to a lot of different
things doesn't it yes yes it does and
it's that to me it's not a real shock
that mr. Trump president Trump is doing
this what did he do he built skyscrapers
and no that's what he did was he'll deal
was a backbone of our country
it is and we had a caller earlier said
half of the steel they would get from
overseas was defective so you're not
saving any money by building something
with substandard steel and then having
to rebuild it again with that with other
substandard steel that may or may not
fail you're absolutely right and what we
do is we build water boosters that pump
water to your communities and this met
some of the i-beam we use might be a
hundred pounds of foot but you don't
want trying to ceiling there's the Bale
exactly so these are these are water
boosters these are pumps that would be
in the drinking water plants well no
they all right in your community we deal
with municipalities we do above-ground
below ground and we do a sewage which
pumps your sewage away you know some of
these pumps will pump ten thousand
gallons in like three minutes I don't
think people realize how much steel is
all around them and you know like we
have window frames here made out of
steel we have these bars above me that
hold the lights that are made of steel
parts of this desk have steel in it
here's a this might be made out of
aluminum but the TV stand behind me is
made of steel these uh I think these are
aluminum right here these three panels
behind me that we put in you know
there's aluminum and steel all over the
place and if you're getting it from
nowhere but China then you're beholden
to the Chinese what do you what do you
think of the people saying you know Gary
Cohen who didn't like these tariffs what
do you think of Trump calling him a
globalist well he's a robot yeah I think
it's central how do you expect that you
have a president that there's a
billionaire for one thing left that just
for us to try to help save America and
his main industry was building building
which is deal you know he's gonna go for
that yeah and now the head of the
afl-cio has tweeted his support for the
president over these tariffs you know
it's funny that everybody we've talked
to today a hundred percent of the
callers who work in the steel industry
in one
we're another steel or aluminum have
said this is gonna be great this is
gonna be awesome these are boots on the
ground that we've been talking to and
who do you have that saying it's bad Oh
Jer knows all around the country who
think they know everything and think
they know the real economics when
they're not in the steel industry they
probably never met a steel worker
they've probably never been to a steel
mill they turn their things on and they
flush your toilet it's from coming from
a little town in Wisconsin that still
depends on that for them to get water to
get their sewage out yeah they just they
don't know they don't have a clue
exactly they don't understand how it
works they think everything operates
from a smartphone what's the name of
your company again
yes I'm Co us EMC oh and are you guys
gonna be hiring more people we hope to
yeah right now we're we're busy yeah
like I said with the Obama thing when he
was talking about infrastructure
infrastructure we were hoping where did
that money go nobody knows I went to
solar solar power plants that that don't
exist anymore it was a money a lot of
that was a money laundering operation
hit truly is amazing all right Dean
anything else you want to add no I love
your show I watched every day you guys
are awesome thank you all right thanks
for calling Dean and Wisconsin I mean I
tell you over and over again were proven
right the insane MSM and the left is
proven wrong
Trump signs the steel tariffs order I
love this flexible policy this is a
stroke of genius the Trump tariff order
is a stroke of genius
and this is it because now he's allowed
every other country in the world to come
up and say hey look look look we don't
want to pay this tariff but we're good
we're gonna offer you this because
that's what he's gonna do he's like okay
well what do you what do you want to
offer let's let's make a deal cuz that's
what he does he makes deals like it or
not it's you know the amount of work he
has done even with all this Muller
investigation this this s show you know
I didn't even get to this story let's
see if we can get to it do we have the
let's just play a little bit of this
clip here's an extra LA Times disowns
reporter out at a CIA collaborator all
right this is Kevin a DeLand Ian all
right let's just play a quick clip of
this from the truck Todd show he was on
truck 2 this guy gets out and spouts
Mueller talking points I I wouldn't be
surprised if he's working in with
Mueller via the deep state here's a sort
clip of him so back in 2014 the
Huffington Post
outed this guy as working with the CIA
he was with the CIA press offers he was
changing facts he was changing headlines
he was vetting facts but and here he is
now this guy works for MSNBC he's their
intelligence analyst let's just play a
little bit of this you can hear it as we
go out to the end of the show Podesta
and DNC hacks what this is about is just
that Podesta and the DNC hacks
that's exactly right Chuck we're told
that special counsel Robert Muller is
moving toward an indictment or multiple
indictments that would serve the same
purpose as that document filed last
essentially as you recall that document
left out the hacks of the DNC the
leaking operation which played a
significant that is the CIA agent who is
literally working for MSNBC on at least
one occasion he rewrote a lead as part
of their dictates he also reported as
fact in the pages of the LA Times a CIA
claimed the no collateral murder was
under a 2012 drone attack that's all we
got for today there it is the CIA runs
your net your msn
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you are resistance egg no mistake we've
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globalist but they're striking back all
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