Author Topic: Climate Change Priests Exploit Children In Pseudo-Science Lawsuit  (Read 89 times)

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it is finally happening I'm not sure you
know it's in San Francisco so we may or
may not get a fair trial on this but
federal court will hold first-ever
hearing on climate change science and
you know it doesn't matter that the ice
core sample said the earth was warmer
and have more carbon dioxide in it
hundreds of thousands of years ago
it doesn't matter that Greenland used to
be thought out and was actually green
that's why they called it Greenland it
doesn't matter that there were many ice
ages in in the coming out of the Middle
Ages none of that matters because you
know it's all SUVs and the oil companies
so a federal judge in San Francisco has
ordered parties and a landmark global
warming lawsuit to hold what could be
the first-ever US court hearing on sun
on the science of climate change so this
should be very interesting scheduled for
March 21st by the US District Court
Judge William Allsop will feature
featured lawyers from Exxon BP Chevron
other oil companies pitted against those
for San Francisco and Oakland and
California cities that have accused
fossil fuel interests of covering up
their role in contributing to global
warming and on the phone with me now is
Mark Marino from climate depot mark what
does this mean for the debate of climate
change well first of all I'm sitting
here my book just came out last week did
politically incorrect guide to climate
change I have over 1200 footnotes I
refer to all the peer-reviewed
literature it is literally the legal
defenses blueprint an actual testified
and they could submit my book in this
court case I go through everything you
just mentioned all the historical his
big geologic history of the earth and
we've had ice ages with higher co2 level
now temperature and co2 do not correlate
how temperature actually leads and co2
follows it's not not the other way
around like they try to say carbon
dioxide they controlled up I have a list
of all the dissenting scientists who
dissent and who are skeptical in who's
completely trashed the entire theory I
have a list of United Nation scientists
have turned against the UN as new
evidence come
and I go into all the claims from sea
level rise but polar bears the
temperature and extreme weather I mean
you can lay waste to their case by just
citing peer-reviewed paper and even
using UN scientists against them so
there is no excuse unless the judge is
in the tank for the other side now keep
in mind this is what they call the night
to surface Court so anything's possible
but there is no excuse for this not to
be a resounding victory for science and
thus a crushing defeat
for these children activists who are
being exploited by their parents and the
system yeah they really are if you look
at the picture on this article if I
McClatchy it's just got a bunch of kids
we need clean air you know nobody's
arguing that we need clean air and clean
water which has nothing to do with
carbon dioxide carbon dioxide doesn't
make water dirty you know jump the shark
so to speak Lucian is bad therefore we
must go after co2 co2 is a trace
essential gas diameter we inhale oxygen
as humans we exhale carbon dioxide and
to try to claim that what we exhale and
the carbon dioxide is in any way a
pollutant a toxic needs to be regulated
it just makes no scientific sense now in
terms of clean air we have radically
clean up our air and water quality since
nineteen seventies first Earth Day and
we've done it as we've increased our
economic growth in our population we've
done it through technology we don't need
to conflate or to mix up the idea that
carbon dioxide is a pollutant at this
point if that makes no sense whatsoever
this is an agenda against modern forms
of energy and this is and it's an
ideology and in my book I actually have
former press Czech president václav
Klaus who grew up under Soviet
domination in Czechoslovakia and he says
the greatest threat to individual
liberty since the fall the Soviet Union
in the Eastern Bloc is what he termed
ambitious environmentalism and he spent
a lot of time talking about the impact
on how they indoctrinated children and
the old system as well the old Soviet
system so there's nothing new here and
sadly the only new thing is here is we
have an opportunity we being people care
and climate sceptics to actually make
our case on a national stage let's hope
that these oil companies that
historically you might think oh good the
oil companies will take care of it or
companies have and I detail this in my
book they've been one of the biggest
givers up to the environmental would
they want to appear green I wouldn't be
surprised if they put up a very tepid
defense yeah that's what I'm wondering
as I'm looking at this I'm like oh geez
it's gonna be the oil companies going up
again why not just have people that are
that are willing to go to go up against
these maybe they want this to go away so
they're gonna like kowtow to the the
global warming mongers but just talking
about environmentalism environmentalism
if you don't know what a code word is
that's code for anti-human because
that's all they care about is getting
rid of humans and in certain areas
limiting human development in certain
areas and eventually it's oh you breathe
out carbon dioxide you're bad for the
earth we're gonna have to start calling
that population tell me I'm wrong mark
no exactly
in the book I detail guy named Travis
writer featured on NPR Bill Nyes TV show
he is just loved by the by the left and
you know what his famous saying is we
need to save the planet we need to save
our children by not having them from
global warming he was he was just not to
have kids so that we can save the kid
and and I also a detail Al Gore goes to
a Bill Gates event and he says that
Africa is projected to have the most
number of people as a skyrocketing
population and therefore we need what he
called quote ubiquitous fertility
management unquote in Africa to fight
this so in other words you have a white
wealthy Western politician warning this
is going to be too many people of color
in the future and that we need to do
something about it through fertility
management who else but Al Gore could
get away with paying that yeah it's
totally racist and if they just let
Africa develop they would start having
less kids because that's what happens
when a society starts to develop they
start having less children because the
children there's a lower infant
mortality rate more children survive
therefore they start having less
children you look at the West it's dying
we have to only reason the the United
States birth rate is is a kind of stable
right now is because of immigration
that's it that's the only thing so P
are listening the the yuppies out there
are listening to these insane global
warming mongers they're listening to
them they're like oh yeah we can't have
kids we can't I remember I talked to a
friend friend of mine a few years ago
when I told him I had three kids he's
like think of the carbon footprint I
said are you insane I said you really
believe that garbage I mean but people
do believe it it's amazing and you can
see them there all these kids are
sitting out front they're probably not
gonna have kids because their parents
say it's bad so they can't wait for this
I guess this landmark case now who are
the people who is actually four I guess
the plaintiffs in this case who are they
who do they represent well it's a it's a
coalition of children and they're tied
in with actually James Hansen the former
NASA scientist and it's a lawsuit that's
been ongoing and the idea that premise
behind his lawsuit
Tierra club's been involved is that by
governments not acting specifically the
federal government the Trump
administration they are they are denying
children of a future stable climate now
I don't remember that in the
Constitution now you have a right to
freedom of press and a right to a stable
climate in defuses their 13th and-a-half
amendment that's right governments can't
grant a stable climate they can't
regulate a stable climate in my book I
detail how this is literally a modern
witchcraft the Obama administration
officials would say we need EPA
regulations because the storms are
getting bad as if an EPA regulation
we're going to prevent hurricanes floods
tornadoes which by the way are on
declining timescales on climate
timescales they're not getting worse so
the narrative is failing them
spectacularly but government regulation
does not control the climate so the
premise of this lawsuit with these
children is that it does and that's what
the judge is trying to figure out is do
these kids have a right to a stable
climate and what does the Trump
administration have to do to grant a
stable climate I mean this is just
Fantasyland but unfortunately adults are
behind it and adults are pushing this
and we've been listening to this
nonsense from the United Nations from
our media from academia for years now
the idea that you can legislate weather
yeah exactly and okay yeah we did have
two pretty bad hurricanes in this past
year but before it was ten years since
the last really bad hurricane in the
United States so we go through a ten
year drought we have two hurricanes oh
no it's the end of the world and now we
have to start taxing people for for
breathing and they think that's gonna be
the I guess the end of this and suddenly
the climate will reverse itself listen
you can't control the Sun mark can you
stay with me for another five minutes
okay great
all right we'll be right back Marc
Morano - just go into the insanity of
what's going on in the federal court
system in the United States of America
but maybe maybe some truth will come out
of this stay tuned you're watching the
war room we've taken a rain forest and
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fours live.com well the new book is the
politically incorrect guide to climate
change is written by Marc Morano a
frequent guest here at climate Depot
calm Marc basically I want to get into
what are what other attacks are going on
I love the cover by the way the the
polar bear on the surfboard very classic
but what other attacks are coming in
this climate change witch hunt the
pseudoscience where you know basic human
activity has to be eliminated well
there's all kinds of lawsuits against
tougher administration for pulling us
for stopping the Obama EPA regulations
which we're destroying the coal industry
so there's gonna be a whole bunch of
lawsuits on that but most importantly
the lawsuits that are happening and this
is this lawsuit that we're talking about
now as part of it is cities and states
are trying to Attorney General's are
trying to shake down energy companies
ultimately by saying you caused bad
weather you caused our flood you caused
our hurricane you caused our drought you
caused you know 20% of emissions between
this year so therefore you're gonna owe
X amount of dollars and they're trying
to do this as a shakedown of all these
major energy companies to get money out
of them and hopefully it'll settle or
they'll break to it without going to
court this court case is very important
it goes the wrong way of course you'll
end up going to Supreme Court but the
Supreme Court you know has poorly in the
past but essentially they are this is
attorney generals led by New York's
Attorney General Schneiderman that are
going to be going after all the energy
companies after every bad weather event
this is a whole new new ground they're
covering and they're gonna try to blame
every time if something bad happens for
energy companies for causing it and
that's what it's astounding when you
think of how would you even have in
Houston with hurricane Harvey how would
you even have a recovery without fossil
fuels but they're going to now demonize
fossil fuels as the cause of the
hurricane which was totally natural and
which hurricanes were much worse than
attached before we had all these fossil
fuels yeah exactly and they just look
for any excuses is all about control of
human behavior it has nothing to do with
the climate they don't care about the
weather there and you know the Liberals
interestingly enough are always the last
ones in line to help people who was it
that came out and help people in
hurricane Harvey it was the Cajun Navy
it was good old boys in their in their
flat bottom boats and in their swamp
boats who went out there and dug people
out I didn't see any liberals jumping in
there you know and and there those
limbers the limousine liberals to go out
there and help out with what was going
on so this is nothing but a control of
you know just basic human individuality
and empowerment I'll give you the final
word and I know you got to get going
yeah I mean so what's happening here now
is Trump is coming to office and is
undoing all of Obama's climate legacy
they are freaking out so they're gonna
go using the courts they're using public
opinion they're ramping up efforts in
school you have you have people like
Governor Jerry Brown of California
acting as though California is now a
sovereign nation he's making separate
deals with the UN China he's acting as
always already seceded from the Union
this is where they're going with it and
it's going to be a gob viously a big
issue the next president unfortunately
here's the kicker the next president is
a nominee other than Donald Trump if you
look at the past you know Mitt Romney
was begging Trump to stay in the UN
Paris climate agreement John McCain
would have stayed in George W Bush would
have stayed in George HW Bush would have
stayed and no doubt Bob Dole
all the previous nominees or presidents
would never have stood up to the global
warming lobby like a president Trump so
the question here is can Donald Trump's
administration really move the tide I
said and not just be a blip in the radar
and so what I'm hoping is that they push
back forcefully on this and they need to
start addressing the science and I'm
open this lawsuit opens that up but
again I'm skeptical that companies like
Exxon which Rex Tillerson the Secretary
of State they sold out on this years ago
they favor
UN agreement they favor carbon taxes in
many cases and these companies are weak
and they want to appear green so I would
not expect them to come up with a great
defense yeah I totally hear you there
you're Rex tolson's come out several
times talking about climate change
so he's the author of the politically
incorrect guide to climate change pick
it up today I'm sure if you just type
that in politically incorrect guide to
climate change I think we're gonna be
having it here soon I was talking to the
guys during the break we're gonna get in
touch with you mark and hopefully we can
get that in the info or store because it
is important that people learn the
footnoted science that is behind this
insanity that we have to fight pretty
much every day thank you for joining us
from climate depot com it's Marc Morano
thank you
alright let's go now to Dennis in
Kentucky who's an aluminum plant worker
wants to talk about the tariffs how
they're going to help the recycling
industry go ahead Dennis you know very
very central part with an auto all these
parrots will do is read bigger eyes and
read energized always typing we have an
overstock of aluminum we have an
overstock of steel if you look at a lot
of the buildings that are no longer
being used those steel buildings some of
those building will come down melting
point in American right now yeah I
totally agree so I don't know a lot
about the recycling industry other than
I have to put my stuff in a separate can
and so basically there's a glut of this
recycled material here in the United
States and that this would open up that
industry or or it would allow these
industries to re I guess I guess you
know reinvigorate themselves right this
is them being able to like if you go to
like the recycling centers for your
aluminum correct and you get a certain
price per pound so I have a much
aluminum you know or ten that you might
bring in those cans are then stripped
down remelted and four sheets these
sheets are rolled out and and to these
like the company I was working for an
hour for the border education but
they're they'll they'll melt them down
into these thousand-pound files and
they're loaded on a truck and they'll
move them to another facility where
they're then cut into intricate parts
for automobiles that's that's what we
use aluminum or majority at a time is
for Ottawa of course our canned goods
and whatnot you know beer beer beer beer
yes that's that's this is the
refrigeration and re-energizing of our
stockpiles this is going to put a lot of
a lot of companies have an extra amounts
of money to reinvest into themselves so
you see this is totally positive and
what are other people saying in your
area well here we're cold
of course aluminum and I haven't found
any steel companies here but this is
primarily coal country here in Kentucky
where I am I mean uh and the people here
you mean to tell me the coal mines all
we have one two three four five coal
companies that all started back we hire
all the mo started back rehired
I mean the aluminum business they are
there they put our edge and our papers
here for people to come apply for their
jobs the economy is moving it's moving
it's growing very very fast and um as to
um the the last color does not the last
caller last segment that you had with
that guy that was on talking about
climate change or whatnot how it's been
held in California that that that yeah
the Ninth Circuit Circuit Court you can
best believe your sources already
pay for paint at all oh yeah I would
totally agree and I mean they're going
up against Exxon BP and Chevron these
are companies that have all bowed down
to climate change science and and just
yes yes whatever just let us just let us
do business we'll do whatever you want
you know they're afraid to just stand up
and go no look it's the Sun the Sun
causes climate change thanks for calling
Dennis from Kentucky that's what it's
great to have boots on the ground
all right so coal companies are hiring
aluminum companies are hiring steel
companies are hiring all because of
talks of tariffs Donald Trump is making
America great again
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