Author Topic: California To Make Citizens Drink Water From Their Toilets  (Read 38 times)

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California To Make Citizens Drink Water From Their Toilets
« on: March 09, 2018, 07:56:23 AM »

something straight out it's something
straight out of idiocracy from from the
state that brought you the poop maps and
hepatitis and and I don't know Mike
homelessness they've now brought you
recycled water from sewers coming to
California taps but before we get into
this let's just roll the clip from
idiocracy and that's Brando the thirst
mutilator electrolytes excuse me I think
this might be Gatorade or something I
was just looking for some regular water
water yeah you mean like in the toilet
just to drink I mean that was supposed
to be a hundreds of years into the
future but now we've got it we've got
recycled water from sewers approved for
California big plan to to curtail the
next drought exactly a percentage of
recycled water can be added and how long
it must be it it must reside there
before being treated again at a surface
water treatment facility right so it's
it's sewer water that then they're going
to treat it with God knows what kind of
chemicals once and then it's gonna be
flushed through another facility where
they treat it some more and then they
bring it right to your tap water so you
can cook with it you can drink it
they'll tell you it's it's perfectly
fine but what they don't tell you is all
the pharmaceuticals that stay in the
water all the because certain things
that the filters fuels are too small
exactly so add Infowars we sell two
different types of water filters we have
the pro pure system and the Alexa pure
system and here's the envirotec
test results for pro pure water
purification systems we did these and
now take a look at what this pulls out
99 99 98 97 95 99 99 99 all this of
things I can't even pronounce try chloro
fluoro methane chlorobenzene form
here's aluminum oh 9 t8 % cadmium 97
percent chromium 98.7 percent lead
where's the lead right here 99.9% lead
was a big thing in the water in Michigan
right exactly
manganese mercury nickel so all these
things atrazine I just saw after zine
that's what makes the frogs gay people
right they're not 99.9% of the atrazine
right there comes out boom there it is
99.9% of the frog a chemical the gay
frog chemical so there it is those are
the envirotec results and let me tell
you if you live in in California and
you're drinking recycled sewer water you
might want to think about getting a pro
pure system or an elected peer system
right and I would want my whole entire
house filtered at that point you get to
shower with the poop waters yeah I mean
it's just it's you're absorbing in your
body or if you like taking baths I mean
you're bathing in it but it's been
massively treated with all sorts of
chemicals that you're also absorbing
into your body chlorine and whatnot so
it's fine it's totally fine safe and
effective they say safe and effective
it's what plants crazy Braund oh okay
because pretty soon they are just gonna
have to be putting bronto in but you can
go to the website info where store.com
check out the results for yourself
download this report look at it
I had my uncle who's a former FBI agent
called me and said hey I want to get one
of these systems what do you recommend I
said well for you and your wife I would
just recommend one with like two or
three filters and then get a little
portable one that you could take on you
know two trips or if you go traveling
so they have all kinds of different
sizes go check it out enforce store.com
we'll be right back we're gonna take
your calls from the steel industry and
mark Marino's coming up to talk about
Federal Court will hold a first ever
hearing on climate science stay tuned
it's all coming up on the war room in
force.com /oh make no mistake we've made
some major games against the globalist
but they're striking back all over the
world now more than ever is the time to
get prepared with the highest quality
emergency supplies across the board
medical supplies emergency supplies
communications tactical it's all there
and we're adding more and more every day
of the very best products out there so
go to fortified supply.com today to not
just see the great products we offer
there but links to some of the other
great sponsors that we have as well
that's at

InfoWarsStore.com or InfoWarsLife.com or FortifiedSupply.com or 888-253-3139







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