Author Topic: MSNBC's Ari Melber Twists The Facts In Stone Wikileaks Case  (Read 44 times)

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MSNBC's Ari Melber Twists The Facts In Stone Wikileaks Case
« on: March 09, 2018, 07:49:04 AM »

welcome back to the war room I'm your
host Rob do we've got Roger stone
joining us as well for the rest of this
hour and Lee Anne McAdoo and we have a
lot to get to go through including I
have some callers I have three callers
now James and Louisiana who's an auto
worker who wants to talk about the cost
of u.s. car parts of what what that's
going to do with these new Trump tariffs
that's a very interesting point because
Auto Parts it's a huge industry I know
because I fix a lot of my own cars ray
in Illinois is a former steel employee
and also Chris in Atlanta who's a
sheetmetal worker so I'm gonna get to
you guys sometime during this hour but
let's jump back to Roger stone Roger do
you want to pick up on this seychelles
meeting with Eric Prince
I mean Eric Prince never worked for the
Trump administration at any time and
it's just like he's now a Russian well
first of all let me salute you Leanne
great to have you aboard here you're
looking great today thank you mister
so-and-so look I know I ever Prince as
far as I know is a patriot I have no
knowledge of what he was doing he
certainly worked very hard and I think
very effectively and to my knowledge
very legally to help Donald Trump become
president he was deeply alarmed at the
decline of this country and the role of
the deep state through this kind of
two-party monopoly to lead us down the
path to endless foreign war as well as
the erosion of our civil liberties not
to mention massive debt so on I saw I
know him to be a patriot I know nothing
I have not read the story to which you
refer but I believe him to be a good man
well they're saying a Lebanese American
businessman who organized this
Seychelles meeting which as far as their
print said was hey I was there meeting
some guys from the United Arab Emirates
and I went down had a beer with a guy
who was from Russia and that's the
extent of this secret back channel
meeting and then that's well that's what
he's claiming and so he's he's had to
he's gone and testified already so the
UAE agreed to broker a meeting in part
to explore whether Russia could be
persuaded to curtail his relationship
with Iran including in Syria as a trump
administration objective such concession
by Moscow would been likely to require
an easing of US sanctions on Russia
which were imposed for Russia's
intervention in Ukraine in 2014 prince
had no formal role with the Trump
campaign or transition however according
to people familiar with the seychelles
meeting he presented himself as an
unofficial envoy to for Trump to
high-ranking emeritus involved so this
article is based on it's based on this
guy George nadir who went in and
testified with Mueller and said oh I set
up all these meetings he apparently set
up the meeting with the UAE and Eric
Prince said they chatted when he went he
said they spoke for no more than 30
minutes about the time it took to drink
a beer this is at a resort in the
Seychelles we chatted on topics ranging
from oil and commodity prices to how
much his country wished for resumption
of normal trade relations with the US Oh
horrible oh the horror
yeah this is once again an attempt to
re-inflate this narrative is it possible
that mr. Prince was set up for this
meeting that this chance encounter with
the Russian when he thought he was
meeting with a group of people from the
Middle East was a surprise to him the
whole thing is you know is rather fishy
it is true that I don't know Americans
having any formal role he was I think
independently very helpful to the agenda
of electing Trump this is a man who runs
very effective private armies for a
business a creampuff he is not but I
think he's just a patriot I don't know
that he's done anything treasonous or
that his real Russian collusion here
based on the facts as you present them
and you know you get a guy oh he's at a
meeting with some other guys
hey there's a Russian down here who
wants to meet with you yeah I I'm I know
I could get to trump hi you know it just
it doesn't make sense that this is
suddenly this back-channel Russian
collusion and we heard about this
meeting months ago this is not anything
new that this meeting existed we knew
about this meeting for months right no
ridiculous as re-inflate and once again
the notion that WikiLeaks and Julia
signed somehow live documents to Roger
stone who sent them to trump in the
Trump campaign and gave doubt over the
big heads up this is fictitious I
received nothing from them or anyone
else I don't know what the president
know about the DNC hacks and the
WikiLeaks disclosures I don't know when
he learned it I don't know who he
learned it from the comments if Russia
has the documents they should release
them his mintage Donald Trump but I
didn't suggest that he say that I didn't
know he was going to say that in a
matter of sarcasm he sent the Democrats
into tizzies so you know they want to
relitigate all of this they have nothing
this is why this effort to characterize
their princes meeting the effort to say
for example stone was less than truthful
before the House Intelligence Committee
no absolutely not I disclosed everything
I know and all the documents I had that
were pertinent and they proved no
Russian collusion and that I received
nothing from WikiLeaks assigns the
Russians or anything else I did in my
own Twitter writings and feedings as
assigned himself as pointed out watch
his Twitter feed and news stories in
which he gave interviews very carefully
and parrot that news as assigns himself
said Roger stone never said anything
predicted anything that we ourselves
that WikiLeaks hadn't already disclosed
I never said otherwise and people have
come out I mean actually it was Julian
Assange came out and said you
masterfully inserted yourself into that
situation talking about this
you basically see what's coming down the
pike you make a comment on it and
suddenly they're like oh that's prior
knowledge because you made a comment on
something before it became because you
pay attention yeah this is a very key
point because I have said here on
Infowars for well over a year that I do
not buy the deep state claim that Julian
Assange is a Russian agent and WikiLeaks
is a Russian front these are the same
people who told us there was no meta
data collection system they are
politically corrupted they are seeing
what they want to say they never proved
this case it fits their political
narrative because if he were a Russian
agent you see exchanging documents with
him including with him could be argued
was treason when I when I arranged this
on Meet the Press
I remember of MSNBC said I you see stone
is moving the goalposts trying to
his actions with WikiLeaks from whom he
received documents as non treasonous and
therefore not illegal move the goal
posts I've been saying he's not a
Russian four years at the top of my
lungs in a major piece in a British
newspaper The Express at the
infowars.com site in the Daily Caller
I don't know how much clearer I could be
when if they had real evidence you think
we would see something by now well it's
all about oh man afford did some stuff
back in the mid-2000s you know it's all
about old things that have nothing to do
with the Trump campaign that's all they
have at this point and that's even in
metaphors pleaded not-guilty right and
then of course hinging this whole thing
on the DNC hack by the Russians right
that they still haven't even inspected
the servers and as kim.com has pointed
out he sent all sorts of information to
Special Counsel Muller's said oh he does
exactly what you need to prove that this
was no hack by the Russians and they
have failed to even get back they don't
want to see the evidence yet they don't
want to know about seth rich even though
his entire investigation was hinging on
place and I guarantee you if you if you
did what Mueller's doing to any other
individual in DC he would be finding
legions of crimes right he would be
finding legions and yet he can't find
anything on these guys except for man
afford and man force pleaded not guilty
now Roger when we come back from break
I've got three guys lined up who are
steel workers I think we should get
their take on what's going on with these
tariffs does that sound like a good idea
to you yes I always like to be down with
the working-class people because they
are they are patriotic friends they
literally have their nose to the
grindstone so we'll be right back with
the war room you got me Rob do you got
Roger stone you got Liam Mack you do
we're gonna be taking some calls coming
up from steel workers to be talking
about these new tariffs that Donald
Trump is proposing will they help or
will they hurt the economy stay tuned in
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