Author Topic: Hysterical MSM Spreads Wikileaks Smear  (Read 41 times)

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Hysterical MSM Spreads Wikileaks Smear
« on: March 09, 2018, 07:47:41 AM »

I'm Roger stone and you're about to
enter the third hour of the war room I'm
here with my co-host the ever dapper
radical Rob due to breakdown the
mainstream media's attempt to re-inflate
the whole funk phony Russia WikiLeaks
allegation where they're false claims
against me they want to read judicata
every account here is linked back to the
phony lawsuit where President Trump's
campaign and and yours truly are being
sued by an Obama based group that claims
incredibly that we worked with the
Russians to hack the DNC and gave the
information to WikiLeaks a charge for
which there is no evidence whatsoever
Rob and then the Screaming Mimi's in the
mainstream press taking a ham-handed
leak from the Atlantic combined with the
epic meltdown of the tragic sam nunn
burg jumped the reen air ative that i
received documents from WikiLeaks and
from the Russians and lagged them to
Julian Assange this is nonsense I never
received any documents including from
WikiLeaks or from the Russians or anyone
I thought who might be the Russians and
I never had to any discussion with
candidate Donald Trump or President on
phone about the WikiLeaks DNC acts or
the ultimately entirely accurate
WikiLeaks disclosures all of this as you
know is an attempt to distract from what
is emerging as the largest single case
of political espionage in American
history something that makes Watergate
look like small potatoes like a
third-rate burglary this is the effort
by the
J and the FBI to use fabricated evidence
the so-called steel dossier created by
foreign interests including Russians and
paid for by Hillary Clinton and her
campaign as the legal rationale for
surveillance by the state of the
Republican candidate for president of
the United States an abuse of power that
makes Watergate look like child's play
and the FBI's corruption has been there
now for everyone to see extra
confirmation that this is an entirely
partisan takedown of Donald J Trump so
you are this the left has disciple you
respond to something in fall they
reinflates know there there's no
evidence that I had advance notice of
the email acting of John Podesta
Podesta's Russian business interests
were exposed in January 2016 in the
Panama papers and I was aware of this
I'd also read an inception 'el
opposition research memo from dr. Jerome
Corsi now the Washington bureau chief
for Infowars
on the extensive business dealings
between the Podesta brothers and the
moneyed oligarchs that were cozy with
Vladimir Putin the banking deal the
uranium deal the gas deal and zooss I
reported Podesta's time in the barrel
would come meaning public scrutiny of
his business activities in the wake of
Podesta's leaking of man affords
extensive dealings in Ukraine so there
it is a restated rob do great to be back
with you I hope you're ready to be in
the stone zone definitely and also want
to get into Mueller gathers evidence
that 2017 Seychelles meeting was an
effort to establish back channel to
Kremlin this is having to deal with Eric
Prince and the Democrats are really
going after this they're saying this is
proof of Russian collusion
and but then I also want to talk about
there's an LA Times reporter at La
Tribune reporter that is was outed as a
CIA agent and he's running around now
all over mainstream media throwing out
Democratic talking points so I want to
get to all that coming up Norrish a
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