Author Topic: The Real Reason Why Gary Cohn Left The Trump Administration  (Read 37 times)

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The Real Reason Why Gary Cohn Left The Trump Administration
« on: March 09, 2018, 07:44:13 AM »

so Gary Cohen is out as the as Trump's
economic adviser and of course you have
USA Today saying Oh Cohen is thought of
as pro-business and was against tariffs
and tariffs are viewed negatively by
Wall Street and you can see that the the
stock market's gone down a little bit
over the announcement of these tariffs
but what do we have here Trump's tariffs
leads u.s. steel to reopen big
steelmaking facility Granite City Works
will have one of its two blast furnaces
and steelmaking were started and about
500 employees will be brought back to
starting this month they announced on
Wednesday US Steel said the additional
steelmaking capacity will help meet
demand from the move by Trump
administration to oppose a 25% tax on
foreign made steel that US Steel and US
Steel workers and others have said been
choking the domestic steel industry the
president's strong leadership is needed
to begin to level the playing fields to
companies like ours can compete win and
create jobs that support our employees
and communities and that's what US Steel
CEO David Barret said in a statement and
oh and Troyer took calls today from
employees and insiders in the steel
industry and I want to do the same thing
I want to open up the phone lines and
whenever we only want people who are
working in the steel industry and it
could be positive or negative I just
want people who are in the steel
industry eight eight eight to zero one
two two four four eight eight eight to
zero one two two four four call in I
want to hear your story anytime you call
him we'll get you on but guys I only
want people who are working in the steel
industry because we want to put these
together as a compilation to show what's
really going on now let's show our
Twitter poll we put a Twitter poll up
and it has it's pretty much on the same
lines I didn't even tell the guys to do
this Twitter poll and are you gonna
bring it up and so I
I asked him I said hey what's our
Twitter poll and and I said I said I
said is it about the steel tariffs they
said yeah it is I said awesome so do you
trust that Trump is doing the right
thing with steel tariffs we need to
actually spell that right ste ste e el
it's not like Roberts steel
tariffs to promote the u.s. steel
industry so we probably can't fix that
obviously the English major wrote that
tweet but people get what we're saying
and right now it's 76 percent yes 24
percent No 952 votes so and here's what
let's scroll up let's see what Kevin
Robinson has say he's yet to be wrong on
anything with trade or the economy the
immediate the media has been wrong about
everything when it comes to Trump he has
more than earned benefit of the doubt I
mean a union boss just a dorste a
Republican Trump knows what he's doing
so Gary Cohen's out because of these
tariffs and here is what Donald Trump
had to say about Gary Cohn on his way
out the door this is Gary cones last
meeting in the cabinet and of the
cabinet and he's been terrific he may be
a globalist but I still like him
and he is seriously a globalist there's
no question but you know what in his own
way he's an analyst because he loved in
our country and
and he's gonna go out and make another
couple of hundred billion and then then
he's gonna maybe come back might come
back all right we'll be here absolutely
another seven years hopefully and that's
a long time but I have a feeling you'll
be back I don't know if I can put him in
that same position though he's not quite
as strong are those tariffs as we want
but I want to know seriously on behalf
of all of us I want to thank err he's
been great he really worked with Wilbur
and Steve and all of the people Mike we
all worked so hard on it on the tax cuts
and they have been far beyond I would
say Gary our wildest expectations I mean
what we thought would be very good has
turned out to be unbelievable great and
people are appreciating it a lot the
Democrats don't know what to do this I
go boy this is turning out to be not
good for them we didn't get one Democrat
vote so I just want to thank Gary before
me some rocket ships you haven't seen
that for this country in a long time
alright so now he's gonna get into the
Rockets launching and landing and he
thinks it's great but he called Gary
Cohen a globalist not once but twice
he said he's kind of a nationalist but
he's a globalist that is why Gary Cohen
is out he came in for one reason and
that was to help with the tax cuts and
now that trumps used him on that he's
trying to push back on the tariff saying
oh no they're gonna hurt businesses yet
Trump seems to be right with everything
he's done so far so that is the reason
Gary Cohen is out of course you don't
see that anywhere in the mainstream
media talking about Gary cone resigning
how Trump called him a globalist oh no
they don't want you to see that they
don't want you to hear that we had to
dig for this little clip it was on
Twitter but it's not it's not on YouTube
it's not on any of the video platforms
except Twitter's little video platform
and that amazing they don't want you to
know that Trump called Gary gaunt Cohen
a globalist they don't want you to know
they want you to think Oh Trump doesn't
know what he's doing and Gary Cohen is
taking the high road and he thinks Trump
is a racist and all these other things
that are issues of no significance but
they want you to think that that is what
it's all about and when I hear we're
gonna have Alex Jones coming up is is he
ready he wanted to come on and talk
about this clip I think we'll have next
segment also Lee and McAdoo's gonna be
joining me next segment as well to talk
about some stories she didn't get to
finish covering on the Alex Jones Show
earlier today but I think this is really
telling of what we have going on and I
do I do definitely want to get to this
talking about Mueller and the seychelles
meeting now he's going after Eric Prince
the founder of Blackwater and I'm gonna
tell you about a guy every time you see
this guy you have to remember that he's
an outed CIA agent and we'll get to that
we'll get to that coming up but first
you know what I'm gonna spend this last
minute thirty-eight talking about do we
have do we have actually a steel collar
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