Author Topic: Pepe The Frog Creator Encourages People To Profit Off His Creation  (Read 44 times)

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we do have Alex
over the phone he's going to give us an
update on the latest attack on Infowars
Alex what's going on they're trying to
censor us and shut us down what are we
dealing with now oh that's right we've
got amazingly positive news actually
today justjust incredibly positive news
coming up the next segment I'm going to
do two segments with you cuz now you've
got a full plate today developments the
head of the Trump campaign and really
one of the key people in the White House
right now way more important Stephen
banner ever was for my sources is Brad
parse kale you never hear about it
because you behind the scenes he's a
tech expert and all the rest of it to
help galvanize the American people
through the Internet to get around the
globalist he's come out on the record of
the President and said that big tech
we're watching you if you don't want to
get busted up for being monopolies she
better stop the censorship so we're
gonna read your tweets cover all that
next segment they're now saying you talk
about globalism it's a nice Amit ik so
that I have a freedom they can just say
the word freedoms anti-semitic sweep and
that we've got that coming up this
globalism just means a system of world
government the biggest Global's in the
world is the Chinese Communist dictator
he's the guy they say they thinks come
home all things together course David
Rockefeller basically created it and
that guy wasn't Jewish so pretty
desperate that's all coming up and so
much more
but before we get into all of that I
just briefly wanted to get into Matt
fury the individual that created I guess
a decade ago Pepe the Frog we really
don't care about that became a simple
the campaign
not a mean we created or even early
picked up on and of course we've been
selling a poster the third-party artist
made that's got a bunch of images from
2016 totally protected speech
transformative art but beyond that
beyond that we're third-party selling it
so no connection will be instantly
thrown out of court publisher will cost
us money to deal with it that's all we
have to countersue with slap Mac statues
or the Democrats will just keep killing
us death by a thousand cuts so we're
gonna get a paper cut back now when they
sue us they're gonna get a giant hammer
depositions P eyes and everything else
so enjoy yourselves everybody's already
on the ground
starting joining now that said they
won't fight they got one thirdly third
strike and even more devastating are on
Michael Zimmerman intrepid researcher
and Infowars
found this from The Daily Dot 2015 point
of even further Pepe when he was the
number one thing on 4chan
the Frog and mr. fury said that quote
this is an interview with The Daily died
my we found more quotes him saying this
what about people profiting off Pepe I
believe in supporting people's decision
to profit our Pepe in order to provide
them with the most positive business as
fair as possible I strive to be an
advocate for Pepe and both love and
enterprise and hope to help business
people to have an empowering and joyful
experience while making an ocean of
profits and limitless as the universe he
goes on to say I don't care what
supremacists are using it people are
using it too so it's this guy's made so
much money off the internet taking a
comic books he put out in 2005 that
reportedly had almost
no sales somebody picked it up now he's
got all these distribution deals all
these sales deals he's coming back
saying human private citizens is means I
can't use it
doctor the real tragedy with the TPP
years trademark to falsely applied
fraudulently applied abusively applied
to shut down free speech worldwide
that's why the left
you know the good left was so against
TPP along with libertarian right because
it was so draconian so this is on
believable he says use it it's public
use it's free to use everybody then uses
it an artist creates a poster with 5% of
the poster being Peppe images of the
campaign totally protected Supreme Court
rulings just incredibly protected and
then he goes further puts out a press
labelling us saying will write
supremacist basically tying our name to
it to save us we've taken rainforests
and made a brain force plus now a 20%
more in the bottle and even more hard
core formula you owe it to yourself to
get these products they really have
worked for myself my family they have
five-star reviews by the thousands in
floors live.com welcome welcome to the
war room I'm your host Rob do and I've
got some insane news the real reason why
Gary cone left the Trump administration
has none to do with the white house or
tariffs or I think it's uh we're gonna
hear it from Trump coming up but let's
go back to this pepe thing let's go to
hears the Daily Dot article from April
12th 2015 for trans Pepe the Frog bigger
than ever and his creator feels a good
man okay the guy created an icon what's
interesting though is this is not even
the real this is not the original Pepe
this is what somebody else took and and
did it that's the interesting thing that
was the Pepsi here's the here's the
original Pepe and then here's what
somebody else did you can see the eyes
are done a little better the details a
little nicer this is a little more
somebody took a cave painting
essentially and put some detail to it
and then it went on and on and on in
fact I want to go to some clips talking
about this and I'm gonna get into this
Gary Cohen business here in a second but
before Trent went crazy for Pepe yes I
believe and here's what mr. fury said I
believe the most important thing I can
do as an artist is to protect the voices
of anonymous people on the Internet and
help ensure that those voices are
honored without a judgment or criticism
I want 4chan to feel there's a 4chan to
feel they were supposed supported by
being heard respected and part of the
decision-making prop process I believe
in supporting people's decisions to
profit off of Pepe in order to provide
them with the most positive business
experience possible I strive to be an
advocate for Pepe in both love and
enterprise and help and hope to help
business people to heaven empower
powering and joyful experience in making
an ocean of profits now this is 2015
guys pull up
it's a Daily Caller article from 2017
talking about how he's going after
people like Mike Serna vich this was in
the heat of the presidential race or
actually was after the presidential race
and there was a video that appeared and
sort of it was the one who really put it
out there made it big and it's Hillary
Clinton reading from her book and there
it is Pepe the Frog creator takes legal
action against reddit Mike sort of itch
in the alt-right
and scroll up a little bit let's see
what we got here on this there's a quote
in here I'm interested in reading due to
his popularity for he's taking a warpath
legal action to anyone and everyone to
use Pepe as a political meme to support
Donald Trump so he didn't like Donald
Trump and because people took Pepe and
made it a Trump icon he got pissed off
let's go to the first Pepe clip and this
talks about kind of the basically how
Pepe went from being a cartoon nobody
looked at to being a global phenomenon
the feels bad man that they emerged
followed by
at frog and so on Pepe was tweeted out
by Katy Perry and instagrammed by Nicki
Minaj and Matt Fury defended the
anonymous people on the internet who had
turned his creation into an unstoppable
meme but then Pepe became something else
has been anti-defamation league's
database of hate symbols okay so the
anti-defamation league took a frog and
made him a symbol of hate and I would
say the amount of peppe's that were
created in terms of having Nazi ties or
even racist ties or anything like that
was probably a very small percentage and
it wasn't people who supported Donald
Trump that were doing that and it goes
on and on so this guy doesn't like it
now that his candidate I guess didn't
win I guess he was a Hillary Clinton
supporter I don't know that for a fact
but he seemed pissed off that about who
owns the rights to Pepe let's go to the
second clip oh it's interesting - Katy
Nicki Minaj women are these are women
who go out there and promote you know
kind of promiscuous activity that's okay
for them to use Pepe in that regard but
anybody else does it it's not okay let's
go to Pepe 3 and this is about a artist
who started making her own peppe's that
again didn't look anything like the
original okay here's the original right
here feels good man right there that's
the original Pepe right there so let's
look at this artist who is being sued by
mad furious is another artist and notice
these I'll hold on one second all these
artists all got cease and desist letters
which we never got here at Infowars
never a cease and desist letter it was
always it was just all of a sudden boom
you're getting sued nothing about a
cease and desist which is the normal
thing you do alright let's go back
Furies attorneys have gone a step
further in the case of a Kansas City
based artist named Jessica Logsdon who
refused to take down the pepper themed
she sells on eBay for 99 cents plus 37
dollars shipping they filed a lawsuit
against Logsdon who declined to appear
in this video but responded via email
that while she may appear confident
she's rational enough to be scared
because Wilmer Hale is a Titan of law
she also attached a picture of a new
painting she calls Wilber fail we're not
trying to do this because she's some
kind of a small fish had she simply
applied with the DMCA notice and our
request there's no question we would not
have brought a lawsuit I had a brief
conversation with her and she sent me as
a gift I think if you can see it over my
shoulder with us now one of my favorite
works of art if I were still teaching
copyright law classes I would bring this
in as an example of classic fair use I
classic hair used and that's a First
Amendment attorney saying that and it
just it gets crazier and crazier it's as
soon as the left doesn't like your
political speech they want to censor it
so let's go to the last clip and this is
attorney Matt Rand azza again talking
about what fair use is and the poster we
are selling is what we're being sued
over is clearly fair use and you could
look at the amount that Pepe takes up in
the shot or in the poster is clear like
four or five percent maybe even six
percent but here's matter in Dazza the
way I try to explain fair use to people
is that you can take a whole bunch of
already created works and when you take
them all together and then you blow new
life into that a new thought is
expressed through that you probably have
engaged in what's called fair use and
sometimes the greatest way to set a fire
on the Internet is to try to blow out
one candle fury is demanding Logsdon
sees her display and sale of any Peppe
imagery and that the court award damages
and unlawful profits for chanters have
responded by projecting images of pepe
on the Wilmer Hale office building the
case has yet to go to trial but it could
set a legal precedent better defining
the blur
line between the free speech rights of
internet meme makers and the copyright
claims of artists so this is the new
world we're going into and it has to do
with this censorship that Alex was
talking about earlier how Trump's
finally coming out and saying listen we
got to stop this but there's the picture
there the mag a poster were selling you
can see where Pepe is he's way up there
very small up in the top and then you
have all these other people Alex Jones
Milo you na police and coulter Trump's
in there twice Paul Joseph Watson
diamond and silk matt drudge Roger stone
people that help the Trump revolution
happen and you know people are pissed
off about this so it's very interesting
to see how this is happening who really
owns Pepe the Frog at this point does
the person who made the first image own
it or if somebody takes that and does a
a montage like this this cartoon wasn't
out in the in the it was in the public
domain but it wasn't out there the
people of 4chan took it and made it
popular they're the ones who gave it the
entire reason for all these articles and
all these lawsuits to exist and and this
guy's not it doesn't seem like he's
asking for profits in these lawsuits so
why is he going why is he why does he
not want people to use his meme it's the
selective enforcement and it's what's
happening in facebook it's what's
happening in Twitter you could say oh I
want to kill the president if you're a
liberal but if you call somebody a name
and you're a conservative oh they're
gonna get rid of your account Mike Adams
entire YouTube channel has been deleted
so we'll be right back I'm going to get
into this whole tariff business of
what's going on and how its breathing
new life into the steel industry and
what Donald Trump called Gary Cohen
you're gonna want to stay tuned for this
it's the war room you're watching Thanks
if you receive mistranslation you are
the resistance make no mistake
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globalists but they're striking back all
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