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Full Show—War, Trade War, Secession, Sanctuary
« on: March 09, 2018, 07:25:30 AM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight well today we're
going to take a look at the tactics of
the left and I saw that is amusing some
of it is not very amusing we have of
course you've seen the I'm sure you've
seen the viral video of Jordan Peterson
talking to Kathy Newman and how he
completely owned her she said how dare
you and what makes you think that you
have a right to talk about transgender
people and Gozo because you offend them
and he goes well you're offending me
what right do you have to do this in
other words we're gonna have a
discussion when I've been physically
attacked as they were trying to he was
trying to carry out a lecture we're
gonna give you some information about
that as well as Theresa May flippin
jeremy corbyn's social justice warrior
lecturing right back at him but we've
got some big issues as well we're taking
a quick look at what is happening in the
European Union as well as this trade
dispute I talked a great deal about it
yesterday I'm not gonna get into it in
as much depth as I was talking to my
wife yesterday she ain't that pretty
wonky about that you know you don't want
to talk too much about the details and
stuff but it is we're gonna get the
broad picture here and we're gonna show
you what is happening both economically
and politically what it means for the
election what it means for your life
quite frankly we've already had us steal
some aluminum companies say we're gonna
open up factories that we had to close
under Obama 2015 some of these clothes
that recently you know it absolutely
amazes me to see people and some of
their comments some of the establishment
comments and people like Schumer
McConnell Ryan they're all in agreement
we can't do anything about this that
ship has sailed
to China actually you know we don't have
a manufacturing industry anymore and we
better not try to bring it back in any
way shape or form well it's not
completely gone and it can be saved and
it can be rebuilt again and if we don't
have an economy we don't have a country
just like if we don't have borders or no
have a country and we're talking about
Jeff Sessions and the latest things he
said about the certainly what we're
gonna take a look at the legal issues
here and the back-and-forth between the
Department of Justice and California and
do they have a right to nullify this and
do does his jeff Sessions right I call
him Jeff secession because now he's
gotten into lecturing California about
secession about nullification and so
forth he better watch his back because
he wants to pretend there's no such
thing as nullification well I would say
that more than 60% of the states say
there is they've already passed
marijuana legalization medical marijuana
or recreational use of marijuana they
have already passed that that is
nullification he doesn't have any legal
authority for that anyway they don't
have any delegated powers to tell us
which drugs we can and cannot take and
we just had the Health and Human
Services Secretary say well the FDA is
declared that medical marijuana isn't a
isn't a health doesn't have any health
benefits so there doesn't exist there is
no such thing he said as medical
marijuana so the HHS Secretary says
there's no such thing as medical
marijuana Jeff Sessions says there's no
such thing as nullification California
says there's no such thing as
immigration control so sort that out and
we're also going to take a look at the
latest updates and gun control as a
people pushing us back you know we've
gotten a lot of different attacks that
have been happening all over the world
we just had a kid in Oklahoma do Isis
graffiti fly the ISIS flag they found a
bomb there you know he said well you
know yeah that's me I like Isis I like
bombs and so forth maybe we should ask
the teenagers that were at that school
what we should do about that there
should we ban bombs should we make it so
that you can't buy or build bombs until
you're 21 years old oh wait we already
have logs like that uh yeah we're gonna
talk about some people who got there got
attacked with knives
machetes in Europe one guy got his arm
hacked off maybe we should have machete
laws in Europe alright stay with us
we'll be right back I'm David Knight you
know it's pretty amazing when we look at
the tactics of the left as we've pointed
out as we see CNN doing this to us but
it's something we've seen a long time
with the ante for people the brainwashed
college kids linens
youthful useful idiots now the youth
youthful idiots that's what I as a
Freudian slip when I was talking about
these kids at the Parkland shooting but
it really does apply I mean there is no
useful idiot like a youthful idiot and
we see these college kids who've been
thoroughly indoctrinated in Marxism they
hate free speech they don't want an
argument they just want to shut you down
we saw it when we were at the abortion
clinic here we had signs talking about
how abortion was created by Margaret
Sanger now black lives matter
so stop abortions because that was
always the target it was black genocide
and now they broaden it out to they've
killed a lot of babies of all different
colors but the focus has been on the
black community and as we're standing
there with those signs we had these
communists antiphon people come up put
black signs in front of our signs they
had nothing to say they just wanted to
stop us from talking and then of course
tried to grab the mic and run away with
it as well and we see the same type of
thing happening going back to the debate
that went viral between Jordan Peterson
and Kathy Newman you know I wonder if
when Jordan Peterson sees Kathy Newman
he says to her hello Newman like the
Seinfeld but I want to play you a little
bit of a clip of this because after he
completely shut down the insanity the
cognitive dissonance of the left then
he's going on to a lecture at Queen's
University in the UK up to 150 far-left
activists protested the speech they
don't want to hear his speech because he
has something to say and because they
can't counter it so what they did 150 of
them barricaded the doors shut they
windows one protester was caught with a
deadly weapon a garrote
that's a pointed knife coming after this
guy because they can't handle his
arguments and here's a good example of
how these people can't argue here's
Jordan Peterson with Kathy Newman right
here you cited freedom of speech and
that why should your right to freedom of
speech Trump a trans person's right not
to be offended because in order to be
able to think you have to risk being
offensive I mean look at the
conversation we're having right now you
know like you're certainly willing to
risk offending me in the pursuit of
truth why should you have the right to
do that it's being rather uncomfortable
it's like you're you're doing what you
should do which is digging a bit to see
what the hell's going on saying that is
what you should do but you're exercising
your freedom of speech to certainly risk
offending me and that's fine I think
more power to as far as I'm concerned so
you haven't sat there and I'm just right
I've just trying to work that out I mean
gotcha yeah I've got me yeah she hasn't
got an argument and they don't have an
argument either because they're gonna
say because it hurts my feelings
you can't talk if I don't like what you
have to say you can't talk and that's
the argument that's being used across
the spectrum not just the transgender
issue every issue you know they put the
youthful idiots from the Parkman
shooting use them as a wall against any
criticism and if you say anything about
these kids who have obviously recovered
from any grief or distress enough to go
on television non-stop 24/7 and tell us
what policy so we should be following
and if you criticize them because
they're in the public arena lecturing us
on policies oh that's bullying and
harassment and that's what she was
saying it's bullying and harass
but if you talk about transgender issues
he's a psychologist and that's what
these people were saying at the
University they're in UK they had a
crowd yelling lock him up burn it down
yeah seal that place where he is
speaking and lecturing we don't want any
free speech on university campuses oh no
we've got our Marxist professors who've
already told us what to think
so seal up the doors and burn the place
down and one of the people who took took
part in the protest said there's a lot
of commitment out there for trans rights
and for shutting down the conspiratorial
hate speech of Jordan Peterson
conspiratorial how is he conspiratorial
in that he was logical not
conspiratorial they're talking about I'm
really happy to see that happening he
said and Jordan Peterson again always
spot-on he retweeted it and he said
barbarians at the gate that is the
barbarianism that's what our
universities have turned into they've
turned into a situation where they want
to burn down our society and just to
show how absurd all of this is a story
that just came out a couple of days ago
in New Zealand a transgender mountain
biker in New Zealand one Road in the
national championship this last Sunday
as a woman only weeks after competing in
the male division a transgender mountain
biker Kate Weatherly a biological male
now identifies as a female for the
purposes of this race competed in the
women's division three weeks after
competing as a man despite rules
requiring transgender athletes to have
testosterone levels within an acceptable
range for 12 months or more and
surprisingly won first place in the
Women's National mountain biking
championships and guanaco I said she's
been writing as a guy for four or five
years then with no stand down period
whatsoever she was in the girls category
and this is what we see all the time why
is it by the way for the feminists why
is it that we have separate categories
of competition between men and women and
the Olympics and mountain biking in
every sport why is it you know these two
these hormones testosterone makes a big
difference it's natural and men course
we just had the situation here in Texas
you had the runner who not a runner a
wrestler who was let's see it say a girl
who wants to be a guy and it's taking
testosterone and keeps winning the state
championship because the testosterone is
that fair
of course it isn't of course it isn't
but it's part of the insanity and I
guess you know when you look at this you
can identify as any sex you want as any
race you want they're telling our kids
in kindergarten who don't even
understand what any of this stuff is and
they haven't had any hormones that I've
been kicking in to even have them think
about gender and yet they're telling him
you cannot you can be a girl if you want
to or boy you know change your change
your sex and change your race if you
want to you can change your name and we
won't tell your parents that is actually
child abuse that is child abuse
and it is grooming these kids for
pedophilia quite frankly now another
strange story that came out was a story
about the Alexa demonic laughing as a
report in The Daily Mail George picked
it up there's a good chance I get
murdered tonight said a terrified Amazon
echo user revealing that Alexa has been
emitting bone-chilling laughs at random
and is also ignoring their commands that
some of people said hey turn off the
lights and it doesn't do that it just
starts laughing and they reported that
it was a witch like laughs I want you to
hear this laugh and see if remind you of
anybody in particular play that again
okay now if that didn't ring a bell let
me refresh her memory let's go back to
Benghazi testimony where we had Hillary
Clinton being examined about the
Benghazi stand out okay and who else was
at your home wearing it alone I was
alone yes the whole night well yes the
whole night
I mean did you have any in person
briefings I don't find it funny at all
I'm sorry a little note of levity at
7:15 well I mean the real funny is
because it went well into the night what
difference does it make
hey what if you were to ask Alexa give
it the keyword Benghazi what does it do
when you say Benghazi ha ha
huh let's play that clip what if you say
there you go what if you say help yeah
what if you say the Russians rigged the
election ha ha all right stay with us
we'll be right back all right Amazon's
technology with a random demonic
laughing that sounds like Hillary
Clinton might be creepy but not as
creepy as what is going on with Google
and the Pentagon as we reported
yesterday there is a contract now with
the Pentagon to use Google to identify
objects as well as people facial
recognition another thing a very
dangerous idea but it is something that
we have seen coming for quite some time
it's already far more advanced in law
enforcement we have Palantir and other
agencies that are working on pre-crime
types of identification Minority Report
type of information and they've actually
been leading the field in geospatial
intelligence and activity based
intelligence in human domain analytics
taking a look at all of your metadata
which size out that's that's not
that's not important we don't you know
we're not we're just collecting metadata
don't worry about that no problem at all
we're not collecting all of your your
phone messages all of your vocal
communications or your texts don't know
it's just the metadata we don't need a
search warrant for that and by doing
that they can take a look at the hive
mind but now they're going beyond that
because we have drones that have been
used for SAS nation they've killed
Americans abroad under Obama without a
trial without due process they just
ordered that they be killed these are
people who were legitimately American
citizens now they were working with Isis
they probably could have been convicted
but I find it kind of troubling
every time we have a president whether
it's Barack Obama or whether it's
President Trump who says do it and we'll
worry about the due process later if at
all that's that's a very dangerous idea
and so as the headline from Zero Hedge
pasaje google who should the US
government kill today it's kind of like
the questions being asked to the Amazon
device can you turn off the lights no no
no I'm gonna turn off the lights and
just start randomly laughing at you so
Google is now gonna be telling us
telling the Pentagon who they should
kill they're gonna be identifying
certain things they will identify that
as suspicious you know we look at this
from the law enforcement perspective
we've had situations where some of this
pre-crime Minority Report artificial
intelligence and it is applied
artificial intelligence not general
artificial intelligence but applied
artificial intelligence so what look at
somebody and and look at the way that
they walk but sometimes that's used as
an identification along with facial ID
but sometimes it's used to identify
suspicious behavior and so on one
particular incident somebody was kind of
loitering around a car in a parking lot
and then they bent down and disappeared
and the the AI that is watching this
reports to law enforcement and says
there's there's some kind of a
carjacking going on here well it turned
out that was a car owner and they were
trying to change their tire
misidentified but the AI swatted them
swatted them they could have been killed
very easily because of the rules that we
have from from our government so you
know when we look at this we look at the
all-seeing eye as our T reports it
Google working with the Pentagon on
using AI for drone improvement so tell
their drones go ah go go ogle these
people go ah GLE these other people
that's a Google I guess and they're
talking about the fact that they're
establishing this is something that they
did just back in April 2017 on a very
very rapid deployment this is the
algorithmic warfare cross-functional
team but algorithmic warfare think about
that concept warfare by
algorithm also called autonomous killer
robots that a lot of people are very
concerned about because we understand
what's going on with that use it to
detect images faces behavioral patterns
and then you know on the basis of that
they're going to improve their bombing
accuracy for autonomous drones and
they're gonna have their hit list
fulfill you know we looked at facial
recognition with the iPhone when it was
released they admitted that for every
face they probably would find another
thousand people that could open up your
iPhone but don't worry about that
what about when we start using drones at
a distance to recognize people and put
them on a hit list they say they're
going to reduce the human factors that's
very worrying but they're also going to
increase actionable intelligence at the
same time and they're going to enhance
military decision-making so they will be
using this as part of their decision
making matrix here to be a very
important part of that are they're going
to be analyzing using AI to analyze this
and one of the reasons that they have to
do it is because they are grabbing so
much information on all of us that they
can't process it with humans they don't
have enough people to process it so they
got to bring in computers and start
doing AI
along with all the things that that's
going to bring in terms of inaccuracies
false positive or maybe missing somebody
that they really should be going after
as I talked to William Binney and one of
the things that he said he spent a
lifetime of career watching East Germany
the Stasi well they had half the people
watching the other half the people and
writing little snitchy reports about
what was going on and he said what we
have here is far worse than anything
that ever existed in East Germany with
the Stasi because of the ability the
leverage that they have with technology
and that's precisely what this is about
the fact that it admit the fact that
they don't have enough people to snitch
and spy on everybody so they're going to
set up computers to do this with
algorithms and that will be extensible
there will be absolutely no limit to
what they can do they just have to buy
some more robotic snitch
but for the time being they can still
use Best Buy's Geek Squad this article
came out Pittsburgh
CBS saying Best Buy's Geek Squad techs
are searching customer computers for the
FBI not looking for anything in
particular mind you when you take your
computer into these people the FBI would
tell them we'll pay you between $500 and
$1,000 to actively search a client's
computer for something that you think is
maybe child porn that's what pull this
up it was a child pornography case
against California doctor and the way
they found it was having Geek Squad
being paid as snitches kind of sounds
like the East German Stasi doesn't it
they start to look at your computer they
don't have to suspect you of anything
and they say the nature of the FBI's
relationship with the tech company this
with Best Buy's and their Geek Squad may
have violated the US Constitution
that's CBS may have violated the US
Constitution I don't know why when I
read it the Fourth Amendment is pretty
clear you have to get a search warrant
you have to be specific about what the
crime is and where you're going to be
searching what you're looking for so
forth they discovered this information
while the FBI allegedly paid the geek
squad employees go through clients
computers while they are being repaired
this came out of a FOIA request from the
e FF that's the Electronic Freedom
Foundation they found that the geek
squads parent company Best Buy has been
working with the FBI for at least 10
years no it's a couple of years ago that
we found
I can't I think it was the NSA it was an
office out of San Antonio and they had
some kind of a watch list or something
so that when certain people would buy a
computer they would send it to this
special division in San Antonio and they
were put hardware in there to spy on
people and I think it was the NSA that
was doing it was down in in San Antonio
they would cross ship this stuff first
to that spot they would load it up with
bugs and then send it out
you can send your computer to be
repaired by Best Buy and they'll do it
on the cheap but this is exactly what
the Silicon Valley censors and spies
Facebook Google and the rest of them are
doing to you and they get paid a lot
more than 500 to a thousand dollars they
get all kinds of benefits let's talk
about Jeff secession
we've got Kamala Harris tagging him
saying you got no right to talk about
any of this well actually he doesn't
have any clue about what he's talking
about I don't think she does either but
this all began over the fact that on
Tuesday we had the Department of Justice
under Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit
against California over three of the
state's immigration laws to give you an
idea of what some of these things are
they have one of the laws that under
certain circumstances prevents local
officials from giving any information to
immigration enforcement agents or from
handing over detained immigrants to
federal custody they also have I don't
know if it's part of that law if it's
one of the other two but they also have
severe penalties against private
companies that give any information
about foreign citizens criminally
trespassing here in the United States to
the federal government immigration
so they'll penalize a private company or
individuals severely in California so
that on the one hand you've got the
federal government saying give us the
information on the other hand you got
California saying you can't give us the
information and so everybody's stuck in
the middle but then you have this push
back and forth between California state
organizations and the federal
organization whether or not they're
going to enforce the immigration law so
they passed these just last year these
are three pretty new laws turning
California into a sanctuary state but
here's the interesting thing about the
lawsuit as the help points out the
lawsuit is modeled after a lawsuit that
the Obama administration filed in 2010
it's okay
if Obama just arbitrarily comes out with
executive actions and says we're not
going to enforce immigration laws will
call that daca it's something that Janet
Napolitano has Department of Homeland
Security Secretary who is in charge of
border patrol and immigration control
so forth an enforcement she just said no
no you know I'm I'm in charge of all
that border and immigration thing but
I'm not doing anything not for a certain
class of people I'm just not gonna
enforce the law and that was fine but if
Trump comes back and says we're going to
enforce the law no no can't have that
can't have that every little lower court
federal judge in California or New York
is going to stop him and there's nothing
that the Department of Justice or
President Trump says that he can do
about it yes he can he doesn't have to
it's not their authority we've had this
type of situation before in our country
it didn't cause the country to break up
or burn down we had the Supreme Court
tell Andrew Jackson that he couldn't
remove the Cherokee from their land back
east and send them out to Oklahoma it
was a horrible policy a horrible policy
but he had the authority to do it and
they said you can't do that they said
well you issued your opinion let's see
you enforce it I'm gonna do it we have a
division of power here that is under the
powers that have been delegated to me
that is not your authority Hamilton and
others said the judiciary was they
consent they looked at all these
different things I said you know this is
a really dangerous thing we're done
putting a lot of power in Washington so
let's make sure that it's divided in
Washington let's make sure that power is
divided between Washington and the
states and so forth and he said I think
the judiciary is the least of our
worries because they don't have any way
to enforce their orders
unless you have a president and a
Congress that just says oh we're gonna
let them do whatever they want to
because then we don't have to make the
tough political decisions we just punt
to these guys and just pretend that
they're telling us what to do and
everybody can get angry at them and
there's no worries because you know they
don't have to they've got their position
for life we have to go for re-election I
don't want to make the public angry I
don't want to take the stand I don't
want to do my job so we'll let the
judiciary disappointed for life we'll
let them make the tough decisions and
we'll just turn over everything over to
them or to the bureaucrats
you also don't have to stand for
election they can do whatever they want
to the people and we won't stand up
against it or for the people that
elected us we'll just kind of stand
there and smile for photo ops and we'll
collect money and we'll put in things
into bills that are helpful corporations
if they give us contributions and that
type of thing they just take the easy
route out but here's what the Obama
administration did in Arizona and they
took this lawsuit all the way up to the
Supreme Court and the Supreme Court's
already made a ruling on it and what
they were doing was exactly the opposite
Arizona because of Sheriff Joe Arpaio
had been doing it they said that we want
to allow Arizona law enforcement to help
the federal government's to enforce
immigration and Border Patrol and we
want to use our own resources Sheriff
Joe had been doing that as sheriff and
the Obama administration came after him
in all kinds of ways all kinds of ways
and then the state said we're gonna do
that statewide and the Obama
administration filed a lawsuit to them
when all the way the Supreme Court and
the Supreme Court said Congress has a
right to set federal immigration policy
that's right and then we had the Obama
administration say well we're not going
to pay any attention to that federal
immigration policy that was set by
Congress you see this whole cough gas
nonsense that the left is using they
don't want to argue the points of the
case and unfortunately neither does Jeff
Secession so he comes out and instead of
saying we've already had this discussion
and it went all the way to the Supreme
Court and the Supreme Court said the
federal government controls immigration
policy that would be us that would not
be the state of California we have those
powers have been directly granted to us
under the Constitution instead sessions
comes out and he says there is no
secession Jeff secession let's play that
clip it cannot be the policy of a great
nation to up and reward those who
unlawfully enter its country with legal
status social security welfare food
work permits and so forth how can this
be a sound policy meanwhile those who
engage in the process lawfully and
patiently and wait their turn are
discriminated against it seems at every
there is no nullification yes there is
no see session oh this is the supreme
law of the land I would invite any
doubters to go to Gettysburg or to the
tombstones of Jhansi Calhoun and Abraham
Lincoln this matter has been settled a
refusal to apprehend and deport those
especially the criminal element of
effectively rejects all immigration law
so basically his argument is you fought
for your independence and you lost so
shut up you don't get a you don't get a
lawyer like Lindsey Graham look he says
go to Gettysburg go to the tombs of
Jhansi Calhoun Abraham Lincoln this
matter has been settled well I would say
you could also while you're there that's
not too far away you can go to Yorktown
you can go to Valley Forge you can go to
Bunker Hill and you can look at that
other war of secession I'm sure that the
British government and the Queen and the
king or king at the time said you know
have any right to secede they declared
their independence they fought for their
independence and I hope we don't have to
go the path of secession to take back
the powers that the federal government
has usurped away from us immigration is
not one of them well agreed and we
created the Constitution everybody said
the border and national defense we're
gonna let the federal government handle
that that was the main reason they
created the federal government then the
federal government got into all other
kinds of areas and if Jeff Sessions
thinks that there's no such thing as
nullification he sounds just like the
HHS secretary Alex azar that talked
about the other day he said there really
is no such thing as Medical Marijuana
well you know what 60% of the states say
there is such a thing as medical
marijuana and a lot of research studies
say that there is he said there is no
fda-approved use of marijuana therefore
there is no medical miracle
according to him in other words if the
federal government doesn't acknowledge
reality then reality doesn't exist but
you got 60% of the states have legalized
marijuana over 30 of them you've had
referendums you've had state
legislatures do it signed by the
governor just had two of them do that
after Jeff session started
unconstitutionally trying to enforce his
his rule in that area so there's a
difference they don't have any delegated
powers to prohibit marijuana because the
Tenth Amendment and it's testified to by
the eighteenth Amendment but they do
have the power to enforce the borders
why can't they get this right stay with
us we'll be right back welcome back I
want to talk about why they can't get
this right as we're going to break I
talked about Jeff's a session and why he
says there is no nullification there is
no secession just a couple of days
earlier his the HHS secretary said there
is no such thing as medical marijuana
we're gonna tell you why they can't get
this right there's study after study
talking not only about medical marijuana
but also about the danger and the
ineffectiveness of these drugs that are
approved by the FDA that's what alex is
our said he said well there's no
fda-approved use of marijuana so
therefore there is no such thing as
medical marijuana even though 60% of the
states have now legalized medical
marijuana some just even for
recreational use but no they're gonna
continue to maintain that madness and
there is a method to their madness we'll
talk about that in just a moment before
we do real quickly I'll remind you some
of the products that we have on sale at
it's part of our operation Paul Revere
that's our operation that we started
last week to try to draw your attention
to the desperate attacks of CNN as they
continue to plummet in the ratings we've
been a big part of exposing how a phony
how fake CNN has been and they're pretty
angry at us they're trying to get us
thrown off of YouTube they're lobbying
YouTube to try to get us thrown off
they're lobbying people who buy ads in
general that would show up on
some of our videos at the front because
they were monetized Sena do you know
that your ads are showing up on and
Infowars videos trying again to apply
pressure as if YouTube needed it they've
been doing a conservative purge as it
goes anyway but yeah there is an effort
across the board to act basically as
gangsters and thugs Nolte at Breitbart
pointed that out he said this is nothing
but gangsterism it's kind of a
protection racket but it is intimidation
that they're doing they're not it's
absolutely reprehensible for a media
outlet even if they don't agree with you
politically to try to shut down free
speech for other people I mean you don't
have to agree with somebody to
understand how dangerous that is unless
you're very well connected with
government operatives as we see CNN and
MSNBC and how they get funded by their
close association with these people but
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let's take a look at why they are doing
this of course you know as well as I do
we've got Alex's our as he's saying
there's no such thing as medical
marijuana so I point out yesterday 750
million dollars are going to spend on
research to try to come up with safer
alternatives to opioids that are
devastating our country opioids are
things that people don't take because
they're trying to escape reality there
are things that they take because they
trusted the doctors and the American
Medical Association and others to look
after their interests they thought the
FDA was going to look after their
interest and then they get addicted to
these things and it destroys their life
because they can't get off of it well
they don't have to spend 750 million
dollars as I said yesterday I wonder
who's gonna get those patents that come
out I'm gonna go to the CDC this is
gonna go to some big pharmaceutical
company that's buddies with the FDA cuz
that's really what's happening here but
as we look at medical marijuana and as I
talked about the fact that the opioid
epidemic is coming through the medical
establishment we've got a study from the
Journal of American Medical Association
JAMA just did a new study it shows that
opiates work no better than
over-the-counter pain medicine for some
types of chronic pain and we saw this
when Rand Paul was suffering severe with
several broken ribs he talked about the
severe pain that he was in as he's been
interviewed by doctor he made it clear
that he didn't want to go anywhere near
opioids Rand Paul said I used
over-the-counter pain medications and
now this study from the Journal of
American Medical Association says that
there's no reason for them to prescribe
these highly addictive drugs
unless the big pharmaceutical companies
want to make more profits because you
can't get off of this stuff just don't
prescribe it
the researchers primary question was for
patients with moderate to severe chronic
back pain or hip or knee osteoarthritis
pain how does opioid medication compare
with non opioid medication in managing
chronic pain this is 265 military vets
who are the Department of Veterans
affair over a 12-month period they said
no difference
the non-addictive over-the-counter stuff
that's not expensive does it require a
prescription and doesn't require and
doesn't an exposure to the risk of
addiction works just as well and as a
matter of fact we've had studies here's
one from the Minnesota Department of
Health said that those who are known to
be taking opiate painkillers once they
got into the program 63 percent were
able to reduce or eliminate opioid usage
after six months and that's not the only
study this is coming out of the hill
another one from Illinois 2017 an
assessment of medical cannabis patients
reported that marijuana was an
alternative to other medications most
commonly opioids but also to
anticonvulsants in other words we've
known that for a long time if you're
taking chemotherapy that causes you to
throw up it can stop that our
anti-inflammatories and over-the-counter
analgesics so that's out of Illinois and
New Mexico they said compared to
non-users medical cannabis enrollees
were more likely either to reduce daily
opioid prescription dosages between the
beginning and the end of the sample
period so they said that they looked at
people who were using medical cannabis
84% of them could reduce it versus only
45% who weren't taking medical cannabis
and they that's just reducing it
they had 40% of the people were able to
reduce it altogether if they were taking
medical cannabis versus only 3% of the
people who were able to do it if they
weren't so you see not only can it help
you in a lot of different other ways
medical marijuana but it can also help
people who are addicted to this
dangerous Big Pharma drugs
to get off of that addiction it's a
study from New Mexico then to just
published clinical trials from Israel
reported that over 18 percent of the
study's participants stopped using
opioid analgesics and reduce their dose
over a six-month period they said
cannabis can decrease the use of other
prescription medicines
besides opioids and that folks is why
Jeff Sessions at the Department of
Justice why the FDA Health and Human
Services doesn't want to acknowledge
that there is such a thing as medical
marijuana why they want to pretend that
there is no such thing as nullification
and they can whistle as much as they
want through through this graveyard but
the reality is we know what is real we
can read the studies from multiple
countries from multiple Stasi people had
not done these studies before and as
I've said before I had a family member
who was diagnosed with a minor glaucoma
I started looking up the different
treatments the side effects wow this
stuff is really dangerous I mean and
then they had marijuana and the American
ophthalmology Association said is been
shown to be very effective in terms of
treating glaucoma the only warning is
that nobody has done any studies to see
what the sufficient dosages so you might
under dose oh and it has side effects
instead of things like stroke and and
other issues heart attacks it had side
effects of euphoria and increased
see that's the insanity and we need to
push back as Jeff sessions is right to
say that it is their authority to
control the borders and immigration it
is not their authority to tell us what
medications we can take under the Tenth
Amendment and testified to by the 18th
amendment which they had to have to
prohibit alcohol stay with us we'll be
right back
Secession so let me finish up here at
the top of the hour and and talk about
the fact that we've got a running joke
between democrats about the trump russia
let's get that clip clip seven ready
this is something on MSNBC they were
asking one of the individuals there and
they said well you know i I asked my
other colleague are they asking you
about the Trump Russia probe and we just
laugh because what he's trying to do is
get the Democrat Party to focus on the
real needs of their constituents and
we're talking about this in the next
hour the fact that the Democrat Party is
so busy with their identity politics and
their politics of dividing one
demographic against another demonizing
one demographic as we just had Chuck
Schumer come out and say I'm not gonna
vote for that judge he's white we can't
have a judge there that's white that's
what the Democrat Party has become now
some of them for their own good are
lining up behind President Trump because
they're for reelection in Pennsylvania
Ohio other places that have been
decimated decimated by the so-called
free trade there is no such thing as
free trade but meanwhile the Democrat
Party is focused on this identity
politics and on this Trump Russia
fantasy here's that clip where they were
talking on MSNBC here's the thing my
good friend Cheri Bustos who represents
a very tough district in Illinois we
have sort of a running joke going in the
mornings which is you know she's got a
district very different than mine I
represent Fairfield County Connecticut
she's in the heartland she's in a
district with it was that we need to
figure out how to win again every Monday
morning when I see sherry we come up
there's a little bit of laughter she
says you know what my constituents still
aren't asking me about Russia and the
point there is that if the Democratic
Party doesn't get focused and I'm not
sure we're doing this well if we don't
get focused on kitchen table issues on
the anxiety of American families we're
gonna pay a cost but if you can make the
case here in Washington why can't you
make the case in her district well I
think I think that's the question that
answers itself a case that is made here
inside the beltway rarely I think has a
lot of resonance to middle-class
families sitting around in small towns
in OH
in Michigan hiya that's right he says we
got to get focused on kitchen table
issues or we're gonna be pay a big cost
at the polls
absolutely the move that President Trump
did in terms of talking about tariffs to
protect steel and aluminum is something
that he ran on there's something he won
on and it is something that the
Democrats are going to lose on if they
don't pick that up but we've got this
Russian investigation just continuing to
go on and on and on and we've got a
lease Stranahan who's gonna be joining
us in the third hour and we'll be
talking about the Russian boogeyman
everywhere we got a lot of people on the
Left who are waking up to this we've had
Glenn Greenwald talking about it for a
long time talking about how this is a
new kind of McCarthyism now we got Matt
TOB of the Rolling Stones even calling
out the Rolling Stones for pushing this
kind of Russian paranoia and being
pushed not only by the Democrats but
also by many Republicans to forward
their agenda because you know if they
can say the Russians who are we're doing
it and we can get money for that pet
project but how do we ever stop this
special prosecutor oh well it's not
exactly a special prosecutor right it's
a special counsel what difference is it
well just to give you an idea of where
this all goes and I've talked about this
many times how we used to have a law and
we used to have a special prosecutor law
they let that expire in 1999 but if you
go back and you look at the history of
all this we've had special counsels be
appointed by president over a very long
time going back to 1875 you had
President Grant it's part of the whiskey
ring scandal he appointed a special
counsel then you had President Garfield
in 1881 did it President Theodore
Roosevelt did it as part of the organ
land fraud scandal and Coolidge did it
as part of the Teapot Dome scandal you
see a pattern here a lot of presidents
appointed special counsels why can't the
president appoint a special counsel
maybe what he should investigate is
Hillary Clinton and uranium one or the
Clinton Foundation or maybe he could
even investigate Robert Mahler to see
Muller has some kind of a political
agenda here that has nothing to do with
the actual investigation
you don't really surprised that how many
people are talking about free trade
we've heard for a long time there's no
such thing as a free lunch rights even
got an acronym tan Stoffel or how you
pronounce it there's no such thing as a
free lunch well you know what there is
no such thing as free trade either this
is something that is being pushed by the
big powers just like we're talking about
this this absurd war on drugs being
pushed by the people who are aligned
with big pharmaceutical companies well
we got a lot of people who are allied
with the globalist who want to push an
open trade forum and I want to take a
look at this now at the reality of this
you know there was an article it was up
on Motor Trend and you've got an auto
conferences happening in Geneva right
now and the CEO of Fiat was at that
conference and so they're all talking
about what's going to happen if a trade
war breaks out because you had European
Commission President John jean-claude
juncker say that he's going to impose
retaliatory tariffs on jeans bourbon and
harley-davidson motorcycles well I guess
that's gonna make a lot of people sad in
okay give their blue jeans their bourbon
and their motorcycles don't use all
three of those don't use the Bourbon the
motorcycles at the same time at least so
Jung Kerr said we can also do stupid and
what he said there was really stupid
because guess what if Trump responds as
he immediately came back and says so you
want to do that well then maybe I'll put
a 25% tariff on the cars that you try to
sell in the United States and you look
at the cars and how much money they make
Germany's Daimler BMW and VW Group make
anywhere between 10 to 13 percent of
their overall profits from the US market
alone so you want to threaten us with
that then maybe what we'll do is put a
25% tariff on your automobiles and the
Fiat CEO says wait a minute wait a sec
oh man everybody calm down let's not
escalate this thing let's not keep this
going and that's what people were
talking about but as you
at this article what comes out in the
article is they talk about the fact that
European automakers currently have a two
and a half percent tariff on the cars
that they sell into the United States
so Mercedes and BMW and VW and these
German car companies cuz I guess maybe
Fiat doesn't sell that many but they're
selling more since they were given
Chrysler by Obama but as they sell cars
into the United States they come in and
they have a two and a half percent tax
on that you know how much tax they put
on American cars that we try to sell
into Europe a ten percent tax
how about that they tax our cars at four
times the rate we tax their cars coming
into our country that's why I said
there's no such thing as free trade we
even add Ron Paul when he was talking
about NAFTA he said you want to call
that the North American Free Trade
Agreement Ron Paul said there is no such
thing as free trade in that agreement
that's thousands of pages so if you want
free trade that means you don't have any
taxes attached to it that means that you
don't have thousands upon thousands of
pages of regulations and taxes giving
way to goods from one country but then
penalizing those same Goods if they're
coming from a different country and so
forth and that's the way these trade
agreements work out so you know when you
have this at first it looks like Oh
Trump is being being crazy he's
escalating this well you know what is
stupid is to continue to say that we've
got free trade when they are taxing our
automobiles at four times rate that
we're taxing their automobiles that's
stupid and we've been doing stupid in
this country for a long time mr. Yonker
and we're not doing stupid anymore and
you better wake up to this I think it's
a great thing that President Trump did
that's why it was really surprised to
hear Rand Paul start to push all the
buttons saying oh we've got to worry
about trade war and all this other kind
of stuff no we don't we have to worry
about being taken advantage of like we
have for a very long time it kind of
reminds me if you go back to that
Harrison Bergeron story Harrison the
Kurt Vonnegut story
called Harrison Bergeron and if you
remember they made some short movies
about that it was about the political
correctness of the time this is not
anything new quite frankly folks all the
political correctness and they were
worried that everybody wasn't exactly
equal so you can have an equality of
opportunity but if you want equality of
results they would look at this and say
well this guy this ballerina is really
good at what she's doing so let's put a
ball and chain on her and they actually
act that huh short-film take a look it's
actually kind of funny but what we have
in trade is really kind of a Harrison
Bergeron situation they look at the u.s.
they say oh the US is really strong in
terms of manufacturing less hobble it
was hobbling but only the United States
gets the hobbling the other guys don't
get that so as president Trump starts to
say we're going to help the steel and
aluminum industries and some of these
other other industries that have been
taken advantage of by these so-called
free trade agreements that aren't free
trade we have United States Steel
yesterday said it's going to fire up a
blast furnace and Granite City Illinois
reports The Wall Street Journal they're
gonna call back 500 workers century
aluminum said last week it will restart
lines at a smelter in Kentucky they're
been curtailed since Obama 2015 and
they're gonna double their workforce
their to 600 they said our granite city
works this is a u.s. deal the chief
executive said our Granite City Works
facility and employees have suffered too
long from unending waves of unfairly
traded steel products that have flooded
American markets the company had idled
the furnaces they'd laid off hundreds of
workers in 2015 as a flood of cheap
imports pushed down
domestic prices but of course now what
this is created is a spirit of
bipartisanship in Congress as the daily
caller points out the unexpected result
of Trump's tariff plan is bipartisanship
in Congress to oppose him bipartisan
opposition from guess who the
establishment Chuck Schumer Mitch
McConnell Paul Ryan they're all about
their wringing their hands talking about
all of a major harm that's going to be
done to our ally
you know worried about worried about
Mexico and Canada well they need to
worry about themselves they need to
build their own manufacturing base a
Paul Ryan spokeswoman said this speaker
is extremely worried about the
consequences of a trade war and is
urging the White House to not advance
with this plan let me tell you something
it's just like the automobiles this
trade war as I said yesterday had
already been declared by the European
Union and they said they were gonna use
a World Trade Organization against
America why because Trump gave us a
massive tax cut they said that's not
fair that's not fair your people are
gonna be making more money and you're
you cutting regulations you can't do
that that gives you an unfair trade
advantage that's right that's right so
maybe you should cut your regulations
and your taxes instead if you want to
raise your taxes then what we'll do is
we'll see your raise and I'll I'll Rio
up the ante it's like a poker game isn't
it and they have been using us as idiots
we've been doing stupid for a long time
David Stockman had this comment to make
he said the end of the Goldman Sachs
Regency at the White House is something
to be celebrated this is an article
that's on Zero Hedge coming from David
he said the financial commentariat and
the Robo machines that are all in a
tizzy because Gary Cohn up and quit but
we say good riddance the man gave Trump
bad advice on nearly every single issue
on trade on taxes on fiscal policy and
on the Fed and he says there is a
perverse symbiosis between the Fed and
the dirty float central banks of the ten
major countries China Vietnam Mexico
Japan etc who account for 90 percent of
the nation's were eight hundred and ten
billion dollar trade deficit in 2017 do
you understand what he's saying here
he's saying that the Federal Reserve in
these other central banks of these ten
countries that account for 90 percent of
our eight hundred billion dollar trade
deficit are working together to
undermine the American economy that was
why yesterday I was
surprise I was very happy to see Rand
Paul say we got to audit the Fed but we
got to look at the bigger picture here
it's the Fed that has been undermining
our economy and if you want to talk
about free trade which doesn't exist
that's a nice theory it'd be great if we
did have totally free trade but as long
as they're putting taxes on our products
that are four times the taxes that we
put on their products and as long as
they have the Federal Reserve and these
other central banks working to undermine
our economy to inflate the dollar and so
forth to make labor here expensive as
long as you do that it is not a level
playing field and it is not free trade
we'll be right back
you know I want to play another clip for
you that I play at the top of the hour
we have our radio affiliates typically
doing news at the very top of the hour
when I played this clip I want to play a
clip we have a Democrat representative
Jim Hines he's from Connecticut they
were talking about the conversations
that he used to have with that he
frequently has with a colleague another
Democrat congresswoman cherry Bustos of
Illinois and they're talking about this
whole Russia investigation we're gonna
be talking about the Russia
investigation with Lee Stranahan coming
up in the next hour as well with some
updates on that but he says it's a kind
of a running joke and let's play that
clip and I don't want to play for you
what we have from Joe Biden we says
we've lost touch with the blue-collar
workers in America but first here's that
clip from Jim Hines Democrat of
Connecticut here's the thing my good
friend Cheri Bustos who represents a
very tough district in Illinois we have
sort of a running joke going in the
mornings which is you know she's got a
district very different than mine I
represent Fairfield County Connecticut
she's in the heartland she's in a
district with it with that we need to
figure out how to win again every Monday
morning when I see sherry we come up
there's a little bit of laughter and she
says you know what my constituents still
aren't asking me about Russia and the
point there is that if the Democratic
Party doesn't get focused and I'm not
sure we're doing this well if we don't
get focused on kitchen table issues on
the anxiety of American families we're
gonna pay a cost but if you can make the
case here in Washington why can't you
make the case
in her district well I think I think
that's the question that answers itself
a case that is made here inside the
beltway rarely I think has a lot of
resonance to middle-class families
sitting around in small towns in Ohio
and Michigan and and so he was answering
that in response to that question er
there is a Washington Post reporter said
why aren't Democrats campaigning on the
Russia probe because everybody knows is
phony and he says it's a running joke
and he says if we don't get focused on
kitchen table issues we're gonna pay the
cost at the polls because the people
don't care about this the reason that
people don't care about it is because
they know there's nothing there
absolutely nothing there but there is
something when it comes to taxes
remember you know we talked about the
kitchen table issues you might want to
talk about those crumbs that Nancy
Pelosi talked about it's the economy
stupid it's gonna be the crumbs stupid
when it comes to the election and this
is what we have here were Trump's tariff
plan he has completely outflanked the
Democrats and here's what Joe Biden has
to say about that no it was like
watching uncle ants friends neighbors
lose a job my dad used to say Joey
remember a job is about a lot more than
a paycheck
it's about your dignity it's about your
it's about your place in your community
some people party don't even get it
anymore no they don't they don't get it
it's about our pride it's about our
it's about who the hell we are what
we've done it makes me angry it makes me
angry and I don't know if Joe Biden ever
got it before President Trump got it
where was he 25 years ago when they were
pushing NAFTA through rigging everything
against us again it is not free trade
its North American but it's not free
trade it's an agreement but it's not
free trade the North American Free Trade
Agreement is not free trade thousands of
pages of regulations and you can just
look at the results for 25 years taking
us from a rough parity with Mexico
immediately to 17 billion dollar-a-year
deficits and then up to 70 over 70
billion dollars a year recently every
year we've had a trade deficit none of
them have been less than 17 billion
dollars a year with Mexico and that
translates into a lot of jobs a lot of
factories that have been shut down
it is about dignity and having respect
and freedom and so forth and now you've
got people in the Democrat Party along
with the Republicans saying you know
we're gonna take all the jobs away from
people we're gonna automate everything
even if we bring these factories back
we're gonna automate everything we'll
just put everybody on a universal basic
income we'll put them all on allowance
we'll treat them the same way we treated
the Indians in the reservations and you
better understand what this is all about
the universal basic income is just
another one of the aspects of agenda 21
the UN agenda for 2030 sustainability
smart cities universal basic income all
of that stuff rolls together along with
the fact that you give up your ownership
on automobiles just a story that was up
on Drudge I think your next auto bill
may be done by priests by subscription
by prescription right you have to get
permission and that's basically the way
that it'll work you'll you'll have to
get permission you have to make sure
that all your taxes are paid and then
you'll rent it by the right and you will
own nothing you won't own a home you'll
have a little tiny cubby hole maybe 200
square feet maybe 100 square feet maybe
17 square feet that's already happening
in Hong Kong and they're already talking
about having
that happened in San Francisco with the
out-of-control prices there but this is
the path that we have been on and the
only way that we're going to turn that
back is to stop doing stupid Claude
Yonker says we can do stupid - we can
raise our taxes - and Trump buses all
right well then we'll we'll see your
raise and we'll raise it again
Harley Davidson one of the people that
Uecker threatened to put more taxes on
selling their product into Europe maybe
he thought that we wouldn't the
president Trump was too stupid to
recognize what the imbalance was in the
automobile industry so he says Oh we'll
talk about bourbon and we'll talk about
jeans and we'll talk about
harley-davidson we'll put taxes on those
things and so harley-davidson comes back
says don't do it mr. Trump
president Trump don't don't put these
tariffs on Harley Davidson released a
statement saying the motorcycle company
would be hit as far as sales were f
tariffs were enacted but as Breitbart
points out at the same time that
harley-davidson has been pushing against
this they've recently laid off a lot of
American workers in January they
announced that they would be closing
their plant in Kansas City moving
leftover production to York Pennsylvania
losing 260 American manufacturing jobs
and this came a year after they decided
that they would outsource things to
emphasis now emphasis is a company that
out sorts of I used the h-1b visa to
outsource American jobs to foreign
nationals they outsource their IT
department to Infosys they had a lot of
people who were laid off in their IT
department they lost 125 Americans and
their IT department to foreign nationals
at harley-davidson and you look at this
say well we're just struggling to try to
to make ends meet and putting
outsourcing things - in India as well as
shutting down manufacturing plants but
go back to 1983 we had Ronald Reagan
work with them to protect carly davidson
the New York Times reported at that time
the action was exceptional for
protecting a single American company the
Harley Davidson Motor Company of
Milwaukee the only surviving american
and maker of motorcycles and they said
we're delighted at the time that was the
chairman of harley-davidson he said
it'll give us time that we might
otherwise not have had to make
manufacturing improvements and to bring
out new products well that was 35 years
ago now after 35 years harley-davidson
has lost the will to compete and their
cowardly begging President Trump not to
do things to support other industries
who still have the will to fight that
that's the thing that is really really
concerning about this all right we're
just about finished with this when we
come back I want to talk about the way
that China is going to respond to this
it has to do with the central banks and
it has to do with the Fed and we need to
audit the Fed and we better do it pretty
quickly Rand Paul is right about that if
there's gonna be a trade war there has
been a trade war folks let's recognize
that there has been a war on our economy
and the Federal Reserve as well as other
central banks have been leading that war
and it is the establishment Republicans
and Democrats who have transferred our
economy to China what is China gonna do
stay with us I'll tell you right after
the break
well I've got some big breaking news on
the Las Vegas shooting and I'm gonna get
to that in just a moment before we do I
want to finish up on this trade
situation as I said before we went to
break I'll tell you what China is going
to do what many of us think it's going
to do the Navy the Marine Corps many of
their leaders are warning that China is
weaponizing capital I mentioned that
yesterday as they buy up our trade
deficit which is engineered by the
Federal Reserve and by these other
central banks as David Stockman pointed
out you take the ten countries that we
have 90 percent of our trade deficit
with it amounts to 810 billion dollar
trade deficit a year but those 10
countries and their central bank works
with our central bank the Federal
Reserve to make sure that we have
inflation here in high wages and so
forth and to to rig the dollar so that
we are not competitive with them I mean
it is a multi-front trade war that's
been going on for a long time and as we
look at the meeting that's coming up
with President Trump so they're going to
be talking about NAFTA again there is no
such thing as free
but this allows him leverage with them
it has managed trade and it has been
managed to our disadvantage just as we
see in Europe as they saw it threaten
and say well we're gonna put taxes on a
harley-davidson and president Trump says
you do that I'll put a 25% tax on your
cars because right now we've got a 4 to
1 differential in terms of taxes coming
into our country and they charge us four
times that amount for cars that we sell
into the European Union but what is
China gonna do as the Navy and Marine
Corps said they're gonna weaponize
capital I reported this yesterday I said
President Trump was already rolling out
legislation to keep the Chinese from
buying up taking the money out of the
Federal Reserve in order to collapse a
dollar to take money out of that and to
start buying up America land other
assets in the country and what they're
doing is they're saying there's gonna
have to be reciprocity if you don't
allow us to buy assets in China and they
don't then we're not gonna allow you to
buy assets in America doesn't that seem
to be reasonable I would think that
people would understand that I think
people would applaud that and he's also
been tweeting about intellectual
property because that is a big part of
the China prize the fact that they steal
anything and they don't pay any
attention to any copyrights or patents
or anything they steal it it is
basically a giant pirating operation
with currency rigging and a lot of other
things slave labor you name it dirty
power generation oh give them a pass and
the Paris climate Accord don't require
them to have cleaner power generation
give them a pass on that but of course
they're gonna throught they would abuse
that the throttle American companies and
they've just passed the TPP not
including us all the rest of the people
put this end there and they said Oh see
America missed the boat you guys didn't
get a chance to be part of the TPP it's
like we still don't want to be in it
we still don't want to have our economy
managed by unelected people who we don't
know anything about they're they're not
elected by us they're not accountable to
us and we don't want our economy managed
by them top Navy and Marine Corps
officials yesterday expressed concern
over China's a
Bandung global reach said the superpower
was rapidly buying up foreign land in
order to win without fighting it's kind
of like the open borders remember when I
said what what if you know back in the
day when we had the first cold war that
they've now restarted what if the
Russians just walked across the border
because we don't have anybody protecting
our border why have they just walked
across and they got registered to vote
in California and they started taking
over our elections and they elected
Nikita Khrushchev that's a yeah so he
wouldn't have to bury us he would just
have arias at the polls why not do that
or as I said you don't want to watched
darkest hour said you know why did the
why did Hitler stop his people they're
on the French side of the English
Channel he could have just sent them
over one by one and taken over the taken
over Britain taking over their elections
and thrown Winston Churchill out of
office or whatever he knew to put Adolf
Hitler in this president just could have
done it that way and so the Chinese can
win without fighting they can buy up all
of our assets they can send people over
here maybe they got eighty thousand
dollars some people pay so they can have
their kids here they have websites in
China that sell this to them they say
hey for 80 thousand dollars you can
we'll help you get across the border so
they don't notice that you're pregnant
and we'll put you up in a hotel and then
after your baby is born
it'll be an American citizen and be able
to get 13 years of free schooling plus
discounts on college and then you can
retire there with your anchor baby
they'll be able to get benefits for you
and you'll be able to move into America
as well all that for $80,000 and oh by
the way you can go to California
hospitals and you can get free health
care free delivery and these are people
some of them are very high net worth
individuals who had a lot of money but
they were still getting charity care at
the hospitals getting their baby
delivered their anchor baby delivered
for free yeah that's the way you win
without fighting if we don't protect our
borders and if we don't have these types
of laws but Trump is already preparing
to deal with this they already have this
in the pipeline that not only said the
Navy and Marine Corps officials not only
in the dollars and Sitz that they're
that they're writing to support their
military expansion and their
technological work but also what they're
doing around the globe they are
weaponizing capital and guess what
they're also building up their
infrastructure remember that building
roads investing in ports oh we can't do
if we build any roads or ports we're
gonna have to have those built by
private corporations so they can own our
roads so they can own our ports just
like the toll roads are owned by foreign
corporations that's something we still
have to work on in this country that's
something that President Trump is still
not addressing and as we look at this
the quote from Mitch McConnell who says
we have to be have a genuine concern
that this not escalate into something
that is much broader let me tell you
it's the European Union that needs to
worry about this so we've got to protect
our allies in the European Union the
European Union is under attack in a lot
of different ways it is falling apart
from the inside the Italian election
that happened over the weekend a great
example of this as we're pointing out on
a Zero Hedge Italy is going boom a lot
of people are saying oh this is terrible
what's happening no it's actually a
reflection of this push of economic
nationalism versus globalism and
centralized control of the European
Union and they point out that said there
may come a time not too much further
down the road when Briggs it will have
been quite forgotten but placed and put
in a second tier of European
disintegration if you're against tighter
integration and against control by the
European Union then you are a fascist
xenophobe a racist of the first order
nevertheless and very heavy turnout
Italians voted for an anti-establishment
anti euro parties they said that after
establishment parties managed to contain
populist in Germany French and Dutch
elections and I would put that in quotes
for Germany it has taken uncle of Merkel
over six months to try to put together a
coalition government there and she's
still son as last I saw they said well
it's gonna happen any day now looks like
we got an agreement I've been seeing
that story recirculated around for
several months this has been six months
since the German election she was so
severely damaged that it's taken her at
least this long to put together a
coalition if in fact
she has won at this point but in Italy
they have enough with two parties that
were anti European Union to form a
majority government the five star
movement is a political party that is
against the European Union and they
finished in first place with 33 percent
of the vote
the ruling party that just a couple of
years ago got 40% of the vote that was
actually four years ago they finished
far behind at only 18% and because
there's not one but two anti-eu parties
the other one can get together with the
five star movement and they can form a
anti European Union coalition and at the
same time as we look at Germany which is
really running the European Union this
is really a kind of a stealth takeover
that's where Bilderberg was about right
there at the site of the last Nazi
victory ten years after the last Nazi
victory and if you watch the movie a
bridge too far that's the the site where
they had the Bilderberg meeting and
that's why they named it back in 1955
and one of the first things that they
did was to talk about the euro a common
currency people had talked about a
European free trade zone but they
started talking about the euro because
they realized it was going to be
economic unification that would lead to
political unification but now Poland is
saying we want eight hundred and fifty
billion dollars from Germany for World
War two reparations I said wait a minute
you can't do that back in 1953 you
signed an agreement the Polish Authority
said well we were under control of the
Soviet Union we didn't have any say-so
on that and we're telling you pay up
Germany eight hundred and fifty billion
dollars we'll be right back I'm David
Knight alright I've got an update about
the Las Vegas shooting you're not gonna
believe this as well as what's happening
with this astroturf gun control
and we had a teacher call in yesterday
and you can see the video that we've got
exclusive teacher forced to march for
our lives that's on our YouTube channel
real news with David Knight and we're
gonna give you some updates because
that's not the only thing that is
happening what happened in that school
before we do real quickly I want to
remind you of the specials that we have
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American Congress we have a
congressional testimony where they say
yeah we got this info war story that is
trending why did that get what was that
up there well we took it down why didn't
you take it down sooner I mean it has
planned censorship and we've got media
organizations that are pushing this
pushing it maybe there's some kind of a
RICO statute that could be invoked here
there's a great article from Breitbart
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Infowars that's it's personal with them
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as we talk about these school shootings
you know sometimes you just can't rely
on the government to protect you or your
kids can you we've seen that over and
over again you never can it's a matter
of fact Supreme Court says they have no
duty to protect they said that three
times twice in the 80s the third time
was recently in 2005 but take a look at
the specials we have an info war store
calm we really do appreciate your
support all right let's talk about this
Las Vegas news here just to put this in
perspective there's
story that just came out on the New York
Post saying that Charles Manson's corpse
is still haunting the morgue
they haven't anything with his body
they're still waiting for somebody to
collect his remains they haven't ruled
what they're gonna do on it and he died
back in November 19 and remember is a
little while ago that I reported that
you had newspaper organizations you had
the Associated Press Las Vegas Review
suing the Las Vegas metropolitan Police
Department for the autopsy said we want
to see the autopsy what is the cause of
death what is the time of death and so
forth and even after the court said turn
it over they were still stonewalling
even though at that point in time that
was the end of January so it was about
six or seven weeks after the coroner had
cremated the body of the person they say
was the mass murderer Steven panic they
cremated the body and still six to seven
weeks later even with a court order they
wouldn't turn over the autopsy they said
that is really strange
because here's Charles Manson and he's
been on ice since November the 19th but
they cremated Steven paddocks body seven
weeks after the shooting and then for
another six or seven weeks I still
wouldn't turn over the autopsy well he
finally did turn over the autopsy and
they did it the beginning of February
February the 9th they turned it over and
it was on a Friday afternoon I didn't
notice it I was just happened to go back
and look and say did they do the autopsy
read it's like I ya know they quietly
did it you know when you don't want
anybody to notice something what do you
do you put it out on a Friday afternoon
we say this all the time just like what
molar did the Russians don't look at the
details there yeah I indicted Russians
okay so and look we released the autopsy
so don't pay any attention to the
details well somebody did there are an
article about it on medium so Steven
panic autopsy reveals the time of death
at 12 o'clock noon the next day after
the shooting and they've got a screen
shot of it you can look at this date of
death 10 to 17 time of death
1200 hours that's the official report
that raises some questions February 9th
2018 late in the afternoon of Friday the
AP released the original PDF of Stephen
paddocks autopsy results by linking to
it in one of the articles rather quickly
within an hour or two the autopsy report
was spiked out of the article subsequent
coverage by news outlets have covered
the bombshell report by focusing on
anti-anxiety medication which we already
knew we knew that from the very
beginning we knew that he's being
prescribed things that could cause you
to have issues but a common link and a
lot of these shootings but it can mean
that you're the shooter or it can mean
that you're the Patsy they can be used
either way but anyway everybody focus on
the medications where he knew that so
that's what all the reports that talked
about that reflected on if they talked
about it at all there's on a Friday
afternoon the AP who had sued for the
autopsy results had to remove the most
important part of their would have been
bombshell article in order to appease
what appears to be the law enforcement
agencies tasked with investigating the
worst mass shootings and modern US
history and it is kind of interesting as
they say here is this complicity on the
part of AP after they sued to get this
they put it out and then when there's
something there that doesn't fit then
how many times do we see stuff come out
in Las Vegas that doesn't fit the
narrative and now here's yet another one
yet another one
sheriff Lombardo here's the time frame
here not only did they get the date the
next day 10 to but even the time 12 noon
look at how this fits into what I think
is now be third and official version
we've had three different official
timelines of the shooting
sheriff Lombardo's told the public that
the metro and SWAT first arrived on the
32nd floor at approximately 10:17 on
october the first but they did not
initially breach the suspects room
because the shooting had already stopped
by 10:17 they breached the door to room
30 to 135 at approximately 11:20
remember the time of death is noon right
1120 according to the police scanner
audio officers did indeed rive upon a
dead body
after breaching the door so if they fix
the car time of death at noon and they
said the shooting had stopped and they
get in again a half hour before that I
don't know what the accuracy is on the
time of this but why would the official
autopsy report do that maybe that's why
they released it on a Friday maybe
that's why the AAP took it down see
there's a lot of questions there and we
should be allowed to question the
government without being shut down but
they do that all the time and as I was
talking about yesterday you know it's
easy for people who are constantly lied
to by the government to just say
everything is fake everything is fake in
this everything and nobody died and
that's not the case
we've even got people saying nobody died
in Sutherland Springs the Texas Church
shooting as I pointed out yesterday as a
Washington Post article one of the
pastor's well the pastor that was there
who's there now of course I talked to
the guy who was the pastor there
previously Mark Collins mentioned that
yesterday but just to give you an idea
of the links that some people go to the
hang a sign out side of the church and
harass these people 26 people died in
that church do you find it interesting
that they didn't push gun control you
find it interesting that we didn't have
marches by Christians that everybody
wasn't saying president Trump must need
must have to do something the NRA or
mass killers and stuff why did not not
happen why did they not really focus on
this Texas Church shooting well it's
because the guy who stopped it had an
ar-15 like the killer the guy who
stopped it was a former NRA instructor
and yet we are supposed to lose the
Second Amendment because 17 children
died in Parkland the Stoneman Douglas
High School
that is a tragedy it's not a greater
tragedy than 26 people dying in a church
many of those people who died in that
church some of them were adults just
like some of the 17 who died at the high
school were adults some of the children
who died at this Texas Church shooting
were far younger than the high school
students who died that's some very very
young children
matter fact the pastor's daughter was
younger than the kids who died in the
churches just 14 years old and so you
have these two people
Jody man Robert oh sorry said they
believe the mass shooting never happened
that it was staged by the Department of
Homeland Security they don't believe the
victims are real they don't believe
their graves are real they want to see
birth certificates they continually
yelled and screamed and hollered at the
pastor he said he said there told me
they were gonna hang me from a tree and
pee on me while I was hanging there they
have a website they call conspiracy
granny well they were finally arrested
in for resisting arrest on Monday I say
we have to understand that you have to
be able to question the false stuff
without questioning everything just
because you were lied to and there's a
lot of crazy vicious people out there
and that is a crazy vicious idea but
we're gonna take a look at how this push
for gun control is merely astroturf when
we come back stay with us we're gonna
take a look at the astroturf movement at
the way that they're using high school
students as they beard to taking away
the Second Amendment and we're gonna
take a look at the call that we had
yesterday as well I'll tell you where
you can see that if you didn't hear that
on the program yesterday teacher talking
about how they're being forced to be
props in this pageant to take away our
Second Amendment called March for our
lives and it's not just there we got our
rock concert in Florida where they're
offering a 50% discount if you'll sign
their gun control petition as a student
so forth but just take a look at this
story that broke actually it was on
Tuesday I had it on my desk yesterday
talked about I didn't get around to it
in Utah you had a student who brought a
homemade bomb to school earlier in the
day he had flown an Isis flag he'd taken
down the school flag and put up an Isis
flag it spray-painted Isis is coming on
the wall of another high school he was
somebody who had researched Isis online
and so forth and he brings a bomb to
school some of the students noticed that
his backpack was smoking and they
contacted school officials and they call
the police and the police actually came
in Utah
unlike Broward County
and they got the backpack it was sitting
near a vending machine it had matches
canisters he was making a sizzling sound
and it was a homemade explosive device
now when I saw this report on March 6
two days ago in the morning I tweeted
out I said oh so we've got an
isis-inspired teen that's trying to blow
up the school they see this on Liberty
Terry and I got a pin the top I said I
guess we need more bomb control laws
maybe we need to rage raise the age on
bomb-making but we got to do something
you know that's what we hear we gotta do
something so let's just ask the teens
what we should do it's not just guns
it's the people we say this all the time
it's the people look at what happened in
Vienna we got four people overnight
seriously injured and knife attacks in
Vienna some crazy guy attacked the
family they got the father the mother or
seventeen-year-old daughter with a knife
three people are seriously injured their
lives are in danger they may die guy had
a knife they had no way to protect
themselves or in shree in Paris we had a
Sri Lankan immigrants get into a fight a
couple of guys come in looking for one
guy two guys come in with machetes and
they had hoodies they had machete and a
saber and they scalped this guy and cut
off his arm nobody there to protect
where were the police don't they have
police in France yeah they do but they
can't be everywhere as the saying goes
it's easier to carry a gun and a carry
policeman on your back I mean they're
human I I don't want to live in a place
where you have government armed officers
omnipresent that's typically called a
prison and you know trying to create a
prison environment isn't going to work
with gun prohibition it hasn't worked
with drug prohibition you lock people up
in jail as a matter of fact we've had
mothers turn their kids in as drug users
hoping that by putting them in jail they
can get them off of the addiction and
then they wind up overdosing in prison
and if you can't stop drugs from coming
into a prison
you're not gonna stop it even if you
turn your society into a prison and that
same prohibition law applies to guns
especially so that's the insanity that
they're trying to create here
and then what are they doing to the kid
so we've got as I said this Florida Fort
Rock Fest is offering a 50% discount to
students who signed the gun control band
they want a lot of students to show up
we've got in Florida as they refuse to
ban assault weapons they said let's
let's do something at the school level
to actually increase security instead of
just banning guns and hoping that
they're going to disappear like we
banned drugs and they didn't disappear
from the schools either let's do
something to try to make the kids safer
and now I've got the largest school
districts in Florida say they're not
going to participate in the armed
guardians program not gonna do it not
gonna let teachers protect themselves
and other people they said the only
people who should be carrying weapons
should be law enforcement officers you
know people with uniforms that that
makes it good if they've got a uniform
on well it's gonna make them a target
it's not gonna be as effective but the
largest school districts which are gonna
which educate nearly 60% of Florida
school chum the largest ten say we're
not going to participate in a program to
protect our kids we want the government
to do it in Washington you know after we
had the shooting and Sullivan Springs
Texas the shooting of the church there
weren't any calls for the federal
government to protect churches there
were no demands for the president to
quote/unquote do something to infringe
on the Second Amendment there were no
there was no demonizing of the NRA I
wonder why that is well it's because it
was an NRA instructor who stopped the
shooting and he did it with an ar-15
there's no demonizing of the ar-15
either no they didn't want you to see
that they want you to move on just like
they didn't want you to see what
happened in Las Vegas and when to move
on from that as phony as that was but
the thing that I find interesting was
that there was no call for that even at
the state level we didn't have a we got
to set up a program to pay deacons or
bishops or whatever you want to call
people or pastors or priests or what are
we got to pay the people in the churches
to train themselves and to protect
themselves and protect people in those
areas there were no calls like that
anywhere anywhere in the country now
here in Texas not anywhere instead the
people and many of the churches said we
have to
protect ourselves and we're going to
work with local law enforcement to have
them trained individuals who will be
armed people won't know who those
individuals are and that will be the
best that we can do to protect ourselves
and it is the best that you can do
netilat no system is perfect never again
is the most naive idea
you can't ever say that about anything
but you can do things and you can do the
most effective things and so there was
no call for the federal government or
the state government or the president
that you must do something to protect
our churches and we still got people
down there harassing them saying nobody
died absolutely shameful people really
did die you can always investigate an
operation with people really did die in
Texas and they're being harassed with
that but they don't want you to see what
happened there because it doesn't fit
their agenda and a guy with ar-15
protecting people is associated with the
NRA protecting people but they want you
to look at the school system situation
yesterday we had a teacher who called in
said they're holding this rally 17
minutes for 17 lives and they all want
us to go outside and participate in this
relish I don't want to participate in it
but you're gonna be forced to
participate in it they told them because
we're going to have a fire alarm it's
gonna force everybody out of the
building so it's kind of their little
their little astroturf photo-op that
they've got going you can see that
report on our YouTube channel real News
a David Knight the title is exclusive
teacher forced teachers forced to March
for our lives but they're incentivizing
it in Baltimore you know you got a
Baltimore school system here where the
listen to the state of this school
system this is a school district in
Baltimore they had one hundred and
thirty million dollars in debt as 2017
began a hundred and thirty million
dollars in debt but they're going to be
paying students to go to the March for
our lives in Washington they're going to
give them free lunches they're gonna
give them free t-shirts they're going to
give them 60 buses to bust them in and
this is a school district that is a
hundred and thirty million dollars in
debt they're laying off teachers they're
laying off staff they're increasing
their class
sizes by as many as 10 students per
I'm that's a big increase I don't know
with it class size are typically 20 to
30 students in the classrooms I mean
you're looking at 50 30 to 50 percent
increase in class sizes and there's
still 130 million dollars to that but
they got a lot of money to send an army
of buses and give all these kids free
lunches to take away guns that's that
astroturf march that's being put
together by George Clooney Oprah Winfrey
Steven Spielberg and a lot of other
Hollywood types given a half a million
dollars each for this astroturf rally
against the Second Amendment demonizing
responsible gun owners innocent people
saying that the NRA is a bunch of mass
murderers and of course we've had record
numbers of people joining the NRA
joining gun owners of America joining
the National Association for gun rights
many of these different gun
organizations they said according to a
recent analysis here's the other thing
that these Baltimore schools can't do
they can't teach anybody anything about
math I wouldn't want to have that you
know because two plus two equals five
that's most important thing you don't
know anything you are captive to these
people all you know is racist sexist
homophobic or
what you like to be black or white or
Asian you get to choose that we won't
tell your parents how's that another
they said only one in three Baltimore
City high schools rather one in three
Baltimore City high schools don't have a
single student that is proficient in
math think about that a third of the
schools don't have one student who is
proficient in math in Baltimore 130
million dollars in debt but they're
participating in this astroturf rally
another six of the schools have student
math proficiency rate of less than one
percent so they do have one student but
they don't have one percent of the
student body
several Baltimore schools have closed
due to heating and plumbing problems the
Baltimore Sun reports the sixty of the
city's 180 school campuses reported
building issues including burst pipes
buckling floors and flooding but that's
okay they still got the money to send
the kids to a rally give them free
lunches give them free t-shirts
you know this is also a city that under
that same mayor is setting up $200,000
and funds to pay lawyers who will defend
illegal immigrants against deportation
that same mayor Catherine pew-pew yeah
it really stinks okay take a look at the
Connecticut governor Daniel Malloy on
Monday he called the NRA a terrorist
organization he said the NRA today is a
far cry from the NRA than 1999 said
teachers shouldn't carry weapons in
schools well they were wrong if they
said that and if they're saying teachers
should carry weapons in schools now
they're right he said or in the 1990s
that we should have universal background
checks well the government isn't doing
that are they if you're gonna have
background checks you got to put some
data in the database and they're not
doing that CNN has finally admitted that
the u.s. town where guns are required
only had one murder over six years that
small Georgia town Kennesaw Georgia
remember that back in 1982 everybody got
upset I said you got to have a handgun
to protect yourself every household has
to maintain a firearm and you know
probably every household doesn't do it
nobody ever complain ever never get
universal compliance with any law but
when people look at this and they say
well maybe I'm gonna go somewhere else
to commit my crimes because there's
gonna be even if every household doesn't
have a gun a lot of those households are
going to have a gun all right
least Stranahan is gonna be joining us
in the next segment and as a lead-in
here I want to talk about what Matt TOB
of Rolling Stone he's a good reporter I
mean he's he would disagree with me on
most issues probably that or economic or
even social issues but he has gone after
the bank's gone after the Obama
administration been very honest on that
he was the one who wrote the article
too-big-to-fail talking about how Eric
Holder and all these other people had
given HSBC a pass on multiple
convictions of money laundering with
drug cartels and terrorist organizations
now he's talking about the absurdity of
the ongoing Russian witch-hunt which is
a good deal what we're gonna be talking
to Lee Stranahan about Lee's been on
this from the very beginning Matt TOB of
Rolling Stone has written perhaps the
best summary reports a zoo hedge of how
absurd political discourse in the US has
he says non-conforming opinions are now
blacklisted that's what's going on
Infowars that's what's going on with our
tea that's what's going on with Sputnik
it's what's going on on YouTube against
all these conservative outlets it's what
happened to Mike Adams having his
YouTube channel taken down if you don't
have a conforming opinion if you
question authority you'll be taken down
and they call it bullying and harassing
they call you the bullier they call you
the harasser when they are the ones who
are doing it
he says the crazy inverse logic of the
new national blacklist was on full
display after special prosecutor Robert
Muller indicted 13 Russian troll farm
operatives in February on a Friday
evening on that and the wake of this
foreign meddling charge CNN reporter
Drew Griffin banged on the door of an
elderly female Trump supporter named
Florine go far been accused her being a
Russian collaborator and if that isn't
bullying and harassment I don't know
what is he goes on to say since Trump
selection we've been told that Putin was
all or partly behind the lot of
everything he was behind the Catalan
independence movement he was behind the
Sanders campaign he was behind breaks it
he was behind Jill Stein's green party
run he was behind black lives matter
left or right it doesn't matter you know
they're actually saying that he has ties
to the NRA on the left and we have the
some people are blaming Russia for the
fact that Italy has had enough of the
European Union so now they're blaming
the outcome of the Italian election on
Russia everything is Putin but you know
what Bill Kristol and a lot of CIA
operators and nevertrump errs are a part
of this as well as clean Grenn glenn
greenwald points out we'll be right back
with lee Stranahan welcome back i'm
david knight we're gonna be talking to
lee Stranahan course lee is a journalist
very well-known has worked for outlets
on both the left and the right he worked
for huffington post at one point he
worked for Breitbart at one point now
you can find him on his radio show fault
Sputnik news.com he's co-hosting that
with garland nixon i want to talk to him
about the russian boogeymen and of
course the the hoax of a special
prosecutor that we have that's being
played on us the fact that we've got
this guy in there
there's no controlling legal authority
there's no end to this and nobody can
say anything about this he can never
stop it's just got to keep going on
that's really not what has historically
happened I mean we've had special
councils going back to the mid 1800s
looking at at scandals they were
typically appointed by presidents but
now the president can't do anything at
all about it or it will be impeachment
time according to the Democrats so we're
gonna talk about all this and the blame
game being played on Russia in just one
moment before we go to leave real
quickly so we don't break in the middle
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all right joining us now is Lee
Stranahan you can find him on the
populists dot us also citizen journalism
school comm thank you for joining us Lee
hey thanks for having me David we're
great to be with you once again I
it's always great to have you here you
know I was just reading about the the
comments that Matt TOB had about this
phony Russian investigation
I played earlier in the program I had a
Democrat congressman who was being
pushed by a wall Washington Post person
on Morning Joe the reporter was saying
why aren't you guys doing more to run on
the Russian probe and he goes it's a
joke he said we're laughing about this
we got to get down to pocketbook issues
and yet we've got New Yorker journalist
Adrienne Chen who tweets out he says you
know I tried the best I could on the
Chris Hayes show to Tramp down this
troll farm panic he says it's only 90
people with a shaky grasp of English and
a rudimentary understanding of US
politics and their crap posting on
Facebook that's what he puts out and and
Matt T avi understands that Glenn
Greenwald understands that why is it
that the American people don't
understand it and just shut this
investigation down well here's one thing
that's interesting note this when you
siege people like John Brennan on MSNBC
right former director of the CIA do you
know what nobody's ever asked him here's
the question nobody's ever asked him
David how would you rate the tradecraft
of this operation on Facebook in other
words he's an intelligence professional
okay now you've had John Kiriakou and
your show before I know John he was
laughing about that yeah what's that
John was laughing about that he goes
that's the most ridiculous tradecraft
I've ever seen and we had Scott Adams
who did Dilbert and he tweeted out about
this he goes hey you know we can really
we can really take these guys down and
tell Putin what a lousy job they did and
basically they'll be history
I make that same joke on my radio show
on Sputnik all the time I say Vladimir
Putin if you're listening
stop cheeping out on this stuff but the
serious point of the joke is when you
see an operation you've never once heard
Brennan even asked that question because
if they ask Brennan that question he
would say this was very bad tradecraft
you don't spend as little money as they
spent most of it after the election if
you're trying to
we interfere in the election or even
divide people they didn't do a good job
on that
the reason they never asked him that and
and this is this is the point of it is
because once you look at the details of
the operation it is obvious that no
legitimate intelligence agency would
ever run this operation I'm not saying
that Russia would never do this sort of
I'm not saying an intelligence agency
like the CIA would never do this sort of
thing but they wouldn't do this sort of
thing if they were gonna do it they'd
spend millions look at the history of oh
yeah yeah it's about a fact right after
it was reported by as you point out many
times it was CrowdStrike
the contractor tonight ENC that said oh
here's what happened you know there is
this little program here and it was a
public domain program and John McAfee
said that's absolute nonsense no agency
would use an out-of-date public domain
program to do that of course CrowdStrike
was able to say that nobody would even
look at their servers when the FBI went
there they said no you can't see him I
said okay sorry to bother you and they
went away but John McAfee looked at
their report of what had happened he
said this is absolute nonsense it was an
out-of-date open-source hacking program
here no state agency would ever use
anything like that that that malware
that was used is Ukrainian
which is interesting but let me point
out the scam here okay
the scam to understand is very important
it's not conspiratorial it makes perfect
sense if you have a cyber security
company David and you you you you know
you you have Knight Rider let's call
that and and yeah it's your
cybersecurity company if you come out
with a report and says you know what it
doesn't make sense to me that this is
Russia because blah blah blah right
because it's Ukrainian it's public
domain guess what kind of government
contract you're gonna get zero that's
right well you push back against the
narrative that's right if you say that
now on the other hand we know for a fact
anybody can look this up just Google
CrowdStrike Google funding and you will
find multiple story
the CrowdStrike got hundreds of millions
of dollars in funding after they came
out that report with the report that
blames Russia so this just shows how
this bias works if you want the money in
cybersecurity you blame the person that
they want you to blame like again let's
say you looked into it you thought it
was Sweden okay
and you had absolute proof that it was
Sweden nobody wants to hear that and by
the way I don't think it was Sweden but
but but there's no money in that right
now and this is what's going on and this
is this is the game that people are
playing and people just need to think
through this stuff logically and I got
to say the attacks that have happened on
Infowars as somebody whose entire
youtube account was deleted I think Alex
was complying to say this he with the
the Community Guidelines strikes that he
got that's exactly what they did to take
down my account yeah and we talked to
Mike Adams and he he didn't the same
thing yeah go back get a very old
account and say oh that was bullying and
harassing because you had a guest on who
was questioning the Sandy Hook shooting
you're not allowed to question the
official narrative even if the official
narrative is the Russians did everything
you know they're pushing with the NRA
they're pushing against the Italian
elections welcome back I'm David Knight
I'm talking to Lee Stranahan and we're
talking about how the Russians have
become the universal boogeyman and how
if you throw out something that is not
the official narrative then they use
that as an effort to censor you but
let's take a look specifically at one
example here we got the Italian election
as I reported earlier in the program a
massive sea change we've now got an
upstart political party came in first
they got 33% of the vote the ruling
party which just four years ago got 40%
of the vote fell down to 18% of vote and
it looks like there will be a coalition
a ruling coalition of anti-eu parties
between two of these different parties
because there's two of them that
finished strongly in the election now
what is the
response of Samantha Power's one of the
top people in the Obama administration
top diplomat she said italy's italy
joins a long list of elections that have
been influenced by russia
Sputnik will do what Sputnik does she
said the question is what are our
democracies going to do about it
well voters repudiate candidates who
seek to benefit from Russian
interference you know Lee when I look at
this from Samantha Power's what are the
democracies going to do about it we had
as Nigel Faraj pointed out he's in
Greece where they invented democracy we
had the European Union come in and shut
down elected leaders and put in charge a
goldman sachs banker who then started
dictating economic terms to them that's
what the people are angry about it has
nothing to do with Russia Russia may you
know not like to see in the European
Union they're not but the people have
legitimate Greece about what's going on
they got a gripe about this they've seen
their economy eviscerated they've seen
their borders violated that's what that
election was about really excited about
this Italian election and let me tell
you why so when I I wasn't following it
closely when I first heard about it I
heard that this right-wing party the
five star movement was projected to
maybe win that they were coming on then
that they then that one okay yeah I
think they're like left-wing and I think
there's like force their side which is
the right-wing party but nevertheless
they're both anti-eu both of these party
here they're here's what it is here's
what I love about it they don't fit
anywhere in the traditional left-right
spectrum and this is what is scaring the
heck out of people so this is a party
the fives the five stars have to do with
the five points that they're in favor oh
one of which is environmentalism not
traditionally a right-wing cause right
but they're also anti-eu one of them is
another big cause of their is is what
they is is pulling back on the forced
corporate modernization right what I
love about this movement is it does not
fit squarely in the bro
can left-right paradigm now I'm on the
broadly speaking okay but and and the
left/right difference there is there are
clear differences but it's not the only
way to look at things oh yeah political
spectrum that's there that people don't
pay any attention to that's that's right
and the more interesting dynamic in the
world right now you see it in Catalonia
you see it in the Trump election you
even see it in the Obama election by the
way look at what happened here
historically Obama didn't win because he
was more liberal Obama won because
voters felt like I'm sick of the
establishment maybe this guy's something
new didn't work out that way but that's
why people supported Obama with Trump it
was really exactly the same thing
they're like you know what I'm sick of
the establishment this guy's different
maybe we'll get something different and
look Trump has not been perfect in
everything that he's done I don't agree
with a much of his foreign policy what
he ran on was great what he's governing
on is bad but that being said look at
the sweep of history because if you and
I can look at it David and everyone
watching can look at it do you know who
else can look at it the elites and
they're scared to death there's about
every 70 or 80 years you have a you said
everybody is anti-establishment they
don't like this town right and we have
seen that Strauss and how documented
that with a fourth turning they went
back about 500 years in English history
you know through Britta through English
history up through American history and
said look about every 70 to 80 years we
have a sweeping change you know we had
things like the American Revolution of
the Civil War or the New Deal or
whatever and so we can see that we can
even see it in Russia you know about 72
years between the the October Revolution
and then the fall of the Soviet Union so
there is a cycle of about 70 to 80 years
and that time is right about now so
that's one big aspect of it and then the
other part of this that's feeding it is
that people are pushing back against
this move towards centralization they
want more local control of their
government so those are really the
overriding factors in this regard
of where people are on individual issues
whether we label them as left or right
and that's why they got to parties in
Italy they disagree on a lot of details
but they agree on the fact that they
don't like the establishment and they
don't like giving up their lives to
people gonna govern them from a distance
just like we don't here in America we
don't want to be a part of the
trans-pacific partnership or the climate
that pairs agreement like we're gonna
see here in America that there are gonna
be people in various state areas that
say we don't like being governed from
Washington as a matter of fact well let
me tell you the other thing forget the
historical sweep for a second leave that
aside cuz that's accurate but there's
something very different now and the
elites are scared to death of it and
here's why
Tower Records let me explain when you
and I were growing up David
remember record stores oh yeah the idea
that that there were the idea when we
were teenagers that we would grow up and
there would be no record stores would
have been completely unthinkable does
that make sense oh yeah why is that it's
because right here I have an entire
Tower Records on my phone right I have
every song I'd ever want right now
available to me and so does everybody
I'm not the only one and it's ten bucks
a month it cost less for you know
Spotify or Apple music or whatever cost
less the elites saw that entire
industries the music industry the video
industry the media was changing let me
tell you when you guys run the ads on
Infowars I love them let me explain why
this is gonna sound like it the most
suck up thing I've ever said but it's
it's absolutely true Infowars has period
the best business model of any news site
which is you're independent as you
pointed out they cannot show you they
can take away all the advertisers on
YouTube right and but and and they're
trying to block us from accepting ads or
from even putting the ads for our
products out there so we put the ads for
our products as part of our broadcast as
part of our radio broadcast or YouTube
or our media broadcast because we can
broadcast from our own website we don't
have to go through YouTube that's
exactly right one of the things I love
about being on
but Nick is that they don't ever
restrict me they don't tell me what to
say there's no nothing like that and
we're not commercial does that make
which means that if I want to be
critical of fill-in-the-blank any
no no sales guy ever comes in and says
to me
Haley you really want to go light on
Starbucks because I'm trying to get them
as an advertiser for our day part in the
nighttime right you know on the opioid
epidemic because it's being done by big
pharma and there are major sponsor on
CNN and Fox and all this other kind of
thing right and and so when I see when I
see the ads that you guys do an Infowars
I just AM I'm excited because you're and
this is why CNN is scared to death of
you forget politics you're an
independent media outlet who is getting
in many cases more viewers than the CNN
daypart right that your other against
that is frightening as hell and this
goes back to Tower Records the idea the
idea that there's no blockbuster there's
no tower that the whole thing is
changing V and by the way this is one of
my opinion this is my opinion this is
why they pushed for Obamacare because
the next thing that's happening and
everybody knows this these are various
the elites aren't dumb they're very
smart so they know the fact that my
watch that I wear right now will we're
not quite there yet we're within a
couple of years where if I start to have
a heart attack my watch will be able to
call the ambulance for me let's say
right or I can check my glucose now or I
can do my own blood pressure the medical
industry tech is gonna change everything
we see oh yeah and it's gonna have some
positive decentralizing effects but of
course one of the other ways they're
gonna push I'll get your comments on
this on the other side is the smart
cities and are are they gonna
consolidate control the same Silicon
Valley entrepreneurs that are shutting
down our free speech
welcome back I'm David Knight and we're
talking to Lee it's trying to Han you
can find in citizen journalism school
comm also the populist dot us you can
find him on Twitter at Stranahan and we
talking as we went to a break we brought
up the fact that the way that we get
information just like the way that we
get our music now has changed radically
he was talking about tower record the
fact that we no longer buy records
instead we get subscription services we
rent this from some central location and
I want to ask you lay because this is
something that is something that I has
been a focus of what I've looked at a
long time you know we know that the
internet was the creation of a
psychologist working for DARPA they
originally called it JCR Licklider
originally called it the intergalactic
computer network and we've shortened
that up to the Internet they want to get
control of this and the way I look at
these services that are being put out
there by YouTube by Facebook by Twitter
they have free services quote-unquote
well if it's a free service you are the
product they're selling information
about you to other people and so forth
but they put this service out there for
free they lure us all in you know you
had a YouTube channel that got shut down
they lure everybody in so they can
create a massive monopoly and now we're
at the point where they are creating
control and I'm concerned as we're
moving forward that there's a lot of
these same companies are looking to do
this in the real world as they're
creating these smart cities and the
driverless cars and the 5g and so forth
they're luring people into this system
and these people who are seeking
monopolies are also seeking a society
where we all become renters and they own
everything I mean how do you see this
whole large but it's very disruptive in
terms of the way we live our lives in
terms of the way we get our information
we're seeing a massive disruption right
now there is a race going on right now
between people who want to use
technology to enhance their freedom
whether it's starting businesses whether
it's just expanding the ability to
research things whether it's
entertainment whatever it is and Louie
let me add a factor to what you said
about these tech companies these tech
companies are under threat let me make
real clear on this the threat the tech
companies and I have this from people in
Silicon Valley the government has told
them if you don't play ball with us
we're gonna use antitrust legislation
against you does that make sense
and both the carrot of the stick I mean
they get they get subsidies in some
cases but then they also get a threat
sometimes that threat is so that they
have plausible liability you know a
deniability or should say just to do
something that they really wanted to do
as well so I mean there's a lot of
different aspects to this you know
sometimes they put pressure on them and
say you need to start taking control of
this that the reason that you there's a
disagree I just say there's a reason
planned economies don't work there's a
reason North Korea is the way it is this
is the reason the Soviet Union was the
way it is it's because you cannot get
central authorities there's there's too
many individual decisions that people
make every day and people are able to do
stuff in secret and everything else so
there's a race right now between the
elites people who are running do it
loosely straight-up declaring Martial
Law right they they haven't done that
but people are wising up to it and
what's happening is there's more of us
than there are of them so let's say they
take Infowars off youtube Infowars is
still on in the info wars channel
they'll still go someplace the the
really disruptive thing about the
internet is its ability to route around
problems does that make sense
that's right Android that's why you know
there's a reason I called my site
populist TV there's a reason I named the
media saying we're still building it and
we haven't lived up to the promise yet
but the the future of politics is what I
refer to as populism it's anti elitism
now let's go back to the Italian
elections there is no equivalent of the
five star movement in this country right
now mm-hmm but it's coming and when it
comes it's not going to look like the
right or the left it's going to look
like a it people are going to be
confused by it because they're gonna go
gee well this populist movement they're
not exactly saying what the Democrats
say they're not exactly saying that the
Republicans say I believe the only
successful populist move
it's gonna have to be a small government
populist movement I say that based on
history communist revolutions for
instance the Soviet Union Cuba they're
clearly part of populism in the big
sweep of things does that make sense
they're clearly lying I agree I mean
look at the the American Revolution why
was it successful
right people understood it was about
Liberty they kept hammering Liberty
Liberty Liberty you look at the Reform
Party movement and it was a movement
that was fed up it was
anti-establishment we're tired of this
but like you point out people were all
over the place there wasn't a central
theme that they could latch on they were
against the center but they didn't have
something to replace it with and quite
frankly if we don't find you know they
might find one thing it could be around
environmentalism or something but if we
don't call s really around Liberty we're
just gonna be jumping out of the frying
pan into the fire well and I think that
though when you talk about specific
political issues and you know this as
well one of the ideas where most
so-called conservatives I'm not saying
they're not really conservatives I'm
saying it's only one way to look at it
they're there in rural a lot of
conservatives are in rural America right
you tell me the hunters fishermen you
tell me they're not environmentalists
they are you tell me that well they call
themselves conservationists they call
themselves confrontations yeah exactly
right but they're but they're addressing
some of the same problems they don't
want a big company dumping waste in a
river that's right and so once people
figure out that the sweet spot I'm late
we just pick on that one issue is
somewhere between conservationism and
environmentalism which gets to
supporting rights right which ultimately
gets to you don't have a right as a
company to use a river as your dumping
ground that's you're you're going beyond
your rights I believe again I when I
talk about populism I always framed
myself I'm a small government populist
because I believe that clearly as soon
as you start to get into the big
government aspect you become what you
hated you become the elite by definition
oh yeah and it destroys individual
that's why the founders of the country
were so concerned and and even the
people who were pro-constitution
but don't worry it's not gonna become
this centralized monster well it has
become a centralized monster so you have
to have individual Liberty at the
forefront and you have to have a
decentralized government those are two
essential parts of it and and the you
know the point there is to respect
individual choice individual freedoms
and liberties and and you know that's
that's really going to be a part of it
decentralization and that is a part of
this movement that I'm starting to see
everywhere you know you see it whether
it's in Catalonia trying to get out of
Spain or northern Italy or even these
larger national elections where they
want to get out of the EU now the the
part where I think you're going to see
the populist movement be different is on
issues like health care for instance I
think it is a valid populist position to
say that a bottom line safety net not
single-payer single-payer is complete
government control but some sort of
bottom line safety net is something that
a lot of people actually would go well
yeah that makes sense and I think a lot
of people also think that if your
three-year-old gets leukemia right you
you just lost the that you you hit the
bad luck lottery there and a lot of
people are open to that so part of the
thing is starting to develop populist
positions that are distinct from I a
purely a populism to me is not
libertarianism it combines L even the
populism that I picture in my head it
combines elements of libertarianism it
combines a small government view but it
realizes that for instance you actually
do need the government sometimes to come
in and stop court if a corporation is in
fact and by the way I'm in favor of
antitrust legislation being used against
YouTube and against Twitter but I'm not
in favor of it being used as a stick to
frighten them actually you don't let
them get away with with with what
they're doing and so that's what's
interesting the reason this five star
movement is so fascinating to me is
because it's the first real evidence I
see of a populist thing
that is not you cannot shoehorn it in
it's not the left it's not the right
it's this weird hybrid now I agree I can
go ahead and leave no that's all that's
all I just think it's gonna look a
little different but I'm really excited
about it I'm very very interested in it
because to me the future politics is the
Bernie supporters and the Trump
supporters saying wait a minute wait a
minute we agree on the problems let's
try to find a solution that's sane right
and that actually works and it doesn't
isn't just people repeating their bumper
stickers that's right it's gonna be an
interesting discussion and I hope that
it's part of this we understand - I mean
even when we talk about healthcare a lot
of times we don't realize we haven't had
a free market in healthcare where the
government hasn't interfered with it and
skewed things in one direction for a
very long time sometimes we make two
mistakes rather than realizing what the
original mistake was maybe we haven't
maybe we have it tried freedom and so
long we don't even know what it looks
like but thank you for joining us very
interesting discussion least Ranahan you
can find them at citizen journalism
school comm the populist dot us and
twitter at Stranahan thank you for
joining us today
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