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There’s No Such Thing As “Free Trade”
« on: March 09, 2018, 07:23:43 AM »

is that such thing as a free lunch well
you know what there is no such thing as
free trade either this is something that
is being pushed by the big powers just
like we're talking about this this
absurd war on drugs being pushed by the
people who are aligned with big
pharmaceutical companies well we got a
lot of people who are allied with the
globalist who want to push an open trade
forum and I want to take a look at this
now at the reality of this you know
there was an article it was up on Motor
Trend and you've got an auto conference
that's happening in Geneva right now and
the CEO of Fiat was at that conference
and so they're all talking about what's
going to happen if a trade war breaks
out because you had European Commission
President John jean-claude juncker say
that he's going to impose retaliatory
tariffs on jeans bourbon and
harley-davidson motorcycles well I guess
that's gonna make a lot of people sad in
give their blue jeans their bourbon and
their motorcycles don't use all three of
those don't use the Bourbon the
motorcycles at the same time at least
so Younker said we can also do stupid
and what he said there was really stupid
because guess what if Trump responds as
he immediately came back and says so you
want to do that well then maybe I'll put
a 25% tariff on the cars that you try to
sell in the United States and you look
at the cars and how much money they make
Germany's Daimler BMW and VW Group make
anywhere between 10 to 13 percent of
their overall profits from the US market
alone so you want to threaten us with
that then maybe what we'll do is put a
25 percent tariff on your automobiles
and the Fiat CEO says wait a minute wait
a minute let's everybody calm down
everybody calm down let's not escalate
this thing let's not keep this going and
that's what people were talking about
but as you look at this article what
comes out in the article is they talk
about the fact that European automakers
currently have a two and a half percent
tariff on the cars that they sell into
the United States so Mercedes and BMW
and VW and these German car companies
cuz I guess maybe Fiat doesn't solve
that many but they're selling more since
they were given Chrysler by Obama but as
they sell cars into the United States
they come in and they have a two and a
half percent tax on that you know how
much tax they put on American cars that
we try to sell into Europe a 10% tax how
about that they tax our cars at four
times the rate we tax their cars coming
into our country that's why I said
there's no such thing as free trade we
even add Ron Paul when he was talking
about NAFTA he said you want to call
that the North American Free Trade
Agreement Ron Paul said there is no such
thing as free trade in that agreement
that's thousands of pages so if you want
free trade that means you don't have any
taxes attached to it that means that you
don't have thousands upon thousands of
pages of regulations and taxes giving
way to goods from one country but then
penalizing those same goods if they're
coming from a different country and so
forth and that's the way these trade
agreements work out so you know when you
have this at first it looks like Oh
Trump is being being crazy is escalating
this well you know what is stupid is to
continue to say that we've got free
trade when they are taxing our
automobiles at four times rate that
we're taxing their automobiles that's
stupid and we've been doing stupid in
this country for a long time mr. Yonker
and we're not doing stupid anymore and
you better wake up to this I think it's
a great thing that President Trump did
that's why I was really surprised to
hear Rand Paul start to push all the
buttons saying oh we've got to worry
about trade war and all this other kind
of stuff no we don't we have to worry
about being taken advantage of like we
have for a very long time it kind of
reminds me if we go back to that
Harrison Bergeron story Harrison the
Kurt Vonnegut story called Harrison
Bergeron and if you remember they made
some short movies about that
it was about the political correctness
of the time this is not anything new
quite frankly folks all the political
correctness and they were worried that
everybody wasn't exactly equal so you
can have an equality of opportunity but
if you want equality of results they
would look at this and say well this
guy's this ballerina is really good at
what she's doing so let's put a ball and
chain on her and they actually act that
huh short-film
take a look at it's actually kind of
funny but what we have in trade is
really kind of a Harrison Bergeron
situation they look at the US and they
say oh the US is really strong in terms
of manufacturing let's hobble it
let's hobble it but only the United
States gets the hobbling the other guys
don't get that so as president Trump
starts to say we're going to help the
steel and aluminum industries and some
of these other other industries that
have been taken advantage of by these
so-called free trade agreements that
aren't free trade we have United States
Steel yesterday said it's going to fire
up a blast furnace and Granite City
Illinois reports The Wall Street Journal
they're gonna call back 500 workers
century aluminum said last week it will
restart lines at a smelter in Kentucky
they're been curtailed since Obama 2015
and they're gonna double their workforce
their to 600 they said our Granite City
works this is a u.s. deal the chief
executive said our Granite City Works
facility and employees have suffered too
long from unending waves of unfairly
traded steel products that have flooded
American markets the company had idled
the furnaces they'd laid off hundreds of
workers in 2015 as a flood of cheap
imports pushed down domestic prices but
of course now what this is created is a
spirit of bipartisanship in Congress as
a Daily Caller points out the unexpected
result of Trump's tariff plan is
bipartisanship in Congress to oppose him
bipartisan opposition from guess who the
establishment Chuck Schumer Mitch
McConnell Paul Ryan they're all about
their wringing their hands talking about
all of a major harm that's going to be
done to our allies you got to worry
about worry about Mexico and Canada well
they need to worry about themselves they
need to build their
manufacturing base a Paul Ryan
spokeswoman said the speaker is
extremely worried about the consequences
of a trade war and is urging the White
House to not advance with this plan let
me tell you something it's just like the
automobiles this trade war as I said
yesterday had already been declared by
the European Union and they said they
were gonna use a World Trade
Organization against America why because
Trump gave us a massive tax cut they
said that's not fair that's not fair
your people are going to be making more
money and you're you cutting regulations
you can't do that that gives you an
unfair trade advantage that's right
that's right so maybe you should cut
your regulations and your taxes instead
if you want to raise your taxes then
what we'll do is we'll see your raise
and I'll I'll ray all up the ante it's
like a poker game isn't it and they have
been using us as idiots we've been doing
stupid for a long time David Stockman
had this comment to make he said the end
of the Goldman Sachs Regency at the
White House is something to be
celebrated this is an article that's on
Zero Hedge coming from David Stockman
he said the financial commentariat and
the Robo machines that are all in a
tizzy because Gary Cohn up and quit but
we say good riddance the man gave Trump
bad advice on nearly every single issue
on trade on taxes on fiscal policy and
on the Fed and he says there is a
perverse symbiosis between the Fed and
the dirty flute central banks of the ten
major countries China Vietnam Mexico
Japan etc who account for 90% of the
nations were eight hundred and ten
billion dollar trade deficit in 2017 do
you understand what he's saying here
he's saying that the Federal Reserve in
these other central banks of these ten
countries that account for 90% of our
800 billion dollar trade deficit are
working together to undermine the
American economy that was why yesterday
I was really surprised I was very happy
to see Rand Paul say we got to audit the
Fed but we got to look at the bigger
picture here
it's the
that has been undermining our economy
and if you want to talk about free trade
which doesn't exist
that's a nice theory it'd be great if we
did have totally free trade he says it's
a kind of a running joke and let's play
that clip and I don't want to play for
you what we have from Joe Biden we says
we've lost touch with the blue-collar
workers in America but first here's that
clip from Jim Hines Democrat of
Connecticut here's the thing my good
friend Cheri Bustos who represents a
very tough district in Illinois we have
sort of a running joke going in the
mornings which is you know she's got a
district very different than mine I
represent Fairfield County Connecticut
she's in the heartland she's in a
district with it was that we need to
figure out how to win again every Monday
morning when I see Cheri we come up
there's a little bit of laughter she
says you know what my constituents still
aren't asking me about Russia and the
point there is that if the Democratic
Party doesn't get focused and I'm not
sure we're doing this well if we don't
get focused on kitchen table issues on
the anxiety of American families we're
gonna pay a cost but if you can make the
case here in Washington why can't you
make the case in her district well I
think I think that's the question that
answers itself a case that is made here
inside the beltway rarely I think has a
lot of resonance to middle-class
families sitting around in small towns
in Ohio and Michigan and hiya and so he
was answering that in response to that
question er there is a Washington Post
reporter says why aren't Democrats
campaigning on the Russia probe because
everybody knows is phony and he says
it's a running joke and he says if we
don't get focused on kitchen table
issues we're gonna pay the cost at the
polls because the people don't care
about this the reason that people don't
care about it is because they know
there's nothing there absolutely nothing
there but there is something when it
comes to taxes remember you know we
talked about the kitchen table issues
you might want to talk about those
crumbs that Nancy Pelosi talked about
it's the economy stupid it's gonna be
the crumbs stupid when it comes to the
election and this is what we have here
were Trump's tariff plan he has
completely outflanked the Democrats and
here's what Joe Biden has to say about
that no it was like
watching uncle ants friends neighbors
lose a job my dad used to say Joey
remember a job's about a lot more than a
it's about your dignity it's about your
it's about your place in your community
some people already don't even get it
no they don't they don't get it it's
about our pride
it's about our dignity it's about who
the hell we are and what we've done it
makes me angry it makes me angry and I
don't know if Joe Biden ever got it
before President Trump got it
where was he 25 years ago when they were
pushing NAFTA through rigging everything
against us again it is not free trade
its North American but it's not free
trade it's an agreement but it's not
free trade the North American Free Trade
Agreement is not free trade thousands of
pages of regulations and you just look
at the results for 25 years taking us
from a rough parity with Mexico
immediately to 17 billion dollar-a-year
deficits and then up to 70 over 70
billion dollars a year recently every
year we've had a trade deficit none of
them have been less than 17 billion
dollars a year with Mexico and that
translates into a lot of jobs a lot of
factories that have been shut down
it is about dignity and having respect
and freedom and so forth and now you've
got people in the Democrat Party along
with the Republicans saying you know
we're gonna take all the jobs away from
people we're gonna automate everything
even if we bring these factories back
we're gonna automate everything we'll
just put everybody on a universal basic
income we'll put them all on allowance
we'll treat them the same way we treated
the Indians in the reservations and you
better understand what this is all about
the universal basic income is just
another one of the aspects of agenda 21
the UN agenda for 2030 sustainability
smart cities universal basic income all
of that stuff rolls together along with
the fact that you give up your ownership
on automobiles just a story that was up
on Drudge I think your next automobile
may be done by
by subscription by prescription right
you have to get permission and that's
basically the way that it'll work you'll
you'll have to get permission you have
to make sure that all your taxes are
paid and then you will rent it by the
ride and you will own nothing you won't
own a home you'll have a little tiny
cubby hole maybe 200 square feet maybe
100 square feet maybe 17 square feet
that's already happening in Hong Kong
and they're already talking about having
that happen in San Francisco with the
out-of-control prices there but this is
the path that we have been on and the
only way that we're going to turn that
back is to stop doing stupid Claude
Younker says we can do stupid too we can
raise our taxes too and trump buses are
well then we'll we'll see your raise and
we'll raise it again Harley Davidson one
of the people that Uecker threatened to
put more taxes on selling their product
into Europe maybe he thought that we
wouldn't the president Trump was too
stupid to recognize what the imbalance
was in the automobile industry so he
says oh we'll talk about bourbon and
we'll talk about jeans and we'll talk
about harley-davidson we'll put taxes on
those things and so harley-davidson
comes back says don't do it mr. Trump
president Trump don't don't put these
tariffs on harley-davidson released a
statement saying the motorcycle company
would be hit as far as sales were f
tariffs were enacted but as Breitbart
points out at the same time that
harley-davidson has been pushing against
this they've recently laid off a lot of
American workers in January they
announced that they would be closing
their plant in Kansas City moving
leftover production to York Pennsylvania
losing 260 American manufacturing jobs
and this came a year after they decided
that they would outsource things to
emphasis now emphasis is a company that
outsource that so they use the h-1b visa
to outsource American jobs to foreign
nationals they outsource their IT
department to Infosys they had a lot of
people who were laid off in their IT
department they lost 125 Americans and
their IT department to foreign nationals
at harley-davidson
and you look at this night well we're
struggling to try to to make ends meet
and putting outsourcing things to India
as well as shutting down manufacturing
plants but go back to 1983 we had Ronald
Reagan work with them to protect Carly
Davidson the New York Times reported at
that time the action was exceptional for
protecting a single American company the
Harley Davidson Motor Company of
Milwaukee the only surviving American
maker of motorcycles and they said we're
delighted at the time that was the
chairman of Harley Davidson he said
it'll give us time that we might
otherwise not have had to make
manufacturing improvements and to bring
out new products well that was 35 years
ago now after 35 years Harley Davidson
has lost the will to compete and their
cowardly begging President Trump not to
do things to support other industries
who still have the will to fight that
that's the thing that is really really
concerning about this all right I
mentioned that yesterday as they buy up
our trade deficit which is engineered by
the Federal Reserve and by these other
central banks as David Stockman pointed
out you take the ten countries that we
have 90 percent of our trade deficit
with it amounts to 810 billion dollar
trade deficit a year but those 10
countries and their central bank works
with our central bank the Federal
Reserve to make sure that we have
inflation here in high wages and so
forth and to to rig the dollar so that
we are not competitive with them I mean
it is a multi-front trade war that's
been going on for a long time and as we
look at the meeting that's coming up
with President Trump so they're gonna be
talking about NAFTA again there is no
such thing as free trade but this allows
him leverage with them it is managed
trade and it has been managed to our
disadvantage just as we see in Europe as
they saw it threaten and say well we're
gonna put taxes on a harley-davidson and
President Trump says you do that I'll
put a 25% tax on your cars because right
now we've got a 4 to 1 differential in
terms of taxes coming into our country
and they charge us four times that
amount for cars that we sell into the
European Union but what is China going
to do as the navy-marine course are
they're going
weaponize capital I reported this
yesterday I said President Trump was
already rolling out legislation to keep
the Chinese from buying up taking the
money out of the Federal Reserve in
order to collapse a dollar to take money
out of that and to start buying up
America land other assets in the country
and what they're doing is they're saying
there's gonna have to be reciprocity if
you don't allow us to buy assets in
China and they don't then we're not
gonna allow you to buy assets in America
doesn't that seem to be reasonable I
would think that people would understand
that I think people would applaud that
and he's also been tweeting about
intellectual property because that is a
big part of the China price the fact
that they steal anything and they don't
pay any attention to any copyrights or
patents or anything there's steal it it
is basically a giant pirating operation
with currency rigging and a lot of other
things slave labor you name it dirty
power generation Oh give them a pass and
the Paris climate Accord don't require
them to have cleaner power generation
give them a pass on that but of course
they're gonna throught they would've use
that to throttle American companies and
they've just passed the TPP not
including us all the rest of the people
put this in there and they said I'll see
America missed the boat you guys didn't
get a chance to be a part of the TPP
it's like we still don't want to be in
it we still don't want to have our
economy managed by unelected people who
we don't know anything about they're
they're not elected by us they're not
accountable to us and we don't want our
economy managed by them top Navy and
Marine Corps officials yesterday
expressed concern over China's expanding
global reach said the superpower was
rapidly buying up foreign land in order
to win without fighting it's kind of
like the open borders remember when I
said why what if you know back in the
day when we had the first cold war that
they've now restarted what if the
Russians just walked across the border
because we don't have anybody protecting
our board why have they just walked
across and they got registered to vote
in California and they started taking
over our elections and they elected
Nikita Khrushchev that's a man so he
wouldn't have to bear
you were just a various at the polls why
not do that or as I said you don't want
to watch the darkest hour said you know
why did the why did Hitler stop his
people they're on the French side of the
English Channel he could have just sent
them over one by one and taken over the
taken over Britain taken over their
elections and thrown Winston Churchill
out of office or whatever he knew to put
Adolf Hitler in as president just could
have done it that way and so the Chinese
can win without fighting they can buy up
all of our assets they can send people
over here matter they got eighty
thousand dollars some people pay so they
can have their kids here they have
websites in China that sell this too
then they say hey for eighty thousand
dollars you can we'll help you get
across the border so they don't notice
that you're pregnant and we'll put you
up in a hotel and then after your baby
is born
it'll be an American citizen and be able
to get thirteen years of free schooling
plus discounts on college and then you
can retire there with your anchor baby
they'll be able to get benefits for you
and you'll be able to move into America
as well and all that for $80,000 and oh
by the way you can go to California
hospitals and you can get free health
care free delivery and these are people
some of them are very high net worth
individuals who had a lot of money but
they were still getting charity care at
the hospitals getting their baby
delivered their anchor baby delivered
for free yeah that's the way you win
without fighting if we don't protect our
borders and if we don't have these types
of laws but Trump is already preparing
to deal with this they already have this
in the pipeline that not only said the
Navy and Marine Corps officials not only
in the dollars and Sitz that they're
willing that they're writing to support
their military expansion and their
technological work but also what they're
doing around the globe they are
weaponizing capital and guess what
they're also building up their
infrastructure remember that building
roads investing in ports oh we can't do
that if we build any roads or ports
we're gonna have to have those built by
private corporations so they can own our
roads so they can own our ports just
like the toll roads are owned by foreign
corporations that's something we still
have to work on in this country that's
something that President Trump is still
not a
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