Author Topic: Jeff SECESSION: No Such Thing As Nullification, Secession?  (Read 50 times)

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Jeff SECESSION: No Such Thing As Nullification, Secession?
« on: March 09, 2018, 07:22:00 AM »

and over the fact that on Tuesday we had
the Department of Justice under Jeff
Sessions filed a lawsuit against
California over three of the state's
immigration laws to give you an idea of
what some of these things are they have
one of the laws that under certain
circumstances prevents local officials
from giving any information to
immigration enforcement agents or from
handing over detained immigrants to
federal custody they also have I don't
know if it's part of that law if it's
one of the other two but they also have
severe penalties against private
companies that give any information
about foreign citizens criminally
trespassing here in the United States to
the federal government immigration
so they'll penalize a private company or
individuals severely in California so
that on the one hand you've got the
federal government saying give us the
information on the other hand you got
California saying you can't give us the
information and so everybody's stuck in
the middle but then you have this push
back and forth between California state
organizations and the federal
organization whether or not they're
going to enforce the immigration law so
they passed these just last year these
are three pretty new laws turning
California into a sanctuary state but
here's the interesting thing about the
lawsuit as the help points out the
lawsuit is modeled after a lawsuit that
the Obama administration filed in 2010
it's okay if Obama just arbitrarily
comes out with executive actions and
says we're not going to enforce
immigration laws will call that daca
it's something that Janet Napolitano his
Department of Homeland Security
Secretary who is in charge of Border
Patrol and immigration control and so
forth and enforcement she just said no
no you know I'm I'm in charge of all
that border and immigration thing but
I'm not doing anything not for a certain
class of people I'm just not going to
enforce the law and that was fine but if
Trump comes back and says we're going to
no no can't have that can't have that
every little lower court federal judge
in California or New York is gonna stop
and there's nothing that the Department
of Justice or President Trump says that
he can do about it
yes he can he doesn't have to it's not
their authority we've had this type of
situation before in our country it
didn't cause the country to break up or
burn down we had the Supreme Court tell
Andrew Jackson that he couldn't remove
the Cherokee from their land back east
and send them out to Oklahoma it was a
horrible policy a horrible policy but he
had the authority to do it and they said
you can't do that
they said well you issued your opinion
let's see you enforce it I'm gonna do it
we have a division of power here that is
under the powers that have been
delegated to me that is not your
authority Hamilton and others said the
judiciary was they consist they looked
at all these different things and said
you know this is a really dangerous
thing we're done putting a lot of power
in Washington so let's make sure that
it's divided in Washington let's make
sure that power is divided between
Washington and the states and so forth
and he said I think the judiciary is the
least of our worries because they don't
have any way to enforce their orders
unless you have a president and a
Congress that just says oh we're gonna
let them do whatever they want to
because then we don't have to make the
tough political decisions we just punt
to these guys and just pretend that
they're telling us what to do and
everybody can get angry at them and
there's no worries because you know they
don't have to they've got their position
for life we have to go for re-election I
don't want to make the public angry I
don't want to take the stand I don't
want to do my job so we'll let the
judiciary disappointed for life we'll
let them make the tough decisions and
we'll just turn over everything over to
them or to the bureaucrats who also
don't have to stand for election they
can do whatever they want to the people
and we won't stand up against it or for
the people that elected us we'll just
kind of stand there and smile for photo
ops and we'll collect money and we'll
and things into bills that are helpful
corporations if they give us
contributions and that type of thing
they just take the easy route out but
here's what the Obama administration did
in Arizona and they took this lawsuit
all the way up to the Supreme Court and
the Supreme Court's already made a
ruling on it and what they were doing
was exactly the opposite Arizona because
of Sheriff Joe Arpaio had been doing it
they said that we want to allow Arizona
law enforcement to help the federal
government's to enforce immigration and
Border Patrol and we want to use our own
resources Sheriff Joe had been doing
that as sheriff and the Obama
administration came after him in all
kinds of ways all kinds of ways and then
the state said we're gonna do that
statewide and the Obama administration
filed a lawsuit to them when all the way
at the Supreme Court and the Supreme
Court said Congress has a right to set
federal immigration policy that's right
and then we had the Obama administration
say well we're not going to pay any
attention to that federal immigration
policy that was set by Congress you see
this whole cough gas nonsense that the
left is using they don't want to argue
the points of the case and unfortunately
neither does Jeff secession so he comes
out and instead of saying we've already
had this discussion and it went all the
way to the Supreme Court and the Supreme
Court said the federal government
controls immigration policy that would
be us that would not be the state of
California we have those powers have
been directly granted to us under the
instead sessions comes out and he says
there is no secession Jeff secession
let's play that clip it cannot be the
policy of a great nation to up and
reward those who unlawfully enter its
country with legal status social
security welfare food stamps work
permits and so forth how can this be a
sound policy meanwhile those who engage
in the process lawfully and patiently
and wait their turn are discriminated
seems at every turn there is no
nullification yes there is no see
session oh this is the supreme law of
the land I would invite any doubters to
go to Gettysburg or to the tombstones of
Jhansi Calhoun and Abraham Lincoln this
matter has been settled a refusal to
apprehend and deport those especially
the criminal element of effectively
rejects all immigration law so basically
his argument is you fought for your
independence and your loss so shut up
you don't get a you don't get a lawyer
like Lindsey Graham look he says go to
Gettysburg go to the tombs of Jhansi
Calhoun Abraham Lincoln this matter has
been settled well I would say you could
also while you're there that's not too
far away you can go to Yorktown you can
go to Valley Forge you can go to Bunker
Hill and you can look at that other war
of secession I'm sure that the British
government and the Queen and the king or
king at the time said you know have any
right to secede they declared their
independence they fought for their
independence and I hope we don't have to
go the path of secession to take back
the powers that the federal government
has usurped away from us immigration is
not one of them we all agreed and we
created the Constitution everybody said
the border and National Defense were
gonna let the federal government handle
that that was the main reason they
created the federal government then the
federal government got into all other
kinds of areas and if Jeff Sessions
thinks that there's no such thing as
nullification he sounds just like the
HHS secretary Alex azar that talked
about the other day he said there really
is no such thing as Medical Marijuana
well you know what 60% of the states say
there is such a thing as medical
marijuana and a lot of research studies
say that there is he said there is no
fda-approved use of marijuana therefore
there is no medical marijuana according
to him in other words if the federal
government doesn't acknowledge reality
then reality doesn't exist but you got
60% of the states have legalized
marijuana there were 30 of them
you've had referendums you've had state
legislators do it signed by the governor
just had two of them do that after Jeff
session started unconstitutionally
trying to enforce his his rule in that
area that's secretary said there is no
such thing as medical marijuana we're
gonna tell you why they can't get this
right there's study after study talking
not only about medical marijuana but
also about the danger and the
ineffectiveness of these drugs that are
approved by the FDA that's what alex is
our said he said well there's no
fda-approved use of marijuana so
therefore there is no such thing as
medical marijuana even though 60% of the
states have now legalized medical
marijuana some just even for
recreational use but no they're gonna
continue to maintain that madness and
there is a method to their madness we'll
talk about that in just a moment before
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let's take a look at why they are doing
this of course you know as well as I do
we've got Alex Azhar as he's saying
there's no such
as medical marijuana as I pointed out
yesterday 750 million dollars are going
to spend on research to try to come up
with safer alternatives to opioids that
are devastating our country opioids are
things that people don't take because
they're trying to escape reality they're
things that they take because they
trusted the doctors and the American
Medical Association and others to look
after their interest they thought the
FDA was going to look after their
interest and then they get addicted to
these things and it destroys their life
because they can't get off of it well
they don't have to spend seven hundred
fifty million dollars and as I said
yesterday I wonder who's gonna get those
patents that come out I'm gonna go to
the CDC this is gonna go to some big
pharmaceutical company that's buddies
with the FDA cuz that's really what's
happening here but as we look at medical
marijuana and as I talked about the fact
that the opioid epidemic is coming
through the medical establishment we've
got a study from the Journal of American
Medical Association JAMA just did a new
study it shows that opiates work no
better than over-the-counter pain
medicine for some types of chronic pain
and we saw this when Rand Paul was
suffering severe with several broken
ribs he talked about the severe pain
that he was in as he's been interviewed
by a doctor he made it clear that he
didn't want to go anywhere near opioids
Rand Paul said I used over-the-counter
pain medications and now this study from
the Journal of American Medical
Association says but there's no reason
for them to prescribe these highly
addictive drugs unless the big
pharmaceutical companies want to make
more profits because you can't get off
of this stuff I just don't prescribe it
the researchers primary question was for
patients with moderate to severe chronic
back pain or hip or knee osteoarthritis
pain how does opioid medication compare
with non opioid medication in managing
chronic pain this is 265 military vets
who are the Department of Veterans
affair over a 12-month period and they
said no difference
the non-addictive over-the-counter stuff
that's not expensive does it require a
prescription and doesn't require and
doesn't an exposure to the risk of
addiction works just as well and as a
matter of fact
we've had studies here's one from the
Minnesota Department of Health said that
those who are known to be taking opiate
painkillers once they got into the
program 63% were able to reduce or
eliminate opioid usage after six months
and that's not the only study this is
coming out of the hill another one from
Illinois 2017 an assessment of medical
cannabis patients reported that
marijuana was an alternative to other
medications most commonly opioids but
also to anticonvulsants in other words
we've known that for a long time if
you're taking chemotherapy that causes
you to throw up it can stop that our
anti-inflammatories and over-the-counter
analgesics so that's out of Illinois and
New Mexico they said compared to
non-users medical cannabis enrollees
were more likely either to reduce daily
opioid prescription dosages between the
beginning and the end of the sample
period so they said that they looked at
people who were using medical cannabis
84% of them could reduce it versus only
45% who weren't taking medical cannabis
and they that's just reducing it
they had 40% of the people were able to
reduce it altogether if they were taking
medical cannabis versus only 3% of the
people who were able to do it if they
weren't so you see not only can it help
you in a lot of different other ways
medical marijuana but it can also help
people who are addicted to this
dangerous Big Pharma drug to get off of
that addiction it's a study from New
Mexico then to just published clinical
trials from Israel reported that over 18
percent of the study's participants
stopped using opioid analgesics and
reduce their dose over a six month
period they said cannabis can decrease
the use of other prescription medicines
besides opioids and that folks is why
Jeff Sessions at the Department of
Justice why the FDA Health and Human
Services doesn't want to acknowledge
that there is such a thing as medical
marijuana why they want to pretend that
there is no such thing as nullification
and they can whistle as much as they
want through
through this graveyard but the reality
is we know what is real we can read the
studies from multiple countries from
multiple Stasi people had not done these
studies before and as I said before I
had a family member who was diagnosed
with a minor glaucoma
I started looking up the different
treatments the side effects wow this
stuff is really dangerous I mean and
then they had marijuana and the American
ophthalmology Association said is been
shown to be very effective in terms of
treating glaucoma the only warning is
that nobody has done any studies to see
what the sufficient dosage is so you
might under dose oh and it has side
effects instead of things like stroke
and and other issues heart attacks it
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