Author Topic: EU Fears ItalExit, Will USA Break Apart?  (Read 44 times)

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EU Fears ItalExit, Will USA Break Apart?
« on: March 09, 2018, 07:18:05 AM »

welcome back I'm David Knight I'm
talking to Lee Stranahan and we're
talking about how the Russians have
become the universal boogeyman and how
if you throw out something that is not
the official narrative then they use
that as an effort to censor you but
let's take a look specifically at one
example here we got the Italian election
as I reported earlier in the program a
massive sea change we've now got an
upstart political party came in first
they got 33% of the vote the ruling
party which just four years ago got 40%
of the vote fell down to 18% of vote and
it looks like there will be a coalition
a ruling coalition of anti-eu parties
between two of these different parties
because there's two of them that
finished strongly in the election now
what is the response of Samantha powers
one of the top people in the Obama
administration top diplomat she said
italy's italy joins a long list of
elections that have been influenced by
russia Sputnik will do what Sputnik does
she said the question is what are our
democracies going to do about it
well voters repudiate candidates who
seek to benefit from Russian
interference you know Lee when I look at
this from Samantha Power's what are the
democracies gonna do about it we had as
Nigel Faraj pointed out he's in Greece
where they invented democracy we had the
European Union come in and shut down
elected leaders and put in charge a
goldman sachs banker who then started
dictating economic terms to them that's
what the people are angry about it has
nothing to do with Russia Russia may you
know not like to see in the European
Union they're not but the people have
legitimate Greece about what's going on
they got to gripe about this they've
seen their economy eviscerated they've
seen their borders violated that's what
that election was about really excited
about this Italian election and let me
tell you why
when I I wasn't following it closely
when I first heard about it I heard that
this right-wing party the five star
movement was projected to maybe win that
they were coming on then that they then
that one okay yeah I think they're like
left-wing and I think there's like fours
their side which is the right wing party
but nevertheless of both anti-eu
both of these party here they're here's
what it is here's what I love about it
they don't fit anywhere in the
traditional left-right spectrum and this
is what is scaring the heck out of
people so this is a party the fives the
five stars have to do with the five
points that they're in favor of one of
which is environmentalism not
traditionally a right-wing cause right
but they're also anti-eu one of them is
another big cause of their is is what
they is is pulling back on the forced
corporate modernization right what I
love about this movement is it does not
fit squarely in the broken left-right
paradigm now I'm on the right broadly
speaking okay but and and the left-right
difference there is there are clear
differences but it's not the only way to
look at things oh yeah political
spectrum that's there that people don't
pay any attention to that's that's right
and the more interesting dynamic in the
world right now
you see it in Catalonia you see it in
the Trump election you even see it in
the Obama election by the way look at
what happened here historically Obama
didn't win because he was more liberal
Obama won because voters felt like I'm
sick of the establishment maybe this
guy's something new didn't work out that
way but that's why people supported
Obama with Trump it was really exactly
the same thing they're like you know
what I'm sick of the establishment this
guy's different maybe we'll get
something different and look Trump has
not been perfect in everything that he's
done I don't agree with a much of his
foreign policy what he ran on was great
what he's governing on is bad but that
being said
look at the sweep of history because if
you and I can look at it David and
everyone watching can look at it do you
know who else can look at it the elites
and they're scared to death there so
yeah every 70 or 80 years you have a you
said everybody is anti-establishment
they don't like this time right and we
have seen that Strauss and how
documented that with the fourth turning
they went back about 500 years in
English history you know through Britta
through English history up through
American history and said look about
every 70 to 80 years we have a sweeping
change you know we have things like the
American Revolution of the Civil War or
the New Deal or whatever and so we can
see that we can even see it in Russia
you know about 72 years between the the
October Revolution and then the fall of
the Soviet Union so there is a cycle of
about 70 to 80 years and that time is
right about now so that's one big aspect
of it and then the other part of this
that's feeding it is that people are
pushing back against this move towards
centralization they want more local
control of their government so those are
really the overriding factors in this
regardless of where people are on
individual issues whether we label them
as left or right and that's why they got
to parties in Italy they disagree on a
lot of details but they agree on the
fact that they don't like the
establishment and they don't like giving
up their lives to people gonna govern
them from a distance just like we don't
here in America we don't want to be a
part of the trans-pacific partnership or
the climate that Paris agreement I think
we're gonna see here in America that
there are gonna be people in various
state areas that say we don't like being
governed from Washington as a matter of
fact well let me tell you the other
thing forget the historical sweep for a
second leave that aside cuz that's
accurate but there's something very
different now and the elites are scared
to death of it and here's why Tower
let me explain when you and I were
growing up David remember record stores
oh yeah the idea that that there were
the idea when we were teenagers that we
would grow up and there would be no
record stores would have been completely
unthinkable does that make sense oh yeah
why is that it's because right here I
have an entire Tower Records on my phone
right I have every song I'd ever want
right now available to me and
is everybody I'm not the only one and
it's ten bucks a month it costs less for
you know Spotify or Apple music or
whatever cost less the elites saw that
entire industries the music industry the
video industry the media was changing
let me tell you when you guys run the
ads on Infowars I love them let me
explain why this is gonna sound like it
the most suck up thing I've ever said
but it's it's absolutely true Infowars
has period the best business model of
any new site which is you're independent
as you pointed out they cannot shut you
they can take away all the advertisers
on YouTube right and but and
and they try to block us from accepting
ads or from even putting the ads for our
products out there so we put the ads for
our products as part of our broadcast as
part of our radio broadcast or YouTube
or our media broadcasts because we can
broadcast from our own website we don't
have to go through YouTube that's
exactly right one of the things I love
about being on Sputnik is that they
don't ever restrict me they don't tell
me what to say there's no nothing like
that and we're not commercial does that
make sense which means that if I want to
be critical of fill-in-the-blank any
company no no sales guy ever comes in
and says to me
Haley you really want to go light on
Starbucks because I'm trying to get them
as an advertiser for our day part in the
night time right you know on the opioid
epidemic because it's being done by big
pharma and there are major sponsor on
CNN and Fox and all this other kind of
thing right and so when I see when I see
the ads that you guys do an Infowars I
just am I'm excited because you're and
this is why CNN is scared to death of
you forget politics you're an
independent media outlet who is getting
in many cases more viewers than the CNN
daypart right that your other against
that is frightening as hell and this
goes back to Tower Records the idea the
idea that there's no blockbuster there's
no tower the
the whole thing is changing veal and by
the way this is one of my opinion this
is my my opinion this is why they pushed
for Obamacare because the next thing
that's happening and everybody knows
this these are various the elites aren't
dumb they're very smart so they know the
fact that my watch that I wear right now
will we're not quite there yet we're
within a couple of years where if I
start to have a heart attack my watch
will be able to call the ambulance for
me let's say right or I can check my
glucose now or I can do my own blood
pressure the medical industry tech is
gonna change everything
we see oh yeah and so it's gonna have
some positive decentralizing effects but
of course one of the other ways they're
gonna push I'll get your comments on
this on the other side is the smart
cities and are they gonna consolidate
control the same Silicon Valley
entrepreneurs that are shutting down our
free speech welcome back I'm David
Knight and we're talking to Lee
Stranahan you can find him citizen
journalism school comm also the populist
dot us you can find him on Twitter at
Stranahan and we're talking as we went
to a break Lee brought up the fact that
the way that we get information just
like the way that we get our music now
has changed radically he was talking
about tower record the fact we no longer
buy records instead we get subscription
services we rent this from some central
location and I want to ask you lay
because this is something that is
something that I has been a focus of
what I've looked at a long time you know
we know that the internet was the
creation of a psychologist working for
DARPA they originally called a JCR
Licklider originally called it the
intergalactic computer network and we've
shortened that up to Internet they want
to get control of this and the way I
look at these services that are being
put out there by YouTube by Facebook by
Twitter they have free services
quote-unquote well if it's a free
service you are the product they're
selling information about you to other
people and so forth but they put this
service out there for free they lure us
all in you know you had a YouTube
channel they got shut down they lure
everybody in so they can create a
massive monopoly and now we're at the
point where they are creating control
and I'm concerned as we're moving
forward that there's a lot of these same
are looking to do this in the real world
as they're creating these smart cities
and the driverless cars and the 5g and
so forth they're luring people into this
system and these people who are seeking
monopolies are also seeking a society
where we all become renters and they own
everything I mean how do you see this
whole large but it's very disruptive in
terms of the way we live our lives in
terms of the way we get our information
we're seeing a massive disruption right
now there is a race going on right now
between people who want to use
technology to enhance their freedom
whether it's starting businesses whether
it's just expanding the ability to
research things whether it's
entertainment whatever it is and let me
add a factor to what you said about
these tech companies these tech
companies are under threat let me make
real clear on this the threat the tech
companies and I have this from people in
Silicon Valley the government has told
them if you don't play ball with us
we're gonna use antitrust legislation
against you does that make sense and
both the carrot of the stick I mean they
get they get subsidies in some cases but
then they also get a threat sometimes
that threat is so that they have
plausible liability you know a
deniability I should say just to do
something that they really wanted to do
as well so I mean there's a lot of
different aspects to this you know
sometimes they put pressure on them and
say you need to start taking control of
this so the reason that you there's a
disarray obviously there's a reason
planned economies don't work there's a
reason North Korea is the way it is
there's a reason the Soviet Union was
the way it is it's because you cannot
get central authorities there's there's
too many individual decisions that
people make every day and people are
able to do stuff in secret and
everything else so there's a race right
now between the elites people who are
running do it loosely straight-up
declaring Martial Law right they they
haven't done that but people are wising
up to it and what's happening is there's
more of us than there are of them so
let's say they take Infowars off you two
Infowars is still on in the info wars
channel they'll still go someplace the
the really disruptive thing about the
Internet is its ability to route around
problems does that make sense
that's right Android that's why you know
there's a reason I called my site
populist TV there's a reason I named the
media site we're still building it and
we haven't lived up to the promise yet
but the the future of politics is what I
refer to as populism it's anti elitism
now let's go back to the Italian
elections there is no equivalent of the
five star movement in this country right
now but it's coming and when it comes
it's not going to look like the right or
the left it's going to look like a
people are gonna be confused by it
because they're gonna go gee well this
populist movement they're not exactly
saying what the Democrats say they're
not exactly saying that the Republicans
say I believe the only successful
populist movement is gonna have to be a
small government populist movement I say
that based on history communist
revolutions for instance the Soviet
Union Cuba they're clearly part of
populism in the big sweep of things does
that make sense they're clearly lying I
agree I mean look at the the American
Revolution why was it successful right
people understood it was about Liberty
they kept hammering Liberty Liberty
Liberty you look at the Reform Party
movement and it was a movement that was
fed up it was anti-establishment we're
tired of this but like you point out
people were all over the place there
wasn't a central theme that they could
latch on they were against the center
but they didn't have something to
replace it with and quite frankly if we
don't find you know they might find one
thing it could be around
environmentalism or something but if we
don't call s really around Liberty we're
just gonna be jumping out of the frying
pan into the fire well and I think that
though when you talk about specific
political issues and you know this as
well one of the ideas where most
so-called conservatives and I'm not
saying they're not really conservatives
I'm saying it's only one way to look at
it they're there in rural a lot of
conservatives are in rural
right you tell me the hunters fishermen
you tell me they're not
environmentalists they are you tell me
that themselves conservationists they
call themselves confrontations yeah
exactly right but they're but they're
addressing some of the same problems
they don't want a big company dumping
waste in a river that's right and so
once people figure out that the sweet
spot I'm like we just pick on that one
issue is somewhere between
conservationism and environmentalism
which gets to supporting rights right
which ultimately gets to you don't have
a right as a company to use a river as
your dumping ground
that's your you're going beyond your
rights I believe again I when I talk
about populism I always framed myself
I'm a small government populist because
I believe that clearly as soon as you
start to get into the big government
aspect you become what you hated you
become the elite by definition oh yeah
and it destroys individual liberty
that's why the founders of the country
we're so concerned and and even the
people who were Pro Constitution but
don't worry it's not gonna become this
centralized monster well it has become a
centralized monster so you have to have
individual liberty at the forefront and
you have to have a decentralized
government those are two essential parts
of it and and the you know the point
there is to respect individual choice
individual freedoms and liberties and
and you know that's that's really going
to be a part of it decentralization and
that is a part of this movement that I'm
starting to see everywhere you know you
see it whether it's in Catalonia trying
to get out of Spain or northern Italy or
even these larger national elections
where they want to get out of the EU now
the the part where I think you're going
to see the populist movement be
different is on issues like healthcare
for instance I think it is a valid
populist position to say that a set a
bottom-line safety net not single-payer
single-payer is complete government
control but some sort of bottom line
safety net is something that a lot of
people actually would go well yeah that
makes sense and I think a lot of people
also think
that if your three-year-old gets
leukemia right you you just lost the
that you you hit the bad luck lottery
there and a lot of people are open to
that so part of the thing is starting to
develop populist positions that are
distinct from I a purely a populism to
me is not libertarianism it combines L
even the populism that I picture in my
head it combines elements of
libertarianism it combines a small
government view but it realizes that for
instance you actually do need the
government sometimes to come in and stop
court if a corporation is in fact and by
the way I'm in favor of antitrust
legislation being used against YouTube
and against Twitter but I'm not in favor
of being used as a stick to frighten
them actually don't let them get away
with what with what they're doing and so
that's what's interesting the reason
this five star movement is so
fascinating to me is because it's the
first real evidence I see of a populist
thing that is not you cannot shoehorn it
and it's not the left it's not the right
it's this weird hybrid now go ahead
leave no that's all that's all I just
think it's gonna look a little different
but I'm really excited about it I'm very
very interested in it because to me the
future politics is the Bernie supporters
and the Trump supporters saying wait a
minute wait a minute we agree on the
problems let's try to find a solution
that's sane right and that actually
works and it doesn't isn't just people
repeating their bumper stickers that's
it's gonna be an interesting discussion
and I hope that it's part of this we
understand too I mean when we talk about
health care a lot of times we don't
realize we haven't had a free market in
healthcare where the government hasn't
interfered with it and skewed things in
one direction for a very long time
sometimes we make two mistakes rather
than realizing what the original mistake
was maybe we haven't maybe we have it
tried freedom and so long we don't even
know what it looks
like but thank you for joining us very
interesting discussion least Ranahan you
can find them at citizen journalism
school comm the popular style us and
Twitter at Stranahan thank you for
joining us today
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