Author Topic: Full Show—Trade War? EU & WTO Started After Tax Cuts By Trump  (Read 41 times)

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you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight
well the trade war is heating up they
say on Wall Street we've had Gary Cohen
goldman sachs banker who was a the
guardian the left loved this guy he's
the only adult in the room type of
attitude with this this is a guy that
was given a goldman sachs parachute I
think it's something like 265 down a
million dollars to leave goldman sachs
so he could represent Wall Street the
big banks and globalism in the Trump
administration so good riddance bye-bye
don't let the door hit you on the way
out Gary glad to see him go and of
course the final straw was the fact that
Trump is are actually going to stand up
for economic nationalism now there's a
debate on the write about this as well
an interesting thing is there are some
Democrats who are running for reelection
in the Rust Belt what do we call the
Rust Belt well because it has been
eviscerated by the removal of our
manufacturing jobs to China and those
senators are running in Ohio and
Pennsylvania and elsewhere are saying oh
this is a good deal they're Democrats
they're Democrats yet the Republicans
who are their doctrinaire leave
supporting open free trade despite the
results that we've seen look I
understand free trade in theory I
understand open borders in theory we
have to look at what has actually
happened with these things though
because as long as there's some other
things involved the theories don't work
you know when you set up a model in
engineering one of the things we learned
was that you create a model and you have
to strip away some real-world aspects of
this there may be friction losses or
some small internal things that are
gonna alter your results but in a
perfectly pure world where you don't
have real effects you can make a pretty
good mathematical model of what's going
to go what's gonna be happening
especially if those effects are pretty
small but when you start to look at open
borders and you start to say well I
think people should be able to come and
go as they please and that has worked in
the past
for Americare all the people want to say
America was built as a nation of
immigrants so that was a nation of
immigrants who came here without any
social safety net they came here without
any welfare benefits they came here
without any massive government
expenditures on education they did it
themselves they wanted freedom and when
you have a welfare state a massive
welfare state offering generous benefits
I mean one of the key pushers of open
borders has been the university systems
throughout the country they want
students to come here so badly that they
give them in-state tuition that they
don't give to American students but they
tell the four students you come in here
we'll give you in state tuition anywhere
you want to go just just come in here as
illegals and we'll get the funding we'll
get that funding with federal matching
funds and so forth they're selling you
out they're selling out the taxpayers
and you can't have a very generous
welfare state and open borders it just
doesn't work the Democrats know that
couple of Democrats created a proposal
Cloward and Piven and they said we can
use the welfare state and open borders
to destroy the country and then build
the socialist utopia that we always
wanted to build so before they can build
their socialist utopia they have to
destroy the system that we have now and
they're pretty well on the way to doing
that and so yes in theory I don't want
the government telling me where I can go
I don't want them telling me when and
how I can travel that's why we're
talking about smart cities we're talking
about driverless cars which I would call
up ownerless cars turning you into a
renter controlling taxing tracking every
movement that you make something that'll
be owned by the large corporations as
the cities will be owned by the large
corporations start talking about that
yesterday the idea that even the
Guardian is waking up to the idea that
hey this is being actually run not by
governments which the Guardian loves
because they're socialists this is being
run by big corporations like Google or
Bill Gates or IBM these are the people
who are grabbing the data and they are
going to be owning the cities so we're
gonna take a look at this debate going
on between the economic nationalists and
the open
trade advocates an interesting point of
conflict here is Rand Paul we're gonna
play his clips I'm gonna play president
Trump's clips when we come back stay
with us we'll be right back I'm David
Knight welcome to the broadcast today we
had a primary in Texas we're gonna talk
about the results of that later because
it has national implications it's the
first primary in the country and we've
been hearing all week about how the
Democrats had had a record turnout in
the early voting because that's when
they show up I went to vote yesterday
and they had two tables one for
registered Democrats one for registered
Republicans there was absolutely nobody
at the there was a long line of
Republicans there was absolutely nobody
at the Democrat table so we'll tell you
how the actual results turned out when
we come back but let's talk about
something that is of international
importance first and that is the trade
tariffs there's been a lot of back and
forth on this let's get video six ready
of what Rand Paul said because you know
the guy who left and the spat here
though felt like his voice was not being
listened to was that Gary Cohen a
goldman sachs democrat globalist that's
the way the Guardian describes him and
they liked him for all of those reasons
I disliked him for all those reasons and
I'm glad to see him go as a matter of
fact Dena Habib Powell another goldman
sachs person you know bailed just
recently as well I went back to Wall
Street or wherever she crawled out of
glad to see these people leaving very
concerned to see so many Goldman Sachs
bankers in the white house very glad to
see them leaving glad to see that they
lost the debate he was very very angry
evidently in the debate as a guardian
put said oh this was a Wild West debate
and of course President Trump wouldn't
listen to any reason well he's standing
by what he said he was going to do and
I'm glad to see that he's doing that and
one of the things I think that it's
interesting in this debate and got a
couple clips here from Rand Paul the
first one he talks about
the need to audit the Fed and in the
second one he says the United States
will lose in a trade war and I play both
of those and comment on those in the
context of this war on trade that has
already developed in the White House and
the first casualty has been Gary Cohen
because he lost a president Trump and
here's what Rand Paul says about
auditing the Fed this week I will
attempt to get the Senate to deal with
an important and often overlooked issue
the Federal Reserve my audit the Fed
bill will bring transparency and
accountability to the secretive agency
this audit is necessary because the Fed
has a tremendous impact on our economy
and yet has operated without enough
congressional oversight failures of the
Fed include the housing bubble and the
ensuing financial crash
we can't keep keep printing money with
no consequences
we can't keep interest rates
artificially above or below the market
to suit the needs of Wall Street and we
can't keep allowing the devaluation of
our dollar these are all consequences of
actions by the Federal Reserve Congress
is constitutionally in charge of
monetary policy but much like in other
areas they've abdicated their
responsibilities I'll offer audit the
Fed as an amendment this week to reclaim
our authority and rein in and
out-of-control Federal Reserve
absolutely right and I hope the
president Trump supports that president
Trump talked about auditing the Fed when
he was running as a candidate we need to
understand what this private private
central bank is doing to manipulate the
economy and as you heard Rand Paul we
all know they manipulated the market
especially the real estate market to
create a bubble taking interest rates
down leaving them there for a very long
time during democratic administrations
then raising them a quarter every
quarter until Greenspan popped that
bubble and now they're doing the same
thing as soon as President Trump got
into office after leaving the interest
rates very very low for a very long time
during Obama's administration trying to
breathe some life into the economy that
he was strangling with taxes and
regulations I didn't work didn't work
basically the economy
flatlining as soon as President Trump
got in and said I'm gonna cut right
regulations I'm gonna cut taxes
immediately the economy started picking
up again because people knew that that
was going to create economic growth not
only in their lives but for the life of
the economy and so for over a year
before they pass the tax cut just the
expectations of tax cuts were huge and
now they're starting that same process
again we need to know what the Federal
Reserve is doing most people in this
country still don't know that the
Federal Reserve is even private they
think it's a government organization the
fact that we are not even allowed to
know what they do should give us a great
deal of pause it gave me a great deal of
pause to see that somebody like Hamdi
Ulukaya who was brought over here by
these people and a set up in business
given nearly a million dollars to open a
yogurt factory Chobani yogurt I guess we
should call it kobani yogurt which is
where the pronunciation of a major city
maybe that's what he was harking back to
where he comes from in Kurdistan anyway
gave him about a million dollars set him
up in business put him in the New York
Fed which is the key policymaking body
this is a guy who when Lee Stranahan
contacted his PR people and said can I
ask you is he an American citizen now
because he's on the New York Fed board
no comment no comment from them isn't
that interesting but of course he was
also given by the Obamas essentially a
monopoly on on yogurt that they were
pushing everybody as part of the school
lunch program a lot a lot of questions
about that and he's been pushing the
open borders and mass migration bringing
people in and saying you know we don't
really have any good workers here in
America I need to bring people in from
other places so they can make my yogurt
well go ahead and make your yogurt I
won't be buying it but that is the kind
of shady stuff that we need to have some
auditing on who are these people where
they come from how do they make their
decisions how come they have control
over our economy like they do you know I
remember a friend of mine who had a
brother-in-law I was a bank manager
we were talking about the Fed I'm sorry
about the Fed and my friend goes well my
my brother is a bank manager I said oh
yeah what do you think about the Fed
they have absolutely no influence on
anything they just clear cheques is what
he said Wow the profound ignorance that
exists here in America when a guy who's
a bank manager doesn't understand that
if you can set interest rates if you can
control the quantity of dollars floating
around I mean I don't know if this guy
ever even took Keynesian macroeconomics
which for the most part is a load of
baloney but you need to at least know
what they're telling everybody yeah you
know all the rules that apply to you as
an individual or apply to your family or
apply to your business those are just
microeconomics but when we get to things
are really really big they all operate
under a different set of rules and we
call that macroeconomics and even though
it may sound like total Alice and
wonderland fantasy stuff you oh this is
just money that we just print and it
just goes in circulation we'd have to
worry about the debt and the debt is all
owned by us no it's not it's owned by
the Chinese the Saudis a lot of other
people not just by Americans and to say
that the rules of of budgets don't
matter because it's so big I mean that's
like that's Looney Tunes physics folks
yeah this rock here that could crush you
but if we get a giant mountain yeah
that's not gonna be a problem it's not
gonna crush you so they gave us a
mountain of debt they have devalued the
currency and slightly over a hundred
years they've devalued it by slightly
more than 99 percent essentially taken
away the value of your work your wealth
you have to store it in something that's
why we're saying crypto currencies come
out but auditing the Fed very important
and it's also important to understand as
we look at Gary Cohen the goldman sachs
banker we do understand that it's not
just the Fed they work with goldman
sachs and these banks that are too big
to fail too big to jail it is a
revolving door folks and and the Fed is
one very very important part of that but
not the only part of that so I want to
play what Rand Paul has
say about the trade war but we're gonna
do that when we come back because we've
only got just a little bit of time here
Rand Paul says the United States will
lose and a trade war I disagree with him
on this quite frankly I think we haven't
reached the point of no return I think
we need to say we've got enough energy
we've got enough manpower we actually do
have good people in this country we
don't have to have slave labor from
other places I agree with Thomas
Jefferson he was pretty much a
libertarian he said in his second
inauguration we have eliminated all
internal taxation and we support the
entire federal government just on import
taxes alone we'll be right back I'm
David Knight so is it time for a world
war a world trade war that's what people
on the from Goldman Sachs and the
Republicans are saying even though Gary
Gary Cohen as a goldman sachs banker
democrat he's sounding like many in the
Republican Party and Rand Paul is very
concerned about a trade war we had the
hash tag over the weekend when President
Trump said he was going to protect the
steel and aluminum industries with
tariffs there was a trending Twitter
hashtag called
a tariff tirade or tantrum tariff
tantrum I think it was yeah so actually
I think the people who are throwing the
tantrum are the people on the losing end
people like Gary Cohen who are heading
out so we're going to talk about this a
little bit let's hear what Rand Paul has
to say he says the US will lose and
their trade war let's play that clip the
interesting thing is the Inspector
General's are really separate they they
they report unto themselves they don't
really work to anybody within the
department ultimately report to the top
of government but the investigator
generals do a pretty good job in
government at rooting out not only
wastes but malfeasance and fraud and
this particular investigator general
horror which is the one who found the
text message we're gonna remember that
as we go through about I think 99% of
the cases that have gone to the FISA
Court had been approved I going back to
what's the 1% of cases that were not
incorrect that's another issue and
that's why I still am for Pfizer reform
and I'm disappointed that a lot of this
debate began after they we finished the
debate in Congress on reform so yes I
think that nobody nobody in law
enforcement should be looking at
Americans information without first
getting a warrant that's what I fought
for and we were very close to winning
that battle and getting the bill and
getting reform for FISA but we didn't
quite get there and then the newness
memo came out the day after we finished
talking about reform but I've talked to
the president about this and I think we
should bring back up FISA reform and we
should institute a warrant requirement
so people like Strock and Paige who are
horribly biased against the president so
they can't be snooping on and looking to
information without the permission of
the court I have two more topics quickly
on the tariffs issue now it's starting
to divide the Republican Party Paul Ryan
says it will slow down economic growth
and it may snuff out the gains
Republicans have garnered over tax
reform what's your view of that what's
important for everybody remember that a
tariff is a tax and typically
Republicans conservatives have not been
for more taxes so I'm against new
tariffs they're simply a tax on the
consumer is the president right or wrong
on this do you think Sam I think I think
it's the wrong thing to do if you look
at steel use in our country there are 60
people purchasing steel for every person
making steel in the country there's a
lot of people who purchase steel they're
going to be hurt by this my state alone
exports twenty billion dollars or the
products including a lot of farm
agricultural products and if there's a
trade war we stand to lose in a big way
and really United States will lose in a
trade war all right there you heard Rand
Paul talking first about FISA and the
fact that we ought to have specific
warrants he's absolutely right about
that I totally agree with Rand Paul on
the FISA warrants and on Liberty issues
in general he talked about auditing the
Fed we played that clip in the previous
segment but when we start talking about
economic nationalism I disagree I agree
with President Trump on this so let me
tell you why well they talked about wipe
out the gains of the massive tax cuts
that we just had
running through think about it this way
what we're doing is we're
changing the tax structure I would
prefer to see a system like Thomas
Jefferson talked about I took quoted
just before we went to the break he said
at the beginning of his second term at
his inaugural address for his second
term he said we have eliminated useless
offices and of course they didn't have
half dozen or more actually more than
half a dozen I don't know it was seven
when Obama had seven wars that with
Obama was engaged and I don't know how
many more wars were engaged in now
because we're not even allowed to know
we got stuff going on in Nigeria got
stuff going on in Yemen so forth so
maybe we're up to like nine at least now
because we haven't left anywhere to come
home and protect our borders our country
know we're engaged in this kind of neo
colonialism for the globalists still and
enlarging that so I disagree with that
but I don't like those kind of wars but
if we're gonna have a war let's have a
war over economic issues for the
survival the long-term survival of our
country and what Thomas Jefferson said
as he said we had eliminated all
internal taxation all internal taxation
no farmer no labor no mechanic knew a
taxman he said and they had a government
a federal government that was so small
it would fit inside the Constitution and
they didn't have to have any taxes other
than import taxes and the United States
was a free trade zone internally and it
was that had no federal taxes whatsoever
I agree that taxes are bad I want to
minimize taxes I want to minimize what
the government is doing and in many
places president Trump is adding more
government more expenditures and so
forth I don't agree with that but I
think it is a move in the right
direction I'd like to see the IRS just
go away but that's not going to happen
I'd like to not only end the Fed I'd
like to in the IRS but that isn't going
to happen but if we can minimize that
and start to replace the internal income
taxes with tariffs that will not affect
people internally in the country and I
understand that if other countries
retaliate because it's a wait a minute
you're raising the prices on the
products that we sell you we're gonna
prices on a product you sell us it's not
clear who's gonna win that war but let
me tell you something that Wars already
started that ship has already sailed
the first shot in the worldwide trade
war already started and it didn't start
when President Trump started talking
about steel and aluminum tariffs let me
tell you when that trade war started
this is an article there's a couple of
weeks old from the new America and they
point out that it started when we cut
our income taxes we didn't do anything
to trade and yet the European Union and
others were saying that cutting our own
taxes by that much was a breach of the
World Trade Organization and they were
gonna use a WTO to get even with us so
let me tell you something the first shot
in the trade war was not shot by us it
was fired by the European Union it was
fired by the World Trade Organization
saying we're gonna punish Americans
because they've decided the federal
government has decided they're not going
to punish their citizens as much as we
punish our citizens and it's going to be
an unfair advantage for them and now
we're gonna have another advantage we're
going to take away some of the criminal
abuses by China and others but it's not
just that President Trump is using this
as a weapon to get a better deal with
NAFTA NAFTA is a horrible deal I don't
know I mean we've got establishment
Republicans and Democrats who support
NAFTA but then we've got many
Republicans and Democrats who stand with
the people who understand how NAFTA has
eviscerated our country and again going
back to the 1992 election one of the big
issues was NAFTA you had both George HW
Bush and Bill Clinton pushing for NAFTA
and of course either one of them would
put it in it was just like when we had
Obamacare we were gonna get Obamacare
one way or the other from the
establishment regardless of whether it
was Mitt Romney or whether it was Barack
Obama they were still going to push that
in the 2000 was a 12 elections it was
still going to be a given
and the same thing was there with NAFTA
the establishment was going to Ram NAFTA
down our throat we'd had a rough parity
with Mexico as soon as it passed we had
a 17 billion dollar trade deficit never
got lower went up over seventy billion
dollars recently and we can talk about
the millions of jobs over lost we'll be
right back well as I've been playing
quotes from Rand Paul saying we need to
audit the Fed we need to make sure we
got search warrants and not these
general warrants that are being issued
that are unconstitutional from FISA but
then also an interview saying hey we're
about to start a trade war with these
tariffs and on that issue I disagree
with Rand Paul because a trade war was
already declared by the European Union
let's go back till to the point where
the Trump tax cuts went through we had
officials from the European Union and as
a new American points out it's formally
sovereign member states were also
they're plotting to punish the United
States by using the World Trade
Organization the Europeans are upset
that we got tax cuts push through they
said they claim this is a violation of
the WTO rules and because it would
result in businesses and capital fleeing
from the European welfare states of
course or so what and I think that this
is if we're gonna have a war and it
looks like we are it's gonna be a war
between the globalist and the
nationalists it's breaking out in Europe
you got look at the Italian elections is
that going to result in an exit by Italy
that's what a lot of people are saying
there's certainly problems within each
of the formerly sovereign European
states as they say maybe we would like
to be sovereign again and you have a
massive rise that people want to take
their sovereignty back take it back away
from the European Union for a variety of
reasons economic reasons is one of the
key reasons that they want their
sovereignty back but you got a coalition
as I point out in the new American
article of big government loving
politicians and bureaucrats claiming
that low taxes that attract capital
investment are a breach
of the World Trade organization's
agreements and our quote-unquote illegal
under international law so the
globalists have their own trade law and
you're not allowed to do anything about
it this is why they hate President Trump
so much and why we love him so much
the French finance minister and he says
we are of the view that the new system
of Trump tax cuts might be contrary to
World Trade Organization rules and if
that's the case he said every option
will be on the table so this is
something that's already started that
are a declared war on the United States
and as we look at these articles and as
they label Trump in the movement
populist I don't like to use that label
we have to be very careful about which
labels we allow them to put on us that's
the way they always win arguments is
with the terms that they pick they chose
populism because populism has
historically been associated with
nationalist fascism and authoritarianism
and a worship of a cult leader and so
forth that's why I prefer the term
economic nationalism economic
nationalism that's what we're talking
about here I don't like any of those
other aspects of populism and I don't
want to embrace that or use that as a
label that is basically handing a weapon
to these people to use against us in a
debate so let's talk about this as we
start it out Rand Paul saying let's
audit the Fed yes let's start at the Fed
but let's also undo some of the damage
that has been done by the entire banking
industry that is allied with the Federal
Reserve Rand Paul correctly pointed out
that the Federal Reserve had created a
real estate bubble a stock market bubble
been burst it now they're ready to do
the same thing again
they're always manipulating us we need
to know what they're doing and the fact
that we can't even audit them that
Congress cannot even audit them that
might start to wake some people up to
realize that they're not controlled by
the government the government has no
control over the Federal Reserve and you
know if we can't even know what they're
doing if everything that they do is
hidden from us you might get the idea
that they are in
and they love to talk about their
independence they think that that's a
wonderful thing they brag about it well
they're independently wealthy and
they're independently manipulating stock
markets real estate markets and so forth
they know what it's got should somebody
take a look at the Federal Reserve and
see if they're doing insider trading you
think they are
I wonder gee I really really wonder you
know that Congress is allowed to do
insider trading they got called on it
and Nancy Pelosi got embarrassed about
it you know it wasn't just crumbs that
Nancy Pelosi was making from her insider
trading so they passed the so-called
stock Act and then when nobody was
looking about six months later they have
Visser ated that so that they and their
staff could continue to do insider
trading they know which industries
they're going to put regulations on to
harm which industries are going to help
even which individual companies they're
going to help and harm and they can
trade on that information in advance of
the regulations before anybody else
knows about it it's a worst kind of
insider trading except the Federal
Reserve which can do the same thing as a
matter of fact Charles Lindbergh's
father who was a senator said exactly
that would happen and it did happen and
it's been happening so let's take a look
at these bankers I mean how about you
know when we look at the control of the
globalist bankers here I'm glad to see
that Gary Cohen who previously remember
when he came into the Trump
administration he got a Goldman
parachute 285 million dollars I said
earlier I said it was about two hundred
and sixty sixty-five no it's two hundred
eighty five million dollars goldman
sachs reported that he was leaving with
more than a hundred million dollars but
in a separate filing by cohen himself it
showed that it was actually more than
two hundred and eighty five million
dollars it was cash and stock awards and
so forth the stock would have normally
been tied up for several years but
goldman said it was going to accelerate
the payout so that corn could sever his
ties with goldman sachs and become
director of the National Economic
Council and the Trump administration so
they wanted this very badly he was their
guy on the inside
and many of us have been very concerned
about how much influence they had you
know you look at this the president
Trump puts all these people in the
cabinet who adamantly opposed to the to
the policies that he ran on people like
Gary Cohen and so forth
and look at this and say are they gonna
be able to switch him well not in this
particular case it didn't and so he's
finally left because he couldn't win the
argument on protecting our steel and
aluminum industries and I think that's a
good thing I mean President Trump you
can look at this and say well he wants
to have his enemies closer to him than
he does his friends that is a strategy a
strategy of a political strategy that
people use also wanting to know how the
opposition is going to be coming at him
but he still did it
he still did the right thing and we have
Gary Cohen resigning as Trump's top
economic adviser free trade advocate as
they refer to him at CNBC and evidently
from what people have said there was a
quite heated argument over whether or
not there was going to be protection of
steel and aluminum industry so if we're
gonna continue to go down the path to
economic ruin you know when we talk
about all this as I said before we can
talk about free trade in theory and I'm
all for free trade in theory I'm all for
absolutely no taxes in theory but if
you're gonna have government even at the
constitutional level that Thomas
Jefferson did you gotta fund it at some
in some way so where is the where's the
area that's going to do the least amount
of damage to the American people and I
think that area is to have taxes on
goods that are coming into our country
from other countries I totally agree
with that we also still have as people
are looking at this there's also an
imbalance in the sense that in European
countries where they put a v8e tax on
their goods when they sell them into the
United States those taxes those internal
taxes are removed but not for us because
if we have somebody who's manufacturing
something in the United States they get
the internal taxes of the federal
government and the state governments and
then those taxes remain on the prod
as it travels abroad and tries to
compete in those other markets so we
already have government hampering
American business for export so the
least they can do is to try to take away
some of the unfair trade practices of
China and the European Union the New
York Times says Gary cones decision to
leave came after he seemed poised to
lose an internal struggle amid a Wild
West style process they always
portraying Gary Coleman Cohen as the
adult in the room and President Trump as
the cowboy in the room well to some of
us cowboy is not a bad thing some of us
like the Wild West so you might want to
come up with a different pejorative term
for that he lost he's on his way out and
as a guardian says the experienced
Democrat was a singular figure in
Trump's White House good goodbye and
we're gonna hear from President Trump on
the other side the break stay with us as
I've said many times there were three
things that President Trump needed to
get done and he was on the right side of
these three issues in order to save
America and to save our world from
global governance because combined with
brexit combined with these other
elections that we see in Europe the
desire of people to have control over
their lives instead of surrendering it
to a distant in many cases supranational
governance things like the trans-pacific
partnership the transatlantic
partnership those types of things
subjecting our economy and our trade to
an unelected group of individuals
unaccountable to us and basically that's
what we're seeing here with the Goldman
Sachs bankers the central banks and the
World Trade Organization which have
already declared war a trade war on the
United States after the tax cuts we've
talked about this before how angry they
were I was all the talk of Davos how do
we get Trump how do we stop this it's
unfair you're cutting the tax burden on
your corporations your citizens that's
unfair it's gonna cause economic flight
and productive flight away from the euro
socialists or the Marxist that are
that that super national government but
it was also important for him to get out
of the Paris climate treaty because not
only was that a tool of economic control
a tool that could be used to shut down
our energy production and many other
industries and manipulate our economy
and gave an unfair advantage to India
and to China that was really the purpose
of the Paris climate treaty many
environmentalists who believe in global
warming will tell you that they'll say
it had absolutely nothing to do with
global warming how could it affect
global warming if the dirtiest producers
of energy China and any India we're
going to be allowed to continue to
produce very dirty coal plants well into
the future continue to build that
incredibly dirty coal plants I mean
we're talking about global climate
change right but it only counts if it's
done by America or by the West so it's
very important to get out of that as
equally important and perhaps the most
important issue and the key issue of the
election of course was the border and
I'm very disappointed so far and what
President Trump has done or not done
he's taken a very passive action saying
I want to try to do some things but the
judiciary says I can't do it I've got a
federal judge somewhere in California in
New York and we'll find one somewhere at
some lower level that will tell me I
can't do anything or I've got to wait
for the the Congress to to pass
something give me permission fund it out
of the military budget if we can't
defend our borders then our Defense
Department is useless useless I just
recounted yesterday how arbitrarily the
Defense Department said sixteen billion
dollars we don't need to get that from
these other countries they go out and
operate the Pentagon operates of course
as an arms dealer and gets a handsome
Commission for the arms that they sell
to foreign governments they come in they
do an assessment they say well you need
to buy this this this and this and you
need to buy from us and we'll negotiate
a price for you and we'll take a
commission and then according to law
these countries are supposed to pay a
one-time fee that is supposed to cover
the research and development costs that
have been paid by the American consumer
and Pentagon said 16
billion-dollars yeah you don't need to
pay that just forget about it just
forget about we'll put it on the
taxpayers here in America no problem
Trump is asking for 18 billion dollars
for the wall the Pentagon just wrote off
sixteen billion dollars to foreign
countries and you tell me that they
can't protect the border that's an
outrage it's an outrage that they would
do that
it's an outrage that we have a record
black budget for Defense Department
everything up to eighty 1 billion
dollars we're not even allowed to know
what's in there
I don't like the idea of that I like
transparency I think we need to know
what's going on they won't even give us
line items as to what this is about 80 1
billion dollars can't get 18 billion
dollars for a wall and on and on we can
talk about foreign aid for military aid
to Israel and other people far more than
it would cost to defend our borders with
a wall or with troops at the border that
we could bring home from the 8 or 9 or
more wars that we're currently involved
in bring them home protect our border
there is a real war going on in Mexico
we can talk about its origins the drug
war that we started that's an outrage as
well but the reality is that we have
created these very dangerous drug
cartels even if we were to end the drug
war that we're not in the drug cartels
they are now a very very strong power
perhaps stronger than the government of
Mexico and they will do whatever they
have to do to keep going whatever kind
of black market so you end the drug war
they'll get into prostitution human
trafficking but nevertheless let's get
back to the economic issues here Gary
Cohen says the Guardian was an
experienced Democrat a singular figure
in the Trump White House they just loved
him they say he harbored strong
objections to the president's leadership
and remember last summer they said he
drafted a letter of resignation after
the president blamed both sides of the
racist violence in Charlottesville
Virginia so he can't he's a Democrat so
you can't not if you're a Democrat you
cannot blame violent radical communists
no no they're not to blame
it's those right-wing racists on the
other side president Trump is right
they're both to blame but you can never
do that yes just like McMaster can never
violent radical jihadists they cannot be
named cannot be blamed here's another
one I can't wait to see go HR McMaster
he needs to get out there but as the
Guardian says Cowan they just loved him
he was a registered Democrat in a
Republican administration a top
professional and a crowd of family
members and first-timers and a globalist
who resisted the president's strong
protectionist urges everybody can agree
on that everybody whether you're
conservative or liberal you can all
agree that Gary Cohen was a globalist
and that last point they said in The
Guardian that last point the globalism
was a point of contrast that reportedly
became the sticking point let's play
President Trump what he had to say video
clip number three here to protect him
one of the reasons I was elected as I'm
protecting our workers I'm protecting
our companies and I'm not gonna let that
so we're doing tariffs on steel we
cannot lose our steel industry it's a
fraction of what it once was and we
can't lose our aluminum industry also a
fraction of what it once was
and our country's doing well the massive
tax cuts and all of the deregulation has
really kicked us into gear that was
President Trump at a press conference
with a Swedish Prime Minister yesterday
after this stuff came out and after the
bankers and the central bankers and the
Wall Street companies and the Goldman
Sachs has all said oh this is horrible
we're gonna do a sell-off and then some
people said no no no Trump is just he
just had a tantrum he's not really gonna
do those tariffs it's just a just an
off-the-cuff remark it's like no he came
back yes and he said no we're doing it
we're doing it
and as Zero Hedge points out he said
we're doing steel tariffs he said the US
has been taken advantage of on trade for
many years the EU has been particularly
tough on us and trade he suggests the EU
could make a deal that would obviate a
tariff needed
he also says if the NAFTA deal is made
in other words if we improve NAFTA so
that it isn't this giant sucking sound
as Ross Perot pointed out some of the
reasons why Ross Perot got so many votes
because he was the only alternative
to the Republicans and Democrats who
were gonna push through NAFTA and it has
been a giant sucking sound for the last
25 plus years let's say it was 1992 I
guess they put it through maybe 93 so
about 25 years Trump also said China
sends us the u.s. much more steel than
people think he says if you're behind
other countries the trade Wars not gonna
be so bad in other words they're beating
us so let's take this stuff back
he says China trans ships steel to the
US through many other countries
you got that everybody said well China
is just such a small percentage it's
much higher they sent it to another
country that country sends it on to us
and so I think it's very important you
got a lot of different arguments that
our people are making out there but let
me tell you something he's doing this
he's doing this for the workers you're
gonna stand up for the workers we're
gonna say enough for Wall Street that's
the bottom line
and so Gary Cohen is hitting the road
you know the Democrats interestingly
enough thought the tax cuts were a
really really bad idea they always do
and you heard Chuck Schumer say
Republicans are gonna rue the day that
it did tax cuts Nancy Pelosi saying
they're nothing but crumbs well we've
had a major tax restructuring cut
internal taxes and then increase the
taxes that are harming our industry I
think that's a great deal I think that
works for the American industry but you
got the GOP now thinking that defending
American industry is a bad idea just
like the Democrats thought the tax cuts
were bad idea
I think the establishment Republicans
and Democrats are a bad idea all right
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we're gonna continue in this segment and
conclude with what is going on with
tariffs and then once we come back in
the next segment we're gonna get to
today's news I'm gonna take a look at
the Texas primary because that has
national implications and I will tell
you what's going on with that that we're
talking about something right now that
has international implications and we
got a lot of people who listen this
program on radio here locally and
throughout the country and we have
people who listen the program
internationally and these issues have
international importance for everybody
and as I said when we look at our coming
national elections I think the moves the
president Trump has made with taxes and
with trade are going to really
strengthen him and they will strengthen
the Republicans who wise enough to see
what's going on the Democrats as a group
opposed tax cuts because they want to
control your life they want to take all
your money and hand it back to you as
children on an allowance
now the Republicans support open trade
but in practice what that means is that
you've got some globalist organization
that is going to set the rules for trade
going to allow certain countries certain
industries certain companies to survive
and prosper and others will be shut down
by those unelected unaccountable
supranational organizations and many
Republicans as well as Democrats support
those organizations and we've now just
had one of them leave Gary Cohen has
left the Trump administration good
riddance but I think that standing with
the American people and cutting taxes
even if they're even if the Democrats
want to call them crumbs they're not
crumbs to us they may be crumbs to Nancy
Pelosi because she's able to do insider
trading and everything else to a feather
her nest but they're not crumbs to us
these are significant tax cuts and I
think defending American industry is a
winning position and the Republicans
better wake up to it the Democrats
certainly have some of the Democrats who
are facing re-election
saying hey and also the ones who are in
even in red states but you've got the
Democrats who are in Ohio in West
Virginia and Pennsylvania we're all
saying I'm with President Trump on this
more so than the Republicans
interestingly enough because why they've
got a lot of workers in their state who
used to have high paying jobs and now if
they've got any jobs at all their
service industry jobs and I remember
this debate back in the 70s when I was
just entering the workforce and
everybody was saying we're gonna get rid
of these dirty industries we don't want
dirty industries we're on dirty energy
we won't don't want dirty manufacturing
let's set it to the Chinese let's let
their slaves work for us that's like
well let's put aside the moral
implications of that right now but let's
look at how this has worked out for us
for the last 40 years they were even
telling everybody what you want service
jobs you want nice clean service jobs
you're gonna you're gonna make more
money doing this and there were a lot of
people at the time you had people like
Ross Perot Pat Buchanan saying we're
gonna get poor if all we do is each
other's laundry if we're not creating
anything that is the path to poverty it
is also the path to slavery because
you're not going to be able to build
weapons to defend yourself for example
and we have seen that happen now the
industry of America being eviscerated
in many of these Democrat states and
this is the opportunity for Trump to
strengthen the Trump Democrats as well
so it's a very wise political move I
think it is a wise economic move I think
it puts America first I think it's what
he ran on and I think it's absolutely
right to do this now they want to talk
about a trade war and as I pointed out
the trade war began when the European
Union and the World Trade Organization
started saying we're gonna we're gonna
nothing is taken off the table we're
gonna come after America because they
cut their taxes and that gives them an
unfair advantage over us so we're coming
after America so it was already on and
President Trump is saying now that the
US may have broader curbs on Chinese
imports president is now fighting trade
offenses on multiple fronts and China is
in the target one of the things that
they're saying is they're going to take
a look at a probe into China
section 301 action which would say that
the Chinese are not going to be
investing in American property if we
can't do the same thing there and that
is a very defensive move because the
Chinese as part of their offensive move
might dump t-bills and buy up American
property welcome back in this hour we're
gonna get into some other news we're
gonna take a look at an update into the
gun debates because it is an ongoing
issue and as we started this I want to
talk about what the tactics of the left
to shut down and since their aim debate
because they don't want to have a debate
they're gonna lose in a debate because
this debate is about your individual
liberty about your god-given right to
protect yourself they're gonna lose in
that debate
they don't want to defend students in
school they've got a gun confiscation
agenda and that's that's the bottom line
here that's why they don't want to have
a debate so to shut down this debate
they're going in and accusing anybody
that pushes back against the children
that they put up as surrogates in their
gun confiscation to me anybody that
criticizes anything these kids have to
say you're accused of bullying and
harassment and so they will bully and
harass you and we're talking about
YouTube specifically the purge at
YouTube but also the other social media
Facebook Twitter and others will do this
I just had Mike Adamson yesterday he
hosted the Alex Jones Show they shut
down his entire channel they went back
six years and they found a video where
he had interviewed a guy who said nobody
died at Sandy Hook and Mike Adam said I
didn't believe that I let him put up
what he talked about the things that he
thought were suspicious about that and
of course we've interviewed and I've
interviewed Wolfgang Hallberg who was a
former Highway Patrol officer he was
also a school principal he took those
two careers put them together and became
a an investigator a consultant on school
security after Columbine and he
investigated every single school
shooting until Sandy Hook and had
no problems but at Sandy Hook he hit a
brick wall they wouldn't give him any
information as he tried to get
information and he was in Florida and
you know she tried to get information
from the Connecticut government they
sent Florida Highway Patrol to his house
to threaten him and so then he really
started digging and he found a lot of
very suspicious stuff just like we saw
in Las Vegas
now we haven't had any you know we
didn't have the gun owners and the NRA
demonized after Vegas because it was so
obviously suspicious that everybody was
saying what is going on here what is
going on here in Vegas but after this
school shooting they started again and
they put kids up front because they saw
that after Sandy Hook if somebody would
put out the position that nobody died
they wouldn't debate that they would
just come after you and demonize you so
you're bullying you're harassing we're
gonna shut you down we've had that same
thing happening now in the Texas
Southerland Springs shooting the place
where the church was shut up and I gotta
say that you know I talked to Marc
Collins who was a formerly a pastor at
that church knew the people there
somebody I know personally somebody who
plays he looks exactly like George
Washington same height I mean you do a
split screen of his face I mean it you
can't tell where George Washington ends
and Mark Collins begins and exactly the
same size absolutely amazing so he
played George Washington and some films
and documentary that was sold here at
Infowars maybe still do revelation the
movie and as part of that I got to meet
Mark Collins he is a libertarian he is a
solid Christian he tells the truth he
knew these people he was a pastor at
that church that was shot up and he knew
the people in that tiny small town he
came on this show that Monday after the
shooting he was the first one to break
the news anywhere in the country that a
good guy with an ar-15 stopped the bad
guy and it's very important that we have
that but now we've got people who are
down there harassing family who lost
members and saying nobody died and they
came around they were continually
yelling and screaming and hollering
you're gonna hang saying that they were
gonna hang me from a tree and they were
going to pee on me while I was hanging
and so these people got arrested because
they were assaulting and threatening
family members who had lost family in
that shooting and that was real folks
that was real we cannot get into the
mindset that just because the government
has lied to us about the Kennedy
assassination or about 9/11 or about Las
Vegas or whatever that every single
aspect of it is made up they always like
to mix the truth with lies that's their
most effective thing and it was right
after the Las Vegas shooting I had a
guest on this show former CIA yeah maybe
he's not former and he tried immediately
came on said this whole thing is a hoax
and nantes Vegas nobody died there
anything that stop right there stop
right there
you're not going to hang that on me that
is a tactic to shut us down to go over
the edge to put out false information
hoping that we're going to bite on that
so we can't talk about all the phony
stuff that happened in Las Vegas that
would base it if we jumped into that if
I took that bait I said nobody died in
Las Vegas then they get to say well then
no you're obviously deranged conspiracy
theorist tinfoil hat nothing you say is
true you can't comment on any of these
false statements that are constantly
changing fighter that corrupt Sheriff's
Department you can't come in on any of
that that's the tactic that's why they
do this that's why they put these kids
up there because that's our other tactic
now you can't criticize kids you'll be
bullying and harassing them that guy is
never gonna be on any program that I do
as a guest again I'm not gonna be used
like that by CIA operatives never again
never again
I understand whether you think I was
born yesterday you think I don't
understand the tricks you guys play
that's why you have to be careful
they're always putting this stuff out
you want to call them Russian trolls or
you want to call them CIA trolls I don't
really care but they're always putting
out fake information hoping that you'll
pick that up and pass that along to
discredit yourself to discredit a
movement to discredit an investigation
into the lies of various
vents so you know question is not where
the people died but he was doing the
killing question is not whether people
died but the question is whether or not
we can trust the government to protect
us question is not whether people died
but whether or not we can turn over all
of our weapons to governments who
historically when they get all the
weapons have been able to do dem aside
kill tens of millions of people that's
the real question but let's talk about
this bullying issue we've now got kids
who if you remember it were bullied by
CNN any kids who didn't trumpet and push
the agenda that CNN was doing they got
bullied and their parents got bullied by
CNN as CNN was lobbying YouTube to shut
us down because we criticized or
questioned what these kids were having
to say question what they're shooting is
their solution is and so I want to play
for you a video of a parkland survivor
student Kyle cash view who was
criticizing David hog he can do that and
he shouldn't be shut down for doing that
nobody should be shut down for
criticizing anybody let me tell you
something if David hog has sufficiently
recovered from the ordeal that he can
get involved in a and an international
political dispute that he can dictate to
us and to the president which is what
you're gonna hear what the solutions
should be then he is he's fair game he's
fair game he's not suffering from any
grief he's writing a the limelight he's
hogging the limelight and here's what a
fellow student said about David Hawk
they actually called me the day before
the listening session and asked if we
were going to come and I said I'm not
coming because we expect president Trump
to come to the CNN Town Hall week and I
ended on this message with them I said
President Trump we don't need to listen
to President Trump President Trump needs
to listen to the screams of the children
and the screams of this nation drunk
with power you know I'm really trying to
control my anger at what he said this is
the students another student president
calls you and it shows he wants to make
a change and you're talking about
partisan change and the one man who
controls who leads our nation
you know comes tunes like look well
let's do something let's make it happen
and you hang up the phone on him
that's so hypocritical you know he was
david hog was like we have to make a
change let's make this happen
and then the the white house calls you
and it was like let's do it I totally
agree let's make the change and then you
hang up on him and then you brag about
it on national television it's extremely
counterproductive yeah not just
it shows what this is and as I pointed
out before you want a metaphor for this
and people say hey they look like
children of the corn now the real
metaphor for this is the Salem witch
hunt we had teenagers accusing adults of
being witches and everybody believed the
teenagers can't question the teenagers
you don't want to bully or harass the
teenagers well good for that teenager
for speaking up and pointing out the
uncontrolled arrogance of david hog
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
part of the problem is the media for
pushing gun control narrative says a
father of one of the students at
Parkland a student killed in the mass
so his a student died there and he said
let's not focus on gun control let's
focus on making the schools safer this
is on MSNBC Chris Jansing said you've
said also gun control laws are not
achievable right now you've been
advocating correct me if I'm wrong a
school safety first program what makes
sense to you from where you said and he
goes well part of the problem is the
media like before you got on you started
talking about the AR bill and he says
that takes away focus of what's
important to me and I think the majority
of Americans they want to know that
their kids are safe say the kids are not
gonna be made safe by trying to take
away guns from honest people responsible
people you cannot wish the guns away
into a cornfield as I said before this
whole idea of never again is absolute
nonsense even if we focus on school
security there will still be some
shootings not as many not as bad you
cannot have a perfectly safe world you
cannot even with all your regulations of
fire code you cannot make the world
you can't make the world war proof
either we learned that after World War
one the war to end all wars everybody
said this was so horrible so unnecessary
we'll never do this again
and then within what was it 20 years
we're at it again less than 20 years so
it's just human nature you're not going
to be able to make the world ever never
it's human nature you just cannot stop
murder you just can't say we're gonna
ban murder no more murder please oh you
know murder has been against the law for
a long time so of a lot of other things
you can make it worse as we've seen with
alcohol prohibition and with drug
prohibition you can increase crime you
can increase addiction you can increase
the intensity of the drugs itself where
there's alcohol or where there's
marijuana or whether it's other drugs
you can create brand-new synthetic drugs
like method we never had before you can
do all that with prohibition but you
can't stop recreational drug use you
never will as human nature certain
percentage of the population is going to
do that and the best that you can hope
is that they will become an example to
other people you try to help them with
treatment you can try to give them
spiritual counseling try to fill the
hole that's in their soul with something
that's real you can try to give them
psychological counseling medical
whatever but you're not going to do it
with law enforcement we've had 50 years
of that failed policy we'll get to that
in a moment here but he went on to say
this father of a student who was killed
said so every time the media starts
talking about gun control it takes away
from our objective of making our school
safe which is achievable right now if we
come together if the media stops saying
gun control and instead of using the
word gun control put in their school
safety it'll be an easy task for us to
get together and make that happen let me
tell you how that's gonna happen it it
something like I said it's not gonna be
taking away guns from honest responsible
people it's going to be applying the
Second Amendment
broadly it's gonna be giving us more of
our god-given right to protect ourselves
and protect others I mean one of the key
things that you look at besides the law
lies besides the failures of Sheriff
Benghazi they're in Broward County the
guy who never did anything
her 45 calls he and his deputies never
done anything they didn't want to report
this guy because they had this an Obama
program the promise program where
they're going to pretend that they don't
have any crime with young kids they
didn't want to send them to prison for
violence no they'll wait and send them
to prison forever for drug offenses fill
up our prisons I say another effective
prohibition besides destroying our legal
system besides corrupting law
enforcement all of those things happen
prohibition but they did not want and
talk about corrupting the law
enforcement what is the focus of Sheriff
Benghazi is it reporting crime stopping
violent crime no no no no he's focused
on the drug war and the low Lamborghinis
that he can confiscate from people and
then put his logo all over and have his
picture taken standing by it or writing
in it but when you have a problem he's
not gonna be driving up there in his
lamborghini real quickly it's gonna take
him a while and that his deputies are
gonna stand down because they've got
different policies and when we look at
all of this regardless of why they stood
down just don't expect we've talked
about how the Supreme Court has said now
three times twice in the 80s once as
recent as 2005 that the government has
no responsibility to protect you you
cannot sue the police departments if
they don't protect you so you have
people now who are suing the police
department we'll see how that happens
we'll see that how that happens I I can
tell you based on three Supreme Court
decisions that unfortunately they're not
going to get any compensation from that
police department they're not even gonna
get that Lamborghini he confiscated
probably without a trial or without even
any charges because that's the way civil
asset forfeiture works under the drug
war then won't even be able to get that
Lamborghini and sell it and get
compensation for some of the families
who had people died there now they're
not gonna do their job and you're not
gonna be able to sue them and in any
situation we call people heroes who risk
their life to save total strangers and
that's rightfully so and even if we give
these people uniforms and pay them a
salary to do that you still don't know
what they're going to do when push comes
to shove that's why if we let good
people who have been trained who've been
very carefully about a lot of different
people let them have concealed carry so
nobody knows who's carrying you know
mark them with a uniform and they're
there at the scene you don't have to
wait five minutes for them to get there
or ten minutes or whatever for them to
get there and they're not going to stand
down if they're being shot at or people
that they know and care about are being
shot at that's the difference that's the
difference so the application of the
Second Amendment the application of
responsible people who are not guilty
the NRA members are not mass murderers
the NRA members did not carry out the
shooting that kid was not a member of
the NRA you go back and look at these
shootings they're not members of the NRA
it was an NRA former instructor who
stopped the shooter in the Texas Church
shooting as Sutherland Springs so that's
going to be the application but we got
Alec Baldwin out there saying it's time
to rethink the Second Amendment I think
it's time for Alec Baldwin to rethink
everything Alec Baldwin says so he puts
a tweet out and it came on the heels and
we played that clip for you the other
day from NRA TV we had Dana lash saying
we've had enough of the lies we had
enough of the sanctimony the arrogance
the hatred the pettiness the fake news
were done with your agenda to undermine
voters will and individual liberty in
America and she said so at every lying
member of the media to every Hollywood
phony like you Alec Baldwin to the role
model athletes who used their free
speech to alter and undermine what our
flag represents you know we've had
enough your time is running out she said
and so he comes back in response to that
and he says mm-hmm she doesn't care how
many dead bodies she has to step over in
pursuit of taking back the truth uh-huh
the Second Amendment is not a moral
credit card well he's right it isn't a
moral credit card it is a restriction as
they point out on this bike barred
article they point out it is not there's
nothing there about how many guns a
citizen can purchase or what kind of
guns a citizen can purchase because the
purpose of the Second Amendment is to
restrict the government not individuals
so the bill rights is not a bill of
rights of the government it's not a bill
of rights of
elitist Hollywood actors or politicians
to do whatever they want to surround
themselves with armed bodyguards no it
respects our god-given rights and says
government you can't do anything about
that you're prohibited from that and
everybody all the way up to President
Trump has taken an oath to obey that
restriction they'd better do it stay
with us we'll be right back I'm David
Knight you know the treatment of Gary
Oldman at the Oscars when he won for
Best Actor a very well-deserved Oscar by
the way one of the best performances
I've ever seen Gary Oldman completely
disappeared and that performance and you
saw Winston Churchill come out was a
masterpiece and it was also a film that
didn't push some kind of political
correctness social justice warrior jinda
very rare to see that anymore it was an
interesting historical film interesting
historical film only film I saw last
year that I liked and I didn't go to
very I knew that I would like that one I
was disappointed in some day I did go to
see but I did like a darkest hour
excellent excellent film and and
certainly deserved that
but of course especially when he
complimented American I'll tell you what
he had to say about that he was met with
absolute silence at the Oscars but it's
not just that and it's not just they
said well he was accused of domestic
violence years ago so we're gonna come
after now well just just Persian so that
he can't work anywhere you know if you
if you're conservative or anybody ever
accused you of anything then you know
you're just a non-person anymore you
can't have a job you can't be a public
figure nothing I don't know if he did it
or not maybe they don't know maybe they
didn't I I don't know but nevertheless
it was a great performance and that was
what they were supposed to be there for
but now Hollywood is political and it's
not just that aspect of it to I think
they were angry because it was a film
about Winston Churchill the first thing
Barack Obama did was to send back the
bust of Winston Churchill that was in
the White House hated him hate him he
said because of his a colonial attitude
well that wasn't anything that was
unique about Winston Churchill at the
time at the time most people in Britain
still had a Empire attitude and as this
article here from Daily Caller points
out you know you want to go back and
judge people by the standards
contemporary standards then you're gonna
be basically throwing away everybody and
that's what they want to do they want to
throw away all of Western civilization
because you can go back and anybody's
private life any historical figure and
you can find something about them that
you don't like politically something
about them you don't like personally and
you can throw away everything they did
here's the issue about Winston Churchill
he was a guy who was central to
defending not only Britain but the West
against incredible tyranny and he had
the wisdom and the leadership to do it
he was the man of the hour and that's
what they can't stand they don't like
that they've got to discredit that some
way and so they gotta go back in there
and that's easy enough to find out he
said he's a man every man has flaws
newsflash every woman - when I say man I
mean mankind
sorry feminists I mean mankind you man
whatever I we've seen how they're upset
about that can't say that so I guess you
know in the future anybody that ever
used the word man or mankind I see you
know can't have a statute of that person
they used the word mankind
obviously sexist the people who think
about nothing but sex or obviously
racist the people who think about
nothing but race I think those are the
people who are racist who are sexist but
anyway we have these evolving standards
that we've got here so he's not the hero
of world war two points out daily caller
but to the left he's an evil bigot and a
genocidal maniac no he saved the West
and at that central part there which
that movie was about the darkest hour as
Germany was on the march as they had
initiated war against everybody as they
were doing horrific things to the people
that were under their control already
against insurmountable odds he succeeded
and he showed leadership and he showed
something else that was very rare a
spine can you imagine we had leaders who
had a spine leaders who had principles
even if you don't agree with all their
I think it'd stand up to tyranny that is
something to learn from that is
something to celebrate and that's the
other part of this just as we can go
into everybody's life and we can nitpick
and we can find this and that and that
and that that we don't like especially
political figures public figures there
are also things that we can learn from
people learn from people because we're
human too and we also have our flaws and
maybe if we see some of the things that
somebody like Winston Churchill did that
was really exceptional maybe we can
learn from that aspect of his life and
throw away the bones throw away the
stuff that he did that was wrong and we
can learn from that we can may say you
know basically go back and look at the
mistakes that he made in other areas and
say well we don't want to do that we
don't do that but look at what he did
here that was truly outstanding and
that's a legitimate thing to do but we
have our own idols now just as we see
with Elizabeth Warren I think this is
kind of an interesting story the
Massachusetts editorial board is now
asking Elizabeth Warren to take a DNA
you know Pocahontas or as I like to call
her Foca Honus who claimed that she was
descended from Native Americans she used
that claim so that she could get a
set-aside at a university that she
wouldn't get if she wasn't Native
American if she was just white and so
now the Berkshire Eagle editorial board
has suggested that you take a DNA test I
said you know it's only 99 dollars they
said the same technology that can match
a perpetrator to a crime with virtual
100% certainty could settle the question
of your heritage for all time Elizabeth
Pocahontas Pocahontas so call call up
our senior center senator they said to
screw up her courage and to take a spit
test if she already has but it's keeping
the results under wraps then we urge her
to be forthcoming with them she has
nothing to lose but her Achilles heel so
sometimes it comes back to bite you
sometimes it comes back to bite you but
you know before we go just worth
mentioning again what Gary Oldman said
in these Oscars that were
not Oscar's so white but Oscars so
political Oscar's so left Oscars so
anti-american gary oldman got up and he
thanked America and he was met with dead
silence by the people there in that
auditorium because they don't like
America he said I've lived in America
for the longest time and I'm deeply
grateful to her for the loves and the
friendships I have made and the many
wonderful gifts it's given me he said my
home my livelihood my family and now my
Oscar silence silence that's what these
people think and as Dennis Prager who
has been shut down on YouTube and as
suing Google said the left is the most
racist movement since the Nazis and this
is not a hyperbole folks this is
actually true and he asks because of
what happened and I've been meaning to
talk about this for a couple of days as
a matter of fact since Friday I've had
this on my desk here
Chuck Schumer tried to stop a judge from
getting seated in South Carolina saying
he's white I don't want a white judge so
Dennis Prager said what Chuck Schumer
liked to see fewer Jews and the
so that the judiciary looked more like
the American population so that's a real
we had Chuck Schumer voting against the
South Carolina federal nominee because
he's white that was that's just amazing
not because of his qualifications but
because of his race member Martin Luther
King said we want people to be judged by
the content of their character not the
color of their skin well you know what
we see now right now is Jim Crow coming
back and when we see what's happening
with Chuck Schumer and the Democrat
Party which is the party that gave us
Jim Crow all they have done is changed
the skin color of the group that they
want to make the enemy the group that
they want to hate see Jews have always
been very sensitive this in the past
because they were singled out in Germany
and so they didn't want to see this
happening yet and so some of them had a
lot of problems with white Democrats
singling out black people under Jim Crow
laws and rightfully so and now you've
people like Chuck Schumer singling out
white people you know it's not okay to
be white you say that you're accused of
being a racist you're kicked off a
campus or whatever it's not okay to be
white people who are white are demonized
by Chuck Schumer and as we look at this
we have to ask ourself how far down the
road are we going to go we look at South
Africa and people are justifying the
murder of white farmers there the
confiscation of their land and saying
what we had apartheid so now we're
justified to do this you have to ask
yourself does apartheid justify genocide
is genocide our future if people like
Chuck Schumer and the demagogue party
that focuses on nothing but demographics
pits one group against the other and all
groups against one
what if they succeed is that gonna be
our future um we were talking in the
last segment about the darkest hour
about the left's attitude towards
Churchill how people like Elizabeth
Warren like who I guess we should call
maybe you know Pocahontas is a good name
for her and that's uh that's one that
Trump uses all the time
Foca honnest many of us call her maybe
we should just call her the trans Indian
she she's a white but she identifies as
an Indian if she can get benefits at a
college if she can get a position as a
college she'll identify as an Indian and
of course i originate story were an
editorial board is calling on her to
take a DNA test it's only $99 Elizabeth
you can do it it's not that expensive
maybe they'll even put the maybe one of
these candidates like Shiva uh do ray
who is also running for the same office
there maybe he could take up a
collection and they could give her a
gift certificate for a DNA test you know
put up or shut up but the point being is
that there are certain groups now in the
Democrat Party that have special
privileges and others that have to be
demonized it's this kind of group
mentality there has always been the
hallmark of totalitarians always the
hallmark of the fascists or the
communist whoever just the authoritarian
who pick out a particular group and they
demonize them
and I thought it was kind of interesting
last couple days we've had this story of
a Holocaust survivor
Ava Corr and she's going to the National
Museum of nuclear science and history in
New Mexico to talk about the engi main
scientific experiments are performed on
her at the Auschwitz concentration camp
as a ten year old and then as she's
traveling home she encounters the TSA an
agency that reminds her of Nazi Germany
this is not this is not an exaggeration
folks this is the reality when you no
longer have any freedom or dignity and
this is something that has been a push
by the establishment for a very long
time I remember when my wife was getting
her degrees in education and one of the
things one day she she brought home a
book and it was called be on freedom and
dignity BF Skinner you may be aware of
that and I said it's about time somebody
complained about our society this is
back in the seventies and she said no no
they're saying that we all need to be
treated like animals and that there is
no such thing as freedom or dignity
there were merely animals and in there
within their rights to try to control us
with behavioral tactics with behavioral
psychology and of course BF Skinner was
a master at behavioral psychology came
up with clicker training which one the
best ways to train your animal or any
kind of animal I mean with the clicker
training you've got animal trainers who
have been able to get every kind of
animal fish bird you name it not just
dogs even cats they can train to do
anything anything if you're a good
clicker trainer and they do it with
positive operant conditioning it's what
they call that
so you reward them if they do the right
thing as opposed to say no bad dog you
shouldn't do that no no you always do
the right thing and you give them cues
with the clicker
so as soon as they do the right thing
you give them a click and then you get
my treat and then after a while the
click is all they're looking for because
they started to communicate with you
just just want that approval and we've
seen how effective peer pressure can be
and experiments that we've seen you know
the milford experiments where they went
through and they got people because
authority told them to do so they got
people to shock others who were
supposedly the test subject actually
they were testing the person who was
administering the shot wanted to see if
just because authority figures told him
to do it if they would really give the
person a shock and they would they would
give him a shock all the way up to fatal
levels and they found as they reproduced
this experiment well over sixty percent
of people in all countries would do this
it's not a cultural thing it's an
authority thing we're wired to do what
the authority figures tell us we're
wired not to question authority and they
pushed that very hard with the
mainstream media anybody who questions
authority oh you're the one who's
bullying and harassing not the
authorities who are shutting down
everybody they're not the bullies
they're not the harasser no anybody who
questions what the government tells you
the our bully you're bad and so we've
seen these types of behaviors they're
done and really when you look at TSA as
I've said many times I think it is
simply positive operant conditioning you
know they they offer you a little bit of
a stick but it's really mainly you let
me humiliate you you let me put my hands
on you in any way that I wish you let me
put you through a radiation machine and
I'll reward you let you fly and Ava Kor
said another very demeaning body search
by the TSA there has to be some way that
at age 84 I can get some clearance by
the powers of government Chaput powers
in upper case from this procedure as I
lecture about surviving Ashe wits I
barely survived the TSA body search I
detest it they rained my experiment
experience and as she goes around
lecturing and they've done a documentary
about her life called Ava she said I
discovered the cure from victimhood
and she said it's forgiveness
she said should I keep that to myself
she's only four feet nine and she has to
use her Walker but she's a danger to the
powers that be they have to assert their
authority over her and you know
freethought project had a comment on it
I said when she draws a parallel between
Ashe wits and the TSA Americans should
listen to her and they should remember
history they said as when they pointed
out many times a TSA cares not about
laying waste to your personal space or
molesting anybody that comes in the way
their their mission here their path they
can do all these things because all of
these things have been declared legal
all the pat downs all the groping all
the brutality all the humiliation are
carried out because they are legal
everything that Germany did in the 1930s
to people was also legal and this is
important to remember when we see people
accepting all the increasing police
state measures simply because they are
legal and I would point out they do it
because they have absolutely no interest
and freedom or dignity all the people
today care about is the promise of
safety not even safety but the promise
of safety and they don't realize that as
and historically as people give away
their freedom as they give away their
liberty their dignity they don't get
safety they don't get comfort they don't
get wealth and prosperity because you
become a slave to that extent slaves are
never safe slaves are never prosperous
and so why in the world would anybody
that knows anything about human nature
or anything about history why would they
go for that bargain trade and your
liberty for the promise of security the
founders knew that Franklin said that he
said you give that away you don't
deserve Liberty if you give it away for
the promise of safety and historically
we've found that people don't get it and
the reason that people do it is because
they don't understand where this leads
so where is this lead when we see Chuck
and the demagogue party coming out and
saying that this guy is not qualified
for federal judge because he's white
simply because he is white the new Jim
Crow party they just have a different
skin color that they're coming after and
it was South Carolina's black Republican
senator who spoke up he said his name
since Scott and he pushed back on
Schumer he said perhaps the Senate
Democrats should be more worried about a
lack of diversity on their own staffs
rather than attacking an extremely
well-qualified judicial nominee from the
great state of South Carolina because
Schumer had said I know we gotta look
for a judiciary that looks more like the
America that it represents so as Dennis
Prager said well then maybe we should
have fewer Jewish lawyers out there
because you know we're gonna start going
down a percentage here white which group
are you gonna target next to take out if
you're gonna start putting everybody in
a pigeonhole because of their skin color
or because of a particular group that
they belong to this is the tactic of
dangerous tyrants and it is the tactic
it is the key tactic of the Democrats
Lindsey Graham even pushed back up even
Lindsey Graham understand this not good
and and Lindsey Graham comes out says
I've known Chuck Schumer for years he's
not a racist but this absolutely
shameful reason to vote against a very
qualified nominee which kind of reminds
me of the speech and Shakespeare Brutus
is an honorable man Lindsey Graham says
you know tricky Schumer he's not racist
no he actually is you can say that as
much as you want but that is the essence
of racism and where does this lead we
see it right now guess who the Marxists
in South Africa the Marxist vicious
Marxism of the radical Marxist leader
Julius Malema is saying well we're not
calling for the slaughter of white
people at least for now we're just gonna
steal their land and this is where these
types of identity politics always lead
they lead to tyranny they lead to
genocide and we're about to see that
happen in South Africa we got a lot of
people signing a petition at the Trump
White House asking for these white South
Africans who are being targeted
by these Marxists in Africa for genocide
asking if they can be allowed to come to
the United States what do you think
we'll be right back I'm David Knight I
want to finish up one more segment here
on the racism of the demagogue party and
the left and then we're gonna take your
calls starting in the next two segments
if you want to call in and join the
program that number is eight eight eight
to zero one two two four four we want to
talk about gun control I want to talk
about tariffs we want to talk about what
the Democrats are doing with their
identity politics it's destroying them
at the polls because everybody is saying
through this but as I was talking about
the plight of white farmers in Marxist
South Africa because that's the
relevance here as we see the guy who is
the Marxist leader say we're not calling
for the extermination of whites not yet
we're just gonna take all their land but
that you you wait it's gonna come just
like we saw the guy who is a mayor
pro-tem here in Austin at a gun-control
rally and some guy showed up with a sign
said we're not gonna let you ban the
guns and he said we're not calling for
the banning of guns just yet but you
keep that sign and that's basically what
this Marxist in South Africa I don't
care what color he is Marxists have
always had you know we've had Marxist
who are white we've had Stalin we've had
and again yeah Hitler used the same
tactics he called himself a socialist
but he appealed to nationalism sighs oh
well he's totally different from Stalin
know he was and he was the same and if
you get off of this one-dimensional
left-right spectrum and you start to
look at a real political spectrum you
see that they both fall in the same area
it's a distinction without a difference
the national socialism of Hitler and the
the the international communism of
Stalin distinction with that difference
both of them were white then we had Mao
was Asian then we have these this guy
who is in South Africa black doesn't
matter doesn't matter whether you're
white red yellow black purple whatever
Marxist or Marxist and they always use
these tactics and you've got somebody
like Chuckie Schumer who was Jewish he
should know better than to play this
game it's a very dangerous game they're
now this is the tactic of the demagogue
party it's a demographic game that they
use for political gain but it is
something that is a very dangerous game
of racism we're talking we were talking
about the South African white farmers
but here in America at San Diego State
University you got professors claiming
the farmers markets cultivate racism
quote the habits of white people are
normalized and they say that a farmers
market in an urban area is a weed like
white space can you believe that and it
is oppressing people of color people of
color the geology professor forced an
expert claims that 44% of San Diego's
farmer markets cater to quote households
from higher socio-economic background
see sounds just like a Marxist when they
can they use economic class warfare
against people that hasn't worked here
in America so Bill Ayers and these other
Marxists the tallit Aryans who want a
revolution here in America they decide
well we got to go we got to play the
race card so Bill Ayers and his ilk
created what they called white skin
privilege back when he was running the
Weather Underground and when he was
bombing buildings instead of destroying
public education instead of bombing the
minds of our children that's where he
went that's where basically Michelle
Obama is going to going with her mentors
to take over education so they can
create a policy of hate and division
they'll be very useful to them and their
divide and conquer strategy and so he
says there's a correlation between the
whiteness of farmers markets because it
displaces low-income residents and
people of color people of color and and
that's really what they have done if you
look at the way this whole thing has has
moved over the years we had the
n-double-a-cp and that was for
advancement of colored people you're not
allowed to say that anymore
then he had Martin Luther King talked
about Negroes but then when you had
cliven Bundy used that term he was a
racist then the Black Panthers said
people are black now you have to then
they went to African American then
people of color and so we've gone full
circle from color people to people of
but there's something about people of
color which says everybody but white
people that is the new Jim Crow and we
can thank the Democrats and the colleges
for that when a college professor says
oh it's not just those white farmers in
South Africa its farmers markets in
America that's where we're headed
stay with us we'll be right back with
your calls YouTube is hiring for some
positions but they excluded white and
Asian males says a lawsuit this was
reported by The Wall Street Journal and
as I've been talking about the demagogue
party and how they have used very
successfully well not so successfully
they've lost a thousand seats
pama and Hillary Clinton because of
theirs identity politics hopefully they
will lose more this is not the ideal
that Martin Luther King fought for that
people would be accepted for the content
of their character or for the
capabilities and not singled out by the
color of their skin or even by their sex
but this is a policy of the Democrat
Party and the policy of YouTube which is
telling everybody else are you bullying
and harassing people well maybe they're
bullying and harassing white and Asian
males according to this lawsuit YouTube
last year stopped hiring white and Asian
males for technical positions this is uh
this came out March the vs. last what
thirsty I think but the lawsuit was
filed by Arnie Wilberg a white male who
worked at Google for nine years
including four years as a recruiter at
YouTube and he alleges that the division
of alphabet Google set quotas for hiring
minorities he said last spring YouTube
recruiters were allegedly instructed to
cancel interviews with applicants who
weren't female black or Hispanic and to
purge entirely the applications of
people who didn't fit those categories
says a lawsuit a Google spokeswoman it's
not gonna have any spokes men said that
the company will vigorously defend
itself in the lawsuit we have a clear
policy to hire candidates based on their
merit not their identity okay well we'll
see about that would it surprise you if
they did exclude certain people all
these people
who come out and say all they have to
say whenever you get into a discussion
with him if you disagree with them they
say yeah you're sexist you're racist and
all they ever see about anybody is their
sex or their race they can't see
anything else about anyone they can't
think about anything they can't discuss
anything except say sex and race and I
would say that if that's what you're
limited to then you are the racist
you are the sexist that's that's the
reality of this let's go to our callers
now and if you want to join the program
that number is eight eight eight to zero
one two two four eight eight to join the
program let's go to Cayenne go ahead hey
he's not for killing white farmers yes
and I thought was interesting because
him saying that he's not for killing
white farmers that he's not doing what
for white farmers she said pursuing him
not for killing would be yeah yeah
that's that's the Marxist president of
South Africa that said that yeah yes and
he saying that he's not for killing
these farmers but at the same time he's
attempting to seize their land by force
and ultimately if all of the white
farmers in South Africa were to a resist
his attempts to seize their lands he
would have no choice except to kill them
that's right that's right and if you
look at the violence that's being
committed against white farmers there it
incredibly high they've put out reports
talking about how it compares to the
murder rate and other countries or even
the murder rate in general to South
Africa and it's many times higher than
what you'll see at other places so they
have been targeted they've been targeted
for extinction and as you point out that
yet isn't much of a qualifier but go
ahead what else would you like to I've
been taking that for about six months
now I bought it the first month that I
started listening to Infowars and its
really changed my whole life I'm glad to
hear that that's thank you for sharing
that because you know that's an
important thing for people to think
about we sell products that are natural
products and they're there to enhance
your body to help it worth it to like
build your immune system for example or
as you pointed out to to balance your
hormones or to help you to purge toxins
out of the food and the environment
things that that you're coming across
this is something in America even though
we have an obesity problem because we
have a lot of sugar a lot of processed
wheat in our diet we in many cases have
a nutrition failure and so it's just
proactive things that people can do and
of course it is a way that we fund this
operation I really do appreciate you
letting us know about that I'm glad
that's working out for you yeah all
right well thank you Chi let's go to and
and you know we're talking about farmers
at the top of the hour
many of our radio listeners didn't hear
me talking about the fact that in San
Diego we got college Marxist college
professors who are complaining about
white farmer markets saying that this is
economic class warfare typical Marxist
rhetoric but then also throwing in the
racial aspect as we've seen Bill Ayers
and others do with their white skin
privilege and they created back in the
60s with the Weather Underground these
are the people who are now have
infiltrated and are controlling the
educational establishment and that's a
course where Michelle Obama wants to go
work next Bill Ayers stopped bombing
buildings and he started destroying
children's minds for his Marxist agenda
let's go to Wayne in New Jersey go ahead
Wayne hello Wayne you there yeah hey
David hey thanks for calling thank you
we gotta engineer you
I'm gonna tronic engineer okay good yeah
doing it for a year so I wanted to talk
about Google and AI and how all these
oligarchies are created in news and all
these monopolies are created like Amazon
and Google and the whole YouTube that's
been happen and that thing it's crazy
yeah and that's about fact I got a stack
of articles about that you know Google
basically telling its drones to go ah
goal people you know part of a
surveillance thing and you and I are
both engineers so we're not afraid of
technology we don't think the technology
is a bad thing but we understand where
this is leading you understand it as
well right all kind of great technology
if it was used correctly but I go home
on purpose because you probably as well
as I do know where this information is
going that's right more than okay Google
and a quest that's right yeah oh yeah
and I've talked many times about the NSA
slides that were leaked as part of the
Snowden documents and it was only
reported in Germany der Spiegel pointed
it out but American press pretty much
ignored it where they had three slides
and they were talking about the iPhone
and they said who would have thought in
1984 and they show the Superbowl
commercial and the next slide is that
this would become Big Brother and it
shows Steve Jobs holding up an iPhone
and then the third slide says and that
they would line up to pay for it
themselves and that's what I see this is
that Big Brother that you're paying for
for yourself whether it is these these
devices and of course there was a funny
video of my family today guy has I think
it was is either the Google device for
the Amazon device and he says I want a
dozen red roses and he said and then
this is what I got and he opened up the
the box and ported out and he got a
dozen red noses clown noses so that's
one aspect of it when I look at this
pre-crime stuff and the fact that the
Pentagon is working with Google to
identify people and saying we're take
the humans out of the process because
we're getting so much data we can't
process through it with the humans and
and that's one of the reasons why bill
Binney said this is far more dangerous
than the Stasi ever was see the Stasi he
had half of the population spying on the
other half but they couldn't process
even then all of that information but
with the help of AI they can't process
it but how are they going to process it
are they going to falsely identify you
by your facial recognition I mean we
look at the facial recognition of the
iPhone and they said well it you know
it's only got there's a thousand other
people that will look like you and it's
like seriously so maybe there's gonna be
a thousand people who look like that
terrorist that they want to kill on
sight and then they download the
authority to do that to these devices
that's what they're talking about in
this contract that's what that's what I
think about it with Wayne all right we
got to take a break Thank You Wayne for
calling we'll be right back with more of
your calls stay with us welcome back I'm
David Knight we're taking calls and I
really appreciate you holding Elena and
New York you want to talk about a
teacher's March go ahead can you hear me
yes I'm real happy to get through I'm
just absolutely miserable with being
forced out there's gonna be a fire drill
and I have no choice but to participate
in this March this Youth March that I
really don't want to participate in if
it doesn't change the forcing issue via
fire drill I'm gonna have to stay home
that day so what marches this is
happening in New York is this the March
for our lives is being organized by
Hollywood with these kids at the front
yeah 17 minutes for 17 lives in which
more than upset about the loss of life I
just AM further upset because I'm being
forced to have him with a fire drill
yeah yeah and I'm sorry now what about
the fire drill so there's a March for
our lives and we know about that that's
being funded by George Clooney and a lot
of his multi-millionaire Hollywood
friends and then they've got the kids at
the front you're saying it's 17 minutes
for 17 lives but it's not really about
honoring these people as much as it is
pushing their agenda because they don't
want to make the schools safer but then
you mention something about a fire alarm
tell me about that yeah
public school so it's on our school
calendar 17 minutes for 17 lives March
14th the principal is having a fire
drill which forces everybody out on this
March whether you approve of it or not
four-year-olds through eighth grade so
this is a public school that I'm being
forced out well that's one way to make
sure that it looks like you got big
turnout that is to have a fire drill and
force everybody outside the school
that's amazing and that's in New York
yes actually New York excuse me so it's
just more than upsetting
that's all I can say I'm being forced
against my will to participate in
something that I don't support because
they won't allow you to stay in the
building and not look as if you're part
of that crowd because they've got a fire
drill going on so you must exit the
building so therefore they'll take the
picture here's a photo op 17 minutes for
17 lives and as I've played earlier in
the program we've got parents who have
said look I want a parent of one of the
kids who was killed one of the 17 lives
said I want to talk about school safety
let's talk about school safety you want
to talk about your gun control agenda
let's make it about school safety let's
do that we can get something done about
that you're not gonna get your gun
control agenda they're just using that
for a political purpose because of the
2018 elections it isn't going to happen
with Republicans in Congress are gonna
try to use that then to get Democrats in
Congress but they don't want to solve
the problem they don't want to go for a
practical solution they don't want to
have the schools be any safer but
they're gonna make you look like you're
part of their march for our lives yeah
using children and forcing teachers
against their will Wow that's that's
amazing that's amazing well thank you
for letting us know that that's the kind
of tactic that I can't say we're
surprised to see that happening thank
you so much for holding
Alania was there anything else you
wanted to say absolutely fantastic good
great great thank you I'm glad you like
the products and you find them useful
thank you so much for supporting us I
really appreciate that
let's talk to John enter
Oh Johnny want to talk about the economy
want to talk about the tariffs yeah
well I'm here in Toronto Canada so we've
got a lot of problems and to be honest I
was hoping I know you were disagreeing
there with ran about a trade war and I
was thinking about how I'm looking
around here in Toronto and there are
homeless people everywhere we we're
older in the last four years I've seen
the homeless rate explore I mean it's
not like California or anything but it
has just become such a wasteland of
people's live what do you think that's
attributable to well the fact that the
Canadian economy for whatever is they
don't want to move we've been pushing
we'd have like 40 cent taxed on our gas
we we don't participate in trade we we
push everything aside and you know
Trudeau goes to China they they call him
small potatoes do it well I mean really
I thought Trudeau did a magnificent job
of impersonating an Indian when he went
to India you know he dressed up and
everything aren't you proud of that
thank you for showing us really what we
don't want and who we don't want leading
because in an obvious way it has made it
so obvious that we as a citizenry of
elected politicians who cannot we will
put our children in place the grown men
and women who have I mean there's a
long-serving politician Kelly ER for
years campaigning smelling up let's get
out of the central bank system let's
turn back to the Bank of Canada let them
print interest-free money nobody listen
to this guy 30 years now he's done you
won't go back oh yeah oh no he's a
darling of the globalist Justin Trudeau
is and he can go out there virtue signal
about all the stuff tell people or don't
use the word mankind and everything and
then he could dress up in the costumes
wherever he goes it reminds me a great
deal of Barack Obama you know who was
bowing to everybody when he would go
abroad and and that sort of thing but
yeah it's it we it's reached kind of
peak irrelevance see when we have people
like that in power
and the real the real issue here is for
people to get focused on the economy and
that's what President Trump is trying to
do if we allow our our industry to be
eviscerated as we have allowed over the
last several decades that's the problem
that I see with the doctrinaire approach
to open trade is that you know if we're
gonna have some kind of a taxation
system and I agree that we ought to try
to minimize the income taxes but that
was the basis when we did that we had
the European Union and the World Trade
Organisation say that everything now was
on the table they were gonna go to a
trade war with us on the basis of tax
cuts here internally because they felt
that gave them an unfair competitive
advantage I mean you know how do you
feel about that you feel that you have
an unfair competitive advantage regards
we got lower tax rates hearing in Canada
like we've been on the cusp well we love
America we look down well you know what
they're doing is great but there's fear
that's looking over the shoulder is this
global as well look at all these people
they look at what they're calling for
look what they're doing should we join
them what do we do and being on the line
like that we've become a juxtaposition
to the United States where we're like
you but where it's almost like we're a
doppelgänger country we look down we
don't have inalienable rights you have
reasonable right well we have a great
Bill of Rights and we have a great
Declaration of Independence here in
America but we don't have a government
that pays any attention to them
unfortunately so it's on paper you know
I mean you've got communist countries
you got China has got a great
Constitution in many respects but they
don't pay any attention to the laws
there so that's the problem you know you
have to still pay attention to what's
written down but we do have some
principles there and it creates a big
problem for American politicians because
they swear allegiance to these
principles so it does it's important
that we have that there because it
creates a not only a cognitive
dissonance there but it creates
something of a legal liability for them
when they do that and it allows us then
at the state level if we get politicians
at the state level that have guts to
nullify that so that's where we are and
I understand where you are in Canada as
we look at the the NAFTA agreement but I
think that the biggest danger
to Canada would be if NAFTA were to
continue in its current form if it were
to be allowed as we've seen in the past
we've seen a lot of these globalist
pushing an agenda to have a common
border around Canada the United States
and Mexico and guess who would be
running that organization it would be
the globalist here in America so it
isn't a good solution for you if we
don't get if Americans don't get our
sovereignty back we have to get our
sovereignty back hopefully that'll
inspire people in Canada to do the same
thing as it has inspired I think people
in many parts of Europe to do the same
thing we have to take government back to
a more local level
welcome back I'm David Knight and we're
taking calls let's go straight to jam in
California I want to try to get through
as many callers as we can Jim go ahead
hello how are ya good thank you for
calling hey I always enjoy listening to
you because the your that you're the one
person that my wife will listen to
because he's got some important to tell
you I know I agree with all of them but
I'll let you know where they are
go ahead you had a comment you want to
make er yeah recently here in the last
year in California there one thing that
there's been laws passed that do nothing
but impact the poorest of the population
which is and especially the immigrant it
seems like it is a it is nothing but a
way to rip them off there's been laws
passed as regarding the operation of
commercial what is a commercial piece of
equipment the definition got changed as
they're like who's the Motor Carrier in
other words who's responsible and they
changed the definition as well as
decided that all those people who
operated small vehicles something that
10,000 pounds of 26,000 pounds now
requires an inspection that is that
would fall on
the largest of the trucks stuff over
26,000 pounds which by the way in state
of California as well as federally
that's where commercial licenses start
vehicles operated there are more than
$26,000 and there's a few other caveats
besides that no so they're going after
the smaller people really cracking down
on them which is what we've seen really
even with independent taxi operators
because we do have you know it's all
taxi operators in general they have a
different set of regulations as a uber
or lyft uber or lyft can operate under
the fantasy that they're not a taxi
company that they're just sharing
information so they don't have to have
the inspections and the other things the
background checks that the taxi
companies are then I have to pay for the
medallions like that so and that's
something that that really bothers me is
to see these two different levels of
regulation one set of very loose rules
for the big guys and another set of
regulations for the small guys I mean is
that what you're talking about
yeah to be the small guy you know Jose
the gardener and cousin Carlos the tow
truck driver who your little guys
scratched it out a living mowing lawns
and towing cars or you know Joe the
farmer who's got his plumbing truck and
you know he's got all his stuff to the
you know out to the job they paid $35 a
year for a permit that was basically
proof of insurance you have to keep your
insurance that you lose your permit well
that suddenly went up to one hundred and
fifty dollars a year you and it buries
in there
and it's because you're now required to
be in the inspection program
okay well being required to be in the
inspection program when you say okay
well what laws apply when you go out to
impact to this guy to say because
there's a bunch of laws apply when you
get into those commercial vehicles how
much you look at them how often hours of
service drug and alcohol testing there's
all kind of stuff that applies to those
well nothing literally nothing as you go
through the law nothing applies the only
thing that applies which is the same
thing applies do you drive in your car
or a moped is if you're gonna
operate of vehicle on a public highway
it will be safe number one it will be
safe and you're gonna have insurance
okay so you these people pay all this
money for an inspection that is for
nothing because no laws apply to that
infection already applied to them if
you're gonna operate the vehicle yeah
you know one of the best examples of
this type of stuff again I talked about
uber and lyft versus the established
taxi companies and before the taxi
companies became established before they
got all these regulations and taxes put
on them specifically that do not apply
to Ober and lyft before that you had in
some big cities areas where the
mainstream taxi companies would not go
they said it's too dangerous to go in
these minority or black neighborhoods so
we're not gonna go there so what
happened was you had some entrepreneurs
who lived in those neighborhoods and
said we're gonna set up the jitney taxi
companies and they were independent guys
and they were just you know they would
charge people and they would do their
own taxi service and they hammered them
and that's one of the reasons why the
the taxi industries and you do have
independent taxi drivers but the taxi
industry would come in and say give us a
lot of regulation give us a lot of taxes
because they wanted to drive out the
jitney people and now what they're
seeing is that the same kind of
government that can do that for their
benefit is now benefiting a bigger
corporation who is coming in and then
you're gonna see the even bigger fish
come in and swallow up ooh BRR and lyft
and you're gonna have these mobility
companies which is what Ford and GM are
now calling themselves they're going to
be the the giant monopolist capitalist
and they're gonna come in basically and
swallow the next guys I mean it is
always that type of thing the
over-regulation shutting out using the
government to shut out their competition
and to punish them well you're right
what's happening now is there's a goober
and lyft as the thorn in the side of
California and they are right in the
regulation right now and two figures
trying to figure out how do we go after
them this already I don't know if you do
about this regulation I remember you
talking about regulation and it helped
me to understand it a little better was
you know that for the big trucks the big
classe stuff you know the 80,000 pound
stuff you know that in California you
you can own one and operate it that's
older than a 2008 income 2022 it's older
than 2010 why yeah unless you're under a
special set of circumstances which some
of them are do you drive at a short
mileage there you live at a certain
altitude or you know another channel
very far from your base and I'll tell
you what's happening Jim is they're
gonna make this so that nobody can
afford to have a business nobody can own
anything they want you to be completely
and dependent on them and renting from
them and I mean the next thing you start
talking about the big trucks I mean look
at what they're doing I think what was
it Arizona where they already have uber
running self-driving trucks as a proof
of concept and they still got drivers in
them for now but they're gonna be
getting those drivers out before
tomorrow and they're moving all the
regulations aside for these self-driving
cars self-driving companies they're
putting them giving them a pass after
they've done everything they can to add
a lot of cost to our cars they are
saying well we're gonna let these people
experiment on the roads without
informing people you're gonna be part of
that experiment coming down the road
when you look at how this was done
it was literally done by a guy who did a
study along the 710 freeway which said
that people who live along that freeway
who live along the east side of it
didn't have more incidence of cancer and
that's all because of the evil truckers
to drive up and down the 710 and
everybody completely forgot about the
Standard Oil plant that's there and
everybody you know the airport and they
blamed it on the evil truckers and what
happened is what they took all the big
companies driving their trucks five to
eight years or about a half a million
miles when they sell them well who buys
them bobaloo guys guys now God all those
cut off so they either went out of
business and I know this because I
watched them go out of business
take them out of business or they were
offered jobs by big companies to go to
work for them and they give them a bonus
if they bring all of their accounts with
them and so who wanted his loss who won
was your bank
loan to body big trucking companies that
who lost with all the little guys who
moved it all the independent little guys
who moved you know things everywhere
from furniture to lumber to everything
you can imagine because now suddenly you
got to come up with a truck that is
almost do and what I thought was
interesting was well here that happen in
Oh 2008 what else happened in 2008 oh
wait yeah recession and that interesting
and suddenly the banks need money well
will loan you money to buy a new truck
you know and
trucking companies trucking
manufacturers are losing business
because they are you don't nobody can
afford to buy them well now you have to
buy them there's a guy by the way the
guy who did it said he was a PhD and he
wasn't he was going to college you know
even suddenly talking about the bankers
we even saw that with the Consumer
Financial Protection Board what did they
do they were set up and the end result
of that was not so much consumer
protection as it was driving the smaller
independent banks out of business it
happens at every level they use
government to drive their competitors
out of business thank you so much great
call Jim stay with us we'll be right
Alex Jones here with an update for the
viewers and listeners asking where I am
during these huge political fire storms
that are taking place all the
demonization of enforced well I haven't
taken off about a year to take my family
anywhere so I'm enjoying some of the
great freedoms of capitalism and all the
incredible things it builds by here in
the mountains of a fail in Colorado so
we could come out here and snowboard ski
and watch the World Championship
snowboarders and also ride the tubes
down the mountain we're having a great
family time out here and yes we've had
this frivolous lawsuit filed by Pepe the
Frog creator we've talked to our lawyers
they say hundred-percent slap statutes
or even create the buster with third
parties selling it we can't believe that
they're this reckless it's like the EEOC
false filings those are totally reckless
all of us is completely insane and
totally reckless ladies and gentlemen we
have been
attacked for the term real news and have
court cases against us the people saying
that's trademarked it is amazing what's
going on and what's unfolding and we've
gotten to the point just Pepe the Frog
situation and with all the other
behavior that's going on where we're
going to have to countersue very
aggressively and of course you have
attorneys fees and damages so that
people know that we've been nice this
long but that has an end because the
left everywhere is say hashtag hunt
Republicans they are trying to shut down
free speech they are trying to shut down
our channel CNN isn't Paul trying to get
rid of our sponsors and have a spanned
off YouTube so as you look out here this
amazing Vista and we see what we built
in America they have mountains like this
in North Korea but there's nothing there
because the people can't build anything
the Greek mythology
they produce cars in North Korea or
people are starving to death so this is
real authoritarianism that's coming
after us and we're gonna have to fight
back because you've been standing behind
us we're gonna be able to defeat it but
it shows you where the globalist want to
take us
it shows you what they want to do to us
if they're successful and how they have
our children captive in the public
schools how Hollywood is trying to pull
everybody the submission but the good
news is whether it's the NFL
whether it's Hollywood or whether it's
the Oscars or any of this they're all in
freefall because the people aren't under
their cultural control anymore and I
quite frankly hem honor to this culture
war is a libertarian who's trying to
promote real open free societies that a
criminal like George Soros a Nazi
collaborator and CNN and Media Matters
MSNBC and all these other groups are
piling on and finding useful idiots to
help attack me because we're fighting in
the 21st century for the real
restoration of this republic and usually
people have to fight and physically die
to restore a country to freedom or to
get freedom and so I'm just having to be
demonized and attacked and a lot about
because they're trying to intimidate
everybody else this isn't about me
there's massive internet censorship
expanding apples along with Communist
China there's draconian attacks on free
speech going on everywhere across the
Western world and so they think by
picking me out they can make you think
have you're a populist if you're a
nationalist you're conservative you're a
constitutionalist you're a free market
guy you're gonna be destroyed the truth
is capitalism built all of the
technology and all of the theme parks
all the malls and all the medicine and
all the science and the literature and
the art nothing comes out of these
communist regimes but hell and
oppression because it's oppressors that
run it and control it their systems of
conquest not systems of liberation and
freedom and that's just a fact and so
history is on my side and so we will win
but they have gone from a lawsuit a
month to a lawsuit a week now because
they're getting pissed because they're
all getting thrown out of court the
Communist Party USA is suing me saying I
attack some guy or had people attack
them in at the RNC and then no such
thing is the truth it's just crazy
everybody knows I'm free speech I don't
agree with part of the flag but you're
right to do it so
I'm in good company in all this if
people need to understand you know that
family does come first the end the day
and I've been fouling some reports from
the road here but not as many just
because I'm confident no we're gonna win
because you're strong and you understand
these attacks on free speech are attacks
on you
they're attacks on your speech to shut
down these platforms and then when they
filed for strikes on us last week to
shut our YouTube it down and YouTube
didn't shut us down at the city there
were fake strikes the Washington Post
came out and said along with BuzzFeed
that we made it up you saw the thousands
of channels deleted or blocked or frozen
you saw them freeze our channel you saw
a show you the strikes but again that's
how dumb they think you are like you
have no memory you've seen CNN going
after our sponsors and CNN trying to get
his band and CNN trying to block the
publishing of my book the war for the
future with neil strauss I mean this is
if I heard something about this in
another country on NPR about this much
censorship against one person I wouldn't
believe it but again they they attack
now they make a joke out of their
attacks on free speech that are the most
epic and most draconian I've ever seen I
mean this is concerted fraud and so get
ready for the offensive cuz our
listeners have been supporting us
they've been spreading the word we're
getting record traffic info wars.com
you've been buying the products got huge
sales going right now
and I just hope all these lawsuits
doesn't affect our expansion on a TV and
so many other places we're reaching so
many people and right now we're
neck-and-neck with the donations and
then people buying products are coming
in just enough to pay for the half
million dollars I'm about to have to
spend a lot of these lawyers are pro
bono but I gotta pay for the losses to
be followed the plane tickets the hotels
the people that take the transcripts the
experts it's all of it so we're lining
up five lawsuits right now but a hundred
thousand apiece
anti slap backs all of it for everybody
and so that's it and a lot of lawyers
are in major law sites say the same
everyone god these these suits are fake
there's anti slap suit stuff so these
fake losses people pay for this but
they're being financed by big money they
don't even care and that's the crazy
part is these are so reckless it tells
you the globalists are willing to do
anything hell they don't CNN say and
they're gonna kill the president
anyways check out that great
but what you know is there fighting to
keep you from visiting infowars.com and
news Wars calm everything wholesome
everything good everything true
everything productive is under attack by
the globalist and the fact that I'm one
of the people most attacked but I still
live in this great free country and the
memory of freedom we have is still
holding them back we're gonna take that
memory and plant that seed and they
thought they buried me but they didn't
know I was a seed I've already said that
they thought they buried me they didn't
know I was to see thank you all
I'll be filing more live reports
throughout the week get more tape
reports and I'll be back Saturday with
the family back in the ATX but thank you
all we're just all of this together I
salute you and I think you will defeat
these people try to destroy our free
speech trying to enslave our nation
god bless you all
that was Alex Jones and he was filing a
report from Road on vacation talking
about the losses many lawsuits have been
filed against Infowars and of course
this follows a CNN pushing YouTube to
shut us down as if YouTube needed any
pushing by basically trying to give them
some justification but bragging about
doing that and then a week later CNN
coming out and contacting sponsors and
say do you realize that you're
sponsoring on sponsoring Infowars don't
you think you ought to shut that down
and I was glad to see Breitbart join in
on this John Nolte
it says CNN has turned to outright
gangsterism in order to silence Alex
Jones any points that he says like I'm
not a fan of Alex Jones or Infowars for
the record but he here's a fan of free
speech because that's what this is
really about that's what the left needs
to understand you got all these media
outlets like CNN others who are pushing
to have speech controlled well that
tells you something tells you that they
don't think the government's gonna
control their speech or maybe the
government is already controlling their
speech but here's what John Nolte had to
say he said to remove Infowars and Alex
Jones from the public square of YouTube
to destroy what it sees as a political
foe and competition rule CNN has turned
to outright gangsterism it is called the
protection racket and it begins with a
gangster saying to the proprietor hey
nice business you got there be shame if
anything happened to it so this is an
act of extortion what CNN is doing to
Infowars and John Nolte of Breitbart
says we're the gangster promises not to
destroy the proprietors business if the
proprietor agrees to do business in a
way that benefits the gangster this is
exactly what CNN did to a number of
business owners last week what the
gangsters at CNN want to silence is the
political right
not just Infowars but he says to to
silence a political right to chill our
speech to remove us from the debate and
to end our influence and he says like
many I believe a private company should
be allowed to run its business however
it likes social media however is
different and this is the analogy that
John Nolte at Breitbart makes he said
imagine if 50 years ago a private
company purchased the u.s. mail and
company and then now imagine they
monitored and censored our
communications based on their partisan
speech codes how is that any different
from the corporate fascist in Silicon
Valley and what they're doing right now
great analogy and as I've pointed out
before I have seen the press
organizations in North Carolina team up
to keep any independent candidates any
third parties whether they are liberal
or conservative to keep them out of the
debates and then when you appeal to the
First Amendment they say well it's a
private organization that's running
these debates we can't do anything about
they know exactly what they're doing and
as Nulty points out at Breitbart he said
today it's Alex Jones tomorrow
Breitbart you know what they're doing
they're censoring your ability to speak
as well
we've taken rainforests and made it
brain forest plus now a 20% more in the
bottle and even more hardcore formula
you owe it to yourself to get these
products they really have worked for
myself my family they have five-star
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