Author Topic: Schumer’s “New Jim Crow”: Will Dems Racism Lead To Genocide?  (Read 39 times)

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you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight um we were
talking to the last segment about the
darkest hour about the left's attitude
towards Churchill how people like
Elizabeth Warren who I guess we should
call maybe you know Pocahontas is a good
name for her and that's uh that's one
that Trump uses all the time Foca Honus
many of us call her maybe we should just
call her the trans Indian she she's a
white but she identifies as an Indian if
she can get benefits at a college if she
can get a position as a college she'll
identify as an Indian and of course i
originate story we're an editorial board
is calling on her to take a DNA test
it's only $99 Elizabeth you can do it
it's not that expensive maybe they'll
even put the maybe one of these
candidates like Shiva ayyadurai a who is
also running for the same office there
maybe he could take up a collection and
they could give her a gift certificate
for a DNA test you know put up or shut
up but the point being is that there are
certain groups now in the Democrat Party
that have special privileges and others
that have to be demonized it's this kind
of group mentality there's always been
the hallmark of totalitarians always the
hallmark of the fascists or the
communist whoever just the authoritarian
who pick out a particular group and they
demonize them and I thought it was kind
of interesting last couple days we've
had this story of a Holocaust survivor
Ava Kaur and she's going to the National
Museum of nuclear science and history
and New Mexico to talk about the engi
main scientific experiments that were
formed on her at the Auschwitz
concentration camp as a ten-year-old and
then as she's traveling home she
encounters the TSA an agency that
reminds her of Nazi Germany this is not
this is not an exaggeration folks this
is the reality when you no longer have
any freedom or dignity
and this is something that has been a
push by the establishment for a very
long time I remember when my wife was
getting her degrees in education and one
of the things one day she she brought
home a book and it was called beyond
freedom and dignity BF Skinner you may
be aware of that
and I said it's about time somebody
complained about our society this is
back in the seventies and she said no no
no they're saying that we all need to be
treated like animals and that there is
no such thing as freedom or dignity
there were merely animals and in there
within their rights to try to control us
with behavioral tactics with behavioral
psychology and of course BF Skinner was
a master at behavioral psychology came
up with clicker training which one the
best ways to train your animal or any
kind of animal I mean with clicker
training you've got animal trainers who
have been able to get every kind of
animal fish bird you name it not just
dogs even cats they can train to do
anything anything if you're a good
clicker trainer and they do it with
positive operant conditioning it's what
they call that
so you reward them if they do the right
thing as opposed to say no bad dog you
shouldn't do that no no you always do
the right thing and you give them cues
with the clicker so as soon as they do
the right thing you give them a click
and then you give them a treat and then
after a while the click is all they're
looking for because they start to
communicate with you just just want that
approval and we've seen how effective
peer pressure can be and experiments
that we've seen you know the milford
experiments where they went through and
they got people because authority told
them to do so they got people to shock
others who were supposedly
the test subject actually they were
testing the person who was administering
the shot wanted to see if just because
thority figures told him to do it if
they would really give the person a
shock and they would they would give him
a shock all the way up to fatal levels
and they found as they reproduced this
experiment well over 60 percent of
people in all countries would do this
it's not a cultural thing
it's an authority thing we're wired to
do what the authority
tell us we're wired not to question
authority and they pushed that very hard
with the mainstream media anybody who
questions authority oh you're the one
who's bullying and harassing not the
authorities who were shutting down
everybody they're not the bullies
they're not the harasser no anybody who
questions what the government tells you
the area our bully you're bad and so
we've seen these types of behaviors
they're done and really when you look at
TSA is I've said many times I think it
is simply positive operant conditioning
you know they they offer you a little
bit of a stick but it's really mainly
you let me humiliate you you let me put
my hands on you in any way that I wish
you let me put you through a radiation
machine and I'll reward you let you fly
and Ava Kor said another very demeaning
body search by the TSA there has to be
some way that at age 84 I can get some
clearance by the powers of government
but powers in upper case from this
procedure as I lecture about surviving
Ashe wits I barely survived the TSA body
search I detest it they rained my
experiment experience and as she goes
around lecturing and they've done a
documentary about her life called Ava
she said I discovered the cure from
victimhood and she said it's forgiveness
she said should I keep that to myself
she's only four feet nine and she has to
use her Walker but she's a danger to the
powers that be they have to assert their
authority over her and you know
freethought project had a comment on it
I said when she draws a parallel between
Ashe wits and the TSA Americans should
listen to her and they should remember
history they said as where they pointed
out many times a TSA cares not about
laying waste to your personal space or
molesting anybody that comes in the way
there their mission here their path they
can do all these things because all of
these things have been declared legal
all the pat downs all the groping all
the brutality all the humiliation are
carried out because they are legal
everything that Germany did in the 1930s
to people was also legal and this is
important to remember when we see people
accepting all the increasing police
state measures simply because they are
legal and I would point out they do it
because they have absolutely no interest
and freedom or dignity all the people
today care about is the promise of
safety not even safety but the promise
of safety and they don't realize that as
and historically as people give away
their freedom as they give away their
liberty their dignity they don't get
safety they don't get comfort they don't
get wealth and prosperity because you
become a slave to that extent slaves are
never safe slaves are never prosperous
and so why in the world would anybody
that knows anything about human nature
or anything about history why would they
go for that bargain trade in your
liberty for the promise of security the
founders knew that franklin said that he
said you give that away you don't
deserve liberty if you give it away for
the promise of safety and historically
we've found that people don't get it and
the reason that people do it is because
they don't understand where this leads
so where is this lead when we see Chuck
Schumer and the demagogue party coming
out and saying that this guy is not
qualified for a federal judge because
he's white simply because he is white
the new Jim Crow party they just have a
different skin color that they're coming
after and it was South Carolina's black
Republican senator who spoke up he said
his name since Scott and he pushed back
on Schumer he said perhaps the Senate
Democrats should be more worried about a
lack of diversity on their own staffs
rather than attacking an extremely
well-qualified judicial nominee from the
great state of South Carolina because
Schumer had said I know we got to look
for judiciary that looks more like the
America that it represents so as Dennis
Prager said well then maybe we should
have fewer Jewish lawyers out there
because you know we're gonna start going
down a percentage here white which group
gonna target next to take out if you're
gonna start putting everybody in a
pigeonhole because of their skin color
or because of a particular group that
they belong to this is the tactic of
dangerous tyrants and it is the tactic
it is the key tactic of the Democrats
Lindsey Graham even pushed back up even
Lindsey Graham understand this not good
and and Lindsey Graham comes out says
I've known Chuck Schumer for years he's
not a racist but this absolutely
shameful reason to vote against a very
qualified nominee which kind of reminds
me of the speech and Shakespeare Brutus
is an honorable man Wednesday Graham
says you know tricky Schumer he's not
racist no he actually is you can say
that as much as you want but that is the
essence of racism and where does this
lead we see it right now guess who the
Marxists in South Africa the Marxist
vicious Marxism of the radical Marxist
leader Julius Malema is saying well
we're not calling for the slaughter of
white people at least for now we're just
gonna steal their land and this is where
these types of identity politics always
lead they'd lead to tyranny they lead to
genocide and we're about to see that
happen in South Africa a lot of people
signing a petition at the Trump White
House asking for these white South
Africans who are being targeted by these
Marxists and Africa for genocide asking
if they can be allowed to come to the
United States what do you think I'll be
right back I'm David Knight I want to
finish up one more segment here on the
racism of the demagogue party and the
left and then we're gonna take your
starting in the next two segments if you
want to call in and join the program
that number is eight eight eight to zero
one two two four four we want to talk
about gun control I want to talk about
tariffs you want to talk about what the
Democrats are doing with their identity
politics it's destroying them at the
polls because everybody is saying
through this but as I was talking about
the plight of white farmers in Marxist
South Africa because that's the
relevance here as we see the guy who is
the Marxist leader say we're not calling
for the extermination of whites not yet
we're just gonna take all their land but
that you you
wait it's gonna come just like we saw
the guy who is a mayor pro-tem here in
Austin at a gun-control rally and some
guy showed up with a sign said we're not
gonna let you ban the guns and he said
we're not calling for the banning of
guns just yet but you keep that sign and
that's basically what this Marxist in
South Africa I don't care what color he
is Marxists have always had you know
we've had Marxist who are white we've
had Stalin we've had and again
yeah Hitler used the same tactics he
called himself a socialist but he
appealed to nationalism sigh so well
he's totally different from Stalin no he
wasn't he was the same and if you get
off of this one-dimensional left-right
spectrum and you start to look at a real
political spectrum you see that they
both fall in the same area it's a
distinction without a difference
the national socialism of Hitler and the
the the international communism of
Stalin distinction with that difference
both of them were white then we had Mao
was Asian then we have these this guy
Malema who is in South Africa black
doesn't matter doesn't matter whether
you're white red yellow black purple
whatever Marxist or Marxist and they
always use these tactics and you've got
somebody like Chuckie Schumer who is
Jewish he should know better than it
play this game it's a very dangerous
game they're using right now this is the
tactic of the demagogue party it's a
demographic game that they use for
political gain but it is something that
is a very dangerous game of racism we're
talking we're talking about the South
African white farmers but here in
America at San Diego State University
you got professors claiming the farmers
markets cultivate racism quote the
habits of white people are normalized
and they say that a farmers market in an
urban area is a weed like white space
can you believe that and it is
oppressing people of color people of
color the geology professor forced an
expert claims that 44% of San Diego's
farmer markets catered to quote
households from higher socioeconomic
backgrounds see sounds just like a
Marxist when they can they use
economic class warfare against people
that hasn't worked here in America so
Bill Ayers
and these other Marxist totalitarians
who want a revolution here in America
they decided well we got to go we got to
play the race card so Bill Ayers and his
ilk created what they called white skin
privilege back when he was running the
Weather Underground and when he was
bombing buildings instead of destroying
public education instead of bombing the
minds of our children that's where he
went that's where basically Michelle
Obama's going to going with her mentors
to take over education so they can
create a policy of hate and division
they'll be very useful to them and
they're dividing conquer strategy and so
he says there's a correlation between
the whiteness of farmers markets because
it displaces low-income residents and
people of color people of color and and
that's really what they have done if you
look at the way this whole thing has has
moved over the years we had the
n-double-a-cp and that was for
advancement of colored people you're not
allowed to say that anymore then he had
Martin Luther King talked about Negroes
but then when you had cliven Bundy used
that term he was a racist then the black
panther said people are black now you
have to then they went to African
American then people of color and so
we've gone full circle from color people
to people of color but there's something
about people of color which says
everybody but white people that is the
new Jim Crow and we can thank the
Democrats and the colleges for that when
a college professor says oh it's not
just those white farmers in South Africa
its farmers markets in America that's
where we're headed stay with us we'll be
right back with your calls
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