Author Topic: Editorial Board Tells Fauxcahontas: Get a DNA Test  (Read 39 times)

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Editorial Board Tells Fauxcahontas: Get a DNA Test
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:51:24 AM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight you know the
treatment of Gary Oldman at the Oscars
when he won for Best Actor a very
well-deserved Oscar by the way one of
the best performances I've ever seen
Gary Oldman completely disappeared and
that performance and you saw Winston
Churchill come out was a masterpiece and
it was also a film that didn't push some
kind of political correctness social
justice warrior jinda very rare to see
that anymore it was an interesting
historical film interesting historical
film only film I saw last year that I
liked and I didn't go to very he films I
knew that I would like that one I was
disappointed in somebody did go to see
but I did like a darkest hour
excellent excellent film and and
certainly deserved that
but of course especially when he
complimented America I'll tell you what
he had to say about that he was met with
absolute silence at the Oscars but it's
not just that and it's not just they
said well he was accused of domestic
violence years ago so we're gonna come
after now well just just purge him so
that he can't work anywhere you know if
you're if you're conservative or anybody
ever accused you of anything then you
know you're just a non-person anymore
you can't have a job you can't be a
public figure nothing I don't know if he
did it or not maybe they don't know
maybe they didn't I don't know
but nevertheless it was a great
performance and that was what they were
supposed to be there for but now
Hollywood is political and it's not just
that aspect of it - I think they were
angry because it was a film about
Winston Churchill the first thing Barack
Obama did was to send back the bust of
Winston Churchill that was in the White
House hated him hate him he said because
of his a colonial attitude well that
wasn't anything that was unique about
Winston Churchill at the time at the
time most people in Britain still had a
Empire attitude and as this article here
from Daily Caller points out you know
you want to go back and judge people by
the standards contemporary standards
then you're gonna be basically throwing
away everybody and that's what they want
to do they want to throw
all of Western civilization because you
can go back and anybody's private life
any historical figure and you can find
something about them that you don't like
politically something about them you
don't like personally and you can throw
away everything they did here's the
issue about Winston Churchill he was a
guy who was central to defending not
only Britain but the West against
incredible tyranny and he had the wisdom
and the leadership to do it he was the
man of the hour
and that's what they can't stand they
don't like that they've got to discredit
that some way and so they're gonna go
back in there and it's easy enough to
find out he said he's a man every man
has flaws newsflash every woman - when I
say man I mean mankind sorry feminists I
mean mankind you man whatever I we've
seen how they're upset about that can't
say that so I guess you know in the
future anybody that ever used the word
man or mankind I see you know can't have
a statute of that person they use the
word mankind
obviously sexist the people who think
about nothing but sex or obviously
racist the people who think about
nothing but race I think those are the
people who are racist who are sexist but
anyway we have these evolving standards
that we've got here so he's not the hero
of World War two points out daily caller
but to the left he's an evil bigot and a
genocidal maniac no he saved the West
and at that central part there which
that movie was about the darkest hour as
Germany was on the march as they had
initiated war against everybody as they
were doing horrific things to the people
that were under their control already
against insurmountable odds he succeeded
and he showed leadership and he showed
something else that was very rare a
spine can you imagine we had leaders who
had a spine leaders who had principles
even if you don't agree with all their
principles I think it stand up to
tyranny that is something to learn from
that is something to celebrate and
that's the other part of this just as we
can go into everybody's life and we can
nitpick and we can find this and that
and that and that though we don't like
especially political figures public
there are also things that we can learn
from people learn from people because
we're human too and we also have our
flaws and maybe if we see some of the
things that somebody like Winston
Churchill did that was really
exceptional maybe we can learn from that
aspect of his life and throw away the
bones throw away the stuff that he did
that was wrong and we can learn from
that we can make city you know basically
go back and look at the mistakes that he
made in other areas and say well we
don't want to do that we don't wanna do
that but look at what he did here that
was truly outstanding and that's a
legitimate thing to do but we have our
own idols now just as we see with
Elizabeth Warren I think this is kind of
an interesting story the Massachusetts
editorial board is now asking Elizabeth
Warren to take a DNA test
you know Pocahontas or as I like to call
her Foca Honus who claimed that she was
descended from Native Americans she used
that claim so that she could get a
set-aside at a university that she
wouldn't get if she wasn't Native
American if she was just white and so
now the Berkshire Eagle editorial board
has suggested that she take a DNA test I
said you know it's only 99 dollars they
said the same technology that can match
a perpetrator to a crime with virtual
100% certainty could settle the question
of your heritage for all time Elizabeth
Pocahontas Pocahontas so call call up
our senior center senator they said to
screw up her courage and to take a spit
test if she already has but it's keeping
the results under wraps then we urged
her to be forthcoming with them she has
nothing to lose but her Achilles heel so
sometimes it comes back to bite you
sometimes it comes back to bite you but
you know before we go just worth
mentioning again what Gary Oldman said
in these Oscars that were not Oscars so
white but Oscars so political Oscars so
left Oscars so anti-american Gary Oldman
got up and he thanked America and he was
met with dead silence by the people
there in that auditorium because they
don't like America
he said I've lived in America for the
longest time and I'm deeply grateful to
her for the loves and the friendships I
have made and the many wonderful gifts
it's given me he said my home my
livelihood my family and now my Oscar
silence silence that's what these people
think and as dennis prager who has been
shut down on YouTube and as suing Google
said the left is the most racist
movement since the Nazis and this is not
a hyperbole folks this is actually true
and he asks because of what happened and
I've been meaning to talk about this for
a couple of days as a matter of fact
since Friday I've had this on my desk
here Chuck Schumer tried to stop a judge
from getting seated in South Carolina
saying he's white I don't want a white
judge so dennis prager said what Chuck
Schumer like to see fewer Jews and the
so that the judiciary looked more like
the American population so that's a real
we had Chuck Schumer voting against a
South Carolina federal nominee because
he's white that was that's just amazing
not because of his qualifications but
because of his race member Martin Luther
King said we want people to be judged by
the content of their character not the
color of their skin well you know what
we see now right now is Jim Crow coming
back and when we see what's happening
with Chuck Schumer and the Democrat
Party which is the party that gave us
Jim Crow all they have done is change
the skin color of the group that they
want to make the enemy the group that
they want to hate see Jews have always
been very sensitive this in the past
because they were singled out in Germany
and so they didn't want to see this
happening yet
and so some of them had a lot of
problems with white Democrats singling
out black people under Jim Crow laws and
rightfully so and now you've got people
like Chuck Schumer singling out white
people you know it's not okay to be
white you say that you're accused of
being a racist you're kicked off a
campus or whatever it's not okay to be
white people who are white are demonized
by Chuck Schumer and as we look at this
we have to ask ourselves how far down
the road are we going to go
we look at South Africa and people are
justifying the murder of white farmers
there the confiscation of their land and
saying what we had apartheid so now
we're justified to do this you have to
ask yourself does apartheid justify
genocide is genocide our future if
people like Chuck Schumer and the
demagogue party that focuses on nothing
but demographics pits one group against
the other and all groups against one
what if they succeed is that going to be
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