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Parkland Student Calls Out David Hogg
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:49:03 AM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight welcome back in
this hour we're gonna get into some
other news we're gonna take a look at an
update into the gun debates because it
is an ongoing issue and as we started
this I want to talk about what the
tactics of the left to shut down and
since they're a debate because they
don't want to have a debate they're
gonna lose in a debate because this
debate is about your individual liberty
about your god-given right to protect
yourself they're gonna lose in that
debate they don't want to defend
students in school they've got a gun
confiscation agenda and that's that's
the bottom line here that's why they
don't want to have a debate so to shut
down this debate they're going in and
accusing anybody that pushes back
against the children that they put up as
surrogates in their gun confiscation to
me anybody that criticizes anything
these kids have to say you're accused of
bullying and harassment and so they will
bully and harass you and we're talking
about YouTube specifically the purge at
YouTube but also the other social media
Facebook Twitter and others will do this
I just had Mike Adamson yesterday he
hosted the Alex Jones Show they shut
down his entire channel they went back
six years and they found a video where
he had interviewed a guy who said nobody
died at Sandy Hook and Mike Adam said I
didn't believe that I let him put up
what he talked about the things that he
thought were suspicious about that and
of course we've interviewed and I've
interviewed Wolfgang Helmick who was a
former Highway Patrol officer he was
also a school principal he took those
two careers put them together and became
a an investigator a consultant on school
security after Columbine and he
investigated every single school
shooting until Sandy Hook and had no
problems but at Sandy Hook he hit a
brick wall they wouldn't give him any
information as he tried to get
information and he was in Florida and
you know he tried to get information
from the connect
government they sent Florida Highway
Patrol to his house to threaten him and
so then he really started digging and he
found a lot of very suspicious stuff
just like we saw in Las Vegas now we
haven't had any you know we didn't have
the gun owners and the nra demonized
after Vegas because it was so obviously
suspicious that everybody was saying
what is going on here what is going on
here in Vegas but after this school
shooting they started again and they put
kids up front because they saw that
after Sandy Hook if somebody would put
out the position that nobody died
they wouldn't debate that they would
just come after you and demonize you so
you're bullying you're harassing we're
gonna shut you down we've had that same
thing happening now in the Texas
Sutherland Springs shooting the place
where the church was shot up and I gotta
say that you know I talked to mark
Collins who was a formerly a pastor at
that church knew the people there
somebody I know personally somebody who
plays he looks exactly like George
Washington same height I mean you do a
split screen of his face I mean it you
can't tell where George Washington ends
and Mark Collins begins and exactly the
same size absolutely amazing so he
played George Washington in some films
and documentary that was sold here at
Infowars maybe still do revelation the
movie and as part of that I got to meet
mark Collins he is a libertarian he is a
solid Christian he tells the truth he
knew these people he was a pastor at
that church that was shot up and he knew
the people in that tiny small town he
came on this show that Monday after the
shooting he was the first one to break
the news anywhere in the country that a
good guy with an ar-15 stopped the bad
guy and it's very important that we have
that but now we've got people who are
down there harassing family who lost
members and saying nobody died and they
came around they were continually
yelling and screaming and hollering said
you're gonna hang saying that they were
gonna hang me from a tree and they were
going to pee on me while I was hanging
and so these people got arrested because
they were
assaulting and threatening family
members who had lost family in that
shooting and that was real folks that
was real we cannot get into the mindset
that just because the government has
lied to us about the Kennedy
assassination or about 9/11 or about Las
Vegas or whatever that every single
aspect of it is made up they always like
to mix the truth with lies that's their
most effective thing and it was right
after the Las Vegas shooting I had a
guest on this show former CIA yeah maybe
he's not former and he tried immediately
came on so this whole thing is a hoax
and Las Vegas nobody died there anything
that stop right there stop right there
you're not going to hang that on me that
is a tactic to shut us down to go over
the edge to put out false information
hoping that we're going to bite on that
so we can't talk about all the phony
stuff that happened in Las Vegas that
would base it if we jumped into that if
I took that bait I said nobody died in
Las Vegas then they get to say well then
no you're obviously deranged conspiracy
theorist tinfoil hat nothing you say is
true you can't comment on any of these
false statements that are constantly
changing fire that corrupt Sheriff's
Department you can't come in on any of
that that's the tactic that's why they
do this that's why they put these kids
up there because that's our other tactic
now you can't criticize kids you'll be
bullying and harassing them that guy is
never gonna be on any program that I do
as a guest again I'm not gonna be used
like that by CIA operatives never again
never again
I understand whether you think I was
born yesterday you think I don't
understand the tricks you guys play
that's why you have to be careful
they're always putting this stuff out
you want to call them Russian trolls or
you want to call them CIA trolls I don't
really care but they're always putting
out fake information hoping that you'll
pick that up and pass that along to
discredit yourself to discredit a
movement to discredit an investigation
into the lies of various events so you
know question is not where the people
died but he was doing the killing
question is not whether people died
but the question is whether or not we
can trust the government to protect us
question is not where the people died
but whether or not we can turn over all
of our weapons to governments who
historically when they get all the
weapons have been able to do dem aside
kill tens of millions of people that's
the real question but let's talk about
this bullying issue we've now got kids
who if you remember it were bullied by
CNN any kids who didn't trumpet and push
the agenda that CNN was doing they got
bullied and their parents got bullied by
CNN as CNN was lobbying YouTube to shut
us down because we criticized or
questioned what these kids were having
to say question of what their shooting
is their solution is and so I want to
play for you a video of a parkland
survivor student Kyle cash View who was
criticizing David hog he can do that and
he shouldn't be shut down for doing that
nobody should be shut down for
criticizing anybody let me tell you
something if David hog has sufficiently
recovered from the ordeal that he can
get involved in a an international
political dispute that he can dictate to
us and to the president which is what
you're gonna hear what the solutions
should be then he is he's fair game
he's fair game he's not suffering from
any grief he's writing a the limelight
he's hogging the limelight and here's
what a fellow student said about David
Hawk they actually called me the day
before the listening session and asked
if we were going to come and I said I'm
not coming because we expect President
Trump to come to the CNN Town Hall and I
ended on this message with them I said
President Trump we don't need to listen
to President Trump President Trump needs
to listen to the screams of the children
and the screams of this nation drunk
with power you know I'm really trying to
control my anger at what he said this is
the suit the president calls you and it
shows he wants to make a change and
you're talking about bipartisan change
and the one man who controls who leads
our nation you know comes to you is like
look well let's do something let's make
it happen and you hang up the phone on
him that's so hypocritical you know he
was David hog was like we have to make a
change let's make this happen
and then the the white house calls you
and it was like let's do it I totally
agree let's make the change and then you
hang up on him and then you brag about
it on national television it's extremely
counterproductive yeah not just
it shows what this is and as I pointed
out before you want a metaphor for this
some people say hey they look like
children of the corn now the real
metaphor for this is the Salem witch
hunt we had teenagers accusing adults of
being witches and everybody believed the
teenagers can't question the teenagers
you don't want to bully or harass the
teenagers well good for that teenager
for speaking up and pointing out the
uncontrolled arrogance of David hog
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
part of the problem is the media for
pushing gun control narrative says a
father of one of the students at
Parkland a student killed in the mass
shooting so his a student died there and
he said let's not focus on gun control
let's focus on making the schools safer
this is on MSNBC Chris Jansing said
you've said also gun control laws are
not achievable right now you've been
advocating correct me if I'm wrong a
school safety first program what makes
sense to you from where you said and he
goes well part of the problem is the
media like before you got on you started
talking about the AR bill and he says
that takes away focus of what's
important to me and I think a majority
of Americans they want to know that
their kids are safe say the kids are not
gonna be made safe by trying to take
away guns from honest people responsible
people you cannot wish the guns away
into a cornfield as I said before this
whole idea of never again is absolute
nonsense even if we focus on school
security there will still be some
shootings not as many not as bad you
cannot have a perfectly safe world you
cannot even with all your regulations of
fire code you cannot make the world
fireproof you can't make the world war
proof either we learned that after World
War one the war to end all wars
everybody said this was so horrible so
unnecessary we'll never do this again
and then
and what was it 20 years we're at it
again less than 20 years so it's just
human nature you're not going to be able
to make the world ever never again it's
human nature
you just cannot stop murder you just
can't say we're gonna ban murder no more
murder please oh you know murder has
been against the law for a long time so
of a lot of other things you can make it
worse as we've seen with alcohol
prohibition and with drug prohibition
you can increase crime you can increase
addiction you can increase the intensity
of the drugs itself where there's
alcohol or where there's marijuana or
whether it's other drugs you can create
brand new synthetic drugs like method we
never had before you can do all that
with prohibition but you can't stop
recreational drug use you never will as
human nature certain percentage of the
population is going to do that and the
best that you can hope is that they will
become an example to other people you
try to help them with treatment you can
try to give them spiritual counseling
try to fill the hole that's in their
soul with something that's real you can
try to give them psychological
counseling medical attention whatever
but you're not going to do it with law
enforcement we've had 50 years of that
failed policy we'll get to that in a
moment here but he went on to say this
father of a student who was killed said
so every time the media starts talking
about gun control it takes away from our
objective of making our school safe
which is achievable right now if we come
together if the media stop saying gun
control and instead of using the word
gun control put in their school safety
it'll be an easy task for us to get
together and make that happen let me
tell you how that's gonna happen it is
something like I said it's not gonna be
taking away guns from honest responsible
people it's going to be applying the
Second Amendment broadly it's going to
be giving us more of our god-given right
to protect ourselves and protect others
I mean one of the key things that you
look at besides the law lies besides the
failures of Sheriff Benghazi there in
Broward County the guy who never did
after 45 calls he and his deputies never
did anything they didn't want to report
this guy because they had this an Obama
program the promise program where
they're going to pretend that they don't
have any crime
young kids they don't want to send them
to prison for violence no they'll wait
and send them to prison forever for drug
offenses fill up our prisons I say
another effective prohibition
besides destroying our legal system
besides corrupting law enforcement all
of those things happen prohibition but
they did not want and talked about
corrupting the law enforcement what is
the focus of Sheriff Benghazi is it
reporting crime stopping violent crime
no no no no no he's focused on the drug
war and the low Lamborghinis that he can
confiscate from people and then put his
logo all over and have his picture taken
standing by it or writing in it but when
you have a problem he's not gonna be
driving up there in his Lamborghini real
quickly it's gonna take him a while and
that his deputies are gonna stand down
because they've got different policies
and when we look at all of this
regardless of why they stood down just
don't expect we talked about how the
Supreme Court has said now three times
twice in the 80s once as recent as 2005
that the government has no
responsibility to protect you you cannot
sue the police departments if they don't
protect you so you get people now who
are suing the police department we'll
see how that happens we'll see that how
that happens I I can tell you based on
three Supreme Court decisions that
unfortunately they're not going to get
any compensation from that police
department they're not even gonna get
that Lamborghini he confiscated probably
without a trial or without even any
charges because that's the way civil
asset forfeiture works under the drug
war they won't even be able to get that
Lamborghini and sell it and get
compensation for some of the families
who had people died there now they're
not gonna do their job and you're not
gonna be able to sue them and in any
situation we call people heroes who risk
their life to save total strangers and
that's rightfully so and even if we give
these people uniforms and pay them a
salary to do that you still don't know
what they're going to do when push comes
to shove that's why if we let good
people who have been trained who've been
vetted very carefully by a lot of
different people
let them have concealed carry so nobody
knows who's carrying you know mark them
with a uniform and they're there at the
scene you don't have to wait five
minutes for them to get there or ten
minutes or whatever
for them to get there and they're not
going to stand down if they're being
shot at or people that they know and
care about are being shot at that's the
difference that's the difference so the
application of the Second Amendment the
application of responsible people who
are not guilty the NRA members are not
mass murderers the NRA members did not
carry out the shooting that kid was not
a member of the NRA you go back and look
at these shootings they're not members
of the NRA it was an NRA former
instructor who stopped the shooter in
the Texas Church shooting as Sutherland
Springs so that's going to be the
application but we got Alec Baldwin out
there saying it's time to rethink the
Second Amendment I think it's time for
Alec Baldwin to rethink everything Alec
Baldwin says so he puts a tweet out and
it came on the heels and we played that
clip for you the other day from NRA TV
we had Dana leash saying we've had
enough of the lies we had enough of the
sanctimony the arrogance the hatred the
pettiness the fake news were done with
your agenda to undermine voters will and
individual liberty in America and she
said so at every lying member of the
media to every Hollywood phony like you
Alec Baldwin to the role model athletes
who used their free speech to alter and
undermine what our flag represents you
know we've had enough your time is
running out she said and so he comes
back in response to that and he says hmm
she doesn't care how many dead bodies
she has to step over in pursuit of
taking back the truth uh-huh the Second
Amendment is not a moral credit card no
he's right it isn't a moral credit car
it is a restriction as they point out in
this bite barred article they point out
it is not there's nothing there about
how many guns a citizen can purchase or
what kind of guns a citizen can purchase
because the purpose of the Second
Amendment is to restrict the government
not individuals so the bill rights is
not a bill of rights of the government
it's not a bill of rights of elitist
Hollywood actors or politicians to do
whatever they want to surround
themselves with armed bodyguards no it
respects our god-given rights
and says government you can't do
anything about that you're prohibited
from that and everybody all the way up
to President Trump has taken an oath to
obey that restriction they better do it
stay with us we'll be right back I'm
David Knight we've taken rain forests
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