Author Topic: EXCLUSIVE: Teachers Forced Into “March For Our Lives”  (Read 51 times)

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EXCLUSIVE: Teachers Forced Into “March For Our Lives”
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:48:08 AM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight welcome back I'm
David Knight we're taking calls and I
really appreciate you holding Elena
and New York you want to talk about a
teacher's March go ahead can you hear me
yes I'm real happy to get through I'm
just absolutely miserable with the
enforced out there's gonna be a fire
drill and I have no choice but to
participate in this March this Youth
March that I really don't want to
participate in if it doesn't change the
forcing issue via fire drill
I'm gonna have to stay home that day so
what March is this is happening in New
York is this the March for our lives as
being organized by Hollywood with these
kids at the front yeah 17 minutes for 17
lives in which more than upset about the
loss of life I just AM further upset
because I'm being forced to have him
with a fire drill yeah yeah and I'm
sorry now what about the fire drill so
there's a March for our lives and we
know about that that's being funded by
George Clooney and a lot of his
multi-millionaire Hollywood friends and
then they've got the kids at the front
you're saying it's a 17 minutes for 17
lives but it's not really about honoring
these people as much as it is pushing
their agenda because they don't want to
make the schools safer but then you
mention something about a fire alarm
tell me about that yeah this is a public
school so it's on our school calendar 17
minutes for 17 lives March 14th the
principal is having a fire drill which
forces everybody out on this March
whether you approve of it or not
four-year-olds through eighth grade so
this is a public school that I'm being
forced out well that's one way to make
sure that it looks like you got big
turnout that is to have a fire drill and
force everybody outside the school
that's amazing and that's in New York
yeah West Harlem
lastly New York excuse me so it's just
more than a set I
all I can say I'm being forced against
my will to participate in something that
I don't support because they won't allow
you to stay in the building and not look
as if you're part of that crowd because
they've got a fire drill going on so you
must exit the building so therefore
they'll take the picture here's a photo
op 17 minutes for 17 lives and as I've
played earlier in the program we've got
parents who have said look I want a
parent of one of the kids who was killed
one of the 17 lives said I want to talk
about school safety let's talk about
school safety you want to talk about
your gun control agenda let's make it
about school safety let's do that we can
get something done about that you're not
gonna get your gun control agenda
they're just using that for a political
purpose because of the 2018 elections it
isn't going to happen with Republicans
in Congress they're gonna try to use
that then to get Democrats in Congress
but they don't want to solve the problem
they don't want to go for a practical
solution they don't want to have the
schools be any safer but they're gonna
make you look like you're part of their
March for our lives using children and
forcing teachers against their will wow
that's that's amazing that's amazing
well thank you for letting us know that
that's the kind of tactic that I can't
say we're surprised to see that
happening thank you so much for holding
Alania was there anything else you
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