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welcome back you're at Infowars and now
we're at the War Room standing in for my
colleague Owen Troyer is my colleague
liane McAdoo we are looking to take your
calls today
I like the dialogue with infowar so
questions for myself questions for
LeeAnn questions on any topic that
number one eight eight eight to zero one
two to four four again one eight eight
eight to zero one two to four for on the
Alex Jones Show today we we appealed to
info warriors and for those who are just
tuning in to help us stop what can only
be called barbaric and inhumane medical
experiments on dogs and puppies as young
as eight weeks that are currently being
conducted by the Veterans Administration
as I have written and said here at
Infowars incredibly dogs are being
subjected to horrific treatment in some
cases being given drugs that will kill
them collapsing their lungs inducing
heart attacks drilling holes in their
heads to see how long they can survive
there is no excuse whatsoever for this
inhumane treatment when we here at
Infowars decided to make this a crusade
well they heard us in Washington the
veterans secretary secretary Shulkin
announced that going forward experiments
on dogs would require a higher level of
approval unacceptable folks help us in
this important fight by sending an email
to the Secretary of Veterans affair
now you can reach him make sure I get
this right at david dot Shulkin sh UL ki
n va.gov
that's david dot Shulkin at va.gov don't
yell don't use obscenities don't be
obnoxious don't be impolite but firmly
and strongly tell the secretary to end
medical experiments on helpless dogs and
puppies today God will thank you for it
Lee Ann s Roger stone I hadn't heard
that story until you brought it up
that's pretty interesting definitely
wanna get people involved in that Owen
and I have reported on this extensively
I was pleased to say the American
veterans organization they recently
urged the Secretary to end this bizarre
and barbaric behavior let us hope that
we can generate thousands of emails
today urging them to stop this abuse of
man's best friend what do we have on the
phone board there Liam well we've got
several people holding on the line Dan
in Pennsylvania would like to speak
about a Danone Pennsylvania would like
to speak about the left's projection the
history of racism he looks like he's
been holding the longest if we want to
go to Dan all right before we go to Dan
dan you're up next let's put that up one
more second there you have the email
address for dr. David Chokin he is
Donald Trump's appointee as Secretary of
Veterans Affairs please phone or email
his office and in respectful calm terms
urge them to end the medical experiments
on dogs thank you very much we'll be
right back to take David's call here on
the War Room
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we're going to go back to the phone
board again the number one eight eight
eight to zero one two to four four one
eight eight eight to zero one two to
four four let's get our first call from
Dan in Pennsylvania dan you're at the
war room mr. stone it's an absolute
honor to be on with you I consider you
like a true hero and a patriot with
somebody I admire greatly Lee an
absolute honor as well I admire you both
I just want to thank you for all you do
and I hate that that you deserve it and
I just simply want to ask why is it that
the GOP is so spec list and so so filled
with cowardice not to call out the west
on their hypocrisy dating back dating
back to how the West constantly charges
people of libertarian mindset of the
right was being Nazis now wasn't Hitler
a socialist what is that what is that
fall in line with left thinking
socialist thinking they say that were
the party of racism
wasn't it a Democrat that fortress plays
we introduced American slavery fought to
keep slavery a Republican
fought to end slavery and just through
history with the Civil Rights Act it was
the right who fought for freedom for
basic human decency and human rights and
now why is this argument constantly let
them turn back against people on the
right the libertarians and the free
thinkers like us I look at it like this
Donald Trump marked a new era of
politics but it saddens me and discussed
how so many on the right left combined
will actually stand up and fight more
passionately against a man who is
time is life is everything how much
money has been bled out to do a job that
he didn't need but he believed it enough
to save the people of this country why
can't these political entities just get
behind the message of nationalism and of
actual people seeking freedom seeking
Liberty what has gone so wrong I know
this is all confidence from everything
else but if there's something has been
bothering me just like what the statute
is coming down it's amazing how the last
militarized they're brainwashed masters
in antia and all that to fight to remove
these statues when they're literally
removing their own history all right
then let me let me take your question
thank you much first of all for your
kind comments about both myself and the
lovely Lea and McAdoo we appreciate it
you know this aggravates me as well when
I speak around the country one of the
great talking points of our critics is
to accuse me of being a racist because I
support Donald Trump and because I once
got into an internet-based spat with the
commentator Roland Martin I worked for
the president who gave us affirmative
action I work for the president who
successfully desegregated the American
public schools without bloodshed or
violence I worked for the president that
quadrupled the funding for
rights enforcement by the US Justice
Department I belong to the party of
Lincoln who freed the slaves and now I
support a president who's brought
african-american unemployment to the
lowest point in American history the
reason that the country-club
establishment Republicans don't get
behind Donald Trump is because he
disturbs business as usual you see as
long as they are reelected as long as
they have their posh Benny's from being
in public office as long as they have
access to special interests cash for
their reelection they don't really care
that the Republicans and Democrats
working together have presided over what
is undeniably the decline of America
Donald Trump was not supposed to be
President this was all wired Hillary
Clinton versus Jeb Bush heads I win
tails you lose
no matter what happens Americans
policies remain the same endless war
where our inherent national interest is
not clear erosion of our basic civil
liberties spying on us keeping metadata
on every American massive debt and
spending and borrowing with no end in
sight immigration policies that make our
country a sieve and make our streets and
neighborhoods unsafe trade policies that
are very very beneficial for our trade
partners but cost America's jobs and
productivity and this is not to be laid
solely at the feet of the Democrats no
one party working alone could screw
things up this badly it took the elite
leadership of both major parties to run
America into the ditch along comes a man
they can't control
they can't bull
him they can't buy him they can't
bludgeon him he's fearless and then when
they say oh the countries that are
slapping tariffs on our products don't
threaten them with tariffs he ignores
them that inflames them even further the
great danger to the Trump revolution the
great danger to this president and this
presidency comes not from Liberal
Democrats we know where they stand no
the danger comes from establishment
Republicans men like rod Rosenstein
appointed by this president who's done
nothing but knife him in the back it was
mr. Rosen's team who actually approved
the surveillance that was rationalized
by the use of a phony dokdo CA designed
to undermine the candidacy of a Donald
there's the beady-eyed enemy right there
President Trump can only save himself
and his administration from these smears
and make America great again by firing
rod Rosenstein firing Jeff Sessions who
clearly will not carry out the
president's policies and getting someone
at the Justice Department who is
committed to the rule of law dan thank
you very much for your question Leeanne
with about a minute and a half left you
have anything you want to add to that
diatribe well I think you make a great
point on the left and the right both of
our politicians are happy to have their
constituents be misinformed and
uneducated on what's really going on
that means there's not gonna be any any
rustling of the status quo they can just
keep business as usual they don't think
that they're ever going to have to deal
with an educated populace rising up
saying wait a minute we're sick of the
lies and then of course you do have
president Trump coming in who's not
afraid of all the labels being thrown at
him and he's able to defend himself and
fight back and then carry on with his
agenda and
mission but Dan made a great point about
you when is it time for these
establishment Republicans to stand up
and and say wait a minute this is these
are lies that the big switch was a lie
and our education system has thoroughly
propaganda is the youth to miss inform
them all and so now we're seeing this
younger generation of voters rising up
on the Democratic Party kind of
misinformed and bringing that
misinformation pushing their agenda
forward so we need to pay attention to
that Roger all right we'll be right back
again the phone number one eight eight
eight two zero one two two four four
you're on the War Room call us to answer
your questions
Roger stone LeeAnn McAdoo we'll be right
back and you are now in the war room I
am Lee Ann McAdoo filling in for Owen
Troyer and of course I am joined by the
indefatigable Roger stone before we go
back to Roger with these phone calls I
want to let everyone know we're gonna be
joined later in the show by Darren
McBrine as well as Michael Zimmerman
we're gonna be talking about net
neutrality and of course when will we
see the end of this monopoly by the tech
giants we're going to be showing some
video of Ted Cruz actually taking on
these Internet giants and saying look do
you guys want to be the arbiters of
truth and what people are allowed to
hear or are are you going to go ahead
and take responsibility for oh I don't
know Isis video is being uploaded on
YouTube so they're kind of in a real
tight spot there and of course as
everyone knows they're taking Infowars
on as well
massive onslaught against us we are
fighting back thanks to the help and
support of viewers out there like you
of course continuing on with our
specials as well which I'll get into
later in the show but I want to go ahead
since we've got just about seven minutes
left in this segment I want to get to
some questions and it looks like Eric
and Indiana was interested in what Roger
stone was talking about the bill with
the dog testing and he'd like to know
who wrote the law and I would like to
hear a little bit more about that as
well Roger
well I can't tell you who wrote the law
all honesty doctors I have talked to are
shocked that this is continuing this
kind of canine research has been out of
vogue and discredited for some time when
we started discussing this at Infowars
when we had guests on the show
highlighting it there was an immediate
response from the Veterans
Administration so they're hearing us but
they're not hearing us we don't want to
be assured that the approval of these
bizarre experiments will just be
approved at a higher level of the VA
what we want is for them to end
anybody who mistreats animals when it is
unnecessary when there are safer and
better ways to conduct modern medical
research is beyond the pale so I was
shocked to learn that the federal
government is still engaging in this
kind of activity I'm going to give the
Secretary of Veterans Affairs the
short-term benefit of the doubt perhaps
he's being buffaloed by others but dr.
Shulkin is a medical doctor he's taken
the Hippocratic oath he needs to order
an end to these practices if he does not
do so well next we recall on President
Trump to do so
hashtag dog lives matter dog lives do
matter Eric did we answer your question
thank you well it hasn't been okay to be
so cruel to animals you know I mean when
when you know it's a bunch of crap the
dogs being my family they are my family
and I can't even hear a person talk bad
about a dog and I kind of want to hurt
them but they just family to me and it
pisses me off it makes me mad right we
saw a way I can understand your anger
thank you and of course we saw how
quickly President Trump kind of back
pedaled on talking about bringing in the
exotic game hunting and people said whoa
whoa whoa wait a minute what are you
doing and I mean just with an hour as
president Trump said you know what I
don't think we've given this enough
thought we're gonna go ahead and take a
second look and that was really awesome
very powerful to see how our voices are
being heard by this president do we have
time to take another question Roger sure
let's go for another one go ahead all
right Robert in California he would like
to know what will it take for the
president to make a new Warren
I believe Scott says go ahead Robert yes
greetings from the communist state of
California got a question for Roger you
were around in the day okay what would
it take for the president to bypass the
DOJ and just for a Presidential
Commission like the Warren Commission
that seemed to work out for Jonathan all
right well the president president has
that authority today of course they
would be arguing that he is trying to
usurp his authority but if Jeff Sessions
will not investigate uranium one which
is I think the largest treasonous
financial crime in American history then
the president could certainly appoint a
commission to get to the bottom of who
did what I would recommend a perfect
commission chairman for such a
commission Judge Andrew Napolitano a
eminent jurist respected constitutional
legal mind but there are numerous good
men and women who could serve on such a
commission the tragedy is that we don't
seem to have a Justice Department that
is committed to the rule of law whether
it is the trafficking of guns to Isis by
the Obama administration whether it is
the formulation of this phony dossier to
undermine the results of the 2016
election whether it is
the wholesale corruption and selling of
American political decisions or I should
say policy decisions under the Clinton
Foundation or a myriad of other crimes
Jeff Sessions seems to be totally
focused on the sole question of cracking
down on state legalized marijuana in
contravention of the position of Donald
Trump in the most recent election where
he told us he supported the states
rights to make their own decisions and
29 states have legalized some use of
medicinal marijuana mr. sessions could
you please focus on the epic corruptions
and crime going on around you and let
the state's decide for themselves
whether or not they want to legalize
cannabis for medicinal purposes thank
you so much for your call
I'm going to depart here shortly but
before I do I want to ask you one more
time to help us in this incredible
struggle that we're engaged in to avoid
the wholesale strangulation of our First
Amendment rights and the efforts by the
tech left knock Infowars and Alex Jones
off of YouTube ultimately off of Google
off of Facebook off of Twitter
I've already been censored for life
banned at Twitter because I hurt Jake
Tapper's feelings I've been banned at
CNN except for yesterday when Anderson
Cooper's producer Jake Tapper's producer
and Aaron Burnett's producer kindly
asked me to join them I declined this is
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leann we'll be right back Alex Jones
here with an update for the viewers and
listeners asking where I am during these
huge political fire storms that are
taking place and all the demonization of
enforced well I haven't taken off about
a year to take my family anywhere so I'm
enjoying some of the great freedoms of
capitalism and all the incredible things
it builds by here in the mountains of a
fail in Colorado so we could come out
here and snowboard and ski and watch the
World Championship snowboarders and also
ride the tubes down the mountains we're
having a great family time out here and
yes we've had this frivolous lawsuit
filed by Pepe the Frog creator who's
talked to our lawyers they say
hundred-percent slapstick answer and
it's a fake lawsuit even create the
Buster for third party selling it we
can't believe that they're this reckless
it's like the EEOC false filings those
are totally reckless all of it's just
completely insane and totally reckless
ladies and gentlemen we have been
attacked for the term real news and have
court cases against us the people saying
that's trademarked it is amazing what's
going on and what's unfolding and we've
got to the point it just kept me the
Frog situation and with all the other
behavior that's going on where we're
going to have to countersue very
aggressively and of course you have
attorneys fees and damages so that
people know that hey we've been nice
this long but that has an end because
the left everywhere is say hashtag hunt
republicans they are trying to shut down
free speech they are trying to shut down
our channel CNN is involved right here
get rid of our sponsors and have a
spanned off youtube so as you look out
here this amazing vista and we see what
we've built in america they have
mountains like this in north korea but
there's nothing there because the people
can't do anything
reduce our in North Korea or Venezuela
people are starving to death so this is
real authoritarianism that's coming
after us and we're gonna have to fight
back because you've been standing behind
us we're gonna be able to defeat it but
it shows you where the globalist want to
take us it shows you what they want to
do to us give they're successful but now
they have our children captive in the
public schools how Hollywood is trying
to believe by the submission but the
good news is whether it's the NFL
whether it's Hollywood or whether it's
the Oscars or any of this they're all in
freefall because the people aren't under
their cultural control anymore and I
quite frankly am honored in this culture
war is a libertarian who's trying to
promote real open free societies that a
criminal like George Soros a Nazi
collaborator and CNN and Media Matters
MSNBC and all these other groups are
piling on and finding useful idiots to
help attack me because we're fighting in
the 21st century for the real
restoration of this republic and usually
people have to fight and physically die
to restore a country to freedom or to
get freedom and so I'm just having to be
demonized and attacked a lot about
because they're trying to intimidate
everybody else this isn't about me
there's massive internet censorship
expanding apples along with Communist
China there's draconian attacks on free
speech going on everywhere across the
Western world and so they think by
picking me out they can make you think
have you're a populist if you're a
nationalist you're conservative you're a
constitutionalist you're a free-market
guide you're gonna be destroyed the
truth is capitalism built all of the
technology and all of the theme parks
all the malls and all the medicine and
all the science and the literature and
the art nothing comes out of these
communist regimes but hell and
oppression because it's oppressors that
run it and control it their systems of
conquest not systems of liberation and
freedom and that's just a fact and so
history is on my side and so we will win
but they have gone from a lawsuit a
month to a lawsuit a week now because
they're getting pissed because they're
all getting thrown out of court the
Communist Party USA is suing me saying I
attacked some guy or had people attack
them in at the RNC and then no such
thing is the truth it's just crazy
everybody knows I'm free speech I don't
agree with part of the flag but you're
right to do it so
I'm in good company in all this if
people need to understand me to know
that family does come first the end the
day and I've been fouling some reports
from the road here but not as many just
because I'm confident no we're gonna win
because you're strong and you understand
these attacks on free speech heart
attacks on you their attacks on your
speech to shut down these platforms and
then when they fall for strikes on us
last week to shut our YouTube it down
and YouTube didn't shut us down at the
city there were fake strikes the
Washington Post came out and said along
with BuzzFeed that we made it up you saw
the thousands of channels deleted or
blocked or frozen you saw them freeze
our Channel you saw a show you the
strikes but again that's how dumb they
think you are like you have no memory
you've seen CNN going after our sponsors
and CNN trying to get his band and CNN
trying to block the publishing of my
book war for the future with neil
strauss I mean this is if I heard
something about this in another country
on NPR about this much censorship
against one person I wouldn't believe it
but again they they attack and then they
could joke out of their attacks on free
speech that are the most epic and most
draconian I've ever seen I mean this is
concerted fraud and so get ready for the
offensive because our listeners have
been supporting us they've been
spreading the word we're getting record
traffic info wars.com you've been buying
the products got a huge sales going
right now and I just hope all these
lawsuits doesn't affect our expansion on
the TV and so many other places we're
reaching so many people and right now
we're neck and neck with the donations
and then people buying products are
coming in just enough to pay for the
half million dollars of them have to
have to spend a lot of these lawyers are
pro bono but I gotta pay for the losses
to be followed the plane tickets the
hotels the people that take the
transcripts the experts all of it
so we're lining up five lawsuits right
now but a hundred thousand apiece anti
slap backs all of it for everybody and
so that's it and a lot of lawyers are in
major loss I'd say the same everyone god
these these suits are
there's anti slap suit stuff so these
fake losses people pay for this but
they're being financed by big money they
don't even care and that's the crazy
part is these are so reckless it tells
you the globalists are willing to
anything hell they're on CNN say and
they're gonna kill the president
anyways check out that great snowplow
but what you know is there fighting to
keep you from visiting infowars.com and
news Wars calm everything wholesome
everything good everything true
everything productive is under attack by
the globalist and the fact that I'm one
of the people most attacked but I still
live in this great free country and the
memory of freedom we have is still
holding them back we're gonna take that
memory and plant that seed they thought
they buried me but they didn't know I
was a seed I've already said that they
thought they buried me they didn't know
I was to see
thank you all I'll be filing more live
reports throughout the week you more
tape reports and I'll be back Saturday
with the family back in the ATX but
thank you all we're just all of this
together I salute you and I think you
will defeat these people trying to
destroy our free speech trying to
enslave our nation god bless you all and
that was the great Alex Jones out there
in his element in the snow with no coat
basically our office year round is the
exact temperature as it was out there on
that icy Mountain so it makes sense that
mr. Jones is only wearing a pair of
gloves so you are now in the war room I
am Lee Ann McAdoo I'm going to be taking
over this half hour
Michael Zimmerman is gonna be joining me
soon as well as Darren mcbroom we've got
a jam-packed show for you and of course
I am back in from Florida thanks to you
guys ilex Jones is able to keep me on
board and that's that's due to your
support even though this constant
onslaught all of these insane lawsuits
coming out of nowhere just boom boom
everything just this massive onslaught
but we're able to stay above because of
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so go to the info war store right now we
are still running that operation Paul
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welcome back to the war room I'm Lee
Anne McAdoo filling in for Owen Schroyer
today of course we're all kind of
playing musical chairs until Alex Jones
gets back in the studio and of course
you know it's not just the legacy media
that is slowly dying and and wondering
what is happening how could they be so
out of touch not only were they so out
of touch with the 2016 election but they
are still out of touch it's also the
Oscars they've had the lowest ratings
ever record low ratings and of course
President Trump could not miss his
opportunity to take a jab at those
record low ratings because look these
stars the Hollywood stars they no longer
have control over the cultural paradigm
people are not paying attention to them
anymore they're calling them out on
their hypocrisy you know I believe Paul
Joseph Watson and his his legion of fans
were actually able to troll George
Clooney into taking a refugee into one
of his empty mansions because you'll
recall after we went on that the calling
him out on his Papakura c4 telling
everyone they need to bring in all the
refugees well quietly about a month or
so later he brought in a well vetted
refugee from Iraq into one of his homes
which of course if you watched the
Netflix specials we learned all about
his little his little friend so there
you go but calling them out on their
hypocrisy seems seems to work and of
course President Trump never misses an
opportunity to do this I want to take a
look at this clip where Jamie Kimmel
actually responded to president Trump's
tweet calling him out and calling out
the Oscars for their record low ratings
I got a little surprised this morning I
woke up I brush my teeth I looked at my
phone I got a texting look at Trump's
Twitter account as if I wasn't going to
do that
anyway that is what I do every morning
and so I did and this is what I see
lowest rate and Oscars in history
problem is we don't have stars anymore
except your president just kidding of
course we do without President Trump now
Trump loves saying the ratings are down
to insinuate and that is a show of some
kind of support for him but the truth is
every years it's Netflix happen ratings
are down for every big TV show Emmys
Golden Globe
but Trump thinks he caused the ratings
to go down nobody wants to tune in to
all of the bread and circuses of the
past tuning you out so I tweeted Tim
thanks lowest rated president in history
of course that's not true because
president Trump is at forty eight
percent approval rating and right about
where President Barack Obama was at this
point in his presidency as well but you
know what facts don't matter to Jimmy
Kimmel skin Trump is Trump always has a
problem of the Academy Awards which is
surprising because I really think he
would love the Best Picture winner in
the shape of water it's the movie if you
haven't seen it it's about a monster
that has sex with a woman who can't talk
about it basically
it's like his life story
oh boy alright well so this is him
basically there's dwindling viewership
all around not only with the Oscars with
sports as well again because people are
waking up to the fact that they are just
trying to be lulled into a sleep to just
kind of not pay any attention to what's
going on
oh let's laugh with Jimmy Kimmel he'll
just throw out some arbitrary stats and
hope you don't check him on it in fact
check him on it and and not only does he
not accept responsibility for being a
terrible out-of-touch late-night host
but he wants to just go ahead and blame
America and the fact that people want to
watch Netflix it's not his fault it's
not the Trump bashing it's not that most
of America knew exactly what was going
to go on with this with this broadcast
that it was just gonna be more political
theater in hypocrisy like call out the
names of these predators in your midst
or shut up you know like we saw the
Szabo put out the the this the big signs
in Hollywood and the Harvey Weinstein
Oscar they're just kind of throwing in
their face like look guys you're the
problem but you want to lecture the rest
of us I don't think so no wonder people
tuned out and we can move on to this
next story because here's something else
that people are starting to tune out
initially we had a lot of empathy a lot
of sympathy with these with these
students who the latest students who
were caught up in another mass shooting
these time we have this time we had some
very vocal survivors speaking out David
hog being one of them they've been
making the rounds on all of the talk
shows late night as well as daytime but
one of the parklands survivors really
he's he's trailed behind his buddies in
getting any his blue checkmark and and
being taken out on to these talk shows
why I wonder why could that be because
he has a conservative point of view and
this is really interesting when you see
these Parkland survivors saying that
they want these bipartisan gun control
measures but yet they're not willing to
in a bipartisan manner and so here we
have parkland shooting survivor Kyle
cash of calling out David Hogg because
he was bragging about the fact that he
hung up on President Trump when Trump
tried to you know give him a phone call
and say what can we do let's go ahead
and play that clip I want to play David
hog who has been out there a lot he's
become you know sort very familiar to
Americans here he is speaking out for
his what on his side watch us actually
hung up on the White House the other day
they actually called me the day before
the listening session and asked if we
were going to come and I said I'm not
coming because we expect President Trump
to come to the CNN Town Hall and I ended
on this message with them I said
President Trump we don't need to listen
to President Trump President Trump needs
to listen to the screams of the children
and the screams of this nation
what do you think about that Kyle you
know I'm really trying to control my
anger at what he said because you know
the president calls you and it shows he
wants to make a change and you're
talking about partisan change and the
one man who controls who leads our
nation you know comes to you it's like
look let's do something let's make it
happen and you hang up the phone on him
that's so hypocritical you know he was
David hog was like we have to make a
let's make this happen and then the the
White House calls you and it was like
let's do it I totally agree let's make
the change and then you hang up on him
and then you brag about it on national
television it's extremely
counterproductive extremely
counterproductive and it is just
exacerbating the polarization in this
country and we can see that they're
they're not being reasonable with their
charges calling out Dana lash and saying
that you know she's a murderer and she
doesn't care about her children because
she owns a gun which is just insane
because we can show countless video
after video of mothers who are being
beaten by home intruders right in front
of their children and boy wouldn't it
have been great if they had had a gun in
the home to be able to protect
themselves as they're being mercilessly
beaten by home invaders and we see those
stories every single day all around the
world and so for these kids to come out
and say the NRA which of course is
millions of Americans who are members
are just child murderers and they don't
care they
are quickly losing the world's sympathy
people are quickly going look alright
this is this is crazy and you're
actually not really helping this
situation and of course hog was I'm not
sure in that clip if it was hog or the
other young the other young guy that was
saying you know we've got we've got to
go to the funerals we have mourning to
do we don't need to talk to the
meanwhile they're on every single talk
show that they can possibly be ongoing
meeting with celebrities collecting
checks for their GoFundMe just making
the media rounds and yet when the
President of the United States calls and
says hey you know let's let's talk I
want to do something I want to help they
they shut them down this is this is how
you can see that there's a massive
agenda behind these Parkland students
that's helping to get everyone busting
for their marches and to help them
organize and to help set up the GoFundMe
and to help facilitate the millions of
dollars that are pouring in it's not
just these kids who within hours of this
shooting were able to create this
massive movement you know just like the
women's March we'll get to that in a
little bit but I mean they're having to
of course do damage control because
they're leaders of that group of course
they their agenda came to light as well
and the the movement behind their agenda
where you have all these women thinking
they're just joining this March and it's
all about you know raise bringing
women's voices together meanwhile the
leadership or the people behind it their
agenda is starting to reveal itself and
it's starting to unravel this is the
type of stuff that happens with these
those grassroots movements is that the
people behind the scenes begin to show
their faces and people it it unravels
the movements people don't want to join
they don't want to be a part of it when
they can see it's not about real change
it's about getting new
eighteen-year-olds to sign up to join
the Democratic Party and push the daca
recipients to the side because they
failed to get that passed and they fail
to back up their promises to the to the
dreamers so they're moving along to
their new audience that they can can
trol their new identity group which is
gonna of course be these brand new
voters these brand new eight-year-olds
of course that are going to be joining
this March I guarantee you they're gonna
be signing up for voting you know vote
here because the racists conservatives
are just child murderers so you got a
vote Democrat I mean it's just it's
great to see Fox News of course giving
this other voice to a dissenting opinion
than the other parklands survivors all
right we'll stick around Michael
Zimmerman is gonna be joining me in
studio next we're gonna be talking about
net neutrality and what can we do to
stop these tech giant's Director of
National Intelligence dan coates and the
director of the Defense Intelligence
Agency testified before the Senate Armed
Services Committee on national security
threats among the concerns ranging from
foreign interference in the 2018 midterm
elections to China's influence in our
universities war mongering on North
Korea took center stage as the upcoming
talks between North and South Korea were
met with skepticism there's no reason to
believe that King jung-hoon is going to
be a changed person but I think the news
last night that he's actually made a
response to the message that was sent in
that he's ready to negotiate he's ready
to stop his nuclear activity and testing
to you do I share my somewhat optimistic
view of what happened general right now
I don't share your optimism that's kind
of a show me the senators kept referring
to a recent globalist backed RAND
Corporation report that doubts a US
victory in a potential nuclear war with
North Korea the rand report says US
forces today are larger than necessary
to fight a single major war but are
failing to keep pace with the
modernizing forces of great power
adversaries are poorly postured to meet
key challenges in Europe and East Asia
it was stunning I think too many
that that a report could say we could
conceivably under under plausible
conditions lose the next war what what
do you say to someone who would make
that that flat statement so I have to
look at the context assessment is at one
particular war is it multiple wars is it
holding deterring I do agree with
everything that director code says in
terms of closing the gaps and
capabilities our opponents are gonna
come at us in a very asymmetric way the
technology gap is closing and the fact
that we have global commitments it's
hard to posture yourself ever in the
globe so you're always gonna have that
time distance where you're gonna have to
move or you may be out of position when
conflict starts um Vox recently reported
there is a genuine risk of a war on the
Korean Peninsula that would involve the
use of chemical biological and nuclear
several estimated that millions plural
millions would die although President
Trump called for North Korea to put its
nuclear weapons on the bargaining table
the rogue nation denounced any
preconditions CNBC reported North Korea
said it would not beg to talk with
Washington and denounced upcoming
us-south Korea joint military exercises
warning that it would take
countermeasures against the United
States if they went ahead it reiterated
that it was willing to talk to the
United States but said it would never
sit with any precondition a North Korean
Foreign Ministry spokesman was quoted by
KCNA as saying we will neither begged
for dialogue nor evade the military
option claimed by the US meanwhile North
Korea moves psychotically forward The
Telegraph reported satellite images
indicate that North Korea has restarted
its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon and is
once again producing plutonium for its
atomic weapons program a steam vapor
plume was observed on imagery from both
February 17th and 25th analysts reported
on the 38 North website failing
propaganda mouthpiece Newsweek reported
state backed hackers in North Korea are
setting their sights on crit
cool infrastructure in the United States
with the aim of knocking out power in
the country cybersecurity researchers
have warned a group of hackers by the
name of Cove light is developing malware
that could infect power grids according
to research from us-based firm dragos
triggering electrical outages similar to
those that happened in the Ukraine in
2016 is Kim jong-un's sister's
appearance at the 2018 Winter Olympics
and the upcoming talks with South Korea
just a stalling tactic - by North Korea
more time to complete their offensive or
our globalist media forces Fanning the
flames of war that President Trump is
smothering John Bowne reporting for in
force calm and welcome back to the War
Room I'm Lee Anne McAdoo joined now by
Michael Zimmerman our president
millennial what's easy on that but I
have to bring you in to break down all
this complicated tech news well there's
a story out of the New York Times where
Peter Thiel is actually being
highlighted he is of course taking his
business away from Silicon Valley he's
sick and tired of the echo chamber there
and he is of course been warning for
years that the tech companies are
arrogant and clueless and less good for
mankind than they believed comeuppance
was coming and of course we're starting
to see that taking effect a lot of
people who were some of the early
founders there in Silicon Valley with
Facebook Twitter elsewhere speaking out
about how terrible this has actually
been for mankind right in this this
whole SJW faction of the tech industry
has taken over the basically the ideas
of Silicon Valley you know if you don't
go along with this you are you know
pushed out like James - more at Google
he wrote his diversity memo which if
you've read through it was not offensive
or anything like that he said yeah men
and women are probably suited for you
know different jobs or take interest in
different career positions and he was
very quickly ostracized and kicked out
of Google science hurts people's
feelings though yeah facts facts they're
did you see the law school stomp out no
you said there's multi two genders and
all right that was not a liberal arts
college that was
a law school that's what they were
offended by the someone said that there
were biological differences between men
and women right which if you've ever met
a man or a woman you know there are
differences between men and women right
and it's really unbelievable so we have
you know mr. teal of course he's I think
he's actually gonna be starting a
conservative networker or something but
he realizing that there is a massive
vacuum that needs to be filled there and
he has the the manpower to do it
he spoke at the RNC he was an outspoken
Trump supporter he said he actually
spoke to the president just a few months
ago but he wants to help rebuild this
country and I think that's that's pretty
impressive that we've got someone like
that who's seen the dirty inside who's
been a victim of course of the media
they're just trying to trash people and
drag them out we see I think that was
the daily beast or BuzzFeed I can't
recall which that outed the Instagram
daughters of Pamela Geller Pamela Geller
of course that tried to really you know
separate that you can't choose your
parents and they never were political or
said anything of the sort but of course
now threats right
they didn't want any part of this
they're they're apolitical on their
social media and now they're receiving
death threats because of these you know
reckless daxing by the media of these
two young young women right or CNN going
and confronting the woman at her home
harassing her so then people now are
able to go and harass her at her were
you a Russian operative I mean it's just
it's really it's really crazy how the
the double standard that is there so at
least we know we've got someone who is
who's not afraid to fight back and to
take these kind of trashy media outlets
down as well as take on the tech giants
well Peter Thiel also helped take down
right he actually funded Hulk Hogan's
lawsuit because I believe Gawker had
outed him as being gay years before
right so it's kind of him getting back
at this you know fake news outlet saying
alright Hulk Hogan has a valid case
against you guys I'm going to fund it
right because there is no there's no
reason that the public needed to know
any of those things it wasn't in the
public's interest so if you're
go post up a sex tape for no reason or
out someone and there's absolutely zero
reason why the public needs to know that
then you're gonna get taken down for
that so he definitely held a vendetta
for quite some time after that and then
saw an opportunity here you know with
the Hulk Hogan tape but you are also
wanting to talk about how Ted Cruz is
now kind of taking on these tech giants
and you know this is this is something
they're they're trying to say oh you
know we're a private business we can do
what we want but they're also really
showing their bias in the in the fact
that they are completely silencing
voices they don't agree with so back in
January Ted Cruz was questioning
executives or representatives from
Google Facebook and Twitter asking them
is your business an open public forum
are you censoring conservatives there's
like we've seen with the lawsuit from
Prager University against YouTube D
monetizing their educational content
these companies are targeting
conservative voices targeting Christian
channels targeting pro-gun channels and
he asked this question because then
phrases it in a specific way because if
they're not open public forums they lose
protection under the Communications
Decency Act so if they're not public
forums and they do moderate and censor
content they become legally liable for
the content that their users post so say
the hypothetical YouTube loses this
protection and someone uploads illegal
content such as child pornography or
other content that's illegal
YouTube could be held liable for that
content so that's not something that
these companies want they don't want to
be found in court that they're not open
public forums so we'll just go ahead and
play a little bit of that that clip with
Ted Cruz questioning these different
tech giants Thank You mr. chairman
welcome to each of the witnesses I'd
like to start by asking each of the
company representatives a simple
question which is do you consider your
companies to be neutral public fora miss
Thank You senator the mission of our
company is to connect people we do not
look at ideology or politics we want
people to be able to connect and share
who they are so I'm just looking for a
yes or no whether you consider yourself
to be a neutral public forum we do not
have any policies about political
ideology that affects our platform miss
yes our goal is to design products for
subject to our policies and the
limitations they impose on the types of
content that people may share on our
products so you're saying you do
consider YouTube to be a neutral public
forum correct we enforce our policies in
a politically neutral way certain things
are prohibited by our community
guidelines which are spelled out and
provided publicly to all of our users
mr. montre yes sir well let me focus for
a minute mr. Mancha as you know there
had been several videos that were
released in recent weeks that that my
and a lot of other people find highly
troubling and so I want to give you an
opportunity to respond to them one
individual Abney off that VAD ravu
described as a former twitter software
engineer was captured on video saying
the following quote one strategy is to
shadow ban so you have ultimate control
the idea of a shadow ban is that you ban
someone but they don't know they've been
banned because they keep posting and no
one sees their content so they just
think that no one is engaging with their
content when in reality no one is saying
it is that practice that occurs at
Twitter no sir we do not shadow ban
users and as we saw on the project
Veritas videos to write annual from
Twitter and YouTube admitted to write
natto banning or censoring right a lot
of Engineers doing that caught on video
they weren't speaking on math right now
capacity we do not shadow ban folks what
we do do is if an account is spammy
meaning engaging in malicious automation
we will hide make it harder for them to
find unless Clinton Twitter if I could
continue sir
that was one of the reasons why
the efforts that we saw with the Russian
missin misinformation didn't hit as big
a mark as they were hoping for we were
able to stop that from Russian hacking
to Russian misinformation name mon
ironic Twitter content review agent was
quoted on video as saying on stuff like
that it was more discretion on your
viewpoint I guess how you felt about a
particular matter
yeah if they said this is quote
I don't want it because it offends me
this that and I say I banned the whole
thing and it goes over here about the
last 20 seconds of this video because
Ted Cruz says something very important
at the end here and it's that you can't
have it both ways right exactly and as
we know there's story after story where
Twitter keeps censoring pro-lifers
meanwhile they're letting these openly
anti-semitic groups just run wild on
their platform so who do you stand with
right so let's take a look at the very
end of this video last twenty or thirty
seconds of it censorship that we are
seeing across the technology companies
is highly concerning and the opening
question I asked you of whether you're
neutral public forum if you are a
neutral public forum that does not allow
for political editorializing and
censorship and if you're not a neutral
public forum the entire predicate for
liability immunity under the CDA is
claiming to be a neutral public forum so
you so you can't have it both ways
you can't have it both ways and I think
this is the key this is the bombshell to
all of this when it comes to censorship
censorship of conservatives and others
on these platforms is these companies
it's gonna bite them if they are found
that they were censoring people
specifically because they can't have it
both ways they will lose their
protection we'll be back on the other
side of the break to break this down
further you're watching the war room
welcome back to the war room I am Lee
Anne McAdoo joined by Michael Zimmerman
now Michael before the break we were
breaking down this clip with Ted Cruz
where he's just calling the time you
know you're trying to have it both ways
you just can't do it you you'd strike
the Infowars YouTube channel and then
say oh are we've got some new guys they
made a mistake oh there's another strike
it oh just kidding I mean they're there
going with us absolutely who is it there
was moderating the common sound SPLC or
the I feel you totally not biased not a
biased organization even though they
call Alex Jones the number one
thought-criminal in the country but what
Ted Cruz is referring to is the
Communications Decency Act also known as
the CDA specifically section 230 of it
which provides legal protection for
users and also the companies themselves
from the content that their users post
but this only applies if they are quote
open public forums if they're not if
they're censoring or being selective
about content they're required to be
selective about all content so every
video uploaded to YouTube just something
like 40,000 hours a day or something
crazy like that would have to be
manually reviewed by someone mm-hmm
YouTube doesn't want to go for that
Facebook does not want to have manual
reviewers and approval for every photo
and every comment posted to their
website right there's if someone uploads
you know say an Isis training video or
something that could be considered
promoting terrorism exactly Facebook
loses their status as a open public
forum and the legal protection under
Section 230 of the CDA
Facebook would now be held liable for
that terrorism or could be right and of
course we're starting to see that in
other countries that they're saying they
are responsible for taking those videos
down every day that they're up there
getting fine like 30,000 euros or
something like that and so of course
they don't want to see that happening
here any any word on what that would do
because I know one of the one of the
ways that they've really hit us as well
as others is taking away the advertising
so so they've massively demonetized our
channel along with other channels Greger
university has a ongoing lawsuit
regarding that because their videos are
not offensive they're educational
they're well sited so you can't say a
prettier university videos fake news
when you go to their website and there's
a whole page of citations the people
they have as their correspondence or the
people voicing the videos are often
professors government officials from
other countries they had a series of
videos with the head of the British
Armed Forces in Afghanistan they have
you know all these very reliable sources
and their videos were demonetized by
as as hate speech right and then that's
the thing that's just so funny is that
it's then they don't take down the hate
speech when people are actively
and but then they do quickly get to
taken down people who are for pro-life
right and of course there's also the
whole thing going on this week that
people have brought attention to two of
the organizers of the women's March
we're pictured hanging out with Louis
Farrakhan who is verified on Twitter who
has said horribly anti-semitic things
right and the leaders of the women's
March are okay with this I suppose right
which of course the Linda Sarsour is one
of the leaders to the woman's March -
she was arrested yesterday outside of
Paul Ryan's office in the Capitol yeah I
actually just saw that on Twitter do we
know why was it another stunt I think it
was probably a stunt I don't imagine
they they held her for anything
but I think she was blocking the office
or being otherwise threatening right but
I think this is kind of the key to all
of this is the the CDA here the
Communications Decency Act because these
companies it would be awful for them as
a business if they were to lose this
there's protective status right and of
course thanks to project Veritas being
able to get those undercover videos
getting them and their engineers on
record talking about the nefarious deeds
they're doing to block conservative
content and things that they do not
agree with things I mean that's their
job specifically to go in and do that
and you know we've been talking about
this for more than a year now just
noticing it with our own with the
Facebook algorithms and then the
newsfeed they were called out on that
where where they were injecting trending
topics or if there was an actual organic
trending topic that they didn't they
would take that out of the trending
topics we saw the the views from
president Trump's Facebook page
massively decreased when they announced
their their new algorithm last month
they were going to show you more posts
from your friends and family and not the
different pages and brands that you
follow right so they have tweaked
everything and I don't know if that
alone makes them not a quote open public
forum but the stuff that YouTube is
doing and like you mentioned the project
Veritas videos are definitely suggesting
that they are not being open about it so
it'll be interesting to see over the
next few
what Ted Cruz and others do about this
what Congress does about it and see if
they may come up with some new laws
regarding these these tech giants
because these companies are bigger now
and have more of an monopoly on the
Internet then companies like ma belle
was you know back in the day when they
broke up Bell and AT&T; and other
companies when they got too large right
so it'll be interesting to see what kind
of things they face because these
companies have grown to a point where
they're not just you know small
providers right they're like a public
services I mean this is where the
president breaks his information so if
you're not allowed to be on Twitter
you're not able to listen to what the
President of the United States has to
say because he doesn't go to the news
media to get his side of the story
across he goes to Twitter and so you
know that it's just at this point
they've gotten too big and again you
can't have it both ways you want it to
be this big that you would call for net
neutrality you've enjoyed all these
you've enjoyed all these legal
protections too
well then you're going to censor people
and not be open you also had some
articles about a ai and other things
that Google's and alright so we and this
is this is i retweeted someone today so
I can't I can't recall exactly who kind
of made this great point so we have
Google now helping the Pentagon build AI
for drones I brought this story up
yesterday and they partnered with the
United States Department of Defense
they're gonna help the agency develop AI
for analyzing drone footage and of
course this move set off a firestorm
amongst their employees because they're
saying hey wait a minute I didn't
realize I was signing up to help the
government potentially kill people
you're using my my invention my
technology my help to you know to help
the government potentially drone people
this is kind of crazy to hear about now
because people had made jokes on the
internet that I've seen over the past
year or two where Google has you know
it'll show you a picture and I'll say
click the to verify you're not abide
right you know click this photos that
contain storefronts click the photos
that contain vehicles and people would
make jokes about that and have like a
shot from a military drone and they say
click the squares that contain a wedding
party as we know the the right us
droning of a wedding party so this had
kind of been like a joker
meme on the internet and now this is
becoming a real thing Google is using
what they learned from their you know
machine learning a machine vision
algorithms to help the military with
drones right and so how can they say
that they are you know not part of a
public surface or separate from the
government I mean that's another
contractor exactly I mean they're
they're using the artificial
intelligence probably that we are
helping them develop with our Pokemon go
and uh you know all the geospatial
information that they're gobbling up
from the American people aren't really
unbeknownst to us unless we're willing
ly giving that over when like we pointed
out on the show on Monday if you're not
paying for it you are the product you
are being you know what is being sold
they're selling your data and I've got
another article it kind of ties into
that it's how Facebook is Facebook
really is spying on you just not through
your phones Mike and this is from The
Wall Street Journal and here they break
down a lot of people have theorized oh
when you talk about something around
your phone and then you start seeing ads
for it on Facebook they break down they
say oh no we're not using your
microphone but what they are doing is
you go to Walgreens and you check out
there you put in your phone number that
gets tied into a database I know what
you purchased at Walgreens and they have
all these data brokers right all these
cookies so they're buying and selling
your information and that's why it's so
creepy that you'll see ads pop up for
things that you were just talking about
her thinking about because it's either
something you bought in a store or
something you made a Google search for
right there they're tracking every
element of your lives right making
making billions off of our data that we
are we have no choice but to give give
over to them and it's time for them to
pay back stick around alright welcome
back to the war room I'm Lee Anne McAdoo
filling in for Owen Troyer and I am
joined here by Michael Zimmerman and of
course everyone you know by now the
world really knows by now of course
because even the mainstream media is
getting it on the good laugh they're
having at info wars under attack and why
why do they want to take us off the
internet why do they want to curb your
access to our information could it be
because we have the the conspiracy
theories years ahead of time that turn
out to be true then you have your your
mainstream outlets having to then report
oh yeah
by the way you do have camera spying on
you and your television or oh yeah we
are going to fill your entire smart home
with devices that can spy on you or
laugh at you and ignore your commands a
lot of people now are reporting that
their Amazon echo users reveal that
Alexa has been emitting bone-chilling
laughs out of nowhere cackling at random
and ignoring their commands and people
are saying what is going on a lot of
people tweeting out there's a good
chance I get murdered tonight by my
people are asking Alexa you know how
much time do I have left on on my timer
and she just lets out a cackle a creepy
laugh for no reason at all and so what's
happening here I have the programmers
done this as a big joke are these a is
Alexa just kind of learning herself how
to kind of join in on the conversation
with a little preset laughs there I mean
really there's no telling we do know
that of course like series engineers
have given her a lot of interesting
comebacks when you ask her certain
questions but random laughing I think is
the the type of thing that's just going
to kind of turn users off of using the
device yeah if I'm in my house and are
you laughing at me that's how it gets
unplugged and tossed in a closet or
thrown away people aren't going to use
your creepy voice assistant yeah if it's
a laughing in the middle of the night
right and or constantly every time you
walk in the kitchen I know because I was
with my sister's got one and while I was
there every time in the kitchen it's
like ask me why this story is trending
today is national margarita day this is
this constantly bombarding you with
information you do not need you do not
want would you like to buy something oh
yeah I see your refrigerators low on
milk should I tell your washing machine
to get the Tide Pods ready
those are for eating and 20 18 actually
well the guys go in the fridge not nice
not in the laundry room well I want to
go ahead and take a call from Darrell in
missouri he's been waiting for quite
some time and you wanted to also chime
in on
the censorship of Infowars go ahead
Darrell in Missouri are you near me
yes sir okay I'm sorry to meet a gender
you oh that's funny I'm glad that you're
back on there Mike Adams and Gary
Franchi yesterday was great and I loved
the product I last November when all the
stuff was going on in st. Louis I was
active on my Facebook and it was taking
down I think it was complained because I
put some statistics up and I was trying
to get Bruce Frank's jr. a
representative here in Missouri to
advocate for a political prisoner named
Jeffrey Winehouse who was shot by the
Missouri State I would pull and I think
my page was 8 years old I had pictures
of me and my wife's wedding just you
know videos that I like music and it was
just like me and on there's an interview
with a guy Lone Star 1776 that did an
interview with me and and I told him I
talked with Jeffrey and I haven't made a
new account all the time I like I feel
like my chips been cut off you know and
so and we just love Mike Adams and all
the information he puts out and we have
two small children and we don't
vaccinate and you know he was talking
about San Francisco out there and then I
he didn't mention the Ninth Circuit the
courts running America you know this
censorship will lead to putting you in a
CMU prison you ought to see a new
tell me that's where Schafer cost is
it's a communications management prison
that they put people in and and that are
inspirational prisoners but he was he
was railroaded and we have many and
justices you know I'm sure you know
about the freedom to fascism with Edna
Lane Brown and and that's where the
censorship has been a weed to his day
and I'm just a regular guy but I see the
in justices that are going on and it
makes me really mad and also sad because
I have I'm going to be having my seventh
child and yeah and are going to little
ones and super my male vitality my
wife's three months along and 235 and
I'm 50 so I
I love freedom and I don't want to see
these men unjustly you know Geoffrey
Winehouse was shot four times and he was
a journalist he had a blog you might not
agree with what he said and he was
censored with gunshots to the head and
he was wearing a watch that recorded the
whole thing and no one is held
accountable and that's something these
people I'm glad Ted Cruz is speaking up
for us and he's gonna you know these
companies the gentleman what he was
talking about they'd be held accountable
for what they're doing to you guys I've
listened to Alex a long time there's
been things I don't agree with but I
agree with everything that about freedom
and just leaving the people alone
exactly you don't have to agree with
what someone's saying but you have to
agree with the righteous they're right
to say it
right well Daryl thank you so much for
your call and for your support as well
and that's really frightening thing you
bring up with the thought criminals the
prisons for thought criminals and and of
course I mean when does it end where
does it end and if we let these people
get away with this just open bias and
they're open censorship where we have
the legacy media actually cheering on
the shutting down of Infowars and other
sites because we're crushing them in the
ratings and you know forcing them to
have to admit that they misspoke on
certain topics or of course just
reporting things that they don't want to
report they don't want to give that
information to the American public but
we're forcing it out they're finally
forcing a real change where does it end
do we all end up in these in these
prisons it's like what judge spoke about
is the internet ghettos mm-hmm you know
they've got us in these virtual prisons
to you say something wrong on Facebook
and they will block you from posting I
messaged a friend who's an actress I'll
just say hood is Ellucian winter of
gateway pondan on Facebook the other day
and he sends me a text he goes hey I
can't respond I'm shadow banned on
Facebook so he showed up as available in
facebook Messenger and I sent him a
message and he had to respond with a
text message because he can't even reply
on Facebook Wow
and that's what they do they want to
corral everyone into using their
Facebook Messenger obviously they're
tracking everything you're saying with
your friends but now you can't even talk
to your friends if you hadn't had
the communication phone numbers
exchanged via your actual telephones you
wouldn't been able to speak because oh
no we're you can't even access the
facebook Messenger right and when you
install it on an Android phone they
actually try to get you to replace your
default text messaging app with Facebook
Messenger they want to get you totally
within that system Wow so that if it's a
facebook friend it'll send us a facebook
messenger message and if it's just a
number you're texting it'll send it as a
text message but they want you to get
corralled into their their systems these
digital prisons so that they can't
control every aspect of your lives
here's an are you in these Chinese
internet ID with your social credit and
then getting us used to just behaving or
you not gonna be able to talk to your
friends well and here's an article from
CNBC saying Amazon could become the
third biggest u.s. bank if it wants to
you would be a full to move your money
in there the big banks we already have
in the US aren't good you know the it's
already can't even keep track of my
banking information as it is whenever I
want to make a purchase right so they
want to get you completely within their
system they want you to have your food
delivered by them they want you to order
everything from them they don't want you
going to the store they'll send
everything to you in boxes or in the
future drones or whatever they've got
planned but now they want your banking
they want to control every element of
your life they want to have the Alexa in
your house laughing at you it's creepy
it's it's really creepy the direction
all of this is going and people need to
to push back against it yeah the big
banks we have right now aren't great but
you don't want Amazon to be your bank
right no I mean every time I purchase
something off Amazon I find that I've
got my banks calling me going hey did
you make this suspicious purchase out of
no I didn't we're we actually have some
more weird news coming out of Indonesia
you're just on a and we have them we
have them killing shape-shifting tigers
earlier in the week and and now we have
more news out of Indonesia and also
involving animals yeah interesting well
that'll be coming up next stick around
thank you so much to our caller and of
course to all of you for your continued
support we'll be right back after this
welcome back to the War Room I am Lee
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down the onslaught from the mainstream
media a bunch of random lawsuits all at
once of course that you know most recent
Pepe the Frog right old Pepe I don't
know it feels like Pepe kind of the
Creator got cooked himself which that's
kind of in our soy boy stack so we can
kind of move on oh and Schroyer is not
here to laugh at liberals so Michael
Zimmerman and I have come we'll have to
do our best
soy boy stack and this was something I
saw Paul Joseph Watson tweet this
article he said what is this fresh
cancer but The Hollywood Reporter has
featured the triumph of the beta male
and of course they're celebrating the
triumph of the beta male the photograph
features cat
cast members from the HBO comedy series
Silicon Valley and so this is this is a
Mike judge created show so as we know
the man is kind of a psychic and he he
really does he has his finger on the
pulse of what's gonna be coming down the
line as far as the future and you know
in Silicon Valley the triumph of the
beta male so I don't know should we
blame him I think this show does a lot
of making fun of I've seen the first two
seasons of it it does a lot of making
fun of this whole tech left culture in
Silicon Valley and just how absurd it is
these companies they'll just sit around
beanbag chairs and it's super absurd
when they bring in I think an elephant
or something to the offices and hooli
which is supposed to be Google but this
photos just weird I mean yeah people are
just saying come on women prefer real
men of course we the billionaire beta
men can temporarily get a hot woman with
all that cash but eventually they'll end
up moving on because hey it's called
biology as we know a recent study came
out that said newsflash
men with muscles and money are more
attractive to straight women and gay men
and this was a Newsweek article can't
really can't really tell you know if
they were upset about the fact that
gender roles aren't progressing after
all of the constant onslaught trying to
beat us down and make us accept the rise
and triumph of beta male people are
saying no you know there are still these
biological things that have been with us
for millennia and they're not going
anywhere even after this some news out
of CNN cuckolding can be positive for
some couples so this is CNN trying to
kind of it's cool to be a cock they're
like you know in our current political
climate the term kook you know short for
conservatives it's become an insult so
they kind of do this little deep dive
into this and they they say you know
what this is a good word we're gonna
wear it proudly because it could be good
we're gonna take back calculate positive
for some couples so
but again the gender roles are not
progressing because you can try and tell
us that we're attracted to these beta
males but we're not and there's lots of
articles out there and you can just
search engine this women less happy over
the past 30 40 years than they were
previously because there is this big
push that it's not okay to be a woman
who wants to stay at home and raise the
family anymore
you shouldn't want that you should want
to go to a job you should only want to
see your kids in the evening so you
should send your kids off to daycare my
mom stayed at home with my sister and I
until we started school and those are I
think some of the like best years of you
know your kid's life you can get to
spend with them and my mom took us on
all kinds of trips around Austin and
around Texas because we had all this
time you know to spend together with me
and my sister my mother while my dad
went off to work and she was very happy
she wasn't didn't feel oppressed that
she stayed at home with us she loved
doing it right and obviously she did it
a tremendous job because you turned out
exceptionally well my sister she had for
four years she was running the hospital
system in Houston and finally just said
who you guys are sucking the life out of
me meanwhile my kids are getting raised
by these daycares she comes home and the
kids are like cussing and saying words
like we're didn't you even learn that
and so they're being raised by these
people who don't even pay attention half
the time they're like I just read a
story they were giving them edibles and
gummy so they would sleep melatonin
laced gummy bears hey or setting them up
kids daycare
fight camp and uploading it to YouTube
so you've no idea who's taking care of
your kids it's such an important job
especially you know we can see that the
the country is kind of in a crisis right
now with where people are at but here's
another thing male fertility is in a
crisis and they don't they don't
actually know why the average sperm
count has died by 52% in the past four
decades and men are leaving it later and
later before trying to have a child so
in more than half the cases when a
couple is having trouble becoming
pregnant it's that the male isn't able
to his sperm count slow or they're not
good swimmers but these the academics
they don't know why they they can't
figure it out they know that
don't even know where to start we have
this toxic environment we've got all
this stuff in our food and water what
could possibly be cause they say we know
it's recent fertility we know it's
absolutely dependent on high levels of
testosterone but we should know how it
works and why and we still don't I had
to take a computer into for service
yesterday to the Apple store here in
Austin and when I gave them my email
address after dropping it off the guy
goes in fours you believe in the gay
frog thing and go yeah I do look it up
for yourself
I look up atrazine look it's one of the
largest runoff contaminants and our
water supply it's a UC Berkeley study
you can find it on PubMed gov you know
this is well-documented stuff we have
all these toxins in our environment yeah
they are decreasing fertility so
estrogen mimickers and all the plastics
and all the containers on receipts even
now you stick that in your pocket is
that getting absorbed through your skin
we're just surrounded by this stuff so
yeah of course it shouldn't be a
surprise that fertility is in crisis and
people aren't able to have children
right but they can't ever go there they
can't ever talk about the pharmaceutical
companies and all the runoff that's
going in our water you know that's that
has to be left over into the conspiracy
theory fringes and then we're just gonna
shut down those conspiracy theory
fringes so you'll know the truth of why
you're no longer having children and
then by the way we'll just tell you that
that's why you need to import a whole
block of foreign invaders we've got a
declining populations all right well
thank you so much Zimmerman I will be
joined in studio by Darren McGrane
coming up next so stick around
ed veritas it's not a shock to you but
to get the employee @youtube on tape
admitting that they do it I mean you
must be a threat if they call you out by
name it's also what happens when you
listen to the radio host Alex Jones abs
are just a short time ago and I'm
talking about when this meeting started
on Twitter if you click
on the hashtag NYC terrorist attack
which is quote trending marked with a
red button saying quote live the top
tweet links to an info war story with
the headline and mom I warned of Azio
about New York City at terror he was too
busy bashing Trump I don't know what
happens in somebody's mind or how dark
their heart must be to say things like
that this is a real-time example of when
we talk about this information being
weaponized but Trump doesn't challenge
these lies he actually went on jones's
show and said your reputation is amazing
I will not let you down you will be very
very impressed I hope he still calls
Alex Jones and talks to all my you know
the Infowars or worse conspiracy theory
or C theories how quickly can you act
and what's your responsibility to set
the record straight so that the people
who saw this know that it's fake news
and at least at some point time it can't
keep spreading like some sort of virus
through the legitimate world that's
something we're thinking about all the
time because it's a bad user experience
and we don't want to be known as a
platform for that the Russians ran an
extensive information war campaign
against my campaign to influence voters
in the election they did it through
false news sites they did it through
these thousand agents they did it
through machine learning which you know
kept spewing out this stuff over and
over again and they began to
have some of their allies within the
internet world like Infowars
take out pieces and begin to say the
most outrageous outlandish absurd lies
you can imagine the accused of hiding
negative stories about Hillary and your
campaign but changing its algorithm to
marry stories like the Clinton
body-count story that's according to
website Infowars
you have arty you have Sputnik you have
roughly and then I think you have them
feeding other entities Infowars comes to
mind where those are echo chambers it's
been widely reported that that company
has been backed by the Kremlin and they
gave you 75,000 shares that you had to
disclose to the Obama administration
maybe you're looking at widely reported
information from Infowars
this is the New York Times this is the
Wall Street Journal know if a Google
user types in Clinton body they get car
repair shop results instead of a story
that talks about a list of people tied
to the Clintons who have died under
mysterious circumstances over the last
three decades the latest story was the
death of DNC South Forsyth rich was
murdered last month in an apparent
robbery WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
has hinted that rich was his source but
has made no further comments about the
case that murder wish to say remains
unsolved the Russians in my opinion and
based on the Intel and counter Intel
people I've talked to
could not have known how best to
weaponize that information unless they
had been guided all that stuff exists
you don't see it you don't feel it if
you're largely living in reality and in
a mainstream media world but it's it's
it's undermining our democracy and I
think that the companies themselves
they've taken some steps they have a lot
of responsibility Humpy's like Facebook
like Facebook Google etc right ah to do
what they can to essentially not enhance
how quickly can you act and what's your
responsibility to set the record
straight the system self-correct it
that's not that shouldn't be the first
tweet you see anymore it should be a USA
article the last time I checked you at
USA Today at lunch I did yeah and this I
also saw the system system corrected
they didn't call it Fox News by name
they didn't call out anyone else by name
and they said when it comes to Alex
Jones we need people to scroll and
manually find him and manually have to
find that video we're not we're not
gonna allow that video if it gets 10
million views to be on the front of the
so-called news carousel
on the front cover of the current issue
of Hollywood Reporter it has members of
the male cast of Silicon Valley putting
their hands in each other's pockets in a
very sexual way with the headline the
triumph of a beta male the victory of
the beta male their to be celebrated for
all to see but what's really being said
here they're saying if you act like a
domesticated twisted version of an
effeminate creature that somehow you're
gonna end up in dominant positions in
the corporate world because you see Jeff
V's us and all the rest of the heads of
the tech Titan companies are cold
blooded globalist who are committed to
consolidating wealth and viciously
dehumanizing the population if you look
at Apple you look at Facebook Twitter
you look at Amazon all these companies
pay either zero or next to zero taxes in
the United States they've all basically
moved to China apples actually merged
with the Chinese government but they
project this issue of the beta male
element of the population like it's cool
and trendy so people accept the fact
that they've been emasculated growing up
indoors watching television playing
video games eating massive amounts of
estrogen mimickers not just the soy milk
but the BPA and the rest of it in the
plastics and so they're basically making
it cool this synthetic transformation
that has been engineered over the males
and the chemicals are so powerful that
in most areas the United States 50 to 80
percent of the amphibian life is sterile
and in many cases according to
scientific studies the male frogs prefer
other male frogs and so the female frogs
never get their eggs fertilized and so
the amphibian populations are
nose-diving just like fish populations
another but then again the soy boy is
taught to just giggle to laugh to make
it all a big joke
then it's no big deal their own demise
they're taught to love the
transformation has taken place and now
with the genetic engineering and the
genetic drift happening and the
mutations exploding on our species so if
you looked at any other species and said
they're going sterile their IQs are
dropping their males are shriveled and
weak you would say look at the decline
of the polar bear look at the decline of
this type of preying mantis or look at
the decline of the red-tailed hawk or
look at the cause of pesticides on the
Condor Falcons eggs almost making them
go extinct but instead it's the triumph
of the beta male now I've been friends
with my judge for years creator of
Silicon Valley
Davison Butthead king of the hill and
he's a patriot he's a libertarian and
I've seen the show I don't think overall
it's message is bad in all cases but it
is a modern message the point is the
media takes what he's saying about
Silicon Valley and then projects the
idea that's the triumph of the beta
Silicon Valley is the triumph of alpha
predators posing as other beta males and
being part of the whole globalist
engineering program that the former
White House Science star John P Holdren
wrote about the year I was born in 1974
the eleven hundred page book is free
online I advise you all to go scan over
it how they called for the emasculation
of males with estrogen mimickers in the
food and water so look into all this now
for women it's causing them to be hyper
feminine that is accelerating the aging
of their ovaries of their uterus and of
their breast tissue all sexual tissue in
the female body is associated with
reproduction is being aged the very
accelerated rate when you have higher
levels of glyphosate in the water
another estrogen mimicker it actually
accelerates even more and gives you
cancer all of this is admitted
incontrovertible fact but again they
call it a triumph so it's a beautiful
thing and they have why the future
doesn't need us and all these
publications about the earth after
humans and we're
Scourge they're teaching us to hate
ourselves the levels are teaching us to
turn off our life force to turn off our
instincts so there's that report on
it's critical for people to understand
then the soy boys get together and mimic
their bosses above them the robber baron
technocrats posing as liberal trendies
who are camouflage uniforms of Patagonia
vest and you know a little skinny jeans
and all the rest of it it is a
camouflage cover so that other alpha
males that are still left
despite the chemical warfare and the
social warfare and the biological
warfare don't notice that they're being
taken control of them being enslave and
then the globalists are very good at
then organizing the betas into what they
call beta armies and they're probably
telling you this for years
nanners think it'd be mainstream news
that the nerd Army's the beta armies
well the nerd armies are being enslaved
themselves but if they believe they're
part of the ruling class and are in on
the big joke and in on the censorship at
Google Facebook Twitter Apple you name
it they'll go along long enough until
the AI and the algorithms and the
Chinese Communists who are now taking
over Apple are able to replace them and
that's exactly what's happening there
just like IBM engineers I knew 20 years
ago several more of my friends and they
thought oh alex they'll never get rid of
us sure we're replying we're about
training our replacements seven years
later when they got let go first their
pay got cut then they got let go they
understood then that they were
destroying their own economy when you
demand a better economy and better pay
more complex systems its upwardly mobile
but when you bring in centralized
systems command control systems at
limited choices and vertically
integrates wealth and there's many
examples of this in history but just
look at capitalism versus communism
another command and control systems like
fascism and socialism they do not work
at all because they're not designed to
work for the average person that is
designed to work for predatory elite
then if you see another story on
infowars.com right now it's how in major
studies and a new big
study this guy television did in the UK
people find women that say they're
feminist incredibly unattractive and
don't want have anything to do with them
well the plan is to get women to be
unattractive and not be into a normal
mammalian pattern and to have men so
arrested in their development that they
only want to hang around with other men
like their twelve-year-old boys it's not
a gay thing it's a Arrested Development
thing so the two sexes never get
together and then if the sexes do want
to get together there's so much me to
movement demonizing the whole system
between men and women coming together
that it also stifles that the study
showed as well and again you pull back
it's the triumph of the end of humanity
the triumph of a deaf culture the
triumph of a culture committing suicide
a triumph of the fall of humanity as we
know it and the upwardly mobile
renaissance systems that could take us
as stars and it's being done because a
breakaway civilization has a side of the
general public doesn't deserve to be
part of the future or the life extension
or any of the mysteries of the universe
that we follow humans have discovered
and development they intend to cut the
resources off use governmental and
corporate systems to extract the wealth
and ideas put it through a cultural wall
of the breakaway civilization while they
build their structure and while we
ourselves are basically then just
recycled that's the plan this isn't a
video game it's not a science fiction
book it's the real world but a lot of
people have decided to be delusional
through their cognitive dissidence and
to decide their part of the structure
even though that structure is destroying
them and to imagine that they're
actually part of the power structure and
are alphys so this whole beta thing is a
alpha directed psycho alpha directed
system organizing betas into quasi alpha
groups but only as part-time seasonal
mercenaries in their own destruction
all right that is the prime computation
analysis infowars.com
news Wars calm president Planet calm
police research everything I've said
you'll find out it's all in the public
venue of the globalist believe you're
complete idiots I believe in you I
have to believe in you because I know
it's a feedback loop if I start
believing you don't matter why start
believing you're scum then why should I
care about my own children in the future
for them I do believe in my children I
believe in you and I believe in your
children and I believe you should come
together understand the attack on
humanity and men and women should come
together and realize our species has
come so far together and reclaim our
survival instinct and break free from
the conditioning and move the next level
and I call the executives and other
people that are mid-level of high level
who've been serving this who have called
me who were so scared to break through
the fear follow your human guts and
instincts and survival instinct that
brought us here from so far away in
distant time and from other distances so
that we can truly reach our potential
that not be robbed of our entire future
welcome back to the war room I am Lee
Ann McAdoo joining me now is Darren
McBrine I was playing some air guitar
yes do such a lovely job with those
lead-ins their booming voice thank you
very much I need one for myself though
because I am NOT Owen Troyer true we
need to make the fillings we need to
make would it be weird if I did my own
now yeah no okay I could do my own
people know your voice by now actually I
mistaken a lot of times as John Bowne
hey you John Bowne I recognize your
voice a compliment I think that's pretty
cool you have that bass voice going on
that's it yeah that's it well we do have
a couple phone calls left on the line we
will be getting to sunny in Minnesota
and Antoine in California in just a
Michael Zimmerman wanted me to get to
this bit of news he's on the Indonesia
beat right now and specifically with
stories pertaining to Indonesia's
treatment of their animals earlier this
week we saw the story that almost made
me cry where they took out was it a
tiger it took out a shape-shifting tiger
it was massive hiding under someone's
house not bothering anybody but thought
it was a shape-shifter so they took him
out beat him with clubs but now an
Indonesian zoo infamous for the
mistreatment of animals is being slammed
again by activists after a video emerged
of one of its orangutangs
smoking smoking orangutan the guys just
you know what else is he gonna do
apparently he likes smoking cigarettes
so the smoking great ape is now further
evidence of a lack of supervision and
education at the ban dong Xue he'd
probably rather smoke some stuff from
Colorado so the you know if you flick it
into his his cage he might go ahead and
pick it up and say well this is what the
humans are doing because that's that's
what happened they get addicted to those
cigarettes he probably wants him right
exactly you know a young man flicked his
half-smoked cigarette into the primates
enclosure and he picked it up and
expertly puffed on it oh wow
so he probably waits for people to flick
their monkey-see monkey-do exactly
so thank you Michael Zimmerman stay on
the Indonesia beat for us always some
good stories coming out of that part of
the world McBrain what do you got for us
we're being attacked yeah CNN you know
it this is the thing every time I turn
on the television it seems like or every
time I look at my cell phone
CNN is always harassing us they're
always attacking us
you guys could pull this article up
right here real quick for me and this is
this is one of their latest headlines
Facebook and YouTube failed to block
conspiracy theories and this is from CNN
tech advertisers flee in fours founder
Alex Jones's YouTube channel yeah that's
because CNN has like a whole panel of
employees that monitor everything we do
right and so we wouldn't have a job
without us market right but no they're
trying to shut us down and they so
they've got these CNN employees that
monitor everything we do and when
they're on YouTube and they everyone
small there'll be an advertisement that
pops up before one of our videos and
then they contact the sponsor and they
say hey do you guys realize that you're
advertising on one of those conspiracy
theorist shows shame shame shame how
dare you so now we've got Nike 20th
Century Fox paramount
pictures etc threatening to pull their
advertisements off of YouTube so trying
to shut us down and if you guys could
queue up clip number 12 for me I just
want to play a short news clip this was
from today I believe very recently
anyhow this is from CNN where they are
pressuring YouTube and Facebook to block
our videos and this is just one of the
many countless attacks against in force
by CNN now on a daily basis check it out
Texas biggest companies are once again
the platform for conspiracy theories
forcing both YouTube and Facebook to
apologize a top trade to youtube video
suggested david hog an outspoken
survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory
Stoneman Douglas High School is an actor
Hogg was also trending on Facebook with
false theories about him several of the
top results suggested the same false
information hog of course has knocked
down those claims Facebook removed the
content YouTube took down the video but
this isn't the first time they have been
on it that's good guys that's you good
you get the gist of it so so this is
like a daily thing now it's just like at
least they're talking about us but it's
it's evident that they're trying to take
us down and as far as I'm concerned and
Alex has said it before as well it's
racketeering because it's not just
censorship I think everyone knows by now
the Infowars we're kicking their ass
when it comes to the internet and social
media we are their competition so then
that's how they see us and I think that
they also this could be the CNN Vendetta
for getting Trump elected because they
they blame us for getting Trump elected
I think will take the credit for that we
don't take the blame but we'll take some
of the credit so so that's what's going
on and they've also admitted on their
own website CNN has repeated inquiries
to youtube about info wars basically
saying they're violating your guidelines
pull them down pull them down and that's
what's going on and this is it used to
be once a month once every couple months
now it's almost every single day right
well I'm just thinking like how pathetic
are some of these people but that's all
they have to do is make phone calls to
these advertisers I mean we saw this
Bart we saw Media Matters bragging about
how they were able to really push
Facebook to to you know
abide by their demands and this is what
they're doing is they're keeping the
pressure on one of those Saul Alinsky
tactics is to keep the pressure on it is
a solid ski type totally is and they're
well trained in this and they're they're
willing to have you know 50 people make
five phone calls a day or whatever
numbers of people they organize all
these people and they say okay you make
five phone calls to each of these
advertisers and then so the advertisers
are thinking wow we're getting this
onslaught from all these concerned
people or if they even identify
themselves and say they're from CNN I'd
seriously doubt or CNN or any of these
other little leftist organizations that
are put together I mean they could
probably I'm sure someone out there
could do the research there's probably a
company you can call that will do these
phone calls on your behalf you know that
that's that's good all they do and this
reminds me of during the run-up to the
election we know for a fact that Hillary
Clinton her campaign they spent a
million they spent a million dollars on
this and I don't know how many people
they hired but I do know they spent a
million dollars for internet trolls so
anybody that talked bad about Hillary
you would see their comments coming up
on YouTube and a comment section on
different web pages and everything paid
trolls by the Hillary campaign right and
it's earlier Michael Simon a man and I
showed the clip there with Ted Cruz
where Twitter saying well sometimes we
will shut down any BOTS where if we see
some bot activity or some spam activity
we'll shut that down but why weren't
they shutting down these paid Clinton
BOTS I mean because I was getting them
constantly whenever I would it's good
BOTS versus bad BOTS but those were paid
BOTS and of course it's it's continuing
and it reminds me Matt Drudge member
when Drudge was here a few years ago he
told us he said look a Supreme Court
justice told me it's over for you it's
over for you
censorship is on the way so with the
inner circles it's a big club and we're
not in it they're already they've been
talking about this for a long time now
they're implementing it implementing it
and just I'm sorry to me to cut you out
I just wanted to naff turd reg said that
Washington Post came out with an article
denouncing The Drudge Report for having
links to info wars right I mean it's
incredible and we were warned and of
course Matt Drudge is kind of a prophet
out there got his finger on the pulse
and yeah it came right here to warn us
and we got the word out and immediately
after that we see even President Obama
coming out saying well we need to get
back to the days when we had just three
news and we had total control of the
media if you want the future you must
fight for it this is the war room that
enforce calm porch last show
found just like that guy I do a pretty
good impersonation of that dude so this
segment we want to talk a little bit
about guilts by association you're only
guilty if you're on one side of the
aisle of course if you're on on the left
and you're guilty of associating with
anti-semites and others I'm we'll just
we will completely overlook that that
even happened a long time ago when I was
a young lad in the late 80s I went to I
learned a long time ago that the
mainstream media could be full of their
BS you write we can't cuss on the shows
I guess but you know they're full of
crap how's that so what happened I went
to an Ozzy Osbourne concert in the late
80s right and I came back and on the
news it was it was crazy because it says
Ozzy Osbourne performed the song jump
for life and a teenager jumped off the
balcony and killed himself
right and I was like I was there that
didn't happen now it was true both of
those things happened but the kid jumped
off the balcony before the warm-up band
was even on the stage right but if you
hear both of those together you think he
must have been playing and it influenced
him to jump up right so it's kind of
guilt by association we heard the same
thing today where if you read an article
where it's far right-wing conspiracy
theorists say that those the Florida
high school student survivors are crisis
actors and YouTube is pulling down the
Alex Jones channel right those two
together both things are true but we
never call them crisis actors now Reese
more recently you have far right-wing
supremists are putting swastikas up on
posters with Pepe the Frog and the
creator of Pepe the Frog is suing Alex
Jones right both things are true but we
would never put a swastika with anything
not even on our tennis shoes right so
it's just it's guilt by association and
it's an old game the left and the
establishment have been playing for a
very long time and it reminds me of the
SPLC who's now by the way the gatekeeper
of YouTube I don't know if you heard
about that the SPLC the Southern Poverty
Center one of the most racist
anti-american anti-christian anti-trump
anti Patriot leftist radicals on the
planet there they've been hired by
YouTube to monitor just basically
they're looking out for anybody that
might be bullying somebody or harassing
anybody the SPLC has been hired to do it
if you can believe that right and I know
we've reported call them out on some of
their absolute bias and just misinformed
accusations that they make against
people but these are going to be the
fair and balanced moderators of YouTube
and others and like Snopes exactly like
Snopes and people need to be more
outraged about this but that's the thing
as they go after the groups like
Infowars that you could easily just
ignore go oh I hate that guy who cares
the food they take down his channel I
don't care they start with the easy
target that people won't fight for
that's the danger they demonize in force
or the demonize Alex Jones they demonize
demonize us and that way if we get
pulled out oh it's it's you know ok CNN
will run the headline Alex Jones may
have told one too many conspiracy
theories or he's won conspiracy theory
away from being shut down he's the same
guy that said no kids died at Sandy Hook
and that way everybody's like oh well we
don't care if he gets shut down I mean
that guy's crazy that's ok right because
people don't even need to read for
themselves or come to the site and look
and see what were actually they don't go
beyond the headlines and in even one of
our videos and of course we did title it
the the truth about crisis actors in
Florida I think was a title something
like that but we never said they were
crisis actors that was just the truth
was we don't believe their crisis actors
we just believe they've been coached and
we believe they've been exploited by the
left which is pretty evident and it was
also very curious that they didn't have
a bunch of kids from the football team
up there it seemed to be a lot of kids
from them from the debate team and the
drama class with the drama teacher
behind them every step of the way so
they were exploited that was what this
was all about that's always said you
will never find a video where we call
them crisis actors and some people say
well that's
as it was taken down that they took it
down no we put those videos back up
Drudge linked to him seven plus million
people watched him never once said they
were crisis actives yet we take an
Infowars microphone out on the street
with our in fours logo and I guarantee
you people are gonna approach us and say
how dare you say that those kids were
crisis actors that's how it works right
they just repeat the brainwashing just
like the the the guy said to Zimmerman
about the gay frog meme and a lot of
people just they wear the hats or I've
seen the artwork sprayed up around town
and you know they don't even know where
that comes from they just know that it's
a meme or something or that alex jones
just spouting this out when they're not
even listening to the full clip and
seeing why he's saying that or why he's
upset and maybe you would be upset too
and that's why your testosterone is so
low if you would just pay attention yes
yeah but they just want to shut it all
down another just kind of an example of
just the hypocrisy so you'll recall a
couple weeks ago Joy Behar
on the view yeah she was basically
calling i mike pence crazy cuz he said
he you know he takes his advice from God
he listens to Jesus talks to him just
like he talked to Martin Luther King and
he talks to me that doesn't mean an
audible voice but contain great exactly
and so she was allowed to just go on her
show to millions of people and call him
crazy and oh my gosh well this is you
know someone running our country then of
course Oprah comes out and says that she
would run for president if she heard
from God she she needed a clear
spiritual sign from God if she would run
for president
I didn't hear joy call her crazy or say
she's insane because she feels like she
has a direct connection it's the liberal
logic it's the double standard by the
left of course that's how they're gonna
play that right and like I said Martin
Luther King used to say it all the time
and in fact that was a meme I saw
somewhere where Martin Luther King said
the same thing Jesus spoke to him Jesus
speaks to me every day so that doesn't
mean I'm crazy trust me I know it's him
and I
base my decisions at least I try to as
much as I can't doesn't mean we're crazy
millions and millions of people do all
over the world but that's totally okay
for her to insult you and me and
everything you expect from her though
that's that's right the view just gets
old and of course we also have the the
women's March leaders of course who are
now getting a lot of kick kick back
they're doing damage control over their
ties to Louis Farrakhan because 1/2 of
the women's March leaders have close
ties to the Nation of Islam leader he's
a notorious anti-semite and so that nine
days later it takes some nine days to
issue this statement in an attempt to
say you know we we we think it's a
distraction and we don't agree with what
he says you know they didn't they didn't
they didn't disavow remember how they
were like just about disavowed meanwhile
Trump's like what are you who what are
you even talking about who is the guy
but they just kept constantly saying
disavow making people think that he has
ties with white supremacist association
you're trying to say exactly but for
these girls who are Linda Sarsour and to
meet them Mallory yes Tamika Mallory
that she attended a Nation of Islam
conference February 25th where Farrakhan
was railing against Jews and white
people and he praised Mallory by name as
she's seen applauding during his speech
and initially she defended Louis
Farrakhan by implying that religious
leaders are supposed to consider Jews
their enemies members of the Black
Caucus including Maxine Waters when they
boycotted Trump's last State of the
Union they went and met with Farrakhan
instead right now this is what they do I
don't know how Farrakhan could be the
leader of one of them that guy's a bad
man I mean you talk about a racist that
guy just just look him up and see what
he said about he wants white genocide
and all that other stuff right exactly
and so you know we see Linda Sarsour as
well they've all kind of was she wearing
her :
Kapernick Jersey sure often does right
well and you know so people are calling
for them to step down saying you're
gonna ruin this movement and it's not
you know you you want to have Bernie
Sanders as a speaker not Hillary Clinton
where we see through you now we see
through your agenda by the way if you're
conservative or pro-life you're not a
woman who's allowed at the woman's March
so it's just a total fraud just like
this contrived march for life is just an
idea whose time has come fifty years in
the making of this leftist agenda all
right stick around we're gonna be right
back with more war room right after this
and thank you for sticking around we got
our final segment here with the war room
I am joined by Darren mcbean of course
you hear his lovely voice every day on
the liners and I am Lee Anne McAdoo so
happy to be back here in Austin
temporarily I know some of you have
asked if I'm back full-time but man I
know it's kind of sad I miss being here
in the action but you visit often in
that yeah it's kind of the best of both
worlds I think I get to be with my
family and my friends that's right so as
everyone knows we are under attack I
know you wanted you had another really
important point about the SPLC with
their demonization and the guilt by
association well I guess what I was it
it's alarming to me that they are
training much of our nation's police
departments and law enforcement agencies
because you get these young recruits and
they will show as far as these extremist
groups the SPLC will train them and say
look this is these are members of the
KKK Aryan Brotherhood some real bad guys
that are legitimately bad people and
they say these guys are dangerous but
then they lump other people like in
fours into that same group and that's
where the guilt by association comes
from so they've even gone as far as
calling ben Carson and extremists right
I think on their milos on there for sure
public enemy number one is Alex Jones
he's at the very very top right so it's
just it's extremely dangerous and this
is what happens when people see those
groups lumped together they just
associate them and and that's just it's
thing right and we get people that's why
when if you were an info or shirt
sometimes racist racist they're trained
by the SPLC and now the SPLC is we were
saying earlier the gatekeeper to youtube
they are monitoring you know to see if
we're harassing or bullying people and
it's not just in fours I want to make
this perfectly clear we are obviously
being attacked but were not the only
ones we've get reports from all across
the country all across the world or just
individuals someone Zimmerman knows a
guy that owns a sandwich shop that posts
something on Facebook was taken down
because he put David hog is a no he
didn't call him a Christ actor he said
he can't remember his lines on
television they pull him down for
bullying a kid who's a public figure
last week and last month you couldn't
turn on the television without seeing
the guy's face you come into the public
arena you got to be ready for that's
right I mean he is the poster child for
the anti-gun poster child for the left
right now
youthful idiot David hog it can't take
it you know if you say anything about
him and he's been very critical about us
on Twitter calling out millions of
Americans child murderers so I'm sorry
if you're saying stuff like that you
need to be ready if you want to get in
the ring buddy be ready you better
instead of crying to mama or crying to
CNN well speaking of people getting
pulled down off of Facebook one of our
callers who has been waiting very
patiently sunny in Minnesota wants to
talk about really that exact same
situation this is something I've heard
about friends people being put in
facebook jail for posting something
inappropriate are we ready for sunny
thanks for waiting welcome to the war
room okay anyway yeah I got a bunch of
friends that are Trump supporters you
know from Minnesota to Florida
California wherever on Facebook and
there's a lot of times we'll post a I
mean that kind of compares the last
agenda to Nazi Germany before Hitler
took over and those means
disappeared they'll get pulled down and
we have a term we call Facebook jail
where they'll say you can't like the
first strike you can't be communicating
on Facebook for a week and then the more
strikes you get the longer the period is
yeah because you know just like you were
pointing out just the guilt by
association of just putting that mental
image side-by-side in people's minds
it's very effective
just like with memes putting it
side-by-side look hey guys you're
calling everyone else a fascist but
let's take a look at what was actually
going on in Nazi Germany before you know
Hitler's rise this is you know you guys
are actually performing his dirty work
for him that's a powerful meme it makes
people think so we got to shut that down
it's straight-up censorship and I was
just saying this it's funny that you
called about this that I was just
talking about it it's happening
everywhere and it's just it's just out
of control but you do the same thing you
post something about Donald Trump put a
Hitler mustache on him
all that you could do whatever and when
I was when I was younger they used to
make fun at CNM Saturday Night Live used
to make fun of Jimmy Carter and it was
cool to make fun of Jimmy Carter and I
found myself one day talking to some
people at a party and I was I was making
fun of Jimmy Carter and I've caught
myself mimicking what I learned from
Saturday Night Live I didn't know a damn
thing about Jimmy Carter it was just
what I learned from television right so
that's what's going on with a lot of
young people today on steroids times a
hundred Trump is they're all out to get
Trump well Godspeed to you Sonny and
your thought crimes we appreciate it
let's move on to Antwon and California
because you have been holding for quite
some time as well go ahead I made a song
on YouTube inside of Coakley labs
typewriter room inspired by Infowars but
then I had an article to tell you about
so we we needed things that different
from official stories new whistleblowers
to give the things that about government
cruelty and torture privately owned
Internet by Google that use freedom of
Gina constitutional Ottoman internet
pilot can you imagine a hundred thousand
people on social network systems it
should be public utilities on Facebook
YouTube and any YouTube and shadow band
on Twitter
hackers can in fact cruelty and torture
with the use of the privately owned
internet under Google and have freedom
of speech like under the constitutional
law to make fake news takes place and
like what happened to Michael Savage
with them cut out fake news and you
can't do much about it and two other
things I'd like to say the tiger had
some strange muscles and to fight soy
boy who takes the Linea midnight on
exude good advice Tim are you talking
about that shape-shifting tiger yeah
some strange muscles pretty strange to
me and I heard on my channel it was uh
called the orbiter either take it down
stop happen and it had two thousand
things I was subscribed to his
describers people that were not official
story and out of those people I can only
find about a hundred out of those two
thousand now that much censorship but
the tiger definitely look strange to me
yeah it looked massive to me as well and
but I still I don't know I'm an animal
lover so I didn't like that they had to
beat him in the stomach with clubs until
he was dead cheese Louise haven't seen
I'm not just my name's business
shape-shifting under someone's porch you
know Paul Joseph watch and Ron thank you
so much for holding for such a long time
but yeah I mean you're asleep Paul
Joseph Watson's eyes oh yeah they say
that I am also a reptilian but I I don't
know sometimes my skin gets a little bit
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take Rush Limbaugh down and you're next
exactly they'll they'll take the truth
down with them that's I think that's
their real agenda all right well we will
see you here again tomorrow so thank you
so much for tuning in to the war room
today and I think I'll be here as well
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