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if you are receiving this transmission
you are the resistance
just like that guy I do a pretty good
impersonation of that dude so this
segment we want to talk a little bit
about guilts by association
you're only guilty if you're on one side
of the aisle of course if you're on the
left and you're guilty of associating
with anti-semites and others I will just
we will completely overlook that that
even happened a long time ago when I was
a young lad in the late 80s I went to I
learned a long time ago that the
mainstream media could be full of their
BS you write we can't cuss on this show
but you know they're full of crap how's
that so what happened I went to an Ozzy
Osbourne concert in the late 80s right
and I came back and on the news it was
it was crazy because it says Ozzy
Osbourne performed the song jump for
life and a teenager jumped off the
balcony and killed himself right and I
was like I was there that didn't happen
now it was true both of those things
happened but the kid jumped off the
balcony before the warm-up band was even
on the stage right but if you hear both
of those together you think he must have
been playing and it influenced him to
jump up right so it's kind of guilt by
association we hear the same thing today
where if you read an article where it's
far right-wing conspiracy theorists say
that those the Florida high school
student survivors are crisis actors and
YouTube is pulling down the Alex Jones
channel right those two together both
things are true but we never called them
crisis actors now Reese more recently
you have far right-wing supremists are
putting swastikas up on posters with
Pepe the Frog and the creator of Pepe
the Frog is suing Alex Jones right both
things are true but we would never put a
swastika with anything not even on our
tennis shoes right so it's just it's
guilt by association and it's an old
game the left and the establishment have
been playing for a very long time and it
reminds me of the SPLC who's now by the
way the gatekeeper of YouTube I don't
know if you heard about that the SPLC
the Southern Poverty
Center one of the most racist
anti-american anti-christian anti-trump
anti Patriot leftist radicals on the
planet there they've been hired by
YouTube to monitor just basically
they're looking out for anybody that
might be bullying somebody or harassing
anybody the SPLC has been hired to do it
if you can believe that right and I know
we've reported call them out on some of
their absolute bias and just misinformed
accusations that they make against
people but these are going to be the
fair and balanced moderators of YouTube
and others and like Snopes exactly like
Snopes and people need to be more
outraged about this but that's the thing
as they go after the groups like
Infowars that you could easily just
ignore go oh I hate that guy who cares
the food they take down his channel I
don't care they start with the easy
target that people won't fight for
that's the danger they demonize in force
or the demonize Alex Jones they demonize
demonize us and that way if we get
pulled out oh it's it's you know ok CNN
will run the headline Alex Jones may
have told one too many conspiracy
theories or he's won conspiracy theory
away from being shut down he's the same
guy that said no kids died at Sandy Hook
and that way everybody's like oh well we
don't care if he gets shut down I mean
that guy's crazy that's ok right because
people don't even need to read for
themselves or come to the site and look
and see what were actually they don't go
beyond the headlines and and even one of
our videos and of course we did title it
the the truth about crisis actors in
Florida I think was a title something
like that but we never said they were
crisis actors that was just the truth
was we don't believe their crisis actors
we just believe they've been coached and
we believe they've been exploited by the
left which is pretty evident and it was
also very curious that they didn't have
a bunch of kids from the football team
up there it seemed to be a lot of kids
from them from the debate team and the
drama class with a drama teacher behind
them every step of the way so they were
exploited that was what this was all
about that's always said you will never
find a video where we called them crisis
actors and some people say well that's
because it was taken down that they took
it down no we put those videos back up
Drudge linked to him
seven plus million people watched him
never once said they were a crisis
actors yet we take an Infowars
microphone out on the street with our
Infowars logo and I guarantee you people
are gonna approach us and say how dare
you say that those kids were crisis
actors that's how it works right they
just repeat the brainwashing just like
the the the guy said to Zimmerman about
the gay frog meme and a lot of people
just they wear the hats or I've seen the
artwork sprayed up around town and you
know they don't even know where that
comes from they just know that it's a
meme or something or that Alex Jones is
just spouting this out when they're not
even listening to the full clip and
seeing why he's saying that or why he's
upset and maybe you would be upset too
and that's why your testosterone is so
low if you would just pay attention yes
boys yeah but they just want to shut it
all down another just kind of an example
of just the hypocrisy so you'll recall a
couple weeks ago joy they are on the
view yeah she was basically calling i
mike pence crazy because he said he you
know he takes his advice from god he
listens to jesus talks to him just like
he talked to Martin Luther King and he
talks to me that doesn't mean an audible
voice but content right exactly and so
she was allowed to just go on her show
to millions of people and call him crazy
and oh my gosh but this is you know
someone running our country then of
course Oprah comes out and says that she
would run for president if she heard
from God she she needed a clear
spiritual sign from God if she would run
for president I didn't hear joy call her
crazy or say she's insane because she
feels like she has a direct connection
it's the liberal logic it's the double
standard by the left of course that's
how they're gonna play that right and
like I said Martin Luther King used to
say it all the time and in fact that was
a meme I saw somewhere where Martin
Luther King said the same thing Jesus
spoke to him Jesus speaks to me every
day so it doesn't mean I'm crazy trust
me I know it's him and
I base my decisions at least I try to as
much as I can't doesn't mean we're crazy
millions and millions of people do all
over the world but that's totally okay
for her to insult you and me and
everybody expect from her though that's
that's right the view just gets old and
of course we also have the the women's
March leaders of course who are now
getting a lot of kick kick back they're
doing damage control over their ties to
Louis Farrakhan because 1/2 of the
women's March leaders have close ties to
the Nation of Islam leader he's a
notorious anti-semite and so that nine
days later it takes some nine days to
issue this statement in an attempt to
say you know we we think it's a
distraction and we don't agree with what
he says you know they didn't they didn't
they didn't disavow remember how they
were like just about disavowed meanwhile
Trump's like what are you what are you
even talking about who is the guy but
they just kept constantly saying disavow
making people think that he has ties
with white supremacist association
you're trying to say exactly but for
these girls who are Linda Sarsour and to
meet the Malory yes Tamika Mallory that
she attended a Nation of Islam
conference February 25th where Farrakhan
was railing against Jews and white
people and he praised Mallory by name as
she's seen applauding during his speech
and initially she defended Louis
Farrakhan by implying that religious
leaders are supposed to consider Jews
their enemies members of the Black
Caucus including Maxine Waters when they
boycotted Trump's last State of the
Union they went and met with Farrakhan
instead right now this is what they do I
don't know how Farrakhan could be the
leader of one of them that guy's a bad
man I mean you talk about a racist that
guy just just look him up and see what
he said about he wants white genocide
and all that other stuff right exactly
and so you know we see Linda Sarsour as
well they've all kind of was she wearing
her cone
Kapernick Jersey sure often does right
well and you know so people are calling
for them to step down saying you're
gonna ruin this movement and it's not
you know you you want to have Bernie
Sanders as a speaker not Hillary Clinton
where we see through you now we see
through your agenda by the way if you're
conservative or pro-life you're not a
woman who's allowed at the woman's March
so it's just a total fraud just like
this contrived march for life is just an
idea whose time has come fifty years in
the making of this leftist agenda all
right stick around we're gonna be right
back with more war room right after this
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sticking around we got our final segment
here with the war room I am joined by
Darren mcbean of course you hear his
lovely voice every day on the liners and
I'm Lee Anne McAdoo so happy to be back
here in Austin temporarily I know some
of you have asked if I'm back full-time
but I know it's kind of sad I miss being
here in the action but you visit often
than that yeah it's kind of the best of
both worlds I think I get to be with my
family and my friends that's right
so as everyone knows we are under attack
I know you wanted you had another really
important point about the SPLC with
their demonization and the guilt by
association well I guess what I was it
it's alarming to me that they are
training much of our nation's police
departments and law enforcement agencies
because you get these young recruits and
they will show as far as these extremist
groups the SPLC will train them and say
look this is these are members of the
KKK Aryan Brotherhood some real bad guys
that are legitimately bad people and
they say these guys are dangerous but
then they lump other people like in
fours into that same group and that's
where the guilt by association comes
from so they've even gone as far as
calling Ben Carson and extremists right
I think more angry
is on there Milo's on there for sure
public enemy number one is Alex Jones
he's at the very very top right so it's
just it's extremely dangerous and this
is what happens when people see those
groups lumped together they just
associate them and and that's just it's
a bad thing right and we get people
that's why when if you were a nympho or
shirt sometimes racist racist they're
trained by the SPLC and now the SPLC is
we were saying earlier the gatekeeper to
YouTube they are monitoring you know to
see if we're harassing or bullying
people and it's not just Infowars I want
to make this perfectly clear we are
obviously being attacked but were not
the only ones we've get reports from all
across the country all across the world
were just individuals someone Zimmerman
knows the guy that owns a sandwich shop
that posts something on Facebook was
taken down because he put David hog is a
no he didn't call him a Christ actor he
said he can't remember his lines on
television they pull him down for
bullying a kid who's a public figure
last week and last month you couldn't
turn on the television without seeing
the guy's face you come into the public
arena you got to be ready for that's
right I mean he is the poster child for
the anti-gun poster child for the left
right now
youthful idiot David hog it can't take
it you know if you say anything about
him and he's been very critical about us
on Twitter calling out millions of
Americans child murderers oh I'm sorry
if you're saying stuff like that you
need to be ready if you want to get in
the ring but do you be ready you better
stead of cryin to mama or crying to CNN
well speaking of people getting pulled
down off of Facebook one of our callers
who has been waiting very patiently
sunny in Minnesota wants to talk about
really that exact same situation this is
something I've heard about friends
people being put in facebook jail for
posting something inappropriate are we
ready for sunny thanks for waiting
welcome to the war room
order you know from Minnesota to Florida
California wherever on Facebook and
there's a lot of times we'll post a I
mean that kind of compares the last
agenda to Nazi Germany before Hitler
took over and those memes will disappear
fall down and we have a term we call
Facebook jail where they'll say you
can't like the first strike you can't be
communicating on Facebook for a week and
then the more strikes you get the longer
the period is yeah because you know just
like you were pointing out just the
guilt by association of just putting
that mental image side-by-side in
people's minds it's very effective
just like with memes putting it
side-by-side look hey guys you're
calling everyone else a fascist but
let's take a look at what was actually
going on in Nazi Germany before you know
Hitler's rise this is you know you guys
are actually performing his dirty work
for him that's a powerful meme it makes
people think so we got to shut that down
it's straight-up censorship and I was
just saying this that's funny that you
called about this and I was just talking
about it it's happening everywhere and
it's just it's just out of control
but you do the same thing you post
something about Donald Trump put a
Hitler mustache on him all that you
could do whatever and when I was when I
was younger they used to make fun seeing
a Saturday Night Live used to make fun
of Jimmy Carter and it was cool to make
fun of Jimmy Carter and I found myself
one day talking to some people at a
party and I was I was making fun of
Jimmy Carter and I caught myself
mimicking what I learned from Saturday
Night Live I didn't know a damn thing
about Jimmy Carter it was just what I
learned from television right so that's
what's going on with a lot of young
people today on steroids times a hundred
Trump is they're all out to get Trump
well Godspeed to you Sonny and your
thought crimes we appreciate it
let's move on to Antwon and California
because you have been holding for quite
some time as well go ahead I made his
bones out of Coakley labs typewriter
room inspired by Infowars
but anyhow I had a nautical
to tell you about so we need a foods we
needed things that different from
official stories we whistleblowers to
give the things that about government
cruelty and torture privately-owned
internet by Google that use freedom of
speech and a constitutional law to make
internet pilot so you imagine a hundred
thousand people on social network
systems it should be public utilities on
Facebook YouTube and any YouTube and
shadow band on Twitter
hackers can in fact cruelty and torture
with the use of the privately owned
Internet under Google and have freedom
of speech like under the constitutional
law to make fake looms
fakes right and like what happened to
Michael Savage with them cut out fake
news and you can't do much about it and
two other things I like to say the tiger
had some strange muscles and to fight
soy boy who takes the Linea midnight on
exude good advice doom are you talking
about that shape-shifting tiger yeah
some strange muscles pretty strange to
me and I heard on my channel it was uh
called the orb that I had to take it
down stuff happen and it had two
thousand things I was subscribed to his
describers people that were not official
story and out of those people I can only
find about a hundred out of those two
thousand now that that much censorship
but the tiger definitely look strange to
me yeah it looked massive to me as well
and but I still I don't know I'm an
animal lover so I didn't like that they
had to beat him in the stomach with
clubs until he was dead cheese Louise I
haven't seen I'm not just my name's
business shape-shifting under someone's
porch you know Paul Joseph watch and Ron
thank you so much for holding for such a
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you're next
exactly they'll they'll take the truth
down with them that's I think that's
their real agenda all right well we will
see you here again tomorrow so thank you
so much for tuning into the War Room
today and I think I'll be here as well
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